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When Sherlock Holmes acquires the fabled 'Dracula Papers', the stage is set for the greatest battle of wits since Reichenbach. Why did five men really pursue an innocent Transylvanian nobleman to the ends of the earth? Who was really behind the murders that would have every man in England whispering 'vampire' for years to come? The detective would have the truth, though heWhen Sherlock Holmes acquires the fabled 'Dracula Papers', the stage is set for the greatest battle of wits since Reichenbach. Why did five men really pursue an innocent Transylvanian nobleman to the ends of the earth? Who was really behind the murders that would have every man in England whispering 'vampire' for years to come? The detective would have the truth, though he must overcome the genius of Abraham Van Helsing to get it....

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sherlock holmes a betrayal in blood Reviews

  • Stephen Collins
    2019-02-18 11:28

    Cry Hale And release the dogs of war the game is a foot.Sherlock Holmes vs Van Helsing in other side of Dracula.Mycroft does not believe in the undead Vampires are hogwash so why has The Dutchman got away with murder this very different Dracula that Bram Stocker didn't get right But this not really Holmes but a book about Dracula using SH so he can tell how bad Dracula was. My point is that another authors have Holmes meet Dracula & one has him as a cousin. All this book is an author too lazy to write a non fiction book about how Bram did not write a good tale. Dracula is one of the great 19th century classic books that had ladies fainting but has made mockery of it. And use Sherlock Holmes to do it.I not say it is not an interesting story but could be lot better if change Van H to Prof.M. But biggest thing about this if you never read Dracula this complete waste of blood time. But funniest thing of all was that all I could see was Mel Brooks as Van Helsing from his comedy version of Dracula with Leslie (Naked Gun) Lesaune as Dracula

  • Margaret
    2019-03-02 15:31

    Did not finish.This is the draw back to reading what is possibly a reasonable Sherlock Holmes book just after reading a great one. The enivitable comparison. Found this one too slow and dull compared to "The Adventure of the Deadly Dimensions".May give a go some other time.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-28 14:14

    Our infatuation for a damned fine mystery often stirs a morbid curiosity of the unknown and encourages many of us to channel our inner detective. We may not rival the greats, particularly when the competition is none other than Sherlock Holmes, but A Betrayal in Blood reinvents a cryptic nemesis to indulge our every whim.In this embittered tale a familiar legend places innocent lives in jeopardy. Set amid Victorian society, an asylum, and the grandeur of a Transylvanian castle, Doctor Watson narrates the case of the ‘Dracula papers’ as the determined duo investigate the impact of vampirism, allegedly practised by a deceased reclusive nobleman.How I love it when sinister plots are afoot aiming to foil our intrepid private detectives, especially when those responsible are not to be meddled with. Professor Abraham Van Helsing is one such character. Exuding confidence in both his intelligence and influence, The Dutchman defends his posse’s intervention to stop Dracula (literally dead in his tracks) after an unfortunate young woman could not escape the Count’s wicked motives. He may have led the hunt for the monster responsible but was subsequently accused of murder.Certain irregularities regarding the murders will rise, along with reports of the undead, causing Sherlock to continue where Scotland Yard’s official involvement ceased as the whole affair remains fantastical. In an unusual spin, a new case is born combining the tale of Count Dracula and the authenticity of classic Sherlock Holmes. Harnessing the keen perception of the great man himself complete with his faithful colleague at his side, they nip at the heels of shifty witnesses until the facts are unveiled and the wicked are held accountable."I could tell from the spring in his step and that familiar gleam in his eye that he had the scent of villainy, and would stop at nothing until the wrongdoer was brought to justice."Unreliable evidence and inconsistent testimony construct a riddle that features timeless fictional celebrities fuelled by fear and a quest for the truth. A worthy and thoroughly obliging addition to the Sherlock archives. [On a totally random note, by reading this I’ve learned the name ‘Wendy’ (a fleeting character appearance, and of course my own) appeared before JM Barrie’s Peter Pan was published. I didn’t know that, and I only mention it as I’d never heard the name being used in a story around this period before. End of randomness.](I received a copy of this title from the publisher and it is my pleasure to provide an unbiased review.)

  • TheRavenking
    2019-02-26 08:14

    What if count Dracula was actually a good guy? Not the grisly bloodsucker of grim horror tales, just an innocent man who was framed to cover up crimes committed not by supernatural foes but by very human villains. This is the premise behind “A Betrayal In Blood”, and it is an interesting one.As we know Sherlock Holmes does not believe in the supernatural and when he begins digging into the “Dracula papers”, the documents chronicling the murderous creatures’ acts of terror, he starts noticing that plenty of things just do not make an awful lot of sense. So apparently Dracula is able to shape-shift into various animals, but for some reason he chooses not to use this power when he is in gravest danger under attack by his greatest enemies. Why did the count come to England at all and how did he choose his victims? And for that matter what really happened to the Demeter, the ship he arrived on? Why does the celebrated vampire-hunter Abraham Van Helsing pretend to be Dutch, when he is in fact German?If you are a vampire aficionado and know Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula inside out then you will no doubt enjoy Mark A. Latham’s book very much. If however like me you are a bit rusty on vampire lore and it’s been a while since your last reading of Dracula you might get a bit confused now and then. So wait, who was Renfield again? What was the role of Lord Godalming? How did “The Crew Of Light” originally manage to defeat the master of darkness?Nonetheless even if you do not know the precise answers to these and other questions there is still a lot to enjoy here; it might seem like a tale of gothic horror on the surface, but this is actually a real detective story, with some of the best bits occurring when Holmes and Watson investigate how it might have been possible for Van Helsing and his associates to fake the existence of vampires. They even staged the killing of a vampire at a cemetery by putting a stake through its heart. Sherlock Holmes demonstrates that this illusion can be achieved by relatively simple means.If A Betrayal In Blood is a let-down ending with a whimper rather than a bang, it is because once you take the supernatural elements and even the part of the actual blood-sucking away from the Dracula story you are left with only an average series of crimes committed by villains who are not that interesting. Initially Holmes likens Professor Van Helsing to his arch nemesis Moriarty, but in the end he is only a pathetic old man not smart or menacing enough to be a worthwhile spoil for the great detective.This is still a good solid novel that just lacks the ultimate excitement it promises on the cover.

  • Chris Apolant
    2019-03-09 11:31

    What if the events of Dracula were the proverbial smoke and mirrors meant to cover up political intrigue and personal betrayals? And nothing that we know of the original tale is actually true... In a very unique take on an old classic, Sherlock Holmes has been called upon by the British government to investigate the "Dracula papers", which leads the detective to some very startling conclusions as to how events really transpired. No one is who they seemed to be, Dracula is not the undead but was instead murdered by Van Helsing. Holmes sets out to prove his suspicions, and at every turn is met with deceptions, lies and a very tangled skein indeed. I was left impressed with this story, and I'm a fairly jaded reader of pastiche. It was a refreshingly well done portrayal of the detective and his doctor, written in the style of an old puzzle box mystery of yore, with clues scattered everywhere for the reader (and poor, exasperated Dr Watson) to piece together. I was impressed by its originality, characterization, and plotting alike. Although, I do have to mention my slight caveat that this turned Dracula on its proverbial head so completely that it bordered on character bashing, and if it wasn't for that niggle I would have rated it more highly. Nonetheless, an engaging and highly recommended read.

  • Eukaryote
    2019-03-04 07:15

    This is the first Sherlock Holmes novel I've read that isn't written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so I was branching out on this one. It was very good. I am not someone who is familiar with the story of Dracula, other than the fact he's supposed to be a vampire. We know that Holmes doesn't believe in the paranormal, so the whole premise of the story is Holmes figuring out the truth behind a case everyone else accepts as to be of paranormal origin. You can tell by the style of writing that it was not written by Doyle, but I found that this did not bother me much. Watson is still the narrator, but he sounds different than he usually does. This Watson is more visible, along with his personality and his flaws. There were things this Watson wrote that I think Doyle's Watson would have omitted about himself like the unreliable narrator he is. My favorite pieces of this story was: 1) Holmes was completely dismissive of the paranormal like usual and was very blunt about getting down to the truth of the matter, which was totally in-character. 2) Watson was more ready to believe Dracula was a vampire than Holmes. His unease of Holmes (view spoiler)[breaking into Lucy's tomb(hide spoiler)]was comical, because Watson watched Holmes (view spoiler)[brush aside the anti-vampire relics dismissively, and Watson was scared the evil they were holding back might be unleashed (hide spoiler)]. And then Holmes just smirked and reminded Watson not to worry because Lucy couldn't be an un-dead vampire anymore because the Crew of Light had cut her head off. This was also really in-character for Watson.3) We see Watson blush and get flustered not once but twice when they are questioning an attractive woman (first Lady Godalming posing all attractively on a couch to rattle Holmes and Watson and then again Mina Harker). Watson realized Mina looks a lot like Mary did. And Holmes notices it right away. Mina Harker noticed it right away too and knew she had Watson in her hands and immediately used Watson to turn on Holmes. It led to this little exchange (not really a spoiler because it has no bearing on the plot): Mina: "If Mr. Holmes cannot understand what it is to love someone unconditionally, then perhaps you can."Watson: "I do. My dear wife was more precious to me than anything in the world."Mina: "Was?"Watson: *nods*Holmes: "Watson, that's enough." And then Holmes hurried Watson out the door, not letting him say anything more to Mina. Of course, then Watson does not know what really happened, and Holmes has to explain it to him: Holmes: "... She managed to find your weakness quickly and clinically, and exploited it. In doing so, she found my weakness also."Watson: "Oh? Does the great Sherlock Holmes have a weakness?"Holmes: "Of course. It is you, Watson."Damn. Think about that. Watson's weakness was Mina's good-looking face that was similar to Mary's, and Holmes' weakness is Watson. Watson of course can't add one plus one together. They continue to talk, and Watson still is not convinced that Mina is a foe. Holmes gets impatient with him and snaps, "Oh, Watson, how many times must you be lured from the path of scientific deduction by female wiles. A pretty face and a neat ankle never fail to soften your brain." It's canon to me that Watson always loses his composure, fumbles in his speech, looks at the ground awkwardly, and blushes every time they question a pretty woman, and Holmes notices it and thinks, Really?! every time.4) Watson needs a lot of sleep, Holmes needs next to none, and both of them were worried about the other getting enough sleep, which was in character too. Watson chided Holmes that Holmes himself needed to get some sleep a few times, and while they were traveling, Holmes told Watson to get as much sleep as possible. Yet when Holmes was close to an hour late in returning to their hotel room, Watson remained awake waiting, and when he did return, Watson said, "I was worried sick! It's past midnight!" The plot itself is satisfying enough. I wish that I had known more about the original story of Dracula before reading this one, so I recommend brushing up on the original story line first!

  • Dale
    2019-02-16 11:16

    This is a Holmes/Dracula File with a stunning twist!It was probably destiny that people would connect the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Worst Vampire as they occur at the same period in time. The meeting of the two has been explored by more than one author. Some follow the tale of Dracula closely, guided by the times when it would have been logical to find Holmes involved.After all there was a Police investigation into the case of the children harmed by “The Bloofer Lady.” The incident even made it into the papers, and any Holmes aficionado knows how Holmes devoured any strange report in the papers! That alone would have sent Holmes on the hunt.What makes this story different is the choice of villain. What if Dracula wasn’t evil? What if he wasn’t even a vampire? What is the story were carefully contrived to cover up a murder…Holmes finds himself faced with an implacable foe, one who has wealth and influence. Holmes may suspect the truth behind the “Dracula Papers,” but being able to bring the truth to court where the bad guys would face justice is something else altogether…The battle takes place through all the landmarks made famous in the novel by Bram Stoker. Transylvania, Whitby, Doctor Seward’s Asylum, Carfax, the home of Lucy Westenra, the Law Office where Jonathan Harker worked, the sailing ship Demeter—all of these places feature in this unique tale! The story even ends in the same place as Dracula—Transylvania!I liked this tale a lot! I give the book five stars!Quoth the Raven…

  • Jonathan
    2019-02-18 11:20

    A Betrayal in blood is by no means a completely original concept, there have been many Sherlock Holmes investigating the Dracula mystery pastiches, but this effort is a well thought out idea. Certain concepts are great and work well, especially the portrayal of the famous count and his nemesis Van Helsing. However, there is still an air of familiarity to the tale that unfolds. Some Dracula enthusiasts may become irritated by the novels main theme; indeed, I was slightly annoyed myself. The problem is that the novel becomes almost like a creative assassination of Bram Stokers original book. The main concept is to use the discrepancies and minor plot errors in the classic tale to back up the theory that Van Helsing’s, and his adventurous band of friends account, may be false. It seems a bit harsh and disrespectful at times. Despite its flaws, this novel is still engaging and fun at times. I would certainly say It has original ideas, which helps to make it a fresher walk down a well-worn path.

  • Janice
    2019-03-04 07:08

    This was kind of like an extended version of one of those videos about the plot holes in the latest blockbuster movie. Only about a book. One of the guys at work read this on my recommendation for the series. He liked it, but hasn't read Dracula, so said he felt like he was missing some. You probably will get a little more out of this one if you have read Dracula, but still well worth the read.

  • Meredith Miyake
    2019-02-23 07:20

    Definitely a worthwhile read for any Holmes and Stoker fan. Some fun twists and thrilling action. Not really a Holmesian Mystery, per se, but pretty intriguing throughout. The most fun part is the faithfulness to the source material in Stoker's work. I read it and I completely believe that this is how things could have turned out in the circumstances.

  • Emerch
    2019-03-14 11:34

    Now this was intriguing one! Event's of the classic vampire tale Dracula has just ended when Holmes is brought to the case. Sherlock Holmes doesn't believe in vampires. If so, who is behind of all the bloody murders?

  • Calvin Daniels
    2019-03-18 08:26

    I have loved the series, and this is as good as it gets.Very fresh take on the Dracula story.Detailed mystery that worked wonderfully.Only weakness was the sort of anticlimactic ending. A concealed weapon on a prisoner always rings unlikely.

  • Stephen
    2019-03-08 14:13

    Good read and an interesting take on the incidents around the original Dracula story

  • Kevin
    2019-03-11 15:12

    A twist on the Dracula tale & an extremely good one too

  • Dantanian
    2019-02-21 15:29

    Enjoyable romp - incredibly far fetched plot though!

  • Scott
    2019-02-21 13:09

    An excellent re-imagining of the events in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

  • Laurie
    2019-03-08 11:23

    I thought this was a brilliant deconstruction of the supernatural Dracula story using Sherlock Holmes in his setting and using his methods.

  • Nadine
    2019-03-05 13:09

    I am a little torn between giving this book four or five stars. But the whole idea/ concept of the story alone deserves 5 stars. The story is also really well written (a page-turner, really) and Holmes and Watson are in character (at least most of the time).5 starsPS. The end was a little abrupt though ...

  • Maureen Rutherford
    2019-03-10 10:16

    Good story but need to read Dracula beforehand to have an idea of what is going on.