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When Seb’s golden retriever Honey runs off along the cliff during his early morning walk, the last thing he expects to find is Phillip, standing there at the edge, the sea pounding the rocks beneath him. So Seb isn’t really surprised to hear the voice of his dead partner in his head…Do something, love…When Honey won’t leave Phillip’s side, Seb does the only thing he can thWhen Seb’s golden retriever Honey runs off along the cliff during his early morning walk, the last thing he expects to find is Phillip, standing there at the edge, the sea pounding the rocks beneath him. So Seb isn’t really surprised to hear the voice of his dead partner in his head…Do something, love…When Honey won’t leave Phillip’s side, Seb does the only thing he can think of – invites Phillip to come home with him for breakfast. Something in the quiet man touches him, and he wants to know more.And leaving Phillip standing on that cliff is not an option.Originally published in the Burning First Kiss Anthology....

Title : back from the edge
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back from the edge Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-03-08 05:20

    ~4.25~Beautiful and over far too soon, this is a tale of two lonely men finding each other, with a little help from Honey, the sweet golden retriever who stole my heart (and Philip's too).I cried my eyes out, but the ending more than made up for it.Bittersweet, hopeful ... I wanted all the inbetweens.Short story, major feels.

  • Denise H.
    2019-03-10 05:15

    *** This free short story, is a British tale that will make you think. Philip, 42, is ready to end it all, when Honey, a Golden Retriever leans on his leg. Following quickly behind, by Sebastian/Seb, 52, who is catching up to his pet.Philip has been trapped his whole life by a domineering Mum, and now he's out of hope. We hear each man's story, and find that they need each other.This is a lovely tale of sadness turned around.ENJOY.=====

  • Debra
    2019-03-06 10:26

    A touching short story (originally published as part of an anthology) of two lonely men, one at the end of his rope and one just going through the motions, finding each other. I'm not a dog person, but even I could not resist Honey. I adored the epilogue and could have easily read more.

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-03-15 11:41

    This is such a bittersweet, but hopeful story.I love reading about lost characters finding each other. And this was a really nice example of one.Honey, the dog, was an added bonus. She really made the story for me.This is short read. But we get a HEA at the end, which was really lovely and made me smile.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2019-03-06 06:40

    3.5 StarsSeriously sweet feels with good touches of hurt/comfort.As usual with shorts like this, one wants the full version.

  • Bev
    2019-02-28 06:30

    A little gem of a story with a lovely happy ending. 4 stars from me.

  • Catherine
    2019-03-08 04:22

    *** 3.5 Stars ***Starts a little sad, but the whole thing is super sweet.

  • Kazza
    2019-02-23 04:41

    Very sweet. I do love a dog in a story too, and Honey was gorgeous. It's always nice to see people getting a second chance at life and love. But in all honesty, it's too short for the premise. This is a romance that needed more page time and it also needed sex on page, just once, not post sex bodily parts.Nice freebie from the author to while away a bit of time with a cup of coffee, tea or a wine.

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-03-20 11:19

    An interesting premise. A man at the end of his rope decides to kill himself, but is brought back from the literal and figurative edge by another man who also knows loss.It's a quick novella, had some sweet moments, and a lovely HEA, especially considering the start.(view spoiler)[The one thing that bothered me was they put their beautiful dog, Honey, to sleep and immediately went to the rescue to pick out a new dog? Who does that? (hide spoiler)]

  • Tina
    2019-02-27 05:25

    3,5 stars.Emotional, bittersweet short story with a sappy HEA at the end. What happened to Phillip before Seb and Honey saved him is somewhat far-fetched... but in fiction everything is possible, right?Honey, the golden Retriever is a wonderful dog. Loved her. :)

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-03-02 07:12

    3 StarsDefinitely different from anything else I've read by this author. But, while it was a sweet story about the power of love to help in healing, the very short length meant we didn't get a lot of characterization. Nor a lot of story. It skipped ahead a couple of years that I would have liked to read about - because after almost committing suicide and having practically NO socialization skills, it would have been a long, hard road for Phillip to grow into a well-adapted adult. THAT, and how Seb handled it, would have been ridiculously interesting!

  • Lori
    2019-02-20 08:17

    4.25I picked this up when it was a freebie (at least, I think I did) and found it a well written, touching dtory of grief and recovery. Despite the sad theme through the story, I found it heart-warming and quite lovely. I will absolutely be checking out more by this author.

  • Marcie
    2019-03-21 08:30

    "What a difference a day makes."

  • Victorialove books
    2019-02-26 07:27

  • Elena
    2019-02-22 10:19

    2.5 stars for the dog I really liked the premise. If I could just get past the fact that abuse and trauma a lifetime long and suicidal thoughts were basically overlooked and “cured” with pet therapy, cuddles, generic reassurances and encouragement from a stranger turned partner in the span of 24 hours, I could have loved this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.I found really hard to believe that Phillip’s would be so well adjusted, because he was, all things considered, after (view spoiler)[spending all his life locked in a house with an emotional abusive mother and without having any sort of meaningful social experience and relationship outside his house, apart from driving to the grocery store and to the hospital. He didn’t even go to school. (hide spoiler)]Those are the kind of things that need therapy and time to be overcome and I also don’t think it was very healthy for Phillip to (view spoiler)[enter in a serious relationship with another man at this point in his life. Married within a year. Seriously? Why the rush?He needed time to make friends, to have some sort of emotional independence on his own, to live a little before knowing what he wanted for himself. Maybe all that happened in the time jump before the end and the author decided not to show us, but this way I feel like Phillip just threw himself in the arms of the first man he met, found attractive and who treated him with patience and gentleness. Not the perfect recipe for a healthy, lasting relationship, in my opinion. (hide spoiler)]

  • Mary Mary
    2019-03-09 03:41

    * 1.5 stars *It wasn't terrible, I just didn't like the idea and it was too sweet.The story about a man accidentally rescuing another guy from his suicidal attempt could have been really good. I liked the blurb and I liked that there was a dog involved but to be honest I didn't like anything else. I am not into stories with MCs in their 40-50 and definitely not into stories with the major character that spent his whole life in house with his mother. Ok it is horrible, she was sick and i feel sorry for him, but in the same time he was a grown man he didn't have to let her ruin his life because she wanted to control him! And Jesus, 42 year old man who just escaped his house! I sooo did not liked this. Also, it was nauseatingly sweet. I can believe some ppl just click. I can imagine Seb and Philip were both lonely but what did they really had in common? It was so unbelievable I spent the whole time reading rolling my eyes. Blergh

  • Tina
    2019-03-22 07:17

    Re-read It breaks my heart every time I read this and you might think why I keep reading it!!One word - HOPE! Re-read This is a sad but beautiful story, that will bring tears to your eyes and joy to my heart.All it takes is one step. Just close your eyes and step out over the edge. It’ll all be over before you know it"

  • Justin Nova
    2019-02-26 10:27

    Starts melancholy but ends up being a lovely story of two lonely men finding love together.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-10 04:36

    Gifted to me by a lovely secret elf this year.I quite liked this book, even though I wished it had been a little longer.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-03-08 10:19

    Loneliness is a horrible feeling, and when it gets to the point that someone can no longer deal with it, cannot see a way out, it can lead to decisions that no well-adjusted person can truly understand. Phillip is in such a situation, but he is lucky. Seb and his dog, Honey, come along just when he is about to step of a cliff, literally, and offer an alternative. It starts small, just an invitation for breakfast, but once the first step is taken, neither Phillip nor Seb want to let go.Phillip has led an isolated life, kept apart from other people by a cruel, probably psychotic, mother. He is too nice to be a rebel, and was too insecure to consider changing his situation. But once his mother dies he is on his own, and that is worse for him than dealing with the familiar situation – as bad as it was. It is hard for Philip to imagine a different life, but that is where Seb comes in. Seb is alone, has lost his lover of many years, and while he copes with life (he has friends and a job that Phillip does not have), he isn’t happy. Finding Phillip is an eye-opening experience and opens up a whole range of options neither of them had before. Their story may start out as a tragedy, but gradually develops into a hope-filled tale of newfound companionship and the possibility of more. If you like reading about sad situations improving, if two men finding unexpected happiness is your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is emotional, intense, and very sweet, then you will probably like this short story.

  • CrabbyPatty
    2019-03-17 05:33

    A short, extremely sweet love story between Sebastian and Philip, featuring the adorable dog Honey.

  • Tully Vincent
    2019-02-20 03:32

    Awww. Loved Honey the dog... I'm a sucker for a dog story, so really enjoyed the beginning and the ending bits made me cry. I would have loved more detailed about these guys story.

  • Elena
    2019-03-23 10:37

    I was wavering between 4 and 5 stars for this one... But that ending!!!First of all, a little background... I was reading 2 shorts in a quick succession: Hexed and this one and that made rating Back from the Edge a lot easier! (You can find my review to Hexed here: my review so you can see what I mean by yourselves.)Back from the Edge is a gem! Oh, it is very surreal in a way... (view spoiler)[ the main plot takes up only 2 days so... everything had to be sort of rushed - but it didn't feel like that! Besides, the MC himself says it is all surreal to him ;)(hide spoiler)]But, nevertheless, it is such an emotional read! I simply fell in love with it from the very start because please! Would you keep a straight face against something like that???I loved everything about this story. The fact that the MCs were older, not at all lovey-dovey, and theyfelt real . The golden retriever wasadorable!I hate the "overusage" of cute, big-eyed dogs in books but Honey was just one more MC here. (view spoiler)[ And her reactions felt real too. I know for a fact that dogs sense so much more that we do with our dulled senses and rational thinking(hide spoiler)] The place was just perfect:As well as Seb's little home:And the writing style was captivating and so easy to follow.The strongest point of this story is, however, that it wasfull of emotions and feelings!I fell for the MCs immediately and I could see the things with their eyes right from the start and it washeart-wrenchingindeed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Josy
    2019-02-26 04:31

    ~ 3.5 stars ~Lovely short story with two sweet MCs and an adorable dog.Read as part of my EuroPrideCon reading challenge: to read new-to-me-authors before the convention (

  • Ron Bruce
    2019-03-22 05:18

    Who hasn't felt lonely and alone at some point in their life? The author took feelings that I've certainly had and magnified them and then added a lovely ending. I need to get me one of those... the lovely ending that is. This story brought a few tears to my eyes and yet is was a very nice read indeed.

  • Shelley Chastagner
    2019-03-20 08:33

    This short story is tinged with sorrow but doesn't overwhelm it. Philip is ready to give up on the life he's never had a chance to live. His despair brings him to the edge. Sebastian impresses me with his kind compassion and his insightfulness. The ending is a wonderful leap forward in time to show all that comes from their chance meeting.Adult read

  • Otterpuss
    2019-03-21 06:18

    A beautifully written book full of hope.I would have loved a longer story about these two.

  • Wicked
    2019-03-21 05:28

    So many feels!

  • Lila Hunter
    2019-02-26 11:36

    Such a heartfelt story. A little unbelievable, a bit cozy, but overall, a lovely romance--filled with hope and lot of feels.

    2019-03-13 11:14

    WELL...JUST BREAK MY HEART IN TWO, WHY DON'T YOU...This is the most BEAUTIFUL BOOK...SO PURELY AND HONESTLY BROKE MY HEART...Ya, as you can guess, this book was sad, but believe me, that is OKAY. IT'S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SADNESS.It does NOT make this book too hard to read. The sadness is in their hearts. (A bit of it is in their future, also.)But indeed, it does break your heart, very soundly.The things that haunt Sebastian are three years in the past.The things that haunt Philip are, very solidly, in the present. 🖤For your convenience, paragraphs are marked (➖). If you don't want a lot of details, you can cut to the paragraphs with this 🖤 symbol. It will give you a quicker wrap-up.🖤🖤Although, the origins of Philip's problems started as a child, he was way too young to be able to recognize that some things in his life were not normal. Namely his MOTHER. Who he has lived with his entire life, never, ever leaving, staying constantly by her side, and who has only recently just died, NOW THAT HE IS FORTY TWO.🖤Sebastian, FIFTY TWO, is at the point, now, where he is able to have happy thoughts of his now deceased "love-of-his-life," Caleb. He and Caleb had been together for over 20 years, and they would be happily planning their marriage now, if it weren't for the massive heart attack that took Caleb so suddenly. He was taken from not only Sebastian's arms but also, from his dog, Honey's life. ➖This dog was truly Caleb's beloved girl, though both he and Sebastian rescued her from the shelter, when she was just a tiny pup. It was she who chose them, well really chose Caleb, just as soon as they walked into the place. And so, BOTH Sebastian, and Honey, greatly feel Caleb's loss. And, I do mean BOTH. For "Honey" plays a very large part in this story. ➖She is very important to the LIVES of both of these men now, Sebastian and Philip. You're supposed to get the feeling that Caleb is working through his beloved Honey to see that both she and Sebastian are taken care of, now that he's not there to care for them. Caleb uses Honey to "rescue" Philip and in the process she ends up rescuing Sebastian and herself, as well. Knowing that she, herself, can finally rest now that she knows Sebastian will be okay in the future.➖There's also, another very sad reason to see that they are all brought together now, at this time in particular. But, that I won't reveal. Let's just say that it's even more imperative to see that Sebastian and Philip find each other now, and not just because Philip had had very bad plans for the day Honey found him.➖Sebastian, honestly, can always feel Caleb's presence still with him and he always talks to Caleb as if he were still right there. Many times he can hear Caleb speak to him and interject thoughts to him, especially at important times. And, so it is with Honey. She seems to be doing Caleb's bidding still, even with him now, being gone.🖤The fact that all this "meeting" and getting to know each other now, is basically about an event to happen IN THE FUTURE, makes it so much more sad and melancholy, to me.🖤I, for one, am someone who believes dogs "KNOW." I believe that dogs DO have a "SIXTH–SENSE" about things. Not that they actually would go this far but, this is a story. Albeit a very beautiful story.And, that's what broke my heart about this book. To think that Honey, and of course, Caleb knew what was coming is what SO PURELY AND HONESTLY BROKE MY HEART.G°D, HOW I LOVED THIS BOOK!➖I read that someone wanted more info about their pasts. I can't imagine what more they would have honestly needed. They were given all they needed to know to determine why things are, the way they are, now. This is not a story about their pasts. This is a story of their present and their future. That thought of needing more of the past made no sense, in the fact that it wasn't needed. ➖However, a SEPARATE STORY of Caleb and Sebastian's life, BEFOREHAND, would be a great read. It wouldn't need to include Caleb's death, as we already know about that and including it would only serve to end the story on a sad note. Even if it were to carry on until Sebastian and Philip meet, you would still be too saddened to see Sebastian move on, yet. Especially, since this story is still pretty sad on it's own.🖤Anyway, I love this story. I love ALL the players Caleb, Honey, Sebastian and Philip. I love how easily LOVE FLOWED through all of them. There was no sex in this book. Just love. There was (basically) talk of a recent sexual encounter between them, Sebastian and Philip, at the end of the book. But, no details and certainly nothing graphic. 🖤This is just a wonderful •?happy/sad?•?sad/happy?• romantic story of love. NOT love lost and gained — for none of the love experienced was ever lost. It just lovingly flowed on...🖤I must say the author's abilities to parse out every single thought is so amazing . I could just hear Sebastian praying in his head "please, please, please...say yes...just say yes..." And, so on. Every bit of every thought, feeling or emotion is so expertly and precisely expressed that you absolutely feel as if it's the very thoughts, feelings and emotions you would be going through as if it you were there, yourself.🖤K.C. Wells does a stunning job. Truly worthy. That's what helps make this story so sad. You're let in on every single thing going on inside of them. You know every little shiver and quiver they think, feel and exude. It's Very Deep in the reality of what truly goes on with very real people. She knows the human psyche very well and does an excellent job of conveying that knowledge to us, as well.🖤I honestly recommend this story of love everlasting to anyone with a heart. You'll still have it at the won't REALLY be broken in will be ever more enlarged with a fulfillment of peace and a measure of wonderment of the power of love in all things...great and small...known and unknown...🖤"BACK FROM THE EDGE" by K.C. WELLS is such a WONDERFUL TREAT!🖤AND, YOU MUST TREAT YOURSELF! 🖤WE ALL DESERVE A TREAT NOW AND THEN, DON'T WE?!?MTULIPK