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With Earth on the brink of war, Ada must face the truths her guardian, Nell, kept from her all her life, while Kay faces the ramifications of his father’s last, terrible act as a council member and fights to restore Earth’s shattered trust in the Alliance.If the Alliance falls, so does the Multiverse. And this time, there’s no going back…...

Title : Nexus
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ISBN : 9781544209494
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 452 Pages
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Nexus Reviews

  • Tonja Drecker
    2019-03-16 04:52

    Loved this! The plot has been building, the tension mounting, and the layers thickening through the other books, and it's neatly coming together in this one. In other words, this is not a stand alone and should not be read as such.Ada and Kay sit on hot coals, waiting for the attack to come--one which could mean the end of Earth and the Alliance.Both characters have matured immensely from the first book, but they still hold that great fighting, fun spirit. There are so many things for them to come to terms with, not only as inner struggles, but the entire Alliance seems to have their eyes on them. Kay needs to deal with the aftermath of his father, a relationship and circumstance which makes Kay extremely sympathetic. His strength and level-headed way to face things give him the perfect heroic character. Ada has enough secrets from her past to deal with, ones that appear to be, at times, too much. But still, she pulls through as best as she can.Like the other books, this is a fast paced adventure with high tension the entire way through. This isn't only on a action level, but the inner struggles, secrets and intrigue mount with every page. Still, there's always a lovely touch of friendship and humor between Kay and Ada, which lets the right amount of light-heartedness hit before the stress can over power the fun.I simply enjoy this series and loved this book as well. The characters are kick-butt but still, come across with genuine feelings, doubts and problems. The plot is twisted, creating a difficult weave to see through and surprising twists and turns around every corner. Of course, the lovely variety of life forms, worlds, and cultures, bring an exciting and ever changing universe to life, which is simply fun to visit and enjoy.In other words, this is a great book/series, which fans of science fiction/fantasy are sure to enjoy. The worlds are diverse and original, the battles well played, the characters full of strength and touching flaws and the plot is full of surprises.I received a complimentary copy from the author and enjoyed it so much I wanted to leave my thoughts.

  • Suzanne Griffin
    2019-02-21 21:29

    Need Better Heros I read the whole series, come on women writers , you can do better. Here is super woman hero and she spends time moaning over kills. Both her and the male hero always have to be damaged people. It is sad that all the Si Fi authors have the same plot. Both of these hero's were tested for years yet still are wimps. Also I have never met a women who screams or faints, that is the writing of male authors.

  • Jace Yahohanan Sese Cuneta
    2019-02-22 04:31

    Full CircleA poverty good ending to the series. Well executed. Not too fast, not too slow. The right balance between action and dialogues, and where to insert each.This series can be turned into a movie or TV show. With countless of world's in the multiverse, there are also countless of adventures to share.

  • Eliza Jones
    2019-03-17 21:32

    WowWhat an amazing conclusion to one of the best series I've ever read! You won't be disappointed when you read this one.

  • Ann Zdunczyk
    2019-03-11 04:29

    MorePlease don't tell me that this is the end of the story of Kay and Ada!! I figure there is so much more that can be told!!! Please more!!!