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Taniel Two-Shot is a powder mage with the Tristan Ghost Irregulars, a band of volunteers who have made a name for themselves fighting in the Fatrastan Revolution. They range through the swamps of the frontier, cutting off enemy supplies and raiding towns while Taniel hunts the Privileged sorcerers that make the Kez armies so powerful. When a desperate call for help comes fTaniel Two-Shot is a powder mage with the Tristan Ghost Irregulars, a band of volunteers who have made a name for themselves fighting in the Fatrastan Revolution. They range through the swamps of the frontier, cutting off enemy supplies and raiding towns while Taniel hunts the Privileged sorcerers that make the Kez armies so powerful. When a desperate call for help comes from the nearby city of Planth, the Irregulars aren't the only ones to answer and Taniel must deal with another hero of the revolution: Mad Colonel Styke. But not all is well within the young Fatrastan government, and more hangs on the defense of Planth than Taniel and his companions could possibly know.Occurs eight months before the events of Promise of Blood....

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ghosts of the tristan basin Reviews

  • Orient
    2019-03-15 21:40

    Great shortie, not too much melodramatic, some unexpected twists, great action. Loved the littleand the fascinating

  • Bookwraiths
    2019-02-23 18:42

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Today, I’m reviewing my latest read from Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage world. Yes, I realize I’ve been devouring these things fairly regularly lately, and I do sound like a major fanboy whenever I review one, but I can’t help it: I love this stuff. So much so, in fact, that I’m going to start reading The Crimson Campaign next week. (Just a little forewarning for those of you who tire of my gushing adoration for the series.) But let us focus on Ghosts of the Tristan Basin.As your brain begins to create the images described in Ghosts’ first paragraph, the swampy wildlands of Fatrastan slowly materialize before your reading eyes; Taniel Two-Shot and Ka-poel, his native companion, busy fighting guerrilla-style war against the invading Kez soldiers. Our duo part of the Tristan Ghost Irregulars, who have spent the Fatrastan War of Independence haunting the marshy Tristan Basin, harassing and killing any enemy troops or their native allies foolish enough to be caught unawares.By now, the Ghosts are well known among their friends and enemies alike. They are respected and feared as is their deadly powder mage Taniel, whose impossible shooting has built him quite the reputation. But now new orders have reached them, directing them to leave their concealment in the swamp; orders they cannot ignore as they have others before. The leader of the revolution herself is calling ALL rebel forces to gather at the city of Planth; their mission to protect the small hamlet at all costs from a huge (by Fatrastan standards) Kez army marching upon it. The reason for this because something vitally important and irreplaceable to the revolutionary effort is hidden there!Now, there are lots and lots of things to like about this novella, so to keep me from missing any, I’m going to list them one at a time.1) Powder mages. I know I always mention them, but I find these guys terribly interesting. I am almost prepared to dub them as my Jedi Knights of the 21st Century. Almost. But not quite yet. They are damn cool though.2) Taniel Two-Shot and Ka-poel. These guys are pure reading gold for me. Their somewhat unusual relationship and Taniel’s obvious daddy issues really interesting for me to read about. I especially like seeing these early days of their partnership when they are still getting acquainted with one another.3) Fastran. Obviously, this “new world” and its struggle for freedom mirrors in many ways the real world American Revolution, so there are many familiar themes and events transpiring around our heroes. However, since I personally find the Revolutionary War Period in US history very interesting, I thought this fantasy take on it was amazing. I suppose it isn’t much different than my love of the Powder Mage trilogy subverting the French Revolution.4) Since I’m really anxious to get my hands on Mr. McClellan’s next book (Sins of Empire, which is the first installment of Gods of Blood and Powder), and since the novel is set in Fatrastan, and since some of the characters in that story actually appear in Ghosts, I was totally excited to get a close up look at the Lady Chancellor and Colonel Ben Styke. The hard-as-nails colonial leader and her half-crazy commander of the Mad Lancers burst off the pages; their personalities clearly shown, their future clashes foreshadowed, and a lot of excitement elicited (at least, in me) for the story of how Ben Style becomes “convicted war hero Styke” and how the leader of a war for freedom turns into a dictator who suppresses her people with a secret police force. Sounds like the next series is going to be amazing.The only criticism I could level at this novella is the continued ineptitude of the our heroes Kez adversaries. No, they are not as incompetent or as inaccurate as Star Wars storm troopers, but these guys damn sure trip all over themselves constantly. Mr. McClellan definitely provides plausible explanations for their deficiencies, but the Kez here did leave me wanting more skilled, more ominous villains facing Taniel, Ka-pel, and “Mad” Ben Styke.To put it all into perspective for the big conclusion, Ghosts of the Tristan Basin is a fun-filled, flintlock adventure with American Revolutionary War themes and awe-inspiring powder mage daring-do. It entertains while also organically introducing readers to two of the main characters in the next series by Mr. McClellan. Hell, it even does a great job of building excitement for that next book (Sins of Empire) without making a reader feel like that is its main purpose. So if you like short, epic fantasy stories, love Mr. McClellan’s writing, or need another fix of powder mage awesomeness, you need to go download this one immediately.

  • Terence
    2019-03-09 15:31

    The Tristan Ghost Irregulars, along with all the other militias fighting for freedom in Fatrasta, have been called to defend Planth. An overwhelming brigade of Kez are headed to Planth, including Privileged and Wardens. The story takes place 8 months prior to the events of Promise of Blood.Ghosts of the Tristan Basin is a story about Taniel and Ka-poel's time fighting the Kez in Fatrasta's war for independence. Taniel is busy doing what he does best, using a little powder mage magic to eliminate the enemy two bullets at a time. I found Taniel interesting in this novella because he is different than when he's introduced in Promise of Blood. He's seemingly more thoughtful and concerned about people than he is anytime in the main series. That could easily be attributed to the events that took place before the beginning of Promise of Blood and perhaps he's suffering from PTSD of a sort from the Fatrasta war.Despite expecting this story to be carried by Taniel and Ka-poel, it was Mad Ben Styke that stole a lot of attention. He's a lancer with magically enhanced armor who is known to ride into hopeless situations along with his Mad Lancers and save the day. He was quite memorable and I have to wonder if this was on purpose since the next book in the series is supposed to be happening in Fatrasta.The story was a good one and it definitely has me excited to see what happens next in the powder mage universe.

  • Samir
    2019-03-08 17:49

    If you liked Taniel and Ka-poel reading the main series, you will love them here. This was very fun and engaging story filled with great action scenes. This is a prequel so you'll have no problem enjoying it even if you haven't read the main series.

  • Jody
    2019-03-15 19:53

    Finishing Ghosts of the Tristan Basin has completed my week long quest of reading all the Powder Mage novella's. This was definitely in my top 2. Right up there withServant of the Crown. This installment follows Taniel Two-shot 8 months before the events of Promise of Blood. He is a captain with a company of soldiers known as the Tristan Ghost Irregulars in Fatrasta. The country of Fatrasta has declared independence from the Kez, and war has broken out. Ghosts of the Tistan Basin has plenty of action, but what I enjoyed the most was an interesting new character that really made this story, Mad Ben Styke. He and his company of volunteer cavalrymen known as the Mad Lancers added a unique twist that none of the other novella's had. I look forward to seeing more of him in the upcoming series Gods of Blood and Powder.With my Powder Mage novella quest complete I must reflect on these great stories and the effort Brian McClellan has put in to give us this unique world and awesome set of characters. These novella's/short stories have really added more depth and meaning to the trilogy. I can't wait to do a re-read with these new stories under my belt. 5 stars *****

  • Phee
    2019-03-01 22:35

    Very battle focused which was nice. Lots of very cool magic and even more powder consumption. After reading all these shorties I can’t wait to start the trilogy now!

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-03-07 17:29

    It is so rare to find something this short that keeps that epic feeling that most stories belonging to this genre have. The author managed to depict the bravery as well as lunacy of a small number of people facing a much larger army, the hypocrisy and selfishness of politicians, the meaning of sacrifice and the hope that could come after the battle.Taniel Two-Shot is a long way from home helping the Tristan Ghost Irregulars in being a huge nuisance to the Kez. Taniel made a name for himself - every Privileged knows he or she is being hunted.The Irregulars get new orders to come to Planth to help in its defence. They will have help, though. I loved Mad Colonel Styke. I won't go into the details why, but the scenes belonging to Styke (and some others, of course) make this story epic.

  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒
    2019-02-19 20:51

    Another short, fast read that has us following Taniel & Ka-Poel as they lead the Tristan Ghost Irregulars in the fight against the Kez and it's Priviledged. The star of the show though is a side character called Ben Styke. I cannot recall ever hearing about him in the Powder Mage Trilogy and that is a pity as he was scene stealing here.A great novella all round.

  • Emily (BellaGrace)
    2019-03-08 17:40

    It's hard for me to separate out the story from the awful audiobook narrator (this versionThe Powder Mage Novella Collection #1: Stories from the Powder Mage Universe). The lady that read those stories is the absolute worst narrator I've ever listened to. She over emphasizes every word and syllable. The words are both clipped and really drawn out at the same time. She uses a terrible British accent and when she tries to do special voices for the characters they are absolutely caricatures of something you'd see in a cartoon. I don't even know how to adequately explain how terrible this woman is. Her narration is so distracting, I can barely concentrate on the story. How this woman got hired for any narration job is beyond my understanding.So trying to set aside the terrible reading job this woman did, the story was interesting, although I wish Ka-Poel was featured a bit more (we didn't get to see any magic from her). I did really like Ben Stykes though. I'll have to go read the other novella about him.

  • Daniel
    2019-03-10 22:42

    Odlicna mini prica, kampanja u mocvari i odbrana grada. Likovi su zabavni fino razradjeni (barem novi koje upoznajemo), borba detaljna i brutalna. Odlican dodatak sve ukupnoj prici.Ili mi je falio ovaj svet pa mi se vise svidelo nego inace :PJedini minus (za mene) sto nema vise interakcije izmdju Taniela i Ka-poel.

  • Joel
    2019-02-27 22:58

    This was easily my favorite of McClellan's Powder Mage novellas. The story was fun and exciting, focusing on the always-interesting Daniel/KaPoel combo, and introducing some new characters who I thought brought a lot to the table. The length was "just right" - not too long, but not super short either, and it never once felt rushed like some novellas can.I really, really enjoyed this one.

  • Alissa
    2019-03-20 19:53

    “You don’t ride down a Warden,” Taniel said.“You can ride down anything if your horse is big enough.” Styke leaned toward him. “I have a really big horse.”

  • Stefano G.
    2019-03-21 18:47

    Follows from The Face in the Window, a longer short story builds on the Fatrastan exploits of Taniel and her inseparable Ka-Poel! We learn of the amazing Colonel Styke, a legendary character... Even though they are faced with an impossible battle they heroically stand up for what's right! Another great insight into the world, and further world-building possibly in preparation for the next trilogy coming out Sins of Empire, which is set in this region of the world! Gives me high hopes Styke, Taniel and Ka-Poel will reappear!! Maybe not as good as the other short stories but still pretty entertaining! :)

  • Andrew Lukyanenko
    2019-03-12 15:55

    Not bad, though nothing special. Nevertheless it was interesting to read about "knights" in enchanted armor.

  • Tomas
    2019-03-10 20:41

    Ghost of the Tristan Basin takes place 8 months before events in Promise of Blood. Fatrasta is under attack of Kez army. Taniel Two-Shot with Ka-Poel are members of Ghost Irregulars - a military unit sneeking through marshy area of Tristan Basin, weakening Kez by fast attack and faster withdrawals. They are good in what they are doing but they can't hide in marshes forever. When a message arrives saying that Kez army of 5000 men is marching to city of Planth Ghost Irregulars are called to its defense. When they understand that defending the city is mission impossible they don't want to leave defenseless citizens to Kez army and together with Mad Lancers led by Ben Stykes (totally amazing by the way) they go against multiple superiority.If you liked Taniel and Ka-Poel (who didn't?) you will like also this story from their earlier years. I really would like to read about Stykes more as this man and his group are legends.I definitely recommend this story to all who loved Powder Mage trilogy and especially to those who want to read more about Taniel and Ka-Poel. It's only pity that their relationship does not evolve here.

  • Kennethkiffer
    2019-03-18 18:37

    I'm going to go straight out and say this: I didn't have enough of Tamas & Taniel. I felt vaguely dissatisfied when the Powder Mage trilogy ended... but in a good way, I guess. That particular story was complete, but I wanted to know more about both Tamas & Taniel. Thankfully, there were short stories out that were a bit like dim sum or sashimi: little pieces that filled you up, but with space, appetite and craving for more. This story is as good as always, and i found my heart beating in suspense and tempo during the battle scenes. The character building is good too, and we see a glimpse of Taniel's younger years, the formative relationship with Pole (sorry, can't recall how to spell her fullname). This novella made me decide to go back and reread first, all the Tamas short stories (which, thankfully, just came out as a collection "In the Field Marshall's Shadow"), and ultimately i'll go do a thorough rereading of The Powder Mage Trilogy.

  • Antonio Diaz
    2019-02-26 22:49

    La mejor de las historias cortas en el mundo de Powder Mage después de Forsworn. La novela corta relata parte de la campaña en Fatrastra de Taniel antes de los eventos del primer libro de la trilogía.Entiendo que ha sido escrita como excusa para presentar nuevos personajes que tendrán presencia en la segunda trilogía (ambientada en el mismo país que esta novela corta).Bien escrita y emocionante, aporta un poco más de trasfondo aunque no pasa de ser un divertimento.Aún así se lleva las cuatro estrellas porque la narración es de sobresaliente.

  • Richard Eyres
    2019-03-04 21:51

    This novella sees what Taniel did before the events of Promise of Blood. There is nothing ground breaking about the story - hopeless looking defence, Taniel killing Privileged etc. However, the pace was great - it moved at a brisk pace and it felt great to be back in this world.I know there is another trilogy coming from Brian, but i hope he bring out another short story or two before the first book. I will be one of the first to buy it.

  • Amy
    2019-03-09 16:31

    Another great novella addition to the series. Like the others featuring Taniel, it takes place across the ocean with him fighting in a Kez colony's revolution, in the year before the revolution in his own country. (Hmmm, sounds kind of like the American one, right? Then back home it's the French one, amirite?)

  • Christon Pierce
    2019-03-19 19:37

    A long awaited story of Taniel's time in Fatrasta, Ghosts of the Tristan Basin is a fun ride that pulls you along from the beginning and shows a piece of how Taniel's became the man he is in the Powder Mage trilogy.

  • Pavlovsky
    2019-03-14 16:54

    (recenzovaná celá kniha Příběhy ze světa prachmistrů)Další z těch knih, které se čtou v podstatě samy. Odložíte je v noci na stolek a ránou jsou přečtené a ještě si samy udělají zápis do vašeho čtenářského deníku. Navíc je tohle kniha, která v originále ani neexistuje - Talpress dal dohromady povídkový sborník Ve stínu polního maršála a čtyři kratší novely, které v originále vyšly samostatně a udělal z toho jednu knihu. Což je fajn - všechny spojuje to, že se odehrávají před událostmi knižní trilogie (s výjimkou jedné, která se odehrává mezi díly).McClellan píše čistě, drží se příběhu a od prvních slov má své postavy pod tlakem. Od začátku mají hrdinové nějaký cíl, téměř všemocného soupeře - a do toho jsou obvykle ještě páriové, kteří se pohybují v prostředí, kde je většina lidí nenávidí. Ať jsou to prachmistři v Kezu, kde je tahle schopnost trestána smrtí, nebo schopný válečník bez šlechtického původu na královském dvoře, nebo nový policista na zkorumpovaném okrsku. Díky tomu hrdinové nemusí překonávat jen soupeře, ale i své okolí - a příběhy vás okamžitě vtáhnou. Člověk prostě musí fandit outsiderům, kteří jdou proti všem. Takže jo, čtivé to rozhodně je. Jediná nevýhoda je, že jak jsou ty všechny příběhy takhle pohromadě, začne vám docházet, že je autor píše podle stejného mustru a že má často dost slabé koncovky. Že se čtenáře nemusí o postavy bát, protože jsou to totální borci, a že místo epického finále přijde jen poznámka pod čarou. A že jsou všechny povídky fajn, ale žádná z nich vás nedostane do kolen. Všechny tyhle výtky se vztahují v podstatě i k trilogii, ale tam, jak je to jeden dlouhý příběh, to zase tolik nevadí. U povídek a novel už to chce občas i něco originálnější, nápaditějšího či ostřejšího.Ale pořád se to čte dobře - a pokud chcete vědět, co dělali hrdinové takových 10-30 let před událostmi trilogie, jděte do toho.

  • Rob
    2019-02-25 18:48

    The legend of Taniel 2-shot and Ka-poel is born in this novella. Taniel seems a bit more super-human than he does in the trilogy, but I actually love his increased moxie. The negotiation scenes between the Kez and Taniel & friends remind me of the medieval days. This novella is the most action packed of McClellan's so far... privileged, wardens, some down-to-earth powder sniffing powder mage, natives, and the Kez army.

  • Thomas Griffin
    2019-03-13 17:47

    Fun and action packedMaybe the best Powder Mage novella so far, with nearly relentless action and a good mix of new and familiar characters. I'd highly recommend it for any fan of the series.

  • Imjussayin
    2019-03-06 18:37

    The novellas have all proved to be a good read. In some cases better than the full stories.

  • Blind_guardian
    2019-02-19 20:28

    These stories definitely have a 'Fantasy Vietnam' feel to them.

  • Christopher
    2019-03-06 14:36

    Ghosts of Tristan Basin is set shortly before Promise of Blood and we get to see a lot more of the backstory of Taniel Two Shot and Ka-Poels activities having fun shooting Privileged and keeping everyone kindo of the side of good! :D The story focuses on when they and the rest of the Tristan Ghost Irregulars are summoned back to defend Planth obstinately to protect the civilian population but what ends up being a case of the politicians *cough Revolutionary leaders of the Fatrastan Revolution covering themselves after screwing up royally! :D Along the way we get to meet some of the embodied in the form of Lindet who is the Chancellor who has very little sympathy for civilians and is perfectly happy to use them to slow the Kez down which does give a bit of spin of a revolutionary leader who is already acting as a ruler really showing that the Fatrastan conflict is a legitimate battle between nations! :D We are also introduced to Colonel Ben Styke a slightly crazed but not yet quiet certifiable officer who along with Taniel and Poel successfully defend Planth! :DThe pace of the story is relentless with skirmishes and battles both on the field and in politics happening all over the place and this makes the story feel full of depth with so much going on! :D The story really also get to show a lot more of the Fatrastan conflict with a lot more backstory being added showing even more of what a lot of the characters were getting up to at this time adding even more depth and showing a lot of what has been doing Taniel and Poel when they make their appearances in the later books! :D Plus the introduction of a host of new characters from Fatrastan who actually survive the battle would certainly hint at them being in the next trilogy of books that so happens to be set in Fatrastan as they are the right age and have very bombastic personalities that have been gives serious work! :DGhosts of Tristan Basin is brilliant roller coaster, topsy turvy ride that is relentless and brings up intriguing hints and mysteries to boot which will no doubt get answered in later books! :D Relentless Brilliant fast-paced and highly recommend! :D

  • Aaron
    2019-02-23 21:41

    Taniel and Ka-poel Kick ass like usual.

  • Erik van Mechelen
    2019-03-21 21:39

    Impertinence, stubbornness, and vengeance drives Taniel to lead the Ghost Irregulars in skirmishes against the Kez brigade along the Basin Highway. He is young, talented, and his nickname—Two Shot Taniel—precedes him. An ocean away from home and hoping to make his well-known father both proud and pissed off in efforts to help Lindet’s Fatastran revolution.But it will take much more than Taniel’s powder mage talents and skill with a rifle to oust the Privilege-assisted Kez army. Can his understanding of the nuance of multiple voices—of the savage spotter Ka-poel, of the mercenary Mad Lancer Styke, of the confident and brazen revolutionary leader Lindet—coalesce to make Taniel a key player in the outcome for thousands of innocents in Planth? In this flintlock fantasy McClellan crafts a tight adventure story of a young hero learning to navigate known worlds (his place as a powder mage) and unknown ones (political and war negotiations). McClellan confidently builds a dangerous world of dragon-infested swamps where Taniel will test himself against Privileged, Wardens, and a revolutionary leader with no empathy for civilians. Knowing when to follow and flout orders alike, Taniel works within and outside of his comfort zone, striving to impact the corner of the world he finds himself. It's a joy to see McClellan show this origin backstory where Taniel grapples with his place in his father’s lineage and the lessons instilled in him in this far-flung war. 5-stars

  • Caleb Flanagan
    2019-03-03 19:33

    Brian McClellan has always done an excellent job with his companion short fiction that supplements his main Powder Mage books. This novella is no exception as he once again provides greater depth to characters we all know and love, while at the same time introducing a new one that I'm sure we'll all love soon enough with his new trilogy of Powder Mage books.Taniel and Ka-poel are front and center in this tale of the Ghost Irregulars defending the city of Planth from the invading Kez forces. This time, they have a little help in their adventures in the form of Ben Styke, the brash, maybe slightly insane, leader of the Mad Lancers, a heavy calvary division. The action in this novella is quick, exciting, and reaches a crescendo where Ben Styke utterly steals the show in a way nobody can complain about.I'm always excited for new Brian McClellan short fiction, and this one did not disappoint.

  • Chris Boulton
    2019-03-08 17:33

    So my in order re-read of the Powder Mage Universe books continues! With one I haven't read before - I know it doesn't make sense, shush - and I enjoyed it! I like Taniel and Pole, I'd quite happily read an ENTIRE trilogy set around their adventures while he was 'exiled' by his father. I'd miss Tamas cuz, to use a phrase my friend uses a lot, he's a 'hot piece' and awesome but I like Taniel because he's still learning, he's wounded/damaged, he's some times arrogant in his powers but also doubts himself a lot.. it's allll good!So, yeah.. top notch! Now a brief interlude while we dip back into Rincewind's adventures and then Promise of Blood again, huzzah.. then after that I'll get to finish 'In the Field Marshal's Shadow' as the last novella is set between book 1 and 2 of Powder Ma-- ah, you probably know this already!