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In Blott on the Landscape, the landscape is flawless until Sir Giles, man of few principles and curious tastes, plots to build a highway smack through it. Sir Giles recruits to his side Hoskins, a corrupt local official; Lord Leakham, the environmental equivalent of a hanging judge; and Dundridge, a troublesome bureaucrat with an unhealthy passion for order. Pitted againstIn Blott on the Landscape, the landscape is flawless until Sir Giles, man of few principles and curious tastes, plots to build a highway smack through it. Sir Giles recruits to his side Hoskins, a corrupt local official; Lord Leakham, the environmental equivalent of a hanging judge; and Dundridge, a troublesome bureaucrat with an unhealthy passion for order. Pitted against this powerful lobby are a mere handful of local residents led by his wife. Sharpe spells out in riotous detail how the forces of virtue play an exceedingly dirty game when the issue is close to home. The reissue of this explosively comic novel will gladden the heart of everyone who has ever confronted a bureaucrat....

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blott on the landscape Reviews

  • Leo .
    2019-04-13 19:14

    Classic! David Suchet played Blott in the TV film. LOL! 👍🐯

  • Leslie
    2019-03-20 14:18

    4.5 stars for this audiobook edition. David Suchet was brilliant as the narrator; his different voices for the characters were so varied that at times it was hard to believe that they were all being done by the same person!I found the humor in this often vulgar and yet never offensive. It was sort of a mish-mash of Benny Hill & P.G. Wodehouse -- the zany plot was very Wodehousian but the sex and the language was more Benny Hill. While that description sounds like something I would not enjoy very much, I often found myself laughing aloud during this. And since I have been scolded by GoodReads/Amazon for changing book covers (even when they were wrong), I haven't changed this one but my audiobook from Audible has the cover below:

  • Andrew
    2019-04-18 12:12

    Tom Sharpe to me is a cruel and cutting observer of the amazing absurdities of the British, not only did I have the joy of reading his work but I have also heard him speak many years ago when for some strange reason he visited our local library. Sadly now he has passed but some of the stories he could recount that he not only witnessed but in some cases actually were involved with make his stories seem mundane and sedentary. But as for this book - well this was how I was introduced to Tom Sharpe - this book was actually televised and I thought not only was it hilarious but the acting was brilliant (look it up some time) but it made me go out and buy the book immediately and I realised at the tender age I was that I was missing something amazing. The book really takes the British farce and turns it in to a grand drama - who else could turn their stately home in to a wildlife park in an attempt to disrupt and stop a motor way being built. Well you can imagine the trouble that not only this one small stunt causes but all the others that were thought up to. To me this was Tom Sharpe at his best or at least so I thought till I started reading his other works.

  • Angrboda
    2019-04-11 19:18

    I was searching Audible for something interesting. I wanted something light and funny and happened across this author and thought, "hey, why not?"Why not indeed!Quite a complicated tale actually. I attempted to tell Husband what it was about and couldn't even think of where to begin. It's a very funny book and I'll be having a go at others from this author in the future. The only thing that disappoints me is that the blurb here on GoodReads, which I assume is the same as on the book itself, actually spoils the ending...

  • Stuart Bone
    2019-03-26 13:15

    Lady Maude is the last in the line of the Handymans and expects her husband, local MP Sir Giles Lynchwood, to do his duty and breed with her. Sir Giles has other tastes in that department (Nanny Whip, Schoolgirl sexpot) and his mistress, down in London, is happy to oblige him in these whims. Both would like a divorce but with Sir Giles wanting his whims kept secret and Lady Maude knowing she would lose her beloved Handyman Hall, it could prove tricky. Not that that is going to stop them.Sir Giles decides its time the new motorway proposition was reignited. If approved it would run right through the Handyman estate and he’d be in for a nice bit of componsation. But Lady Maude is not about to let that happen and she has an ally in her gardener, Blott; a refugee her father brought home from the war. He is willing to do anything to help his mistress and Lady Maude is willing to do anything to save her ancestral home.This is a great book, full of deceit, lies, blackmail and even murder. It’s very funny and the characters are totally believable. This was the first Tom Sharpe book I read, after watching the tv adaption, and it remains my favourite. The story flows at a great pace and each character brings something to the book. Not everyone chooses to read humorous fiction but I think they’re missing out. Humorous books have great storylines, wonderful characters and can be laugh-out-loud funny. This is a great example to start with. It will leave you wanting to read more.

  • Peggy
    2019-03-28 18:22

    If you're a fan of British humour, and by British humour I mean truly horrifying things happening to people so vile that it's funny rather than off-putting, you have to read Tom Sharpe.His first 2 books (Indecent Exposure and Riotous Assembly) are satires on the apartheid-era South African police force so biting they got Sharpe tossed out of the country.Since then, he's turned his satiric gaze on the Brits, and the results are often laugh-out-loud funny.Blott is an Italian gardener (who's not really Italian) who works for Lady Maud Lynchwood, whose family has lived in Handyman House for 500 years. Lady Maud, who has a...strong personality, opposes a motorway that would cuth through her property and require the destruction of Handyman House. Her husband, Sir Giles Lynchwood, secretly welcomes the motorway, as he stands to make some shady money on it, plus he hates Lady Maud and Handyman House. Throw in a forgetful mistress, acts of eco-terrorism, and an estate full of live lions and trouble is just bound to ensue.

  • Barry Lee
    2019-03-23 19:11

    I read this book 20 years ago and having picked up a job lot of sharpe novels at a Car boot recently, I though it deserved another read. It is, of course, total farce; but I loved it. This time round, having seen the TV series, it's impossible not to hear the brilliant David Suchet read the words of Blott, the naturalised German/Italian/Jewish POW, or Geraldine James as the Rubinesque Lady Maud. But the book is far funnier than the screenplay, with more convoluted plots, more extrovert characters, and more implausible situations. Sharpe's take on what can go wrong when one member of parliament attempts exploit the planning system for his own advantage, is as topical today as it was when he wrote it in the 70's. I just wish we could see a few of today's politicians meet the same kind of sticky end as Sir Giles.

  • Celia
    2019-04-02 13:07

    Sharpe gets compared to Wodehouse on the back of my copy of this novel - nothing like as subtle and witty, of course, but I suppose Wodehouse gets hauled out as a comparison for any British writer of satirical comedy. Blott on the Landscape is a decidedly crude, un-subtle but still very funny book about Lady Maude, her gardener Blott and philandering husband (on whom she takes a particularly vicious revenge later in the book). There's also plans for a motorway to be built through Lady Maude's house, and it is on this that the plot rests. Explosions, drunken plots, a little S&M and lions ensue. It's just as crazy as it sounds.

  • Richard Beasley
    2019-04-04 14:56

    This is early warning of what happened later in Sharpe's career. The style is always on a knife edge - when it works (and it so often does in many other of his books) it is some of the finest humorous writing. But when it doesn't it is awful (Ancestral Vices and Vintage Stuff and after). This is on the cusp of awful, but just gets away with it.Don't get me wrong, Tom Sharpe is one of my favourite writers and many of his books are amongst my favourites of all time.

  • Helen Carolan
    2019-03-20 16:24

    re-reading an old favourite and it still makes me laugh. Sir Giles Lynchwood is keen to divorce his wife but keep the money he paid for her ancestral home. As a result he decides to back a plan for a new motorway running through the estate. Sadly for him wife Lady Maud has other ideas. With the help of love-lorn Blott the gardener she aims to stop him. The usual mayhem typical to a Sharpe novel ensues!!

  • Chris
    2019-04-10 14:07

    Read years ago & watched t.v adaptation. Mam & brother love TS books. Fondest memories of mam laughing hysterically while trying to read out passages of various TS books to me..especially on the telephone!Must read more Tom Sharpe!

  • William
    2019-04-07 16:17

    I hope this book was supposed to be funny, because I found it hilarious. A quirky, ridiculously British battle over what route the new highway would take, and who would get compensated, and the scandalous efforts made by politicians to get their way.

  • Maria Thomarey
    2019-03-30 19:22

    3,5 ακριβώς όπως το επώνυμο του συγγραφέα : sharp

  • Derelict Space Sheep
    2019-03-27 19:12

    42 WORD REVIEW:Sharpe weaves plot strands like Wodehouse and is similarly dexterous in his use of prose. He is coarse, though, and often vulgar, his characters toilet plungered en masse from the unseemly depths of human nature. Nonetheless, ‘Blott’ executes a dizzying comedic spiral.

  • Leslie Wilson
    2019-04-19 18:11

    One of the best satires I've read in a very long time.

  • Kim
    2019-04-13 18:13

    ONE STARTRIGGER WARNINGS: misogyny, classism, violence, domestic violence, rape, BDSM/kink, racismREASON FOR GIVING UP: racism

  • Garnet Walters
    2019-03-23 17:20

    Didn't enjoy this, maybe it's not aged well? Or I just don't get his sense of humour!

  • Alexander
    2019-04-10 19:11

    Не интересно, не смешно, сально, омерзительно как шутки похабных дедов.

  • Kitty Werner
    2019-04-19 13:10

    Hysterical! David Suchet played the character on the TV series, as well. Almost as funny as the book.

  • Rathi
    2019-04-03 20:20

    This was good, but not up to the levels of outrageousness of Riotous Assembly or Indecent Exposure. The jokes don't come in flying and the characters, while evil aren't vile enough.

  • Will Wraxall
    2019-03-26 19:08

    Blott on the Landscape was Tom Sharpe's fourth novel, and on appearances the first one not to be drawn directly from his own experience. As such, it doesn't quite hit the dizzy heights of, say, Riotous Assembly, but nevertheless still contains inspired comic scenes and characters, and in many ways solidified the template for Sharpe's books to come. This is perhaps where the classic Sharpe archetypes for his English-located novels were codified for the first time; the dominant lady (Lady Maud), the conniving arsitocrat (Sir Giles), the inept and latterly driven mad figure of authority (Dundridge), and the everyman caught in the middle of it all (the titular Blott). The plot however, lacks the sharp focus of Sharpe's later work; after a good start involving a Planning inquiry it gets a bit bogged down, before slowly picking up pace as Sharpe begins to ratchet up the laugh count. Without ruining anything, I can say there is a scene towards the end nvolving an archway, and a sex-scene in the middle of the book, that for me rank among Sharpe's finest moments, and the hapless Dundridge is a monstrously funny, classically Sharpe creation. Really, this book is Tom Sharpe finding his formula, and in a ideal world I would be able to give it a rating of three and a half stars, with a good number of standout five star scenes in it.

  • Lukerik
    2019-04-05 17:23

    This novel would be of interest toa) someone looking to learn about British cultureb) a Brit with authority issuesI fall into neither of these groups. There's nothing actually wrong with the novel. There are some funny bits. I failed to finish it as I just didn't care what happened.

  • Shane
    2019-04-01 12:03

    I really enjoyed this. I've read a couple of the Wilt novels before now but never did get round to reading this. I didn't even see the t.v. series either, so I came to it with a clear view as it were. I wasn't disappointed. There are a lot of novels that inspire reviews along the lines of 'laugh out loud' and so on but rarely do they actually deliver, but this one does. The characters are wonderfully English, even though one of them isn't, and simply draw you into their lives with such ease. I really enjoyed this and look forward to continuing this journey through the world and imaginings of Tom Sharpe. Very enjoyable, and very funny.

  • Geoff Gander
    2019-04-17 15:15

    I remember watching part of the BBC mini-series that is based on this book, and liking a few of Sharpe's novels (not all of them have aged well) I decided to pick this one up. There were a few amusing scenes, some witty dialogue, and I can definitely agree with those who say there is a Wodehousian flavour. Local politics is skewered nicely, and you can't have that without some blackmail. This is not Sharpe's best work ("Riotous Assembly", his darkly satirical critique of 1970s South Africa, is his best in my view), but worth a read if you want something light with some slapstick, occasionally lewd (rather PG by modern standards) comedy.

  • Carol
    2019-03-29 17:04

    Think back to the times of the old Ealing comedies and you land yourself in this book. It takes a good British farce and makes it into a major drama, where else in the world would you turn a stately home into a wildlife park in an attempt to stop a motorway being built. In some ways it is a pre-cursor to the 1990's anti-road protests but played with far more old fashioned English style, based around power politics where decisions are as always made on the effects on the number of votes in the next election.Love it – its light and made me chuckle!!! A good holiday read!

  • Kathy Moore
    2019-04-15 16:20

    A mad-cap version of Whitethorn Woods? Lady Maud will do anything to protect her family's estate. Her scheming, philandering husband will go to any lengths to rid himself of her and retaining the Hall. Blott, her loyal gardener (German by descent, Italian by nationality ex-POW) stands by her with remarkable resourcefulness as they battle developers, road crews, and Sir Giles.A quick read, and so much fun!

  • Usfromdk
    2019-03-22 14:23

    Reasonably funny with some classical Sharpe-ish (Sharpe-esque?) misunderstandings/misconstruals along the way, but I did not like how this one ended. Closer to four stars than two, and this is despite the fact that I actually didn't particularly like any of the main characters included (if you don't like reading about people who can be rather hard to sympathize with, you should probably give this one a miss).

  • Huw Evans
    2019-04-04 20:13

    I read much of Tom Sharpe when I was in my teens and the verbal and situational humour in his books is breathtaking; it is unjust that some writer's humour glands are so highly developed (cf Pratchett, Donleavy and Adams)that they take away the ability to control oneself in public. Not all of his books are as good but Blott is one of his best. To describe the plot as one in which an immigrant proves himself more English than the English is not a spoiler - there is so much more.

  • Karen
    2019-04-01 19:08

    * 1000 novels everyone must read: the definitive listSelected by the Guardian's Review team and a panel of expert judges, this list includes only novels – no memoirs, no short stories, no long poems – from any decade and in any language. Originally published in thematic supplements – love, crime, comedy, family and self, state of the nation, science fiction and fantasy, war and travel – they appear here for the first time in a single list.

  • Peter
    2019-04-02 20:05

    Standard absurd situational comedy from Sharpe. Was not as outrageous in its absurdity and had almost no bite at all on the social commentary front. Not every book can be so hilarious that you weep from laughter repeatedly. If you can't get enough Sharpe after reading Riotous Assembly, Indecent Exposure, and Wilt, this will give you a fix. Just don't expect the same level.