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Science Lab Dissecting Flowers Playful Learning Science Lab Dissecting Flowers I will never forget the unexpected delight I felt when my college botany professor announced that we would be dissecting flowers in class The fact that I had appreciated flowers for so many years without ever knowing what was going on inside of them was eye opening for me. Dissecting Flowers for kids Free printable The Little Dissecting flowers is a fun, hands on activity for little hands and inquisitive minds We all know kids are great at tearing things apart their bedrooms, the toilet paper roll, the car on a long travel day etc so why not put that talent to good use, and learn something new How to Dissect a Flower Steps with Pictures wikiHow Lab Flower Dissection Flowers Petal scribd o Dissecting and Light Microscopes Background Reproduction and Flowers Ordinarily, angiosperms produce flowers at least once during a normal lifetime The stamens, or male reproductive organs, produce pollen grains Following pollination, a pollen grain develops a tube in which the male gamete, called the sperm nucleus, is found. Do A Flower Dissection Home Science Tools A good way to learn about the reproductive parts of a plant is by dissecting a flower Lilies, irises, or any flower with large parts work well for this project Use flowers from your yard or check with a local florist for free discarded flowers. Parts of a Flower University of Georgia species have separate male and female flowers and an individual flower can be missing some parts Tell children that although all of them have the same parts nose, eyes, arms, legs, hair etc they, too, are all unique Have learners choose a flower and sketch it on the Parts of a Flower worksheet . Dissecting a Flower Green Education Foundation Dissecting a Flower In this activity students take a closer look at the flowers they see every day in local gardens or in their schoolyard By dissecting a flower, they can easily examine its parts to gain a greater understanding of the process of pollination. Dissecting Flowers for Kids FREE Printable Dissecting flowers is a fun, hands on activity for little hands and curious minds Why not put your child s talent of destroying things to good use and to learn something new for a science project Teacher Guidance Introducing the parts of a flower parts in different flowers Using the Dissecting a flower instruction sheet, let the class either all dissect the same species of flower or dissect different species of flower During or after the dissection, they can record how many sepals, petals, stamens and carpels they found in their flower Then here are some things they can do. Botany for Kids Flower Dissection Sugar, Spice and Glitter In order to keep the parts intact, children must be firm but careful in dissecting their flower As your child removes each part from the flower, either tell them or ask them what part of the flower it is Have them glue each part onto their paper, and if they are starting to write, have them label each part.


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