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Drake Donovan is one of the good guys. He spends his life helping people who need it. Being a police officer is all he’s ever wanted to be, and there is nothing else that could ever compare.After months of work he finally has a way in to the underground world he's been trying to close down. A trail of dead prostitutes has led him to a chat room and a man called Dreamfixer,Drake Donovan is one of the good guys. He spends his life helping people who need it. Being a police officer is all he’s ever wanted to be, and there is nothing else that could ever compare.After months of work he finally has a way in to the underground world he's been trying to close down. A trail of dead prostitutes has led him to a chat room and a man called Dreamfixer, but when a late night meeting goes wrong his life changes forever.Ryden Garrick has the life that nightmares are made of. Growing up with a father like his taught him everything he needed to know to run his area in one of Britain’s largest crime organisations. Guns, drugs, money laundering, and the area that Ryden excels in, prostitution. Running one of the largest male prostitution rings, one where anything is acceptable, even murder, is where he dedicates most of his time.When Drake discovered the connection with the young dead bodies, all linked with a letter tattooed on their chest, he knew he had to do something. Now standing in front of the elusive Dreamfixer, he knows that life will never be the same.When gathering evidence becomes the last thing he's thinking about he knows that he will have to make a decision. Follow his feelings or stay strong, doing what he was here to do. Now he has to decide between the job he loves and the man who could change everything.Life for Drake was easy before he went Undercover....

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undercover Reviews

  • T.A. McKay
    2019-01-22 07:10

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-02-08 10:09

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.25 StarsThis was delicious and teeny, tiny bit dark and twisted. One hero and one antihero and a story that has you wondering the entire time how on earth they can possibly achieve a HEA.Drake Donovan is a police officer tied up in a case that involves dead male prostitutes. The clues have been sporadic and mainly led to dead ends so when an ‘in’ from an internet chat room arises Drake grabs onto it with both hands intending to work the case undercover – his first mistake was assuming that would work.Ryden Garrick is unapologetically bad. He runs a prostitution ring that is organised, efficient and makes him a lot of money. When occasionally things go wrong and a body has to be dumped he has men willing to do that for him too. He is a god that rules over his own kingdom – to question Ryden is stupid but to cross Ryden more than likely means death.Drake gets his wish to work within the prostitution ring but it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. A snatch and grab finds the exuberant young officer in a tricky situation and from then on it’s as though he has fallen down a rabbit hole. This story skirts the edges of believability but it was such a good read that had me on pins waiting to see how the author could possibly weave any sort of satisfactory ending that I would highly recommend it.

  • booklover
    2019-02-07 05:03

    I was honoured when asked by T.A to beta/arc read this for her as i'm a huge fan of her M/M books.In this we meet Drake, a police officer who's trying to find and infiltrate an organization which is behind the appearance of dead male prostitutes. Ryden is the head of the organization and the guy that Drake needs to contact and hopefully get the information needed to close them down. I have to say that i was intrigued and drawn in from the get go. From the start the story gripped me and pulled me in, just the same as Ryden pulling guys off the street. At first i wasn't that keen on him but got to realise that he is actually a pretty good guy. Yes, what he does and how he goes about it may be wrong, yet the way T.A wrote him, showed that he was actually, in a way, doing the guys a favour.I'm not going to say things are easy for Drake, they're not easy at all. Some of the scenes were hard hitting both literally for Drake, and figuratively speaking. There was ONE character i absolutely despised and kudos to T.A for this because at times i actually questioned whether i was right or wrong in my assumption of him. She had me backtracking with my opinion and thoughts quite often in a lot respects with the little twists and turns in the story, some of which where complete red herrings. I loved the fact that while being under Ryden's "imprisonment", Drake struck up a great friendship with another prisoner/prostitute, but was constantly worried too incase he became the next victim.The way the relationship built up between Ryden and Drake was gradual which i feel fitted the story perfectly. I also loved how even then Drake never lost sight of his main goal and reason for being their, to infiltrate and shut down the whole operation. An absolutely brilliantly written story which will have you wondering what the hell is happening, as well as having you cursing her many times too !! (Trust me, i came up with some rather creative names for her whilst reading this !)Absolutely fantastic !!

  • Mitya
    2019-02-08 05:08

    So cop gets kidnapped by the criminal he's hunting, who kidnaps men and forces them into prostitution, allows his guards to rape said prostitutes whenever they want, has his men beat the shit out of people whenever they don't comply, etc ... and these two fall in love? I'm sorry, but that's gross as hell and not remotely romantic. And that's leaving out the murders that got the cops involved to begin with. Like, I'm all for cop/criminal stories, but generally there is some redeeming qualities to the criminal. I'm not sure how anyone falls in love with a man guilty of kidnapping men and forcing them into a life of rape and abuse until they get dead.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-02-11 09:08

    My Review:There's not a warning on this book, but it probably needs one. It's very dark, and I'm not saying that as it being something bad, because it's not. The book is fantastic, but there is a lot of graphic violence and you need to be prepared for that. Because flat of these heroes is not a good guy. He inherited the family business from his father and has grown up with this world of violence as the norm. Someone defies him...he kills them. And a lot of that happens within the pages of the book. You've been warned, but keep reading because I did really like the book. The thing that makes it so good is that there's no way out of this. Drake is a cop. Ryden is obviously a criminal. There's absolutely no way they can have a happy ending...but this is a romance novel so...And I'm sitting here fiddling with my laptop keys because I don't know what else to say without giving spoilers. The romance is unusual, but it completely worked for me. I loved the chemistry and the build-up. The entire time reading this book, my nerves were on edge not knowing what might come next. At about the 80% mark, the author went someplace I was sure she wasn't at that point. But she did...and it didn't ruin the all. Seriously good story telling. Despite Ryden's violent life and world, T.A. McKay did an amazing job with this character, because she made me love him even though we should despise him. Through his feelings for Drake, she showed the reader how Ryden might be redeemed (note: I would love to have a revisit with these characters five years down the road to see how that redemption went.)Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was dark and I'll admit that I like dark at times. But there was never a time where I didn't like the MC's or how they treated one another. The story worked for me and I completely and totally fell in love with Ryden and Drake and their romance story. I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • R.f. Greenwood
    2019-01-18 12:20

    Wow this was just something else!When i got the chance to beta for T.A. McKay i nearly fell off my seat, 4 books into beta reading for her and I'm still surprised how much i love read as it gets written.Even when you would love for more because your so engrossed and the rest of the book isn't written yet!This had some really dark tones and some people might not like or overcome.But then at the same time there are parts that are not that bad! The good weighs out he evil.When you meet Rydan you just think it will be all the same the others, but he's different.There is more than meets the eye.He was just so wow! I couldn't help but fall in love with him even though he is the bad guy!Drake, damn he was good!After following the trail for the gay men turning up dead he digs deeper and deeper to the wrong side of the track, so to speak.It's like falling down the depraved hole.Not knowing what to expect his actions was true, but the more he hears Rydan the more he gets intrigued.The secondary characters are really good too!Makes you want to find out more about them and not just the main characters story line!I don't really know what more to say other than you did an amazing job with this one Tracy!I can't wait to read more from you!❤

  • Amy
    2019-02-08 06:08

    Wow! I usually don't like antihero's but Ryden is just so irresistible, and the very sweet Drake is his perfect match. Loved this story and all the characters. Hoping there is going to be more books with these guys.

  • Maria Laura Runchina
    2019-01-17 12:00

    Ho fatto le ore piccole pur di finirlo e neppure così, sono riuscita a scrollarmi di dosso questa storia. Non c’è niente di romantico, nelle premesse e nello svolgersi della trama. Una storia forte, difficile da digerire. Drake è un poliziotto sotto copertura, che indaga sulla prostituzione maschile, ad opera di un misterioso uomo che si fa chiamare Dreamfixer. E quando finirà nella tana del lupo, tutto assume dei nuovi contorni. I suoi principi cambiano, in nome di un uomo che non ha un volto, ma solo una voce:Ryden. È davvero un assassino? Ha commesso quei crimini, macchiandosi di ogni nefandezza? E perché Drake crede che ci sia ben altro, al di là del marcio? Ryden ti intossica, ti invade piano piano. Non capisci più se odiarlo o se amarlo. Il confine è così sottile che alla fine, la risposta la trovi nelle ultime pagine: in un finale inaspettato. Dopo, il vuoto. Lo rileggerei!

  • L. Layale
    2019-02-07 11:59

    I wish I could say this book was even a 4 star read, but it's not. Drake discovers a dead body of a male trafficking victim which leads the police on an extensive hunt for the prostitution ring. He ends up in the hand of Ryden a drug lord, a pimp, and one of the most feared leaders of the underground criminal world.For the most part this is a good story, but a lot is very unrealistic. When Drake first gets captured he falls off the face of the earth to his department. He doesn't try to get in contact or anything. Nothing in his actions except the vague sense of trying to get a feel of the place and internal structure suggest that he's a cop undercover who got wrongfully abducted. He also falls insta-love with Ryden which I absolutely hate. On to Ryden. He's supposed to be this big bad mobster of sorts, except he's really a softy with the occasional temper that will murder people painfully. We see this with a few people. Ryden doesn't feel like a hard mob boss, or anything. He just is labeled as the bad guy without actually 'being' the bad guy. Craig is the real bad guy, he could even be the boss because his crap personality fits moreThe only real tension is Craig. He's somewhat Ryden's second-in-command, but Ryden doesn't trust him enough. Something in the plot with him doesn't add up. He sorta comes off as this sociopathic character for how he treats the letters. He oversteps his bounds a lot, but he's just 'there' he has no real complex element to the story. When you read the story you see that it doesn't go anywhere. It takes place in a warehouse of sorts the entire time. Ryden only meets Drake a handful of times, but they become desperately in love because they sexed each other up in a hot way a time or two. They also only meet those few times as well. Ryden rarely gets to interact with Drake. He only knows Drake through the picture Drake sent him.This book is also one of those dual point of views, which I hate that authors are doing. If it can't be done right it takes away from the story, like this one.

  • Michaela Bishop
    2019-02-15 12:04

    I received an arc in return for a honest and unbiased reviewThis review isnt going to give this the credit it deserves but im going to do my best. Let me start by saying T.A Mckay is one of my top authors whos work i one click without even reading her blurb. I love everything about her work from her writing style and story lines to the character build its all amazing. I've followed her work from the very beginning and have always been a huge fan. Her work never fails to amaze me and gets better and better with every book written. Now onto under cover. I fell in love with drake from the very beginning. He seemed such a caring soul from the start but Ryden let's be honest I hated him to begin with. He was the sort of person you would under no circumstances be associated with. As the story progressed I found I loved Ryden just as much as Drake. I don't believe in writing spoiler reviews but if your new to T.A Mckay this is the one to read. If your looking for an amazing m/my book this is it! Even if your randomly looking for a book then this is it! You won't be disappointed.5 stars!I wish I could give it more it truly deserves it

  • Kirsty Turner
    2019-01-21 07:11

    This is the first book I have read by T.A. McKay despite following her for just over a year so I was very excited to receive an ARC of this book. From the very first page I was hooked! I honestly couldn’t read this book fast enough. There are some dark scenes and some not so dark scenes but it evens out the story perfectly. I loved the build up to a relationship between Ryden and Drake. It wasn’t rushed and I loved that. I enjoyed reading this and was gutted when I finished it. I will definitely be checking out T.A.’s other books now. Wonderful book!

  • Cecilia Rodriguez
    2019-01-26 12:00

    Not sure how to rate this, maybe 3 stars since it was an okay read....I guess if I suspend all disbelief I'd give it 4 stars but I found it hard to wrap my mind around how quickly they fell for each other given their characters and the circumstances.

  • Kristy Croll
    2019-01-17 09:18

    I am a huge fan of Tracy's books, and this book sure didn't disappoint! Once again another 5 star read. It had me hooked from start to finish

  • HaloLove
    2019-02-14 10:13

    MAJOR SPOILERS... The thing is...I liked the story! SPOILER ALERT... SPOILER ALERT... SPOILER ALERT... SPOILER ALERT...SPOILER ALERT... SPOILER ALERT...But I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around an undercover Officer placing his life in hell to find a brutal serial murderer that he’s been hunting for over a year, fall in love with who he thinks is the murderer and says, f**k it he’s not so bad. So what, all these men being held here against their will; yes they were kidnapped, forced to have sex with guards, sold for sex to the highest bidder in the thousands, and could be potential murder victims, overlooked for the sake of love. Oh and then Ryder confesses and tries to justify his reasoning or thinking after what happens to Drake that what he is providing is just business, a service, not rape. But guards are allowed to take the men against their will and not to mention saying no to a buyer is a no no. The men are kept in a military style setting and beaten if a spec of dirt is found on them! Are you kidding me right now?!?!?! Ryder is a scum bag who pocketed money based on rape and torture! Yet by the end of the story I still had no clue:1. Who killed those young men?2. What in the world was so special about Ryder that made an undercover cop forget the job he was suppose to be doing? At least have enough integrity to get the kidnapped victims help!-shakes head in disbelief- I honestly liked parts of the story, I truly did but the cop angle was swept aside so far I would have preferred Drake to have been just a misguided down on his luck soul who found love in a dark hell!!! The cop angle and its almost nonexistent play throughout the story and the lack of resolution to why Drake went undercover in the first place places this at a 3 star instead of a 4 or 5.

  • Laura DeSimone
    2019-02-03 04:54

    I was intrigued with the concept of this story. The story starts out with police officer Drake Gallagher discover the body of a young man who has been tortured, and a letter tattooed on his chest When more bodies turn up he decides to find out who is behind these killings and go in undercover to bring the criminals to justice. Ryden is the crime boss behind this prostitution ring, selling young gay men to the highest bidder. Drake is kidnaped off the street and brought into the organization where he is tattooed and put in the restricted area. As the story goes on it’s as if Drake forgets he’s a police officer undercover,and falls in love with Ryden the crime boss. Stockholm’s Syndrome is the first thing that comes to mind with this character, as this is brought up in the story this is how I felt as a reader. All in all it is a good read.

  • Fiona Lyle
    2019-01-30 10:02

    Absolutely bloody fantastic. This book was just perfect in every way and holy crap Ryden and Drake were soooooooo hot together my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I've loved all of the books I've read by this author but this has by far been my favourite, I cannot wait to see what she's going to do next because this may be hard to beat. Mrs McKay you are a genius!

  • Lizzie_Loves_Books
    2019-01-23 12:18

    I received undercover as an arc in exchange of a honest review. I have been missing T.A's words lately and then I get offered this book so I jumped at the chance. T.A is incredible at writing M/M books. I don't want to say to much incase of any spoilers but this story was incredible and did not disappoint at all. I loved Ryden and Drake sooo hard!!!!

  • Sativa
    2019-02-11 06:07

    Scary goodThis book made the bad boy sexy. As the reader you wanted to the wrong things for the right reason. My only hang up was that the end came hard and fast and left too much unanswered for me. The book is worth the read I just wanted more.

  • Mapasa Masila
    2019-02-16 10:24

    Great story, loved it couldn't put it down until the end, loved the ending :)

  • MamaBear
    2019-02-02 10:00

    If you like abduction stories w the dark aspects such as abuse, non-con including rape, then I say give this one a try. Move on if you can't handle these aspects. There are some grammar errors which is why I took it down to 4 star, but for me this was a great, great story. This is a story in which we are introduced to a cop, Drake, who offers himself up to go undercover in an underground gay prostitution ring...being he is the only guy cop in his division he feels he would be best apt to deal w potential gay sexual encounters. What Drake doesn't anticipate is falling for the rich and powerful leader of this huge underground operation. Even before Drake is captured by Ryden's thugs, Ryden has taken an immediate interest in Drake, through his initial profile picture. Ryden immediately treats Drake as a different captive slave, isolating him from the main group and not allowing anyone else to touch him. Ryder gives into his desires over and over again, and repeatedly breaks his own rules of not touching the "letters" (each man loses his name and is assigned a branded letter and is only referred to by said letter). All hell brakes lose when Ryden's right hand evil goon deceives Ryden and tries to auction off Drake behind the bosses back. This is the beginning of the end as things begin to really spiral out of control. This is the point I wasn't sure if I could finish. I was afraid I wasn't going to get the ending I desired, and put my kindle down 3 times thinking of stopping as I really didn't see a HEA coming for these 2. I finally sucked it up and glad I did...there was a plot twist I didn't see coming so hang in there and enjoy the ride.

  • Cindy
    2019-01-26 12:23

    Undercover was a little different from TA McKay's typical books, but I totally loved it! The characters, the circumstance, and the plot twists totally sucked me in! i could not put this book down until I found out how it ended. 4.5 stars all the way!I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-16 09:54

    Not what I hoped for 2.5 stars rounded up because I didn't DNF it. I actually kind of enjoyed reading some of this up until I realized there was no way I'd get the kind of resolution I felt was needed. It's going to be hard to explain without big fat spoilers. I also felt the story became rather tedious at times. Through most of the story, there wasn't really much going on, action wise. It followed each character, Drake and Ryden, in alternating POV. It was also written in 1st person, present tense, which isn't a style I prefer but it wasn't done badly, so that was good. There was a great deal of showing what Drake was doing day to day and some details about Corey, the man he was roomed with. Then it followed Ryden and his actions and conversations, so it was partly good to get details of the characters but by the end, some of it seemed pointless to the overall plot. There was some brutal description of violent acts by Ryden and the evil Craig. At the ending though, there was too much left hanging and utterly disregarded by Drake, the undercover police officer.I've seen this plot done so much better, where the criminal is mostly forgivable and there is at least some redemption. I could not see any for Ryden. Drake no longer seemed anything like his character as it was presented at the start of the story. I was torn about the rating. I didn't dislike it intensely or anything but I needed more depth than I got. I couldn't even view it as dark because of the way it ended. Just an okay read, with better editing than I saw in the first book I read by this author.

  • Light
    2019-02-06 08:15

    "I’d never experienced anything like that before. It was like the whole world had vanished as I focused in on his eyes. Dark and full of racing emotions. It was like in that few seconds I could see everything that they held. Pain, lust and danger, and even though I couldn’t explain why, I felt like I wanted to get lost in those eyes forever..." - Drake4.5 / 5 StarsHell... just... damn! There're no words to describe how sexy this book was.Drake is a young and beautiful officer who lands on a big case after finding the first body of several. He goes undercover to bring down the organization responsible for the murders of male prostitutes. Nevertheless, things go wrong before he can start his new mission.Ryden is the scary, handsome, broody, cold-blooded leader of the organization, he takes very seriously his work and is capable of doing anything to make it prospers. But the moment he sees Drake he takes his eyes off him. Anyhow, he's not going to break his rules... or so he tells himself.When I read all the warning I did expect a very dark story (I tend to stay away from those) but it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. It touches dark themes but mostly, they are few and off-page and the romantic time between the characters make up any dark-ish moment. I'm so glad I didn't mind the warnings because I could have missed a great book thanks to that.Now, with the datails. I love when the bad guy, the one who has done all those horrendous things and cannot be redeemed, falls in love. And sometimes, you realize that he's not that bad but he's not good either and will never be. I see Ryden like that, he fells in love with Drake and is capable of doing anything for him, but he's never going to be a "good guy".Drake is the missing piece in Ryden's life, in my opinion. He's good inside, not overly naive and stands his ground. He sees Ryden as he is and beyond that too, he sees his heart. He's ready to follow his heart even though he knows he has to give up something in return. Unlike what happens with other characters in similar situations that I've read about, I don't see Drake as an idiot who doesn't care about his old life, I think he realizes what's important to him and doesn't take it lightly but he also knows he has to choose.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was an amazing journey that shows love can be found anywhere. I wonder... is the author really sure this is a standalone and not the first book in a series? *blinks innocently* LOL.*I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book*

  • Tina
    2019-02-10 06:08

    Talk about a keep you on the edge of your seat thriller. Wow. It was dark. It was dirty. It was breathtakingly perfect. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest wondering what was going to happen next. Drake is a cop who uncovers a brutal murder of a going gay man. He then makes it his mission to go undercover and save these men from these horrific acts. With 5 bodies found, he finally makes contact. He has a plan in place but when he's captured and taken to the compound before he gets to the meeting place, his team has no idea where he is. He never expects the voice of a stranger to bring him his knees. He shouldn't fall for the man in charge of this prostitution ring, but he can't stop what his heart wants.Ryden is the quintessential bad boy. He is the brains behind this whole operation. He just can't resist Drake when he lays eyes on him, at first only through a photo. He then changes up the rules enough to have his right hand man question everything leading to problems for Drake and Ryden both.Can a cop and a criminal stand a chance or will Drake turn his back on love and do the right thing? I absolutely loved this book and I read it in one sitting. It felt so wrong but so right.

  • Evette
    2019-02-06 11:22

    3.5 StarsEveryone isn't as bad as they seem, some are worse.Very dark topics-prostitution, murder, drugs and rape. Yet even in the midst of all of the pain a bit of happy is found.Drake and Ryden. There is a sad beauty in their love. So much passion, but given the situation I was constantly second guessing its truth. The idea that the important parts of the soul can be separate and untouched by all of the ugly is a hopeful one. I would've liked to see more balance in Drake's character. His "good" is the star. Seems so out of place with all of the horror that he finds himself in. Felt I knew Ryden better, wanted/needed more of the why and how Drake came to be. What connects him to Ryden, allows him to see the possibility of more with Ryden?The secondary characters could have been more nuanced, felt like bad was bad, good was good and sweet was sweet. Depth of characters would have added to the story.A compelling read overall, for me the destination was worth the painful trip.

  • Ruth Evans
    2019-01-29 08:01

    Amazing read!!This book captured me and didn't let me go until I'd finished! This book is well written and the characters are beautifully real. Drake is amazing and so believable it's like going through all his emotions with him. Rayden I feel should be a character you don't like but he's so wonderfully floored that you can help but feel for him. This book has every emotion running through it and is one of the best reads I've had. I can't recommend this book strongly enough.

  • Patrice Leonard
    2019-02-07 08:06

    I did enjoy this book for the depth of story and characters. This book was a recommended read to me because of the law enforcement/mafia(one of the favorite M/M sub-genres) storyline. I gave it 3 stars because the story was really well done and I did find the concept very interesting to the point where I found myself wanting to know the outcome. One thing I loved about this book was that one of the MC's was a total bad guy, no apologies. Ryden made me love him, and I made it my job to understand him and how he operated on a daily basis. Overall, this was a very good read and I would absolutely recommend to my fellow M/M fans.

  • Karen Lane
    2019-02-12 08:22

    4.75 starsI'm starting to think I have a sadistic side, and I'm admitting I fell in love with a bad bad man. Ryden is one naughty boy, but wow, the story between Ryden and 'M' is a love for the ages.....There is prostitution, rape, torture, beatings, killing, kidnapping, sex and love, what a combination. I also loved Corey and Niko, I would of possibly loved a bit more in the epilogue to include what exactly they were up to, but I'm comfortably satisfied how it ended. I want to say to everyone 'read it' but I'm not sure that it will be for everyone, go into it with an open mind. I loved it!

  • Dara Nelson
    2019-01-24 09:04

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Intense? Uh,yeah, like tons of it. So intense you're on the edge of your seat and can't put it down. And that good too. And a story line that grabs you and has you hanging on to the very end. And chemistry? Of the charts hot. Right off the bat you adore Drake and then you feel for him when the confusion hits. And Ryden? Well, see, here's the thing about Ryden. He's bad, he's a really bad man...but I'm smiling as I think about you see where I'm going with this? Do you get it? No? Read will.

  • Andrea
    2019-02-01 04:57

    KUI loved the story but not the writing. Too wordy and I couldn't get involved but I'm not sure how to express what was missing.