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Five husbands; one Possessed Pearl. When Pearl starts working as a gem at The Red Petticoat saloon, she knows she's found the place where she belongs. After all, her husband cast her out for being too lusty of a wife. She quickly comes to enjoy her clients, especially her five constant regulars, so much so, that when one of her regulars proposes marriage, she declines. HowFive husbands; one Possessed Pearl. When Pearl starts working as a gem at The Red Petticoat saloon, she knows she's found the place where she belongs. After all, her husband cast her out for being too lusty of a wife. She quickly comes to enjoy her clients, especially her five constant regulars, so much so, that when one of her regulars proposes marriage, she declines. How can one man satisfy her? Things change when all five of her regulars come to her with a marriage proposal—live with them as a bride to five husbands. Can Pearl face her fear of marriage and allow herself to be claimed by not one man, but five? Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including multiple partners and anal play....

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pearl s possession Reviews

  • Tami
    2019-03-03 01:48

    This story was a VERY erotic menage a western? Just read it yourselves and you can help label it correctly. This little gem of a book is HOT HOT HOT. Your shelves would look awesome with this pearly goodness in it. OK I think I have exhausted my bad turns of phrases. Hey it's 1AM!!!!!! You be clever as an insomniac. It's all Lee's fault ya know? I had to stay up to finish this more in me :P

  • Katy Beth Mckee
    2019-03-08 23:56

    In some ways the tone of Pearl's Possessions is different than the other stories thus far. First there seems to be more melancholy. First in the reasons that drove Pearl to be of the Gems in the first place and then in some of the events that unfold during the story. There is more uncertainty between all of the characters as to their true feelings until it is almost too late. And while we have felt Madame Jewel's love and concern for her gems as they have met their fate outside the Saloon this time you get a sense that she has had more of hand in the set up this time. But what is really great is that these differences don't make this book feel any less a part of the series or of the the world these people inhabit over all the books thus far. Pearl has chosen to be a gem because her desperation is brought out of her secret shame at her desires. And from the first her special customers have separately given her different parts of herself that she needs. All five men have done there best to show her what they can bring to the table but they do sort of surprises her when she realizes they are all friends together. Brock, Orion, Cash, Samson, and Jonas all have their own secret shame and scares from their life and they each need to be reached in their own special ways. Just as Pearl receive she also gives. When things take a dramatic turn there are no simple and easy answers. They don't all get their wish but they work through the hard bits and find different ways to achieve the same desires for family. The Epilogue at the end is beautiful and fills in the rest of the story. But it too is bittersweet as life can often be.

  • Kathy Heare Watts
    2019-03-22 22:41

    IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE, AND IT WAS A NIGHTMAREI enjoyed this addition to the Red Petticoat Saloon Series that brings in so many new people. Each one of these books will read as a standalone and can be read out of order. Pearl comes to the Red Petticoat after her husband divorced her, he rejected her because she was barren, but he also had issues with her voracious sexual appetite. Madam Jewel listens to her plight, agrees to her working and even asks her if she would be willing to entertain more than one man at a time. Enter into the picture, five men to share her; she is blindfolded, and they avoid names. Then each day of the week, she has a regular show up, but when they don’t show, she is apprehensive. How will she deal with five men who all want her for their wife? What, all five men and her to live together as husbands and wife?Leave it to Lee Savino to spin a unique plot that will keep the pages turning in this lusty tale with one woman and five husbands all sharing her. Yes, you read that correctly. “It’s not naughty or wrong.” Each man has their own personality and kinks, and together they share a unique and extraordinary bond of kinship without blood ties. Meet Pearl, Cash, Brock, Samson, Jonas and Orion. “The men who worked her body in a sinful rhythm; it was heaven, it was hell. I was both worshiped and possessed.” There are plenty of spankings, explicit sex scenes, anal play, withholding pleasure, multiple orgasms and well-satisfied men and their woman.

  • Claire
    2019-02-21 02:43

    Pearl's Possession is so beautifully written; the story is heart-rending with Pearl not being able to give the men what they craved to get in the long run and an end that is heart-breaking. It made me shed a few tears!This book has it all; It is suspenseful, having the threat of the Marshal's and the mystery that surrounded the men. Hopeful for the way they loved her and she loved them. Sad for the way they were treated while growing up and for how she so easily was cast aside from her husband for being her true self. The characters are complex and well-developed. The sex scenes are steamy, and I recommend privacy, do not read this in a public place :).I could not put it down, till I reached the end. Lee Savino's writing style is captivating; she draws us in her stories.It is a menage, five men with one woman and it might be weird for some, but it is a book worth reading!!! I highly recommend it.

  • Nanette
    2019-03-04 00:44

    Pearl's Possession is a beautifully written story in which Pearl's dreams do come true. Ms. Savino's attention to detail, engaging conversations, titillating sex scenes and impressive characters make this a five star read. As usual, her words bring out emotions and make these characters as lifelike as possible. You will fall in love with all five men and wish you were as lucky as Pearl. As one of Madame Jewel's gems, Pearl desires a night in which her cravings are satisfied by more than one man. Bound and blindfolded, a group of five eager men attend to Pearl's needs. Unbeknownst to her, each of those five men start to court her on a different day of the week. They train her over a period of months as they know that she is the one for them. Meanwhile, Pearl begins to fall in love with them. She believes that she is not worthy enough for them. She wonders what it would feel like to feel safe and protected since her first marriage ended in disaster. "I felt a connection to all of these men. When they were gone, I would feel the loss."Pearl refers to Cash as her attentive lover. When she teases him too much he asserts his dominance by spanking her. Orion loves to see her in a corset and red lipstick. Brock, her most reserved lover, calls her his "lass" in his Scottish brogue. Jonas, the youngest, is the most playful of the group. He binds her with scarves and introduces her to anal sex. And lastly, Samson, her gentle giant who loves to cradle and comfort her. Her wish is granted when Cash proposes marriage first. She is taken to their home in the mountains for a trial period. Cash tells her "You are a rare gem. A perfect Pearl all for us." Even though she is reluctant at first, she realizes she loves them all. "I wanted them, body, mind and soul." She agrees to marry them all.Madame Jewel gives Pearl some words of wisdom. "But don't sell yourself short. It's not just your beauty and body they want, it's your love. And your love will be enough. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be happy in your own dream and I promise, you are fulfilling five men's dreams as well."As the years go by, each man makes sure Pearl's needs are met and that she truly feels loved and cherished. "Your ours, all of ours. We possess every part of you." "She is their wife, their lover, their Pearl."A charming fairy tale romance set in the Old West, till death do they part.

  • Marybeth
    2019-03-05 01:41

    This is the seventh book in the Red Petticoat series. When Pearl starts working at the Red Petticoat Saloon, she tells Jewel her life story. Her husband divorced her because he thought she was cheating on him because of her prodigious sexual appetite. She usually pleasured herself several times a day. She is perfect to work in a pleasure house. Jewel has a proposition for Pearl for her first night: to be bound, blindfolded and service a party of men. The men were concerned that she wasn't there willingly, but she was. So, they relaxed and enjoyed her, all five of them. She then goes on to service men in the saloon, especially her 5 regulars. But, unbeknownst to her, the five are brothers (chosen) who want to share a wife. So, they kidnap her to see if she would like to be bride to all five. I LOVED this book. It was very well written and the sex was incredible. I also liked how Pearl had a different relationship with each of her men. I give this 5 stars!

  • BlushingButterflyBookReviews
    2019-03-20 05:49

    Pearl is the latest Red Petticoat gem to find a happy ending. She was divorced because her ex-husband learned that Pearl was barren and because he disliked her healthy appetite for sex. Upon arriving at the Red Petticoat, Pearl agrees to one night with five men. Being blindfolded, she does not know who their identities. Over time, she has five regular customers who visit her weekly -each on a different night. Before long, they meet her as one group and ask her to spend a night on their homestead up on the mountain. One thing leads to another, and they marry. Trouble quickly arrives on their doorstep, and the reader is left feeling tense. Will four of the men return? The epilogue fills in the blanks for the reader. At the same time, it is very bittersweet. This western can be read by itself despite being part of a series. The sex scenes are plentiful and quite graphic. The spankings are explicit, too.

  • Boujie
    2019-02-25 04:01

    I thought I would like one, but I loved them all!I didn't quite know what to expect from the description of this book, but I love the Red Petticoat series and this did not disappoint! Five men, each of them different. Through Pearl you get to know each one and what is unique about them. As children the boys were orphaned but they formed their own family together. Pearl had been cast out by her husband because her sexual needs were more than one man could handle. But when they meet, it works for them. This is a great introduction into poly relationships. Each man has different needs and she is able to satisfy them all. It is lusty, sensual and loving. I didn't realize how much I came to love them until I was reaching for tissues. (Book received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Heather Cole
    2019-02-20 22:34

    I love, love, LOVED this book. I felt like one of my fantasies had been put to paper, and I loved reading every moment about Pearl and her men. I didn't want to put the book down. The plot revolves around five men (who consider themselves brothers even though they're not biologically related) and the woman they choose to take as their collective bride, Pearl.I loved the sex in this book, and I loved how Pearl came to understand the different men and develop different relationships with each of them. There's a wide variety of sexy interactions, everything from anal to spanking to bondage, and there's emotion there too. There's a plot twist that I wasn't expecting which was excellent, and a very touching scene at the end that made me a little teary. I didn't want Pearl's story to end. I'm definitely going to be re-reading it.

  • Sam Mc
    2019-03-07 00:58

    Loved this book!Very sexy book. A story about love and how it comes in many ways. Really enjoyed Pearl and her many loves. Looking forward to more by Lee Savino.

  • Lindsey
    2019-03-11 00:33

    WowIf you like steamy books with 5 guys and a girl, you should enjoy this. Pearl has all she wants and needs with these guys.

  • Heidi
    2019-03-22 04:54

    This book was a dream too read... can you tell i loved it seriously i loved it from start too finish it was a dream too read.Lee Savino takes you on a magical journey. from the loss of her husband too her sexual needs you will live it all and love it all omg her five repeat customers damn girl you are sooo lucky.A great sexy read.

  • Nessa
    2019-03-12 06:01

    Oh man, this book took me for such a ride! I'm expecting the story to go one way, and it goes completely another way. I laughed, I cried, I cursed or the author a few times. This story is a surprisingly good read, and honesty, was far better than I expected. Even though the storyline moved a little too quickly for my tastes, overall the story flows quite well.

  • Melanie
    2019-03-06 22:01

    One woman, five men, and the love of a lifetimePearl's Possession is multi-partner erotica with a split personality, and as such it will appeal two different reader interests. On the one hand, it is a "reverse harem," 5-man, one woman erotic dive into polyamory and mild BDSM. It features high erotic scenes of spanking, discipline, anal play, etc. with 5 dominant men focused on one woman (no M/M at all). That aspect of the novel has all the juice and heat a reader could want, provided the kink fits your preferences. Since I lack any affinity for the D/s interplay, it isn't really my favorite part of the story. However, If you are into steamy. erotic, character-driven romance featuring menage relationships, (pretty much my thing,) this book delivers exactly what you want to read. Between bedroom scenes, author Lee Savino gradually reveals the unique backstory for each member of the harem, and the heroine, Pearl. There's a wealth of character development which fleshes out the individual relationships - the emotional connections that allow Pearl and each of her five men to bond as a loving couple, and to risk sharing love openly among all of them. It's the beating heart of the polyamorous relationship, where loyalty, respect, and abiding love bind six adults into a family. The sad/sweet end-of-life epilogue demonstrates the enduring power and beauty of Pearl's unconventional relationships, and the lasting influence of such a love on her family's future. Lee Savino is well-known for her well-written explicitly erotic romances, but I think it's the emotional aspect that elevates this story beyond mere erotica to a tender and moving, if unconventional, love story. I thank Lee Savino for the privilege of an ARC, and it is my voluntary and independent opinion that Pearl's Possession is very good reading indeed.

  • Tiffany Price
    2019-03-18 03:01

    Is it possible for 5 men to share let alone love the same woman? Could one woman truly make them happy? These men though have formed a bond between them since they were children.Pearl is a woman looking to escape her past, her failures as she has been led to believe she will never escape from. She takes a position as a gem because she believes she is unworthy of not only having a happy life but being loved for who she is instead of who she isn't.This story grabbed me from the beginning. This story is very well put together and you get lost in the tale of these five unique men who have discovered that Pearl is indeed their one and only gem to be had but can they make her believe that? Pearl learns what it means to love more than one man, to be possessed by them in all ways.But you will have read their story for yourself to find out. Lee Savino is a wonderful author and I enjoy reading the lusty adventures of her heroine and heroes. You won't be disappointed

  • Amber Fueston
    2019-03-11 04:57

    This one started of with a bang. A gangbang that is. That is not my problem with this book however, I love a good gangbang. It was everything else that bothered me. From the 5 underdeveloped male characters to the unlikable, oversexed, ridiculous female. They are all keeping secrets from each other, even the men. The ending was eye rolling with it's overly sweet sentimentality. If the story was longer and more well developed with more emphasis on the characters and not their genitals it would have been much more enjoyable.The book is basically one long sex scene that seemed a little repetitive and hard to follow. I got the feeling the point of the thing was shock value not substance.

  • Kaycee Hathaway
    2019-03-22 04:33

    Lots of sexy scenes, but not huge on plot or substance. Overall I would recommend this to someone who wants sexy scenes, but if you want a plot this is not the best for that. Still a good book though! Pros: Lots of sex in this book! happy endingI could keep track of who was who in the haremIt’s a longer book Not a serialWell written Cons:Not a great plotThe sex scenes repeat a bitDidn’t give me the feels.

  • Cathy Jackson
    2019-03-11 05:38

    Pearl's Possession was an intense and heart-capturing book. I was hooked from the first page and didn't want to put it down. Lee Savino has a way of writing that takes the reader and draws them into the world she creates and makes them feel like they know them. BTW, my husband is Brock. He is such a sweetheart. Cash was my least as he was too controlling. Those are my personal opinions. There were a few editing errors in this book, but not distracting enough to keep me from continuing to read the rest of the book. I just adore Lee Savino's writing and can't wait to read more from her!

  • Gladys
    2019-02-28 03:56

    Pearl's Possession (The Red Petticoat Saloon) by Lee Savino is an excellent read. Well written and has an interesting plot. This book is full of steamy sexiness. Book is full of hot scenes, sweet emotions and kink. Very hot but at it's heart a beautiful, emotional romance.

  • Kari
    2019-03-11 02:54

    Wow. Pretty steamy romance. Not the norm for me but I really enjoyed the author's work with Renee Rose so I gave it a try. Strong characters and a well told story. Not just steamy but sweet.

  • Jeanne Kotsios
    2019-03-20 00:32

    Fantastic Just loved every character in this book it was sad she couldn't bare children but they loved her and that what mattered fantastic

  • Heart5
    2019-03-21 02:01

    Pearl comes to The Red Petticoat Saloon with a broken spirit. Left by her husband because of her voracious sexual appetite and inability to bear children, her self-worth is virtually non-existent. Where her husband saw disgust, Jewel quickly finds a way to capitalize on Pearl’s sexual appetite. For her first night at the saloon, Jewel arranges for Pearl to anonymously entertain five different men. Over the next couple of months Pearl gains five repeat customers. The constant attention fulfills her sexual needs, but she misses having an actual relationship. When her five regulars show up and propose marriage to all five of them, Pearl is thrilled with the idea, but doesn’t believe the men could possibly be happy with her long term. This was a well written menage romance. Rather than group the men together, the author does a really good job of creating unique personalities for each of the five men. With different personalities, backgrounds, and dreams, Pearl is able to fall in love, first with the group, then with each man individually. The sex scenes between Pearl and her five men were incredibly hot. With so many hands, tongues and cocks, I felt like I needed diagrams to keep up with everyone.

  • Gigi Laroux
    2019-03-20 01:57

    Each and every book in The Red Petticoat Saloon has been unique and highly entertaining. This book was a delight. Pearl was a captivating heroine and I loved reading her story. Is there such a thing as too much sex in a story? No, not in this story in any case. Even though there were plenty of steamy scenes there was also an interesting plot to move the story along. Pearl was the lucky woman at the saloon whom five handsome men set their sights on to make their wife. There were some very entertaining scenes with five guys and their gal but my favorite scenes were when she got to know her men one on one. Plenty of love, punishments, drama and a bit of mystery made this a wonderful tale.

  • ScarlettPhoenix
    2019-02-22 00:56

    Pearl's Possession is a slight departure from the rest of the stories of the Red Petticoat Saloon. This story addresses Pearl, a woman rejected by her husband for her sexual appetites. She shares another reason later on in the story but her lusty nature is what drives her to be a Gem. Her needs are fulfilled by multiple men who have an interesting proposal. Be wife to all of them and everyone is satisfied. There is obviously a lot of sexual activity but it isn't until about half way through the book when you start to really start to get to know each husband. And, deeper details about Pearl are revealed as well.

  • Deb Diem
    2019-03-02 23:56

    Pearl's Possession by Lee Savino is a fun read. Ms Savino has created awesome, well developed characters. This book does have sex scenes with multiple partners, so it may not be for everyone. Pearl's story is loaded with drama, action, humor and smokin' hot sex along with five husbands. I especially liked the end of the book, as it wraps up the story nicely. I enjoyed reading Pearl's Possession and look forward to reading more from Lee Savino in the future. Pearl's Possession is book 1 in The Red Petticoat Saloon Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.I received an advance reader copy of this book for review purposes.

  • Sherry
    2019-03-23 05:57

    4 ½ starsMenage times 5 husbands. It was a great read. There was a little bit of everything in this story. From mystery, to well-developed characters, to love, to laughter and a bit of romance and bdsm, this book had it. It was a sweet story with a few tears here and there. It also showed that even though your life starts out horrible, you can get the happy ever after. It is set in the Old West, where saloon girls were the psychologists of old. It is definitely worth a closer look. There are a lot of sex scenes though, so be warned.

  • Toni L
    2019-03-21 23:31

    This book paced a punch right from the start. There was no slow build up & instead jumped right in! It's not often that you read books, even under the 'erotica' tag that have 1 woman for 5 men without it being very demeaning. I found this book, however, to be respectful of each character - each man & the sole woman. It was well written with a depth of emotion that seems too often missing in novels in this genre. This was a very enjoyable book with a beautiful, beautiful ending.

  • Leona Bowman
    2019-03-09 21:51

    This the first book in the red petticoat series, and if they are half has good has this one. I need to buy the series. I'll I can say is that it was full of emotions. Well developed characters. Lots of hot action. But what I loved the most is trust in love that the men and Pearl developed for each other. Plus that just because you are a painted dove, does not mean you can't fine true love and happiness. I was given this story for a honest review.

  • Laurel
    2019-02-25 01:44

    I'm not crazy about 5 men living with one woman, but this one was sweet, sad and at times heartbreaking. Pearl was one of madam Jewels and she liked a number of mem. She loved them all and met them at Thr Red Petticoat Saloon. They moved up into the mountains. Sadly 4 of the men had to leave. Pearl was heartbroken but evently the men returned. Sadly they pass away and pearl now has many grandchildren and adopted children. I ended loving this marvelous.

  • Eva Wade
    2019-03-21 00:51

    As manages go this one is right at the top of my list of really good ones. i mean who wouldnt want to be cherished and loved by not 1 not 2 but 5 hunks not to mention one is a Scot can we say yummmm. i really loved this romance the sex was good the discipline was good. this would be my 2nd read of the petticoat stories and i just love reading them. This was one was super hot i just loved the romance between pearl and her men. really good story.