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Six years ago, a hoof to the head ended Leslie Hardin's show-jumping career and his relationship with the man he loved. Broken, hurt, and rejected, Les has focused his energies on rebuilding his life. Les's accident has shown him that the most valuable treasures are usually found under an imperfect surface, and his reputation for taking in strays starts to grow. But it's oSix years ago, a hoof to the head ended Leslie Hardin's show-jumping career and his relationship with the man he loved. Broken, hurt, and rejected, Les has focused his energies on rebuilding his life. Les's accident has shown him that the most valuable treasures are usually found under an imperfect surface, and his reputation for taking in strays starts to grow. But it's one of these strays in particular, injured rodeo cowboy Randy Hersch, who captures more than just his compassion. Between his disapproving father and his chosen career path, Randy has always felt the need to deny his passion. But when Les takes him under his wing, Randy begins to realize that he is truly strong enough to admit his true self-to himself and the rest of the world. But in the arms of a broken man, can he find acceptance.and love?...

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No Going Home Reviews

  • Macky
    2019-04-21 09:19

    So I decided I had a hankering for some cowboy lovin' and seeing this series has been smouldering ( literally! ) in my TBR list I decided to give it a go. Basically Randy Hersch a successful rodeo star comes home to see his sister after an accident, for some recovery time but his homophobic father who seems to hate everyone, especially his kids, sets into him and to cut a long story short, Randy ends up staying with Les Hardin a neighbouring rancher and ex show jumper who has also had a bad riding accident in his past career and who now helps and takes in ' strays' of both the animal and the human kind! The story is fairly predictable as a lot of these types of ranch stries are BUT this doesn't stop this particular one from being extremely enjoyable and satisfying. The magic in this story comes from the chemistry and connection that the two main guys generate. These two can hardly keep their hands off each other so there's plenty of hot *Yee Ha* action but at the same time because of the palpable feeling that grows steadily from attraction through to love as the book progresses, its also very tender, very sensual and really romantic ! Sometimes too much sex becomes boring and repetitive (Oh no it doesn't ......Oh yes it does! Lol ) but I had no problem whatsoever with it in this book ! * Grins*. Les is a lovely character he's generous, kind and open minded to a fault and Randy is endearing and surprisingly sensitive considering he's a tough rodeo rider. As a couple they are just perfect and boy do they sizzle! There are lots of supporting characters who will obviously feature in all the series - some you'll definitely love and some you'll love to hate. So summing it all up I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my cowboy fix and am thoroughly looking forward to the next two in the series! Sweet!

  • DaisyGirl
    2019-04-07 05:03

    2.5 StarsThis one was o-kay. The story was angst-free with lots of sex. Sounds great, right? Well, not really. Not for me. It was kind of dull. It's sad because I really liked both Les and Randy; I even enjoyed the extended cast of characters (I hope Tony gets his HEA). I love a story about unconventional families and family life in general. This one had that in spades. But the story was pretty much: sex, squirt, cuddle, ranch stuff ... sex, squirt, cuddle, ranch stuff ... rinse and repeat. I, for one, would have liked a little more angst or action or umph or something. It was too vanilla and easy as pie. I think T.A. Chase can write a great m/m romance; this one just fell short.Bottom line: this book had potential but the lack of angst/action made it boring for me.

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-04-03 02:19

    No Going Home is the first in the Home series by T.A. Chase. I really enjoyed this read and it was one of my favourites for a long time with memorable characters and the right amount of story and romance. I find it very hard to read a good cowboy story with no cheating or major flaws. This was an angel for me and I can't be happier that I read it.Randy and Les worked well together and it was nice seeing the two of them interact. As far as one lover being more experienced than the other it was one of the best I have read. Most stories leave me in question of how far one has gone or sometimes both. This was open with that and we know both had experienced some things. And also a first together in the way of love being reciprocated.I loved the back story to both MC's. They were alike in a lot of ways and had experiences in different areas which made them a great couple and helped build up an actual story. There were quite a few villains in this and they were well portrayed, that is all I will say about them. Not much could be said without giving too much away.I loved the women of the story. Margie and Tammy were funny and added some good female characters to the story. A lot of m/m has bad female secondary's and it can get weary after a while. I did enjoy getting deeper into the characters and their past's. It would have been nice to see more of one, but I won't complain.Highly recommend!

  • Simon
    2019-04-02 05:17

    Towards the middle I started to skip huge passages of this book. The sex was repetitive, same-old, same-old and frankly down-right boring. Take out the sex and we're left with a story with a weak plot, little by way of characterisation and, er, very little else.A great shame as I was so looking forward to a cowboy read and luckily it was on sale in the Kindle store for only $1, so I didn't really waste my money. Can't say I'll be looking up the others in the series anytime soon.

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2019-04-24 06:03

    Okay, here's the deal.As I've said many times before, I cannot enjoy a book if I can't emotionally connect to the characters or the story.And I cannot emotionally connect to one dimensional characters, which was the case here. Everything was way too black and white - the good guys were flawless, the bad guys were evil, and there was no in between. That is just so boring to me. I read almost half of the book and found it almost painfully dull.I heard that the book gets better after the one character goes back on the rodeo circuit (I can't even remember his name, that's how memorable this book is...) but I just don't think I can hold out to see. It is within the realm of possibility that I'll eventually come back to this and finish it, but probably not likely. This is the second T.A. Chase book I've abandoned without finishing (the other being Allergies) so I'm thinking he's just not for me.

  • damnit, liz
    2019-04-20 02:13

    This was pretty ridiculous. I was tempted to give up but powered through because of a challenge. No Going Home is the story of Les, a super perfect, rich cowboy who had suffered a massive injury. He likes to collect and rescue broken horses and people. He meets Randy (broken cowboy) and they go from exchanging scowls to boners and instalove in the matter of a few pages. It's all "baby, baby, baby" and "tight cowboy butts" from that point on. The way these guys talked felt... off. I'm not sure if it was the cadence of the dialogue, that American spellings weren't used, or just the OTT fluffiness of it all, but it came off as very inauthentic to me. I'm really picky about westerns though, so I may be judging too harshly. The only thing that I found tolerable was the sex. I can appreciate erotica for the sake of erotica, and there was plenty of that in this book. Les's dirty talking was hot. I'll admit, the phrase "come on my cock" casts a magical lady boner spell over me. But even the sex got repetitive and tedious.I can't say I'd recommend this one.. I'm mostly just glad it's over. I'm free!!!

  • Beck
    2019-04-10 02:08

    Oh dear. I think I am going to have to put T.A. Chase's books on the 'buy with caution' shelf rather than the 'automatic purchase' shelf ... I am finding her books a bit hit & miss. With No Going Home, I felt as if I had been dumped into the story half way through the book ... there was so much background & character building missing from the first half of the story that I became frustrated with the leaps of intuition I had to make to gloss over the plot holes ... added to that was the deadly INSTA-LOVE which is usually a turn-off for me unless the author is truly gifted ... this book missed the mark & I gave up after reading 50% of it. Well damn...I just checked Amazon to see when I purchased this book & the price has dropped by $5 to 99c ... perhaps indicative of the quality of the work?

  • Alina
    2019-04-22 06:11

    I love T.A. Chase's writing and I love cowboys, so I thoroughly enjoyed this story :)Very sympathetic characters, not much angst, enough background details - I really liked it.I didn't like Tony, though. I mean it's not that I hated him or something, but in my opinion he's like a third wheel in Les and Randy's relationship and though he's a loyal friend and wouldn't make a move on Les, his presence on the ranch still feels kinda uncomfortable for me. I sure wouldn't want my friend - who has not-so-secret hots for my boyfriend - frequently visit us. I know the second book from the series is about him and I intend to read it, so I'll try to abstract from my impression, because he's a good character per se, I just don't like him with Les and Randy.

  • J'aime
    2019-04-20 01:59

    If you enjoyed "The Tin Star" by J.L. Langley, then you will definitely enjoy this. The story is about a rodeo rider, Randy, taken in after an injury by his neighbor Les. Randy's father will have nothing to do with him because he's gay. Of course, Les and Randy begin to have feelings for one another. But, can Les overcome a tragedy in his past that is keeping him from opening his heart to Randy?The story isn't that orginal, but it is well written, and the author makes a reader care for the characters. Plus, the background story on Les makes him interesting and very three-dimensional. Randy's sister adds a good bit of humor to the tale as well. If you love cowboy romances, don't pass this up!

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-19 02:23

    Another novel, set in the world of the cowboy, about homosexual love... at this point I’m wondering if all the cowboys are gay (Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx, Bareback by Chris Owen, The Tin Star by J.L. Langley... the examples are increasing). By the way I have read of a new reality in which a girl has to live with a bunch of beautiful cowboys, gay and not, and her goal is not to fall in love with the wrong cowboy! But this romance, like the others I have mentioned, is a tender and enthralling novel: Les and Randy are characters that’s hard to classify. According to the common standards Les would be the alpha male and Randy the beta, but has their story develops and Randy grows more self-aware and confident in his strength, parts seem to exchange. Les comes from a wealthy and happy family of the East. Before the accident he was a good looking and well mannered guy, with a tall and slim figure; and even now that he carries the scars from the terrible accident that ended his career, his carriage and manners still distinguish him amid a crowd. But his handsome former partner has abandoned him telling him that he was "useless", and that’s why Les developed a sense of inadequacy. Randy instead is the typical cowboy, quick and muscular (he rides bronco horses), with his swarthy sunburnt face, he is not attractive in a standard way. Also he is as screwy as an abused thoroughbred, and he has to learn to trust once again, or even better to start trusting somebody. At first Randy is the one, rejected by his family and society, looking for shelter in Les arms. But Les protective and reassuring attitude, hides a past of pain and rejection. Randy is an outcast because of his homosexuality, Les, since he has being physically injured. Two lost souls who meet and share their loneliness. Les’ healing is almost completed , his bruised soul is recovering and he is ready to love again; Randy still aches for his father’s rejection and he is indifferent to everything. Because his father didn’t accept him, he his sure that no one else will, so he guard himself by being in the closet. But when he meets Les, he slowly understands that life can be something more than clandestine meetings, and little by little he leaves the shades. But his way will be long and difficult, but Les is waiting for him and supporting him. Les doesn’t push him, he doesn’t force him “to come out”; he understands that as his wounded horses need time to heal physically and trust men again, Randy needs time to experience love, again. And when finally Randy starts coming out from his shell, he understands that Les also has an extreme need of love, and he is ready to satisfy such it.

  • Arlyn
    2019-04-09 05:56

    Randy is a ruggedly handsome Cowboy who makes a living riding bucking Broncos on the rodeo circuit. While he doesn't love the rodeo life, it's a far better alternative than remaining at home with a hateful and abusive father who is determined to destroy his life simply because he's gay. However, a riding injury brings him back home to seek refuge with his sister while he heals. Somehow, his father catches wind that Randy is staying at the ranch and seeks him out. The subsequent physical confrontation leaves Randy even more battered and abused than when he arrived. Luckily, his new altruistic neighbor, Les, agrees to take him in and look after him until he heals.Les, a philanthropic loner, relocated from the east coast to Wyoming, where he purchased an expansive property adjacent to Randy's family ranch. He intended to use the land to train and trade stock horses as a way to stay connected to the rodeo, after a near-fatal riding accident left him unable to ride competitively. To add insult to injury, he still struggled with the bitter memory of his long-time lover walking out on him while he was still recovering in the hospital, stating that he was damaged goods and essentially useless to him now. Healing proved to be a long, arduous journey, requiring a year of painful rehabilitation to recover his abilities to walk, talk and eat. Healing from his emotional injuries proved to be much more challenging, however, and the pain in his heart sometimes felt as raw and fresh as the day it was broken. Providing a safe haven for Randy to recover seemed fitting, somehow. Better yet, having the gorgeous cowboy so closeby seemed to pull him out of his funk and gave him a reason to wake up in the morning.These two lost and broken men find recovery, redemption and a true home with one another, long after each man thought these things were lost to them forever.Oh, and it turns out that hot, down and dirty sex can be extremely therapeutic as well. Les and Randy were kind enough to provide frequent and detailed demonstrations on how this works throughout the book.

  • BJ
    2019-04-06 07:57

    I was reccomended this by a friend who knew that after reading a good gay cowboy lovefest, you practically have to scrape me off the floor... And I must say Ang, you didn't disappoint me with No Going Home by T.A Chase attesting to your impeccable taste in m-m romance... Initially, I found it rather difficult to get into the book because while reading, I like to have the freedom to bounce ideas around in my head, formulate scenarios and second guess myself as I go... what i don't appreciate is having everything laid out in front of me through the unsubtleties of foreshadowing. Yes, i get it. He's hot. He's gay. You're Interested in him. That i can deal with... "Why did he get the feeling this man would change his life?" is another story. There's reading between the lines and then there's the slap in the face of neon lights flashing "Relationship"... Apart from that minor criticism, Chase seems to loosen up and become more confident in her writing style as the characters become more comfortable in their relationship. I find both Randy and Les (the main characters) fascinating in the personal demons they each have to face daily... On the one hand, there's Randy and the struggles he faces in both dealing with his screwed up family dynamics and him not being able to face the prospect of being 'out' on the rodeo circuit. Then there's Les, who is still recovering from losing everything he once held dear to him: his father, his ex and show jumping as well as a large portion of his life to major injury. Put the two of them together and you get one explosive read.Definately reccomend (especially if you like cowboys riding more than the horses) ;)

  • Chappy
    2019-04-11 03:03

    I really enjoyed my first T.A. Chase book.I connected right away with Randy and Les, although the relationship did start off pretty fast. I mean, the first time Les meets Randy and finds out he's gay, he's already calling him baby.Both these guys have been roughed up pretty bad. Les got injured, was in a coma and his long-time partner left him. Poor Randy is so used to hiding and is ashamed of being gay. Who can blame him, his dad beats him up and calls him a fag!!!I loved Randy's innocence and the way Les takes him under his wing. Really steamy.

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2019-04-10 08:07

    Omg he calls him baby every sentence. So annoying. Way too many sex and masturbating scenes. I'm a little bored cause its all just sexI have to say I'm baffled by how many people love this book, I mean there is nothing to it. It's one sex scene after the next. The dialogue is so sappy and the pet names are added to every sentence. I made it to 27% but this is a DNF. I don't care about anything going on, and I don't care about the cardboard characters, in the slightest.

  • Lori
    2019-04-17 04:15

    Cowboy books aren't generally my thing - as much as I want to like them! Sometimes I find a real treasure, which is why I still read 'em, but when I spend a whole book completely uncomfortable because of the bull and bucking bronco riding (which just seems needlessly cruel to me, sorry if you're a fan) it makes enjoying the story as a whole, hard. I think it's fair to say it's me not you - but that's the beauty of books hey, we all love different things.

  • Richard
    2019-04-01 01:12

    I had hoped to give this wonderful story 4*s but sadly this author too, refers to an hiv negative status as being "clean".

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-21 08:03

    Huge price drop on Amazon to $0.99 for kindle!! 5/4/13!

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-03-26 02:19

    2.9 StarsI'm not sure why I am not connecting with these fantasy-based wish-fulfillment stories (well, besides believing they are an unrealistic crock o'crap)...but I think I need a break from books with fantastically rich men that can just make all of these jobs & projects appear like they're the nickels your uncle magically pulled out of your ear to entertain you as a kid. Plus, okay, a private flight to The Hamptons where it just so happens there's a confrontation with the ex but he's a lazy dick so whatevs. It's just...argh.Also, a long-lost brother shows up to tell you & your sister that - despite all of the work he never put into the ranch because he ran away at 16! - he's going to inherit for being the least offensive child to a racist, homophobic bigot...and then offers to let you both BUY in to the property after the old man dies? WHAT. theactual. Fuck? So, he gets 2/3 of the property value in money AND gets a 1/3 share FOR NOT DOING SHIT, ever? And no one says anything other than something along the lines of "I've got a rich boyfriend with a ranch where I can raise horses like I always wanted to do but fucked off for years on this vanity project of winning the grand prize/rodeo buckle/whatever bustin', thanks but no thanks, my sugar daddy'll take care of it for me"????*eyeroll*I think I need a book where people try to kill each other or have, you know, normal jobs where they struggle to make ends meet and still fall in, I dunno, REAL FUCKING LIFE?(I might also need a cocktail because I am super angry about a damned book and that's just crazy. I hate to say it - because it's such a cliche - but I might be PMS-ing.)Otherwise, the writing is fine if a little bland, the romance slightly steamy but nothing special, and the characters not all that engaging...despite a ginormous influx of people specificially introduced to generate sequels. (You can't tell me Peter was anything other than a potential MC for a future book.) The only one who caught my interest was Tony, who is in the next book I think...and I almost don't even wanna bother.

  • Chris Kottner-Kirschner
    2019-04-24 07:55

    Nach einem schweren Reitunfall fällt Les ins Koma und erwacht in einer völlig anderen Welt. Sein langjähriger Geliebter verlässt ihn, er selbst muss alles neu erlernen und dann stirbt auch noch sein geliebter Vater. Doch Les kämpft sich zurück. Er verlässt sein altes Leben und beginnt weit weg – in Wyoming – eine neue Existenz. Dort kauft er eine Ranch und beginnt noch einmal von vorne. Jahre später lernt er Randy Hersch kennen – den Sohn der Nachbarn, der die elterliche Farm schon lange verlassen hat.Randy und sein Vater haben ein schwieriges Verhältnis und er schlägt sich als Rodeoreiter durchs Leben. Randy liebt diesen Sport nicht, aber er bringt Geld und er ist ständig unterwegs. Nach einem schweren Sturz kehrt er zurück, doch bei seinem Vater ist er nicht willkommen. Doch Les, der eine geschäftliche Verbindung mit Randys Schwester unterhält, bietet Randy einen Platz zum Ausheilen an.Überhaupt ist Les’ Ranch ungewöhnlich. Hier bekommen auch gebrochene Kreaturen und unperfekte Tiere eine Chance. Les lebt offen schwul, hat einen Afroafrikaner als Vorarbeiter und kann es sich leisten sich die Leute gut auszusuchen und großzügig zu sein. Randy fühlt sich wohl in Les’ Nähe und fühlt sich von ihm angezogen. Les ergeht es ähnlich, doch er ist ein gebranntes Kind. Aber Randy kann er am Ende nicht widerstehen und sie kommen sich näher. Dabei ist Les sehr geduldig mit Randy, der noch sehr unerfahren ist. Vor allem als Rodeoreiter muss Randy aufpassen und hat nicht vor sich zu outen. Doch seine Gefühle für Les zu verstecken ist ihm auch nicht möglich.T.A. Chase hat eine sehr unaufgeregte Art und Weise zu schreiben. Ihre Protagonisten sind durchwegs sympathisch und Les und Randy sind mir schnell als Herz gewachsen. Les ist einfach toll. Geduldig, freundlich, abwägend. Und trotz seiner schlechten Erfahrungen gibt er den Gefühlen für Randy eine Chance. Er ist ein richtiger Keeper und sehr fürsorglich. Dass er ein paar Jahre älter ist als Randy, das stört überhaupt nicht. Randy selbst ist unsicher und scheu. Von seinem Vater hat er keine Liebe erfahren und die Geheimniskrämerei um seine Sexualität belastet ihn. Doch es fällt ihm schwer Les zu vertrauen; dem Gefühl nachzugeben und sich tatsächlich eine Zukunft mit Les vorzustellen.Eigentlich bin ich kein besonderer Fan von diesen Ranch-Geschichten. Aber ich mag die Autorin sehr gern und hier schreibt sie wirklich sehr gut. Es ist eine Geschichte, die sehr gefühlvoll ist. Sie kommt ohne unsägliches Drama aus und hat auch keine Längen. Dafür ist der Erotik-Anteil sehr hoch. Für mich war es grenzwertig, aber eben noch passend. Dafür fand ich die Entwicklung der Protagonisten sehr schön und stimmig. Les, wie auch Randy müssen lernen (wieder) zu vertrauen und an eine gemeinsame Zukunft zu glauben. Auch bei dieser Geschichte gibt es viele interessante und liebenswerte Nebenakteure. So auch Tony, ein Freund von Randy. Tony ist übrigens ein Hauptakteur in der nächsten Geschichte dieser Serie.

  • Christy
    2019-04-07 04:19

    First Read February 10 to 17, 2015Second Read Randy is a Bronco rider who got hurt and decided to go home to recover more after he got out of the hospital. It was a mistake because the first night he got into a fight with his dad. His dad doesn't like anything about him, being gay is only one of the dislikes his father can't stand about him.Les is Randy's neighbor and he lets Randy stay at his house so he doesn't have to leave yet. Les not only takes care of Randy's ribs that were injured because of his dad, but he stands up to Randy's dad who comes after him. Les is still recovering after a bad accident six years before, which left him learning how to do everything again from talking to walking.Randy and Les had different up bringing and lives, but they both have a love for horses and each other. Les likes to take in strays who have no chance at life or are down on their luck from horses to people. Randy realized that after they first met. It also plays out through out the book. Les knows how the animals and people feel because that is how his ex, Taylor left him after his accident when he was broken.Randy becomes comfortable with his self at Les' Ranch while he's healing. He finds that some of his friends are also gay, which comes as a shock. It helps Randy more because he's not out on the circuit and the advice from his friends and Les' reassurance make him more confident. After a month of healing Randy goes back to the Rodeo and finds it hard now that he has had somebody to miss. It was different before because he had nobody to miss, even though he had his sister. Tammy, Randy's sister is glad that he is happy and he is glad she is as well since she's dating Jackson, Les' foreman.After the rodeo season is over, Randy finally makes his mind up and decides to leave the rodeo. He never wanted to be a rodeo cowboy, but was driven to that point when his dad ran him off. He wanted to raise horses on his family's ranch. He gets that chance however because he decides to stay with Les. Les had to learn a lot of things in the last five years without his dad, who died a year after his accident. Les tells Randy how it was with his dad and him since his dad was the one that told him he was gay. Les used to do jumping competitions with his horse Sam until he was injured.Les and Randy are my favorite in this book because they belong together. There was no doubt in my mind about that and their own either. The way this book ended it has to be more about Les and Randy in the next book. I didn't know till I was half way through that there was another book. I hope to get to read the next book in this series soon because I don't want it to be over. T.A. Chase did an excellent job and the sex scenes were perfect.

  • Pamela Su
    2019-03-29 04:57

    This book had me smiling from the get-go with its heartwarming portrayal of a wounded rodeo cowboy and his out-and-proud rancher. An enjoyable comfort read that does not dwell on the ugliness that occurs in a generally homophobic culture. Instead it celebrates the joys that comes from a warm, loving and secure environment.The story is not without its moments that bothered me. I found it jarring how quickly Les acted on his attraction to the gun-shy Randy (i.e. immediately!) Les also makes assumptions about Randy's hesitation to come out of the closet that I find hard to accept because I find mind-reading to be a rare ability in humans, especially in relationships.Nevertheless, I enjoyed how protective Les was over Randy and the way he coaxed Randy to be more secure about his sexuality was endearingly sweet. Randy is a sweet character and it was hard imagining a hardened, craggy cowboy with this personality, but I liked him! I was pleased that Randy didn't waver too much about outing himself despite all the issues he faced with his father.The characters are clearly delineated between bad guys and good guys. No blurring of lines at all.With such a great set up for this story, the conclusion moved a little too fast and falls a little flat. Overall, it was an enjoyable romance and I will definitely be happy to move on to the next book of this heartwarming series.

  • Kukko
    2019-03-25 03:18

    Main Characters: Randy Hersch & Leslie HardinKey Themes: In the Closet, Age Difference, Disability, Coming OutLocation: Wyoming and NYRandy is a sexually inexperienced, closeted, 20-something y.o. rodeo cowboy. Les is rich, experienced, openly gay, and 8 years older than Randy. He owns Ranch H, and heads an investment corporation based in NY. I think the premise of the story is that an openly gay older man shows a closeted younger man, how great it is to be out and proud….but as far as I could tell, the MCs spent most of the story either making eyes at each other, lusting after or groping each other, or having sex.Les was unconvincing as a role model - shouting at or physically manhandling anyone who displayed homophobia in his presence, groping Randy in front of his employees and business partners - effectively outing Randy after reassuring him he would not. I understand that Les was supposed to be out and proud, but his behavior was frankly ridiculous.It was one sex scene after the other, with a bit of activity (e.g. a business meeting, tending the animals, a social event, a rodeo competition…etc) thrown in. I didn't hate the story, I just got bored with it very quickly. Within 2 weeks of meeting each other, the MCs were in a committed relationship... but by then I was fed up with the two of them....

  • Heather
    2019-04-19 08:12

    This book was okay. 2.5 stars. I really have a soft spot for a hot cowboy. Give me two hot cowboys loving on each other and I am in heaven. This book is written where the reader only has to read. You don't have to add in our own details or try to form the picture in your head. I enjoy stories likes this. But, I think where this one went wrong was there was no climax. It was a pretty boring story. Day to day life. I thought at the half way point when Randy went back to the rodeo it would pick up. Tony came in the picture and I prayed for a ménage. :)I think if Rick were to come back in the story earlier or Les' Confrontation with Taylor. I felt like all the action was in the last 20 pages, and then it was wrapped up so fast. I'm not sure why she bothered to even add it in. It was pretty badly developed. The struggles each faced gave the book some emotional depth, that helped with the missing action. The book needs editing. It was driving me nuts. All I wanted was some hot cowboy sex to distract me. The sex was well written but I didn't feel sucked in at all. At least it was frequent. I don't think I will follow any more of this series. :(

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2019-04-23 02:02

    Nice story about Les, a former show jumper who was severely injured and had to give up riding. He now takes in strays - both animal and people who seem to be misfits in their world. One of the people he takes in is Randy, a young man who is a professional bronc buster on the rodeo tour and whose bigoted father owns the ranch next door to Les. The story is principally about their romance, both at the ranch and when Randy goes back on the road. And it's about the life and career choices both men have to make as life goes on. It's very erotic, but to be honest, I got bored with the sex after a while, once it was no longer really relevant to the story or their romance. The secondary characters were well developed and I wouldn't mind seeing a follow-up story on Tony, the young bull rider. One pet peeve, though. If the story is based in the US, the author shouldn't use non-US English. It kept pulling me out of the story. Sorry, but learnt and leant just made me laugh and broke my concentration, never mind all the other words that are spelled differently.

  • Gina
    2019-04-16 01:56

    I love me some cowboy action, but this one definitely fell short for me. This was lots of sex and not enough story to keep my interest. I felt there was real potential for story to pull at my heartstrings, but it never happened. And when I got to 55% on my kindle the damn book ended! I have read plenty of cowboy books that have absolutely melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes, this one just didn’t do much for me at all.Randy comes back to his family farm to visit his sister, and while there is asshat dad gives him a hard time again and basically kicks him off the farm. Well, Randy ends up staying at the neighboring farm where Les lives. And yes, they immediately start having sex. There was story here, but nothing I was impressed with. I doubt I will be reading anymore of this series.

  • Shakisha
    2019-04-13 01:09

    This was an easy read.One of my biggest pet peeves is the "misunderstanding" or lack of communication between MC's. From the begging Les and Randy were for the most part open and honest and I found that refreshing…..The ending fit with the pace of the story and seemed reasonable and realistic.I think there's enough here that the Author could use to start a series of books whilst allowing us to get a glimpse of Randy and Lis down the road.I'd like to see Peter and Tony meet, Tammy and Jackson get married, and find out what made Randy, Tammy and Ricks dad so damn hateful and of course most importantly more Randy and Les..IF your looking for something easy to read and low on angst, light but not to fluffy……then this is a great read.

  • Fff
    2019-04-12 04:21

    La première romance MM que j'ai lu en VO. Je suis française et avait déjà lu ceux publiés par Dreamspinner Press en français, mais le choix étant assez restreint (21 à ce moment-là) je m'étais essayé à la lecture de celui-ci en anglais (avec bonheur). Depuis j'en ai lu beaucoup d'autres... et la plupart du temps la version originale plutôt que la traduction française, celle-ci n'étant pas toujours de qualité.J'ai adoré cette romance, les personnages tant Leslie que Randy, l'histoire et le déroulement de leur relation. Il fait partie de mon Top Five et le restera sans doute longtemps.

  • Jerry
    2019-04-24 07:06

    One of those books that just didn't grab me. I can agree that sometimes a touch by the right person sends an instant signal and you are wanting to jump their bones, but in real life that eases off after a while. This was non stop thru the whole book. The sex was so prevalent I just started to skip it. The story was mildly interesting but didn't capture me. There were a lot of plot devices that seems too contrived, too perfect. Just wasn't my thing.

  • Jane (PS)
    2019-04-22 04:02

    My first book that I've read by T A Chase - I enjoyed the story. Nothing over the top or unrealistic. Unfortunately some grammar errors pulled me out of the story... I had to reconstruct some sentences in my head and the author occasionally used 'than', rather than 'then'. But I'll certainly read another of the author's works.

  • Brie
    2019-04-24 09:05

    My favorite thing about this story was how Les was a bit broken. I am always reading stories about perfect male specimen and although he was still very much one. He had a very major flaw that altered his life and made him a better person. This is a wonderful story that you cannot put down until you have turned the last page. Its heart-warming, sexy, and interesting. Its definitely a must read.