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Drafted to play for the Jacksonville Sea Storm, an NHL affiliate, twenty-year-old Lane Courtnall’s future looks bright, apart from the awkwardness he feels as a gay man playing on a minor league hockey team. He's put his foot in his mouth a few times and alienated his teammates. Then, during a rivalry game, Lane throws off his gloves against Jared Shore, enforcer for the SDrafted to play for the Jacksonville Sea Storm, an NHL affiliate, twenty-year-old Lane Courtnall’s future looks bright, apart from the awkwardness he feels as a gay man playing on a minor league hockey team. He's put his foot in his mouth a few times and alienated his teammates. Then, during a rivalry game, Lane throws off his gloves against Jared Shore, enforcer for the Savannah Renegades. It’s a strange way to begin a relationship.Jared’s been playing minor league hockey for most of his career. He’s bisexual and doesn’t care if anyone knows. But he’s determined to avoid another love affair after the last one left him devastated. Out of nowhere a one-nighter with rookie Lane Courtnall gives him second thoughts. Lane reminds Jared why he loves the game and why love might be worth the risk. In turn, Jared hopes to show Lane how to be comfortable with himself on and off the ice. But they’re at different points in their careers, and both men will have to decide what they value most....

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  • Gigi
    2019-02-28 11:00

    November 27: Happy release day to Avon Gale! Loved this one!Hockey player gay romance! Oh, one of my absolute favorite genres, without a doubt. Avon Gale follows-up her fabulous, intense Let the Wrong Light In with this easy, breezy, sweet romance.Lane Courtnall starts his hockey career with the Jacksonville Sea Storm, naive and excited, with a serious case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. He doesn't seem to have a filter which gets him in trouble with many of his teammates. In an effort to show his dedication to the game to his teammates, he instigates a brawl on this ice with notorious bad boy Jared Shore, enforcer for the Savannah Renegades. The move works and Lane earns some hard-won respect but when he meets Jared again after hours, his filter is once again off and he can't hide his lust for the older, more experience Jared.I found Lane's lack of social graces and filterless approach to life to be endearing, sweet and charming. One of those "not a bad bone in his body" types. Lane tried the same move he had last time, but the Renegades defense knocked him over and called him a stupid motherfucker. “Your mom’s not hot enough. Sorry,” Lane snapped back, and the defenseman actually snorted before he went back to trash talking. Lane wondered if that guy’s mom was there, and then he felt bad.Throughout the course of the book, Lane is able to melt Jared's icy heart and the men eventually fall in love. Jared is pleasantly surprised at Lane's eagerness, lack of experience and willingness to learn EVERYTHING in bed. "Yeah. I thought about it. Do you like that?” His hand rubbed over Lane through his boxers, and Lane made a noise Jared had never heard in bed before, not with anyone, and immediately wanted to hear again. “I thought about you sucking me off.” “Did thinking about it get you off?” Jared bit him on the shoulder at a sudden wave of lust. Lane kept being very, very not shy at strange moments, and it was unexpected and also incredibly attractive.The hockey scenes here are real and dramatic, a big plus for me, and the sex is unreserved and scorchingly hot. I absolutely loved the sexual dynamic between these two men and we learn so much about them as they experiment in bed and eventually make love. Lane and Jared are fanatic characters and their idiosyncrasies make them even more charming and lovable.The secondary characters are also a big plus for me. Lane meets and befriends Zoe, a spunky woman covered in tattoos who eventually starts dating Lane's roommate. And Riley Hunter, the quiet, intense goalie for the Sea Storm is the subject in the next book of the series, Save the Game. I can highly recommend this book. For those that read and loved Avon's first book Let the Wrong Light In, you will especially love this more warm-and-fluffy tale with a dynamic between the main characters that is just as strong and passionate.This review is also posted at Gay Book ReviewsGalley copy of Breakaway provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-02-28 13:53

    I always say that sports romances aren't really my thing, but I think I have to be changing my tune. Another hockey romance, another BIG success for me! This audiobook was fab!Sometimes it takes me a little while to warm up to a book, especially an audiobook. That was certainly the case with Breakaway. At first I was really confused about the character of Lane. Is he supposed to be autistic or on the spectrum? Is he supposed to be simple-minded? Just socially awkward? What's his deal?? But finally I just decided that it didn't matter: Lane is Lane... weird and competitive and horny, and I simply took his character for who he was. Same with the narration. At first, I found Scott R. Smith's reading style to be difficult to follow. I played with the speed a little bit, trying to find a way to "get" the reading, and I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it. I think it was the way he emphasized certain words that made it sound... less organic, for some reason. However, his narration grew on me too. I just LOVED his voice for Jared (sexy and raspy), and I liked his cadence for Lane. His range of voices was very impressive, and I grew really addicted to listening to the audiobook. In fact, I'm waiting on the rest of the books until they come out in audio, just because I KNOW that Scott R. Smith will only get better and better.I found the whole book to be really special. The romance was nicely done, and though there were a few bumps and miscommunications along the way, the majority of the book was drama-free. I appreciated that. It was a great listen with a nicely paced plot, and I gladly tuned in to the audiobook for hours on end, a sure sign of a successful story. While it wasn't my favorite hockey romance (yeah, I'm looking at you, Him!!), I really enjoyed this one. If you are into MCs with no filter and fewer social skills, and an age-gap romance with a sexy, bisexual athlete (the bi details are very nicely done, BTW), you should pick this one up. And I'm beside myself with glee because I hear that this series continues being awesome with each passing book. SCORE!*Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

  • ☆ Todd
    2019-02-26 07:00

    Okay, after reading this first story in the series, I'm officially a fan now.SCORE!Lane's unfiltered blurting was utterly endearing, especially when he repeatedly said the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time. And it was epic.Also, Jared, the gruff enforcer from Lane's rival team? Yeah, he never stood a chance against the adorkable tsunami of awkward that was Lane Courtnall.Other than the fact that it seemed that Jared gave into his aversion for relationships, breaking out those 3 little words a bit too quickly to be fully believable, I didn't have a single niggle about this book.The story was low angst and pretty damn feel good, which was an extremely pleasant surprise, as I was expecting tons of homophobic trash talking and long separations due to team trades, etc, but thankfully none of that ever came.The book ends with the beginnings of a fulfilling and flirty HEA, with no complaints from me in the flip-floppy steam department, either.I'd rate this story at a strong 4.5 stars and will definitely be working my way through the rest of the books in this series.-----------------------------------------------This book is *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership.See All My Latest Reads (Review Quick-Links)-----------------------------------------------

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2019-03-18 05:53

    review removed fr/GR An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-03-21 06:50

    4.5 stars, rounded up for being such a pleasant surprise.This book was just FUN. It features a young, talented Canadian hockey player who personifies honesty, a good heart and no filters. And an older, talented American hockey player with a fading career and a bruised heart. Together, they are silly and warm and sexy and confused and comforting and frustrating. There are several good secondary characters, family issues that are not OTT, some minor hockey action that seems relatively low-key and simple even for non-fans, and some sex that is well done but not extensive or highly erotic. Some of Lane's innocence and confusion might be a bit unlikely, but I'm related to a bunch of clueless, geeky Canadian men and it worked for me. (Other than the hate for Nickelback, because I like Nickelback LOL.) I laughed, sighed once or twice, and will definitely buy the next book in the series.

  • .Lili.
    2019-03-17 09:52

    This book did not work out for me. I was so excited going in- I love sports romance and age difference tropes so it seemed like it would be a win-win, but sadly it missed the mark.I'll start with the negatives first:*Lane's personality. I wasn't sure if his lack of social skills and verbal diarrhea were meant to be funny- I'm assuming it was- but the humor fell flat. If it wasn't meant to be funny- it just made the flow of the dialogue awkward. His social awkwardness seemed forced- the writing was trying too hard to make him (for lack of a better word) awkward.*Lane's wanting to pet (view spoiler)[Zoe's boobs. (hide spoiler)] I was reading it and thinking- what? Why? What is this adding to the story or his character? It felt so unnecessary. *The story flow. You know, I was struggling early on but kept going in hopes the story would pick up. It didn't. I really had to push through. *His quick rise in the team. It wasn't believable. Now to the positives:*Jared. I had a different experience with his character. Where Lane's felt forced and contrived- Jared's didn't. His character, dialogue felt natural- the author sold what she was selling with him.*The secondary cast of characters.*It was told from a dual POV.*It had a real nice epilogue. All in all this was a 2-2.5 Star read. The writing style and I didn't mesh. Would I recommend it? Well... I wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading a book. As I've said before- no two readers read the same book, and we all react differently. Please read Gigi's review as she had a completely different experience than I did.**ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review.****This review is cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.**["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Karla
    2019-02-18 10:40

    3 stars! So I have mix feeling about this one I didn't love it or hate it for that matter you can say I liked enough. Lane and Jared are hockey players and play on opposite teams during a game they have a confrontation that soon turns into a sexual attraction. The biggest problem for me with this book was that it drag, too many details of everything one thought turned into another and another. Then there was Lane, at first I thought he was cute, his personality so innocent, curious and funny without realizing it. But then it got a little too much for me. Also there was a character that for me wasn't necessary that person felt a lot like a third wheel. I did like Lane and Jared together they were sexy and I did have my moments where their banter had me laughing. Regardless I'm definitely not given up on this series will see how the next one goes.❤️

  • wesley
    2019-02-28 07:46

    I’m kind of sad that this did not live up to my expectations because I loved Gale’s Let the Wrong Light In. I think I kept finding the same things I loved in the latter, that I ended up majorly disappointed when I wasn’t able to find those in this book.I think the biggest deal for me was the narration. It was just lengthy and felt all over the place. There were chapters when I was utterly confused because at one point, it talked about this moment and the next thing I knew, it was already narrating something that happened at another point in time. Then back again. Back and forth; on and on. It was just messy for me.Also, I felt that the romance was lacking – like it wasn’t given enough focus. I think this was a hockey novel, more than anything. And yes, although I am not a hockey fan, but I’ve also read Heart in Hand by salifiable which heavily revolved around the sport and I loved it. I don’t know. I guess it has something to do with the story construction and just having that right balance of everything.I quite enjoyed the characters, though. Both primary and secondary characters were very engaging, although a lot of times, the humor felt flat. The intimate scenes were sizzling but like I said, I wanted to see more of the kinky shit like in Gale’s first book, so I was kind of frustrated when there were only little pinches of salt and implied discussions of it in this book, but no real action.I would still look forward to the second installment of Scoring Chances, but I would prefer it if Gale toned down the heavy focus on the games and the hockey talk to appeal to a wider audience. Just my two cents, though. 2.5 stars rounded up.

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-02-25 13:52

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Eh*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Cute, but boring. NHL affiliate for the Jacksonville Sea Storm Lane ‘Courts’ Edward Courtnall (20, turns 21) and enforcer for the Savannah Renegades Jared ‘J’ Shore (31, turns 32) were a nice couple, but still, I struggled a bit to see them as a couple. I didn't feel their connection all that much. Also, though Lane was cute in his cluelessness, it sometimes because a bit too much and I started wondering if he was a bit dumb... Overall, it was a nice read, but not something to write home about. Do I regret my decision to still read this one EVEN though I had already check it as a ‘checked-wont-read’ book... a tiny bit. But luckily not much :P Guess I'll just start on book #2, since I've read all the others in the series already...“If I made you love hockey again, then that’s good, and we’re even. ‘Cause you taught me how to fight. For myself.” Quick basic facts:Genre: - (Adult?) Contemporary Romance (M/M)Series: - Series, (Can Be Read As A Standalone), Book One.Love triangle? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes. (hide spoiler)]Favorite character? - Both?Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Sure.Would I recommend this book/series? - Sure, I did like some of the others in the series.Will I read this again in the future? - No. Rating - 2.5 stars.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-02-23 07:53

    No rating!I didn't make it very far in this one, but I could tell pretty quick that the writing wasn't going to work for me. There was just something about it....too wordy, trying too hard, something. It's almost like the sentences were more complicated then they needed to be. I don't want to have to re-read sentences multiple times to get what is trying to be said. It took me out of the story and kept me from connecting with the characters. I kind of thought I would pause it and try to come back to it, but it's not really calling to me at this point. Personal preference on this one!

  • Jewel
    2019-02-23 10:49

    When I started reading Breakaway, I knew next to nothing about hockey. And now? Heh, I still don't. But I didn't let that little thing keep me from enjoying this fun, low-angst story.Lane Courtnall is a 20 year old rookie, with the Jacksonville Sea Storm, with a lot of potential on the ice and not a lot of social skills off it. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he's blurty as all hell, and by that I mean he has absolutely no filter, but he's got a good heart, once you figure out he really isn't trying to be mean. I've got to say, though, Jared has the patience of a saint. If I had to live with someone like Lane, it would probably end in homicide. In the story, though, I found Lane oddly endearing. Lane is gay, but doesn't have any sexual experience. Most people find him a little odd. Maybe because he is a bit odd. Jared Shore, is a bit older at 32 and is currently the enforcer for the Savannah Renegades. He's been playing hockey a long time and he's got a reputation as being a fighter. A well-earned reputation. Jared knows that his professional hockey playing days are numbered, but he doesn't have any idea what he wants to do after, so he just tries not to think too much about it. Sexually speaking, Jared is up for pretty much anything with whomever, male or female. Jared lost his love for the game a long time ago, but he still plays. While I could much more easily identify with Jared, I really loved them both together. Lane took to sex like he's breathing air and their dirty talk was pretty hot. Lane and Jared were also really good for each other. Lane helped Jared remember why he loved playing hockey and Jared helped Lane be a better player by helping his confidence and helping him know when to stand up for himself. So it was really a win-win for them both.I also actually loved all the trash-talk on the ice. And that the opposing teams would brawl on the ice and drink and party together off it, gave me a whole new perspective on sports. Maybe I should try to figure out this hockey thing (I probably won't, though).The story ends on a strong HFN, and I don't really doubt our boys will progress to an HEA.

  • Heidi Cullinan
    2019-02-28 11:49

    A short review because it's a migraine morning, but goddamn, I love Lane. And Zoe. Ohhhh, Zoe. Damn but I was hoping for a three-way scene. Oh well. In my mind...Super cute, super fun, sweet, sexy as hell, all the feels. So much character. And goddamn but this woman has chops. Watch this one. She's going places.

  • Norah Una Sumner
    2019-02-21 13:39

    Boy, did this series get better with each sequel. This one was a hot mess, but still a bit better than the second book, in my opinion. Anyway, maybe I made a mistake of reading the third and fourth book first and then the first two because Avon Gale absolutely blew my mind with the third and fourth one. The first two are... really a hot mess. I really liked Lane though. He's the character that I connected with the most. But seriously, Avon Gale's writing is what I love about her the most - she has a very interesting way with words. Makes me feel like I'd even read a grocery list if she writes it. :)

  • ~Kristin~
    2019-02-22 13:02

    5 StarsBefore I decided to read this I skimmed the reviews, the first one stated it was "Awkward", and that she just couldn't connect to the socially awkward Lane. So I thought, maybe this wasn't for me, and decided to move on to something else. Well this book kept popping up on my status feed, and I gave it another looksie. I've got to say the original reviewer wasn't wrong, Lane is awkward as fuck, but unlike her he cracked me up! I do realize that for a 42 year old I have the sense of humor of my 16 year old son, so I totally laughed at all the stupid things he said. I loved how he and Jared just got each other, I think Jared got that Lane just processed things a little differently and loved that about him. These two stole my heart, completely! We are talking swooning here.

  • Debra
    2019-03-11 08:43

    Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsLane is 20 years old and just starting what looks to be a promising career in professional hockey with minor league team the Sea Storm. He’s just moved from Canada to Jacksonville, Florida. Too bad he has alienated most of his team before the first game starts with his inability to filter his thoughts before speaking. At 31, Jared Shore knows his time playing hockey is nearing an end. Cast as the villain enforcer for the Renegades, Jared’s used to fighting on the ice, and when rookie Lane Courtnall drops his gloves to instigate a fight in his first game, Jared knows just why he is doing it. When he runs into Lane at a bar later that night, things get strange, then they get hot and then they can’t wait to do it again. Good thing their teams are rivals with plenty of games to look forward to, not that Jared’s looking for a relationship or that Lane even knows what’s going on!I really enjoyed this story. Once again Avon Gale has created a quirky and loveable character in the socially awkward Lane. He’s “not good at feelings” and says things as they pop into his head, often taking what other people say quite literally. He needs to pause to think about things he’s not sure he understands, even if it occurs in the middle of sex. Lane is not very experienced, but is eager to learn everything he can from Jared, who is more than happy to oblige.Jared is a sweetheart. He knows where he stands in the league and that he needs to start considering life after hockey. While Lane is learning a lot from him, Jared also starts seeing things differently after spending time with Lane, realizing how the events that started his career were still holding him back after so many years. The way he embraces the “weird” that is Lane just made me smile.The dual point of view works great and the two MC’s have very different personalities. They fall very easily into their relationship with no unnecessary drama between them. It’s not often that I find myself laughing in the middle of a hot sex scene before getting right back to it. I loved the way Jared and Lane kept their rivalry on the ice and each played to win, trash talk and all. You don’t have to be a hockey lover to enjoy the entertaining on-ice scenes.The biggest issues that both men have to deal with concern their parents and, for Lane, coming out to his team. Both had different experiences, good and bad, as far as their families supporting their interests and responding to their sexualities, but neither has been all that good communicating about it and tensions grow throughout the story.In addition to Jared and Lane, there are a number of well written supporting characters including Lane’s new best friend Zoe, his roommates Riley and Ryan, and the rest of the Storm and Renegades players. I’m really looking forward to the next story about quiet Sea Storm goalie Riley.Breakaway is a completely different book than Avon Gale’s debut, Let the Wrong Light In. This is a straight forward romance about two men falling in love and incorporating each other into their lives, with no major angst or drama. There are still bumps in the road of course, but it’s a lighter, feel good love story. If you like sports themed romances with a touch of humor, a quirky MC and a wonderful supporting cast you’ll have fun with this story.

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-03-03 06:46

    Leave it to Avon Gale to turn me into a devout hockey lover. This was an utter joy to read. I loved every word in this book. My cheeks hurt from grinning so much. I read this with glee.If ever there was someone of deserving a spot in my pocket it's Lane. I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud. And Jared is no slouch himself. I loved the characters. I loved the words. I loved the hockey. I loved the setting. I loved this book.Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Riley to do read about.

  • Ami
    2019-02-25 13:53

    3.5 starsThis is a personal thought, I wonder if Gale is a fan fiction author in her other life. I mean, this kind of easiness in story telling, in which some topics (like bisexuality) seem to be written just like it is without heavy on the internal struggle or personal conflicts as well as the fluid sexuality are commonly found in my personal experience reading fan fictions in a couple of fandoms. In any case, I found Gale's writing pretty charming and 'different'. So yeah, I really liked this... Mainly I found Lane to be adorable. Yes, he can sound like an asshole, and I wonder if he suffers from Asperger, but as a character he's just charmed me throughout. Sure, after a while, it did feel a little exhausting, but I couldn't help rooting for this weird guy. I also loved Jared very much. As a journeyman, he's very grounded and pretty mature. I liked that he also didn't mull over the fact of Lane being a decade younger.And the camaraderie among the hockey players is awesome. I highly enjoyed the fact that Lane and Jared are on a different teams (no, not that way, I mean REALLY different hockey teams) which resulted in some fun competitiveness between the two. Oh, and Gale wrote those hockey games wonderfully.I was a little uncomfortable with the threesome talking though. I like bisexual characters but I'm not yet ready embracing open relationship in my romantic fictions. So the whole flirting IDEA about threesome, such as Lane watching Jared doing it with a girl just felt icky.Disclosure: This book is generously provided by the author to me via a giveaway

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-02-23 06:54

    4.5 StarsThis is going to be short and sweet. I loved Lane Courtnall in all his socially awkward glory. I loved Jared Shore's calmer, more grounding personality and how wonderful he was all around. I loved that even though I don't follow hockey, I could follow the hockey here.I just flat out loved this and can't wait for book #2 featuring Riley.

  • Meep
    2019-03-20 14:02

    It's appears popular but it's awful! I'm really not seeing what everyone else is here.Not having attempted anything by this author before I'm not sure if it's her writing style or an indication of the character's hyper way of thinking. But it seriously doesn't work for me.Positives (Because I try to include them) - minor league hockey rather than headline grabbers was a change. I have no clue about hockey but found that aspect accessible. Open bisexuality without drama or angsting. The ebook is super cheap.Jared had an air of realism. Personally I'm too much a rose-tinted romance kinda girl to want to read the anonymous banging (view spoiler)[she leaves the crumpled bed of his roomie to give him a BJ in the shower! (hide spoiler)] of a roomies anonymous hook-up (regardless of gender), and definitely not to have it then talked about during first sex scene with love interest; but thankfully we're all different. To me it felt sordid. Jared came across as a decent enough guy who put it about a bit.Lane though. It's Lane's story and Lane creeped me the hell out! I can't decide if he's meant to be 'differently abled', on the autism scale (can't read social clues), it's a warped impression of Canadians (his parents read kinda odd too, so possible), or rather worryingly his simple childishness is supposed to be cute.I don't thing he's ever met a woman before - does Canada not have them?He's a gay virgin who doesn't know gay sex lines exist, wouldn't mind watching his roomie (or later his boyfriend) with a woman, wants to pet his soft woman friend and asks about her tits, speaks without thinking, is scared of the ocean because of 'sea creatures', his pov is scattered and often lacks pronouns. He's a child. A very odd one.There's a lot of talk about threesomes past and imagined, which felt off to me, it stopped me seeing them as a couple, made them less together and more two mates having fun.I can't, was quickly floundering, skimmed to see if it improved or if there was an explanation offered for Lane, and er ..nope. But the book is cheap and many liked it..["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Meags
    2019-03-07 13:50

    3 StarsRight, my first order of business, now that I'm finished reading this, is to finally make myself a hockey shelf! Because why the hell not!? Sure, I know little about ice hockey, except for what I've gained from the handful of hockey themed books I've read in the past year, and of course, that which I learned growing up obsessed with the Mighty Ducks trilogy, but it's clear that it's a sport that I could totally become immersed in if given the opportunity. So, a new GR shelf and more hockey themed books, it is! What I enjoyed most about this particular story, which I completely didn't expect, was to find it so amusing. Lane was so fricken random. He took everything literally and responded in kind. He could have easily been annoying, but I found his naïveté and utter frankness completely endearing and, more often than not, hilarious. I laughed quite a bit, and I highlighted almost as often. So lots of points for the socially awkward, yet awesome Lane. What I had trouble with was the overall structure of the dialogue. I liked the unique nature of Gale's writing style and I appreciated how the characters communicated in a messy fashion, which made it feel more real to life, but sometimes I found myself confused and thrown by certain interactions between characters. A few sections of dialogue left me scratching my head in confusion because I literally had no clue what the characters were even talking about or why they were reacting in particular ways. Weirdly, it wasn't even Lane that I found confusing - I actually related to his random non-sequiturs because my mum does the same thing and, however frustrating, I ultimately find this erratic type of thought pattern hilarious. Instead, it was scenes featuring secondary characters, like Zoe, that left me uncertain about what had taken place during a discussion between her and Lane. But whatever, this was obviously all done on purpose, so if it didn't entirely work for me, that's my problem. I also had a big issue with all of Jared's constant references to potential three-ways that he and Lane might eventually engage in. Once or twice, I could have brushed this bullshit aside, but it was non-stop and actually increased in frequency once they were officially together. I actually hit a point where I was all, "if you want to screw a supermodel in front of Lane then just fricken do it already!!!" That's how over the whole thing I became. In fact, I lost interest in their relationship around the 75% mark because of this and I never regained interest. Total shame because what was the point here? To double check that we all got the message that Jared did indeed identify as bisexual and not gay? We got it and we simply don't care as long as the relationship in focus isn't being diminished by talk about fucking other people! Back to the positive; I loved Lane, I enjoyed the hockey theme, I adored the magic presents and all The NeverEnding Story references. I will definitely be back to find out what happens next between quirky and quiet goalie Riley and loud but protective defensemen Ethan - that is a story I don't want to miss!

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-02-27 11:35

    4.5 StarsI love this series. So I was a little worried about how the audio would go. Lane is an original one in a million and Jared is the marshmallow core surrounded by whoever narrated I was hoping would really bring the characters to life.Scott R. Smith certainly entertains while keeping true to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of each character. I thought he perfectly captured Jared's voice, the way I pictured Lane's speech pattern in my head, and did a great job overall with all of the different character voices in the story.I was also particularly pleased he brought heat and passion to the sex scenes in the story, and highlighted much of the humor with terrific uses of inflection and tone.The only issue I can see with the narration is that Smith spoke a little fast at times, but it honestly didn't bother me. I mean, I would much rather have that than weird pausing and speaking so slowly the listener has to speed up the audio.So, all in all, the narration for this was quite entertaining, fit the story, and I think Avon Gale ultimately chose well. I'm really looking forward to listening to the other stories in the series with Smith at the helm.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.***************************Original book review:4.5 StarsThis is going to be short and sweet. I loved Lane Courtnall in all his socially awkward glory. I loved Jared Shore's calmer, more grounding personality and how wonderful he was all around. I loved that even though I don't follow hockey, I could follow the hockey here.I just flat out loved this and can't wait for book #2 featuring Riley.

  • Bitchie
    2019-02-21 05:38

    This. Was. Awesome! I loved it! I didn't expect it to be so fluffy and sweet. (but not that syrupy sweet where you find yourself questioning the characters' sanity, what with all the tears and the sniffling.)Lane was freaking adorable. He was naive and had absolutely no filter, but it worked for him. Well, most of the time, sometimes it got him in trouble. Jared was great too, I loved his patience with Lane, and I loved that there was no real relationship angst. No misunderstandings (ok, one tiny one, but it was fixed fast), no Big Separations, the sex was hot but not the kind of detailed that went on for page after page after page.I can't wait to try more by this author!

  • Simone
    2019-02-23 12:40

    4.5 * and Hockey just got a new fanOkay, that's not exactly true. It's more like rekindling an old flame, so to speak. Years ago I loved to watch hockey, if only the World Championships and the Olympics (because that's the only games that were televised at the time here in Germany), where I rooted for Team Canada. Sorry, but the Canadians were hotter than the German players -cough- and both teams were not really playing in the same league, if you know what I mean. My favorite players were Eric Lindros (playing for the Philadelphia Flyers) and Steve Yzerman (Detroit Red Wings) and those of you who are die-hard hockey fans might remember them. I said it's been years, right? At some point even those games have not been televised anymore, so my love of hockey died a somewhat natural death, but I'm pretty sure I'll be watching more games now, since there are more options to keep track of the games and this book simply did drum up my enthusiasm for this sport again.Breakaway is about Lane, a 20-year-old hungry hockey talent, who has his whole career in front of him and Jared, eleven years older, who is way past the zenith of his own career. Both are opponents playing for different teams and aiming for being at the top of their division in a minor hockey league. Rivals on the ice and soon-to-be lovers outside of it. In this book there are probably some of the weirdest conversations I have ever read, but –Oh God– did they make me laugh. Especially Lane with his social awkwardness reminded me even sometimes a bit of myself at that age. I'm kind of a shy and quiet person and there were more than just a few mental facepalms and a “Did I really just say this?” involved when I was younger. ;-) But I loved the way he grew up during the book, although he probably will be acting weird sometimes for the rest of his life. ;-) “Because let me tell you, it doesn't really mean anything if a bunch of people believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself. I was afraid too. Because I was ashamed of who I was and so worried about what someone might find out about me. And so, if I made you love hockey again, then that's good, and we're even. 'Cause you... you taught me how to fight. For myself.” Lane smiled at him. “So thanks.”But my heart went out to Jared. I really loved this guy. I was so happy when he decided not just to wait for the moment when he will retire from sports, but to once again have joy in what he is doing. All because of his love for Lane.“You weren't on my team, and you weren't my captain, but you taught me how to love this game again. You showed me it was okay to think more of myself than I did and believe I could do more than throw my fists around. You gave me back something I didn't even realize that I'd lost.”Breakaway is a book about taking chances, making the right choices, standing up for what you are and believing in yourself. But it's also about living your dream and it gave me goosebumps when both accomplished their goal. (Pun intended! ;-)

  • Wendy
    2019-03-15 09:45

    I love hockey themed books, but for some reason I had a hard time getting into this one. Lane is 20 year old hockey player who has just started playing with a new team. Jared is a 31 year old hocky player, almost reaching the end of his career. They play for rival teams.I actually did like Lane's awkwardness, he was pretty funny...just saying what was in his head all the time. He isn't good at the whole "feelings" thing and his social skills are quite lacking. Which has caused some problems with his team-mates. To make it up to them, he starts a fight on the ice....with the enforcer of the other team....Jared.These two actually get along really well and they go from rivals on the lovers outside of the rink.My problems with this story are mostly about Zoey and the weird friendship between her and Lane. Especially Lane's facination with her body and her boobs. It added nothing to the story for me and I actually started to get annoyed.The other thing that bothered me was all the talk about threesomes. I knew that Jared was bi-sexual, but what I didn't need was all the talk about the girls he had sex with or wanted to have sex with.It put a bit of a damper on the whole romance between the two of them if I'm being honest. It doesn't actually happen....but it was enough to irritate me. Now don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy reading MFM books, but that's not what this was. It was just all talk....a lot of talk, to the point where I started questioning if they would actually be happy...just the two of them.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2019-02-23 07:43

    I will be the first to admit that because this was based in the world of hockey, it already got extra points. Why you may ask?? I honestly have no clue.This was probably the least angsty, sports-related-coming-out-testing-relationship-waters I've read to date. Barely any drama, no hate in sight - just pretty much ready acceptance on everyone's part - which makes me hesitate to say this, but it kinda made it a bit boring at times.Here you've got newbie Lane, up against seasoned Jordan - and that applies to both in the bedroom and on the ice. Sparks fly fast and effortlessly, as these two navigate the very different aspects of their lives and careers, while getting their jollies off every chance they get.I concede Lane had "a terrifying inability to think through how things sounded before he said them out loud", but his weirdness was compounded by the fact that everyone commented on it. It was like a running joke.So despite some awkward dialogue that involved the entire cast, this still had some decent steam, was surprisingly funny at times, and overall, was just an easy, breezy read featuring my favorite sports backdrop. Of note, I could also go for a footy or rugby background as well. Just saying. Apparently I'm not that picky - and apparently, this was good enough to mean I'll be reading the rest of this series.

  • Mandapanda
    2019-02-25 13:56

    M/M hockey romance following a year in the lives of awkward, naive rookie Lane Courtnall and veteran player Jared Shore. Equal weight is given to Lane and Jared's romance, their personal growth and friendships, and of course hockey. Love of the sport permeates every page. It's not an angsty story. Both guys have issues but they're self-aware and happy and solve their problems without too much drama. Lane is a different sort of person. Very literal and innocent. His American team mates joke that it's because he's from Canada. But at times I wondered if there was some mild Aspergers type situation going on. Lane and Jared are completely in love with one another but at the same time they are very horny guys and regularly make references to threesomes and their horniness for other people which is something I didn't enjoy that much. While I did find the quick solutions to Lane and Jared's family problems to be too easy, I did love the ending and Lane's reflections on life.

  • Tess
    2019-03-03 07:51

    4.5 starsBreakaway kept me smiling almost all the way through. For some reason, uncomplicated and low angst is all I want to read these days! And if you're looking for an uncomplicated and low angst romance, Breakaway will completely fit the bill.The other piece of magic here? Lane. He was such a fun character. Great hockey player but with no filter and completely socially awkward. As Jared describes him, "… a cocky brat with amazing abs, a blow job mouth, and a terrifying inability to think through how things sounded before he said them out loud." I also loved that Lane and Jared played for opposing teams which you don't see too often. Their "meeting" on the ice was classic. And what Jared manages to accomplish during this story, especially knowing his backstory, was pretty awesome.For a book not primarily set in Canada, there was also lots of canadiana here which always makes me happy. Especially since the author (a non-Canadian) seemed to get things right! Fantastic HEA too. One small quibble -- what was with all of the talk of female body parts and threesomes with women?! This is m/m!

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-03-12 06:36

    DNF, no rating, lo dejo en el 40 %. Realmente no he odiado la historia, ni tampoco a los personajes, lo abandono porque no me interesan..., tengo muchos libros que quiero leer y este no ha captado mi interés. Deduzco que Lane está dentro del espectro del autismo y de ahí su proceso de pensamiento, es un personaje honesto, directo y querible, y también lo es Jared. Pero, la forma de narrar parece una sucesión de cosas: pasó esto, y luego esto, y luego esto, y luego esto, la exposición me parece un tanto superficial, no me deja adentrarme en la historia ni entablar un lazo emocional con los personajes. Además, las distintas interacciones parecen forzadas, me resultan muy poco creíbles. Todo el comienzo del libro, el comienzo de la relación de los dos personajes me ha parecido un tanto absurda.Por lo tanto, y en base a gustos personales y a pesar de lo que me gustan los libros de deportes... DNF

  • Piper Vaughn
    2019-02-22 06:53

    I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC of this book, and I loved it so much I had to review. I don't post reviews often, and I'm not the most eloquent of reviewers, so I'm pretty much just going to paste what I said on Facebook after finishing... Squeeeee. This book, y'all. It was like sweet balm for my hockey-loving soul.LANE. I ♥ this kid so much. So awkward and endearing. I want to keep him in my pocket!And Jared is lovely too, and Zoe, and Riley. (And speaking of Riley, OMG, I want his book ASAP.) All of the secondary characters were really great and well-developed, in my opinion.I was so happy when I finished it I wanted to throw my gloves off and punch someone in the face! (This is the highest compliment I can think to give a fellow hockey fan.)Recommended!

  • Heller
    2019-03-01 11:37

    4.5Lane Courtnall is a total hockey robot, so weird and so damn amusing. Jared Stone is a older player on an opposing team and he has the moves both on and off the ice. Wonderful little gloves off meet cute as well. ;)This was a win for me. Snappy dialogue, hot scenes and some fun hockey action. I'm definitely up for more books about these teams.