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Escócia, 1745. Um olhar foi suficiente para que Brigham Langston ficasse fascinado pela beleza arrebatadora de Serena MacGregor. Contudo, para Serena, Brigham não passava de outro inglês desprezível. Contudo, nos braços do aprumado e perigoso cavalheiro, o ódio da orgulhosa escocesa depressa se consumiu no fogo da paixão....

Title : O Início de uma Saga
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ISBN : 9788468784151
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 416 Pages
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O Início de uma Saga Reviews

  • Norah Una Sumner
    2019-03-13 17:34

    3.5 starsA pretty decent historical romance by Nora Roberts. I definitely like her thrillers and crime novels better. The characters are awesome actually - Serena is a powerful young woman and a kick-ass lady.Brigham is her equal in bad-assery and they definitely have a fantastic chemistry. I liked the supporting characters as well but unfortunately, the story dragged out a little bit. I skimmed a few chapters but the ending was quite good. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I love Nora's strong female characters.

  • Naksed
    2019-03-08 17:24

    TSTL alert! TSTL alert! Abort! Abort!When the guy you are in love with loves you back and proposes marriage, and you cry yourself to sleep, heartbroken, because you think yourself not good enough for him.When the same guy gets wind that he is about to be arrested for a political conspiracy, and instead of fleeing into the night, instead decides it is the perfect time to hang out at a club and get into a brawl in front of many witnesses, because that will surely not lead to his arrest.

  • Mary
    2019-03-21 14:32

    This gives us the back, back story of the MacGregors and it's a great read and a real change of pace for Nora Roberts. Historical romance is not her usual thing but she does not disappoint. Set in Scotland in 1745 against the backdrop of Culloden, we get the first Serena MacGregor and her love story. It's fun to read about the ancestors of characters we've come to love. I highly recommend this book for lovers of the series but it can be read as a stand alone book. Enjoy, I did.

  • Liliflaj
    2019-03-17 18:27

    Bas lepo sto su u Blic zeni poceli sa ovim delom iako to nije prva Norina knjiga iz serijala; jeste malo neobicno za nju da se ovoliko oslanja na istorijske dogadjaje ali to uopste ne umanjuje lepotu njenog pisanja :D ; knjiga je naravno prelepa i jedva cekam izlazak nove knjige iduceg meseca.

    2019-02-26 21:45

    MacGregors klanının tarihçesi idi bu kitap muhteşemdi..Nora Roberts'in kaleminden ilk defa bir historical roman okudum..Kitap su gibi akıyordu desem hani abartmış olmam kesinlikle..Kitabı elimden bırakamadım..Yıl 1745 Yer İskoçya ünlü isyan hareketinin başlangıcı..İskoçlar tahta Stuat Hanedanında Charles'i getirmek için isyan ederler..İşte roman tam bu atmosferde Kuzey İskoçya'da geçiyor..Romandaki kadın karakter Serena(Rena) MacGregorErkek Karakter ise yarı İskoçyalı Lord Ashburn-Brigham Langston hikayeleri müthiş idi.Brigham Cold MacGregor ile geldiği bu topraklarda bu isyanın mimarlarından olacaktı..Gregor ailesinin büyük kızı ile karşılaştığında ise neye uğradığını şaşırdı Serena'nın İngilizleri sevmemesinin nedenini anlayamıyordu aralarındaki çekişme ise bitmek bilmediği gibi çekimi de gün geçtikçe artırıyordu..Romandaki aile sıcaklığını yazar o kadar güzel işlemiş ki sanki ailenin bir ferdi gibi hissediyorsunuz kendinizi..İkilinin arasındaki aşk ve tutku,dönemi yazar o kadar güzel anlatmış ki hayran oldum..MacGregor ailesinin sırrı vardı bir de annelerinin sırrı..Serena'nın İngilizlere olan nefretinin en büyük sebebi idi bu sır..Serena'nın inadı Brigham'ın kararlılığı karşısında fazla dayanamadı sonunda..Güzel bir historical roman idi..MacGregorların atalarının hikayesini severek okudum..Bence Nora Roberts daha fazla historical yazmalı idi..Tavsiye ederim..

  • abi rafon
    2019-02-22 15:50

    a refreshing story set against the bloody background of the historic Battle of was nice to read the war and remind me of the young bonnie prince charles stuart. the jacobite rebellion was a very bloody war and it always touches me everytime i read about it. and as usual it bring me down knowing what had happened to the scots. but nora roberts did made a good job justifying the story. with her page turner writing style and interesting scenes, you will soon be finished reading her book without noticing it and left with a satisfied imagination.since it was categorize as historical romance, there was still an air of love on the book between the feisty Scottish beauty Serena MacGregor and the english loyal supporter of prince charles Brigham Langston.i only read lawless and this one and im not sure if nora roberts has other historical fiction. may it be historical or mystery/suspense or paranormal she always fascinates me.

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-03-13 13:44

    A beautiful bittersweet tale in the war era between the Scots and the British, and the start to this amazing series, Rebellion is the love story of Serena, the Scottish lass and Brigham, the English royalty.When they initially meet, sparks and verbal spurs fly. Rena judges him preemptively and lashes him with her sharp tongue, and sometimes toes but Brigham conquers it all with sweet kisses and some hot love makin.The couple have insta love and attraction, and are not shy to act on it.The story moves forward several times, with their families experiencing both good and bad times- including war and death- and the tale ends at a sweet note of HFN (mainly because I'm hoping the legacy continues in other books). It's also a rather abrupt ending.It started out really heartwarming but by the end there was a lot of pillage and pain- however our couple does end up happily for the time being. I hope everything works out for the family. (Yup I'm uncertain) Safe3.75/5

  • Julie
    2019-03-08 16:26

    I chose to follow the time line when starting this series. So, although this was not the first book published in the MacGregor series, it starts at the beginning of the story. So, in the 1700's we meet Serena and her family.Serena despises the English. When her brother allied with an Earl, Serena lets her temper get the better of her. But, Lord Brigham was smitten with her despite her foul temper.This was really good story. The story of the Rebellion, of two people vastly different coming together for love and for a common cause. After the war finally starts, the war scenes dominated the last quarter of the book. I'm not big on war and battle so this part carried on a little too long for me. I know this was a major part of the plot, but I did grow weary of the battle scenes anyway. I loved Serena's personality. She just couldn't control her temper, which lead to some hilarious antics. I could picture a proper English Lord trying to deal with her. But, that was what he loved about her.I'm glad that things worked out the way it did in the end even though it came at such a great cost. There were many laughs, tears, battles and courage. I'm excited about continuing this series. I have heard so much about it for so long, but just never got started on it. I must say the first book lived up to all the hype. A-

  • AmyBrobst
    2019-02-25 18:38

    The first of the MacGregor series. It was fantastic. Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors, and (I may be biased) the best. The MacGregors are a stubborn lot. This Serena MacGregor is very prideful, stubborn, and passionate. The perfect foil against Brigham Langston, who is also very stubborn, prideful and passionate. (laughing) I love that Brigham takes pride in both of his heritages- the English and the Scottish and is on the side of putting the Bonnie Prince Charles back on his throne. Serena acts like she hates him when they meet, but when Brigham pulls her near for an embrace, her brain turns to mush and she can’t resist him. There is a battle scene in this book and I love how Roberts shows the agony, and the planning of war. This is an excellent book, I recommend it for romance readers, and Nora Roberts fans.

  • Bronwyn
    2019-03-08 13:34

    I have read several books by nora roberts and this is very good a romance set in the time of the culloden uprising of 1745, about a womans hatred of the english, and her love for an englishman loyal to the scottish cause because of his grandmother, and how she learns to overcome her hatred of what he stands for and the love that eventually overcomes the barriers between them

  • Cecely
    2019-03-16 13:47

    The story of the beginning of the McGregor clan is wonderful. It's set in a time of discontent, with history weaving its way through the lives of all the characters. It's a beautiful love story, with revolution, war, politics and loyalty all affecting the lives, loves and decisions of the McGregors.

  • M.A. Levi
    2019-02-28 16:49

    Rebellion as a truly amazing book. Filled with true love and romance, hate and vigor. I would give this book a 6 star rating. I fell in love with the whole story, which I believe was beautifully written and wonderfully told. The Characters had alot of passion and they were all about their clan. It kept me reading and wanting to read more about the Mcgregors.

  • Corinne H.
    2019-03-17 19:28

    Nora Roberts knows how to keep me interested and this book definitely did that for me. I grew up watching Lifetime movies and kept seeing movies that were originally Nora Roberts books so I thought I would give her stuff a try. I am addicted to her books now.

  • Dina
    2019-03-23 15:43

    I started/stopped reading this book so many times that I lost count. I just can´t get through it and, as of now, I´m officially giving up on it.

  • Lauribooks
    2019-02-28 20:37

    Bueno, este libro es completamente diferente de la saga de los MacGregor. Tiene lugar doscientos años antes de los demás libros y en Escocia.Para empezar, me encantan los libros que cuentan historias que suceden en Escocia en el siglo XVIII, es uno de mis periodos históricos favoritos para leer por lo tanto podréis imaginaros lo mucho que me ha apasionado esta novela. Algo que me ha fascinado es que no se centra tan solo en la historia de amor como pasaba en los otros libros (si que tiene un papel importante en la novela pero no es el único) sino que también habla de guerra, de luchar por los ideales, de defender el honor y de como los escoceses lucharon hasta la muerte por aquello en lo que creían.Probablemente no sea la mejor novela histórica sobre este periodo de tiempo, pero Nora Roberts siempre consigue fascinarme con su gran imaginación, su lenguaje y su prosa. Si a todo eso, le añades una MacGregor y un Lord inglés jacobita sale la combinación perfecta.Este libro es, sin ninguna duda, la joya de la corona. De toda la saga, ha sido con el que más he disfrutado, sufrido, reido, llorado... Hacía mucho tiempo que no leía una novela histórica y casi se me había olvidado lo mucho que disfruto este tipo de libros. Gracias Nora Roberts por recordármelo y por escribir esta historia tan bella y con tanto sentimiento.

  • Regan Walker
    2019-03-18 15:29

    Superb Storytelling of the Rising of 1745 and a Love That Would Not be DeniedIt begins in 1735 when Serena MacGregor’s home in the Highlands is invaded by British dragoons and her mother is raped by their leader who wants to shame a Highland’s chief’s wife. And that night hatred for the English was born in Serena. Ten years later, in 1745, her brother Coll brings home his friend, Brigham Langston, whose mother might have been a MacDonald but he is English.Serena means to hate Brigham but ends up falling in love. Brigham wants the fiery tempered lass and means to have her. But there is a matter of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 that will interfere.It’s a time of rebellion in the Highlands as the Scots, sick of English oppression, long for their Bonnie Prince Charlie, their “king across the waters” to return and reclaim his throne. The Germans may reign in England but the Scots want their true king restored. When I read about the Battle of Culloden that took place in 1746 and see the images that represent that fateful day, I am always deeply saddened. Not just for the battle that was lost or the thousands of Scots slain, but for the cruelty of England inflicted thereafter on a generation of Highlanders. The English destroyed a way of life. Roberts brings this time in Scotland’s history to life with superb storytelling, wonderful characters and brilliant dialog. Rich in historical detail and passion-filled love. This is a keeper. I fell in love with Brigham whose heart beat to the Highlands though he was an English lord. And I cheered on Serena as she finally decided to claim the man her own heart could not deny.First published in 1988, this is the story of the historical roots for Roberts’ contemporary MacGregor series. I am so sorry she gave us only two historical romance novels before moving on to other genres as her historicals are very, very good.

  • İnci Puyan
    2019-02-27 13:32 da anlaşıldığı üzere bir tarihi aşk kitabıydı. İskoç ve İngilizlerin karmasıydı.Ve asıl önemli olan da yazarın Nora Roberts olması... Bu kadının çok güzel güncel aşk romanı yazdığına tanık oldum. MacGregor ailesinin aşklarını okuduktan sonra tarihi aşk kitabını ve serininde yeni kitabı olduğunu görünce alıp okuyayım dedim ve kadının tarihi aşkı da çok güzel yazdığını gördüm. Kadın tek kelimeyle mükemmel bir yazar.Karakterler arasındaki diyaloglar çok güzeldi. Hele ki Serena ve Brigham arasındakilerde yer yer kahkaha attım. Bu yazar okuyucuyu gerçekten eğlendirmeyi biliyor ve yer betimlemeleriyle de o yerlere götürmeyi de çok iyi biliyor.Ancak savaş sahnelerinde biraz sıkıldığımı inkar edemem :)) sanırım istediğim gibi bir savaş yazılmamıştı ondan da olabilir. Ama kitap genel anlamda çok akıcı ve sürükleyiciydi. Bir çırpıda biten ve bittikten sonra bir tatmin duygusu yaşatıyordu.Aşk sahnelerinin haricinde mağarada geçirdikleri zamanlarla ilgili satırlar çok hoşuma gitti. Hele hamile Serena'nın bir elinde tabanca bir elinde kılıçlı okumak paha biçilemezdi.MacGregor ailesini okurken aslında kökenlerinin nerede dayandığını öğrenmek çok güzeldi. Bir MacGregor ile bir İngiliz'in kanının birbirine karışmasını okumak... onların Amerika'ya nasıl gittikleri... Daniel'in meşhur İskoç kanını okumak cidden çok güzeldi.Seriyi seven ve tavsiye eden biri olarak bu kitabı da tavsiye ederim ki zaten Nora Roberts yazmış okunmaz mı? :)) şahsen gözüm kapalı kitaplarını alacağım yazarlardan biri benim için :))

  • Lucy Qhuay
    2019-02-24 20:40

    Well, I was a bit disappointed with this book. But whatever, when you read a book by Nora Roberts you either like it or you think that it is far from your expectations.Rebellion tells us the story of Serena MacGregor and Brigham Langston.Serena/Rena is a fiery Scottish lass who, at the age of 8, wacthes as a bunch of English soldiers enter her house and attack her mother. From that moment on, she learns to loathe the English "pigs".Brigham Langston is English and he is the best friend of Coll MacGregor, Rena's older brother.Since the moment he first saw her, he was captivated by her incredible beauty and wild spirit, though she seems to hate him because of his English heritage.But he doesn't let her sharp tongue stop him since he is in love with the woman. He sets his goal on wooing her and she, eventually, forgets her hatred and succumbs to passion.One of the problems I had with this book was that, Serena, sometimes, was too irritating. Geez, the woman was head over heels with Brigham ans still, she kept denying her feelings and saying that she hated him. *sigh*I get that she never forgot her mother's attack, but it wasn't Brigham's fault. It was not fair that she was constantly rejecting Brig only because he was also English.Another thing that bothered me - there were times when the story just dragged on and it was a bit boring.Apart from that, this is a good book for those who want a quick read.

  • Julie
    2019-03-17 17:37

    Brigham Langston, Earl of Ashburn, was nothing but a hated English Lord to Serena MacGregor, and she swore that was all he would ever be. Her fear had fed her hatred for the English for many years. So when her younger brother, Coll, arrived back home from a long military duty with not just any Englishman, but a friend and nobleman, Serena is much less than civil. The shock of her beauty is soon replaced by the shock of her foul temper and bitter tongue, and Brig is determined to meet her challenges and wind up the victor. However, how does an honorable man prove his honor and subdue the wildcat who fights with no apparent rules? Their battle wages with boundaries crossed until no boundaries exist at all.I have to admit to not being a big Nora Roberts fan, but anything Scottish usually catches my fancy, and I'm willing to give it a try. Although this was a shorter read, it was not disappointing. The heroine evoked an admiration that was born from the strength inspired from tragedy. The reactions of the hero were truly entertaining. I give him kudos for anger-management! Some very entertaining battles between the sexes. Then, of course, love conquers all! A very sweet HEA, if not for everyone, at least for the hero and heroine.

  • Lance
    2019-03-19 19:27

    Another Historical In the Nora Roberts Fashion! I love the history of the time in Scotland when Bonnie Prince Charles from the house of Stuart attempted to take his rightful place on the throne! This book is English and Scottish History which takes place in the year 1746' I believe! When I finished this book I found to my delight that she has written books about the clan probably in to modern day! Very ready to read her next book!

  • BJ Rose
    2019-03-04 17:50

    This is a good historical fiction, but falls really flat as a romance. Serena's mindless hatred of all things British goes on for much too long -Brigham was her brother's best friend, which should have counted for something, AND his grandmother was Scottish. My sympathy was all with the hero - I'm not crazy about a romance that goes directly from 'I hate you' to 'I love you' without even a pause for 'I like you'

  • Marlene S. Luchenbill
    2019-03-14 14:32

    Serena was A very bold girl and woman. The love in the story was wild. I hated the wars and know the Scots tried so hard.Serena was A very bold girl and woman. The love in the story was wild. I hated the wars and know the Scots tried so hard. . I hated the wars and know the Scots tried so hard.

  • millie wilson
    2019-03-08 17:37

    Not LAST, I HOPE,This first "Historical" Romance ranks right UP THERE" with the contemporaries on Nora Roberts list of fabulous stories....and I want to read AT LEAST three "follow ups" to "Rebellion! Come ON, Msg. Roberts....keep ON with Scotland.....AND AErica,

  • Yumru
    2019-03-25 13:42

    Bir birleri ile olan kavgaları eğlenceliydi ama kitabın akışı biraz yavan geldi,yani bir şeyler eksikti.Yada çok beklenti ile okudum,bittiğinde bumuydu dedim...

  • Pooja
    2019-03-14 13:51

    I thought I had finished the MacGregor series and this book came out of the fold, ready to be the last one read, though completely out of order. The story takes place in the 1700s, introducing ancestors of the MacGregors, mainly Serena MacGregor and her beau-to-be Brigham Langston. In a stark contrast to Serena's nephew Ian's love story, this one actually has potential as it starts out with enough backstory to give Serena and other secondary characters proper foundation. As usual with the MacGregors, and I suppose a lot of NR characters, the character flaws were a bit frustrating to deal with, though I actually thought Roberts managed to write a compelling story for the time period. The ending naturally left me wanting more, though I think I'm ready to move on to another series now.

  • Ossie Neal
    2019-03-09 14:45

    I love anything MacGregors. This clan has strong family values and don't take kindly to anyone messing around with them. Serena MacGregor is a strong woman and wonderful role model in this book. It was really captivating as I could not put it down, I believe I read the whole book in less than two days.

  • Tena
    2019-03-08 20:38

    Things from the past causes love to be questioned. The battle for change and love will have you wanting to read more. Love, laughter and tears this family faces with pull at your heart strings. You well feel you are a part of them and will not want the book to end. Nora Roberts never lets me down.

  • Kay
    2019-03-04 18:45

    Another Nora Roberts series I missed, The MacGregors. And again, what can I say? She writes with many twists and turns with great character development. Love her books as she usually ends all her books with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Looking forward to rest of series.

  • Trish Tomes
    2019-02-24 13:39

    Lord Ashby meets the wildcat, Serena MacGregor, when he brings her brother, Col, home wounded from a battle. Enter the MacGregor clan, the Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart and culminate in the Battle of C , 1794, in Glencoe.

  • Dalene
    2019-03-04 15:50

    wonderfulI recommend this book to any and all who enjoys a great story! This story spans time. It is ahistorical romance but could have taken place during any war through time. The characters are so real and alive. I want to read the rest of this series.