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"I love having you at my mercy... And you love it, too." The only desire billionaire Stefano Moretti has for his estranged wife, Anna, is revenge--she humiliatingly left him weeks ago. So when Anna returns to his life, with no memory of their tempestuous marriage, he's certain fate has dealt him a winning hand.Stefano's plan is twofold: a private seduction that will re"I love having you at my mercy... And you love it, too." The only desire billionaire Stefano Moretti has for his estranged wife, Anna, is revenge--she humiliatingly left him weeks ago. So when Anna returns to his life, with no memory of their tempestuous marriage, he's certain fate has dealt him a winning hand.Stefano's plan is twofold: a private seduction that will reawaken Anna to their red-hot attraction, followed by a public humiliation to match the one she landed on him. Until Stefano realizes there's something he wants even more than vengeance--Anna, back in his bed, for good!...

Title : Once a Moretti Wife
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Once a Moretti Wife Reviews

  • Kiki
    2019-03-29 03:34

    ***Update since I had to painfully revisit the memories since reading StM’s review****Let me start by saying this: hero deserves a blowjob, by sharks, while swimming in the shark infested tank with a paper cut!****ORIGINAL RANT****Ok, I'm not even sure how this one is classified as romance.Revenge story, yesSheer arrogance, yessheer assholery, yesSheer ignorance, yesShelfish, narcissistic jerk, yes.Romance, noRedemption, noForget romance, minimum respect for a wife in marriage, big fat no.She's supposed to just trust him for his face value, and not question him, not make assupmtion.But he'll PRETEND he trusts her, but he will ALWAYS make assupmtions she's a gold digger.because he can.And get this.Because he loves her SO much, because she was a little distraught and left THEIR CONJUGAL home to clear her head, he changed the security codes within TWENTY FOUR hours, blocked her number, fired her, and then served her with formal separation paper.And then because she had a backbone and demanded alimony, now he will destroy her because how dare she ask for what's her right.And he does this while she's sickI won't hold this too much against him, because, I'm not sure how much credible HP amnesia is, but she is still vulnerable.But he admits in no uncertain terms that he had sex with her within those times because he wanted to humiliate her,and throw it back to her face, not to help her recover.This could have potentially be further damaging, if the amnesia was not a HP induced one.Then he has a change of heart and wants to start over, all conveniently AFTER he has had his revenge.He claims he couldn't stop it. What kind of bullshit is that?You have your EMPLOYEE that you pay to arrange for it, and they have the courage to go against your wish and publicly humiliate your wife, and you just stand by and watch it?And they don't face any retribution. and yet your wife, at a hormonal and desperate moment has humiliated, you, so you helped THAT employee destroy her.Are you kidding me, or yourself? You went to THAt great length to plot the revenge, yet you couldn't stop it?Who are you trying to convince?Fine, but how about the retribution, did you make the bitch pay? no. but your wife had to pay for her sins.Then when the wife has explained that he was an ass and he has thrown her out within 24 hours he has explained in no uncertain terms that he was not going to go after her, he was not looking for a reconciliation, which she was despearately seeking.So if it was not for the revenge skim, and her amnesia, they'd have been divorced by then, yet he was asking for a start over.Based on what?What exactly did I miss?Is not being there with your wife when she's having a miscarriage the only way to fail your wife?He ignored her numerous texts and calls.clearly she was troubled.And yet after all these, when he realised he fucked up he was still vehemently suggesting he did the right thing, and she should have just shut up and waited for her turn.ONLY AFTER he realised it was a miscarriage she was talking about was she more important than the meetings?ONLY AFTER a miscarriage she was worth fighting for?Because he told her in no uncertain terms that he was not going to go after her, not going to fight for her JUST on the line before.So NOTHING happened after this.NOTHING apart from asking to start over, because he clearly have had his revenge, and now that he knows that she was not really after his money, he no longer have to give up the wife who can give him awesome sex.And then she suddenly starts realising how it was all her fault, can we please for once have the victim not blame them for their husbands being a bastard?I mean she was ready to grovel, thankfully, she didn't, but both her sister and i failed to see her epiphany!So HEA was absolutely not believable to me.It's like he had his cake, and he wants to eat it too.He had his revenge - humiliation for humiliation, and just a minor change, instead of the divorce, which he'd have had, had she been the gold digger, since she's not, now he'll keep her.Had this been before the revenge, may be I'd take him a redeemable character, but AFTER? whoever liked this book, feel free to point out his redemption, but don't hold your breath, I probably won't be convinced.Last but not the least of his charming qualities; his wedding vow: does he feel the need to cheat, he'll let his wife know, so she can walk away with her dignity.So he didn't even vow for fidelity ,yet was surprised that his wife didn't blindly trust him when he started avoiding her and found a half naked women wearing HER robe! and she took that piece of slime back. Guys, am I allowed to jump after reading this one?

  • Esther
    2019-03-28 09:19

    ARC provided by NegGalley and Harlequin for honest review. 4.5 Rating.We open with Anna, the heroine waking up with a horrible headache and wondering if she's got a hanger but doesn't remember getting drunk or over indulging in drink. Anna heads to work and once she arrives at the office things seem to be off, like another women at her desk. She confronts her boss Stefano and get a strange and heated reaction from him. Anna feels faint and lighted head, not herself at all and faints. Stefano is shocked when his estranged wife walks into his office demanding to know why someones else is at her desk and why things have been moved around and things seem different. Anna had recently left him, accusing him of untruths and humiliating him in front of his board. Anna is behaving in a strange manner and then proceeds to faint. Anna learns she is suffering from amnesia. In the hospital she learns she can't remember what's happened in her life the past year. Stefano proceeds to inform her they are married and she can't believe or accept that she's married to her playboy boss. The two worked together for 18 months, Anna was Stefano's assistant and they worked very well together. Anna was very attracted to her boss but was determined not to be like the women that parade in and out of Stefano's life. Stefano hired Anna because she was bright, intelligent and stood up to him. Oh, he was also very attracted to Anna and her beauty. Stefano finds an opening or more like an opportunity for revenge. Revenge on Anna for running out on him, humiliating him in front of his board and her outrageous accusations of infidelity. So he decides she doesn't need to be told of their month separation. His plan was to make her spend time with him, celebrate their one year anniversary and then humiliate her at an awards ceremony but dumping her in public. Stefano decides to spend some time at their costal home for her to rest and recover before the ceremony. During their time together old feelings for Stefano resurface as well as Anna realizing she was in love with Stefano while working for him. Anna starts remembering bits and pieces of their time together and her feelings intensify as well and deepen. Stefano learns things about his wife that she didn't share when they had been married and sees a side of Anna that touches him and makes him second his plan of revenge. This story stared with me not liking Anna very much as she came across very angry and somewhat of a shrew the first chapter or two. But as the story progresses to Anna and Stefano's time together at their beach house I was hooked, all in. I loved their time together. You learn about each of their past and how it's shaped them. Stefano realizes that his feelings haven't died for Anna and are very strong and real. And something doesn't make sense in how Anna left him, doesn't add up. Anna remembers why she fell in love with Stefano and how strong their attraction was. Their chemistry and sexual tension is intense and the emotions as well. The scene that play out at the awards ceremony and afterwards is heartbreaking, emotional and beautiful all at the same time. I loved how they both opened up and poured out their hearts, dreams and heartbreak to each other. It was a beautiful and very emotional scene. I found their romance to be a very adult and mature in how it evolved, even with them amnesia theme (I though it was very well done actually). I came to love Anna and Stefano, each had great character, depth and growth. Very good pacing and love story was excellent. Another high point was the resolution and conclusion didn't happen suddenly and then we had "The End". In fact the author did justice to their romance and love story by giving it the needed time/chapters for a very happy and satisfactory conclusion, and wonderful HEA.But the icing on the cake was the epilogue, it was beautiful and left you very happy. Why not a five star rating then, the heroine was somewhat irritating for a chapter or two but thank goodness redeemed herself.

  • StMargarets
    2019-03-25 10:21

    OMG - this was so good. It hit all of my buttons. Amnesia story. Revenge. Second Chance.*happy sigh*The story opens with the heroine waking up with an awful headache and knowing she's late for work at the hero's company. She's in the flat she shares with her sister and she can't open her phone because the pin is wrong. When she finally makes it to work, feeling like death, everyone is staring at her and her office is a different color and her boss looks at her with hate and tells her they are married but not for long.*delicious*After the obligatory faint and hospital stay, we get the hero concocting a revenge scheme against his wife for humiliating him a month before by accusing him of cheating in front of his board of directors. The heroine has learned she's missing a year of her life and she is feeling betrayed because her sister has gone to Australia to make up with their estranged mother. To further muddy the waters, the heroine see her husband talking to a strange woman and feels a pang. When she asks him about her he says she's his half sister he had just found out about. So right away we learn that the hero never cheated - and that the heroine was wrong to confront him in the boardroom. We also learn that the hero can't handle that kind of ego-damaging because he's never had anyone in his corner *and* he is still smarting from the heroine demanding a bunch of money and property at the dissolution of their marriage. Now he thinks the heroine angled for marriage because he was rich, not because she loved him.The heroine, for her part, wonders how she ever married him because she worked closely by his side for 18 months and knew his track record with women.*joy*The hero arranges a trip to California to the home they bought together but never lived in. They spend a lot of quality time together, have sex again, and learn a lot more about each other. The hero never knew the pain the heroine felt at being abandoned by her mother into her sister's care at age 14, thus making her feel unlovable. The heroine never knew the hero also felt unlovable because of his evil relatives.*awesome*They're both so damaged and so competent in every other part of their life and now they're on the way to tearing each other apart again.And the hero's revenge works and we get a ring side seat to his mounting guilt after he tries to stop it. The heroine is hurt all over again and delivers some more guilt to heap on the hero's head before she runs out in the rain without her shoes.*drama! delicious angst!*Time passes in a haze of guilt and grief for the H/h. They each realize they love each other. Finally the hero tracks her down and grovels. The heroine has one last surprise for the hero and the reader. There's an epilogue. It's wonderful.I'm leaving out details because they make this this the prefect balance of blame and guilt. Both the H/h expect so much of each other and can't give it to each other because they have the same hangups. They both feel unlovable and they both are afraid of showing any weakness to each other and they both know each other well enough to understand exactly what will hurt the other. What they learned during this little amnesia episode is that neither one of them knew just how hurt they could be. They thought they had gone through the worst in their past and that was all behind them. Instead, they brought their baggage into the marriage and never dealt with it - not on their own and not with each other.I liked this story so much because I think they would have patched it up whether the h had amnesia or not. Because the h's sister had made a decision to confront their mother and the hero had been reunited with *his* sister, they both would have had to deal with their past baggage anyway. None of this happened in a vacuum. They had only been apart a month when the amnesia struck, so it's not like they had let this fester for years. I really liked how the heroine was the hero's emotional intelligence at work, but really didn't have it anywhere else in her life. They were even that way. I'm glad the hero took a hard line with his cousins and I think the heroine let her mother off a little too easy, but that's a minor quibble in a stellar story.

  • Debbie DiFiore
    2019-04-07 11:18

    Wow another Hero that I wanted to hurt badly. He was just so over the top with his stupid anger and assumptions and foul intentions. What he did to her was so wrong. The only thing that redeemed him was that he tried to cancel it at the last minute but such emotions. I cried so hard. The hero's past was just gross. He was a disgusting man ho and I wouldn't have trusted him either. It was very sad and I cried at a couple of points but in the end, it was very good. The epilogue was too cute.I took one star away because the Hero was such a jerk.

  • Shari Kay
    2019-04-06 08:21

    Isn't there an expectation with a Harlequin that it should actually be a romance?

  • Penny Watson
    2019-03-23 08:22

    I loved this one! The amnesia part was done so was fun to see the revenge plot unfolding as the hero began to have doubts. I also liked the whole premise that the heroine lost a year of her life and has to relearn to trust/love her husband. I would have been happy if the book was twice as long. It was over too fast!Michelle Smart continues to be one of my favorite HP authors.Grade: A

  • Rgreader
    2019-04-19 05:22

    I gave up on page 38. Taming of the Shrew heroine plots annoy me so much. Not even the virgin heroine trope can make me finish this hp because the heroine was too shrewish judgemental and annoying. Once a Moretti Wife fails because the heroine is too shrewish.

  • Maria Rose
    2019-03-24 11:30

    A tempestuous marriage on the rocks gets a surprising second chance in this passionate romance by Michelle Smart. Anna knows something is wrong when she wakes up one morning with a splitting headache and proceeds to go into her office as personal assistant to Stefano Moretti, only to pass out in his arms. Upon awakening she discovers that she’s got amnesia and is married to her boss! What she doesn’t know is that a month earlier she’d accused him of infidelity and stormed out, petitioning for a huge part of his fortune in their divorce.Stefano, bitter over the turn of events with a woman he once loved deeply, has found a way to exact revenge. Pretending they are still married, he plans to seduce Anna all over again while she is on the mend, hoping her memory will return but not until he’s had a chance to make her fall for him again just to break her heart the way she did his. Only, spending time together rekindles the magic of what brought them together in the first place. As Anna’s memory returns piece by piece, will Stefano’s plan of revenge threaten to destroy what they are rebuilding together?I really enjoyed this story! I thought the setup was unique and definitely intriguing, especially as we find out the reasons for Anna leaving Stefano in the first place. They are both guilty of acting on impulse and believing the worst of each other, resulting in the breakup of their marriage, but it isn’t until Stefano takes Anna home from the hospital and has to pretend that they are happily married that he realizes he is equally at fault for what happened. Though his initial plan is to enact his revenge because of how hurt he was to come to believe that Anna was nothing but a gold digger after his money all along, her actions under the influence of amnesia do not hold up with his theory. To his credit, he starts to feel guilty over his plan pretty quickly, especially as he and Anna start to reconnect on an intimate level. They share some sexy love scenes that show their passionate attraction to each other.Anna is a feisty and strong woman, frustrated to discover that her memory is missing important pieces. Because of events in her childhood, she has a hard time trusting people, and even though she’d married Stefano, it’s not until she’s living with him under the impression that they are happily married that she opens up about her past. Similarly, Stefano has discovered some startling secrets about his family that he never had a chance to share with Anna, and he does so now. This binds them together emotionally in a way that never happened during their marriage and is key to giving them a chance to fix what they’ve broken.Eventually Anna’s memory does return, and this creates a whole new conflict between them, as Stefano struggles with his real feelings for his wife, and Anna’s newfound feelings of betrayal. Fortunately they’ve learned enough from their mistakes to not cut off the lines of communication like they did the first time, and the result is a very satisfying happy ending for this couple. Their marriage will be stronger than ever as a result, and the epilogue is a sweet touch. If you like second chance romances and redemption stories, I definitely recommend this story.This review appears at Harlequin Junkie: copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review.

  • Geri Reads
    2019-04-08 11:32

    I've been complaining about how lackluster HPs have become these days. I missed the angst and the drama of HPs of old. Well this book certainly proved me wrong. It has everything I've been craving for: revenge, throw in some amnesia in there too. This book was quite intense. And I liked it. A lot. ***ARC provided by the publisher

  • Jenny
    2019-03-21 07:47

    Not much of a love story. It had absolutely no plot and I was so tired of reading about heroine's mother issues. I was bored to tears! Also heroine was a typical Michelle Smart heroine, a real bitch. No surprise there.

  • Bubu
    2019-04-18 08:27

    Omg this one. It was soooo sooo good. This is why i read HP. Loved all of it!!!! We have amnesia, revenge, angst and so much more. The H/h are soo good for each other, they understand each other. Their love story was mature... i just love this book.

  • Sheryl
    2019-03-23 06:32

    *ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Harlequin*

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-04-18 04:48

    I can't think of a single thing I didn't like about this story. Marriage in Trouble...sort of reunion but after only a month.When Anna has a fall and ends up with amnesia, she turns up for work at the Moretti offices, feeling like death. And looking like it from the shocked faces watching her make her way to her office she shares with Stefano Moretti.It isn't until she collapses at the feet of a distinctly unwelcoming Stefano and is carted off to hospital that Anna discovers she has lost a year of her life. A year that included her marriage to a man who kept a revolving door on his bedroom she was determined not to get caught in.Stefano is still seething. At her lack of trust, her humiliation of him in front of his board of directors, and at her leaving him. He is a man who has used revenge to motivate him to get to where he is now, after a childhood filled with rejection. So it's obvious he is going to want revenge.How this plays out, how they get to know each other better than ever during the week his evil plot is hatching, makes for an enthralling read.

  • LadyTechie
    2019-03-22 05:24

    Anna is a savvy, young business woman who was practically raised by her older sister Melissa. When Anna wakes up one day with a severe headache, unable to find her sister or her cell phone she stumbles into work to tell her boss that she cannot work and has the shock of her life. I received a free copy of Once a Moretti Wife from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. It turns out that Anna has a good reason for that headache and she has come to be more to her boss, Stefano than she realizes. Anna's lack of memory gives Stefano the perfect opportunity to take his revenge on her. Stefano had a horrible childhood. Anna's was pretty good, though she suffered some devastating losses. Both tend to stay away from commitment due to the fear of losing again. Stefano is quite angry with Anna and as is his way he has an extremely complex plan of revenge he plans to take out on her for something that Anna does not actually remember. They each have spent so much time trying to protect themselves that when something goes wrong it really goes wrong. The reader can only sit back and hope they both take the blinders off and work things out.

  • Xai Xai
    2019-03-30 03:39

    I couldn't wait for this book. It was worth the wait. I adored the story.Lots of fiestiness, angst, misunderstandings, pain, realisations, love and passion. A definite recommend!!!! MS is definitely a favourite!

  • shms
    2019-04-16 10:24

    The h had mommy issues and the H had childhood issues which were the basis of all that went on in this book. Normally this screams cop out to me because 'boo hoo poor me' is a way of excusing otherwise inexcusable behaviour. M.Smart's execution of this plot line is one of the better one's I've read and that both parties accepted their own fair share of the blame seemed a mature way to get a happy ending. The whole revenge thing may have been more angsty had it not been declawed by us having the H's pov.

  • Beyond the Pages
    2019-04-04 10:47

    Quick Summary: Slow pacing; retrograde amnesia; conflict due to a misunderstanding related to poor communication; love, loss, lifeRating: 2+ to 3-/5Recommend: +/-Status: MAudience: AdultChemistry/Intensity: +/-Conflict/Drama: YesFamily Dysfunction: YesHEA: YesSource: NetGalley

  • TashNz
    2019-04-13 03:45

    An utterly divine and totally time occupying tale full of intensity and emotion and touching moments which encase a wonderful, wonderful story.Once a Moretti Wife is an amnesia story which is exceptionally well written becasue it was like watching a movie backwards, you knew where they were but how they got there was unexplained until time revealed all. Bent on revenge for one of the worst humiliating moments of his life and caused by his wife, Stefano can't believe his luck when Anna crashes into his office wondering why on earth someone else has littered her normally perfectly ordered desk with pictures of animals she's not a fan of. The revenge gods have delivered him his wife on a platter and it's not before long a plan is hatched. Anna can't remember the last year of her life and relies on Stefano answering her rapid fire questions which help fill the picture for me the reader and very quickly I was swept away on a stirring and suspenseful story. Life to Anna is incomprehensible, slowly bits of memory return and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the conclusion which I knew would be nothing short of explosive. I wasn't disappointed and I was right there on the ground curled up with Anna bawling.I love Michelle Smart's writing because it is fresh, innovative and highly emotional, three ingredients I love in a story. I also love the dedication to Jennifer Hayward, another fresh and innovative writer. Thank You Michelle for writing another wonderful, wonderful story.

  • Willow Brook
    2019-04-16 04:30

    Very unpleasant couple. Both are immature and self-absorbed. They deserve each other. I'm sure their children will be charmers.

  • Debra Ashwood
    2019-03-28 04:36

    Once a Moretti WifeWhat happens when the heroine ends up with amnesia and her husband is out for revenge? This story line is about his revenge of her interrupting his business meeting accusing him of infidelity. But she hits her head and doesn't remember them being married. Just that she worked for him. In the span of six weeks he lies and seduces her. But what happens when she remembers and finds out about his way of revenge? Will they have a happy ending or bitter divorce?

  • Maday Dearmas
    2019-04-01 05:24

    This book drags a lot and it took me a long time to warm up to these characters. She has amnesia and it had me feeling confused, almost as confused as she. Moretti seems cold and mean, honestly I couldn't stand him. At the end things make sense and things are cleared and it had a good ending. Just getting there was torturous.

  • Janice
    2019-03-26 09:25

    she hits her head and forgets the past year; her estranged husband uses that to her advantage

  • Geraldine Sadiku
    2019-04-10 10:21

    An interesting take on a revenge romance that flowed really well and was a joy to read.

  • Meera
    2019-04-04 08:42

    Great book, excellent characters. Great book, excellent characters. The storyline is good and you can feel for both characters. A really good happily ever after.

  • Annie Burrows
    2019-03-22 04:25

    Devoured this book in one sitting. I absolutely love amnesia stories(in fact, I'm wondering if I should start an amnesia stories shelf on Goodreads!)

  • Corinna
    2019-03-30 10:45

    Surprisingly good for a HP book, one of the better ones I have read. Read the whole thing in one day despite my reading slump.

  • Fran
    2019-04-19 06:25

    I enjoyed this read and that is saying a lot as I have a hard time finding these days any Harlequin books that I like. It had everything that I look for in terms of angst, a connection and a HEA that was not rushed. Yes, the heroine got on my nerves in the beginning but she easily warmed up as the story progressed.

  • Laura
    2019-04-09 04:29

    I enjoyed this story. It didn't seem like a standard M&B novel which was refreshing.I loved how it begins when Anna wakes up thinking she has a hangover. I liked Anna and Stefano's characters and their dialogue. We don't get to read too much about their time together before they married but they had worked together for 18 months. Anna was attracted to Stefano but she didn't like his playboy image and she didn't trust him then on a business trip they kiss and she tells Stefano if he wants to take it any further he has to marry her first and promise that if he is ever attracted to another woman he must tell her first. Stefano agreed and they married.I liked the pacing of the story and how it keeps you eager to keep reading and find out their story and what went wrong in the marriage. They were married nearly a year but then Anna accuses Stefano of being unfaithful and humiliates him at work in front of his board members. The book starts a month after his humiliation and once he realises a bang to the head has given Anna amnesia and she can't remember their marriage, he delights in the thought of getting his revenge and humiliating her in return.The story is told from both their POV and Stefano often mentions how much he hates Anna but it's easy to read between the lines and see he loves her really! They get to spend some time together and because Anna doesn't remember what she has and hasn't told him, they start to become closer than they were during their marriage and Stefano starts to have second thoughts about his revenge.I felt the chemistry and connection between Stefano and Anna and was rooting for their happy ever after.An enjoyable read and I will check out more books by this author.ARC provided by Netgalley.

  • RomLibrary
    2019-04-13 11:30

    She gets drink and falls and hits her head. Goes to bed and wakes up with amnesia and forgets several months lout of her life in which she married and left her husband who was her boss.Stefano is shocked when his estranged wife walks into his office demanding to know why someones else is at her desk and why things have been moved around and things seem different. Anna had recently left him, accusing him of untruths and humiliating him in front of his board. Anna is behaving in a strange manner and then proceeds to faint.

  • Lita
    2019-04-09 04:24

    Definitely one of your go-to reads...Such a great, quick read. Reading was like a raising the bar effect, the further you read, the better it got.