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Can a desperate wizard and a bitter, disillusioned vampire find a way to build the partnership that could save their world?In a world rocked by magical war, vampires are seen by many as less than human, as the stereotypical creatures of the night who prey on others. But as the war intensifies, the wizards know they need an advantage to turn the tide in their favor: the strCan a desperate wizard and a bitter, disillusioned vampire find a way to build the partnership that could save their world?In a world rocked by magical war, vampires are seen by many as less than human, as the stereotypical creatures of the night who prey on others. But as the war intensifies, the wizards know they need an advantage to turn the tide in their favor: the strength and edge the vampires can give them in the battle against the dark wizards who seek to destroy life as they know it.In a dangerous move and show of good will, the wizards ask the leader of the vampires to meet with them, so that they might plead their cause. One desperate man, Alain Magnier, and one bitter, disillusioned vampire, Orlando St. Clair, meet in Paris, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance of their decision: Will the vampires join the cause and form a partnership with the wizards to win the war?...

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alliance in blood partnership in blood 1 Reviews

  • JenMcJ
    2019-03-26 03:24

    Alliance in Blood is the first in another series that fully captured my imagination. This is such a unique take on the wizard/vampire mating component that it was a wonderful surprise. Alain and Orlando take a chance on each other despite every reason not to and set off a series of events that begins to change the dynamic between wizards and vampires after years of distrust. Magical wars are being waged around the humans and serious PR is needed to prevent further discrimination. Additionally, there are wizards that would prefer to simply dominate rather than work the PR route and they must be outwitted as well. Betrayal and regret pepper the story and propel it down avenues that will change everyone involved forever. I am eagerly looking forward to the next books in this series. I am sure I will stay up all night to read them. With the fourth book coming out this week, now is a great time to start this wonderful series.

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2019-04-13 01:11

    This Book~Initially Read May 2012 Re-Read Jan 2013This book has so many fem bits...I find myself skimming.BUT...It's really worth the skim~Cuz, there is so much that I Loved I Love the Romance.I Loved the Magic!I Love the Storyline.BUT... I am still shocked as I re-read this that there are so many fem bits, I still do not care for them in this book~and they cover about 50 % My other issue was the side stories , there are to many people to keep track of, and this includes MF, MM, FF.But, if you do not mind MM and FF as well as MF~and a many MCs,than your good to go~get it, because; the vampire/wizard is so good that I found myself getting over the laborious task of skiming,because other parts that exclude the fem bits, are simply to good to miss ♥

  • Kati
    2019-03-25 23:07

    This book had an interesting premise - wizards and vampires can create blood bonds that allow the vampires to move in daylight. The white wizards seal an alliance with the vampires to fight against the dark wizards in the streets of Paris. Well, the premise does sound good. But after the first scene or two, the book becomes so sugary and cheesy and all the men are so fragile and beautiful that it's ridiculous. I finished the book because I did like some of the couples but there were so many of them that the author kept jumping around to mention all of them without a real point. And the main couple, Alain and Orlando, was so over the top cute and understanding and patient that I had to roll my eyes from time to time. The author should really tone it down a bit. Or better yet, a lot.

  • Ms. Nikki
    2019-04-05 00:10

    Okay, I have read a lot of vampire/paranormal fiction and this book did not add to the ranks of good reads. Come on...We meet, we bond, you're mine, I'm yours, till your death do us part. The vampires, to me appeared weak. The little wizard episode of throwing magic just ended it for me. I though the world she was trying to create would have been wonderful, but I didn't "see" it develop. I kept expecting more. I will not be continuing this series.

  • Alisa
    2019-04-13 04:25

    A vampire and a wizard go into a bar...... Ok no they don't. They meet and form an alliance that made little sense to me. They fall in insta-love and bond in 48 hours and all the horrors of the vampire's life are erased due to love and great sex. The plot was simple in nature and very sweet. Just not my thing at all.

  • Jacq
    2019-03-24 22:56

    This was a truly delightful storyline.It was magical!Yay now off to book #2

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-08 07:14

    Alliance in Blood by @arieltachna is free for one hour (until 9 pm EST)! #tweetaway

  • Sandra
    2019-03-30 03:24

    3.5 stars I liked this a lot, although I do wish it had stayed in the urban fantasy realm and not delved so much into the paranormal romance around three quarters of the way. I love a PNR and the romance is obviously a key component of this story. Orlando and Alain had a good connection, but several emotional sex scenes in a row tends to drag the story down a bit. I prefer them to be more spread out.There was some interesting variation to vampire lore here. Apparently the author has never read another vampire book and I think that allowed her to stay away from common tropes. Although given that the vampires and wizards seemed to rarely interact, as a whole they were very quick to agree to an alliance and very trusting of each other. It did end a bit suddenly. It was an OK place to stop, story-wise, but definitely feels like the first book in a trilogy. Orlando and Alain are solid, but the over arcing plot has to do with the dark wizards and the first battle in that war with the new vampire alliance is at the end of this book.If you only care about the romance you could read this as a standalone. That will surely develop more in book 2 but it will likely focus a lot on the dark wizard pot and some of the other pairings (view spoiler)[In particular I'm interested in Jean and Raymond, I actually felt bad for Raymond and felt like Jean's coercion made it a bit rapey. I hope he realized the error of his ways (hide spoiler)]. I am interested enough to continue but I'm not sure if I'll jump right to that or take a break.P.S. Orlando was referred to as an "angel", yet on the cover he reminds me more of Dr. Frankenstein's Creature from Penny Dreadful :{P.P.S There were also several POV's. For the most part, I didn't mind this, although a few times I skipped them because they just seemed to hold no relevance to the plot or to our main love interests.

  • Matthew
    2019-03-30 23:17

    If you like perky nipples, laving tongues, and thrusting fangs, this book may be for you. I think the author turned every interaction she could into a sexual innuendo and they were very blunt and forceful. And the sex scenes were not really creative, especially in their use of terminology.But on the other hand, there is a world that was started in this book and hopefully continues through the series that could be interesting. The vampiric and wizardly powers are a nice, original invention. And I thought Ms. Tachna did a great job of matching characters up and showing and explaining why they worked together. The relationships were developed, unlike other books I have read. The characters... maybe a bit one-dimensional at times, but the author put a lot of work into developing backstories and they could become more interesting as their personalities encounter more situations - there just wasn't much plot here.As erotica, it was 1 star for me, as fantasy, 3 stars - there are some interesting concepts, but they aren't explored enough - and as romance, 4 stars... the romance is relatively well done if you can ignore the other problems in the book. I think I found the bad erotica too jarring to continue with the series.

  • Leah
    2019-04-14 03:16

    The reviews for this looked promising, but I have to wonder if anyone else actually was reading the same book as myself.There's something missing in this book. It starts out well, and then after the first chapter it devolves into paragraphs of actions being repeated from different POVs and boring, inane experiments which involve vampires biting wizards interceded with arguments over soul bonds made so quick it gave me whiplash. The characters, though they've been through experienced that are traumatic, seem perfectly fine and unaffected. Their past seems tacked on, and while some attempts at making them believable have been made, it still falls short, especially in Orlando's case. All in all, there's just something missing in the author's writing. It felt like she was phoning in all chapters past the first. Not something I would recommend and not worth the price of the ebook.

  • Mary
    2019-04-09 22:57

    I just finished this and can I just say WOW! I loved this book so much. The scene where Orlando drinks Alain's blood from his neck for the first time...cold shower city after that. Orlando is so sweet and broken and strong at the same time and Alain, though hurt in his own way, is strong enough to help the man he loves trust and love again. And there's the whole war with the dark wiizards and vampires and the Milice wizards (the good ones) learning to work together, it's just- there's no downside.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-03-29 07:19

    Alliance in Blood by @arieltachna is free for one hour (until 9 pm EST)! #tweetaway

  • Brooklyn
    2019-04-23 03:00

    Really enjoyed this alliance between vampire and wizard. I loved the reminded me of Harry Potter with spells being thrown left and right. It was fun! I can't wait to read the next story and see how the partnerships and the alliance play out.

  • Prentice
    2019-04-14 07:03

    I've been sitting on this review for a while now because I've been conflicted about what to say about this book. On the one hand, I really enjoyed what it had to offer and the premise for the entire series was really intriguing. On the other hand, I really felt like the author missed the chance to create something spectacular with the plot and the characters. After reading the summary, it sounds full of potential, right? I thought so. I also thought it sounded right up my alley: vampires and light wizards forging an alliance to fight back against the dark wizards they're currently in a war with? That sounds awesome!And it was. Kind of. A little bit. All right, it wasn't awesome. It was more in the 'this is good' category of reading rather than awesome, but in all fairness to the author (who does have a knack for writing a good story), it was the first book in a series and sometimes that can be the weakest one. Especially with the amount of set-up involved in establishing the who, what, where, when, and why of a series. Which the author did and didn't do here.For example: we know right from the start of this book that light and dark wizards are waging war against each other; we know that in desperation the light wizards are trying to forge an alliance with the vampires to try to turn the tide in the war; we know that Alain, one of the main characters and a light wizard, is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. What we don't know and never learn is why they're having the war in the first place!And that drove me absolutely crazy. I wanted to know why the dark and light wizards were fighting, even if it was for a generic reason like the dark wizards wanted more power and control over Paris (or the world). I wanted to know why this alliance was going to be so important but we never really found out because its importance was kind of swept under the rug so the main characters could fall in love or lust or whatever it was they were doing. Speaking of the main characters: Alain and Orlando (the vampire) were both an equal mix of good character potential and wasted character potential. A few quick examples of this:Alain, we learn, lost his wife and young son in one of the first attacks of the war. This, far from hardening his heart, has turned him into a calm and competent wizard who will do whatever it takes to win. But, for whatever reason, the loss was (again) swept under the rug and regulated to being a small and short aside to Alain's character, and I have to ask...why? That's the kind of stuff that defines a character and is not tossed aside like it's just ancient history (it's not). Orlando, too, had the same issue: we learn relatively quickly in the story that the vampire who changed Orlando was a brutal and sadistic maker, who physically and emotionally tormented Orlando for his own sick pleasure. But, apparently, Orlando's distrust of others (which could have been a very lovely and angst-ridden plot point between the two characters) just wasn't what I thought it would be. Instead of him being a tough nut to crack, he was easily hurt (I could buy that, I guess) and a little bit -- whiny isn't the right word but I have no other one to give you in context to him. He was just too soft a character for me in relation to his past and while that's not a failing, it still felt like wasted potential. All of that said, I don't want it to seem like I didn't enjoy the book. I did quite a bit once I dropped my expectations (which I admit I should have done right from the start) and just let it be what it was: a straightforward wizard meets vampire and they have a magical bond (in blood) together. Which, really, could be the plot of any number of fan fictions out there these days but who says that's a bad things?

  • Susan65
    2019-03-26 02:10

    The Blogger Girls I love me some hot, smexy vampires…and a vampire that’s emotionally damaged just revs my engines even more. Orlando is over two hundred years old and was turned by a sadistic rapist when he was only 23 years old. His creator may be long dead, but the pain and self-hatred lives on inside Orlando’s heart and mind, and it’s hard for him to find anything worthy about being a creature of the night…until he meets Alain.Alain is a widow grieving over the loss of his son. The war taking place between the dark wizards and the good wizards is destroying lives, families, and if not controlled, the entire universe will suffer. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and so the wizards decided they are left with no choice but to try and form an alliance with the vampires. They need all the advantages to be gained, and the vampires are a fearsome group and one that could swing the tide of the war in their favor…if they can come to an agreement and form an alliance.Orlando and Alain are the first paired vampire-wizard fighting team. What no one expected, including them, was they would also fall head over heels in love…and…that Alain’s magical blood would allow Orlando to walk safely in the sunshine. This was a dream come true for a creature who missed being a normal man. And a powerful weapon for the war, as well.Alliance in Blood is the first book in a series of seven surrounding the wizards and vampires who are forming these special bonds. Not all, not even most, of the wizards are happy becoming snacks for the vampires, but the raging war requires that they put their fears and disgust aside for the better good. I was happy to see Thierry, Alain’s best friend, find a match that could help draw him out of his grief. I am very hopeful that the next book continues the growing love between Orlando and Alain, plus the kindling fire starting inside Thierry.A word of warning: this story takes place in France, and I speak zero french. The few French words sprinkled throughout the story brought forth the authenticity, but it stumped me on more than one occasion. Also, there are a lot of characters in this world building starter book, and nearly everyone has a point of view. I enjoyed that to an extent but it was also a lot of information to digest. Fortunately, the most face time was with our love struck magical beings, Orlando and Alain, and both are truly wonderful characters, so I was able to plow ahead without too much trouble and spent a great deal of time enjoying their fast romance but slow burn sexual tension. Sounds contradictory, but because of Orlando’s horrific past, these guys move relatively slow…even though it was only a couple days. This is super hard to explain but trust me, it works.So, if you are looking for a different kind of vampire story. A story about self discovery and recovery from a horrific past. And a super sweet, but very sexy relationship between two strong characters, than I will offer you this series. I, for one, can’t wait to read the next book.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-12 01:59

    In an urban romance setting, a Paris in which wizards and vampires are simple citizens with more or less power, the wizards need allies.Renegade wizards who are searching to rule the world using the dark magic are becoming more and more bolder. Marcel, the general of the army of the good wizard seeks alliance with Jean, the master of Parisian vampires. Both men agree to a meeting between a wizard and a vampire in Pere Lachaise cemetery. Alain, a wizard who lost his wife and son to the hands of the dark wizards, volunteers; on the other side the chosen is Orlando, a more than two hundreds years vampire who was turned when he was 23 years old, and so now he has the face of a blond angel, but scars which are so deeply that still marks his behavior. The alliance should implies only that the vampires will help the wizards in their fight, but when Orlando samples Alain's blood, to test his sincerity, the bond between them runs deeply than a simple military agreement.Even if Orlando is older in age than Alain, he is not emotionally grown. Orlando was raped and enslaved by his sire, and now, even if free by his captivity, he is shy and restrained, with his body and with his feelings. Alain, with his gentle touch and ability to comprehend and soothe, is the right man to ensure Orlando's trust. Alain accepts to deepen their relationship beyond a simple fighting bond, Orlando and Alain become a real life couple; in an alliance that is new and fragile, a so deep relationship is more an obstacle than anything else, since the other vampires and wizards have trouble to understand that it's not necessary to have a sexual bond to tighten a vampire/wizard pair.Orlando is very "young"; his relationship with Alain is more like that between a master and a pupil than between two equal adults. It doesn't matter that Orlando has lived so long, he has spent two hundreds years hiding and avoiding human contacts. Alain instead has loved and lost his love; more than his wife, he regrets the lost of his son, and, in a way, he has also fatherly feeling for Orlando: he falls so fast for Orlando since the vampire arises in him also protective feelings other than sexual desires.The story is a bit dark and gothic, but in some points it is almost funny: the scene in the Gare de Lyon, when wizards and vampires meet to find the other match in the pair, reminds me one of those teens party, where boys and girls stand one on the other side of the room not having the courage to mingle, chat and dance.Another thing that left me pretty impressed in the story, was how vampires are treated in this urban alternative reality: they are shunned and avoided as undesirables, but not as dangerous... a bit like gay in a conservative environment?

  • Noughty
    2019-04-14 06:00

    I'm not a fan of insta love (this basically is insta). I missed the friction between characters, everything was too easy. It was tried to make it not easy - one character's problems with being touched and one little misunderstanding, which was made into way too big deal - firstly, nobody knew it was insulting to ask to drink other's blood and for some reason it was ok to do that before. And Orlando goes all crazy over this. Come on...That's it! And all problems in this book (among main characters) are solved instantly too or left unsolved (again the sex issue for the abused character). I'm way more interested in other couples (mostly Jean and Raymond).I think I will read the series mainly for that couple. Just to see how it goes, but this one left me as a completely unsatisfied reader.The only thing I liked was the world building (not too much of it, but still something new).

  • Camilla
    2019-04-08 06:58

    I thought this was relly good. A really interesting book that combined vamps with wizards.. Throw in a sweet love story, and you have yourself a really great first book in a series..I'm hoping that the relationship between Alain and Orlando (who I just love!) will be explored through out the next 3 books. They are still in the puppy love stage right now, well, considering that they "married" after knowing each other for less than 2 days, its as puppy as it gets, but even with that I loved how much they wanted eachother from the start.. Pure lust.. And I'm hoping that we'll see that grow into pure love as we keep reading.. Oh, and of course more of that lust too! *wink wink*I thought this was a great read, and I cant wait to start the next one!

  • Brenda (b)
    2019-04-08 04:06

    This is the first book in a four part series and, in my opinion, it's definitely not a stand alone. The ending is more like a pause in the telling of the story.There was a fairly large cast of characters. Alain and Orlando seemed to be the main couple in this part, but I could see where that could change and the focus could move to one of the other vampire/wizard pairings later.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-03-25 03:02

    A new take on the usually solitary vampire. A joining/bonding between good wizards and vampires in a war against the forces of dark wizards. A love story between a wizard,Alain and a vampire,Orlando rund through the series.

  • Paul
    2019-04-05 00:01

    5 Stars!! Holy cow, that was amazing! Good wizards teaming up with vampires to battle dark wizards? How cool is that??? And Alain and Orlando are seriously hot and the romance is swoon-worthy. So excited to get to the rest of this series!!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-09 05:17

    Holy Guacamole, THE FRIKIN FIRST EVER mm vampire book that I not only finished , but LOVED!!! I stayed up all night reading this gem am about to eagerly dive into book two. THANK YOU Ariel!!!

  • Emansil
    2019-04-19 04:13

    I do believe that only the fact that this was a m/m romance that saved it from a review similar to that of Magic Bites. (I also liked that there were wizards. I like wizards.)

  • Christy
    2019-04-12 07:05

    Fantastic! Haven't read a vampire story that good in a long, long, time!

  • Ann
    2019-03-26 23:21

    This book has a lot of great reviews. I was really looking forward to reading a book with a unique variation on vampires. This book started out very strong. I was immediately drawn in with the author’s description of Paris (which was really well done) and the on-going battle between the dark and white wizards. Unfortunately, the further I read, the weaker the story became. There are three main reasons why this book didn’t work for me. 1) Weird Storytelling Quirks. I realize that this is a romance novel. Which means that it is very important for the author to develop the relationship between the two main characters. But, for me, she developed the relationship way too quickly and at the expense of the story (i.e., the wizard war). I was initially impressed with her attention to detail (i.e., Alain remembering to pick up the wand he discarded at the first cemetery meeting) and her development of mystery (i.e., the wizards don’t really know anything about vampires and vice versa). But then. . . after the second cemetery meeting (between Orlando and Alain) Thierry gets a call that dark wizards attacked and someone (i.e., his estranged wife) he personally cares about very much may or may not be dead. What does he do? He goes to Orlando’s apartment (i.e., a vampire he knows nothing about and just formally met a few minutes ago) to experiment with a vampire/wizard blood bond that may or may not mean that vampires can go out into sunlight. (By the way, this would only be a tactile advantage if the alliance between wizards and vampires, which hasn’t even been fully realized, actually works out in the wizards favor. I mean for all the wizards know at this point in the story, they may just be advertising themselves as the ultimate vampire meal deal (i.e., drink a wizard and and stroll in the sun)). I realize why the characters need to know if the blood bond in a tactical advantage, but that is no excuse for basically ignoring a (somewhat) main character’s reaction to a major emotional blow. Nothing about Thierry’s mental state relating to the attack is even hinted at until he’s on his way to pick up breakfast a few hours later. Thierry doesn’t even bother to call in for an update on the situation. This lack of a realistic character reaction threw me right out the story. As a reader, I anticipated Alain and Thierry returning to headquarters followed with some sort of white wizard investigation into what happened, how did their people die? What did they learn from the attack? Anything at all really, even Alain simply asking Thierry if he was okay, would have been better than the author completely ignoring the situation until Thierry goes for breakfast. I re-read the whole section thinking I missed the part where anyone cares (acknowledges in an emotionally meaningful way) about the people who just died. Nope, didn’t happen. I mean, if I were a wizard fighting a war, curious though I may be about a possible new tactical advantage (i.e., with vampires who only just agreed to fight on the side of the good wizards and may have a hidden agenda for all I know), my immediate (as in that very night) focus would be on the most recent attack. I would go back to my commanding officer (Marcel) with the news that the alliance (with the vampires) is a definite go and make plans to experiment with the blood bond at a more appropriate time (the next night, meeting the vampires in a neutral location). At the very least, I would not just walk to some vampires apartment on some sort of (let’s find out what happens if we do this whim). People are dying, to some extent these wizards don’t even know if they can trust their own people. Let alone the vampires they know nothing about. So why would anyone be so quick to trust vampires that much, that quickly?Keep the mystery alive, are the vampires good, bad, misunderstood? Will the alliance work? Does Jean really speak for all the vampires? Wouldn’t it be somewhat prudent for everyone to take the rest of that night, at the very least, and think about how to proceed with testing the blood bond in a way that is safe and responsible for all parties? This is a war.2) Take some time to develop the relationship. You have a whole book. Just because you feel lust for a person and have sexual fantasies you may not have expected (i.e., as Alain does after Orlando first bits him), does not mean that you abandon all reason. These wizards are soldiers, they fight and die all the time. I would think they have some semblance of self-preservation, if not a bit more self-control. It can be very sexy in a romance novel for someone’s self-control to slowly come undone, but that is not what happens here. There is an instant connection between Orlando and Alain. This connection is explained as being supernatural (blood bond) and occurs in a single boring (not scary, not sexy) bite. A romance book about a vampire where the first bite is not accompanied with a scene that reeves up the anticipation, drawing readers into the chilly delight of pleasure spiked with pain? It took all the fun out of reading about a vampire. I mean, there’s no sexy romance scene, there’s no heroic life rescue scene, not even your basic hurt/comfort scene. Simply a conversation about a war I just learned about in the last chapter and a super boring bite. As a reader, I felt left out. Where’s the charisma? If the characters are falling in love, or lusting after one another, I want to come along for the ride, not just see the destination. This connection makes sense more from Orlando’s point of view, he knows that Alain isn’t lying and feels desire (i.e., he can taste emotions and intentions in blood). But from Alain’s point of view? Not so much. Regardless of the attraction Alain feels for Orlando, would a seasoned solider really be so quick to trust anyone they just met so completely? In the middle of a war zone?3) Emotionally Abusive Relationship Woes. Emotional abuse is a serious topic that unfortunately affects a lot of people. It was an interesting choice to make this part of Orlando’s character. And this background certainly could have worked if the author had made Orlando emotionally distant, or resistant to trusting others easily. People who have been in emotionally abusive situations do to tend to be a bit gun shy about getting into another serious relationship.However, Orlando is a vampire. Vampires have decades if not centuries to cope, grow and learn from their past. It always drives me crazy when authors write vampires with human emotional reactions. Isn’t that the equivalent of a 20 year old author creating a 68 year old character and giving that 68 year old character a 20 year old's emotional response to a situation? Generally speaking, age alone, is enough of a variable to expect a person to handle emotions and emotionally charged situations really well, or at least for that person to have a different or unique emotional perspective. So when a vampire had a very dramatic reaction to a simple cultural faux pas (i.e., Alain did not know that vampires bite are the emotional equivalent of sex, and asking Orland to bite another wizard in order to ascertain the wizards honesty), this instantly made Orlando’s character too unbelievable. No one I’ve ever met, with the possible exception of a bratty toddler, would ever storm off to their room and slam the door on an alliance that could mean the salvation of their people’s individual rights just because some guy he just met accidentally, and with no intended malice, misinterpreted a situation (the emotional connection a vampire has when to biting people). Seeing a vampire that was that emotionally undeveloped (i.e., emotional abuse issues or not) was too much of a stretch for me as a reader. I wanted to throw up my hands and slam my own bedroom door on the book.

  • Katherine
    2019-04-15 02:02

    An interesting start to a series with a world of vampires, wizards, and a risk to the whole world if the balance of dark and light should shift.This book is clearly written with a plan for a series in mind. It has the feel of sweeping along with multiple important characters and their viewpoints, many interlocking storylines, and of course a secret war that will determine the fate of the world. With dark wizards fighting against the light, and it looking as though they will win the battle, wizards need to reach out for a new ally lest they lose the war and the world suffers. But allies are not easy to find, with a need for there to be a benefit to them beyond the fighting, and there is much animosity between the two species that leads to barriers and tension as a partnership is sought out.Though there are many characters, this book does in a way focus on one partnership, that of Orlando and Alain. These are the first two we meet, and the first to broach a partnership. They has a fascinating chemistry, one that sparked instantly and yet was carefully worked out and through. There is a lot of hurt in both characters, of loss int he past and pains never overcome, but their partnership is a slow gentle warmth that brings the two of them new life. It was a tense relationship to form but what it bud through this book was beautiful and promising. As with anything, such a close and loving bond allows others to see that there can be more than hatred and fear, but that message is slow and difficult to get out there, and the alliance still has much to overcome as the book comes to a close.With some unique additions to this fantasy world and a fascinating cast of characters, both light and dark, this book holds promise for an interesting series that I am looking forward to pursuing.

  • Danielle Gypsy Soul
    2019-04-19 02:00

    This series has some potential. I really liked the concept of the book but the two MC's Orlando and Alain were just too sweet and insta love. Within days of meeting they fall in love and form a bond that is forever - I just didn't buy it. The whole bond thing is bad enough in shifter books but now it's in vampire books too - ARGH! I actually liked some of the secondary characters better so I may continue the series since it doesn't revolve around Orlando and Alian. I'm not in a hurry to continue but I haven't written this series off yet either.

  • LG (A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions)
    2019-04-08 23:08

    I was working on my “Best and Worst of 2017” post and realized I still needed to review this because it’s definitely going to end up on my “worst” list.This is one of the Dreamspinner Press books I bought before I decided to boycott them for knowingly publishing P2P fanfic and then just sort of shrugging and doing nothing when they were called on it. I had given Tachna’s The Inventor’s Companion 3 stars when I read it back in 2011 and liked it just enough to give her books another shot. This turned out to be a mistake on my part.I finished this a month and a half ago, so apologies if my summary has some issues. Alliance in Blood stars Orlando, a vampire, and Alain, a wizard. Vampires and wizards have been at war for a long time. Although wizards view vampires as dangerous monsters, they’ve decided that they need to try to form an alliance with them because the wizards are also at war with dark wizards and could use some help. The vampires agree to the alliance 1) because it would give them a chance at having the same rights as wizards and 2) because Alain and Orlando accidentally form a bond and discover that wizard blood might allow vampires to walk in the sun again.My issues with this book started in the author’s introduction and just got worse from there. In her introduction, Tachna writes: “I can very proudly state that I've never read a vampire story. Not Anne Rice, not Laurel K. Hamilton, not Bram Stoker. The closest I've ever come was a monologue I read in seventh grade called ‘Dress of White Silk.’” (4) I’m pretty sure that Tachna intended this as evidence of just how original her vampire story was going to be. However, as someone who has read and enjoyed a lot of vampire stories, I just found it insulting. Not having read a subgenre’s foundational works isn’t something for someone writing in that subgenre to be proud of, and it also isn’t necessarily an indicator that the work is going to be original, just that the author will have absolutely no clue whether it’s original or not. I also wasn’t encouraged by Tachna’s misspelling of Laurell K. Hamilton’s name.The introduction went on to say that Alliance in Blood was originally just the first part of one very long novel that Tachna was forced to break into separate novels in order to make it more likely that a publisher would accept it. This brings me to one of Alliance in Blood’s many problems: its poor pacing. Most of the book is devoted to Orlando and Alain testing the effects of Alain’s blood and the blood of other wizards on vampires, all while angsting and panting over each other like horny teenagers. Sometimes characters recounted events for other characters’ benefit, which readers had to suffer through even though these events had already happened on-page. I have a feeling that Tachna’s one long book could have been much stronger if she had just ruthlessly edited it and cut out any unnecessary scenes. Well, it might have been better. Pacing wasn’t the book’s only problem. Another huge issue was the way it missed all emotional notes that weren’t directly related to Orlando and Alain wanting to have sex with each other. Relatively early on in the book, Alain’s best friend Thierry’s not-quite-ex-wife was killed by dark wizards. Hardly anyone seemed to care or remember that this had happened. I could sort of accept Thierry’s reaction as his way of trying to keep it together and continue doing his job. I was disgusted by Alain, however. Instead of worrying about his best friend, he could barely keep his hands and mind off Orlando, a guy he’d only known for maybe a day. Orlando and Alain’s relationship moved unbelievably fast. If I remember right, the whole book took place in the space of maybe three days. In that time, Orlando and Alain declared their love for each other, Alain allowed Orlando to brand him, and they ended up with a bond that put Orlando completely at Alain’s mercy. They had one absolutely ridiculous argument where Alain was supposedly in the wrong, and all I could think was that Orlando was expecting someone who was almost a stranger to basically read his mind and know automatically how he felt.After many chapters of almost nothing new happening, the book ended with sequel bait (a bunch of vampires and wizards pairing off, with varying degrees of willingness) and a wooden and boring big battle. I’m glad that this was the only book in the series that I purchased, because I have no desire to continue on with this series.Additional Comments:I have no idea if this was a formatting problem or if it was intentionally done, but there were no scene breaks - the book moved smoothly from one scene to the next in the space of a paragraph. In one instance, this had the unfortunate effect of making it look like Orlando was calmly drinking espresso at the edge of a bloody battle like it was no big deal.(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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    2019-04-19 01:08

    4.5 star review by VickiThis book was the first m/m book I read, over five years ago, and started me on a life changing path. This whole series has been important to me, and I’ve contemplated rereading them, but so many new books come out that I hadn’t made the time. Until now! Ariel has written the eighth and book in the series, and has rereleased the whole series after a bit of editing. It seemed like a good time to do a reread, so here we are!The Partnership in Blood books are contemporary paranormal stories, set in Paris, but a Paris a bit different from the one we are familiar with. Magic is an acknowledged fact of life, and a war is going on between two factions of wizards. Those led by Marcel Chavinier, general of the Milice de Sorcellerie (referred to as the Milice), and those led by Pascal Serrier (referred to as the dark wizards or rebel wizards). The war takes place in and around Paris, but will have a world wide affect if the dark wizards win, as their use of magic is affecting the overall environment. I know from reading this series as they came out, that the first four books are about this war, following the stories of wizards and vampires as they form an alliance to battle the dark wizards.Alliance in Blood starts partway through the war, I’m not sure how long it has been going on, at least a couple years. Long enough for a fair amount of damage to occur, and for the good wizards to be desperate for help. They come up with the idea of forming an alliance with the local vampires, an underappreciated group if there ever was one. Magic users may be protected from persecution in the world, but vampires are not. Even though they are generally good, and don’t kill their victims when they feed, choosing to make feeding a pleasant experience between consenting adults. They are not liked by humans in general and have no legal protection. Marcel sends a volunteer to meet a representative sent by the chef de la Cour of the Parisian vampires, Jean Bellaiche.This leads to the meeting of Alain Magnier and Orlando St. Clair in a graveyard at midnight. They are the main characters of the first four books. Alain is a wizard high in the ranks of the Alliance, working tirelessly in the war efforts, having paid a high price. He is strong but lonely, he has friends within the wizards, but no one just for himself. Orlando is a very damaged soul, as we learn eventually. The vampires don’t have much rank, but if they did, Orlando would certainly be at the bottom. He’s got an inner core of strength, but it is hard to find, most vampires just ignore him, except for Jean who loves him. As a son, but still, he loves him. So Alain and Orlando meet as part of this alliance forming, chat a bit, exchange a bit a blood, agree to pursue the alliance discussion between their groups, the vampires asking for the wizards to support them in a bid for recognition and protections, the wizards asking for help in the war. And that’s it. But there is more going on between Alain and Orlando than just the alliance discussion…This leads to the romance part of the story, a close bond is accidentally formed between them, because Orlando is very untrusting, Alain does something inconsiderate that Orlando over reacts to, and bam! Partners for life. The first time I read this book I was thinking “Awww…. So sweet!” This time I was more “Really? Orlando, over reaction much?” But there it is, they are now a couple! They form a bond called an Aveu de Sang, meaning that Orlando can only feed from Alain for the rest of Alain’s life, and they become somewhat obsessively bound. They also embark on a sexual relationship, very carefully as Orlando was the slave of a nasty vampire for a very long time and is pretty mentally damaged. At one point Alain wishes there were scars on Orlando’s body so he would know where to touch and not touch. I found that very sad…So I’ll be brief as I’m taking too long with this. We have the romance building between Alain and Orlando, and the war efforts continuing. The vampires and wizards discover that if the vampires feed from the right wizards, a bond is formed, and the vampires can go out in sunlight for a limited time. This will give the group an advantage in numbers over the dark wizards, and they need to determine how to use this to their advantage. We meet a very large cast of characters during this process, that I know from my first read we will follow and get to know more closely later. We get glimpses of the bad guys, and hear about the bad shit they have done to some of the good guys.Even five years later, and a couple thousand m/m romance novels later, I still enjoyed this book, maybe not as much as the first time since I was so new to this world, and it was so amazing, but it’s still a fantastic book. I had built it up in my mind, and it held true… This is just the beginning, so there is no happy ending, and it’s all about setting the stage for the later books, but it is a great book. Good writing, good characters, good world building, a great start to this series!A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. Please visit to see this and many more reviews, author interviews, guestposts and giveaways!

  • Suzi
    2019-03-24 22:57

    Well written and a good, strong plot.However, not my thing and I will not be continuing with the series.