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Antonina Black, or just Nina, is a wise-mouthed but wounded girl. After leaving her homeland Russia, she is sent to live with her aunt in America. Nina tries to adjust to a new life with her homophobic cousins and American high school. But then things begins to take a new turn when the enigmatic Allecra Knight, a blonde mystery who seems to bring Nina's day both the sunshiAntonina Black, or just Nina, is a wise-mouthed but wounded girl. After leaving her homeland Russia, she is sent to live with her aunt in America. Nina tries to adjust to a new life with her homophobic cousins and American high school. But then things begins to take a new turn when the enigmatic Allecra Knight, a blonde mystery who seems to bring Nina's day both the sunshine and dark storm. There is a spark of something unusual between them, but it comes with an underlying cost. Allecra Knight has a secret and a big one at that. There is something different about her that fascinates Nina but at the same time terrifies her. Will she prefer a normal peaceful existence or find the courage to explore the unknown?...

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black knight Reviews

  • Cristina
    2019-02-08 06:35

    Very interesting story. The book is about aliens, sexuality, gender identity, and love. The relationship of the two main characters is developed better in the second part of the book. At the beginning I felt that both characters hadn't connected very well, but as the story progressed the relationship between them make more sense to me.

  • So Yeah
    2019-01-28 03:36

    I have never read anything quite like this book! This is one of the most powerful stories I've ever read. It stays with you even after you finish it. And I will sure reread this book soon. It's a strange and beautiful and amazing story. Although it was mostly about a romance between girls, there was a lot more to it. The setting of a dystopian world was also done very well. Reading it felt like a magic carpet taking me soaring through the skies with the characters. I can't stress enough how much I love Allecra. And Nina is such a sweetheart, I found her point of view very refreshing and also humorous at times. They made a perfect balance in the character development. Everyone in the story comes alive like real people. Even it's a sci-fi story, it feels so realistic. I have read many books, published ones, but this indie author is something else. Some stories take you on wild adventures, drawing you in with their depths of emotion. This story sits right in the center of your heart and warms you up from within.Honestly, the story brought me to tears multiple times, I am in love with how the author wrote everything. This truly sensational feeling of empathy for all characters involved in the story. It does not only show us how a character is acting and feeling, but it makes us understand and wants to feel what that character is feeling on a fairly deep and emotional level. I'm scared to share this story with my friends because of a few various reasons, but I want to so badly because I've never had such knee jerk emotional reactions to things in my life.

  • Danin Jones
    2019-02-13 06:21

    I love books that take me on a journey. This one did just that. I thought I would have trouble with the high school theme since there has been so many stories just like this, but this book just blew my mind and went beyond my expectation. I'm pretty critical with characterization and story development in fiction, but this one gave me so much joy, I dropped all my assumptions and just enjoyed the ride.I don't have enough adjectives to describe this book, really. The feeling I had from reading it made me light-headed. It's like a hangover, but a good kind of hangover, which is hard to find in LGBT genre. To be honest, I was hesitant to read at first because I didn't really trust the story to be good. I was dead wrong! I loved and cared for the characters so much I felt like jumping into the story myself. The story was simple, yet beautiful, sexually arousing and also well thought out. I loved the dystopian elements and the imaginary world that seemed so realistic, I did feel like it actually existed. Because the author not only made me understand but also felt everything that was going on. I could follow the journey of this writer from beginning to end and completely enjoy the work. I can highly recommend the read.

  • Country Goose
    2019-02-10 02:30

    Super long and drawn out.....Every once in a while I get a craw and want to read something new, exciting, heartwarming, something. I enjoy reading from other people's perspectives and expanding my reading. This was marketed towards the LGTB community. In the very beginning, this author even says this is a good read for gay women, transgender, and even women considering a switch. No, I would not recommend it because a lot of it is whinning and repetitive dialogue over and over and over. Combine that to it being weird.This reads like Twilight, but instead of a sparkly vampire we get an alien lesbian trangender. It saddened me because I really like the movie Boys Don't Cry, and I was hoping for something just as sweet, though hopefully not as tragic. I'm sure there are other titles I could try to fill that space, but this one cmame up in a random recommendation. Then connecting to several other titles that were WAY out there that I didn't realize what they were..... yeah, apparently I'm still sheltered and innocent in some areas....Moving on.The writing isn't horrible, but there are enough errors you can tell English is not Svetlana's first language. As mentioned, much of the dialogue repeats intself, and the book should have ended long before it did.I should mention I did not finish the book. I got to about 60%ish and had to give up. The plot never thickens, nor does story ever pick up.

  • Rae
    2019-02-11 06:16

    I've read this author previously and I will read her work again. I wasn't sure if I would like this book, but I ended up loving it.

  • _AnthemOfTheLonely_
    2019-02-20 00:33

    Very good😁

  • Lik AndHerDeer
    2019-01-30 02:19

    The only bad part of this book is that it ends. Compelling two main characters and their sensual and passionate romance leave you breathing deep heartfelt sighs of complete satisfaction.

  • Riley T
    2019-02-10 22:21

    The preview on Amazon gave me hopes. It sounded interesting enough, despite the unfortunate Twilight vibes I was getting. In the end, I just didn't buy the main relationship. Too quick to devolve into "I love you" solves every problem territory. Nina has a fear (view spoiler)[of having a child because her mother died in childbirth. (hide spoiler)] But it's never really dealt with in any way. Allecra largely ignores it, which is all kinds of ick in context. Nina only deals with it because she has to, but in a very sudden, anticlimactic way.Small errors litter the entire story, getting more frequent farther in. Suite instead of suit, a missing if, incorrect tense. That sort of thing. Oddly enough, it didn't seem to be due to the main character not being a native english speaker, despite several characters pointing out that her english needed work. There were parts that made me laugh and parts that made me smile. But that alone didn't make up for the rest.

  • Amanda McCarter
    2019-01-28 23:26

    I am impressed with how well written this story is and was a really 'page' turner..I was never a big fan of science fiction but this story emphasizes on love was beautifully written. I can't express enough how much I love this story. It is genuinely fantastic, and I am so happy to have read it. Such an amazing piece of literature. This book is the most beautiful I have read yet and I hope to read more just like it. I didn't think I would make it this far. In fact I thought I had a heart attack at one point. At first, I had soooo many questions and I was afraid to take a risk to read this one. It's like, I had to come out of my comfort zone. It's just stuck on my library, arguing with my brain if I'm gonna read it or not. But reading about a beautiful and amazing story of an earthling girl and a handsome beautiful alien is a must. I was excited as in 'I can't put it down at night I'm reading it till 3am even I have to work at 7" and the BEST THING is the Love that I felt and trusted in this relationship. It feels like the story reached inside me and ripped out a chunk of my heart, I'm going to miss this book so much.

  • Joann
    2019-01-24 03:39

    I have read many lesbian books *sighs* but this tops the list. Just one word to describe this book, epic! I loved it, the way it was written, the way the author expressed everything, it's just like a gentle breeze from the sea in summer. I feel like this is the most underrated story in the LGBT genre. There are quite a number of scenes which actually make me cry actual tears. A very beautiful story about love between two girls *spoiler* from different worlds. It's like Romeo and Juliet sneaking out to love each other while the world is against them. It's also about family and societal issue. But I love the fact that this story isn't all about gay issue like most lesbain stories I've read. The main character Nina already knows who she is and she embraces it. I loved Allecra's point of view as well. She's so intriguing and hot hot hot! She made my heart melt more than one occasions and that says something since my heart is made of ice. This book is just amazing.

  • Consuelo Garcia
    2019-01-28 03:32

    Love the story!This is the second book I have read and like the first, it was good read. The story flowed perfectly and had me tense a few times. I enjoyed all the main characters. I totally lost myself in t his book. I can't wait to read another book m

  • NAECad aka. WolfieN65
    2019-02-02 22:17

    I read it on Wattpad first before it became published. Seems like a long while ago now... I fell in love with it cause it was so sensual and sexy and erotic, but also really deep, emotional, and just... makes you wanna melt with that love.

  • Heather Henkel
    2019-02-03 03:28

    AmazingThis was a really amazing story. The way she brought in sci-fi and aliens and mixed them with gender identity issues and family was done really well. Even the love story wasn't over the top.