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Take a front row seat into the theater of mayhem and witness one man’s final journey to finish the legacy he created many years ago. Kevin’s death was only the beginning but now one man comes face to face with his demons as he descends deeper and deeper into madness and mayhem. Step inside the killing fields if you dare…....

Title : legacy 2
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ISBN : 32293999
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 191 Pages
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legacy 2 Reviews

  • Janie C.
    2019-01-17 09:09

    Legacy 2 picks up where its precursor ends.  At the conclusion of Legacy, Charles' grandson, Kevin, commits suicide after perpetrating the ultimate murder.  Kevin was a serial killer, and documented his experiences in journal form.  Charles is shocked not only by his grandson's death, but also by the link that they had in common - both of them were serial killers.  Charles has not killed in a very long time.  The voices that guided him to torture and murder had disappeared after he fell in love and started a family.  Can sociopaths feel love and compassion?  Apparently, Charles can.  He has learned to live as normally as possible by following his peers' examples.  As a child, he claims "I had to study kids my own age just so I could function in the real world."  But Charles also assures us that "I may have been a murderer, but I wasn't an asshole."  That's a relief, because in order to make socializing tolerable, Charles would have to imagine his company's heads on sticks.  Once the voices disappear, however, Charles becomes virtually harmless.  Through his own narration, Charles tells us how he began killing at an early age.  He believes that he passed his legacy of evil to his grandson.  Was his grandson weak because he ended his own life?  By reading through Kevin's journals, Charles realizes where the real weakness lies.  We are presented with a detailed journey through a damaged mind.  Personally, I preferred Legacy.  The juxtaposition between the grandson's account and his grandfather's sentiments were intimate and chilling.  Legacy 2 did not meet up to my expectations, but it was still an absorbing novel.  3.5 whacks to the throat

  • Danielle Harris
    2019-02-09 09:04

    Gritty Dark Ride You Don't Want To Miss!Michael Noe is my most favorite horror author. Not to mention how sick and twisted his words are. If you haven't read Legacy you should then pick up Legacy 2. This is a hell of a ride you don't want to miss!Quote:I loved the dull thump it made as the claw sunk into her skull, cracking it like a hardboiled egg.

  • Tamara
    2019-01-27 14:07

    A family tradition that isn't for the faint of heart. Noe gives us another installment that is a bloody good read and even more chilling than the first. Highly recommend and look forward to reading more from this author!