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In this fourth installment of the Doyle & Acton mystery series, Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle realizes that several apparently unrelated murders are actually "containment" murders--murders to contain an ominous scandal that could reach into the highest levels of Scotland Yard's CID. In the process of tracking down the killers, however, she comes to the unsettling rIn this fourth installment of the Doyle & Acton mystery series, Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle realizes that several apparently unrelated murders are actually "containment" murders--murders to contain an ominous scandal that could reach into the highest levels of Scotland Yard's CID. In the process of tracking down the killers, however, she comes to the unsettling realization that Chief Inspector Acton has committed a containment murder or two of his own....

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murder in containment Reviews

  • Varied Books
    2019-02-20 22:47

    4.5 starsBest in the series so far. I love the mystery & the characters. Acton & Doyle are awesome together. AC writing flows well.Sadly still All sex scenes are fade to black in this series but I still loved the book. There is definite love between the H/h & passion.I hope the author releases the book in audio.

  • Sandy
    2019-02-22 00:01

    This is up there with book #1 as best of the bunch. Review to follow.

  • Barbara Monajem
    2019-03-15 19:33

    Another fabulous installment in the series. The same wonderful characters, and a plot with plenty of twists and turns. I stayed up most of the night to finish it!

  • Gary Van Cott
    2019-03-23 23:39

    I really like this series. I was surprised to find this book was available since I had previously understood the author to say it wouldn't be released until the summer of 2017. This is probably the most fanciful of any series I have read that is set in the UK, but very enjoyable just the same. I recommend it be read in order and it is especially important to read the first book first.

  • Jason Daugherty
    2019-03-06 02:49

    FantasticI love Doyle and Acton!!! This book was very good! I can't wait for the next one. I believe that you will be entertained!

  • KathyB
    2019-03-09 19:41

    Another great addition to the series, I love this couple. Acton is the best, I wish there were more books with heroes like him.4.5 Stars

  • Kara-karina
    2019-03-18 21:50

    4.5/5God, I love this couple! And it's such an unusual series as well. Deceptively simplistic but at the same time unexpectedly twisted and dark.The previous book ended on an interesting note. Not only Doyle got pregnant, her gift started to branch out. She no longer just hears lies and truths, she starts dreaming in premonitions.Acton is working on a very high profile case, but Doyle's own case accidentally crosses it over. This is treacherous waters for them both, as Acton is hiding his own vigilante activity, and Doyle is covering up for her husband's dark secrets.I find it impossible to explain what's happening without spoilers into an extremely convoluted plot. There are a couple of revelations which took me completely by surprise and turned some things upside down, and there is even a chapter from Williams' point of view, and as a result I could not put this book down it was that riveting.It's a great police procedural in the heart of Scotland Yard, and both characters are not straight cut, and the more they get to know each other, the less conventional they become. I love them to bits despite their dysfunctional happily ever after and can't wait to see what they would be up to next. Very much recommended.* * *Боже мой, как же я люблю эту парочку! Да и серия сама по себе уникальная. Обманчиво примитивная, она становится всё темнее и запутаннее, чем больше в неё вчитываешься.Предыдущая книга закончилась на очень интересной ноте. Дойл не только забеременела, её необычный дар начал развиваться. Теперь она не только видит ложь и правду в словах окружающих, она видит сны, предсказывающие будущую опасность. Актон работает над очень высокопоставленным делом, которое Скотланд Ярд пытается разрешить вдали от глаз прессы. В то же время расследование убийства криминального фотографа, в котором Дойл помогает главному детективу неожиданно пересекается с расследованием её мужа. Актон переживает, так как это подвергает жену опасности, и её сны его стрессу совершенно не помогают.В то же время, Дойл зная о тёмных делах Актона, где он втихую занимается самосудом преступников, ьеспокоится, что правда выйдет наружу и пытается сделать всё, чтобы её скрыть.Очень сложно говорить о том, что происходит в этой книге и её не проспойлерить. Сюжет запутан, особенно ближе к концу когда гений Актона раскрывается полностью. Готовьтесь также к парочке шокирующих секретов, раскрытие которых переворачивает представление об Актоне с ног на голову. Мисс Клиланд также радует читателей главой с точки зрения Уильямса.Как обычно, оторваться невозможно. Очень понравилось развитие отношений Актона и Дойл. Вот кажется, что они такие разные, но они настолько хорошо друг друга понимают, что читать об их семейной жизни - одно удовольствие. Очень рекомендую.

  • Lesa
    2019-03-03 20:47

    How to describe Anne Cleeland's Doyle and Acton mysteries? They are as difficult to summarize as Louise Penny's works. While Cleeland's characters work for Scotland Yard, she's created her own unusual world for them. Murder in Containment, the fourth in the series, is a complex, riveting story that draws the reader in from page one. It's hard to turn away when a Detective Chief Inspector is bait for a killer. And, that's only the beginning of a convoluted trap. While Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle struggles with her morning sickness, she also struggles with the knowledge that Scotland Yard somehow seems involved in containment murders. Someone wants to keep scandal from reaching the higher levels in Scotland Yard, and a few murders seem ominously convenient. And, Doyle, with her uncanny ability to recognize lies and her "gift", senses that her husband, Acton, may have been involved in a few of those murders.Doyle's nighttimes are as disturbing as her days. She's tormented by a recurring dream, and both she and Acton are aware that it may be warning. Acton is already obsessed with Doyle's safety. Now, the foreboding dream makes him take extra precautions despite Doyle's restlessness.Cleeland's mysteries have an intimacy that is lacking in most other books. The reader is drawn into the extraordinary lives of Doyle and Acton. Perhaps it's because of the unusual protagonists. Perhaps it's because of the tangled relationships in the books. Characters are skillfully drawn with fascinating stories. Perhaps it's the author's skill in creating ingenious plots and original characters that draws the reader back again and again.Murder in Containment is the fourth in this compelling series. But, you must read the earlier three books in order to understand the characters and the storyline. Pick up Murder in Thrall, and, if you're as entranced as I am, you'll soon be caught up in a Cleeland's world of Doyle and Acton.

  • Joan
    2019-03-16 19:54

    This fourth book in the Acton and Doyle series was such a euphoric and bittersweet read, outstanding plot and character development that held me in the story throughout, I did not want it to end. There was a nice section with Thomas Williams, his story promises to be very fascinating going forth. The scene with Williams and Mathis dueling in the car was priceless, I'd love to see these two have more scenes together. I adore Reynolds, he is such a wonderful, understated but steady character. Doyle is just precious, she is such a real, earthy heroine who is not snotty or snarky. I love how her fey "gift" includes being able to communicate with Acton's ancestors at Trestles. She is the perfect partner for the elusive, enigmatic Lord Acton. I hope they get a break from danger for a while to see their baby safely delivered. I was very intrigued by that last scene regarding Acton's ancestry. I think the dowager Lady Acton is hiding something behind that icy demeanor of hers. I enjoyed every word of Murder in Containment, the plot twist were mind-blowing, I did not see what was coming until the last page. I was left bereft and wanting more. Book 5, Murder in All Honour, is a is due to be released in March 2017. I will be pre-ordering it as soon as it becomes available. I very highly recommend this series!

  • Bev Surratt
    2019-03-02 21:45

    I dived into this book and read until my eyes and head hurt. I couldn't put it down. My timeline appears to be several days, however, I devoured it in record time. After reading it, I started the entire series again to put everything back into context and then re-read Murder in Containment. This time, i savored every word. They are that good! Anne's characters are complex, and develop gradually. Every time you peel back a layer, you find that each one is more intriguing. The characters are funny, insightful, brilliant and at times, quirky. The intricately woven and fresh story line keeps you captivated. If you like mysteries and a love story that makes you want to kiss your own mate in hopeless devotion, you must read them all! Anne Cleeland is a masterful story teller!!

  • Amy Reed
    2019-03-22 22:38

    As soon as I realized there was another book out in the Doyle and Acton series, I immediately bought the kindle version so I could start reading it. I am usually a "library book" person but I am so addicted to Anne Cleeland books that I buy them right away. This installment in the series does not disappoint but once again leaves you wanting more!!

  • Mari
    2019-03-24 01:43

    I finished . I like Doyle and Acton but they seem to work against each other at times. Doyle doesn't want to tell Acton things she's learned and Acton is the master mind behind catching the bad guys but doesn't clue Doyle in. It gets tedious. I wish there was more communication between them. I like most of the secondary characters. They all work for Scotland Yard yet these characters just seem to be working the cases they choose when they choose to work them. Maybe it's just Doyle who does pretty much wants she and gets paid for it because of Acton. She doesn't seem accountable for much at her job. I realize that she's much younger than Acton and inexperienced but she'll never learn if all the characters just humor her or only use her as a human lie detector when they need to question suspects. Acton keeps too many secrets and she doesn't call him on it or press him for answers.I wouldn't expect Kathleen to become suddenly competent but she doesn't seem to be growing much. You would think that her experiences would teach her to pay more attention to that scalp prickling she always gets. She needs to be more aware and stop dismissing her feelings when she knows they mean something. I wish her character would grow up a bit faster.I'm not totally frustrated yet so I'm moving on to 3.5 - 4.0****

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2019-02-24 20:37

    Reviewed by [email protected] Stars ReviewsIn the fourth book of the series, Doyle is being kept away from the cases that Acton is working on. He doesn't want her around that, however, things aren't as they seem, and Doyle knows that Acton is in danger from something he doesn't know about. She will do everything she can to keep him safe. This book was okay. I'm getting really annoyed with Acton. I hate that he keeps so much from her, even the he knows she has abilities to find out what is really going on. So, that is getting really old. Plus it feels like he can't trust her, and that is why he doesn't tell her things, which in my opinion make it seem like their marriage and love is ridiculous. Other than that I liked this one, and I liked how Doyle slowly started standing up for herself, but then she kept backing down so that wasn't cool, but she tried. I want her to stand up for what she believes in. I do look forward to more, but I'm hoping Doyle and Acton get a little bit better.

  • Kathy Jund
    2019-03-13 03:32

    5 stars! Murder in Containment is the 4th installment in the Acton Doyle New Scotland Yard mystery series by Anne Cleeland.Detective Sargent Kathleen Doyle and her special talent for flushing out lies is put to the task when reviewing a number of recent cases they appear to be the work of a serial killer, and sadly not a-run-of the mill criminal but someone she knows. The hidden agenda behind the killings points to a number of the cases she's worked recently. The most intriguing part she fears, is that there is a willing participant behind the scenes who is among her inner-most circle, namely her Chief Inspector husband Michael Acton. Determined to foil the latest plot in the killer's escalating agenda Doyle is concerned as to the reasoning behind the suspected next victim. Added to this Doyle is called upon by her Lord of a husband to field the truths behind the recent string of murders of prisoners currently being detained which contains a smell of corruption far reaching within the walls of the Met itself. The continued pressing case her secretive husband is working on she fears may somehow be linked and containing the facts from the media and public is critical. An unexpected source also warns Kathleen of dangers ahead and through the series of obscured clues, Doyle must try to solve the mystery to uncover the culprit behind the conspiracy who is brazen enough to pose a threat to her husband. A page turner to the end, containment is surly the common thread throughout the story and the web of secrets revealed leave the reader wanting more as new questions now plague you to know where Acton next will lead us!

  • Patty
    2019-02-24 19:50

    This is my third Doyle and Acton novel and I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first two. In fact, I read it in one sitting as I could not put it down. These two are a most unusual pair in so many ways. Acton is English aristocracy, Doyle is a poor lass of Irish extraction. Acton is Doyle’s boss. Acton, even though he is a police officer operates in some grey areas while Doyle hies to the law. Oh and there is that little hint of the paranormal in that Doyle can tell is someone is lying.I don’t read many murder mysteries any more – only a select few authors but I will jump to read a Doyle and Acton. They are well written, interesting, complex and just downright enjoyable books notwithstanding the whole murder thing.In this installment Doyle is pregnant and she is dealing with morning sickness on top of someone trying to kill her. It makes for interesting plot lines to be sure. As Acton tries to keep her safe they both end up investigating a corruption scandal that reaches through the judicial/criminal system to the highest levels. The twists and turns will give you whiplash and you try keep up with the investigation and all of the assorted players.I can’t tell you how riveting a read you will find this book and now I just have to patiently await the next installment and the birth of the heir the barony.

  • Jane Shibilski
    2019-03-10 00:58

    I absolutely adore Kathleen and Michael, the couple at the heart of all the "Murder In" books. This is the fourth in a series and I'm sad to say I finished it way too fast. As well as having a charming metropolitan police detective couple as it's center, this book packs in mystery to the very last page. As well, the cast of supporting characters are very well drawn, with enough twists and turns that you don't see what's coming next. Never boring, I finished this in one night, even though I wanted to make it last as long as possible. I highly recommend this series of books and anxiously await the next adventure.

  • Elizabeth Dodd
    2019-02-24 03:46

    I am so glad Anne Cleeland found an answer to her publisher challenge. It is wonderful to have more stories about Doyle and Acton.I think Cleeland would be a consummate chess player based on her books. She has moves in mind way in advance. Even books ahead!The wonderfully complex relationship of Doyle and Acton continues to be marvelous to behold. And one can never be sure if a character is truly "good" or "bad." The grey area is very large! Williams? Savoie?Start with the first book to better appreciate the development of this relationship.

  • DemetraP
    2019-02-22 00:00

    I am a huge fan of the romantic couple Acton and Doyle. Acton is obsessed with Doyle and will do anything to make her happy. I also liked the mystery. You have to read the earlier books in the series to understand what's going on. The author does a good job of explaining everything you need to know but there is a lot that happened in earlier books. Mostly you will miss the development of the relationship between Acton and Doyle and that would be a shame.

  • Kathleen Daly
    2019-03-13 19:52

    They are quite a team, all of them really. I just love their somewhat strange relationship and fortunately so does Kathleen. She is a clever woman with or without her special power. And I want to get back to the ghosts at the manor home. Well truly, I just want more of everything. And now we have to wait for what another 8 mos.? And I thought they were going to have a Christmas book? Ah well, just enjoy them.

  • Cheryl Harrington
    2019-02-25 22:50

    An excellent addition to an addictive mystery series. Just when I think I'm getting to know Acton and Doyle, they surprise me again - definitely not your average police officers. Murder in Containment is tightly plotted with twist upon twist right up to the last page. Once again, I'm left wanting more from Ms. Cleeland. Recommended!

  • Liz
    2019-03-11 23:59

    I love this series. To fully appreciate them, read the series in order. I enjoy the characters, especially Acton and Doyle's relationship. The books have humor, romantic relationships along with mystery and a little suspense. Fun read.

  • Danielle
    2019-02-27 23:42

    This book is another where you cannot set it down. Anne Cleeland, you did it again, you wrote a wonderful book where now I have to sit and wait for the fifth book to come out. The story always had me wanting to turn the page, or read the next chapter. This by far is my favorite series to read!!

  • Drew Doll
    2019-02-24 00:58

    Oh my lord. This is such an absolutely amazing series. Each book is better than the last. It's 2 am and I just finished because I could not stop.If you are not reading this series you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

  • Chris Donnelly
    2019-03-13 19:58

    Magic like all the others - just wish it was available in audio narrated by the amazing Marcella Riordan

  • Kimberley Cornwell
    2019-02-21 02:51

    The best book in the series by far! Twists, turns, lies, and romance. who could ask for more?! I'm eager to read book 5!!!

  • Willow
    2019-03-15 03:58

    I just love this two so much...

  • Doug
    2019-03-01 21:50

    I love this series. The interaction between Kathleen and Michael is so good. Can't wait for #5 in March :-)

  • Kathy
    2019-03-04 22:49

    May be my favorite in the series so far. Love all the characters and the twists and turns in the plot. Can't wait for the next Acton and Doyle.

  • Msjodi777
    2019-03-14 03:53

    A Fair StoryI must say that while I did enjoy this one, I still get a bit tired of hearing how Michael is so good looking, and Thomas is quite the looker, and Doyle is such a fair lass. Is there no on in all of London who is quite ordinary looking. Story is fairly good and moves along at a good pace, though the ending seemed a bit rushed. <><

  • P.
    2019-03-07 20:37

    Scandal reaching the highest levels! Well, we've all been there before. Still, I like the main characters for their warts, can tolerate the knightly specters rattling about in the eves, as well as the been there done that plot. If you don't mind a touch of the woo-woo mixed in with never-ending murders, and an endless stream of bad guys, you might like this book too.