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A compilation of many of the fairytales I've written over the years, gathered tidily in one place. This volume is compiled from free works on my website, stories written for various challenges and prompts, and other straggling tales. Some of these are my spins on familiar tales, like Cinderella and Ivan and the Wolf, others are simply based on well-known types of fairytaleA compilation of many of the fairytales I've written over the years, gathered tidily in one place. This volume is compiled from free works on my website, stories written for various challenges and prompts, and other straggling tales. Some of these are my spins on familiar tales, like Cinderella and Ivan and the Wolf, others are simply based on well-known types of fairytales. Stories included in this volume: True Chivalry If the Shoe Fits Deeds Great & Small Challenge of Quests The Shining Knight The Prince's Champion The King's Challenges Knight of the Rose Three Questions The Witch in the Woods Ivan the Heartless Blood in the Water The Stable Boy Three Goats The Gardner The Good Son Play Me a Song 100 Words ...

Title : once upon a dream
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once upon a dream Reviews

  • Ami
    2019-04-01 00:56

    I am rounding it up to 4* because this kind of fairy tales made me genuinely happy, and definitely helps with my current reading slump, even if some of the shorts are just so-soStory #1 to #10 are previously released in this free collection: Fairytales Short & Sweet ... and my review for each of the individual stories is right hereStory #11 - Ivan the Heartless: 3.75*In the true nature of a fairy-tale, this tells a story about Ivan the Heartless, on how Ivan comes into the name and the things Ivan really did in order to save his friends and true love. WONDERFUL ... simply wonderful...Story #12 - Blood in the Water: 3.5*Review can be found hereStory #13 - The Stable Boy: 4*Review can be found hereStory #14 - three GOATS: 4*Awww, this is SO SWEET!!! I love Megan Derr's grumpy characters, I really do. And Cornelius, the wood sprite, alias Troll Lord, has this in stride but at the same time the story shows how gentle he is towards the younger goats brothers (they're not REALLY goats! they are boys tending goats), treat them kindly, because well, he's in love with the oldest brother :). Put a smile to my face this one.Story #15 - The Gardener: 3.5*I liked the fairy-tale set-up ... complete with Once upon a time... but it ended WAY too abruptly!! (view spoiler)[How about the witch?!? They haven't defeated the witch!! Will Louse and the King live happily ever after?? (hide spoiler)]Story #16 - The Good Son: 3*Sort of like a new tale of Cinderella, but this short is pretty much only telling the LAST scene *pout* I want more of the build-up!Story #17 - Play Me a Song: 3*I think it's the one of the longest stories in this collection -- a retelling of Pied Piper and a city infested by rats, but this time it also has DRAGON. I couldn't get into the story much ... but maybe it's also I read it when I was already very sleepy *haha*Story #18 - 100 Words: 3*Collection of drabbles (a.k.a. 100-words story). I had quite fun figuring out which fairy tale the stories were all about.

  • Shelby
    2019-04-10 04:00

    This is such a wonderful collection. I adore Megan Derr and have enjoyed a number of her short stories over the years, yet most of these were new to me. I think I had maybe read The Stable Boy previously. I love her ability to craft an MM story out of a fairytale and make it seem effortless. There was such a sense of sweetness and wonder in all of these stories that fit with the general premise of fairytales the world over. Well ok, the Disney versions of them all. ;) I enjoyed all of these. I was astounded over and over how Ms. Derr was able to compact each of the stories into such quick tales and yet still have the fairytale clear and for love to triumph. This was just a wonderful way to start my day and put a smile on my face.

  • Eugenia
    2019-04-18 03:08

    3.5 Stars. Lovely!These short stories, many based on fairytales, were a delight to read. Each had a unique, unexpected twist. While short, Derr used our own knowledge of these timeless tales to her advantage in helping to add some depth to these timeless characters. Some tales I enjoyed more than others, and some endings were rather abrupt. Overall, however, this is a lovely anthology and quite easy to read. Some tales I even considered reading to my 7 year old since they were very G rated!

  • Sam Burns
    2019-03-29 23:41

    This reminds me a little of my childhood favorite book of fairy tales. The stories vary wildly in length, style, and world, but none of them are hard to follow or understand. They range from sweet to rather dark, and employ every trope I've ever seen in fairy tales, while at the same time subverting many of the tropes in question.On the whole, a great collection. Inspiring, even.

  • Manfred
    2019-03-29 05:43

    This is a collection of fairytales, sometimes even stories I already knew but now told in a gay version.The stories are rather short, between 2 and maybe 20 pages and not very surprisingly the longer ones usually work better than the short ones.There is absolutely no sex and also not much romance in those tales, I would rate them between 1 and 4 stars. As a "book" this does not work but it is not bad to fill a little waiting time, like on a short break or on a quick train ride. Some of the main characters were quite loveable and if the stories had been better developed and a little longer, I could easily have fallen in love with a few of them. However, as it was, this really just served as a teaser, never enough to really satisfy which was a pity.A sweet and fun read and an overall rating of 3 stars, nice if you remember and loved those bedtime stories when you were young!

  • Eric Westfall
    2019-03-27 07:52

    The marvelous Megan Derr has done it again.Only one of the stories did I recall reading elsewhere, and it was great re-reading it. I'm also not going to attempt to rank the stories, in whole or in part, because I was just having so much fun reading them. Not one struck me as "off," or left me feeling disappointed when the story was done.If you like MM versions of fairy tales known and new, you ought to enjoy this one.Good bang for your ebook buck.Just my USD. 02.Eric-the-ever-pennies-distributing

  • danielle
    2019-04-14 06:59

    Some really good stories. A lot of the stories start to feel very similar half-way through though.

  • Jenn (not Lily)
    2019-03-29 04:10

    Wow! This collection was amazing! Despite some annoying missing apostrophes and the occasional missing word, I enjoyed all but one story and loved many of them! Here's my run-down of the stories:True Chivalry: 5 stars, a perfect little bijou!If the Shoe Fits: 5 stars, lovely twist!Deeds Great and Small: 4 stars, so sweet!Challenge of Quests: 3 stars, not my favorite -- annoying typos and somewhat awkwardThe Shining Knight: 4 stars, short and sweet-tart!The Prince's Champion: 4 stars, wonder if she had just watched Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale?The King's Challenges: 3 starsThe Knight of the Rose: 3 starsThree Questions: 5 stars, love Brenim!The Witch in the Woods: 4 stars, very sweetIvan the Heartless: 5 stars, beautiful!Blood in the Water: 4 stars, love it -- so subtle!The Stable Boy: 3.5 stars, good...just not amazing...Three Goats: 5 stars for each goat boy! Love the Troll Lord and all the goat boys -- biggest awwwww face ever!The Gardener: 3 stars, feels a little unfinished...The Good Son: 2 stars, meh...disappointingPlay Me a Song: 4 stars, very nice adaptation!100 Words (10 super shorts): 5 stars because these take talent AND determination!

  • Susana
    2019-04-20 01:48

    4.5-5 stars This is a very entertaining collection of short tales, every single one worth reading. Some of them I had read before, but this did not prevent me from fully enjoying them again. In these sweet stories, we find princes, kings and knights, but also peasants and witches who are all worthy of their suitors. Through hell and high water, they fight and struggle to get the heart of the beloved. There is a lot of romance, adventures, dragons to slay and quests to solve.All the stories in this collection are, like their characters, worthy of their readers. For me, it would be really hard to choose just one favourite. If I had to, I would go for the Shining Knight, because of the sense of humour prevailing on it. But I'm certain other readers would find other favourites. In short, a very recommendable collection, undoubtedly worth your time.

  • L.M.
    2019-04-18 04:00

    I have loved Megan Derr's stories from the start and discovering this collection of fairy tales was just perfect. Each one is a treasure based on an old tale. Her crafty way of creating multi-dimensional characters in a teeny tiny short story is always fascinating. I especially loved the Pied Piper and Ivan the Heartless stories.

  • Sierra
    2019-04-05 00:45

    I loved this wonderful collection of original and fractured fairytales! Derr is capable of weaving a spell with just a few words, setting the scene of the story in a storyteller's voice before bringing the story down to a very human focus. We start off most of the tales with a classic fairytale/folktale opening (in italics to set it off) before the characters of "the prince" or "the bodyguard" become real, named characters with emotions and lives and futures to flesh out the tale. Several of these stories are patterned on classic fairytales like The Pied Piper but fractured with several surprising twists. One thing I absolutely loved was that in every story being gay was not seen as wrong. A king might be holding a tournament for a lucky knight to win a prince's hand in marriage or a stable boy might bestow a kiss upon a king. It was so refreshing to have bigotry taken out of the equation. There are tons of short stories in the collection, some of which have been available individually before (The Stable Boy, Ivan the Heartless). It allows for plenty of enjoyment when read straight through or the pleasure of picking the book up and putting it down for little bites of the whole (great for bookmarking favs to return later). I rarely give 5 stars but I this collection really cast a spell over me and I know that I will return to it often, especially for a cozy retreat after a lousy day or week. I hope that others enjoy it as much as I do.

  • Gieliza
    2019-04-02 06:58

    4 stars!This is a great collection of fairytale retellings from Megan Derr. Some are based on very well-known tales like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Some weren't as familiar to me like the story of Ivan the Heartless and it's nice to discover new tales. My favorites from this collection are:Deeds Great and Small - in which a knight-hopeful is rewarded for seemingly ordinary deedsChallenge of Quests - in which a stubborn man tries out quests for his loveThe King's Challenges -in which a peasant tries his luck in meeting the kings's challenges (this reminded me of Tournament of Losers)Blood in the Water - in which a warrior of a the Deep goes to land to rescue his sister Play Me A Song - in which the Pied Piper is not a bad guyThis is a fast read and all tales have happy endings. Especially useful whenever you need a pick-me-up.

  • Aleksandra
    2019-04-09 07:50

    Once Upon a Dream is a lovely bind-up of fairy tales, leaning heavily on romance. I might've enjoyed them more if I didn't binge read them. It'd be better to read one at a time because they are quite similar to one another. I did like them but I got tired of the same princes-kings-challenges-insta-fairytalish-romance thing going on and on.My favorite tales were Three Questions, The Witch in the Woods, Ivan the Heartless and Three Goats.I recommend to read this collection of novellas, especially as it's currently free to download on Amazon, you just better pace them to be able to enjoy the tales more.

  • Lillian Francis
    2019-03-24 01:43

    Great collection of short stories from a master of slashed fairy tales. These stories are all short, some are barely ficlets, but they all tell a perfect tale that you may in some way recognise from your childhood. And as befitting these sort of tales most are low/no steam.Highly recommended when you just want a nugget of sweet brilliance.

  • Achim
    2019-04-18 00:02

    Okay, it's an anthology, so not every story is a hit. It's not her best collection and actually I knew some of them already but it's Megan Derr and her matchless sense for fairytales and sweetness and for her 100 words versions of someone most known fairytales I always round the rating ups to 4.

  • Elizabeth Shuler
    2019-04-03 01:54

    Fantastic quick stories The best stories are ones that make you warm and fuzzy inside and this set did just that. Loved all of the happy moments in each one. This book has encouraged me to read more of her books.

  • Julesmarie
    2019-04-05 01:03

    I adore her collections of mini fairy tales. Beautiful and sweet and hopeful and delightful to read. Favorite Quote: "It is easy, in the glory of slaying a great dragon, to forget that not everyone needs a dragon slain."

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-01 04:49

    Fairy tales with a twistWhat a wonderful book of fairy tales, some short and some a few pages but all truly great to read.I'm a big fan of these stories but to change it slightly made them even more enjoyable.

  • MyzanM
    2019-04-13 00:59

    A wonderful collection of short fairytales. I wish some of them had been a bit longer. A page and a half is a bit too short.

  • Chancey Knowles
    2019-04-13 05:40

    Absolutely one of the best compilations of short stories I've ever read. It took me a couple to get into the quick rhythm, but I really enjoyed quite a few of these stories.

  • Hill *Romance Newbie*
    2019-03-26 07:53

    I love fairy-tales, but I've long understand that compilations and anthologies don't always agree with my taste.

  • Tamara (緑)
    2019-03-26 23:57

    Throughly enjoyed this!

  • Tamela
    2019-04-12 05:10


  • MaelleMaud
    2019-03-28 02:49

    More fairy tales from Megan Derr, such a delight of magic and fantasy! ✨

  • Sara
    2019-04-09 08:06


  • Furio
    2019-04-02 07:45

    This collection of M/M fairy tales is certainly worth a read.The stories differ in length, scope and tone as they were not originally meant to be collected in a single volume. They also differ in achievement, some of them being nice enough, some being very enjoyable and most lying somewhere inbetween.None of them is a masterpiece, all of them lacking the purity of tone and the ineffable but soon discernible qualities that set out perfectly accomplished fairy tales. That said, writing is generally good -a couple of typos here and there- and the reading experience is pleasant if not memorable.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-11 07:57

    It is a great book to read

  • Katherine
    2019-04-15 01:10

    Always in love with fairytalesThis is a book of re-imagined fairytales. Yup. Seeing that I was excited. About one story in I was madly in love. Derr has often rewritten fairytales and does so with a deft hand. There is this amazing balance between the softness and love of the Disneyfied tales, mixed in with the reality and lesson learning Grimm tales. Our couple reached a happy end, but sometimes the couple isn't the one that is expected. Other times the couple has to go through such trials and hardships to find each other that you wonder how they will ever possibly be together. But in the end they always work out, in one form or another.All of the tales were amazing, with Blood in the Water, The Stable Boy, and Sing Me A Song being among my favourites. Surprisingly my absolute favourite was the 100 word story Beauty. That Derr can write such a comprehensive story and world that I could see in 100 words.....just amazing!If you love fairytales and are willing to read them with an outside of the normal twist you should pick up this book!

    2019-03-31 01:02

    I haven't read many fairytales so I wasn't sure how much I would like this when I started it. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this book. It's several short romance fairytales but they were all Good. I will no doubt read this again....

  • Ada
    2019-04-22 08:08

    I tried to write a review on my phone but it got delted for some reason. Let's see if I can remember what I wrote:- at 20 %already rating it 5 stars- In love with Megan Derr- Want to read other kinds of fairy tales except European ones. - Think I want to have an Megan Derr living in my house. Will feed her.- I LIKE FAIRYTALES- Will there be talking animals? I like talking animals.I think... that was the gist of it.I'm still not finished reading this but I already know I like this shit beyond everything right now. SO 5 STARS!Oh one random thought: - No women... It feels like that should bother me...but it doesn't for some reason, even though I got really mad today because I read the question if our queen didn't want to do too much, because you know having a career and children on top of being queen is hard stuff. They ask those kind of questions aaaaaaalllll the time about our king, right? NO THEY FOKKING DON'T!*coughs* So yeah weird.