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The enigmatic assassin Victor returns in an explosive thriller from the international bestselling author of A Time to Die and The Darkest Day.SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE...Victor is the ultimate predator. He surfaces to kill, then disappears into thin air. But he’s a disposable commodity for the powerful people he works for—both the good guys and the bad. And no one hasThe enigmatic assassin Victor returns in an explosive thriller from the international bestselling author of A Time to Die and The Darkest Day.SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE...Victor is the ultimate predator. He surfaces to kill, then disappears into thin air. But he’s a disposable commodity for the powerful people he works for—both the good guys and the bad. And no one has his back. Especially now that doing black bag jobs for the CIA has put a target on his head......IS TO DIE.Antonio Alvarez, a high-ranking US intelligence official, is determined to clean house and find the legendary killer who slipped away from him during an operation in Paris. There’s only one person Victor can turn to for help: a lethal female assassin whose life he once saved. And now Victor wants her to return the favor—by killing him.......

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The Final Hour Reviews

  • Liz Barnsley
    2019-02-04 13:11

    I am a Victor fan.There's this thing I have with this series where it is spot on perfect reading for me at certain times in my reading mood because I know I'm just going to really get into it and live with Victor for a while. Not that I'd *actually* like to live with Victor he's a bit up and down on whether he'll drink with you or break your neck but whatever. Nothing like a bit of danger.Anyway, seriously speaking these are terrifically good thrillers in comparison to a lot that are out there at the moment because Tom Wood's writing style is cleverly immersive - in the way that you don't realise you are in it until you come out again. I like that as a reader and I like the lilt of the storytelling, simplistically elegant, I also like Victor as a main protagonist because he seems predictable but really is not. In "The Final Hour" things get shaken up a bit. Raven returns (and I know not everyone warmed to Raven but I'm a little in love with her especially after the early morgue scene and then the ending) - the relationship between the two of them was one of the highlights of this instalment for me. Someone from the past is after Victor in a very focused way and by the finale I was all edge of the seat and stuff. Plus its left me rather more eager than usual for Victor 8 so that says it all really.These are actually classically good. Great writing, great storytelling GREAT characters. Just great.Bring on the next.Definitively recommended.

  • Dianne
    2019-02-02 11:30

    Looking for a high drama thrill ride where the lines are blurred between heroes and villains? Tom Wood’s THE FINAL HOUR will have you questioning who are truly the villains in a world filled with political intrigue, betrayal and those assigned the tasks of cleaning up life’s loose cannons, or loose ends, if you will. Victor is a loner, an expert in all things covert. He is an assassin, a tool to be used by the highest bidder, but it isn’t personal, it’s his job and he is very good at it. He doesn’t do soft and cuddly, he cannot depend on anyone but himself, until he becomes the next target of an assassin, himself. There is only one person he can count on, a female assassin he once let live, just barely. Now he needs Raven to return the favor and “kill” him. A case of the devil you know?If there is honor among thieves, there must be some special oath among assassins other than kill or be killed because two survivors in a world of brutality and death will join forces in a tentative truce in order to live another day. Will there be any questions or doubt? Can Victor and Raven co-exist for a brief time and walk away? There is more on the line than meets the eye and only the strong will survive.Tom Wood has created an anti-hero that one cannot help but root for in a dark world where death can be bought and denial is a given. Brilliant dialogue, razor sharp tension and events that will have your imagination running full speed!Not a tale to rush, allow it to sink in, visualize each scene and marvel at what kind of planning would go into pulling off the perfect assassination or even rescue. Imagine living as a shadow in the world, unseen, yet with the ability to strike like a cobra and disappear like a ghost. THE FINAL HOUR may re-define your concept of what true evil really is as it hides behind lies and the money to purchase death.I received an ARC edition from Berkley in exchange for my honest review.Series: Victor the Assassin - Book 7Publisher: Berkley (August 29, 2017)Publication Date: August 29, 2017Genre: Thriller | SuspensePrint Length: 448 pagesAvailable from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble For Reviews & More:

  • Roman Clodia
    2019-02-05 11:25

    This is more intelligent than some thrillers in this genre but feels surprisingly unexciting in the telling. Maybe it gets bogged down in technical details of weapons, maybe it's so concerned about making Victor soulless and anonymous that he's almost a robot. In any case, the pace is steady and flat, never rises to any level of excitement. The premise sounds intriguing but this didn't grab me enough to read more of the series.

  • Don Williams
    2019-02-17 09:19

    I would put Victor aka Tesseract aka Cleric aka hundreds of other aliases against any other novel tough guy/assassin and he would come out on top due to his attention to detail, calculating diligence and being the best at his craft................the consummate assassin. With so many comic book tough guy books popular now, I'm gonna hate the day Tom Wood finishes his Victor series. Other than the Gray Man and Gabriel Allon novels, the rest of them just don't cut it when compared to the cool, calm and collected Victor.

  • Jo
    2019-01-30 10:35

    The Final Hour (Victor the Assassin #7)by Tom WoodSynopsisThe enigmatic assassin Victor returns in an explosive thriller from the international bestselling author of A Time to Die and The Darkest Day.SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE...Victor is the ultimate predator. He surfaces to kill, then disappears into thin air. But he’s a disposable commodity for the powerful people he works for—both the good guys and the bad. And no one has his back. Especially now that doing black bag jobs for the CIA has put a target on his head......IS TO DIE.Antonio Alvarez, a high-ranking US intelligence official, is determined to clean house and find the legendary killer who slipped away from him during an operation in Paris. There’s only one person Victor can turn to for help: a lethal female assassin whose life he once saved. And now Victor wants her to return the favor—by killing him....ReviewTom Wood's books in my opinion are underrated, Victor is a character whose the consummate professional, he's an expert in what he does. Victor is an assassin who likes to operate as a lone wolf. He is inscrutable, ruthless, highly analytical and very, very good at what he does. He never drops his guard and doesn't let his emotions cloud his judgement. He's on high alert at all times.I really liked the relationship between Raven and Victor, are they going to help each other or kill each other. Just when you think Victor's going soft, bam. He cranks it up a notch he tries to kill her and later asks for her help... Seriously !!!!!! and she does. Tom Wood's books are compulsive reading if your a fan of Vince Flynn, Terry Hayes or Lee Child.Dramatic, electrifying and superb. These three words sum up the series that Tom Wood has built. The possibilities for Victor are endless with our anti-hero still a ghost and his list of enemies growing larger with every book, whatever trouble Tom Wood is planning for Victor, it’s definitely going to be interesting. With first class action, intelligent dialogue, excellent plot, The Final Hour is one not to be missed and is highly recommended4 Stars

  • Samuel
    2019-01-21 11:18

    THE AMICABLE EX. "And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain…"- Frank Sinatra "Only blood can wash away blood."- American Mafia saying on assassination. "Assassination is a state of mind, a checkmate. Your opponent may still have pieces on the board, but with the king gone, he's lost the game."- Robert B. Baer CIA Officer. The only concrete thing about life is that nothing in it is concrete. Things change, people move on, memories fade and love can turn to hate. This is particularly true in the realm of espionage, where strategic and political winds, can leave the golden boy loved by the department, an utter pariah by the end of the month. And it's absolutely true when one is an asset of an intelligence service. Even if you are useful, the friendly man who hands over nice thick envelopes full of laundered greenbacks, can be replaced with an angry woman aiming a suppressed Ruger MK3 at your heart. This year, one of the few pure anti - heroes in contemporary spy fiction finds himself in the third category, as someone from his past comes back to haunt him. Over seven books, British thriller writer Tom Wood has chartered the course of Victor The Assassin. Victor is a nice man who kills other men and women for large sums of money. When we first meet him, he's a freelance hitman who spectacularly wrecks an op run by the chief of the CIA Russia desk and comes to the attention of the power behind the throne at Langley's NCS. Shanghaied into becoming a deniable asset, up until now, Victor has dutifully done the jobs that the Company's Special Activities Division could not, with a brief sabbatical with the UK SIS. But in this book, Victor is faced with the espionage Captain Ahab looking to run him down. Not wanting to go to jail, Victor comes up with a cunning plan, but one which goes off the rails as the final hour to implementation draws near. Now to the review. How does one plan the perfect divorce? The novel begins in a surprising fashion, taking us back to 2015 in the aftermath of book 5, "The Darkest Day". Victor is seemingly enjoying downtime after a hellish 12 hours in the big Apple. Taking confession in County Cork Ireland, exercising at a MMA gym in Holland and taking a piano lesson in Lisbon, each of the people Victor meets in these literary snapshots makes revealing comments on the parts of the man he allows them to see, while know there is something else below the surface. Across the Atlantic in Canada, the assassin Raven, who ended at the point of death in book 5 awakens from her slumber. Realizing she's in a vulnerable position, she attempts to look for a way out of the hospital she's ended up in. The plan she comes up with however plays into the hands of a DEVGRU Corpsman turned hitman who makes the mistake of making a complicated plan to off his would be victim and gets a bone saw through his neck. Raven then takes her leave and flees to Europe. We then cut to a year later when Victor returns to County Cork, this time on business. As it turns out, the Priest he took confession from was a tout working during the Irish troubles. Unfortunately, the tout was two timing the SIS and also selling out fellow assets to the Provo nutting squad. Victor informs the old man that he's going to die for pissing off a British spy with a long memory, and after futile attempts at staving off the inevitable, the Irishman is deposited in the Irish Sea. Back in America, a familiar face appears. Antonio Alvarez, formerly of the CIA is golfing with the most powerful man. We learn that he's transferred from the CIA to the ONI. After his golf game, he visits another familiar face, Roland Proctor, the semi - retired number 2 at the CIA NCS. During their meeting, Alvarez makes his official declaration of war against Proctor and the mysterious hitman that slipped away all those years ago. Across in Europe, Victor is once again on business, seemingly meeting for a freelance contract in a countryside lodge in Bavaria. As it turns out, it's a trap, sent by Phoenix, a anonymous broker who had hunted Victor in book 6. Victor however reverses the trap, and blows apart the Macedonian hit squad sent after him with aplomb. In Italy, Raven resurfaces, with a vendetta on her mind. And in the darkest black hole of the espionage world, orders are sent out and plans are made that may just suck both killers into a vortex that they may never return from. With good guys to the left, and bad guys to the right, only one question remains. When two assassins are stuck in the middle with each other, who will survive to the final hour? In terms of plot? The Final Hour hits the sweet spot and is perhaps the most fully realized novel Tom Wood has written to date. Since the first three books, the series has at times seemed to be engaged in a little bit of a struggle of sorts, in finding its feet, after a glorious, blood splattered, cinematic establishing trilogy. Books 4, 5 and 6 were extremely well written but seemed to miss the spark that had turned good spy fiction into spellbinding thriller writing as it had in their predecessors. That spark returns in a big way, with the author going big and bold in this entry. A twisting sweeping plot with properly high stakes, a surprisingly large level of character development and world building that closes out the final book in this part of Victor's life, and amazing awesome action scenes that rank with the top five in this already formidable series, The Final Hour is one of the best plotted spy novels of 2017. Action and setting. Superb as usual. Whether it be an up close and personal fist fight, or a dramatic, gun battle across one of Europe's great cities, Wood is an action master for all seasons. With six previous books under his belt, his abilities to craft violence that steps off the page and fires a gun next to your ears is second to none. From the first death by bone saw, to a gunfight with a John Wickian vibe in Barvaria, the action then sweeps up to the infiltration of a seaside mansion in Italy gone wrong, a violent home invasion on the Scottish - English border, and finishing with a small three way war involving a Special Activities Division paramilitary unit that destroys an apartment block in Helsinki, The Final Hour seeks to end this stage of Victor's changing life with a bang. Vivid, dramatic and slickly written and full of the energy and poise that made the chapters in the early books glimmer, when the killing starts, don't blink because if you do, it will be over and Victor will have left the bodies behind. Research? Impeccable as usual. Wood is one of the writers who studiously avoids any of the tacticool crap that infected the genre post 9/11. He comes from an older, more nobler tradition where the research does not turn books into shopping catalogs for firearms. Granted, a bit of name dropping is welcome, but name dropping that is controlled. Highlights include a suppressed HK P7 used by Raven, a Beretta 93R used by Victor, a Steyr AUG Para submachine gun and in the climax, a Heckler and Koch MP7. But it's not just the guns where Wood shines. From a look into the nature of modern crime in Italy, like how the Mafia Dons are on social media, and have departed from their murderous 1990's period, to the ins and outs of international shadow banking institutions, we also get a look at infiltration tactics, unarmed combat and even pointers on how to escape from flexicuffs without a knife. These books are intelligently written, but not overbearing, and Wood shows this by perfectly integrating all the kit and useful tiblits into the story with sublime skill. But the star highlight is the realistic portrayal of a contemporary shadowy organization. Unlike a single non state actor, like HYDRA, a true Illuminati, as shown in indie thriller superstar Peter Nealen's AP series, is made up of political/financial networks that can buy firepower and have connecting interests. Wood also demonstrates this with his "Consensus", a network which is almost an organic entity, a sort of espionage Cthulhu that can swallow any do gooder that opposes it or drive them insane. Characters? Above and beyond the usual in this entry. The Final Hour sees a huge amount of character development and change for everyone in the story, not just the Victor, who even if he becomes more fleshed out, still retains that enigmatic mask of lies, omissions, false identities and plastic surgery that has served him well for his career. Many standouts in this book, so I'll focus on three. Victor, Raven and Alvarez. First Victor. Everyone's favorite anti hero is back with a vengeance. Unlike book 6, which was essentially a day at the office, here the stakes are properly high and dicey for the perfect assassin. But Victor meets the challenge head on, and said challenge, with an American Inspector Javert on his tail, brings out the best in him. Manipulative, funny and deadly, Victor goes about assembling the pieces for his planned retirement party as a deniable asset with an admirable professionalism and keeps his cool for nearly all of the story. The genre cries out for a higher class of anti - hero, and Victor is that anti - hero. He'll make you laugh and gasp within a few chapters and leave some bodies behind. With no scruples, or dudley do - right, boy scout morality that tortures him at night, Victor does the things other so - called anti - heroes aren't willing to do, and does them with a finality that will leave a mark. Next, Raven. Raven is an Iranian American who just so happens to be a rogue ISA operator who has angered the armaments firms of North America when robbing them of a big pay day in book 5. In this book, we get to explore her background and character and what makes her really tick. She's a different beast to Victor, more conventionally heroic and with a desire to do the right thing. But she's no push over. Book 5, we only got a glimpse of her abilities, but in this story, Wood puts them on full display and my goodness, the results are like a violent fourth of July firework display. Whether it be stabbing a mad Estonian mercenary, or engaging a Special Activities Division team with a stolen Heckler and Koch MP7 within a disadvantageous tactical environment, Raven keeps up with Victor and at her best, can make one move more than our protagonist can manage. Finally Alvarez, our bad guy. Alvarez is a do - gooder of the Scott Harvath/Mitch Rapp sort. He would fit in snug as a bug if he were in that kind of story. Unfortunately, he's not in that sort of story and is stuck in a morally ambiguous, stale beer espionage drama where the backstabbing, betrayal and dishonor is part the course. A dogged individual, Alavrez may not be as fast in strategy than his fellow intelligence officers he seeks to bring to justice, but he's dogged enough to begin making the connections that bring him in closing distance of Victor The Assassin. Round 2 may have ended but I would love to see if there is a round 3 for the ONI man. Constructive criticism Not much really, except that the book was so well written that I was left wanting a whole lot more. The author was on top form this year, and it's going to be interesting to see where Victor goes from here. A good friend of mine, once wrote that there is great power letting go. Whether it be, accepting a loss of a friend, loosing your top employee or having to change a job, change is necessary to live life, and accepting change is necessary to live life well. Victor the Assassin goes through such change in the final hour, and at the end ultimately comes out all the better for it having adapted to the changes in his life. Tom Wood's seventh book, is proof that he has changed too as a writer, for the better. He's taken his work to new heights, his prose is sharper and more refined than the previous book, and in short, he has not rested on his laurels in closing up this era of his awesome fictional assassin who is still a cut above the rest. With a beautifully written, blood pumping narrative, a cast of characters whose interactions delight, shock and amaze, and the perfect blend of cinematic action and accurate research and world building, The Final Hour is the perfect end to this era of the a thriller series. It's a new dawn and day for Victor, and the hour he resurfaces, you better go find him, before he finds you. VERY RECOMMENDED.

  • Michael Steele
    2019-02-11 12:34

    Tom Wood does not disappoint in the latest installment of series. Really enjoyed Raven' character and her interactions with Victor. Looking forward to the next in series. Highly recommended.

  • Betsey Stahler
    2019-01-18 11:21

    I really liked this book and I am a bit puzzled by that. The two main characters are assassins. Killers. There is nothing particularly likeable about either of them. And yet I enjoyed the book -- the pace and the twists and turns. Hmmm.... Victor the Assassin...

  • Cheryl
    2019-01-24 07:22

    I stumbled upon this series at book five. Instantly, I became a fan. Victor is gold. He is what makes this series so great. He is cool under pressure. The more challenging the situation, the better. If, he and James Bond were fighting, my money would be on Victor. Although, I am a fan of Bond. Victor does show compassion. How many people can say that they heard their killer's confession before they were killed. Not many. Poor priest. God rest his soul. Yet, Victor is not the only reason I was giddy with excitement for this book. Raven! She and Victor team up again. She is probably the only person that Victor respects and who could get close enough to Victor to kill him. In fact, they both have a point on the score board as it relates to attempting to kill each other. My only regret regarding this book is that I read it so fast that I have to wait for the next one. The Final Hour is a top notch thrill ride thriller featuring ass kicking characters!

  • John Wheeles
    2019-01-25 09:18

    I'm new to this series, starting with number seven could be a disadvantage. But, I don't feel I am missing anything, this clearly can be read as a stand-alone story.The characters are quite intriguing, and kudos to an author who can make you feel for assassins and feel disdain for the intelligence agencies and organizations that make use of their services. I found myself fully invested in the story of the two assassins, I was rooting for the "bad guys". Thank you Mr. Wood, for making me step outside the box!I loved everything about this tale, and look forward to exploring the series further!

  • Rory James Gilfillan
    2019-02-11 12:05

    It really doesn't get any better than Tom Wood's character Victor. Victor finds himself up against the usual suspects of various intelligence agents, assassins and a shadowy group known loosely as the Consensus. There are a lot of connections to the original book The Killer. I'll leave it there lest I spoil the book but as I've mentioned in previous reviews, Victor sets the standard for the genre and has,unfortunately ruined assassins in other books who fail to meet this standard. Victor is a man without an identity and without a past. He is riveting and compelling. I tried to ease my speed on this book but failed. Now I have to wait for the next one.

  • Jahazel Mitchell
    2019-02-16 11:31

    I was hooked on the character from the moment I started read The Killer. I have read every book since. The Final Hour did not disappoint. 5 stars.I was hooked from the moment I started to read The Killer. I have every book since. The Final Hour did not disappoint. * * * * * The series is enjoyable. I like the character Viktor. My rating is 5 stars.

  • Emma Carey
    2019-02-03 09:19

    I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF VICTOR!In my life thus far, I've never loved a fictional character as much as I love Victor! Anyone who knows me will know how much I love to read fictional crime thriller novels! I've read many in my time but no other character has stuck out to me as much as Victor the assassin! My Dad and I have the exact same taste in fictional novels, and it was him who introduced me to this 7-part series which follow the badass shenanigans of a highly professional killer, Victor. He's quick, clever and dry as the Sahara desert but all of the above work so well in his favor. I was stupidly unaware that there is the 7th book in this series - silly me! Needless to say, I got my hands on it pretty quickly and managed to clock this book in a matter of days. Simply unable to put the book down until my eyes were literally closing beyond my will.I hands down rate this book a solid 5 stars because it's bloody fantastic! Raven has returned and recovered from her little poisoning episode, courtesy of Victor of course. One less enemy, the better in his eyes, despite the fact they had become allies for a bit there (and obviously enough so, given that Victor gave Raven the antidote for the poison, to save her life). Raven and Victor need each other's help in this book, they need help to eliminate some more enemies as well as needing to somehow destroy the big fat 'WANTED' target hanging above their heads. They link up, two fearless assassins working as a team to try and make their lives a tad easier and last a little longer. No doubt that Victor is well past his expiry date, with countless warlords, government agencies and well, once upon a time Raven, wanting him dead! However, he's managed to yet again find these baddies and have them executed himself. He's a legend, Victor! After reading all these books you get to understand the way he thinks, you get to understand how heartless and emotionless he is, he literally doesn't give a shit and that's what has kept him alive so long!I am hoping there will be a book number 8, I have a little Victor addiction.

  • Tim Knight
    2019-02-04 05:24

    Great read. Fast paced story with great characters

  • Nikul Patel
    2019-01-24 12:15

    The return of Victor did not disappoint! The book is brilliantly written as the rest of the series and the action sequences are amazingly detailed and almost makes you feel right there in the middle of the scene. This book is slightly different from the others in that Victor is being chased and seems that practically everyone he meets wants him dead. But of course Victor being Victor is always twenty steps ahead and always prevails. It was also good to see Raven get a starring role in this book and the relationship between Victor and her is intriguing and almost makes me think that there will be a showdown in the near future between the two of them. The ending is absolutely brilliant and riveting and very fast paced.

  • ron harris
    2019-02-15 05:31

    First class storyA first class story that has just wiped out my Sunday.I have read every book in this series and I am sure they improve with each novel.Victor is an excellent character, the book full of action and impossible to put down.

  • Bodo Pfündl
    2019-02-15 11:27

    The end of an era but also the start of something new – Wood’s best novel to date!Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for providing me an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Victor is the ultimate assassin. An angel of death without mercy or conscience. But his past dealings with the CIA not only earned him a shoot-on-sight order, but also made him a marked man in his chosen profession. And to top it all off, a femme fatale he once saved is about to re-enter his life with a bang. And she has powerful enemies of her own… From the get go I was especially intrigued by this volume of the Victor series, since it promised to bring back a lot of familiar faces and tie up loose threads from previous books. I practically signed up to Netgalley just for the slim chance of getting my hands on this book a couple of months early! It worked and at the end, THE FINAL HOUR was everything I hoped it to be… But also so much more!There has always been an odd sense of elegance, watching Victor meticulously planning his actions and then see him carrying them out with deadly precision. Tom Wood’s writing not only transports the reader directly into the scene – be it the Majesty of Rome or the cold streets of Helsinki – it also immerses them in Victor’s mind, depicting his sometimes unsavoury yet always fascinating thought process in awe-striking detail. Another known quality of Mr. Wood, is his infallible sense for creating memorable, imaginative action-scenes, which will let your heart pump faster and probably make the Helmer of the Bourne Movies green with envy! Also of note are the returns of some fan-favourite characters. The enigmatic female assassin, going by the codename Raven and the ruthless but quite likable CIA heavyweight Roland Procter are just two prominent members of the impressive ensemble of old and new characters, featured in THE FINAL HOUR!But what lets this book rise not only about its predecessors but quite possibly the entire competition of 2017, is the deftness of its plotting! Tom wood effortlessly weaves multiple different plot threads into an ever twisting and utterly compelling narrative, which not only puts a nice bow across past events but also sets the stage for many more books to come. Which is just as well, as I have the inkling that Victor – and his creator – are just getting started!p.s. If you would like to learn more about Victor, the series and Tom Wood, be sure to visit the goodreads page shown in the link below on June 25th , to attend a Q&A with the author!

  • Susan Angela Wallace
    2019-02-10 09:31

    The final hour by Tom Wood.Agent Antonio Alvarez has been tracking a dangerous murderer for years, a nameless hitman responsible for numerous homicides.The Agency deflected him away from his search, but he didn't give up, piecing together clues and hearsay. Now a promotion has allowed him to pursue this man with a hand-picked team and bring him to justice.Only problem is, the murderer has vanished.Thousands of miles away, the assassin known as Victor has stopped working - recently he began to care; he made mistakes. Now he has a choice: whether to give up the life or return to being a cold-hearted weapon. But there's another killer who needs his help - and she might be harder to refuse . . .All while the good guys are closing in on him.Good read with good characters. Bit surprised with the ending. 4*. Netgalley and little brown book group UK.

  • Ian Heap
    2019-01-18 12:06

    Possible spoilers so... another good read from Tom Wood. The action was a little less than the previous books but I felt that this book is an ending and also a start. It could be the ending of the relationship that Victor has with the various agencies he has been working for, whether he was conned into it or not, but it also could be the start of a relationship with the character Phoenix. There is still some tension left to deal with with Raven.... and I am sure she will make an appearance in the next book. The plot of this one isn't as convoluted as in some of the previous books. It does move along well though.. and probably because of that. With some references to previous "jobs" in this book it made we want to re-read them. Hindsight is always perfect and going back to the earlier books after reading this one might shed enrich the canvas so to speak! Anyway. Another good read.

  • Tom Tischler
    2019-01-18 12:35

    Victor is the ultimate assassin. He surfaces only to kill then disappears. But like all things he is a disposable commodity and powerful people he works for both good and bad areafter him and nobody has his back and the CIA has put a large target on his head.Antonio Alvarez is a high ranking U.S. Intelligence official who is determined to find him.Only one person can help Victor. She is a lethal female assassin whose life he once saved.Now Victor wants her to return the favor-by killing him. This is book 7 in the Victor theAssassin series and another fine tale from Tom Wood. This book has plenty of actionand I gave it a 4.

  • Ryan
    2019-01-31 09:21

    Honestly, I know it's a marketing cliche but this really is the best book in the series so far. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say Tom Wood had really aimed this at the fans. There are characters and moments mentioned from previous books that would go unnoticed if you weren't well versed in the previous installments. I've been a huge fan of the series for a long time, pre-ordered this copy and was not disappointed. Managed to pick up my copy a day before the official release and couldn't put it down.

  • Marika Charalambous
    2019-02-15 09:13

    Everyone is after Victor this time, all his past enemies, including the CIA. And Victor knows that the only way for them to lay off him is for Victor to die. Another great addition to the Victor the Assassin series. A suspenseful story with Victor meeting someone from his past: Raven, who is asked to pay the blood debt owed to him.Full review:

  • Carl
    2019-02-07 09:10

    When I read the very first book I thought it was ok, a good read so to speak, but every successive book this author puts out gets better and better. Victor the assassin IS the best fictional assassin in modern fiction.great story that allows the previous stories to come to a conclusion.Excellent stuff

  • Bridgett Brown
    2019-02-06 11:21

    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.Victor is a assassin. He thinks he has killed a female assassin named Raven, But she makes it and is stronger than ever and Victor needs her help. The CIA wants him dead. Seems like everyone wants him dead. This is book #7 but you can read it as a stand alone. Of course the story is better if you read the others first.

  • Paul Anderson
    2019-01-20 11:05

    The Final Hour by Tom Wood (Berkley Books, August 2017) is the seventh novel in the author’s “Victor” series. Victor is a freelance paid assassin who claims he doesn’t care bout anything but the job. That’s a lie, of course. But he’s so religious about protecting his privacy, he refuses to reveal any of his personal weaknesses to his victims. Or even to his friends and allies. And certainly never to his enemies, of whom there are many. This is brought home to the reader in book 6, The Darkest Day, when Victor meets a female assassin who’s been hired to kill him. Book seven begins with Victor confessing to a priest that he has killed many men. Plus he may have killed a female assassin, but he gave her an unprecedented opportunity to save herself if she’s strong enough. He returns later and kills the priest. Not only had British Intelligence put out a contract on him, but he had heard Victor’s confession and therefore had to die.Imagine Tom Wood pitching the Victor novels to an agent or publisher with this elevator speech: I can’t tell you all about my protagonist because then I would have to kill you. Better you learn about him a little at a time as he reveals himself through story and dialog.Spoiler alert: the female assassin does survive, despite incredible odds, and she becomes stronger. She and Victor become allies of sorts. More than that I can’t tell you without fear Victor will have to kill me.I can tell you The Final Hour is marvelous. There are more complications than anyone has the right to survive, but Victor and Raven are both professionals and they know how to improvise.This novel was so well written that I had to buy the previous six novels in the series. I was hooked on the best new series character since Jack Reacher, and I think you will be, too.

  • Brett Thomasson
    2019-02-12 06:20

    Now in his seventh outing with the enigmatic Victor the assassin, Tom Wood is starting to write himself into a bit of a corner. On the one hand, if he leaves Victor as a completely amoral killing machine who never changes, then he's stuck writing the same book over and over. Even with Wood's skills, that's going to wear out not long after the half-dozen mark -- Andrew Vachss' career criminal Burke went downhill after book #8, with an exception or two.But if Victor grows as a character and regains his humanity or develops a conscience, then eventually he's going to get to a place where he doesn't want to stay as a pure killer for hire and the series hits a stop, like Barry Eisler's John Rain. Mark Greaney seems so far to have crossed this divide with his Gray Man series, but he's only one book into the rehabbed version of his killer for hire, so we have to wait and see.The other alternative is to go forward and then back up, which is unsatisfying and unfortunately the choice Wood makes in The Final Hour as he puts Victor back on a collision course with Raven, the female assassin he was uneasily allied with in The Darkest Day. Victor finds himself with a much higher profile than he likes, especially as it concerns people with the desire and ability to end his career and his life. So he decides to go as far underground as possible with a permanent solution -- have Raven kill him and then he can sink far enough below the radar to re-establish himself.Naturally, it's not that simple, because Raven has her own share of enemies with whom she has to deal, and before the story winds up, both predators could find themselves each other's prey into the bargain.Wood's smooth style is as elegant as ever; although this is most definitely a rough-and-tumble adventure narrative he never falls back into stodgy action-writer prose or techno-babble. But in addition to the above-mentioned hurry up and slow down problem, the situations Victor and Raven face quite obviously have more layers, waiting for subsequent novels to be uncovered. That's fine in itself, but it leaves Hour murkier than it should be. If those later books furnish the confrontation it sets up, that will help the series out in that area, but Wood will still need to figure out how to keep his character's arc from flatlining.Original available here.

  • Techeon
    2019-02-12 12:23

    I normally only give 5 stars to books that I think i would re read again and again or have made than impact on my way of thinking.I have give this 5 stars for the series rather than the book which I would have give 4 stars. Thats just me. I would say that the vast majority who read these books would Have give the books 5 stars.I really did enjoy the main character and seconded characters,the plot twists, the realistic problem solving logic. I would thoroughly recommend to everybody and anybody. You will not be disappointed by these books.Many Thanks to Mike (The Paladin) for making me aware of these books your book reviews ( recommendations ) which I have later read have not disappointed me.

  • Jeff Roddy
    2019-01-20 07:10

    Tom Wood does not disappoint with his newest Victor the Assassin novel. Raven is a much bigger player in this novel and I enjoyed their interaction.

  • Alan
    2019-02-03 11:24

    I've read so many good books lately so, now, I am difficult to please. This is one of my favorite authors, and I enjoy his work thoroughly. My rating is 4 1/2 stars,and the author totally earned it.

  • Rick
    2019-01-30 07:14

    Wood is hitting his stride. This is the best book in the series so far.