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When Carter Smith wanders into a rough bar on local band night he doesn’t expect to have to be rescued by Matt Hendel, the sexy bouncer with huge muscles. That chance meeting turns into a something so much more when Carter and Matt run into each other during a business meeting. Carter finds freedom on the stage acting in a Broadway production, and Matt pushes his limits evWhen Carter Smith wanders into a rough bar on local band night he doesn’t expect to have to be rescued by Matt Hendel, the sexy bouncer with huge muscles. That chance meeting turns into a something so much more when Carter and Matt run into each other during a business meeting. Carter finds freedom on the stage acting in a Broadway production, and Matt pushes his limits every day lifting weights and honing his skills so he can compete in the CrossFit games. Though they are different as night and day, Carter is drawn to Matt. When Carter’s dream calls him to California, Matt encourages him to move across country. Regret twists through Matt, but he can’t force his lover to stay and wither in a job he doesn’t love. Unable to deal with the realities of a long-distance relationship, Matt walks away from Carter. Alone and hurting, neither one of them is willing to take the first step towards reconciliation. All it will take is one text, but can either of them press send?...

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  • Gigi
    2019-03-16 08:42

    My GR friends did not enjoy this book. I'm going to pass.

  • Jay
    2019-02-22 11:53

    3.5 stars – After joining the book-review blog Reviews by Tammy and Kim, Peyton Miller’s After The Snap was the first debut novel I had the privilege to read. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to see what else this author had in store when I was invited to read the follow-up work, Walking Away. While I enjoyed the story told here, I found myself not connecting to it as well as I would have liked.Carter Smith works part-time at his cousin’s graphic design firm, both to supplement his income from and to have a safety net for his current gig as a dancer in a Broadway musical. After a night out turns into a narrowly avoided disaster thanks to being rescued by the bar’s incredibly muscled bartender, Matt Hendel, Carter is surprised the next day when the man also turns out to be the client for the latest design he’s been tasked to develop. While Carter’s passion is pushing himself to excel on the stage, Matt’s is pushing his body to its peak athletic prowess in order to compete in the CrossFit Games. The attraction is instantaneous and powerful, but when Carter lands a role that requires him to move across the country, the pressures of trying to work a long-distance relationship look to be more than the fledgling relationship can withstand.The characters in the Walking Away are easy enough to like, and while they have little in common physically, other than being in shape, they have a lot more in common than meets the eye. Both are passionate and take pride in the activity that commands the most of their time, so much so that neither has much time for things outside this. This, of course, causes the beginning of their relationship to be focused more on sex than on the getting-to-know-you aspect, so that when the time comes for Carter to move forward with his career, the lack of communication is a big problem for them. The dilemma and associated angst in these sorts of stories are typically easy to believe. And here it’s no exception, but that wasn’t my problem with the novel. The novel is also paced well, reads quickly, and is without unnecessary complications and contrived drama. My problem, and I hate to keep sounding the “show don’t tell” horn when it comes to writing, is that Walking Away is another example of a story that my enjoyment of was hurt because it often felt like I was reading directions for a recipe instead of a story I could feel a part of. It’s not that details are unimportant to storytelling, but there are times when they are unnecessary. I don’t need to know every step the characters take in making, eating, and cleaning up, for example. Doing this sort of thing makes it very difficult for me to fall in love with the characters and what they’re doing. So while I can say that Matt and Carter had strong, passionate feelings for one another, the reason behind my saying this is that the story told me they did. What I want in a romance is for those feelings to come through because the author showed the feelings to me. So, like this author’s first novel, I finished Walking Away with two distinct impressions: the story idea here is fine, but the storytelling needs more work. It was easier for me to discount this fact in the first novel (because I know it is not an easy task), but I expect experience to result in improvement, and I didn’t get that here. In spite of my issues, this book is still worth a read, and I still see indications of potential for Peyton Miller as an author. I can only hope the next one shows me that.The author generously provided me a complimentary copy of Walking Away in exchange for this fair and honest review.Follow Me: Reviews by Tammy & Kim | Facebook | Twitter

  • Theresa
    2019-03-15 06:07

    I was disappointed how this book ended because these guys were so fun and sweet in the beginning. The author failed to convince me that the MCs were able to have a HEA. My loss of faith began at the point they gave each other a second chance. There was no character growth or development - no learning from past mistakes. Here is the background of their long distance relationship. It failed because they did not communicate - literally no text messages, no talking, no voice messages, no emails, no skyping. They were weird and didn't have the internal drive to share their lives - no status update text messages, no desire to set up phone call or skype times - no emails. For being so crazy about each other, they didn't even have the curiosity to ask each other about their day, about their work, or even how they were doing. Carter didn't care to learn about Matt's professional sport and Matt didn't watch Carter's show on TV. They were not a normal couple.Carter in LA had a single purpose mentality. He literally did not think about Matt when he was working. He really didn't miss Matt until he was alone, then time zone differences and schedule conflicts became his excuse. He did not give their relationship any priority. Carter had plenty of time during the day to text Matt - waiting on the set, sitting in the makeup chair, etc. Outside of work, he had time standing in line at the store, sitting on the john, etc. Matt, on the other hand, was a personal coach, good with people, and able to multi-task. He had enough breaks in his daily schedule to text or email Carter. In fact, he spent time every day emailing and talking with his clients. If these two had a family, Carter would be the absentee negligent parent and Matt would be the caretaker. So after these men got back together - with Matt saying he shouldn't have broken it off when he got injured and scared, Carter saying he shouldn't have let Matt go so easily, and Chris saying they should have actually talked to each other - they went back to the same old-same old when Carter returned to LA. DEAD SILENCE. No text messages such as I miss you, I got here safely, my workout was good today, the PR went well today, etc. Like I said, no learning curve. Carter got an audition for a movie, extended his return back to NYC and didn't tell Matt about either one.So the author created an OTT scene where Matt saw a tabloid paper about Carter liaising with a female co-actress. He didn't call Carter for clarification. He believed it and went on a bender. Forget that Matt knew for sure that Carter was GAY and they had already had several discussions about fake tabloid gossip. Carter swept in and threw it back at Matt bringing up the trust factor between them. He proceeded to tell him it was just a friendly sleep over on the couch. Well, this could have been prevented if they texted each other goodnight. Matt definitely needed the reassurance because of his insecurity with Carter becoming a TV celebrity. So they made up and Carter used the L word. OMG. And the author thought that I would buy this garbage! Sorry, these guys did not change their ways and they had no excuses. Using Carter's new co-lead actress friend to suggest Matt moving his personal coaching business to LA was a crutch. That was something that should have originated with either one of these two because they wanted to be together. It would have convinced me that they wanted to make their second chance work. And I didn't buy that they were afraid to discuss their relationship at this point. Just as they had no desire to share their personal daily life details with each other, they didn't have the drive to plan their future together. Just not normal.The HFN ending was the two sharing a house in LA. It seemed that physically living together was the only way they were able to communicate. They would definitely need to travel together if one of them ever had to go out of town for his job, or they would end up breaking up again. Unfortunately, they never realized that. The author ended the book with Matt asking Carter to marry him - geez, exchanging wedding vows when they couldn't even text each other!

  • JustJen
    2019-03-13 10:00

    I jumped on this story because I really enjoyed Ms. Miller’s debut book, After the Snap. Unfortunately, one of the things that drew me into that story – the characters – was missing from this book. This starts out great; I loved the way the guys met and began their relationship. It was fun and fresh and so very promising.Unfortunately, things shifted and were so up in the air that I couldn’t figure out why these guys were bothering at all. Matt was focused on his training for the CrossFit games, and with Carter’s contract with a Broadway show running out, his next opportunity is on a TV show in LA. Thus, they must continue with a long-distance relationship for the time being. Unfortunately, their relationship began with more sex and less getting to know you, so that when the time came that they had to part ways, there was very little communication holding them togetherThis story is told with a lot of little details, which is good, to a point. But it also prevents me from connecting with the characters. I know how they feel because the story tells me so, but it isn’t able to pull me into the story and feel it. This could very well be my own issue, and I did enjoy other aspects at the same time. It was a somewhat fast read, but as I didn’t feel that connection, I had a hard time keeping from skimming the detail parts to get to the meat of the story.As with her previous book, Ms. Miller shows a lot of potential, from the blurbs and gorgeous covers to the basic story lines. Even though I was not blown away by this one, I will definitely be keeping her on my radar in the future.Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.

  • River
    2019-03-04 08:04

    I'm giving this book 2 stars because I'm disappointed. The title of the book is walking away so I expected the separation to be a big deal, it lasts like one chapter! and it's so poorly done. The breakup was over the phone and then we are told in one chapter (or so) how the characters have been doing the last few months and the next chapter bam they are together again. After that they mention the separation a lot and it bothered me because for me as a reader it felt like they were only separated for a day because they didn't really showed me the characters going through the post break up feelings. I dind't connect with the characters at all and the way the handled their long distance relationship was a let down, I felt like they had no idea how a relationship in general worked.

  • Donna Wagner
    2019-03-16 05:53

    Good Book!Two men with different goals: one a power fitness builder and the other, an up and coming actor. Things get complicated when Carter needs to spend time in L A. That was very unhelpful. They do repair their relationship back in New York but Hollywood comes calling again. Do they make this work or is this just too hard to manage? A really good story with some angst and tons of loving happy moments.

  • Manuela
    2019-03-01 03:52

    ***2016 has been a very unstable year. Not only have I lost favourite role models in droves, I have been into dark places more times than I could count. Yes, I experienced highlights as well but the darkness has had a big impact this year and the only way to keep it at bay was reading, mass reading, back to back books with no stopping and no reviewing. I do apologize to all the writers that I won’t be able to review their books yet but I will get to it. Promise!***

  • Karen Lane
    2019-03-22 07:56

    4 solid starsThis was a nice easy read, I love the cross fit games so I really enjoyed the storyline. It was a little too light in parts, the guys sucked at communication and that always frustrates me in any book. I loved that the little guy in the relationship was actually 'the big guy' it's a nice change lol.

  • Patrice Leonard
    2019-02-21 03:57

    I can't even write a review for can view my thoughts in my progress updates. So disappointed. Gave 2 stars instead of 1 because it was edited well and read easily and the cover is beautiful.

  • A. Drew
    2019-03-07 09:51

    Wonderful weekend read. I really liked Carter and Matt. They ware perfect for eachother #LoveIsBeautiful