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In this charming mystery from the bestselling author of Paws and Effect, two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…  With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will needIn this charming mystery from the bestselling author of Paws and Effect, two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…  With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will need to rely on them even more than ever when a twenty-year-old scandal leads to murder…   The arrival of the Janes brothers has the little town of Mayville Heights buzzing. Everyone of a certain age remembers when Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife, who then died in a car accident.  Now it seems the brothers are trying to reconcile, until Kathleen finds Leo dead. The police suspect Leo’s son, Kathleen’s good friend Simon, who had a furious argument with his father and now has an alibi no one can verify. To prove her friend innocent, Kathleen will have to dig deep into the town's history—and into her sardine cracker supply, because Owen and Hercules don't work for free......

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a tale of two kitties Reviews

    2019-03-08 03:28

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsThese adorable kitties will steal your heart forever. This intuitive pair, Hercules and Owen, are each magical in their own way and totally devoted to their person, Kathleen. They try to go everywhere she goes and sometimes stow themselves away when she refuses to take them along. The usually go one at a time though, together, away from home, could be a bit of a handful. They understand her both in what she says and what she feels. They do an excellent job at judging other people’s character too. Kathleen has been able to keep their special capabilities to herself so far. They do look like two of my kitties but their magic exceeds anything I have witnessed here at home. I absolutely love them and they would be welcome at my house any time.The mystery this involves two brothers who have been estranged for years. They previously lived in Mayville Heights and had returned to try to get beyond their differences. Leo has also come to see his son Simon and his granddaughter. Victor is having health issues and fears his days are numbered. Before ant reconcilation can happen Kathleen finds Leo’s body and gets very upset when Marcus hones in on Simon as the prime suspect. Kathleen feels answers may be found by digging into the past to find what drove the brothers apart. She has heard rumors but with a little feline assistance she is determined to get Simon off the wanted list and the real culprit behind bars.Being back in Mayville Heights is like visiting old friends. I imagine I would spend a fair amount of time at the library and may even volunteer. Kathleen and her staff is so welcoming to everyone. Right now the staff is working with a box of old pictures and undelivered mail they have received. Their attention gets diverted when the Leo’s body is found. Mia, his granddaughter works at the library and she has just brought him in to meet her coworkers.I really enjoyed the premise of found items playing a critical part to solving the mystery. This story has a quick pace and the suspense ramps up nicely as the story continues. Kathleen starts to zero in and draw conclusions just in time to land herself in a bunch of trouble. The clues all came together for me at the same time as Kathleen.A fun well written mystery with characters that continue to evolve makes this one of my favorite series. Of course, the two furry felines are my stars in this story.Note – There is a bonus short story at the end of the book and that was a nice surprise.A Purr-fect Escape!!

  • Yvonne
    2019-03-17 03:24

    Kathleen Paulson’s friend, Simon Janes, is in the midst of an old family scandal when both his father and uncle show up in Mayville Heights. Unfortunately, Kathleen finds Simon’s father, Leo, dead and she’s right in the middle of it all. She knows Simon would never hurt his father, but the police don’t agree. Not even her detective boyfriend agrees with her. Kathleen vows to prove Simon’s innocence but it’s not easy.Kathleen uncovers some deeply hidden Mayville Heights secrets. With the help of her two cats, Hercules and Owen, she tries to figure out what is going on before her friend finds himself spending the rest of his life in jail for a crime he did not commit.I always enjoy my visits to Mayville Heights, Minnesota. The adorable magical cats, Hercules and Owen, always make me smile. In case you were wondering, their secret powers include disappearing and walking through walls. They don’t talk, but they do play a part in solving the mystery. They are main characters as much as any of the human characters.This has always been one of my favorite cozy mystery series. Of course it also has two cats, which is a major plus for this reader. The storyline is fast-paced and the characters feel like old friends. There is something comforting about re-visiting characters you’ve grown to love over the years and catch up with their lives. The mystery had several different suspects. It could have gone in any direction. I was surprised how it all wrapped up. I’m looking forward to another adventure with Kathleen and her kitties. This is the perfect escape for this cozy mystery reader.FTC Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Juli
    2019-02-25 11:23

    The Magical Cats books are easily in my top three favorite cozy mystery series. I enjoy the characters, the antics of the cats, and the interesting problems that pop up in Mayville Heights, MN. Head Librarian Kathleen Paulson came to town to help with renovations to the city library, and 9 books later she is a vital part of the small community. Her cats, Owen and Hercules, are amazing. Not only do they seem to understand what people say to them, but they have strange powers. Owen can become invisible. And Hercules can walk through walls. Kathleen keeps this a secret though, hoping nobody finds out what her cats can do. She doesn't want them exploited or endangered. I love this little splash of supernatural in these's not overdone...just a bit of sprinkles on top the cupcake. In this 9th book in the series, a bit of long lost undelivered mail and several photographs are discovered behind some furniture in the local post office. The items are given to the library. Kathleen and the other library employees go through them to identify people in the photos so they can be given to the families that own them. The mail is also delivered into the hands of those it was intended for, albeit decades late. They decide to put the unidentified items on display in the library so people can come look at them and claim any that belong to them. Meanwhile, two brothers -- twins in fact -- are in town for the first time in many years to try and smooth over a fracture in their family. Years ago, Victor Janes stole his brother Leo's wife. The wife later died in a car accident. Nobody in the family has ever forgiven Victor for what he did. His brother dislikes him. His nephew and great-niece have no use for him either. The drama is pulled out into the open when Leo is found dead, bashed in the head with a heavy object. Does it have anything to do with his former wife's undelivered letter to a friend supposedly found with the others in the post office? Is it related to Victor and the family schism? Unfortunately, the police suspect that Leo's son, Simon, may have had something to do with his death. Kathleen knows Simon did not kill his father, and starts investigating to prove it. Will she discover vital clues in time? And is anyone else in danger?I love the cover art for this newest book!! Hercules calmly licking his paws while Owen plays with the title letters....all near the open sardine can. Perfect! I'm sure hidden behind Owen somewhere is his latest kill -- another torn apart cat nip funky chicken toy, I'm sure. :) The mystery in this latest book kept my attention. It is perfectly paced and builds suspense nicely. I also enjoyed the character development in this newest book. Some side characters got a bit more story this time around. There were plenty of suspects and surprises. Some things I had figured out early on....but a few things I didn't see coming. Herc and Owen are up to their usual antics. Just an enjoyable new book in this series!This book also contains a short story "The Cat Burglar,'' previously published in the ebook Two Tall Tails. Sofie Kelly is a pseudonym used by YA Author Darlene Ryan. She also writes under the name Sofie Ryan (Second Chance Cat series -- another of my favorites!) For more information on the author and her books, check out her website:**I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Berkley Publishing via NetGalley. Opinions expressed are entirely my own.**

  • Lisa Ks Book Review
    2019-03-03 11:35

    Another magically fun visit with Hercules and Owen!In A TALE OF TWO KITTIES, author Sofie Kelly’s talent for writing, and amazing imagination shine their brightest. Book nine is every bit as wonderful as the eight that came before. I loved the interaction between protagonist, Kathleen and her furry housemates, Owen and Hercules. They’re the coolest cats in town, and some of the best crime solvers out there. Their antics and abilities always make for an entertaining read. Mystery and intrigue were in abundant supply in A TALE OF TWO KITTIES, and kept me guessing through every new chapter. From the fun first page through to the exciting reveal, this captivating kitty para-cozy held me in its spell.

  • Kevin
    2019-02-24 05:18

    This series and this book in particular is a lot of fun, it was just released this week and I haven't heard of another book coming but I sure hope that the series hasn't ended, I love the characters and I'd like to see more books in the future. The book has a bonus short story so that alone is good news!

  • Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition
    2019-03-16 11:32

    This is a pleasant contrast to fast paced murder mysteries - the narrative seems to be very close to the Mitford series by Jan Karon. I love the "Mrrr" sound her cats make, just like mine. It is a cosy mystery to read with tea and cookies before bedtime.

  • Karen
    2019-03-14 06:27

    Such a charming series! Sofie Kelly has a lovely cozy mystery series with two magical cats that add a hint of magic in each case. Librarian Kathleen has her finger on the pulse of the community and library but even she gets caught up in very old family drama and town history, before she knows it she is knee deep in not just the troubles in the past but in a very troubling discovery. With lots of heart and a great capacity for curiosity, the mystery starts to unfold. I enjoyed this story and Kathleen's relationships with her staff and friends in this story. The cats added the perfect amount of humor and personality to the story as well. This is such a great series and a good one to start from the beginning with so you can truly appreciate Kathleen and all the things that happen to her!

  • Katie
    2019-03-14 06:35

    There were more strangers than usual, so that was good. It was a bigger pool of suspects and victims!I know that some of this just comes with the territory in the cozy mystery genre., but I wish there was a litttttle more forward motion in the overall plot and characters. Specifically, (view spoiler)[I REALLY thought Kathleen was going to tell Marcus about the cats' special abilities. (hide spoiler)]The short story at the end was cute. I give it four stars.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-28 07:14

    **I voluntarily read this ARC**I absolutely love the small town Minnesota setting. I also love how Owen and Hercules have actual distinct personalities. The mystery was great but slightly predictable. The way the past and present were woven together to tell the story was wonderful and made it feel more realistic.

  • Jenndian
    2019-03-22 05:34

    So happy I won this ARC through Penguin's First to Read! I've been looking forward to reading this since the last book! Kelly did not disappoint. It's always great to catch up with Kathleen and her magical cats Owen and Hercules. A great mystery tied to Mail that has been lost for 20 years. Kelly creates a cast of well-thought out, believable characters and a good mystery full of twists and turns that keep the reader invested in finding out whodunit!

  • Lisa Morin
    2019-03-12 03:39

    A Tale of Two Kitties by Sofie Kelly is an excellent book. You will find yourself on a wild adventure with Owen & Hercules running the show.Mayville Heights is the setting for their current adventure and when they are digging into a twenty-year-old scandal, Kathleen needs their help more than ever.The scandal includes Kathleen's good friend Simon, and when the police look at him as a suspect in a gruesome murder, Kathleen and her dynamic duo set off to find answers.This series just gets better and better. I love Owen & Hercules, they add just the right amount of humor to this already witty series.I give A Tale of Two Kittes 5 paws up!I voluntarily read an Arc of this book provided by Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley.Pub Date 05 Sep 2017

  • Mary Brown
    2019-03-04 09:16

    Synopsis:In this charming mystery from the bestselling author of Paws and Effect, two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will need to rely on them more than ever when a twenty-year-old scandal leads to murder…The arrival of the Janes brothers has the little town of Mayville Heights buzzing. Everyone of a certain age remembers when Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife, who then died in a car accident.Now it seems the brothers are trying to reconcile, until Kathleen finds Leo dead. The police set their sights on Leo’s son and Kathleen’s good friend Simon, who doesn’t have much of an alibi. To prove her friend innocent, Kathleen will have to dig deep into the town's history—and into her sardine cracker supply, because Owen and Hercules don't work for free... (Goodreads)Review:The characters are well rounded and well developed. Kathleen is a smart hardworking protagonist. She is loyal and is willing to do most anything to help her friends when they are in need. She loves her cats, and who would not love these magical felines. They were as real of characters as the humans were. Owen can disappear at anytime and Hercules can walk through walls. Those are special talents that can come in handy in crime solving. Both of the cats seem to understand what humans are saying, and although they cannot talk, they have an uncanny way of helping Kathleen figure out clues and help in the investigation. The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through much of the book I felt like I was right there, watching all the action taking place around me. The mystery was well plotted and had enough suspects to consider and clues to sift through (with Owen’s and Hercule’s help) that it was not easily solved. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy. If you love cats, this is a must read book. I had not read any of the other books in the series and I did not have too much trouble knowing what was going on.I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I would like to thank NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  • Carole Jarvis
    2019-03-13 10:28

    Reviewed at The Power of Words: Tale of Two Kitties … enchanting, impressive, entertaining, humorous, enjoyable in every way. I am so thankful for the opportunity to review this book because I’ve discovered a new favorite author in the process. Sofie Kelly is an excellent storyteller and has crafted a charming cozy mystery series. Cat lovers like me will absolutely fall in love with Owen and Hercules – and that the protagonist is a librarian is an added bonus for avid readers.A Tale of Two Kitties moves at a steady pace, involving the reader in the detecting process, as well as the daily life of Kathleen and the people of Mayville Heights, Minnesota. This is not a criticism, but because I haven’t read the previous eight books in this series, it was a little difficult to connect with all the secondary characters. While I greatly enjoyed this story as a standalone, it left me eager to start at the beginning and work my way through. This story is that good!Unlike some cozy mystery cats, Owen and Hercules are not just there for show, but are an integral part of the story. They’re intuitive, strong willed, and just a wee bit magical. I was a little hesitant about the fantasy element at first, but it’s just plain cute and not over the top at all. Anyone who loves cats will quickly see that the author has captured the essence of cat. I loved the amount of time spent on interaction between Kathleen, Owen and Hercules. The mystery hits close to home when someone dear to one of Kathleen’s library workers is murdered, and the involvement of 20-year-old letters and photos is a great creative touch. I loved that this story is more character driven than action packed. The only negative is some mild profanity that I wish had been omitted. A Tale of Two Kitties is all that a cozy mystery should be, and I hope for many more stories in this series. Recommended.I was provided a free copy of this book through Great Escapes Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

  • Randee
    2019-02-22 09:19

    A Magical Cats Mystery is the very first cat cozy series I ever read, starting with the first one in the series "Curiosity Thrilled the Cat." I began it rather reluctantly because even though I like mysteries and I like mystery series (Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin being my all time favorite by Rex Stout), I thought a cat cozy with 'magical' cats would be cheesy, dumb, poorly written and perhaps even written with a target audience of below average IQ's. Wow.....was I wrong. I am glad I have an open mind and will try anything once because I would have remained ignorant and missed out on a really fun series. I have always owned cats and I can tell the author is well acquainted with cat behavior and why many of us admire and love them. The 'magic' is very understated so it doesn't seem sickeningly cute or ridiculous. The cats, Hercules and Owen, more or less adopted our librarian protagonist before the series began and subtly help her solve mysteries whether they be murder or burglaries, etc. I love this series. The author has created a town in Minnesota with interesting, reoccurring characters, activities and relationships. We come back to series we like because we like the characters and want to revisit them. It seems like I am taking a vacation when I catch up with the latest happenings of Kathleen, Hercules, Owen and their friends. I can hardly wait for the next one!!!!!

  • Lesa
    2019-03-13 11:35

    Everyone who knows me knows I love cats. And, I frequently read mysteries involving cats. But, I'm not a pushover for every book about cats, especially magical cats. I've always been a little skeptical about Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats Mysteries. Yes, I can suspend disbelief. But, magical cats solving a mystery? I have to admit Kelly's A Tale of Two Kitties is an excellent mystery with likeable characters. I'm now fully on board with this series.Minnesota librarian Kathleen Paulson doesn't know the story of the Janes family. Victor Janes hasn't returned to Mayville Heights since he ran off with his brother, Leo's wife. Once she died in a car accident, he wasn't welcome in town. But, Leo has invited his brother back, despite the wishes of his son, Simon, and granddaughter, Mia. Leo's hoping for a reconciliation. All wishes for a family reconciliation are destroyed when Kathleen and Mia find Leo dead. Although Victor would seem to be the natural suspect, it's Kathleen's friend, Simon, who tops the list. It seems he had an argument with his father. Kathleen may have to team up with her two cats, Owen and Hercules, to find the truth.Kelly's latest mystery is actually a story about families, small town history, and secrets. It's well-written. And, it actually avoids one of my biggest problems with cozy mysteries, the woman who can't make up her mind between two men. Kathleen Paulson does have two men interested in her, but she knows how good her current relationship is, and she intends to keep it that way. I appreciate a practical, loyal amateur sleuth.Do yourself a favor. Don't be as stubborn as I was. Give Sofie Kelly's Owen and Hercules a chance to prove they belong in her mystery series. Cozy mystery readers won't regret trying A Tale of Two Kitties.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-04 07:29

    Title: A Tale of Two KittiesAuthor: Sofie KellySeries: Magical Cats, #9Pages: 336Publisher: BerkeleyDate: September 5, 2017Summary:With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will need to rely on them more than ever when a twenty-year-old scandal leads to murder…The arrival of the Janes brothers has the little town of Mayville Heights buzzing. Everyone of a certain age remembers when Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife, who then died in a car accident.Now it seems the brothers are trying to reconcile, until Kathleen finds Leo dead. The police set their sights on Leo’s son and Kathleen’s good friend Simon, who doesn’t have much of an alibi. To prove her friend innocent, Kathleen will have to dig deep into the town's history—and into her sardine cracker supply, because Owen and Hercules don't work for free...Review:Hercules and Owen! I love Hercules and Owen! I would hate to have to pick between the two of them for a favorite because they have such distinct personalities. For some reason, Hercules seems to be the more well read of the two while Owen is the one who “gets things done!”Oh, did I mention they are cats . . . with special powers. Hercules can walk through walls -- literally, while Owen can disappear -- also literally. And no, after reading these books that doesn’t seem odd at all.And yes, there are humans in these books that get into all kinds of trouble and have to have the cats help them out.Hercules and Owen live with Kathleen who is the town librarian. I realize that is a cliche: cats and librarians. However, as I said the cats have special powers and although Kathleen is only human, she is smart enough to let them help her solve the many murders she seems to get involved in.This book even starts with a dead body.You’d think by now it wouldn’t bother me to step on a body in the middle of the kitchen floor, but I was in my sock feet and the body -- missing its head, no surprise -- was damp.With cat slobber.And I’m going to leave that right there. You can see why I enjoy these books so much.A Tale of Two Kitties is number nine in the Magical Cats series. I have loved everyone of the books. There is an extensive cast of recurring characters, so you really want to read them in order. Actually, you don’t want to miss a one of them because they are just that good.This book was sent to me by NetGalley in return for an honest review.

  • The Cozy Review
    2019-03-18 03:15

    A Tale of Two Kitties: Magical Cats SeriesAuthor: Sofie KellyPublisher: BerkleyKathleen Paulson’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, are very unusual and indispensable at times. They help her solve murder cases in their own unique way. So it is no surprise that she needs their help whether she asked for it or not to solve the latest murder.Mayville Heights is filled with gossip and curious stares 3when the Janes brothers, Leo and Victor, are both back home after a long time away. Gossip rolls through the small town and Victor Janes is smack in the middle of it, again. Having stolen his brother's wife and destroyed his family, Victor has come home to make amends, or has he? Are the brothers really trying to reconcile or is there something more sinister at the heart of the unexpected homecoming? When Kathleen finds Leo dead, she wonders who other than Victor would want Leo dead. Perhaps he wasn’t the great guy everyone thought he was. Her police boyfriend believes Leo’s son is to blame and sets out to prove it. Kathleen isn’t so sure he is guilty, so she aims to prove he isn't, one way or another. --The most memorable characters really are the cats, Owen and Hercules. They are highly intelligent and magical cats that can walk through walls, or disappear in the blink of an eye. Kathleen as well as her Detective boyfriend, Marcus is very well written and fun to learn about. The story of Victor and Leo is compelling with just enough of reality that makes you care about them and how their lives have gone. Mia, Simon’s daughter, and Leo’s granddaughter is a well-rounded character that develops into a lovely young woman whose heart is broken by the unexpected and violent death of her beloved grandfather. She puts a brave face on but is still young enough to break down every once in awhile. Mia tugs at the heartstrings of the reader. Her loss and pain are real, and Ms. Kelly has created a character that the reader will want a happy ending for her. The story is well written and flows naturally. There enough hints to the killer's identity that a reader can figure out the who did it, but not too soon in the story. Readers will continue to turn pages and become immersed in the story. It is fast-paced without sacrificing details and entertaining. This book can stand on its own as a solo cozy but fits in well with the entire series. This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted mystery with no sex or actual violence and cats that are very unusual. It is highly recommended. I received an ARC of this book.

    2019-03-02 04:16 Tale of Two KittiesA Magical Cats Mystery, Book #9By Sofie KellyAuthor Website: sofiekelly.comBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSynopsis:In this charming mystery from the bestselling author of Paws and Effect, two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will need to rely on them more than ever when a twenty-year-old scandal leads to murder…The arrival of the Janes brothers has the little town of Mayville Heights buzzing. Everyone of a certain age remembers when Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife, who then died in a car accident.Now it seems the brothers are trying to reconcile, until Kathleen finds Leo dead. The police set their sights on Leo’s son and Kathleen’s good friend Simon, who doesn’t have much of an alibi. To prove her friend innocent, Kathleen will have to dig deep into the town’s history—and into her sardine cracker supply, because Owen and Hercules don’t work for free…(Goodreads)Review:I loved it! What fun these two magical cats are! I enjoy what Kathleen does as head librarian. This is a delightful novel that includes many moments of heart-thumping suspense. At the end of this charming tale, we are gifted with an excerpt from the short story, “A Cat Burgler”. This would make a great beach read or something to wrap up in an afghan with in front of a fireplace.Owen and Hercules are the cats who chose Kathleen as their person shortly after coming to Minnesota from Boston. Originally there for the remodel of this Carnegie library for it’s 100th anniversary, Kathleen was later hired to be the head librarian and has a family within the library and her circle of friends. She discovered something unique about these adorable kits – one can disappear completely and reappear in another room, while the other can walk through walls and doors. Both have a knack of understanding what she talked about, and helped her with the mysteries that presented themselves in the past couple years. Every cat owner “gets” their pet’s habit of walking away mumbling, but I might have a hard time if one of my cats were to … well, you know. I think I could handle Fred the Funky Chicken more easily…Kathleen’s boyfriend Marcus, detective at the local police department, has a kitten who was from the same place Owen and Herc came from. Little Micah just might have some of the same characteristics as her boys. And one of these days, Kathleen has to find a way to tell him.Mia is a student intern at the library, and her father Simon is a widower. They are very close, in spite of Simon’s long working long hours. With Thanksgiving on the way, Simon’s father Leo is coming to visit. He and Mia have been very close, and he couldn’t say no to her loving pleas. Unfortunately his twin, Victor, is also coming to town at Leo’s invitation. There has been bad blood in the family for over 20 years, and Leo wants to make peace. Victor has cancer, and may not have long to live.One evening Kathleen was going to visit her friend Rebecca, taking Mia to visit her grandfather next door. Something seemed off. Especially when she saw the look on Owen’s face. She had Mia stay with Owen and Rebecca while she went in to see why Leo wasn’t answering and found Leo dead, murdered with a heavy sculpture.Marcus is the detective on the case, so he can’t share anything discovered with Kathleen. She did learn that Simon is the main suspect. Kathleen could think of at least a couple other culprits, and wanted to give Mia some peace about what happened. Photos and unopened mail from at least 20 years earlier and discovered in the wall of a remodel may hold at least one clue.Kathleen and her friends genuinely care about and will do anything to help another. While we know Kathleen best, we learn more tidbits throughout that round out the other regular characters. For example, Mary, the older librarian on staff, is a sweet lady who looks like a grandmother and is the long-running state kickboxing champion in her age group. Kathleen shares hard-learned bits of wisdom with Mia, which each of the friends do freely with each other. Marcus is a great guy, also, well-liked by his co-workers and Kathleen’s friends.There are plot twists and turns that change the landscape of the mystery; the breakup of the family more than 20 years ago is an added layer. I really enjoy reading about the antics of the cats, as well as some general historical notes on Carnegie libraries. Simon says he is innocent of Leo’s murder, and Kathleen believes him. She had caught Simon in a couple fibs, so he knows he has to be honest with her. There are several viable suspects, and I admit to have followed one of the red herrings, at least until Owen uncovered the truth. The culprit has been a suspect, yet was still a surprise. The ending is satisfactory, with much ahead to look forward to in Mayville Heights. The author has gifted us with another magical cats mystery that I highly recommend to cozy mystery and cat lovers. Even Owen and Hercules would give this a five sardine cracker (or Fred the funky chicken) rating!

  • Kristina
    2019-03-07 08:25

    A Tale of Two Kitties by Sofie Kelly is the ninth mystery in A Magical Cats Mystery series. Kathleen Paulson is a librarian in Mayville Heights, Minnesota and owns (well, as much as you can own a cat) two special cats named Owen and Hercules. When remodeling a local post office, undelivered mail and photos were discovered. The library has agreed to take possession of the photos. Kathleen wants to find a way to identify the people in the photos and get them in the hands of family. Twin brothers, Victor and Leo Janes have returned to town for Thanksgiving and the gossip mill is buzzing. People remember that Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife. Unfortunately, Meredith died in a car accident shortly afterward. This is a chance for a reconciliation between the two men. Mia Janes, a library student intern, is tickled to have her grandfather in town. Kathleen drives Mia to visit Leo one day after work and Kathleen notices the apartment door ajar. She goes inside to find Leo dead from obvious blunt force trauma. The police soon narrow their sights on Simon Janes, Leo’s son and Kathleen’s friend, when they discover he an argument with Leo and lacks an alibi. Kathleen with the aid of her two magical sidekicks, Owen and Hercules, delves into the case intent on tracking down Leo’s killer. Come visit Mayville Heights and help Kathleen solve her latest case in A Tale of Two Kitties.A Tale of Two Kitties has good writing, but the pace is a little slow. There are nice, relatable characters and a charming small-town setting. Kathleen is a great character who has a wonderful job—a librarian! I enjoy her interactions with her fur babies. A Tale of Two Kitties contains an extra amount of cozy. There is socializing, meals, work at the library, romance, the cat’s antics, the found photographs and mail, plus much more. I wish the author had not devoted so much time to the lost (and now found) photographs and mail. It seemed to dominate the story. The mystery was interesting and I liked how it was structured (containing several different components that all fit together). The author included some good clues which will aid readers in solving the crime (plus the suspect list is very small). My rating for A Tale of Two Kitties is 4 out of 5 stars. A Tale of Two Kitties is a cute story and I delighted in the paranormal element. The magical cats are adorable and entertaining (especially Owen with his funky chickens). If you have not read any of the previous A Magical Cat Mystery novels, you will be a little lost (since there are so many secondary characters) in the beginning and it might hinder readers in solving the crime. A Tale of Two Kitties is a charming cozy mystery that will delight readers.

  • Jeanie
    2019-03-09 11:16

    This was a fun read; I loved it! Kathleen is back with Owen, Hercules, and Fred the Funky Chicken, better than ever!The grandfather of Mia, an intern at the library, has been murdered and her father Simon is the main suspect. It takes all of Kathleen's and boyfriend Marcus' investigating skills (separate, of course, since Detective Marcus can't share what he knows). Herc, Owen, and Kathleen's conversations with friends deliver the clues, but at the end of the day, is there anyone to have Kathleen's back?Kathleen and her friends are three-dimensional, able to step from the pages into one's local library - where I would happily go if librarians are like her. They are a tight-knit group who would welcome new friends while doing all they can for each other.The twists and turns bring interesting clues that keep the reader hopping! I love the scenes with Owen and Hercules; while their magic might help Kathleen solve the crime, I'm not sure what I would do if one of my cats disappeared....or walked through walls. I highly recommend this delightful new mystery in the Magical Cats series to cat and cozy mystery loves!

  • Darla
    2019-03-13 08:36

    Kathleen along with her magic cats, Hercules and Owen, have another mystery to solve. The Leo and Victor Janes are in town and the town is buzzing. It seems that Victor is trying to reconcile with Leo after having had an affair with Leo's wife, Meredith, years ago. Shortly afterwards Meredith was killed in a car accident on her way back to town. Kathleen finds Leo dead and the murder mystery begins. Marcus handles it from the police perspective while Kathleen and the cats work a different angle. Kathleen comes up with clues that he doesn't find. He does tell her that he trusts her instincts on more than one occasion. On a personal level between Kathleen and Marcus, she's realizes that she's going to have to talk to Marcus about Hercules and Owen being magic since Micah, the kitten he adopted, is showing signs of also being magic.

  • Teresa
    2019-03-20 11:13

    This is a delightful tale of a librarian with psychic cats. When Leo, the grandfather of one of her co-workers is murdered Kathleen must figure out who killed him as she sorts through a strange collection of family and friends. I liked the cat communication as well as her loving boyfriend Marcus and all the great food this character enjoyed. Made me hungry! Tale of Two Kitties is a perfect cozy for a cool fall day. It has humor, suspense and a trip to the library!I obtained this book from Net Galley and have left an honest review.

  • Betty
    2019-03-02 03:21

    This is a delightful and fun read of a Magical Cat book. Kathleen's cats, Owen and Hercules are pointing out clues to the latest mystery. Twenty years ago there was a major scandal in town. As one brother seduce the other's wife. The James twins, Steven and Victor are back in town hoping that they can find an answer to their differences. Steven granddaughter is an aid at the library. When Steven is found dead and the police decided that Simon, his son is a person of in the case. Kathleen and Owen and Hercules set out to clear his name. A walk at the post office and letters and photos are found behind it. The letters were delivered to the recipients and the photos were placed in the library. Who were the persons that received a letter? What did they have to do with Steven's death? I highly recommend this book and series.Disclosure: I received a free copy from Berkeley Publishing Group through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

  • Lori
    2019-02-22 11:30

    I was a goodreads giveaway winner of "A Tale of Two Kitties" by Sofie Kelly.This is the first book I have read by the author. Kathleen Paulson works in a library. She has two cats named Owen and Hercules. This is a murder mystery book. Kathleen finds the body of Leo an elderly man. It is clear that Leo has been murdered. Now Kathleen and her cats must find out who killed Leo. Like any mystery many of the characters are a suspect. but who wanted to kill Leo? Kathleen and her two cats who have a talent for detection will help Kathleen solve the murder. This is a good read. It had me wanting to read on to find out what happened to Leo and how the murder case is solved. I liked that two cats are part of the help to solve the case. Just wish there was more written about the cats.

  • Dakota
    2019-03-05 11:15

    A good book to start the new year!I always enjoy this series and all the characters especially Hercules and Owen. I enjoy Kathleen's interaction with her cats. The pacing of this book went smoothly and the mystery was pretty interesting.There was an extra short story in the end from the ebook Two Tall Tails.

  • Ann
    2019-03-21 09:40

    I love this series with librarian Kathleen and her two cats Hercules and Owen solving another murder. The library has a box of old photos of folks around town and are planning a display for townsfolk to come in and reminisce. This cozy series is a wonderful mystery blended with friends and a delectable setting. The unusual felines are an added bonus.

  • Marianne Donovan
    2019-03-07 08:23

    A Tale of Two Kitties by Sofie Kelly was a fun light romp thru a murder mystery. I have not read any of the earlier Magical Cat Mysteries, but that was not a problem as Kelly seamlessly wove series cannon into the story-line so I never felt at a loss as one can often do in the middle of a series. It was not an in depth mystery, but it was very cute and fun as librarian Kathleen Paulson and her two cats, Hercules and Owen, help solve the case when library worker Mia's grandfather Leo is found murdered and her father Simon is a person of interest. It takes some good detective work (Kathleen and her love interest Det. Marcus) and some feline intervention to uncover the old hidden secrets that motivated the murder. A very fun read appropriate for YA and adult as the language, love interests, and murder descriptions are relatively mild. The story flowed and was fun and easy to read.

  • Angie Shipp
    2019-03-01 11:18

    The title and cover had me a little confused. Good example of not judging a book by its cover. Love the small town relationships that intertwine throughout the mystery.

  • Literarycat
    2019-03-12 11:26

    ** I received a copy of this book from Netgally in exchange for an honest review**My love for reading started at a young age with cozy mysteries like the Cat Who series, and lately I have been getting back into the habit of reading them. This book is adorably cozy and reflects everything I loved when I was young reader. Owen and Hercules remind me so much of my own literary cats Falcor and Orion (sometimes I think Orion has super powers to magically appear). One thing I love about this book is while there is romance in the novel, there is no sexual content other than a kiss here and there, we see couples being just that couples sharing daily life together. It was a nice refreshing change. Perfect book for young readers.

  • ANNE
    2019-02-26 09:34

    I was so excited when I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway! I love this series so much. I wasn't disappointed with the latest installment. The mystery with it's twists and turns and misdirection kept me guessing and intrigued the whole time. I love visiting Mayville Heights. Kathleen, Marcus, Maggie and the rest. And of course, Hercules and Owen. It's a magical mysterious adventure that I hope continues.