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Alex Sparrow is a super-agent in training. He is also a human lie-detector. Working with Jess, who can communicate with animals, they must find out why their friends – and enemies – are all changing into polite and well behaved pupils. And exactly who is behind it all.Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink is a funny, mid-grade novel full of farts, jokes and superhero referAlex Sparrow is a super-agent in training. He is also a human lie-detector. Working with Jess, who can communicate with animals, they must find out why their friends – and enemies – are all changing into polite and well behaved pupils. And exactly who is behind it all.Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink is a funny, mid-grade novel full of farts, jokes and superhero references. Oh, and a rather clever goldfish called Bob. In a world where kids’ flaws and peculiarities are being erased out of existence, Alex and Jess must rely on what makes them different to save the day....

Title : Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink
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ISBN : 9781910080566
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink Reviews

  • Mehsi
    2019-02-06 11:25

    Farts, talking to animals, kids being blueberried, and lots of hilarious banter between two characters. Given the book I thought the Big Stink would be the thing that would change the kids, but instead it was even better! Alex, our MC, has a lie detector in his head/ear, butttt there is a catch! Every time he lies, or anyone around him lies the lie detector will go off with a poot. And boyyyy, I don't know what his ear ate, but those farts apparently stink like rotten eggs and sewer. You can imagine that it isn't the easiest lie detector to have, not to mention he didn't even had a choice in the matter (you definitely don't want to pick up the phone). I have to say that I liked Alex better when he wasn't around his (old) friends, of course it was sad that his friends were mean to him (though it shows how they really were), but he gained real friendship, and he became less obsessed with all the popularity business. I liked Alex much much more at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. He was much more fun, acted smarter, he was more genuine. Also I quite love his imagination and how much he loved superheroes. Jess, ah, I just loved Jess. Instantly. The girl had attitude, wasn't afraid to say her opinion, didn't mind she wasn't popular, and she could kick some serious butt. Her new powers of talking with animals sounds fun, but really.... you wouldn't want it as apparently every time she talks to an animal she gets spasms. You can imagine the hilarity when she talks to the pigeon send by the Professor. The mystery aka who is the Professor, why did the kids get their powers, what is happening to the kids at school, what is up with Miss Smilie? It was fun, interesting, exciting, you wanted to know more and more. At first you don't really notice anything wrong, but as the story progresses you see more and more kids acting different from their normal selves, they are blueberried (dum dum dum). I am sure you are curious what blueberried is... well, you will have to read the book, I am not going to tell you everything. :PThe Professor and who it was? I had my suspicions, and I was happy to see one of my suspects confirmed as the Professor. Miss Smilie? Dang, she was just evil and creepy. It goes to say, never trust anyone who is always happy and smiling. We also have a goldfish named Bob, or should I say Agent Bob. He was a bit hit/miss, but generally he was really fun. His OCD-ness was interesting add, it gave more depth to him.The banter between Alex and Jess was terrific, they had instant chemistry (just not the loveydovey one, thank heavens). I did think one of the nicknames Alex made up for Jess was a bit too crude (thankfully she thought the same, sadly it didn't stop Alex from using it), but generally I laughed when he brought up another new nickname for her. And she gave him a nickname in retaliation. The ending was terrific, and I just laughed so hard when x happened to Miss Smilie. I am also delighted to see that there will be another book in the future, yay! I can't wait to see what adventures these two characters will have!Definitely would recommend this one to everyone!Review first posted at

  • Steph
    2019-01-26 08:25

    Brilliant, fast paced book for kids! Loved the characters and the story. It's gonna be a real winner in the school library!

  • Amy (Golden Books Girl)
    2019-02-11 15:45

    In this delightful middle grade adventure, we`re told the story of Alex as he develops a strange superpower with an even stranger (and definitely stinkier!) side effect. I loved this a lot. Alex is a truly loveable main character and his friend Jess was fabulous too. They worked really well as a duo and the banter between them was just brilliant. Their bickering was the source of a lot of giggles throughout this book, and I especially found the scenes with Bob the goldfish hilarious! The superhero plot is fun and silly, with a few twists I didn`t actually expect but I also really liked the way the book shows some of the realities of primary school life too, and how difficult friendships can be at that age. I`m already excited for Alex`s second adventure! 4.5/5

  • Chris Callaghan
    2019-02-14 13:32

    A humdinger of a book. Full of great characters and wise-cracking dialogue. It's completely barmy and hilarious. And I want a fish like Bob!

  • James
    2019-01-24 07:38

    Fast paced caper featuring a colourful cast of characters (and just enough fart jokes! )

  • Anthony Burt
    2019-02-08 13:45

    This was a spectacular, fun and chuckle-licious story written in a zappy, engaging style. Jennifer has created an absolutely brilliant story for children of all ages about a young school boy called Alex Sparrow who - naturally - has a super-powered, farting ear.Okay, there's a little more to his ear than just that - it farts (and stinks badly, hence the book's title) when Alex is near someone who lies, or if he lies himself. This becomes a very useful, if totally bizarre and hilarious, power when Alex is faced with a dastardly teacher who is trying to control the minds of every pupil in the school.With the help of his sarcastic sidekick, Jess, a pigeon and a goldfish, Alex sets out on an action-packed, mysterious story that will take him into the heart of weird mind-control, secret identities and condescending goldfish.There were several times when I was reading this book that I had to physically put it down because I was laughing so hard at some of Alex's antics (and Jennifer's funny descriptions). Such a great book - highly recommend it!

  • Tristan Luscombe
    2019-02-01 08:35

    I've had to wait quite a while to read this, because my son kept re-reading it, but I finally managed to wrestle it away from him and read it myself!'Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink' is a brilliantly observed satire on the life of modern primary school children... just with a few more awesome(ish) superpowers, fiendish supervillains and heroic goldfish than you might be expecting.It's laugh out loud funny and you'll find yourself grinning and nodding at the characters that work at and attend Cherry Tree Lane School - we all know them!Reading it reminded me of the madcap genius of the Brentwood Trilogy - just aimed at children - and it couldn't hit the spot more perfectly, I can't wait for the next one!

  • Pippa Wilson
    2019-02-13 08:28

    So what did I think?Full of farts, laughs and super-agent situations. Not for fun-suckers!Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink is the hilarious Middle Grade book by author Jennifer Killick, which tells the story of Alex, a boy who's been in training to be a secret agent since he was four years old. He notices that people tells lies, but is pootling quite happily in life until one night the strangest thing happens: he orders a lie detector. It turns out however, that the lie detector makes a farting sound inside his ear and emits a stinky smell to match. Now that Alex is armed with an unexpected superpower, he can find out what's really going on in his world.Flanked by Jess (Jessticles for short!) and Bob the goldfish, Alex Sparrow discovers what is really going on with a new teacher, Miss Smilie, and her obsession with PALS (that's Positive Aspirational Life Skills) at school.The book is jam-packed with funny situations, great characters, jokes and references to superheroes and Harry Potter, and had me in giggles the whole way through. Largely set in a school, this book hits the perfect note for Year 6s, and is great fun to read aloud for grown-ups too. It's definitely the funniest Middle Grade book I've read since Diary of a Wimpy Kid's The Long Haul!I think this would suit fans of David Walliams, David Solomons and David Baddiel. (Oh, 3 Davids there, sorry folks! Nice to see Jen's breaking the trend!)Definitely worth a read!Pippa Wilson 27th April

  • Nicole
    2019-01-28 09:48

    Young Alex wants to be a spy but when he pays for a lie detector the results aren't quite as he plans. A zap from the phone means he can now tell truth from lies as his ear farts, however it also smells as bad as the lie is. Something is happening at school bad kids are suddenly behaving, can he find out what's going on? Collecting a sidekick called Jess (who he calls Jessticles -classic) and Darth Daver can he smell his way to the truth? A very funny spy story for 8+

  • Robin Bennett
    2019-02-18 14:51

    Our son read this when it came out then I saw him reading it again a few months later, which is a first. It sat in our kitchen for a while so, eventually/inevitably, I picked it up and started reading. I can see the attraction, it's hilarious and good for any kid who likes to read quick, funny dialogue and anything with PLANS is good. I liked Bob (the brainy goldfish).

  • Karen Minto
    2019-02-11 10:32

    This book is absolutely perfect for the 7-9 age group. It's full of fast paced action and gags, and cool in-jokes, and the characters are full of life and loveably flawed. The animals just round it off perfectly.

  • Laura Noakes
    2019-02-05 07:40

    LOL-funny, and with bucketloads of charm, ALEX SPARROW AND THE BIG STINK is a joy to read from start to finish. It has characters with oodles of personality, fart jokes, a seriously sassy goldfish and multiple references to Harry Potter. If you like your MG funny, you need to read this.

  • B.B. Taylor
    2019-01-18 15:30

    A truly funny book filled with a fantastic story! I won't spoil it for anyone but I can't wait for the next one! Highly recommend

  • Julie
    2019-02-18 07:51

    A fabulously funny story that will appeal to children from around 9+.

  • Juliet Bryant
    2019-02-08 10:41

    My boys adored this book. Full of farts and laugh out loud moments that even reluctant readers will love. A hilarious mystery with brilliant characters.

  • Marie Larkin
    2019-02-13 15:25

    Fantastic and funny and really entertaining read