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Harley Quinn. Deadshot. Killer Croc. Enchantress. Captain Boomerang. Katana. They’re dangerous. They’re deadly. They’re deeply unstable. And they’re our only hope. They’re the characters from the smash-hit film and they’re here in this great new starting-point graphic novel, SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 1: THE BLACK VAULT, as part of DC Rebirth!Assembled by the tough-as-nails intellHarley Quinn. Deadshot. Killer Croc. Enchantress. Captain Boomerang. Katana. They’re dangerous. They’re deadly. They’re deeply unstable. And they’re our only hope. They’re the characters from the smash-hit film and they’re here in this great new starting-point graphic novel, SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 1: THE BLACK VAULT, as part of DC Rebirth!Assembled by the tough-as-nails intelligence expert Amanda Waller and overseen by disgraced military genius Captain Rick Flag, the men, women and monsters of the Suicide Squad—a.k.a. Task Force X—do the jobs that are too dirty for any superheroes to soil their capes over. Their latest mission should be easy enough: recover a powerful cosmic weapon called the Black Vault from enemy hands. But what happens when the Black Vault begins turning them into their own worst enemies?As the object’s dark influence spreads and the team is driven to madness and mayhem (more than usual, that is), there’s only one person sane enough to save the Squad from certain destruction…the Clown Princess of Crazy herself, Harley Quinn!Legendary artist Jim Lee teams up with writer Rob Williams and a who’s who of top comics talent for SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 1: THE BLACK VAULT! Exploding from the pages of DC’s blockbuster REBIRTH event and starring the characters you love and hate from the smash-hit movie, this graphic novel is a great jumping-on point for new readers! Collects issues #1-4 and the SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH one-shot, including back-up stories illustrated by such acclaimed artists as Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Jason Fabok!...

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  • Anne
    2019-04-20 16:18

    I really hated this, but it looks like I'm in the minority.I just...I don't get it.To me, this wasn't the least bit funny, wasn't the least bit entertaining, and didn't have anything remotely resembling characters that I even gave a partial shit about.Corny as fuck.I had picked it up several times, tried to get into it, and ended up putting it down so that I could go do something more laundry. I finally decided to force my way through it after flipping toward the end and seeing a story and some art that looked interesting on the last few pages.Ehhhh. It wasn't (to me) worth it to read about the origins of the characters that (as I mentioned above) I couldn't give any shits about at this point.Here's the deal: Did you like the movie? Because, if so, then you'll be happy that Katana, Enchantress, and Rick Flag are all part of the Squad now.Yay.I'm not putting anyone down for liking it, but I'm not coming back for more of this.

  • XxTainaxX
    2019-03-27 22:57

    The introductory panels had an almost blurry effect to them that really detracted from the content. This improved as the book entered the main plot. The story follows some of what the movie went with as the history of the group but with some creative deviation: some good choices, others not. Considering the length of the graphic novel, there wasn't much depth to the characters with exception to Harley Quinn. The villain, Zod, was defeated in an anticlimactic frame, but he did do something right before his defeat: he killed off someone I'm very much not a fan of lol Hack was introduced as a new character but she didn't really leave much of an impression on me. The art started getting better for me when the characters' individual stories were brought to fruition at the end. It was very detailed and vivid. These mini stories, more than in any other part, seemed to showcase the artists' talent best. I've got to say I was a little disappointed, but with a stronger story line and consistently strong art, I see potential in the series. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-03-23 17:17

    I’ve now read enough of the Rebirth line to know not to get my hopes up for anything and, yup, Suicide Squad Rebirth is another dud!This iteration of the team is the line-up of the terrible (yet OSCAR-WINNING!!! And for makeup? Bullshit that garbage had better makeup than Star Trek Beyond!) movie: Deadshot, Harley, Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, Enchantress and Rick Flag. They gots to steal some powerful MacGuffin called The Black Vault and fight a Russian Suicide Squad and General Zod.Rob Williams’ choice to have the team go up against a Kryptonian like Zod was really stupid. All it underlined was how useless and poorly conceived Task Force X are. I can understand Enchantress to a degree because magical characters are useful, but the others? Why the hell would anyone think a team comprising Harley (an insane supermodel with guns), Deadshot (a marksman), Boomerang (a dumbass who throws boomerangs), Rick Flag (an ordinary US soldier), Katana (an insane supermodel with a sword), and Killer Croc (brainless muscle) could possibly stand up to global super-powered threats?!The entire time these (mostly) non-powered characters were fighting a Superman-level powered being, I kept waiting for Zod to rip each one of their heads off at super-speed! It’s not at all convincing to see characters like these fight someone of Zod’s calibre and somehow hold their own! And the resolution to their fight was contrived drivel.Most of the characters are boringly one-dimensional. There’s a new character called Hack who isn’t interesting in the least (she HACKS computers, geddit?? Oh, the IMAGINATION that went into her creation!!!), the Russian Suicide Squad were a joke, and Zod was just angry. I didn’t give a damn about the silly retrieval mission storyline. Also included are backups about some of the characters’ origins that are just as dreary: Deadshot’s doing it for his daughter, Boomerang’s a fuckwit, Katana’s tragic, and Harley’s silly and heroic for no reason. Awful, just awful.I enjoyed Jim Lee drawing the main story, particularly the HALO drop scene, though I don’t understand how Zod got to be so giant – he’s suddenly Prometheus Engineer-size! The backups also feature an impressive roster of artists: Philip Tan, Jason Fabok, Ivan Reis and Gary Frank, who all contribute amazing-looking pages. Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault is such a dull read. I liked Rob Williams’ recent work on Martian Manhunter and his Vertigo series Unfollow is brilliant, but he can’t work his magic on The Trite Squad. Drink a few Red Bulls before reading this to stay awake!

  • Chris
    2019-04-21 22:24

    I received an eARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I love Suicide Squad. I can't say why, I just do. Probably the whole anti-hero thing and gray morality and dark humor rolled up into a super hero being team I can get behind. I even liked the film, despite everyone instructing me to dislike it.And you know, I just freakin' adore Harley Quinn.Now this particular collection was enjoyable to me as a re-reboot in the Rebirth era of the Reboot-not-a-Reboot DC Universe that comes after the actual Reboot that was the New 52. Huh?? Yeah, what I said. Regardless to the backstory/reboot/restart status of the series, this was a great introduction to the series. A new reader would be able to follow what's going on. I did notice that the team makeup is very similar to that of the film, and I suspect that is an audience they are trying to appeal too. Not entirely, though. I did feel it was a bit short. The intro mission itself was wrapped up, but finished up a lot sooner than I expected. I will say that I enjoyed the short backstory pieces on the individual members, though they didn't cover least not in this collection.Definitely up for the second one.

  • Chris
    2019-04-14 18:18

    DC have finally got it right with the Suicide Squad.After repeatedly falling flat on it's face during the New 52 and DCYou, the series finally has a writer and art team that deliver the goods. Rob Williams was a brilliant choice to pen this series, as he takes the craziness, humour and character quirks from his previous work on Martian Manhunter and turns them up to eleven.The story is standard Suicide Squad fare, with the dysfunctional team causing a mission to go to hell before they even reach their destination. I can't complain though, when it's great to see the series finally live up to the potential it's always had. The threat that the Squad face is an incredibly dangerous one, but it's so much fun to read thanks to the over-the-top action and a plethora of entertaining exchanges between friend and foe alike.Visually, the book looks just as good as you'd expect from the classic art team of Lee, Williams and Sinclair. Although the main story is a little on the short side (Lee's schedule means he couldn't finish two full single issues a month), there are several 'Personnel File' back-up stories drawn by the remarkable line-up of Jason Fabok, Ivan Reis, Philip Tan and Gary Frank. The format works really well, with the main story providing a blast of Task Force X in action and the back-ups exploring their individual stories.For me, Williams and co. have delivered the Suicide Squad book that i've been waiting for since I started reading comics. The Black Vault, Part One is one of my favourite books from the Rebirth line-up thus far and an easy recommendation. I can't wait to read the second half.

  • Heena Rathore P.
    2019-03-24 20:08

    This book was pretty awesome and I loved the illustrations! The story was pretty good too and I liked the part where all the backgrounds were given. It helped me connect to all the characters as I didn't know about half of their pasts. The dialogues were good too and overall I think this is one of the best graphic novels that I've read in the recent years. The female characters were neither over-dramatically sexy or muscle-ly or gay. They were really awesome and bad-ass and I really liked Harley Quinn and Katana.I loved Deadshot and Colonel Rick Flag and even Croc, but Boomerang was just... meh.. though his background story was cleverly told.All in all, I liked this book better than any other that had Harley Quinn in it and hence, I'll be giving it an extra star.You can also read this review at The Readign Bud

  • Steve
    2019-04-20 22:11

    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review. This was pretty good. The story in the first half of the book was okay, although it seemed to be a bit over the top with the Suicide Squad fighting General Zod, accidentally released from the Phantom Zone. This felt more like a setup for the on-going storyline. I really liked the back stories of the squad in the second half of the book. Very nice, especially if you don't know the characters very well.

  • Sesana
    2019-04-11 22:03

    From the first volume, this absolutely isn't a book for me, but it isn't total crap, either. Damning with faint praise, I guess, but it's a fair assessment. I found the action dull, the story pointless, and the dialog was largely somewhere between mediocre and plain awful. ("He thinks you're an alien from Alien!" Ouch.) The art is serviceable, but that's about it. And yet, there are a few gems and actually funny moments scattered (somewhat widely) throughout. And the "Personnel Files" which were, I think, extra stories at the end of the individual issues are actually rather good overall. They're meant to give backstory on each character, probably under the assumption that there will be plenty of entirely new readers, fresh from the movie. Pointless if you already know the characters, but it's honestly the best storytelling you'll find in this entire volume. The Captain Boomerang story is a bizarre gem, a sort of Australian parody of James Bond. I can't recommend this book, and I won't be continuing with the series, but other people might enjoy it a lot more than me.

  • Perry Gough
    2019-04-17 17:20

    Suicide Squad for that is more PG then M.I have to admit I have only read Suicide Squad since New 52, I really loved the series when I first read it and made good use of all the characters and was the right amount of violent and fun.This Rebirth Run however just seems wrong, for some reason Harley Quinn's boobs have quadrupled in size? For a character that is overly sexualized as is I did feel this was abit pointless..... I love Harley Quinn and is arguably my best anti-villian/anti-hero (not sure what to call her) but I am hoping they focus more on the character then the visuals of Quinn in future.You can kind of tell this run was meant to be a cash in on the film with most the characters from the movie making an appearence. Unfortunatley what I tend to really like about Suicide Squad was that they drafted in random characters that I had no clue even exisited until they appeared in the series (Yo-YO for example) but the Squad this time are all well known characters that most longterm DC fans will already know the backgrounds for them. Which is why I am kind of confused as to what DC has decided to do with the format of this series.Half of each issue features a different team telling the back story of the individuals of the squad, but for someone like me who already knows about the characters it kind of is a waste. Ontop of this the violence seems to have been restricted which isnt the point of Suicide Squad, I read Squad because I like the more violent and adult style that the series has previously undertaken.Now for new people to Suicide Squad then yeah sure go read this, but for fans who have a good knowledge of the characters and really enjoyed the past runs of the Squad then this really isnt a great addition to the series.Hoping that Justice League vs Suicide Squad will hopefully put this series back on track, but after reading issue 6 I will be cancelling my subscription to this.

  • James DeSantis
    2019-04-19 17:59

    This wasn't awful it was just meh. A big old meh of a title. They decided to make this squad just like the movie because...well shit man if you watch movies you read comics right? That goes for like 5% of the movie population if even that. I never understand why the hell they do that. So this time the squad is sent to do...oh who the fuck knows. And they meet obstacles in their way! OH NO! What I like: I liked Deadshot here still. Got some good laughs. And...the art can be good at times...sometimes...What I didn't like: Zod losing to the squad? Get the fuck out of here. Also the art is really bad sometimes. Everyone on the squad feels TOO much like the movie version and that's not good. Rick flag sucks. Yeah this was just a very meh read. Especially coming from New Suicide Squad in new52. I really want to go back to that series. Just a lot more fun with that team than the...whatever boring movie team we got here.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-11 16:58

    Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI remember it like it was yesterday: Warner Brothers was going to be making a Suicide Squad movie!So exciting! And then the news reports began to seep in. Joker's wardrobe tests ( Hot Topic mall punk!!), hurried post- Deadpool reshoots (now that was a great movie!!), Jared Leto's behaviour. And then the actual movie came out: loud, incoherent, and dumb. So disappointing - a real wasted opportunity. Here, then, is what the Suicide Squadmovie should have been. Part of the DC Rebirth relaunch of their titles, Suicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black Vaultreintroduces the team of supervillains led by Amanda Waller:Harley Quinn - Smart, crazy, violent, manic-pixie-nightmare-girlDeadshot - Super-assassin with a death wishRick Flag - Soldier, leader, moral core of the groupKatana - Flag's second-in-command, has a mystical sword filled with souls (including her husband)June Moon - Graphic designer, utterly useless weinerEnchantress - Insane sorceress, trapped inside June Moon, actually more likeableCaptain Boomerang - Australian, alcoholic, throws boomerangs of death, huge arseholeKiller Croc - Giant crocodile man, eats humans, would like you to know he's not an alienThis first volume hits the ground running, getting to know the team and their dynamics, and putting them against real super-enemies. The stakes are high! They're devoid of moral compasses! Thankfully, the writers seem to have learned what worked inthat movie, and what didn't, keeping a strong focus on Harley and Deadshot, but also maintaining interest in the rest of the motley crew. The humor is bonkers, the dialogue zippy, the action non-stop. Tonally and plot-wise, this is what the movie should have been: a fun, light, action-heavy ode to anti-heroes getting the job done, in the most chaotic, destructive way possible.

  • Amara ♡
    2019-04-01 20:15

    I was just trying this out but this was definitely not what I expected.Suicide Squad is not one of my favorite comics out there but I like Harley Quinn, so you could say I was reading this for her.The mission was over fast and that felt quick but I have the second volume too so I might give it another try.

  • Koen
    2019-03-27 16:16

    this just stank up the whole place..Sorry but I'm not getting it.. Aren't they all supposed to be incinerated by Zod? XDThey even manage to get out alive and put him back in .. you know.. Ok enough spoiling..But seriously, don't even take a gander at this... You can just fastforward to the next thing on your list and avoid this steaming pile of d*ng...

  • Greyson (Grey) Edwards
    2019-04-18 17:06

    Suicide Squad, DC Rebirth Series Ratings:Suicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black Vault: ★Suicide Squad, Volume 2: Going Sane: ★★★Suicide Squad, Volume 3: Burning Down The House: ★★Suicide Squad Vol. 4: Earthlings on Fire: Lost Interest in SeriesThis year I am doing Graphic Novel December. My plan is it to read one GN for each day of the month. So 31 in total! I'll keep a running total in the review of each GN as I read them to help me keep track and for anyone following to see where I am at as well!GN #1: Wonder Woman, Volume 1: The Lies ★★★★GN #2: Wonder Woman, Volume 2: Year One ★★★★GN #3: Wonder Woman, Volume 3: The Truth ★★★GN #4: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal ★★★★GN #5: Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault ★[Insert loads of exasperated sighs here]Ugh. Guys, come on! Listen, Suicide Squad should be right up my alley, it has the makings and potential of something I should love. However, so far, all of my experiences with it has been let down, after let down. Yo, get your shit together DC. The movie was a fucking letdown. The New 52 series, was a letdown.The DC Rebirth? So far another bloody letdown.I was wanting funny banter, I was wanting dark and gritty but fun storylines. I got none of that. I'm just so bothered. Also, ya'll are gonna talk about how culturally insensitive it is to hollow out Ayres Rock, at least call it Uluru, it's indigenous name. Another thing that really bothered me is that this is coming from Captain Boomerang. A white guy using a cultural item of indigenious people. Maybe I just don't like Captain Boomerang, maybe (most likely) he's an offensive character. I wouldn't be mad if he disappeared from the DC universe, or got a real 'rebirth' treatment and was changed to be less culturally insensitive.

  • Danielle
    2019-04-01 21:01

    Read this review and more on my blog, uncovered-books.I received a free copy of Suicide Squad Volume 1: The Black Vault from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.Suicide Squad is an amazing concept. Take some captured bay-guys and get them to do the things that America cannot be seen to do. If they get caught, either deny that they are part of Task Force X or kill them. In a world a superheros and villains, this seems to be the most logical things that could happen in our world.The story is quite simple, the squad has to get into an underwater facility that houses an artefact that Amanda Waller wants and get it back. Whilst fairly predictable, the main plot twist for me was way to over the top. Also the way that they went about solving this issue just did not work for me. The squad seemed to easily overpower this villain when they should not have (and his anger issues were a tad weird, but I can justify them given the circumstances).The squad consisted of the same characters who were in the Suicide Squad movie (2016). Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Enchantress. Only El Diablo was absent from the lineup (he was my favourite character from the movie). From what I have heard from previous Suicide Squad stories, they tend to include villains who are largely unknown to add a bit of unpredictability to the team. This team, even if you have not watched the Suicide Squad movie, is a pretty standard team with no real surprises.The art work was probably my favourite aspect of this volume. Some of the scenes defiantly benefited from having the artwork bring up the standard of what was going on.An enjoyable, light hearted read that looks to be going interesting places.

  • Gavin Abdollahi
    2019-03-25 23:11

    Ha-ha! This was good!Though, it seems like I'm in the minority...I really liked this! It was funny, enjoyable, and highly likable. For me, at least.I like the concept that the Suicide Squad isn't just limited to one roster, now, and that the team can be switched around. Seems much more fun that way.The characters weren't that bad. Unlike the movie, they were able to even out the different character's spotlights. In fact, it doesn't feel like there's a main character or that the spotlight is hoisted over anybody in particular. Rob Williams was able to make this story focus on the team, something that the sequel to Suicide Squad will be able to do.The character's were also very likable. How could you not, what with all of their witty remarks and playful banter... However, the fact still remains: These people are villains. Psychos, even. No matter how likeable they seem, they're still evil deep down inside. Something made clear several times throughout the story.The story itself isn't really much, but that's ok. Even though it wasn't all that good, I found this to be pretty entertaining.The art... I think the Rebirth issue and the back-stories had great art, but the main story-line's and the War Crimes (which I'm not sure is actually included in this volume or not, I'm just reading the issues online (it's actually legal to do so here (Which is awesome, though I barely get to see any physical comics that I don't already own... It's still good though))) issue's art just weren't for me. They weren't bad, but they weren't my type, either.This was a pretty solid first arc. Hope Rob Williams can keep it that way!

  • Amberly
    2019-04-07 17:19

    I wanted to enjoy this, I really did. I was somewhat into Suicide Squad the movie but this just didn't hook me in the way other comic series have. I do not plan on reading the rest of this series. The art wasn't interesting to me and I have too much else to read to read something so boring.

  • Yasmine
    2019-03-22 17:11

    I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis review was originally posted on my blog @ Swissbookworm3.5 StarsAt first I didn’t really understand where the Suicide Squad came from. Then, last year, I went to the movies and saw the movie (which was okay, but not the best DC has to offer) and I got a little more curious about the background stories. So I decided I wanted to start reading the comics, and what better way then to start with the Rebirth series?When I picked this volume up I didn’t know what I was getting into and didn’t have very high hopes. But the story actually turned out to be very interesting. Especially, I enjoyed reading those reintroductions of the characters so well known as the Suicide Squad! Except for Harley Quinn, I didn’t really know any of these characters very well so it was nice to get to know them a little better. This volume had a lot of humour to offer and that sorted it all out, in my opinion. I’m interested in where this is going and hope that I’ll like it better with time.

  • Chad
    2019-03-24 16:15

    I found this to be a mixed bag. Some of it worked quite well, while other parts were nonsensical. First, Jim Lee's art is, of course, great. DC has decided to go with the team from the movie here, which I get. However, I do have some problems with that. Namely, how is Harley locked up in Belle Rive and running around Brooklyn in her solo title at the same time? I haven't seen this explained in either book, but I'm guessing DC's answer is "She's our 5th most popular character!"Beware: spoilers contained within. (view spoiler)[Russia's recovered something from space and the Suicide Squad is tasked with getting it back. Half the team is exposed to arctic waters trying to get to the arctic base but of course they're fine even though most of the team are baseline human. Inside the prison is someone named Hack who they rescue and is their contact in the prison. The team heads for the Macguffin which turns out to be an individual phantom zone prison for Zod. He gets out and burns Captain Boomerang to dust from the ankles up. That actually shocked me. DC hardly ever puts their IP's at real risk. With this underpowered squad, the same thing should have happened to the whole team. Zod wasn't even partially depowered from being away from the sun or anything. There's no way the squad could actually take him, but they do manage to get him back in his prison. Partway through the fight, the Russian version of the Suicide Squad (Annihilation Brigade) show up and don't do squat. I'm not even sure why they made an appearance. Hack teleports them back to Belle Rive. (hide spoiler)]The back of the book is filled with little origin stories for the squad. They needed to have one to show Amanda Waller binge eating to explain why she's back at her pre-new 52 weight.Received an advance copy from DC and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Connor
    2019-04-08 20:23

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Well, DC is rebirthing all their titles . . . again. Suicide Squad being one of the many books starting all over. And while I didn’t know what to expect from it, had to get a grip on all the new stuff going on, overall, I thought it was a good beginning with lots of promise.The new origin story begins the fun. Director Amanda Waller as the head of A.R.G.U.S. recruits a team of villains called — Task Force X, or Suicide Squad. (Not that there is much of a team here, because Waller runs the show, and if anyone does anything she doesn’t like or tries to escape or anything else, then they will die.) She also convinces Captain Randall Flagg, long-time Navy Seal, to become the team leader.Once together, the group heads out to the Black Vault to steal a cosmic item. The adventure filled with action, surprises, and loads of “villains” to put down. And when that is done, we get extended backstories (personnel files and interviews) about Deadshot, Katana, and Boomerang, as well as a stand-alone adventure with Flagg and Harley Quinn.So the good stuff. I loved all the characters. Especially good was the back stories of the guys spotlighted. And the art was really, really good. Really liked all the variant covers and pencil artwork.Bad. The main story was too short for me. I also didn’t find it too interesting. Sure, it had loads of fights and stuff, but it seemed pretty pointless. At least, I didn’t get it.All in all this was a good graphic novel. The story was decent. The characters were really interesting with cool back stories. Much better than the New 52 versions for me, at least. The artwork was pretty amazing. The characters looked good and everything looked real, jumping off the pages real. So, if you want to give DC Rebirth a try, this looks like a really promising team book to jump on board with.Well, I hope you liked this review, and friend me any time to talk about my reviews or comic books.I received an advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. I’d like to thank them for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.

  • Hannah
    2019-04-20 17:25

    ARC REVIEW ARC provided by publisher for reviewStory: The Suicide Squad is together again this time being led by Rick Flag. Amanda Waller sends them to an isolated Russian facility to uncover the contents of the black vault, an unknown spatial anomaly. As it always does nothing goes according to plan including Killer Croc almost chocking on his own vomit. This one is really short they get in they fight the Russian equivalent of the Suicide Squad get the objective and it really was funny, I bused out laughing. The second half of this volume is a bit of background history on the members. I liked it, it was good to know especially since I am relatively new to comics.Art: I like Jim Lee I think he did a great job with Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair for The Black Vault. I love the way the characters were drawn, Harley is adorable especially in her “REBIRTH” t-shirt; Capt. Boomerang actually looks intimidating, Deadshot looks weird with his mask open but badass with it closed, Killer Croc love him so detailed and scary. Overall this was good eye candy especially the variant cover art.Characters: Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Katana, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Capt. Boomerang, Enchantress, Killer Croc. I love the way Williams did Harley he showed her crazy side but also how incredibly intelligent she is, for example Katana and her are fighting a bunch of Russian soldiers and the whole time Harley is asking her this deep questions and Katana just ignores her and keeps on killing. I don’t know much about the other characters but I like the balance between them they all seem to do their share and take turns fighting the big badie at the end but yet still kind of self-serving. There is a new character I like her so far, but it’s only the beginning.Review: Overall I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. The movie was just ehh, it had its moments, but this I enjoyed so much more. I like the established group more than the just throw them together right off the back, the interaction between the characters was more believable that they know each other’s strong points and are not surprised at all when Harley tries to bail on them. It was a good quick read gave me plenty of laughs.

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  • Rick Hunter
    2019-04-17 16:16

    I was flying through Rebirth books until I hit this one. This book isn't bad. I just burned out on reading for a while because I read so many things in a short amount of time. I started back on this yesterday and it went by pretty quickly. Writer Rob Williams take on the Suicide Squad doesn't bring anything new to the table. It starts off with the exact same lineup that the Suicide Squad movie does. They're all still supervillains that have been jailed and implanted with bombs in their heads by Amanda Waller. The Squad's 1st mission is to infiltrate an underwater Russian prison, rendezvous with a person on the inside, retrieve an alien artifact, and leave as quickly as possible. Of course, things don't go so well. The person that runs the prison has assembled their own version of the Suicide Squad from a bunch of characters I've never heard of before. The Black Vault, which is the alien artifact they were sent to retrieve, houses Zod. He gets released so the Squad have to battle him as well as the Russian supervillains. The story was pretty generic. Nothing in the dialogue or plot stands out as great. Once Zod came into play, the whole Squad should have been killed. Not 1 single person on the Squad is capable of taking on a powerhouse like that and surviving. Superhero comics are pretty unrealistic anyway, which is why I enjoy them, but this team taking on Zod was a little too far out there for me.This book collects a Rebirth one-shot and the first few issues of the Suicide Squad series. The regular issues are split into 2 parts. The 1st part is the ongoing story. The 2nd part is a spotlight on 1 individual from the team. Instead of going into a whole origin story for each character, we get a Cliff's Notes version of their pasts as Amanda Waller interrogates each of them. This added a little bit more to the book for me and raised the writing score by a tad. The writing gets3 stars. Jim Lee is the artist for the main story in the regular issues. Philip Tan illustrates the one-shot plus the backup story in issue #3. Jason Fabok, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, and others provide a backup story each. If you've ever read any of my other reviews, you know I love Jim Lee. I'm not a totally blind fanboy though. This isn't some of his best work. Jim Lee is notorious for taking a long time and often goes over deadline because he's a perfectionist when it comes to drawing. With this series coming out every 2 weeks, he isn't allowed that luxury and it shows in his art. His Harley looks fantastic though. She's consistently the best character throughout the book. Reis and Fabok have some of the best art in the book. Of course, I know it's realistically easier for them to make 1 backup story for 1 issue look great as opposed to what Lee had to do. Cumulative art score is4 stars. The Suicide Squad never has been a favorite series of mine. I'm not really a fan of any of the individuals in this version except for Harley and Katana. Jim Lee being the artist will ensure I keep reading these, but even him being involved doesn't make this one of my favorite Rebirth books. Overall rating3.5 stars.

  • Joe Kucharski
    2019-04-19 22:26

    A new, albeit familiar, Suicide Squad is formed as part of DC’s Rebirth project and easily falls in line to capitalize on the familiarity that the recent film provided. And like the movie before it, the comic is generic, played safe, and features a linear, if head-scratching, plot.The premise is tried-and-true and even a bit cliché at this point. The baddest of the bad are recruited by the government to be the ultimate of shadow ops and installed with missions that no one in their right mind would take on. All of the usual personalities are in place for the role call: the assassin Deadshot, the Joker’s protégé Harley Quinn, the merc-with-a-gimmick Captain Boomerang, the cannibalistic-mutant Killer Croc, and so on. The basis for the organization is an easy one, and the formula is ripe with success. However, the plot for this graphic novel, much like the feature-length film, is as lackluster as it is frustrating. For this particular starting point, the team is hastily put together in order to invade a secret Russian vault and abscond with a Phantom Zone generator. Yeah, like that Phantom Zone. Superman and General Zod and all that. Instead of a mirror floating endlessly in space, this portal is represented as a back orb. Yet never in this story, and perhaps this why the “Volume 1” designation appears, does writer Rob Williams bestow any answers for the whys. Why does Russia have this? Why does America want it? And why send a squad that is almost entirely comprised of typical human agents who simply wield guns, swords, or, well, boomerangs, to go against a potential Kryptonian menace? Hello, yellow sun. And finally, with all that has happened before with this series, even looking back to the John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell’s conception back in the eighties, why isn’t this introduction more exciting? Jim Lee’s artwork, which is merely serviceable in this outing, does not provide any further answers.Fortunately, Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault contains some entertaining back stories on key characters. One to note of features the gorgeously illustrative work of Gary Frank spotlighting Harley Quinn. Another focuses on Captain Boomerang and his amusing fantasy of being an Australian super-spy. Both of these tales were written by Williams, proving he can break out the imagination when needed and crafts the back-ups with more attention and appeal than that of the main plot. Maybe that imaginative force is behind bars at Belle Reve and is only allowed to work on certain missions? Yet another question that requires an answer.Thanks to both Netgalley and DC Comics for the advance preview of the new Suicide Squad title. Reminds me of my letterhacking days and receiving similar advance copies for solicitation. I’m glad to be able to contribute such reviews again.

  • Jasmin Johansen
    2019-04-07 18:11

    I liked this comic. But you should not go into it expecting the best. I really liked the of Suicide Squad. Villains who save the day and I liked the movie somewhat. So I was excited to it. It didn't flop totally but was a little underwhelmed. I was really annoyed by Amanda Waller from the start, so that already made it harder to read. I loved Harley! She was perfect. I also liked the fact that the president was Obama. Also, it had beautiful artwork. Kudos to all the people who has worked on it.An more in-depth review on my blog:

  • Nick Raines
    2019-04-12 00:00

    Not a bad start to the rebooted Suicide Squad. This squad is more in line with the movie set-up, but you know probably not as hated as that movie (I am One of weirdos who enjoyed it). The line up this time is Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Killer Croc, Rick Flagg, and Katana.In this volume they go on a few missions with the main one involving a secret Russian submarine underwater. This collection is well drawn, a few of the panels would even look nice as posters. Honestly don't have much to say other than I had a fun time reading through this volume and look forward to adding to the collection as more come out.

  • Robert
    2019-04-21 20:06

    Let's start with my note from the New Suicide Squad Vol. 4 which had a 'special sneak preview' of this rebirth title- the series begins when "we see an unnamed [but obvious] president being oh so tough, making vows to do the right thing and lamenting how sometimes yous gots to lie to the people for their own good. But it is nice to know that the writer for the new series Rob Williams is essentially a weak whore longing for the strong arm of a pimp." Yep. All of that stil applies after reading it a second time. And It gets worse.We get a two issue arc where they try and be edgy by killing a name character...a character I just saw alive and well in the Flash Vol 3, so that was a big lie. Then two more issues of rehashed, repetitive, unnecessary origins for characters we already know. Followed by 22! pages of alternate cover art and concept drawings; meaning that out of six issues worth of pages, only two of them were new material. Anyone who paid for this volume got stole from.

  • Jenny Clark
    2019-04-03 23:01

    Eh. I liked New 52's Suicide Squad better. This was not horrid, but not the best either. I did enjoy the extra stories at the end, and the art was better.If you liked the movie, or Suicide Squad in other versions, go for it. Otherwise, I would not start with this one. It does have some good action at least.

  • Ivy
    2019-04-03 19:20

    5 starsRIP Captain Boomerang. Nice to see the formation of the Suicide Squad. The hacker was very interesting. Not sure what to think of someone with Harley Quinn as her idol. Want to know more about Katana. Hope they will find a way to stop or contain Zod.Can't wait to read Suicide Squad, volume 2: Going Sane!!!!

  • Jeremy
    2019-04-21 22:08

    Meh. I do think the influence of the movie has actually improved this over recent versions of the Squad. Waller, Flagg and Harley Quinn hold up pretty well as characters, but the writing and story are still pretty thin. Lots of action, not much in the way of plot or characterization. The villains don't even manage to be a little bit interesting.