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PREHISTORIC PASSION In a modern-day world where dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side, college student Yuuma Asahikawa meets Churio, the girl of his dreams... who also happens to be a vicious, meat-eating, teeth-baring Tyrannosaurus Rex! Churio may be kind and curvy, but her sensibilities haven't evolved much past the Cretaceous Era, and when everything from stuffed animaPREHISTORIC PASSION In a modern-day world where dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side, college student Yuuma Asahikawa meets Churio, the girl of his dreams... who also happens to be a vicious, meat-eating, teeth-baring Tyrannosaurus Rex! Churio may be kind and curvy, but her sensibilities haven't evolved much past the Cretaceous Era, and when everything from stuffed animals to clothes become just another item on her menu, will Yuuma, let alone their relationship, survive?...

Title : my girlfriend is a t rex vol 1
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ISBN : 34891001
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 180 Pages
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my girlfriend is a t rex vol 1 Reviews

  • Tarl
    2019-02-02 14:54

    Overall this was a cute little manga. It's a fresh idea for monster girls, and Sanzo did a good job making the overall storyline interesting. I wasn't too much of a fan of the entire book being a series of extremely short shorts, each no more than a couple pages, but it did make it easy to put the manga down when I had to do something other than pushing to get to the end of the chapter.Most of the jokes are aimed at how stupid the T-rex is, and how cute/frustrating they can be. This is different than most monstergirl fiction, however it also gets redundant extremely fast and makes me wonder what the protagonist sees in her. Some of the side characters are worth reading this manga for though, as Sanzo seemed to have put a bit of thought into them and their own issues, and I look forward to a place where they play a larger roll in the overall storyline. (such as it is)Overall, though the premise is unique, it's not mind blowing. I will continue to read the manga series though and look forward to what it can become.

  • Tina Bartholoma
    2019-02-08 11:38

    I love the dichotomy of Yuuma's appearance not matching his history. The plots are entertaining, and the concept is creative, dinosaur-hybrids instead of the more usual mythical-creatures hybrids. But, there's something about the story that is uncomfortable. It might be the stupidity/vulnerability of Churio, the main female character. It works in the story, she's a T-rex, so not much can physically hurt her, and her obliviousness means she's not receiving any emotional damage, but for me as the reader it felt like reading about puppies being beaten. I plan to try volume 2 to see if it gets any better, but I don't have high hopes.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-11 12:53

    What a great surprise! This is a very funny parody of the monster girl genre, and if the art isn't always excellent, the spot-on jokes more than make up for it.Full review eventually appearing on ANN.

  • Denise
    2019-02-03 17:53

    I guess this was my introduction to monster girl manga. Didn't know that was a thing. Don't know that I'm going to look for more. The concept of My Girlfriend is a T-Rex has potential. Dinosaurs evolved to look like humans to avoid extinction. That's not explained any further. The dinosaurs look human from the waist up. They've mostly assimilated into human society but we see two who are having trouble--Churio, the title girlfriend, and Kram, a mover who has trouble expressing happiness. There's also Torika who's cute and plays that up to get presents from boys. The dinosaurs mostly seem pretty human. They wear clothes, have jobs, and speak like humans. But Churio doesn't like clothes (they don't taste good), speaks like an angry child, and seems only somewhat aware of social norms. When she's not just with Yuuma (the protagonist) she shows more intelligence but mostly she acts more like a dinosaur recently transformed into a partial human. Even the other dinosaurs comment on her lack of intelligence. It's...not comfortable. The cute bits are overshadowed by the wtfness of this guy being totally enthralled by a childlike adult. Said guy has a dark past that gets touched on and kind of gone into at the very end. It doesn't add anything to the story.Maybe it's less creepy in the next volume. Maybe Churio is playing Yuuma. Or this just isn't a genre or book for me.

  • Terrence
    2019-01-26 17:56

    Another light hearted comedy manga with monster girl style influence, this focuses on the relationship between our protagonist Yuuma and his girlfriend T-rex Churio.The story plays on tropes, both anime and animal based. Churio is presented as a feral beast, more interested in eating her clothes than wearing them. There are some Rom-com scenarios that are both typical, while also occasionally subversion. I feel like the jokes aren't really hitting the right notes with me, maybe because I've seen a lot of this stuff before, though it is cute.

  • Rickie
    2019-01-21 19:41

    I managed to pick this up from the bookstore and gave it a whirl. Considering that Seven Seas has been pushing out the more raunchy monster girl genre for the past two or so years, My Girlfriend is a T-Rex brings to the table a more realistic expectation for dealing with monster girls on a daily basis. The artwork for the monsters is quite detailed to show off their prehistoric features, yet this can make the human cast seem bland in comparison. I find the plot to be enjoyable and worth recommending to friends who have been hesitant in Seven Seas due to some of their other titles.

  • Shadowjac
    2019-02-11 19:36

    Cute but not much substance. Reads more like a 4koma than a standard manga. Wish Churio wasn't such a tsundere.

  • Cat_Lady
    2019-01-29 16:29

    I have to say, this was really weird for me, but! It actually made me laugh and if you want to read something that will make you giggle or just smile I suggest this manga right here.

  • Jessica Chittester
    2019-01-28 12:51

    This was a cute manga. Each chapter reminded me of a tv show's episode; they were all connected but dealt with different things.I laughed out loud for much of the manga and though the artwork wasn't as 'pretty' as a lot of other mangas it was awesome.I recommend this book to anyone.

  • Mehsi
    2019-02-05 17:38

    Yeah, and nope. This is one series that I am not going to continue any further. I thought it would be fun. It didn't have ecchi in it (unlike some other monster shows), it looked cute, I liked the idea of part dinosaur/part human characters (most of them are pretty decent, but some of them can just go back to what their dinosaur parts say to do). But sadly it wasn't meant to be it seems. :( The humour fell flat, it was funny once to see Churio do her T-rex stuff. To see her dismiss all common sense and just whip around her tail, or eat everything. But after a few pages of the same joke over and over again... it got bland and boring. Oh yay, look Churio is being a T-rex again... Yay! *waves her arms a bit to try to find some enthusiasm* Yuuma's hidden personality was hilarious, but again, like Churio got old, quick. And then they add another character which just annoyed the hell out of me. A character named Nowol. :| I thought Churio was bad, well Nowol is 100000% worse.The art is pretty decent, though I have to say those eyes are creeping me out. So I wouldn't recommend this one.Review first posted at

  • Meagan Jones Moore
    2019-02-08 15:42

    This book is pretty goofy and not what I expected. The way the book is set up is almost like a series of short story comic strips. Once you get used to the style the stories are pretty humorous. Definitely recommend for a light, funny, read.

  • Ifrah
    2019-01-24 11:44

    I swear, only Japan would do something like this... She's actually a T-rex! Apparently dinosaurs have evolved so they didn't get extinct and became this human/dino hybrid... Honestly, it was pretty funny. The jokes just got a bit repetitive near the end.

  • Adam Lane
    2019-02-03 18:50

    Delightful and surprisingly charming, I laughed quite a bit. Sweet and simple.