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Rafe’s Study Abroad Bucket List: -See Stonehenge -Get drunk (legally, for once!) -Seduce a hot British guy (or five…) After years of grand romantic gestures that went bust and left him perpetually single, Rafe wants nothing more than to shag his way through Jolly Olde England. He’s vowed to stop looking for romance and enjoy the next three months as the lone Yank in a seaRafe’s Study Abroad Bucket List: -See Stonehenge -Get drunk (legally, for once!) -Seduce a hot British guy (or five…) After years of grand romantic gestures that went bust and left him perpetually single, Rafe wants nothing more than to shag his way through Jolly Olde England. He’s vowed to stop looking for romance and enjoy the next three months as the lone Yank in a sea of Brits at Stroude University. But his “Operation: Slut” mission goes awry when he meets Eamonn. His Beatles-hating, raspy-voiced flatmate shows him a true Blighty adventure, one filled with downing Snakebites, shopping trips to Asda, fist fights, and liberal usage of the c-word. For Eamonn, helping Rafe is a distraction from the uninspiring future waiting for him and a chance to forget about his ripped-out, stomped-on heart. In fact, Rafe may be the one to put it back together. That is, if the return ticket back to the States doesn’t pull them apart first. ...

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  • Judith
    2019-03-12 03:52

    Enjoyed this a lot.Rafe is 19,a bit smothered by his well meaning over protective parents.On his way to England for a 3 month study period,he's got one thing on his mind,He thought about sex.Sex with hot British guys with hot British accents.And so begins,Operation: Slut.What he hadn't banked on was having a sexy British flatmate.....Rafe is a bit like an exuberant puppy.He's fascinated by all things British and he's determined to make his stay in a foreign country a truly memorable one.He did come across as slightly younger than 19 in some ways but that kind of added to his charm for me.I thought he was adorable.Eamonn is 20,hurt in love before,the last thing he wants is to get involved with someone who will be leaving in a few months.However,he can't help wanting to give Rafe the whole British experience and the more time they spend together,it's pretty inevitable things will start to get down and dirty between them.Add into the mix a couple of likeable flatmates,a pretty despicable ex and you've got a great college romance,that really worked for me.Recommended read.Available on KU.

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-03-09 04:09

    Likeable MCs, enough steam, strong HFN, mild relationship angst, plus British boys galore! I'm with Rafe; it's all about that sexy accent.I liked this story and would have rated higher if the book didn't have such a strong NA (bordering on YA) feel. Rafe was such an innocent! Eamonn was also too slow to fully commit himself to the relationship.But those are minor (and subjective) niggles. If you enjoy NA/YA romance, give this one a go.

  • ☆ Todd
    2019-03-13 03:53

    While I loved both Rafe and Eamonn, the story didn't thrill me the way that some of the other Browerton books did.I was initially concerned that the story might have Rafe sleeping around, while Eamonn pined away, but am soooo thankful that Operation Slut was a complete failure, as there was no cheating and the MC's were only ever with one another, despite a few side characters trying to go there.Since both of the MC's were such nice guys, the majority of the queues for their drama came from outside influences.One thing that shocked me was just how completely sheltered Rafe was. I know that a lot of parents shield their children from the real world these days, but sweet Jesus, with Rafe it was almost as if they'd bubble wrapped the poor kid for his entire life.The sexy bits were pretty steamy and the story does end with a solid HFN, hopefully leading toward an HEA, which I was happy to see.I'd rate this one at around 3.5 stars and recommend it to those following the Browerton University series.-----------------------------------------------This book is *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership.See All My Latest Reads (Review Quick-Links)-----------------------------------------------

  • Susan
    2019-03-26 04:09

    3.5 starsI mostly liked this because of Rafe. Rafe was super awesome! Eamonn was a bit too hesitant for me and the romance just not that romantic. But I still ended up enjoying most of it. Because Rafe! ❤❤❤Rafe is a 19 year old American student who desperately wants to study abroad. That’s why he is super excited to be in the UK for the next 3 months. He wants to see new places, meet new people. Do new people. Because he desperately wants to get rid of his pesky virginity.When he meets his new flatmates, he immediately likes them. Heath and Louisa seem to be having an on and off thing, and Eamonn is recovering from a broken heart from his last boyfriend.But no matter how hard Rafe tries not to like Eamonn (that way), the two are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. And it’s not long before they are kissing (or should I say snogging?) and then having all kind of sexy times. But…. Rafe is only there for 3 months. So goodbye seems inevitable…As I said, I loved Rafe. He was so incredibly positive about everything.“Holy shit.” He was like Two Face from Batman. One side of him was normal Rafe; the other was red, blotchy, puffy, scarred.“It’ll heal,” she said. “First, black and blue. Then it’ll heal.”“I’m going to look so cool!”Louisa and Eamonn traded a surprised look.“I’ve never been in a fight. I’ve never thrown a punch or stood up for myself like that.” Rafe felt power infused in his hands. “I’m kind of a bad ass.”I did get a little tired eventually of Eamonn being so careful. He didn’t want to get his heart broken, but that meant he constantly held back. I just wanted more romance from his side.Of course he did make up for that at the end, but there was a lot of heartbreak before that. I don’t think heartbreak is the right word, because this never felt extremely angsty. It remained pretty fluffy overall, but I still think the break up stuff could have been prevented if Eamonn just got his head out of his ass.And I had a hard time liking the secondary characters because they had their own drama going on from the start. I don't like that kind of drama at all (being a couple, then friends, then friends with benefits, breaking up, then a couple again). I wasn't too sure why the author decided to add this secondary drama in the first place.But despite these few niggles, this was still an enjoyable read.------------------------------An ARC of The Token Yank was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-03-03 23:58

    3.5, le subo a cuatro estrellas por el cariño que le tengo a los personajes y a la serie en general.Lo primero que me viene a la cabeza cuando pienso en algo que decir sobre el libro es que es un NA real, los personajes tienen 19 y 21 años y se comportan como gente de su edad. Si lo que queréis es leer sobre gente más madura emocionalmente, probablemente el NA no sea en muchos casos la mejor opción, y más todavía cuando hablamos de College.Rafe se va a estudiar tres meses al extranjero, en este caso a una población a una hora de Londres, y ahí el choque cultural es grande. He leído alguna review en la que no les gustaba la descripción que se hacía de los ingleses y la Universidad. No puedo comentar ahí, no lo sé, es cierto que se les retrata como muy sarcásticos, que beben bastante, que utilizan mucho "cunt" y la Universidad no tiene las mejores instalaciones (supongo que en UK habrá de todo, como en España, USA, etc...), pero creo que sale perdiendo con diferencia la imagen que se da del estudiante estadounidense que se va unos meses fuera, y dada mi experiencia como tutora de estudiantes de USA en España puedo decir que el autor ha hecho un retrato bastante exacto, teniendo en cuenta que hablamos generalizando. Rafe viaja con un objetivo en mente: fornicar. Peroooooooo, ahí aparece Eamonn, inglés, guapo, generoso, amigable, y todos los planes se van al garete cuando algo que intentan que sea superficial, se convierte en algo profundo. Aquí ya comienzan los momentos monos y los gestos románticos que convierten el libro en una buena forma de pasar el rato.Quizás no es un libro que destaque, pero con unos personajes adorables, unos cuantos momentos divertidos y otros tantos tiernos, es una buena opción. Recomendable para los amantes del College y el NA.

  • Renée
    2019-03-24 05:02

    ~3.5 stars~I didn't realize until reading it that this would be a spinoff from the Browerton series. Rafe also attends Browerton, but as a sophomore, he's going to spend his fall semester abroad in England. With the express goal in mind to come home no longer a virgin.Rafe soon realizes that his well-intended parents have been sheltering him from "adult" skills that he really needs to figure out on his own, like grocery shopping and cooking.With three flatmates, Rafe really does get the authentic British experience. Eammon and Rafe form a quick bond and are fast friends.When friends turns into more, Rafe figures he doesn't need to bedhop in the UK when Eammon is completely satisfying him in every way (and me, as a reader, while he was at it!)This is a book that I enjoyed reading, but the NA feel of it kept it from ever going deeper than surface-level. Douchey exes, immaturity, and lack of communication kept me from loving the story, although these things are very authentic to the college experience.I'd recommend this one for those who love NA, college boys in particular!

  • Lily
    2019-03-17 03:58

    This was a fun, feel good story that I ended up enjoying much more than I thought I would. Maybe I liked it so much because of the whole exchange-students-program-thing, I was an exchange student myself once, so I could really understand Rafe's excitement. I remember thinking about the great adventure I was going to have, and all the friends I was going to make and the places I was going to see. I didn't want to become a slut though, so that's where me and Rafe differ. However, my exchange program wasn't in England, so I wasn't surrounded by hot British men with hot British accents, maybe if that was the case I would have reconsidered...So, obviously the story is set in college. An English college. Rafe is a naive American guy who decides to be a part of an exchange students program in England. He's super excited about it, but most of all, he's excited about the hot British men he could potentially hook up with. You see, usually Rafe is a romantic guy, but unfortunatly, his love life isn't that successful. So that leads him to decide on "operation: slut", which means that during this trip, he's going to hook up with whoever he wants and however he wants, without any romantic complications. Basically, he's tired of being a virgin.His new rommmates are three good friends, Eamonn, Louisa and Heath. They all get along with Rafe almost immediately, but the one Rafe truly feels a connection with, is Eamonn.Eamonn just got out of a bad relationship, so he doesn't really feel like falling in love again, but he can't help but care for Rafe. The two of them have some major chemistry going on, but they both don't want to give in to the attraction, after all Rafe is leaving in few months, and they both aren't looking for a boyfriend. But they can't help themselves for long, and start one of the cutest relationships I've ever read about. They were precious together, and hot.The story isn't too angsty, the biggest conflict was the fact that Rafe had to return to the US. There was some mild drama involving Eamonn's ex, but it wasn't too much. I also really liked the other two flatmates, some of their antics made me LOL a few times, and they were a good addition to story IMO.In the end, operation slut didn't work out, and I'm not too sad about that. I think that these two are perfect for each other, and I really wouldn't mind reading more about them. If you like the NA genre as much as I do, I believe you will enjoy this book a lot.RECOMMENDED!4.5 stars!

  • Truuss
    2019-03-06 00:48

    Read and finished but not swooned by it. The writing was good only the story not for me..

  • Chris, the Dalek King
    2019-03-04 03:53

    Rafe is off to England! Taking a semester to go study abroad at Stroude University, Rafe is more than a little excited. And not just because traveling to a new country is bound to be an adventure. No, he plans to put an ocean between him and his inability to get laid. It’s a good plan, but standing between him and sucess with Operation: Slut is Eamonn, his flatmate. Because sleeping with Eamonn leads to a whole host of problems–mostly those of the love variety. The very kind of problems that Rafe was trying to avoid. But it’s hard to avoid Eamonn, and Rafe is quickly forgetting why he came to England and is starting to worry about the ticking clock counting down to his departure.I didn’t know going in that this book is loosely connected to the author’s Browerton University series. Which, to be honest, had I known in advance I might have let someone else review this book because the Browerton books are very hit and miss with me. And yeah, sadly, this one falls more on the miss side.I knew going in, from the blurb, that anglophile Rafe was going to be a bit over the top, but I was not prepared enough I guess. At first it was a bit humorous, but as the book goes on it gets tiring. Rafe started to come across like the stereotypical Annoying American Tourist. Constantly pointing out how hot the accents were, and how Brits can do things that are not “manly” (ugh, don’t make me rant about the whole “tea is girly” thing) and still seem super sexy, started to come across a bit fetishistic. Like, ok, I think most of the British accents are indeed hot…but constantly pointing it out was weird.And well, let’s face it, this story kinda feels like it was written by someone whose closest interaction with England is watching Misfits on Netflix. I have no idea if A.J. Truman has been to the UK or not, but the England in the book has a glossy plastic feel to it. Like that in order to make you believe this is set in England, then it must drop as many English buzz-words into the story as possible.It was also pop-culture heavy. Which might not be a problem for other people, but for someone like me who doesn’t have a fucking clue about those kinds of things…it was distracting as all get-out. And in five years when all these various shows are forgotten, I’m not sure if the book will stand up as well. It is extremely of it’s time (while also somehow managing to not mention Trump, Brexit, and the sure-fire crap-shoot that has to be immigration in both countries). That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but ten years down the road I’d be interested in seeing if some of this stuff still holds up.I did like that Rafe attempted to grow up a little by the end of this book, though. It took him a while to get there–and heaven knows he acted like a sex-starved sugar addict for a large portion of the story–but I started to like him a lot more when he started to act like an adult. Eamonn was a bit more a mystery, but I did like his character. I just hoped there would be a bit more growth on page. For a long time he is kinda aimlessly wandering from scene to scene, and he kinda just let things happen to him. Even by the end it felt like he was letting other people direct his choices and choose his paths.I do wish–and this is more of a general gripe about stories set in university on the whole–that the actual school part of this story was a bit more prominent. Not only would it have been cool to see how Rafe handled the differences between the way the two countries do their schooling, but having a part of the story in the beginning that wasn’t all about SEX! I NEED SEX!! would have been nice. I guess I’m just bored with college kids that treat university like the super expensive social club instead of, you know, a school. It is probably why I have found myself edging away from NA books lately since they seem to carry a lot of the same “me me sex me sex sex sex me booze!” overtones that puts me off YA. And I do get it, classes are hardly the most interesting thing to write about, but writing characters who don’t causally wave off studying as “a waste of time” might be cool.If I was rating this purely on what I got out of this book, it would probably be a bit lower than the 2.5 stars I ended up settling on. But I kinda realize that at least half the issues I had with this book were more me things than issues I think the general audience will have. And since the blog has settled on 2.5 stars meaning “It is ok,” I think this is decent middle ground between what I was expecting and what the general audience might be looking for. It is a bit too over-the-top, and definitely too pop-culture heavy, for me, but for that might not be a big deal to other people.2.5 starsThis book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Apolishedreader
    2019-03-17 00:08

    I enjoyed the first half of this book as Rafe gained some independence and became more confident in himself. His enthusiasm was infectious, even to this reader. I found myself smiling hugely through all his accomplishments. His joy really shone through.Eammon is nice and a great friend. His efforts to help Rafe adjust and embrace his newfound independence really came through for me. Their desire for each other was hot and I am always up for dirty talk in my books. Yum. However, I am never into a story with a prominent and obvious rebound storyline. Especially in this story, I think Rafe needed something different, maybe even deserved more. I felt his naivete, inherent sweetness and romanticism would have benefited from a partner who was not still in the shadow of a recent bad breakup. I felt like Rafe got Eammon's full attention only when Nathan wasn't there stealing the spotlight. When he got it, Eammon was fantastic. I get it, Eammon is a great friend even to people who have lied, purposely hurt him and attempted to sabotage the good things in his life, but I also think Rafe deserved the same kind of time and care from Eammon. I wasn't convinced that wouldn't continue in the long term. I also never warmed up to the flat mates, Louisa and Heath and I was unsympathetic to their plight.3 stars because I think the story was well told and the characters were fleshed out. There is also hot dirty talk (always yes please). People who enjoy the virgin, college, roommate, friends type of story line will probably enjoy this story. Plus, Rafe really grows throughout the story and I loved that aspect. There is also a fairly satisfying HEA with a little epilogue, which helped redeem the story for me.

  • Anna
    2019-03-17 05:47

    DNF at 40%. This might be fun to read for an American but seriously irritating for this British reader. I don't know where the author got the idea that English people say c*** every other word, but it is just as offensive and taboo here as it is in the US! There were so many other unrealistic elements about the characters and setting, not least the ridiculous premise that a university campus wouldn't have anywhere for its students to buy either a cooked meal or some groceries to make food for themselves. Or that the nearest supermarket to said campus would be an hour away by train in central London. It was just bizarre! Presumably this fictional university was on a different planet from the country I live in. And don't get me started on the American assumption that there is a "British" accent... The narrator kept going on and on about this without any of the supposed British characters explaining that there are hundreds of different accents in the UK, not just one.

  • Teal
    2019-03-24 06:02

    Another book I should have put down at 80% so I could walk away happy.If I'd had the good sense to do that, I would have given this 3.5 stars. The story wasn't particularly original, but the characters were fun to spend time with -- not only Eamonn and Rafe (the token Yank of the title), but the extended cast of friends and family. It was good, harmless fun, with lots of funny bits. Like these:He might fail at relationships, but by golly, he was going to succeed at sex! At least with fucking, there was no rejection. Nobody pulled out halfway through and said, “You’re a really nice guy, but I’m just not feeling it.Eamonn had heard the term helicopter parents, especially in posh areas of London, but Rafe’s mum and dad reminded him more of co-leaders in a totalitarian regime.Once Eamonn’s fingers skimmed over Rafe’s pert ass, he knew where this was going. Although to be fair, when two people got in a shower together, everyone knew where this was going.But at 80% it was apparently time for some drama. So the author dropped some in. With a thud that shook the ground. Suddenly it's all, "I'm falling in love with you, and there are no obstacles in our way, so let's break up." And, "Yes, I'm falling in love with you too -- so let's stop having fantastic sex and just go our separate ways! For no reason!"Talk about contrived drama. I've seen this kind of thing done before, but I don't think I've ever seen it done so ineptly. I lost my emotional investment in the story at that point. Eh, let them both get run over by a bus, since they're demonstrably TSTL.It just didn't make psychological sense. They continued to live in the same dorm suite, in each other's space, but now ignoring each other, not talking, not interacting, and not seeming to suffer from any sexual tension. The only way I could make sense of it was to conclude that they'd never been in love in the first place. I mean, they're just college kids, they had some fun, but now it's time to get on with life! So not only did I lose my investment in their relationship -- I mean, if they didn't give a shit about it, why should I? -- but I was ACTIVELY rooting for them to move on with their separate lives and find someone new.Way to ruin a romance, AJ Truman.The book was sheer tedium for me from that point on. No longer believing in their relationship, I then felt nothing when they (inevitably, in a most predictably clichéd way) reconciled. And I sure as hell couldn't believe (view spoiler)[they were suddenly so overcome with desire that they then had sex in public. They'd had no trouble resisting each other back in the dorm; now I'm supposed to believe they do the deed outdoors at a party despite the very real risk of being seen? Speaking as someone who has occasionally had sex in public places -- oops, scratch that -- I mean, THEORETICALLY SPEAKING, if one (make that two) were to have sex in public, it's necessary to be careful you don't get discovered and arrested (or in their case, brutally attacked, because no matter how "liberal" that university may be, two guys having penetrative sex in public view are putting themselves at enormous risk). (hide spoiler)]So -- rant over? Oh, no no no no no. Sorry. There's just one more little thing I want to talk about...What does their happy ending look like? (view spoiler)[They go to Amsterdam so Rafe can smoke weed for the first time. And that's how the book ends, with Rafe's POV as he's walking around high, thinking stoner thoughts about like how time is like, imaginary, man. Whoa, dude! That's some deep stuff! (hide spoiler)]I'm not sure why that infuriated me. (view spoiler)[It's not about the drugs -- personally I think it's insupportable that governments can tell people what they can and can't do with their own bodies. So, yay drugs, whatever, I don't care what people do, that wasn't the issue in and of itself. I just felt insulted that I was supposed to consider that a "romantic" ending. The couple that tokes together stays together? Spare me.(hide spoiler)] No other reviewers seemed enraged by it, so perhaps it's just a me thing.At any rate: This was my first time reading AJ Truman. And if I'd known to stop at 80%, it wouldn't be my last.

  • Bárbara
    2019-03-14 00:11

    *Review of an ARC provided by the author*I had fun with this. I was glad that the story focused in the characters' relationship, instead of spending so much time with the "original idea" (which, to be fair, didn't make it past chapter 2, 3 at most). I liked seeing Eamonn and Rafe's relationship, and the way they tackled their various obstacles, the most conspicuous being distance as an Argentinian who has to think in terms of 20x in order to get closer to American/European money, it's definitely a foreign concept that all that travelling seemed to come so easy, but whatever- it's not really the author's fault that from where I'm standing, it takes us years to save up for a trip to a couple of cities in Europe. I had to remind myself quite often about the ages of our main characters (sometimes they did sound older, or at least it seemed to me), because I would find myself blindsided by how immature they could be (Rafe in particular)- but it wasn't much of a surprise- 19 is pretty young after all.One thing that seemed rather unrealistic in this day and age of technology and globalization, is how utterly ignorant Rafe seemed about lots of things- it felt like he was in a whole different planet rather than a different country, sometimes. Something I really liked was- even though it had me gritting my teeth- the slight drama. I think it added a bit of excitement to a story that was going too smoothly. Another of my favorite things were the side characters, they were really fun. Not only the roommates, but I also enjoyed Eamonn's family- no such luck with Rafe's, although in their defense, they did appear very little so it worked in the end. And the moments involving Coop! I really liked that as well. All in all, even though I had some issues, I still enjoyed it.

  • Darina
    2019-03-09 08:07

    Американский парень, очарованный Англией и британским акцентом, приезжает на семестр в туманный Альбион. У Рэйфа никогда не ладилось с отношениями, поэтому его главная цель – просто хорошо провести время в компании англичан без всяких серьезных намерений. Но все идет не по плану, и он влюбляется.Написано хорошо. У автора неплохое чувство юмора. Очень понравилось читать про языковые и культурные различия между странами. (Не знала, что англичане так спокойно относятся к табуированному в Америке c-word и вставляют его через каждое второе слово.) А вот отношения подкачали. Не было у меня ощущения: «О, да они созданы друг для друга и обязаны быть вместе». И химии между ними никакой. Со второй постельной сцены я стала их пролистывать.Я люблю все сравнивать и Abroad by Liz Jacobs мне понравилась больше, даже несмотря на то, что у главного героя – русские корни.

  • Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie
    2019-02-24 02:53

    5++ Stars Rafe decides to spend his fall semester of his Sophomore year of college in the U.K, attending Stroude university as part of the study abroad program. Besides education, Rafe is determined to see the sites and leave England without his virginity intact. He has a plan, Operation: Slut, that will hopefully get him laid while abroad. Rafe faces not only a culture shock at being in a foreign country, but he also realizes quite quickly just how much his parents have coddled him over the years. Eamonn has led a vastly different life. After his father left him, his mother and his younger sisters, to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful performer, Eamonn was forced to grow up and help support his family, as well as help pay his way through college. Rafe hits it off brilliantly with his new flatmates and they quickly become good friends, and as much as they try to deny it, Rafe and Eamonn are attracted to one another, but they only have one semester together.I've loved all of A.J.'s stories, but this was my absolute favorite of the all. I adored Eamonn, he was caring and loyal and Rafe was sweet and he had a sort of innocence about him. These two men fit together like pieces of a puzzle. They were different, but those differences complimented one another. The chemistry and sexual tension between them was out of this world and the sex was off the charts smoking hot. *fans self*I don't know about other readers, but I tend to try to problem solve as I read, looking for ways where the characters will get their chance to walk off into the sunset together hand and hand and live happily ever after. It was really hard to see the solution here, but the author doesn't disappoint. This was a well-written and well paced story. It was sweet and funny. I loved Rafe and Eamonn's flatmates, Louisa and Heath, the antics and banter between the four of them kept me giggling and laughing out loud throughout the story. While the story is mostly happy, A.J. managed to bring me to tears, as well. I can definitely see myself rereading this story down the road! Really enjoyable read and definitely recommendable. *copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Mercedes
    2019-03-11 07:10

    3.5 stars rounded up because I love stories set in college

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-03-18 01:11

    2.25 StarsSo, in case you are a fan of the Browerton books, this is indeed a spin-off (or a side story of sorts) with many characters mentioned from (and scenes later on, at) the college. I, still, am not a fan.Everything about this book rubbed me the wrong way. From the almost infantile MC (who admittedly DID grow into adulting some through the story) to the awkwardly placed and horribly used Britishisms. I doubt there's a Brit in existence that will honestly question whether we dumb Yanks know a "lift" is an elevator. Or that we aren't familiar with using two fingers to flip someone off. Also, no one over the age of 12 hasn't heard that a cigarette is called a fag and so a scene revolving around that is just stupid. And offensive. In fact, a lot of it was kind of offensive. In the not ironic or British way. Some of it smacked of cultural superiority, until there was a badly veiled insult of America...that tried to seem like a spanking and failed at that, too. In fact, everything set in England read like an American author just trying too hard and pretty much falling short of the mark all around.The only thing I liked about this whole book was Eamonn, who is nothing like the character I thought we'd get given the blurb. (Don't let me get started on that blurb; I thought we were gonna get some sort of epic British Sex Adventure and that is SO NOT what happens.) He's a bit complicated and heart-broken and an all around good guy, but afraid to trust OR take a chance. I wish the whole book had been told from his POV.Finally, I was only going to give this story a flat 2 Stars because it was (for the most part) decently put on paper (not well-written, that's a whole other thing) and mostly edited. But then that rambling stream of consciousness scene in Amersterdam. Because, yeah. That was funny and sounds exactly like something I'd say and remark on while high.

  • Laurie
    2019-03-01 04:52

    This is a beautiful, feel good story. I want to say it’s a sweet story but that’s not the right word. It’s heartwarming and endearing. It leaves you with the ‘warm and fuzzes’. And yet there are places where your emotions are tugged and your eyes tear.Rafe is on an adventure. He’s off to England for a semester of study. He wants to soak up all things British. Because you know, their accents. And if there is a secondary plan, Operation: Slut, to get him laid so much the better. Eamonn wants to keep his distance from the Yank that is sharing the flat. He’s just one of the four living there. But Eamonn also has a caring streak, he’s drawn to help Rafe adjust to life away from his parents. The author did an amazing job of capturing both Rafe and all his Americanism while also keeping Eamonn and the flat mates very British. There was no problem reading the American vs. English language, or understanding those things that are particular to the British.It was a wonderful journey to read as Rafe and Eamonn come to realize they have feeling for each other and to watch those feeling grow.As characters they are well written, feel real people. The secondary characters, Heath and Louisa added so much to the story. Are they lovers or are they just friends. The snark and banter between them is at time a hoot and then there are those places in the story where you feel so bad for them. You root for them to work it all out. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I truly enjoyed it. I will certainly look for other stories to read. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • *~*~*Kael*~*~*
    2019-03-12 03:55

    I'd give this a 3.5 because the ending was way too "ambiguous HFN" for me. BUT I'm going to round things up to a solid 4, JUST because I couldn't put this down, it was THAT engaging :-)!!*******On the fence, so I borrowed this from Kindle Unlimited [I always make a point of noting when I borrow a book from KU]. If I really like this book, I'll purchase it :-)!

  • Emma
    2019-03-12 06:02

    For me 2 stars but because of my issues not the book so rounding up to 3.I have a hard time reading or watching stories where the main character is in situations I would find super embarrassing. So in this book I had to skim more than a few scenes. I think if they had not been there this would have been a 3 star read. It is a Browerton spin-off book but I found no issue following along despite only having read the first two of that series. Everything you need to know about Browerton is provided within this book.Rafe is in second year university and desperate to have some freedom and have lots of sex while he is in the UK for a study abroad semester. He was cheery and really open to the experience of being away from home which made him quite charming. He is pretty useless at adulting so his new flat mate, Eamonn, helps him with all sorts of things. Given I work with this exact demographic I was not at all surprised by the range of abilities. Some are quite capable even at 18 and many are little snowflakes that are not capable of much at all. So I found both Rafe and Eamonn to be believable. I liked how they got together. Many of the exchanges were fun and adorable. Certainly made me smile although I don't think I will remember them next week.

  • Calila
    2019-03-06 05:07

    *A free copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*I really liked reading Rafe and Eamonn's story. I liked how brave and excited Rafe was to try a new thing and go to England for a semester. I understood Eamonn's struggle to become the Eamonn he wanted to be versus the more practical financially secure route. The way they both inspired the other to grow, they didn't push, they didn't force it, it was a natural progression. I have some sympathy for Eamonn's ex, but not much. He was a jerk and I judge Eamonn and his friends for being so welcoming when he pops back up. They should've made him work for a warm welcome. I really appreciate the ending, I LOVE that go their separate ways and take the time to really think and make choices without being blinded by the first rush of new love. I should say, I didn't realize this was a spin off of the "Browerton University" series, which I am not caught up on. I think Rafe is introduced in Book 4, but I can't be sure. Having said that. You don't really have to read that, to read this. I wasn't lost at all and aside from a phone call, nothing in the previous book is a big deal in this book.

  • Lucy
    2019-03-07 02:59

    To be honest this is probably more suited for American readers, as a British person reading this I couldn't really get over the terrible stereotypes. This is all about Rafe who's on his way to study abroad in England for 3 months, away from his over-protective parents. But he's only got one thing on his mind and it's definitely not studying. He can't wait to beginoperation: Slut.Then he meets his new flatmate Eamonn and immediately a connection forms between them.This is a light, and fun read, there is some angst but nothing OTT. The romance is super cute and fun to read about. Honestly though, like I said earlier I couldn't stand the stereotypes and I couldn't get over the cheesy dialogue that happens. Not for me.

  • Kendra T
    2019-02-28 08:10

    This was a great story! I really enjoyed the concept of someone from Browerton studying abroad. Rafe travels to England for a semester, and he has plans to cut loose and meet guys while studying. Instead of becoming a player, he meets his flatmate Eamonn, and develops a great friendship and eventual relationship. Rafe and Eamonn struggled with how to have a relationship with Rafe returning to the United States, and I thought it was written realistically. It was nice to see Rafe not give up his dreams, and it was nice to see Eamonn grow and make his own path. I love A.J.'s writing, and I'm so glad there was another addition to the series.

  • clear skies
    2019-03-18 06:50

    You know what's really frustrating to me as a reader? This author wrote their first book and I loved it. Then it went downhill from there. I mean...why is it every time I think I have found a a new author and I love their first book and then it just all shatters for me. Also the author writes my favourite tropes which also sucks when the books are becoming so diabolical.Rafe hasn't had a good time with relationships, so when he has a chance to go to London he's up for it. He loves English men and he wants to lose his virginity, have fun and enjoy a 3 month study abroad.ALERT! Please stop saying British accent or British men when the bloody story is set in England. Rafe has a thing for English men and the English accent. If you as an author can't even get that right (alongside your WHOLE publishing team) then you're not doing so good.Eamonn has a had crap time with relationships. His boyfriend of 2 years up and left when Hollywood came calling. He feels a little lost with university almost coming to an end. Rafe comes into his life and they both hit it off and get together. Then the ex comes back into the picture so that causes a bit of an obstacle. Then the looming date of Rafe leaving London to go back home.1. In this book every person who meets Rafe takes the piss out of him because he's American. It wasn't cute and I have to say in London of all places no one bats an eyelid if you're not English. It was insane. People do not act like this - Rafe wasn't coming to some tiny village in the middle of nowhere for effing sakes. 2. The author from what I can see from their biography is from New York. Like with anything do your research. Half of your characters were English but you may as well made them as stereotypical as possible and shown us the extracts you took from wikipedia.3. Heath, Louise, Nathan - pointless. Like you couldn't have wrote worse secondary characters if you tried.Yeah. Bye.

  • UnusualChild{beppy}
    2019-03-09 06:53

    *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review through the M/M Romance Group DBML program.*3 starsSynopsis: Rafe wants to get away from the university where he's been an also ran romantically, so he goes to study abroad for a semester. He's decided that he's going to put "Operation: slut" in to effect, and just worry about getting laid (lots), not relationships. When Rafe was choosing his school, he didn't want the "tourist" version of it, so he chose a university out of London. Although he's the only one from his flight going there, he's still excited about a true cultural experience. Rafe ends up sharing a flat with 3 other people, who are all best friends and who have a history together, as well as a history with the flat mate whose room Rafe is taking. Eamonn had a bad breakup with his boyfriend/former flat mate and doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone romantically. Even if he did, he's more of a relationship type of guy, and since Rafe only there for a semester, it doens't make sense to start anything. However, Eamonn wants to help Rafe get out from under his parents' yoke just a little, so they end up spending a lot of time together.What I liked: Rafe testing his wings a little and actually doing some things for himself, like cooking and shopping for food. I liked that he stepped up and started to earn some money for himself. I also liked that Eamonn didn't know what he wanted to do after uni, even though he was graduating at the end of the year, since I think that's fairly realistic. I liked the friendship that Eamonn and his other two flat mates had, and the friendships that developed between them and Rafe.What I didn't like: it was hard to pinpoint how long, exactly, Eamonn and his boyfriend had been broken up, since the necessity for a new flat mate was short notice, but everyone acted like it was ages in the past. Eamonn and Rafe didn't really communicate, so a lot of their misunderstandings could have been avoided. Also, the fact that Rafe was prepared to give up his dreams when he hadn't even really talked to Eamonn seemed slightly over the top.

  • Megan
    2019-03-13 00:51

    I really enjoyed this one. I do feel, though that young loves experiencing a huge amount of emotional changes and upheavals in a short amount of time aren't likely to become HEA's, but this book had a pretty hopeful ending. Things moved pretty fast for these guys and their interactions were really endearing...most of the time. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about Nate showing up and all the revelations he brought near the end. The way Rafe reacted to him was believable but not exactly promising for a mature relationship. Rafe's decision to stay longer versus not was handled with more maturity than I expected, especially after how we see that he didn't exactly cover all his bases in the beginning and with the complete newness with everything going on with Eamonn.Eamonn was a different story with his frustrating reluctance to fully reciprocate what Rafe was willing to give him. His lackluster interest in the things he knew he would be good at for himself was disappointing. These are both young men learning what it's like to be themselves and to pine for someone they're not sure will be fully committed to them despite yearning desperately for it to happen. They need to figure out how to be solid individuals before they can be ideal partners and I think the ending suggested that that's what they were working on so I was pretty satisfied with that. Overall, there was a ton of steam, angst, young love, impulsiveness, more than a few Midori Sours, and some Atlantic-spanning commitment. A thoroughly enjoyable read. 3.5 stars.

  • Alison
    2019-03-10 00:43

    **I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**3.75 starsSo I went into this book blind. Didn't really read the blurb, knew nothing about it, except for what I could infer from the title. I haven't read the Browerton series for a while and didn't realize it was a spinoff, and I don't remember meeting Rafe--but like I said, it's been a while.So having no real expectations, I was a bit worried in the first chapter. Rafe's behavior on the flight to London had me rolling my eyes and hiding, and I was a bit afraid of how the rest of the book would go. But I persevered, and my fears were allayed. Once Rafe got to England, there was a shift, he seemed to "grow up," and I found myself liking him a lot more as he was plunged into a suite with a trio of already-friends, taking the room of a former flatmate and--as we discover--lover to Eamonn.The relationship between the two progressed at a good pace, and it had enough depth to hold my interest and see it through to the end (view spoiler)[ which was very sweet, btw. (hide spoiler)] Eamonn was bouncing back from a broken heart. He is kind and honest and likeable. Of the two MCs, he is definitely the more mature. I found myself gravitating more to him than to Rafe. Definitely more of a NA/coming-of-age story. I enjoyed watching Rafe grow and learn, and the relationship between the two come to fruition. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, and I look forward to see if my guess for the next book is correct or not.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-12 06:47

    5 stars** I received a copy in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program**The Token Yank, by AJ Truman, tells the story of Rafe a college student studying abroad in England, where he plans on sleeping with a bunch of guys [because British accents are so hot!! - please note my slight eyeroll] However, Rafe had grown up living a pretty sheltered life so his planning/budgeting hadn't been on point for the trip. He is placed with a group of students in off-campus housing, one of the students being Eamonn, a senior who is drifting through life, unsure of his focus for work. Eamonn ends up taking Rafe under his wing and showing him the sights as well as giving Rafe a chance to grow as a person over the semester. This story was co cute and I was really glad that it was offered during the holiday season. Even though the book isn't holiday focused, it gives off this warm and cozy vibe that tied into the mood. So I would encourage you to pick it up around nov-jan - especially in colder climates. Really, I can't say that there was anything that was super bad about the book, that really stuck out and made me want to put it down... hence the 5 star rating. However, I did get slightly annoyed at the beginning with the way that British terms were included in the conversations that Rafe had with people. Nothing extreme, but having to read sentences like "'Did you use the loo?' 'What?' 'The bathroom.'... 'You Yanks are so formal.'" That just really annoyed me for some reason. Plus, they tapered off about halfway through the book so it was all good.Overall, The Token Yank was another hit by AJ Truman. I don't know why I even entertained the thought that I wouldn't like a book that he wrote. They are so good, and they give off an authenticity that I haven't read in many other author's writing. Props for that. Final notes:- Told in alternating third person POV- Set in Britain - always a plus - British terms/slang are sprinkled throughout [this may not be your thing] - Overprotective parents

  • Mainely Stories
    2019-03-12 03:03

    Rafe is excited about his Sophomore study abroad experience. Three months of hot British accents, of adulting, escaping his overprotective helicopter parents in Pennsylvania and losing his virginity lie ahead. Study is way down on his list of priorities. His planning was a bit incomplete and the school wasn’t as close to the city as anticipated nor was housing as expected. His flat was disgusting and he doesn’t want his parents to learn how ill prepared he really is for this trip. New flatmate Eamonn has already had one heartbreaking experience and doesn’t want to get to close to Rafe but he can’t help himself when he learns how dependent Rafe has been on his parents. Eamonn eventually made it his personal mission to ensure that Rafe experienced the full range of experiences, intimate experiences. Their attraction and relationship developed even though Eamonn definitely trying to keep it chill, despite his attraction to the Yank. Rafe planned for an active sexual experience during his 3-month adventure and not the emotions and attachment to the young Brit.The main characters well represent their individual cultures and secondary characters add to the color, making this a complete story. How can you expect to find an HEA in a three-month study abroad experience when you have years of study ahead and live an ocean away?

  • Mary Mary
    2019-03-01 00:02

    * A copy was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review via the MMRG Don’t Buy My Love Program * I love ALL books from Browerton series! I love AJ Truman's books so I had to read this one especially since it has a very sexy and very protective Brit MC. I can totally agree with Rafe, British accent is hot af.This book was everything I was looking for - it was funny and sexy. The pace was super fast (since it covers only 3 short months and so many things changes in Rafe's life). The writing style is great, it sucked me into the story right from the start and the characters are AWESOME. I don't mean Rafe and Eamon, the whole gang is super cool with their little arguments, heart problems, trips to pub. I love this story and I wish it was longer or there was part two with more Eamon and Rafe. I miss them already <3and damn You, AJ Truman, for making me cry with Eamon!! how could You?!PS. The only thing that was quite unbelievable was the epilogue - all this travelling and sightseeing sound great but it is expensive and how am I suppose to believe they can afford trips like that??PS2. This story made wanna go to GB and have my own version of "Operation: Slut" hahah :D