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Ruthless.... Cold hearted.... Sworn to revenge... La donna nera è il capo... The capu di tutti capi has fallen by an assassins’ bullet. If he does recover it is unlikely he will be the same. The doctor's tell Mirabella to prepare for the worst. His capu’s warn her to prepare for war. The Italian authorities want her to turn over his criminal organization for amnesty for thRuthless.... Cold hearted.... Sworn to revenge... La donna nera è il capo... The capu di tutti capi has fallen by an assassins’ bullet. If he does recover it is unlikely he will be the same. The doctor's tell Mirabella to prepare for the worst. His capu’s warn her to prepare for war. The Italian authorities want her to turn over his criminal organization for amnesty for the reward of safe passage with her children back to America. After five years of living in the shadow of as his life as his Mafia bride she only one choice. Defy them all and enter her husband’s world to save him. With his life in the balance Donna Mirabella Battaglia claims power over the most ruthless Camorra crime family in Southern Italy. And many are not happy about it. She takes a new vow the darkest one every shared in a marriage. Destroy them all by any means necessary and save his life. Truths, buried for generations surface. The assassin who pulled the trigger is named. Her world spirals out of control as men both powerful and deadly try to seduce and break her. Ruthless... Cold hearted... Sworn to revenge... La Donna Nera will fight for their family and their empire to the bitter end. ...

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bella mafia battaglia mafia series book 7 Reviews

  • Monica **can't read fast enough**
    2019-04-14 09:05

    I mostly enjoyed this installment, however, there were editing issues. The story line is moving along and all of the characters are either getting surprised or handing out surprises themselves.

  • Paganalexandria
    2019-04-06 08:07

    This book was EVERYTHING!ended in a cliffhanger that left the Battaglia clan in tatters, and at war with each other. Finally all the lies, and deception weaved throughout the series were exposed. Mirabella is forced to remove her blinders as a cossetted mafia wife, see, and understand her husband's world on a whole other level. Can she trust the advice, and whispers of admitted liars that are also family? This installment doesn't feature a lot of Gio. All the supporting cast finally have the spotlight. Lorenzo, and Marietta are on the run because the family knows what they have been up to. The Catalina/Domi/Armando triangle plays out beautifully. Sienna has knack for making the unlikability of characters a mute point. You don't care because they are so interesting, for the very reasons you can't stand them. Great read for fans of mafia romance, with a darker edge.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-06 05:00

    Donna Nera!"Bella Mafia" was excellent! Sienna Mynx continues the Battagli saga and it only gets better! Mirabella had the veil ripped from her eyes and was thrust into Giovanni's world as he lay comatose to save the family. This book exceeded all expectations!

  • Dawn
    2019-04-04 09:06

    Where is the organ when you need it to play?**** SPOILERS******I started this book, then put it down and now I'm finally finished.Last time on Battaglia's dreams and nightmares.... If I could insert a short clip of everything that happened I would. But we last left off in the hurried aftermath of the shooting of Giovanni Battaglia. Everyone is frantic and the big boss is down and out for the count. Mirabella is in shock and she needs all of her strength to make sure her husband makes it.I'm not going to get into the small stuff. Everybody is going nuts. Except for Armando lol Mira can't focus, Carlo is lost in the mind, Domi is lost in the mind. Rocco stands up to prepare Mira to be the stand-in for her husband.I have posted multiple times on Facebook that I have thought Mira was an ok character but in La Dolce Vita I realized something about her that I didn't like. In this book, it showed up. Mira learns that Marietta shot Gio. In the reading group, people were ready for her to die and to be honest, I saw no reason to be mad at her for trying to protect her husband. It made sense and it was a natural reaction. Technically Gio for the man he is and the life he lives, he should have expected it. But back to Mira. When Mira heard it was Marietta that shot her husband, the first thing she did was blame Marietta. She skips over Lo. This is when I believed Mira has shown a clear aversion to her own family. Her biological family. She doesn't care for them even tho she financially supports them. She has attached that feeling to Marietta. This made me not like Mira. Her devout Loyalty to Battaglia is weird considering that she has always had family around, who actually wanted her to be around. She claims she has always been alone and Fabiana has been her only friend but Mira pushed her family away. You see this evidence in the way she deals with Marietta, Minnie, and the fact she can't deal with her own mother. While I do believe Mira became well rounded as a Donna, her family issue has always been there. To me it doesn't make her that strong and it annoys me. There are so many questions left unanswered in this book. You can also tell this is really the end. 2 brothers die and any secrets left to be told are either with Zia or a Journal. The biggest secret was Lo. It should be mid 90's in this book and DNA test should be available lol Lorenzo Battaglia is the firstborn of Tomisino. It's not the emotion I'm wondering about when it comes to Gio and Lo. It's the fact that I believe Lo has known the entire time. When sending Marietta back to Melenzana, Lo claims Marietta is the rightful Donna. With this new info, you have to question is Lo justified in his attempt on Tomisino and had he really always loved Gio? If Lo has been armed with this info, maybe he really does love Gio and always wanted to rule side by side with him? I believe Isabella told Lo the night she killed herself. So, Lo has walked around all his life bitter? I hate this dude but this is the first time I feel compassion for him. He carried the biggest secret that could have split the family before anyone ever learn of Papa Tomi getting blasted. This is also the first time I see Lorenzo really does love Marietta even with all of the damn scheming. Basically, Marietta and Lorenzo are showing how they deal with life and how they have always had to deal with life. Now because of the lies of their parents, Gio and Lo are going to battle it out.There are some surprises. I truly hope Armando lived. I'm going to say it, I loved his and Catalina's relationship more than I loved Domi and Catalina. That was surprising. What the eff did Belinda do in college? run a brothel? I mean damn, you can't get in no school? and why you always lying? I'm hoping Belinda needs to get that ish together and end up with Leo and live normal. Obviously, there is someone else on the front spying on the family. I hope it's someone so unexpected, that people's mouths will hang open lol Like I legit hope Zia is a spy lol Someone major is going to die. The way Domi is turning looks like he'll be running for first place with Lo. Carlo will make a choice, it won't be Shae. Even though I loved their relationship, I think they met to just heal each other for their next people. I don't care, I still hope Marietta and Carlo have sex lol Catalina may end up being big boss. She now legally shares in the Mancini fortune along with Marietta and Mira.Overall it was a great book. Sienna is once again proving she is a masterful storyteller.Early radio organist soap opera music plays....Will Lorenzo find Marietta his beloved wife?Will Mira finally love her biological family and read her mother's story?What will Giovanni do with the new information he has learned?Will Domi finally go dummy?Will Leo and Belinda become more than friends?Will Carlo get his happily ever after?Find out some time next year on.... Battaglia dreams and Nightmares.

  • Pearline
    2019-04-02 08:06

    OMG! Sienna Mynx put her foot into this story. After almost a year past the original release date, I can say this book was well worth the wait. My previous criticism of this story was the fact that Mira was constantly crying throughout the series. She always came off weak and easily manipulated by her family. In the past seven books every time she discovered something new about her husband or family she cried and went against her husband. This book should have been titled the rise of the Donna because Mira gains her strength by being isolated once her husband is in a coma. I loved how the author opens up Mira's eyes to the people in her life and focuses the story on her rather than all the side characters. That was such a big problem in the past books, while she does give you a touch of the rest of the family half of the book doesn't focus on their side issues and problems. Once Mira gets a touch of her husband's power she starts to take on his traits. People in her own household begin to fear the new Donna and her lack of emotion. The author does a great job of illustrating how the Donna has changed as a wife and mother over the years. I actually understand why her character has such a soft heart and how the Don had always shielded her from pain. But when the Don wakes up from his coma and sees who is wife has become and the rules she has broken.... Now the Don is in a coma for 80% of this book but when he wakes up, he has a quiet presence. The Donna nor the reader really knows what he's thinking or plotting. But when you find out... The Don comes back stronger than ever and in more control over his family and especially his wife when he has to break her. That scene in the limo is no joke.I couldn't even put this book down and now I've re-read the ending twice, because it's so good. Sienna Mynx has proven that she is a master story teller and if she stays on this path, the next two books will be even better. Kudos to her taking her time to ensure she produced the best quality of work for her readers.

  • Gina
    2019-03-26 10:00

    I read I read and I read Oh my God this book was sooo good I was on the edge of my seat wandering How this is going to end! Loved it when oh when is the next one I really need it like right now!

  • Kat
    2019-04-02 10:04

    The books in this series are long but really good. I loved it and cannot wait for the next book in the series.

  • Mspraise50
    2019-04-09 03:52

    The ladies were the raising stars in this chapter of the family's story. I won't give any spoilers as I know there are lots of ladies still reading and I don't wish to spoil it for them.Catalina impresses me the most amongst the ladies and demonstrates her bad-ass self Domi is most disappointing in my viewLorenzo and Marietta continue to be totally misunderstood Mira demonstrates that she can order both men and women to do her biddingAgain more questions which won't be answered until the next book. It was a good read and I would recommend the whole series.

  • Chantay
    2019-04-11 10:56

    I love this series! Truly! It has held my attention from the moment I opened the first book, up until now. This instalment however, was a little too drawn out and was at times, boring. I put it down and sometimes had to trudge on just to get through some chapters.I am baffled at why people seem to hate Marietta and Lorenzo when they are one of the best couples in this series and so very representative of what the mafia lifestyle is all about. Ever since the introduction of Marietta, I had found a favourite character and it made me love Lorenzo even more. Yes. I had always loved Lorenzo. I’ve never truly liked Mirabella and oft considered her weak and submissive. Women like her in novels always give me pause and I read their storyline with a sneer.This installment saw Mirabella get somewhat of a backbone, VERY minor, but I still could not stand her. The way she treated her PREGNANT sister was just a huge no-no in my book. Yes, she shot Gio, however, if she did not, Gio would have killed Lorenzo. Had the situations been reversed, Mirabella would probably have done the same. I say probably because, let’s face it, Mirabella is weak. I’ve said this before and I will say it again-Marietta is the TRUE epitome of what a Donna should be. She has her man’s back fiercely and I respect that. I really want them to get their happily ever after.When Gio opened his eyes, and was looking at Tacini, I knew he would kill the man. Gio’s live for Mirabella is borderline disturbing. It is obsessive and controlling and not very romantic at all. I was mad as hell when Mirabella signed over her company to him back in a previous book (yes, I have carried over my anger. Lol). The fact that she could just so easily sign over something she built up from the ground- so easily... you know what, I have to breathe. Not get carried away. That whole sex scene in the limo where they were both bathed in Tacini’s blood was not and I repeat NOT romantic in the least. In fact, it was quite horrendous. I gasped, yes actually gasped that Gio thought this was a good time to have sex with the wife he had just found out was pregnant. I was quite put off by it. Catalina, I have completely lost love for. Although I was truly happy for her and Armando. She seemed like she was finally happy, but plotting to hand over Lo and Mar to Gio? Nope. You lost my love. Lol.I am interested to see where things go with Belinda and Leo. Minnie annoyed me to no end when she tried to keep the girl all cooped up doing housework. How horrid! Being in a new country with an overprotective mother when you’re 19 going on 20! Good grief!Will Carlos ever catch a break? I mean, come on! How many times must that poor man’s heart be shattered? Can Sienna please send Shae back into his arms where she belong? It is bloody heart wrenching reading about all the betrayal that man has had to endure throughout the series.All in all, it was another good read and I am anxious to see how the next book in the series turn out. Although I do believe that Sienna should be wrapping up the series now. It is getting a bit drawn out.

  • **ActuallyAshley**
    2019-03-28 04:47

    I enjoyed this book. A lot of growth and change for the family. I can’t wait to see how all the stories develop! I always liked Leo in the other books, but this book made me love him! **Spoiler**The only bad thing for me about this book is Carlo and Adara. I just do not like them together. It’s too forced. I still don’t see her point in the story. I know Ms. Mynx has a thing with characters getting pregnant. But, why can’t someone, who can not get pregnant in the story, not get love as well? There are other ways to having a child. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ms. Mynx work. I just feel there is a better connection between Carlo and Shea; compared to Carlo and Adara. I can’t wait for the final two books!!

  • Cherryl Montgomery
    2019-04-09 09:55

    I just love the love of Don Giovanni for his Donna Nera! Family is everything to them!OMG, OMG OMG.... this was the best book I've read in a long time. If I could give it a 10 star if I could. It was well worth the long wait. Now I can't wait for Omerta to drop. I don't want to see this series come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series, from book #1 to this one. The Battaglia Mafia series was my first IR book I read, and it has spoiled me for any other genre. Sienna writes a well plotted and written story line. It is filled with complicated characters dealing with complicated life matters.In this book, Maribella has to deal with the shooting of her beloved Don Giovanni, the betrayal of her sister Marietta and her husband Lorenzo and their new found brother Armando. To top that off, she has to deal with the advances of Don Tacchini. Piero Tachini wants Maribella and he wants her bad. If the Don dies, he wants to make his intentions know to her and he's willing to to take that chance and risk his advances. The family had to deal with so many deaths and loses as well as dealing with Gio being in a coma. Catalina is just a real mental mess dealing with the rejection from Domi. Domi is a mess dealing with what he thought was a betrayal from Catalina. Carlo is still healing from Shae and thought he'd found love in Adara until her truth comes out. To top things off, Zio Rocco wants to die with a clear conscience and reveals family secrets. We get the answers to why Don Tomosino exiled his brother Rocco.What a mess, this story was filled with suspense, drama and mystery that had my heart racing one minute and crying from loss the next. We see Maribella Ellison go from the sweet nieve African American woman to become the Donna to the Battaglia clan and win the heart and soul of Don Giovanni Battaglia to become the Donna Nera who will do anything to protect her family and the ones she loves and succeeds doing it.Great job on this book and series Sienna Minx! I highly recommend this book!

  • Abby Amos
    2019-03-31 04:06

    Great ReadThis is another AWESOME read by Autor Sienna Mynx! I love how Mirabella got a hold of herself, finally, and took charge of her family. Some of the decisions I was just shocked, but she did what she thought she had to do. Although, I wished the worse on Armando, I didn't think what happened would happened. Mynx is just taking this series in a whole different direction from where I thought it would go. That's why she is the writer and not me. Great job! I know all who reads this book/series will enjoy it!!! Happy Reading!

  • Debra Spears
    2019-04-22 06:56

    Yea BabyWhat a way to countdown to the next book! One of my fave series ever it was well worth the wait! The book is fire! It brings all the intensity you expect from this family! Holds no punches so be prepared! Brava!

  • Ally
    2019-04-23 03:38

    La Donna Nera...Protect the FamilyThis was very much worth the wait! This is so good!La Donna Nera did her thing! With everything she had to endure, I think she did well has Donna. Trial by fire is how we have to learn sometimes and she held her own. I know she was vulnerable, Domi wasn’t any help and Rocco had his own agenda but she played right into Don Tacchini’s hands. I think Tacchini thought Giovanni wasn’t going to wake up so he was staking his claim early. But he should’ve known Giovanni wasn’t going to let him get away with roughing Mirabella.Never liked Armando and Catalina was a major disappointment it I was sad for them in the end. Forgive if I seem hard hearted but Rosetta got what was coming to her! Lorenzo and Marietta did what they always do. Hopefully Domi will grow up and stop being a man-child! Poor Carlos can’t keep a woman but I feel love will find him again and stay this time.

  • Michele
    2019-04-01 07:06

    So many twists and turns and I loved every bit of it. The book went into over drive once Giovanni woke from his comma. It was so good I couldn't put the book down. My only complaint........... It took too long for Giovanni to wake up. I was close to pausing the book because I was ready for Giovanni to show up and show out.

  • Marion Brown
    2019-04-22 04:46

    This book went on and on.Lorenzo and Marietta have been evil from first introduced and Catalina, a selfish Whitney brat! I really hoped they would all die in this book but no such luck. Mirabella finally grew a pair but true to type, wimped out in the end. These women do evil things and cry like babies when caught. I don't know if I can deal with two more books of dysfunction.

  • NJS
    2019-04-01 10:58

    Preface: I love Mynx, I am a fan. I love this series. Confession: I did not like this installment. Why? I really can't put my finger on it. I think it may be because it was hyper centered on a character I do not care for. A character that finally had some growth and development but it took 7 books. So its a bit late for me to care... And when the character finally started coming around and getting interesting they regressed back to square one at the end. Made the book seem like a waste of time. Then there was a lot of focus on secondary and tertiary relationships. I know that it was plot development and was all set up for the next part of the story but it felt tedious to read at times. Like a text book, boring and even repetitive, but needed for later. This book was necessary to the propel the story but just wasn't that fun. I have had books from this series that I have literally stayed up till sunrise reading. I could not put it down. This one I could. Having said all of this, Bella Mafia is still a great read and leaps and bounds better than most of the stuff we get in interracial drama or romance.

  • LaKisha Dunn
    2019-04-11 08:39

    OMGThis book was so worth the wait. The previous book left me disappointed and scared but Ms. Mynx redeemed herself. She delivered a great book, once again. I LOVED every twist and turn. I won't spoil this by saying anything else. This book was worth the wait and I pray the next two will be released sooner rather than later. I have binged on this book. Stayed up waaay past my bed time and didn't do my hmwrk (I'm working on my 2nd Master's) just to finish this book. IT WAS JUST THAT DAMN GREAT! With that being said, this book is highly recommended and if I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Also, if you're reading this Ms. Mynx, please don't rush the final two books. Please let the conclusion to this awesome series be what your fans are waiting on and anticipating. Please don't disappoint us after you just SO DELIVERED WITH THIS BOOK. Don't worry about giving us release dates. Just please deliver to us, in the final two novels, what you gave us in this one. Thank you, for what I consider to be, one helluva a book. Thank you. 👏 Now, I can go to sleep. I will only get about 3 hours but I'm not even worried, this novel was worth it.

  • --karen Green-berry
    2019-04-20 11:07

    Well worth the wait!!!I was somewhat apprehensive after such a long interval; worried that I would forget some of the characters and the general storyline. Well, I'm happy to say that it didn't happen. The story drew me in from the very start and brought back all those memories.I loved how Mirabella stepped up and took care of business while Giovanni was down. She had me on a rollercoaster of emotions, but she's still my girl.Catalina had me totally confused. It seems as if she's in love with love and shows very little loyalty. I hope she grows up eventually and decided what's best for her.Giovanni shows that even when he's down he's still in control. He inspires loyalty from his men, whether through love or fear but they always have his back.The beauty of this book is that each character has their story and it's detailed. I hope I don't have to wait as long for the next book because I'm so invested in the Battaglias.

  • Sonya
    2019-03-28 07:38

    If I could give it 10 stars I would! My mind is blown! This is the best book yet and that is saying something because this series is amazing! I can not wait to see where it goes next and how it all ends. The Battaglia's are dark, dysfunctional and twisted. The Battaglia men are hot but none of them are good men-make no mistake about it. this book and series is a no stop mile a minute roller-coaster ride it can 100% stand alone but you are doing yourself and the series a big disservice if you do not start at book 1 and get to 8. I constantly re-read these books and and the genius is every time you read the series again-you learn new nuggets of information that solve or uncover one mystery while creating 3 more. Sienna Mynx is great to her fans and you are always free to ask her questions. She takes her time and writes a book and series right. You will not be able to put this book down and you will savor every moment. Enjoy! I loved it!

  • Linda White
    2019-04-20 09:45

    This book was so powerful that I don't know where to begin. The way this author has weaved this story from the beginning in mind boggling. To put this much into a story is a phenomenal feat!This is book 8 of the Battaglia Mafia series and, as hard as it is, I think this was my favorite one. This book involves Donna Mirabella coming into power and learning how to wield it properly. It is hard to decide who to trust as she navigates all the intricacies of being the head of a crime family. And then to top it off, she has to deal with the biggest betrayal ever. This installment in the series was a long time coming but so well worth the wait. I highly recommend the Battaglia Mafia series to anyone wanting to escape into another world. The way this series is written made me feel every emotion the characters felt and then some. Sienna is a consummate author!!!

  • Diane Hawkins
    2019-04-22 03:46

    Long Live The Don! I’m not sure where to begin. Five stars is surely not enough. There are no boundaries with the Battaglia’s. None. They go the distance at full speed. They take these risks and destroy everything and everyone in their path. You are either with them or dead. There’s no in between. They demand loyalty, but then, what is loyalty? How is it defined? Is there even such a thing when you consider the consequences? In this installment everyone’s relationship is tested and pushed further than it was ever meant to. Everyone is different. No one is who we thought they were, I believe that at this point, they are a mystery to themselves. I am in shock. I don’t know how she did this. This book was worth the wait. Truly it is a masterpiece.

  • Selina Durio
    2019-04-08 06:39

    Excellent!I chose to read this full length novel over a holiday weekend so that I could finish it quickly. I made a good choice! This book was so good that I would have stayed up all night reading and either missed work, or gone to work exhausted. The Battaglia Mafia Series has never disappointed me and Ms. Mynx has done it again. This is the story of Mirabella’s transformation from just being the Donna to being the Donna Nero. She is forced to make decisions in the light of Giovanni’s shooting that turns her in to a woman she doesn’t either recognize or like. This novel also adds so many more layers of intrigue into la famiglia and loyalty to said family. I can’t wait to read the next installment l

  • Ifrah Gagan
    2019-04-11 11:51

    Okay so i finished this book in one day, could not put it down but still there were things that irritate the hell out of me in this novel. Why did catalina go to arnold and dominic was such an idiot, first he wants catalina back then he doesnot want her then he wants her . Makeup your mind man. I mean i so much wanted them to work out but no both of them have to be such idiots AND the sex scenes of cat and Arnold were making me uggghhhh *cringes*. They were horrible . But still i will give this book five stars and dying to read the next book.Please seinna mynx donot make us wait another year.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-12 04:42

    Very well writtenWell written story and character development was excellent. As the saying goes, power corrupts and abuse is detrimental. All of the characters are victims to the lifestyle that are theirs and the damage continues from one generation to the next. Gio is the same uncompromising, controlling and manipulative man that he’s always been, Lorenzo is still scheming for what now appears to be rightfully his, Marietta is so damaged by the abuse she experienced in her past that she makes one bad decision after the next and Mira is still the naive girl she was at the beginning, choosing to excuse the man she married for being the monster he is. Great job Sienna!!

  • Lee Jones
    2019-04-18 06:45

    Deceivers and manipulators will always receive their just do. Bella has been tasked with saving her family and her husband's business where no one respect's her authority (not worthy to sit with men and discuss business). Family and enemies pile in and poise for strike but they forgot one thing, "Never mess with a woman with her back against the wall and never underestimate the healing power of love." Will Gio awake in time to save his wife and his family or will the time elapse create divisions that can not be repaired? Will Lo finally be able to rise to power? Will Marietta have the coveted role of her sister? What will become of Catalina after her betrayal of the family?

  • evette w
    2019-04-24 04:06

    Yeah It's Good!!Whenever I see an installment to this series it is with so much excitement that I'm nearly shaking,and I also cringe because I know that we are getting close to the end of this magnificent series.In true Sienna Mynx fashion you are pulled into a story that is so well written that its like a silk web.All of the mystery and secrets and heartbreak in this story is going to leave you so rungout but you are going to be so glad you took the leap.This was such a really good story and you are going to be on the edge of your seat.I look forward to the next installment and to the next rollercoaster ride.

  • Reading
    2019-04-07 06:49

    Conundrum, here I amI love Sienna Mynx writing and absolutely loved the Battaglia series, but...., EDITOR NEEDED YESTERDAY! Too much soap operaness going on, and I really really hate when a writer needlessly causes readers to lose respect for her characters. Myra was more weak than strong, Gio was asleep, then woke up at the end of the book to go full gangsta, what about loving husband Ms. Mynx? Still a romance book, right?My 4 star rating is part nostalgic, part love for Sienna's writing and part love for the flashes of great storytelling found in Bella Mafia - Carlo and Adara? Awesome!

  • Liane
    2019-04-21 04:53

    Outstanding writing! Sienna Mynx can write a book and have the scenes play out in the readers mind like a movie! Mira certainly rose up to her position as the Donna! Marietta and Lo are still crazy and acting even crazier! what surprised me was Catalina for once her character won me over I even felt bad for her towards the end due to events that happened! Secrets, Lies, twists revelations all took place in this book! well done and I'm sad to know that this excellent mafia series is coming to it's final end.

  • Karen Wright
    2019-03-31 05:51

    Dang this is good!First of all you must read all the books before this. It is not a standalone. The characters and plots are a continuation. This book is a MUST buy if you are a fan of the series. It does not disappoint. I read slowly because I wanted a clear understanding of everything happening. I will not give plot lines in this review but I will say, this book has your emotions swinging all over the place. I cried, gasped, threw things in anger.Buy this one! I can't wait for the next.