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Fleeing London, and scandal, Lady Clarissa Burton runs directly into the wife-hunting Earl of Dumfries while traveling on a rutted Scottish road. She wanted peace in Scotland, not a tall and brooding laird who makes her forget that handsome lords are nothing but trouble.Having spent years of his life fighting English wars, Ewan McDougal, Earl of Dumfries, wants nothing toFleeing London, and scandal, Lady Clarissa Burton runs directly into the wife-hunting Earl of Dumfries while traveling on a rutted Scottish road. She wanted peace in Scotland, not a tall and brooding laird who makes her forget that handsome lords are nothing but trouble.Having spent years of his life fighting English wars, Ewan McDougal, Earl of Dumfries, wants nothing to do with England, or its people, for as long as he lives. He wants a nice Scottish lass to warm his bed and raise a family. So why can't Ewan stop thinking about Lady Clarissa's pouty lips or her curves made for a man's hands? And what happened to her in London that has her running scared?...

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  • Dianne
    2019-03-11 16:03

    My Rating: 4.5 StarsMan. In. A. Kilt. Fiery woman, betrayed, dismayed and mistrustful. Put them together in a Scottish castle and watch the fur fly as the Earl of Dumfries comes seeking a nice Scottish lass to wed and discovers there is one thing to like about the English, the prickly Lady Clarissa Burton with the sharp tongue and short fuse.In a spicy tale of opposites attracting, these two enemies will find that keeping your enemy close can be an “arousing” experience!Clarissa has been burned badly in London and she has come to Scotland, to her uncle’s castle to lick her wounds. Ewan has been away at war, fighting in the English army. Now he has come home and will claim the bride he was promised years ago. How could he know that the feisty Clarissa, who is everything he could NEVER want would become the focus of his heart? How can he convince her he is not after anything but her heart, even after he discovers she has a large dowry and has been disgraced in London? Clarissa’s own wounded pride could be her downfall, even as she longs for one more night with the dashing Earl.You have to love knowing what is going to happen, especially when getting to that ending is filled with spice, sparks, misunderstandings and interfering family. MY ENEMY, MY EARL by Tammy Andresen is one of those historical romances filled with the passions of its characters that are equal parts entertaining, sweet and sometimes so frustrating! Delightful characters, a dashing hero and a strong-willed heroine make this historical romance a sigh worthy and fun read! (And yes, the Earl DOES tell what is under his kilt.)I received a complimentary ARC edition from Tammy Andresen.Series: A Laird to Love - Book 1Publication Date: January 2, 2018Publisher: Tammy AndresenGenre: Historical RomancePrint Length: 154 pagesAvailable from: AmazonFor Reviews & More:

  • Siobhan
    2019-03-20 14:19

    Last year I worked my way through Tammy Andresen’s Taming the Heart series. I enjoyed each of the stories, finding myself wanting more after each one. When the chance came about to start Tammy Andresen’s new series, A Laird To Love, I found myself more than willing to dive in.Christmastime With My Captain provided an extremely short story that introduced me to the A Laird To Love series, and desperately left me wanting more. It was short, but it provided all I love about a Tammy Andresen novel. Whilst I really enjoyed Christmastime With My Captain, it is merely a blip on the radar considering how much I enjoyed My Enemy, My Earl.My Enemy, My Earl is the first book in the A Laird To Love series, and it will quickly leave you wanting more. It is a quick read, one that can be completed in a single sitting, but as always Tammy Andresen provides more than enough to keep you gripped throughout. It is a short story, but plenty occurs within the pages to ensure you are addicted from the start until the end.There is plenty of drama. There is plenty of romance. There is plenty of emotion. The story is moving from the very first page, with each new page adding something more. It is a wonderful start to the series – not only does it provide a brilliant love story between the two characters, it also introduces us to the other characters whose stories we will get to read in the rest of the series. In fact, many of the events and details throughout this story have left me super excited to see how the stories will play out for the other characters.The one thing that I wasn’t completely blown away by, though, is something most people will be able to overlook. Living in Scotland, I often find it difficult to compute the accent I hear daily with the way most write it down in books. I’ve only ever found a single author where I found things matched up completely, and that is Stuart MacBride. He writes crime fiction set in my part of Scotland in the modern day – basically, he writes where he lives and in his time. It could be nothing more than the stereotypes of historical fiction set in Scotland, but I find I never actually read the words with the Scottish burr. As I said, however, this is something personal.Overall, I had a lot of fun with My Enemy, My Earl. It was a wonderful introduction to the series and I cannot wait to grab book two when it comes out – there is no doubt of this being another Tammy Andresen series I’ll be following.

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-02-28 17:05

    True Rating 3.5 stars!My Enemy, My Earl is book one in the A Laird to Love series and it is a fun and fast-paced story filled with romance. Ewan McDougal, Earl of Dumfries, has been away fighting in a war for a country that he has no love for. The last thing he wants after returning home to his native Scotland is to deal with one more English person but when he happens across a carriage carrying English passengers he provides assistance to them anyhow. What he never expected was that he would have a surprising attraction to one of the passengers.Lady Clarissa Burton has just left London on the heels of a scandal. Not a scandal of her making but a scandal that has marked her anyhow and it has also left her bitter towards men. Still reeling from the embarrassment, she is rather clipped towards the man who has stopped to help repair the carriage that has broken down on her way to her uncle’s estate. She could see that he clearly liked what he saw in her appearance and that he must be a rake because only a rake would look at a woman the way he did, even if he was very attractive he had to be trouble.After parting ways neither Ewan nor Clarissa ever expected to see each other again, so imagine their surprise when Ewan shows up at Clarissa’s uncle’s castle. Clarissa discovered that not only was Ewan an Earl but that he was there to court her cousin. This firmed everything in her mind and she knew that 1) he was most definitely a rake and that 2) she needed to warn her cousin about men like him. After all, Clarissa had most recently had such a dealing and she knew how horrible things could be with such a man. Ewan on the other hand was not thrilled to see the English lass he had helped on the roadside. She was of course English and there was also something about her that he found attractive and that was unacceptable because she was English.Both Ewan and Clarissa had their minds made up about the other due prejudices but were perplexed because despite all the reasons they had to avoid any sort of entanglements with each other they just couldn’t seem to stop their growing attraction. They both tried to deny their feelings and how wanton they were in each other’s company but they just couldn’t. It became quite clear to both these characters that maybe there was more to be had between them and that they should set aside their prejudices and see what could flourish. Alas, just as they were starting to recognize what they could have with each other life got in their way and they would have to overcome more than just their prejudices if they wanted to be together.I did find My Enemy, My Earl to be a fast read that was a great series starter. I loved the inclusion of all the family characters and LOVED that uncle Haggis from the series novella, Christmastide with my Captain, was in this story. I loved his character because he cracks me up and he is like a tough marshmallow. I did enjoy the romance element between Ewan and Clarissa but I also felt that Clarissa’s behaviors did not sync up to her attitude regarding Ewan. If she was truly as torn up about her recent humiliation she definitely would not have allowed things to go in the direction they did at the speed they did. That just did not work with me but that aside I did like the romance of it all. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series and had a fun time reading My Enemy, My Earl!This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Aurora Publicity. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.Find this review and more at The Genre Minx Book Reviews

  • Lori
    2019-03-02 18:28

    Tammy Andresen. Need I say more? Scotland, Braw Laird, Bonnie Lass, yes it has it all!! I read it through in one sitting which I knew would happen when I picked it up to read. Emotional characters, wonderful settings and a heart hurt from humiliation. Lady Clarissa Burton flees to her Scottish Uncle's to remove herself from the ton and find some peace. As fate would have it (and yes, we love that it does!), Ewan McDougal comes to her aid as her coach breaks down. Not being impressed with him, Clarissa makes it to her Uncles, glad to see her cousins. But who shows up but McDougal who has come to see if he and her cousin Fiona will suit and possibly wed. As so often happens sparks fly between Ewing and Clarissa as each tries to fight their attraction. But there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye and I was enchanted and charmed until the last page. The big question Clarissa has for Ewing is what is under that kilt he wears? Seriously this is a story not to be missed. Cannot wait until the next book in this series and hope it is .... Well you will see!!

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-17 17:25

    Lord Ewan McDougal, Earl,of Dumfries is on his way to his home in Scotland, after fighting for the English. All he wants to do is to marry a Scots lass with enough money to build up his neglected estate. However, he comes across a stranded coach with a beautiful lady standing outside. He aids them but after discovering the lady, Clarissa, is English, wants nothing to do with her. The next day he meets up with the lady, Fiona, he may marry, only to discover she is related to Clarissa and they are all staying at the castle. There follows an interesting story of misunderstandings, Fiona’s wilful tricks and the growing attraction between Clarissa and Ewan. This is a good paced storyline and I’m looking forward to reading the stories for the rest of the family. I was given a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it.

  • Lux Lewis
    2019-02-27 11:04

    Lady Clarissa Burton flees England for Scotland after a heartbreaking humiliation she suffered caused by the very man she was betrothed to, the dissolute Marquess of Davenport. Ewan Mcdougall, Earl of Dumfries intends to offer for Fiona, a Scottish lass and Clarissa's cousin. However, after meeting Clarissa, Ewan is having second thoughts on Fiona.Ewan comes home emotionally scarred, having spent few years of his life fighting English wars. Having seen deaths and destruction brought by this wars, he harbours hates for England and its people. Clarissa, an English lady, complicates matters for Ewan.This is a tale of two individuals who's accidental meeting was fortuitous. They are balm for each other's unsettled souls. They bewitch but resist each other's charms. Their most intimate moments are not their sexual congress but when they're vulnerable and the beautiful way they comfort each other.This is a lovely read and a good start to the series.I voluntarily read a courtesy copy from the author. This is my impartial review.

  • Clarice
    2019-03-17 17:58

    Oh I love this story! Clarissa is a publicly spurned woman arriving in Scotland to spend time with her family and to escape her public ruin due to her ex-fiance's horrible behavior. And wow, what a story behind that one. Even in modern times that would have been quite the scandal. On the way to her Uncle's house, she meets a handsome Scot who hates the English and with her English accent, he makes it quite known that he's no fan of anything English. What he doesn't know is she is half Scot herself. Ewan has his own very good reasons for having such a dislike of the English. And he has his own pain to deal with, much like Clarissa does. They understand each other well once they get past attempting to hate each other and realizing the other is not the enemy after all. Which brings me to the title. So very appropriate. Loved the book and I love the cover!

  • Deb Diem
    2019-03-13 15:09

    My Enemy, My Earl is an amazing historical romance by Tammy Andresen. Ms. Andresen has given us another well-written book and filled it with awesome, lovable characters. Ewan is returning home to Scotland, years after being drafted to fight in a war he was forced into by England. Clarissa is running to her uncle in Scotland and from her embarrassment of her broken engagement in London. Their story is a rollercoaster ride of love, hate, misunderstandings and pranks, creating plenty of drama, humor and sizzle. I loved every page of this book and look forward to my next book by the talented Tammy Andresen. My Enemy, My Earl is book 1 of the A Laird To Love Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Lisa Reigel
    2019-02-27 14:21

    An engaging tale of opposites attractA hero who sets out despises her simply because she’s English. A heroine who despises him because she thinks he’s a rake. Yet they can’t fight the attraction. He needs to marry to get his land back together. He was there to court her cousin. “…he set out to marry a woman of means. But he found something more valuable. A woman who eased the ache and made him feel alive again.”They both wanted to run and hide from the world and their pain. They helped each other heal and their bond grew stronger each day. Well developed characters and storyline. I haven’t read Scottish historical before and I simply adored this one. I liked the development of their relationship. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

  • Linda Adams
    2019-03-23 16:03

    AmazingI just love Tammy Andresen's books they're just wonderful her story lines are always well thought out they're well written characters are all well defined and I just love this story I'm sitting here at 3:48 in the morning in the bathtub it's my favorite place to read and I just had to get to the end of it that's how I am with her books that's how all of her books are you just have to keep reading until you get to the end then when you get to the end you're sorry it's over you want more so consequently you by the next book because you can't wait to read it I really do love her books she's a fantastic writer she just grips you from the beginning and she grabs your heart and soul into her book I love it I give it 10 Stars if I could

  • Liz Pollinger
    2019-03-16 11:00

    I was given this ebook in exchange for an honest review.Clarissa must leave London society after being humiliated at her engagement party by her fiancé. She travels to Scotland to spend time with her cousins.Evan is traveling home to Scotland and his arranged marriage to Fiona,after fighting for the English (whom he despises).Lo and behold, Clarissa and Fiona are cousins. Their is an instant dislike between Clarissa and Ewan, but definitely a sexual attraction. She no longer will trust any man after being betrayed. He is a stubborn headed Scotsman.This book had a bit of a slow start, but picked up along the way. It was fun to read how these two comes to terms with their feelings.

  • Joan Osborne
    2019-03-23 12:06

    Wonderful Scottish romanceThis was a wonderful Scottish romance and Ewan was an awesome hero. Clarissa and Ewan both had issues to overcome that made the story interesting and made their characters feel real. It was just so beautiful to see how much they began to care about each other and how they tried to understand each other's problems. I found that I enjoyed watching Clarissa get her backbone and to stand up to her father and former betrothed for what she wanted and to finally stop running from her problems. Truly a most enjoyable romance.

  • Maria Dariotis
    2019-02-24 11:25

    Wonderful Wonderful story!! Lady Clarissa has been humiliated by her fiancé publicly at her engagement ball. Even though this is not a love match - after all she has to do her duty and make a match pleasing her father - the embarrassment was enough to have her fleeing to her uncles home in Scotland. She vows to never leave her heart vulnerable to that kind of pain. Especially when her heart flutters at the sight of the good looking Scott offering his assistance with their broken carriage wheel.Ewan McDougal is the Earl of Dumfries he’s tired of everything English, fighting for the English took many good men that never made it home. All he wants now is to see if the Scottish lass Fiona will be the one he’ll marry and live a peaceful life rebuilding his land. She’ll be nothing like the woman he tried to help but can’t stop thinking about especially since she’s ENGLISH!Sparks fly when the object of his desire is at the home of Fiona the lass he is to court, things get complicated when he realizes that Clarissa and Fiona are cousins and all he wants is to kiss the lovely Clarissa and make her his.He definitely is in a pickle especially when the man she’s running from decides to make an appearance. Clarissa has won his heart even though she’s English he will not let her slip away. After all sleeping with your enemy has its advantages.A new series from the ever talented Tammy Andresen. An entertaining story of wounded hearts and how love heals them. Clarissa is betrayed by the man who would have been her husband only to find that not every man is cast in the same dishonourable light. Ewan McDougal taught her that to love the right man is not a betrayal to her heart but a healing.Well written with a hunky kilt wearing highlander a feisty English/Scottish lass is a passionate entertaining read. Can’t wait to read the next one.I received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest unbiased opinion.

  • Monika P.
    2019-03-08 17:01

    I love reading historical romance books and 'My Enemy, My Earl' is excellent. The characters are well developed and I'm looking forward to reading stories about the secondary characters as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal battles between the hero and the heroine. The story develops at an even pace and when you think it's coming to an end there is an unexpected twist. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of historical romance.

  • Soccergypsy
    2019-03-06 17:06

    What a fabulous story. Once again the author does not disappoint. An easy and entertaining read that I enjoyed immensely. Overcoming the first impression misconceptions was a humorous journey which I was glad to witness. The characters ability to adapt and surpass each and every obstacle placed in their path was a lesson in patience and the platitude that love truly does conquer all.

  • Christina
    2019-03-20 17:02

    A wonderful start to this series. I loved Ewan McDougal and his internal struggle with what his mind told him was wrong but his heart wanted. Lady Clarissa Burton was a wonderful heroine for Ewan and he brought out the best in her in the end. Which was exactly what she needed. Can't wait for the rest of the series. I was given an advanced copy, my opinion is my own.

  • Patricia Wissore
    2019-03-13 14:25

    I'm really liking this series. Clarissa and Ewan didn't exactly hit it off the first time they met. Loved watching them get to know each other instead of making assumptions and falling in love! Next we get Fiona's story. It's also nice that it's a quick read.

  • Barbi Davis
    2019-02-28 17:13

    Great !!!!Everything Tammy writes is amazing. And My Enemy, My Earl is amazing. Thank you Tammy for introducing PTSD, because it has been hurting men from the first wars. I highly recommend this book 💖💖💖

  • Ann Gonzalez
    2019-03-08 16:02

    Good startThis book is a great start to a series. Characters were well written and likable. The story moves at a quick pace. I look forward to reading the series.

  • Catherine
    2019-03-07 18:20

    GreatI enjoyed this first story of this series, I loved laughing as I am reading. Looking forward to more from Tammy keep up the good work!

  • April
    2019-02-25 15:17

    A wonderful story from beginning to the end! Well written, entertaining, fast paced, with well developed characters. The plot flows seamlessly and effortlessly. Another must read!

  • luayne
    2019-02-25 14:23

    Ok read.

  • Teresa Whitehead
    2019-02-27 18:20

    I loved reading Clarissa and Ewen's story. Definitely looking forward to reading more in this new series. Just goes to show that sometimes the first impression you get is not always a lasting impression. When Clarissa meets Ewen for the first time, it was when Clarissa's carriage is broke and needs to be fixed. When Ewen stayed on his high horse, Clarissa found she did not like Ewen. When he surprisingly shows up where she was traveling, Clarissa gets a different picture of this Laird. Great story! I just love Ms. Andresen's book!