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Title : The God of Second Chances: The Remaking of Moses
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780896930001
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 153 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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The God of Second Chances: The Remaking of Moses Reviews

  • Brian Eshleman
    2018-11-23 09:40

    I expected this to be an exposition of the Bible's verses on Moses, and good as far as that goes. What I didn't expect was the amount of historical texture that Baker put into such a small book. One really begins to understand the belief system that Moses likely had as a prominent Egyptian and the ways in which God attacks that belief system with loving perseverance. This is helpful because so much of the Egyptian belief system is still around today barely changed.The other pronounced characteristic of this little book is the author's candor about his own walk with the Lord. He is absolutely honest about the reasons why he felt he could no longer be used in the Lord's service, and this explains his devotion to the character of Moses.

  • Trudy Pomerantz
    2018-12-02 14:46

    While I did not agree with everything posited by this writer as to Moses life (he certainly went beyond Scripture), I still did find what he wrote challenging. He fleshed out Moses somewhat partly just by taking a step back and imagining Moses as a real person - what it must have been like to have to flee from Egypt into the desert and going from being a somebody in an advanced civilization to being a nobody taking care of sheep.

  • Gail
    2018-11-18 15:58

    For the fourth time in five years, I am committed to reading the entire Bible in one year. This book based on the life of Moses was perfect timing as I was reading Exodus at the same time. The book gave me new insight.