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Boxed set collecting Poetry For The Beat Generation (1959), Blues and Haikus (1959), and Readings By Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation (1960), remastered with bonus tracks....

Title : The Jack Kerouac Collection
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ISBN : 9780930589028
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The Jack Kerouac Collection Reviews

  • Tommy
    2019-02-23 18:57

    If you like poetry, this is a must. Kerouac reads better than any other poet. The poems/prose selected for these readings are great as page poems as well. But Jack's voice takes them to a higher level. Don't be a square--listen to Jack speak!

  • Ryan
    2019-02-16 18:56

    how great he was at reading his own work aloud..

  • Ryan
    2019-02-16 16:43

    it all falls into place when you hear it coming from him.

  • Tommy
    2019-02-24 16:48

    A must have for all Kerouac fans!!! His voice is golden. Once hearing his voice, it is impossible to seperate the words from the voice.

  • J.C.
    2019-03-05 17:48

    This is Jack's work at its purest form. It's great hearing him, recorded with jazz musicians, the music form that he found so inspiring and creative. I feel like if his career had gone in a different direction there would have been more of these, each one more experimental in form and thought. But alas, not to be, but what we do have is still fantastic. Each album has at least one piece that stands out for me. on "Poetry For The Beat Generation" there's "October In The Railroad Earth" and "Charlie Parker", with the next album "Blues & Haikus" there's "Hard Hearted Old Farmer", and lastly, on the third album there's "San Francisco Scene (Beat Generation)", and an early history of bop. Jack is a fantastic reader, though i don't know about other people's material but with his own, he really performs the wily material the way it should be read. What he aimed for was the wanderlust of not only the road but life itself, the little details, the moments. The beatific, as it were. The beautiful. It must be read that same way. His writing is a personality of someone sitting beside you at a bar, cold drinks in hand while he tells a long tale with his hands and face expressing every word and phrase. There's life to the words, volume. Language is key here. If you've read any of his work and wonder how the words actually SOUND, this is a perfect place to go. It's a shame (yet another one) that we don't have a video of him reading, but maybe if you close your eyes and listen hard enough, you can see him waving and pointing and expressing his art with momentum and vibrancy, all sincerely and certain that we will listen.

  • JJ Lehmann
    2019-03-15 18:54

    These are CDs, so you don't actually read them, but they are amazing.

  • Jimi
    2019-03-09 13:47

    Well, I didn't actually read it of course, but it made for a lot of great listening.