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Jay was a maharaja's heir and billionaire businessman, and he'd hired Keira as his interior designer. But why did she turn from hot to cold and then back again? Was she a manipulating gold digger who was using the red-hot chemistry between them to try to increase her financial reward?Then Jay discovered that Keira was a virgin! And, according to his code, the cost of takinJay was a maharaja's heir and billionaire businessman, and he'd hired Keira as his interior designer. But why did she turn from hot to cold and then back again? Was she a manipulating gold digger who was using the red-hot chemistry between them to try to increase her financial reward?Then Jay discovered that Keira was a virgin! And, according to his code, the cost of taking virginity was marriage. Was he prepared to pay the price?...

Title : Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking
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ISBN : 9780373127559
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking Reviews

  • Holly
    2019-02-23 06:41

    This was so awful. I read this before I went to bed and now of course I can't sleep because I'm still pissed off. Jay is a rude, loathsome, foul little beast. Death is too good for this illogical and judgmental fiend from hell. Who in their right mind could ever love this guy, much less want to be around him?! Instead of the rather nauseating descriptions of their lovemaking, I think I would have preferred scenes of CBT. Yes, for those of you who know, you just read that correctly. And I don't mean the fun and games type. I mean, "scream for me, you mother*bleep*!!" No, I am not overexaggerating. He's a d*ck to the bitter end. And about that heroine, Keira. Or as I like to call her, the brainless wonder. "Look Ma! It doesn't have a brain yet it's still moving!" At first I felt soooo bad for her. Jay came out of left field and just kept pounding on her emotionally again and again. I wanted to gather her up in my arms and protect her. Then I realized what an idiot she was and then I started fantasizing about murder and mayhem. Ugh. After that stupid morning after scene, she's still thinking of that cretin? Where's a fricken rubber hose when you need one....Why oh why did I read this??????I'm really tired and will probably regret this review in the morning but for right now I'm sticking by this baby. Cheers.

  • willaful
    2019-03-16 06:39

    Harlequin Presents made a big deal out of this book featuring their first hero from India. Apparently that was as much innovation as they could stand, because not only is he indistinguishable from Western heroes other than frequently mentioning the "Kama Sutra" -- see? See how Indian he is? He mentioned the Kama Sutra! -- but he is in the classic highly old-fashioned Presents mode, thinking the heroine is a whore every time another man blinks at her. Add in a highly unsatisfying ending, in which the hero reforms completely off-stage, becoming the perfect loving man without us seeing any of the process it at all, and the book is a complete disaster.

  • Dianna
    2019-02-27 07:40

    Short version:Keira is in India for a wedding and to take up an interior design job when she encounters Jay, who is immediately and firmly convinced that she is a hooker. Surprisingly, this is not a deal-breaker to their romance.Long version:At twenty-eight, Keira has her own successful interior design business, and she’s in the fictional city of Ralapur in India to attend the wedding of two university friends, and to start work on a property development in the area. At her friend’s wedding she bumps into Jay, and feels an immediate and powerful attraction towards him.Jay feels the same way. Jay has problems with women because his dad the Maharaja took a mistress and it made Jay’s mum sad and then she died. Jay left in protest when he was eighteen. To avoid being taken in by a terrible woman, he hooks up with mostly married ladies and when he’s done with them, he gives them a pat on the head and buys them a nice diamond. He notes that they all seem happy with this approach.Keira’s mum, who died when she was twelve, was a prostitute and a drug addict. Keira has physically moved far away from her past, and worked hard to shed her northerner English accent and sound posh, and to build up her business. She successfully networked her way into a lot of rich clients through her university friends and has done really well, except for her last job where her client sexually harassed her and then publically complained about how rubbish she was at her job. She’s lived with this underlying fear that she will some day turn out to be exactly like her mother. She’s still a virgin.Jay’s really not very pleasant about Keira. When he sees a man give her money his immediate and unshakeable belief is that it’s in exchange for sex. If Keira smiles at any man between the ages of sixteen and fifty, she’s shamelessly attempting to sleep with him. When he discovers during sex that she’s a virgin (which, admittedly, isn’t a great way to find that out), he spends his post-coital time seething about how strategic Keira has been, and how he’s not going to propose to her, and she’s wasted her hymen on him, and he’s going to make sure she knows it.The only thing that made him acceptable was that I thought he was hilarious. When he first sees Keira, he’s thinking about her naked within five seconds. And not just naked, he’s thinking specifically about her vagina. He has somewhat baffling vagina visions. Keira’s vagina, according to Jay, will flutter in the breeze, and from the way he describes it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought it had some sort of mechanisms controlling a lot of shifting and rotating inner parts. He knows all about vaginas because he’s super into the ‘Kama Sutra.’Until they actually get to it, he thinks every second word out of Keira’s mouth is innuendo, which is also funny. I swear, she’ll be talking about curtains and he’ll make this oblique reference to how he wants to get her naked and that’ll fly completely over her head and she’ll keep talking about curtains and he’ll be all ‘well played, our sexy chess gambit strategy thing continues’ in his head.I am not even going to pretend that I have any idea of what’s actually in the ‘Kama Sutra.’ My understanding is that it’s about sex positions, but maybe also spirituality. Also, there are illustrations of people sitting on cushions and pointing at their genitals. I’m sure it’s made a lot of people very happy – either through applied knowledge with satisfactory results, or giggling at naughty bits. Jay is right into it, and introduces Keira to it as well, and then they go off book and make up their own stuff. Penny Jordan leaves all positional learnings and inventions to the reader’s imagination, but I read an article recently about positions most likely to cause serious injury, so my imagination went there instead.Since I never really liked Jay, I mostly felt sorry for Keira. She seemed like a great person who would have benefited from some counselling, and a romance with a gentle man she could learn to trust, and who didn’t remind her of how emotionally damaged she’d felt growing up. Jay’s attitude toward Keira kept reinforcing Keira’s hang-ups, which meant she didn’t trust that she could be completely open with him, which meant he didn’t open up to her about his underlying issues. Unfortunately, while I get that Jay was hot, and building a mini-town is really impressive, and he’s royal, it’s impossible not to spend the whole book thinking that Keira has made a terrible mistake.

  • willaful
    2019-03-15 07:48

    If you must read this -- and I don't recommend it -- get a print copy. The ebook formatting has so many unnecessary hyphens, it’s like reading a romance novel written by Tik-Tok of Oz.Classic Jordan -- scared virgin meets hero with instant, extremely inaccurate Whore-dar. Unfortunately, this was written in 2008 not 1978, and was supposed to be somewhat innovative, since it features an Indian hero. (A Maharajah’s son, of course -- this is still a modern Harlequin Presents!)This was an accidental reread and I'm not going to bother to finish it.

  • Romina
    2019-03-11 12:31

    Worst hero and heroine ever. Coming off romance for a while cause this book truly disgusted me.

  • Dimple Gohil
    2019-03-01 05:43

    I would not recommend it there's nothing Indian about this book nor does it anywhere describe India except in the name of the characters like jay arjun etc. Im not usually this blunt. But i wish to save a few hours of your life that u wont get back, i only wish i had read the reviews before i reac this book. My only excuse is that the author has delighted me and most of her stories and I did not expect this of her. This book is horrible. If you start to read it, and I recommend that you do not read it, you will not be able to stop your self from finishing it in one go . This book is so bad it's like driving by an accident it's so horrible but you can't stop looking at it. The story is a copy / paste of any 1960s mills and bones. The guy and I would not call him a hero, is one dimensional mention jerk, no matter how Jaded he is because of his childhood, I refuse to believe that Roamans hero should see you woman in only one way ie as a sex object/ whore. It is one thing to not believe in love, but to be so disrespectful of women in general, and this woman who is his employee in particular is disgusting. Indian man, educTed and well traveled on not like that ! The woman and I refuse to call her a heroin is equally dull, stupid and hung up and one dimensional to a fault. There is no love story in this book but a punishment. All 11 chapters of food with such utter rubbish, nonessential rot. there is no story no sense no anguish! One would not identify with the characters, incidences, the story which has no humor just hate and self-loathing and oppressionReview rightly says this is a book on how to recognize abuse. Dont read it It has no redeeming qualities Not one

  • Sinece Vialva
    2019-03-01 06:35

    What.The.F**k.Did i just read? SPOILERSSSSSS! sorry for the obscenity but it's late and NEVER has a book pissed me off this much that I HAD to finish it and then Rant in a review. after 2 in the morning and I just finished reading this monstrosity. Who the hell published this and whyyy? The hero was a complete asshole, i kept waiting for him to stop but the ENTIRE time he was a complete d**k! and then suddenly she's in love? like wtf are you even in love with? This guy has done nothing but call you a whore, before you even opened your mouth, he told himself you are a whore! because another guy speaks to you, he thinks you're a whore! he CALLS you a whore the entire time! are you a masochist? WHAT FOR F**k's sake are you in love with? oooh girlfriend, you got some issues. He seemed like the kind of guy who will end up being abusive because another man looks at his wife. His miraculous character change made no sense... it happened so ooo i got in an accident, that means I was wrong and she is not a whore. WHAT???? I think even the fictional God in this books was so sick of his BS that he tried to run him off the road. like omg. and don't even get me started on the heroine.... are you serious about life? The guy calls u a whore one minute then in the same moment kisses you... and you melt? WTF!!! This is supposed to be sappy romance, at this point I rather watch porn! I could not even read the sex scenes because i was too busy cursing the these two shitheads. Never have I wanted to burn a book before, if it was a hard copy I might have. FAIL!!!!

  • Melinda
    2019-02-22 05:32

    This was so bad! He's an abuser and asswipe and she is a victim. I kept waiting for Keira to self injure herself because of the amount of emotional and mental abuse she experienced as a child and the lasting trauma of it into her adulthood. There are certain tropes of romance that I thought had ended. The guy who thinks that you are less than dirty cannot be someone you fall in love with. How do you fall in love with someone who treats you like crap from your first meeting? He thinks she's a prostitute because women can't have jobs that make them money! Even when she sets him straight he still thinks that she's uses her body to get ahead with men. This is call misogyny. If the man that get's you all hot and bothered hates you then you should see a therapist if you pursue him. Also if you are so hot and bothered, go take care of your needs solo. You do not need a man to get off. You have to like people to get involved with them and none of us are slaves to our bodies. I would like to just through this tired tropes out the window. I truly believe that anyone still writing with these tropes should not be allowed to published because they aren't even realistic fantasy material. Even if your kinky ran into humiliation scenes, this book would still not work for you. It's not consensual in anyway. Also how do you get with someone who literally tried to pay you for having sex with them just because you decided to leave when your work was done? There's no forgiveness for how he treated her. I hate that in the end she thought that she wasn't worthy of him because of her background. WTF? Seriously? If I had read the reviews I wouldn't have read this novel.

  • C Joy
    2019-02-21 12:42

    A disappointment.This is one of those annoying Harlequin stories that are a waste of time. The further I read it my heart clenched and hoped that things would get better. I didn't like the characters, they only think with their bodies and everything was based on lust. I hated Jay he's such an overbearing and demeaning hero it's a wonder why the heroine is attracted to him at all aside from his physical qualities.The author wasn't able to justify the attraction other than the devotion to ambitions and lust, everything's about how they're aware of each other - sexually, how the sexual tension ratchets up with a single touch, and how they can't control themselves around each other. I totally hated it and there wasn't even any romance! Jay insulted her 98% of the time and she's just a dirt rag. I do admire the times she talks back but it's not enough, if I were here I'd bitch slap him and shove some smelly socks in his mouth.The reason I gave it a star is because of the sex, this author writes hot ones so that's the only credit I could give. As usual, in the end they must end up together and so with little effort in the hero's part, no matter how rude and an ass he was, he's always forgiven and they always get married. Sucked!

  • Gayatri Tulshyan
    2019-03-11 11:27

    If I could give it negative starts then I would have liked that! Well, to be honest I didnt read further than the paragarph where the author mentions that the hero liked to have married women as his lovers because they came with low maintenance. I read this books because they provide you with a hero, a man but not a Jerk, what kind of moral is that he prefers married women? totally sick!!! even more, I am totally disappointed. being an Indian, I really hated that point. This kind of jerk have never featured in penny books, and I was rather hoping some altogether different story where, the hero relates to my world, rather than her!Maybe I am overreacting a bit, but after reading almost every of her books and finding this unacceptable behaviour of hero in her book where the hero is Indian, is totally unacceptable for me! because, I have hardly seen extra marital affairs in my country less, a man interested in one!Sorry, miss Penny, this will be the last book of yours that I read!!!!!!!!!

  • Caro
    2019-03-21 04:21

    Él es un poco histérico y ella una pobre chica zarandeada por los sentimientos de este jeque implacable. Engancha bastante y la tensión sexual es buena. Ya hacia el final me daban ganas de darle una patada al prota, pero bueno, lo superé xD.

  • Ms_prue
    2019-03-12 06:31

    He is an abusive, domineering slimebag and she's a messed up, self-flagellating doormat. This book could be useful as a spotter's guide for disrespectful and harassing behaviour, but it doesn't work for me as a romance. Not even a little bit.

  • Kelley
    2019-03-18 09:32

    Horribly written story. This book was almost torture to read. Would not recommend.

  • Ritsky
    2019-03-15 12:27

    This book is "so bad it's amusing", thus the two star. I know that sexist hero is nothing new in HP series. But seriously, this is the first book I read where every time the hero talks to the heroine he would always blurt a sexist comment. EVERY. FRICKIN. TIME. At first I was like "what the heck's wrong with this man????" but after several pages it becomes amusing. VERY AMUSING. Add to it the fact the world (every side character, every dialog) seem to conspire to put the wrong message into the hero's already sexist mind. I was like "oooh another mis-dialog. Bring it on, Jay! Comment on it!" seriously you can make a drinking game out of it. On the "good" side, despite his comments, the hero doesn't mistreat the heroine physically. At least not like that Jerk from The Devil's Bride (harlequin).The heroine doesn't help either. As usual, she could only deny, deny, and deny but without any smart reply. Too bad, because I actually liked her at the start because she seems educated and independent. Her back story is actually interesting too (although melodramatic). Overall, I would recommend this book for those who want a good laugh. This book did it to me. Sarcastic laugh, of course.

  • Renee-Emilie Roberge
    2019-03-16 04:40

    Ugh! This book is offensive for every woman and for the entire population of India. He calls her a whore and a prostitute during the ENTIRE BOOK! But at the end he said that he's in love with her and she agree to marry him!? That's why feminism exist! Because every women need to be proud of herself and have a decent self-esteem. It's not ok to be treated like a doormat by your boyfriend just because you talk to another man for your work! My God! This book was publish in 2008 and I can't believe this was the kind of woman the readers want to see.

  • KC 2.0
    2019-02-23 04:40

    I didn't think Jay was that horrible a hero, I've read of worse. He definitely needed to apologize for his horribly wrong assumption about Keira, whom I liked. There were good doses of passion, chemistry, and angst to keep my attention. I thought the ending was good.Note: Jay's proposal didn't play a crucial part in moving the plot forward as the synopsis indicated.

  • Jenny
    2019-02-22 11:47

    I adore Penny Jordan but this book's characters were too one-dimensional.

  • Elle Markov
    2019-03-04 12:32

    Jay is an ass and Keira is so messed up. she has absolutely no self respect, the characters in this book were poorly developed, the only goo thing was the sexual tension it kept you hook.

  • Shani Walihinda
    2019-03-07 06:30

    One starI feel bad to say that I did not enjoy the book. I expected to have quite a good time reading the book and was utterly disappointed. I was not curious for the next para. Lack of humor was something I found to be a drawback.The message given is a very vital one and appreciate the author's effort in trying to highlight the underlying message.The hero's perception about women is really irritating. The story is nice and gives a vital message to the society but I feel that the story is not properly built up.You can understand the story of you read the first few chapters and the last chapter. The inability to maintain the reader's curiosity is the main reason for my one star rating.

  • Sara
    2019-02-26 08:41

    The hero of this book was *so* frustrating! Even when it was obvious that his assumptions about the heroine were wrong, he insisted on continuing to believe it until he couldn't anymore. It made the book really hard to take. I wouldn't recommend this one.

  • Ariana
    2019-02-24 05:34

    So, I liked this story. I won't give it five or four stars because of Jay. Even though he changed at the end, at the beginning he was the biggest jerk of all times. I can't understand how poor Keira could work with him with that horrible opinion he had about her. But the end was beautiful, I really liked the way they start trusting in each other. It took a lot of time... but it eventually end well.

  • Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta
    2019-02-24 12:36

    Oh Jay I know you did almost everything you could to make her hate you, but instead she fell in love with you... Seriously... I laughed a lot (for the wrong reasons but I did laugh) so it deserved an extra star

  • Melanie Janvier
    2019-02-19 08:24

    I didn't like jay's ephiphany. It felt rushed. Maybe if he found out her true nature on its own it would make it- practical. But i understand where his judgement comes from the whole " every apple is bad " presumption.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-09 07:46

    I must confess that I found it really refreshing to finally read an MB set in India with an Indian male protagonist - that made it instantly likeable. Of course, it helped that I liked the plot and the characters too!

  • Rexanne
    2019-03-09 05:37

    A classic Harlequin tale, haha.-Alpha male hero, feisty heroine-Virgin, seduction and all cliched stuff from this line (although I must say it didn't bore me haha)-Steamy with just the right hint of romance -Like most books from this line, I found the ending too hurried and fast-paced :(

  • Tia
    2019-03-14 09:48

    Decent novel, although I wasn't impressed with it, as much as Penny's other novels. I will definitely miss seeing more of Penny's novels come out. Her death was a huge loss for everyone.

  • Megan
    2019-03-19 12:42

    I read this a long long time ago!Penny Jordan was a fantastic fantastic writer. I always loved her books.