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Neal has been carrying a gun in his car lately - just to be safe. And it looks like it's a good thing he has. When he spots a woman tied naked to a tree and a man ready to kill her, he has no choice but to shoot the attacker. As a reward, the woman gives Neal something unimaginable. Neal's reward is a bracelet. A very special bracelet. It enables its wearer to step insideNeal has been carrying a gun in his car lately - just to be safe. And it looks like it's a good thing he has. When he spots a woman tied naked to a tree and a man ready to kill her, he has no choice but to shoot the attacker. As a reward, the woman gives Neal something unimaginable. Neal's reward is a bracelet. A very special bracelet. It enables its wearer to step inside other people, to see through their eyes, to feel whatever they feel. To take "body rides". But Neal has a big problem. The man he shot isn't dead. And he wants revenge. First he's going to finish what he started with the woman. Then he's going after Neal......

Title : Body Rides
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ISBN : 9780843951820
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 534 Pages
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Body Rides Reviews

  • Evans Light
    2019-02-06 02:27

    Poor Richard Laymon, he was born into the wrong world. The Eskimos live in a world of snow and have a hundred words for it, but Richard Laymon lived in a world of nipples and had only the one word. One single, lousy word. Nipple.Sure, there were 'hard nipples' and 'long nipples', even more exotic 'glistening' or 'jutting' nipples - but in the end, it was all just nipples, nipples, nipples. So many adjectives, just one lonely noun.No, if life was fair Richard Laymon would have been born into a time and place where the language had hundreds of special words to describe each and every type of nipple that could possibly exist...such as the 'precipipple colostorium nexus', which means a nipple that is three-quarters erect (from finger pinching), resembles a slightly used pencil eraser, and has a small freckle on the left side.But alas, life IS unfair, as Laymon's untimely death has proved with even more certainty than the dearth of words for nipples.My brother Adam recently shared his beloved paperback of BODY RIDES, and I loved it. It's preposterous, full of equally unlikely coincidences and decisions, and requires such a spectacular level of suspension of disbelief that in the hands of any other author the whole thing would've been nothing more than a giant joke.But Laymon's writing possesses some sort of magic spell, and once he's got you he never lets go. I haven't read a book so eagerly in a while. The writing is not classic literature, the plotholes could swallow Seattle, but damn if it's not one of my favorite books so far this year.If you've got a single fun bone in your body, I don't see how you couldn't have one hell of a good time with this one. A word of warning, though - don't try to play a drinking game using this book, because if you took a drink every time your eyes passed over the word 'nipple', you'd be dead by chapter three.

  • Adam Light
    2019-02-12 00:25

    Man, this is one of the best Laymon books I have read. Once again, suspension of disbelief is a must, but this is the case with most horror fiction. Only, with this book, you are dealing with a magic bracelet that, once kissed by the one wearing it, allows you to leave your body and "ride" anyone you want. A cool premise, delivered in Laymon's usual style, with a twist and resolution I never saw coming. I have been on a Laymon kick lately, and this one and After Midnight are my two favorites, for now.

  • Janie Johnson
    2019-02-10 00:13

    This was a great book! And completely insane! I literally read and read this book till it was done. So hard to put it down. A lot of heart pounding action in this one. A great thiller by a great Author. I think I will definitely have to read this book again.

  • Kasia
    2019-01-26 00:20

    Reading a book can be considered a body ride, the reader hops into the brain of each character and unknowns to others gets the front row seat of the action. Richard Laymon's Body Rides takes the same idea and runs with it in this book, making for an exciting and fast read that somehow spans over 500 pages yet it takes the reader all his might to tear away from the story. I can honestly say that this was a great week, reading this book, living through each character, not wanting it to end ever...Not many writers give me goose bumps the way Laymon does. The simple act of opening one of his books and looking at the font, especially the ones printed by Leisure Books hits me hard and I know I am in for another fantastic ride, this time it was a ride through living bodies.Neal is an unusual type of a hero. He has a big heart but also a strong drive for desire and falling in love, although pretty genuinely, with many women through this tale ( I stopped counting after three) and his slight air of hesitation about certain situations only made the book more real. I prefer characters with flaws, I don't want to read about a perfectly molded plastic person that can almost fly and defeat any problem with a blink of an eye. One night he decides to return some movies at a very late hour and on his way he hears screams through the open window of his car. He manages to interact something gristly going on and saves Elise, a woman who has a wonderful reward for him, a gold serpent like shaped bracelet with emerald eyes that when kissed, transports the wearer into anyone's body, listening on their thoughts and feeling everything they feel.The only problem is that the killer is not really dead but angrily perusing Neal, ready to pay back for the wounds he received. Neal on the other hand was having more fun trying to pop into his hot neighbors, creepy people on the streets, girls he found hot and even into the man that is on his trail for blood than going to the police or trying to set the man up. The reader meets his girlfriend Martha and various other figures that play a huge role in the book. There are so many twists and turns that I was glad I read all the reviews fore this book AFTER I was done reading it. Being able to go into anyone with Neal was fantastic as I was always anticipating new people he could run into. When Neal finally decided to go away and hide he ran into Sue, another major character that changed his life. I was heavily annoyed with her, especially since Neal had a girlfriend and I could smell what was about to happen between Neal and Sue but in the end it all made sense and I loved the story.Bulk of the tale was focused on Neal going into people and trying to use them to his advantage while trying to find the bad guy and nail him before he gets killed first.I adored the ending; it made the book for me. It was very surprised to find reviewers who hated it, but I guess everyone has different tastes since I was blown away and completely satisfied. Neal went through hell and back and I only wish the bad guy played a bigger part although he was so evil that even a small appearance scared me. In the end I wished I had the same bracelet, just for the fun of it.For those who keep complaining about Laymon and his over use of sexuality, gore and craziness they sure keep coming back for more, go figure, I think they secretly like it...

  • Sue Smith
    2019-01-29 06:25

    Ahhhhh. Finally done. Well, I’ve actually been done for a few days now but I was mulling over how in hell I was going to put a review into words that would encapsulate this book. I mean – really give it that oomph of perspective that this book truly needs. * giggles * It’s been hard. (No pun intended for those male readers).I’ve been mulling for days.I guess I should start off by saying that I was forewarned about Mr. Laymon and his needs, his plot requirements, his fantasies ….. that all kind of entwine and become the horror of the story itself. They weren’t exaggerating. Mr. Laymon is a fan of the jiggly, bouncy endowments of the young female nubiles and what it – they – do to shut down the thinking and logistic capabilities of the male brain. Big time. There were times that this book really just felt like a really bad ‘B’ porn flick and the horror was that I had to endure it. * shudders at recollections * Honestly – there were times when I was reading that I wanted to reach in and head butt the characters. I can’t vouch for how a male mind works ….. but does it really just stop functioning when a set of mammary glands is close by, or when a skirt hikes up a bit on a girl’s thighs? Really? Tell me straight on that guys. I’m finding it hard to understand. Anyways …. I won’t delve too deeply into the plot – suffice it to say that our hero rescues a beautiful (naked) woman from the devious, vicious torments of a killer(using pliers!!) and is rewarded for this act of bravery with a magical bracelet that allows the wearer to have an out of body experience and delve into (spiritually) whomever they want, unknown to the host. And our hero, Neil, does just that … on several occasions … only to mire himself into a mess and into the crosshairs of someone who may possibly want to kill him. It’s magical. It’s devious. It’s a young man’s absolutely best sexual fantasy ever. It ain’t called ‘Body Rides’ for nothing.Now the horror element – the ‘splatterpunk’ horror that Richard Laymon is renown for, the no holds barred horror, the in your face horror – is teased about throughout the story but is contained in the last 50 or 60 pages. It’s definitely gruesome and is meant to make you squeamish. In a word – it’s gross.But the real horror of this book was the fact that you, as the reader, become a part of the story as a ‘Body Ride’ of the story and you will find that you can’t get out of it. You need the resolution. You have to ride it out to the end, even through all that ‘B’ grade porno. That’s the real horror. Good luck Suckers!!! This one will keep creeping back into my mind for a while.

  • Phil Zimmerman
    2019-02-12 00:15

    I love Richard Laymon. He writes stories that read like b-grade slasher flicks. Always fun. Always bloody. Always in bad taste. With that being said, this book sucks, badly. The first 50 pages are decent, typical Laymon. Woman in trouble, crazy killer. Then this book goes off the deep end. It turns into a romance novel. The main character Neal, get laid more in the next 250 pages, than in a porn script. It is boring, repetitive, and unbelievable.Finally we get the killer back but the novel is too far gone by this point. Three main characters you couldn't care less about doing irrational things and wearing little or no clothing.Laymon has many great books, this is not one of them.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-17 05:28

    I read this way back many years ago when I was in High School, I remember doing a book report in English class on this book - my classmates and teacher thought I was a bit odd !! haha !! but I loved it :D must pick it up and read it again !

  • Rei
    2019-02-13 23:28

    One of my ultimate top favorites by Laymon. Gave me EPIC dreams after reading it, and very few books actually get into my dreams. xDI loved the whole idea, it was just unique to me and the characters were terrificly done. Been trying to get my husband to read this but he doesn't like horror books lol. It's well worth a read; imaginative and got the right amount of thrills that you'd expect from Laymon.My favorite part had to be the ending though. It was memorable, adorable in a strange way (lol) and one of the best book endings I've ever read. A prized book in my Laymon collection, and cheekily brought for 99p in a car-boot sale. ;POnly thing I have to say; I wish he was more recognized in the world of literature.Five stars.

  • William M.
    2019-02-07 02:24

    Unlike Stephen King, Richard Laymon knows how to write an ending. This book is a little slow in the middle, but the beginning is like riding a rocket. I was reading at lightning speed and had the biggest grin on my face. Laymon's books are just so much fun! Extremely gory, sexually graphic, and refreshingly unpredictable, BODY RIDES is among the best of his books (IN THE DARK, ISLAND, NO SANCTUARY are just a few). If I was ever stranded on an island and allowed to read only one author, Richard Laymon would be the one.

  • Kerri
    2019-02-13 00:23

    Richard Laymon has recently been discovered by myself and added to my top ten all time favorite authors. Body Rides was the 1st if his books that I read and absolutely loved the content & concept. After reading Body Rides, I tried to find every book I could by him. I was extremely disappointed to learn that he passed away.

  • Chris Morgan
    2019-01-25 01:29

    One of my all time favourite books of all time, imaginative, funny, dark & classic Laymon.Easy to read characters, relatable at times.a fantasy story that left me thinking after I finished the book, what would I do if I were in the story.Make this your next to read....Highly recommend

  • Catherine Gordon
    2019-01-20 01:30

    It's been a while since I read a good horror and thought this sounded good. I was wrong. The premise is guy hears screaming in the middle of the night, rescues woman from nut job just in time, and she gives him the gift of what sounds like a really trashy snake bracelet which allows him to enter other people's bodies and hear their thoughts and feel what they feel without their knowledge. So the start isn't so bad but the rest is misogynistic crap. What does this guy do with this special power? Basically invade attractive women's bodies and abuse their privacy. On top of that it is boring, incredibly boring, and for a horror novel not even remotely scary it seems to forget that it is horror at all. The ending is unoriginal. At best this should have been a short story at worse we get this. This is time I will never get back - truly awful.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-14 06:19

    This was the first Laymon book that I have read and all I can say is -- I am ready for more!! I really enjoyed this book. I think that I may have found a new favorite author. Can not wait to get started on another of his books!! I loved the characters and the 'twist' was one that I really did not see coming.(Although in hindsight maybe I should have) lol Highly recommended to all horror fans. The only warning I would give is that the book is very sexual so if that bothers you don't read, otherwise-- Enjoy!!

  • Albert
    2019-01-20 03:30

    Loved this book. Great cast of characters and a very unique story line. This was a wonderful love story with some very steamy and interesting sex scenes, enough violence to satisfy the psychos out there (could of been described in more detail though), and a nice twist towards the end and ultimately a happy ending, sort of. Throughout this entire novel all I could think about was how much fun a person could have if he/she could "body ride." Makes me feel all tingly just thinking about it.

  • Cory
    2019-02-10 03:36

    The book had an interesting premise, and I was intrigued to see where the author would take the story. Unfortunately, this notion of "body rides" has so much more potential that what Laymon's story gave it. The addition of the character Sue, and the entire section of him meeting her and the themepark, was completely unneccessary. In addition to that we have Marta accepting Sue--yeah, right! In the real world, no such luck. And, lastly, you don't kill off the main character!

  • Barry
    2019-02-03 06:18

    This was the second book by Laymon that I ever read. It was, therefore, the reconfirmation I needed that apparently Laymon is just not for me. Any horror writer that puts more detail into awkward sex scenes than they do the actual scary stuff isn't going to hold my attention...

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-01-24 01:10

    The plot is different, I'll give Laymon that. It was a cool idea to have a bracelet where you can go body-hopping any time you want. The execution fell a little flat but overall the premise was good. As the back blurb reads, Neal gets sidetracked one night returning video tapes with a man torturing and murdering a gorgeous female. Putting on an act of bravery, he shoots the man, captures the woman, and saves the day. The ending should have him walking off with whistles and high fives shouldn't it?Things go wrong when something else tragic happens, and soon Neal ends up getting other people mixed up in his mess. Things go from bad to ugly to worse as he and his accomplices try to track down the man before he finds them first. The plot is interesting in many ways, and the characters are likeable to a degree. Many of the scenes are tense and nail-biting, and there is a sense of "us against them" going down.However, a lot of emphasis is placed on sex. Now, while I usually don't mind that and enjoy sex in my books -- there was a bit too much here to where it took away from the plot. Tension scenes were broken up to remove pants, character interaction was a little muddled as someone else got horny yet again, and things became a little too unrealistic and akin to soft porn.When tension is supposed to be there, it is. Laymon really is a Master at getting things going strong and sturdy. At key moments the atmosphere was powerful and dynamic.Neal is a loveable guy -- this man would cry at a wedding, a funeral, a christening, an engagement. He has a true heart -- one big enough to swallow everyone else around him up. He's a genuine sweet fella, and I couldn't help but really like him. Usually men aren't shown to be so emotional, but he was, and came across convincing. Sue came across as fun and chipper at first but eventually wore down on my nerves. Not her attitude, but just the way everything just fell into place for her. Started wearing me out. As for Marta, I thought she bent a bit TOO easily and was slightly unrealistic and two dimensional. The deeds of the "bad guy" are certainly violent. At times his actions come across a little too extreme, almost like he's there for a little bit of shock factor.The pace starts out well but then slows down. Mainly it's all the unnecessary sex and dialogue pertaining to lust. Again, this can be a huge strength in a novel and I'm certainly no prude when it comes to the hot and steamy stuff. But here it's used in so much excess it's un-needed, producing awkwardness and teenage angst. Pretty soon it seems like about half of the book only focuses on hormones, not horror.On a more positive note, Laymon writes beautifully. His words are well chosen, his sentences easily flow together, his dialogue is realistic enough, and the rhythm of his work is exceptional. If only the pace and plot of this one had been worked on more.Like a cheap condom, too much of a good thing can wear a bit too thin. This is what happened in Body Rides. A nice editing would have trimmed it up the sides, perhaps some more action and less on bedroom play, and more focus on what's important -- the story. But what we have after awhile is a book a bit too long for what it's covering, a story that drags like sheets being pulled on the floor, and mushy (unrealistic) character interaction. It's not a complete lost cause, however; I really liked Neal, the tension was tightly wound at some points, and the ending was pretty cool. Also the idea itself was unique.If you're a fan of Laymon pick this one up....or, most likely, if you're just curious about all the sex scenes (almost an orgy too) pick this one up .

  • Ashley James
    2019-02-03 01:20

    I love the premise of this book imagine a bracelet that allows to leave your body and float outside yourself and move around in the form of a ghost/spirit. Loved almost every single page of this book I have two issues though the girls claim to have 2 big secrets that have bought them closer together one of the secrets about Martha being pregnant but I never noticed the second secret get mentioned and although its only a minor issue it is really getting to me I just want to know what the secret was also the other thing that bothered me a bit was the ending I felt it was a little bit rushed I knew the bracelet would play a role involving a major charcter dying somehow or something but I dint think it would be in such a silly manor however I still loved this book and cant help but give it 5 stars and will move on to my next Laymon novel

  • Teresa
    2019-02-08 04:16

    I give it 2.5 stars. The premise was intriguing, the storyline was good except that it kept going off on tangents that sounded like something from a letter you might find in an old copy of Penthouse Forum or Variations. You know, those cheesy sexcapades that all sound like complete bulls**t, because they probably are? If this book hadn't relied on those parts quite so much, it would have been SO much better.

  • Andrew
    2019-02-05 00:08

    The best Laymon book that I've read - which is going some because I love all of his books.You need to suspend your belief going into this book . . . . but then that's true of a lot of books.As usual the characters are well written, the plot is well fleshed out (no pun intended!) and his writing style makes it a real page turner.I reread this every so often - it's great!!

  • Tyler
    2019-01-29 06:35

    This was not the book that I wanted to be my intro into Laymon's work, it was just the first one I found. It is original, sexy, silly, violent and hard to put down once you get started. Deserves more like 3.5 stars.

  • Victoria
    2019-01-19 03:27

    We've given up on this. It's not the story but the writing that we can't take any more. The narration is just so bad and to read aloud, it is really difficult - there are long passages of dialogue which are hard to convey. It's a shame because the story isn't bad and the book has potential.

  • Grant Murray
    2019-02-04 04:19

    This was a great read, and has all of the elements of classic Laymon.

  • Hatchetgabby
    2019-02-04 04:11

    Wow,just amazing, deffinitely a favorite the concept was so unique and so trippy and the ending it.

  • Gareth
    2019-02-10 22:29

    Couldn't get into this one and gave up after a few chapters. Not bad but didn't grip me for some reason.

  • Jennie Prior
    2019-02-10 00:25

    One of my favorite by Laymon.

  • Jamie
    2019-01-19 00:14

    The idea of being able to hitch a "Ride" in another persons body was way too cool to pass up. Laymon at his finest.

  • Zack Clopton
    2019-01-28 04:08

    I've enjoyed the previous Richard Laymon books I've read but "Body Rides" is, simply put, dumb. It's quite clear to me that Laymon made this one up as he went along. What appears to be the novel's central conceit is a magical bracelet that allows users to "ride" in other people's bodies, becoming privy to their thoughts and feelings. In fact, "body riding" plays a pretty small role in the story and Laymon never explains the magical mechanics behind the process. The novel's central object is entirely detached from the rest of the story.Instead, "Body Rides" takes long digressions. The lead character, a milquetoast screenwriter named Neil, receives the romantic attention of three or four separate women, all of whom are described as extremely attractive. This is despite the fact that Neil is a leering pervert, looking up girl's skirts and spying on women changing in their bedrooms. A long digression in the middle of the book involves Neil running away to an amusement park, meeting an eighteen year old waitress (who acts even younger), and the two immediately falling into bed. The waitress falls in love with him literally at first sight. If that character didn't continue to appear throughout the book, you could excise this lengthy middle section out of "Body Rides" and be none the wiser. The writing is undeniably sloppy. Laymon seems to be setting up later events that never come. Characters - a creepy voyeur in an apartment complex, an emotionally insecure female neighbor, a pair of tortured victims locked in a garage - seem to be important but contribute little to the story. Moreover, the protagonists repeatedly make the dumbest, worst decisions. After a woman is brutally attacked by a serial killer and the attacker is hot in self defense, nobody calls the cops. In fact, they worry about calling the cops, covering up the crime scene! (The long bits of dialogue about how people get arrested for defending themselves, how dangerous urban areas are, or passages devoted to gun maintenance remind you that Laymon was a bit of a right-wing dingbat.) After stealing money from a villain, the hero barges in and announces himself. People return to the scenes of various crimes over and over again. The flaws are numerous but I didn't completely despise "Body Rides." When you get down to it, nobody writes scenes of vicious violence like Laymon. The central villain's motivations may be random and his background may be senseless but he's effective nevertheless. He's a seriously sick, sadistic killer nicknamed Rasputin for his ability to shrug off any wound. The various confrontations with this guy are momentarily tense. The ending is actually sort of sweet, even if it remains as dumb and perverted as the rest of the book.I've got some other Laymon books on my read list. I hope they hearken back more to the entertaining sleaze of "The Cellar" or "Resurrection Dreams" then the nincompoop writing of this one.

  • Elusive
    2019-01-27 03:26

    In 'Body Rides', all Neal wanted to do was to return two video rentals to the store before midnight to avoid being charged a late fee but he winds up saving a woman from being murdered. Thankful, she (Elise) gives him a magical bracelet which enables him to travel out of his body and into other people without their knowledge. However, his joy is short-lived because he soon finds out that the killer is still alive and hell-bent on revenge..The unique, exciting premise itself deserved a five-star rating. It was executed very well for the most part. From the beginning, the story was engaging thanks to the author's fluid writing filled with plenty of details without ever getting long-winded (one of Laymon's best points). There was a lot of suspense as well as tension, even well after Neal had rescued Elise since it was evident that things weren't going to be that simple for them. Sure enough, all hell broke loose shortly after one thinks that Elise is damn lucky to survive.The pacing was constantly on point, combined with the element of unpredictability and the sense of danger just around the corner. Initially, Neal was likeable as he was willing to risk his life to save a stranger. Throughout the story though, I found him to be less likeable as he was sexually attracted to pretty much all the women he met and he even used the bracelet for some unsavoury reasons. Despite that, he was actually a good person at heart.Neal's girlfriend, Marta was intelligent, rational and calm. Unfortunately, character deterioration took place when she made a highly unrealistic decision in which (view spoiler)[she agreed to share Neal with his newfound girlfriend, Sue. What kind of girlfriend would do that??? I was surprised that she wasn't secretly planning to kill them! (hide spoiler)]. Meanwhile, Sue - a teenage waitress who decided to go on a journey with him - wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box but she was sweet and funny. The interactions between the three of them were believable. It was too bad that at this point, Neal came across as a sleazy slimeball.The most interesting character of all was undoubtedly the mysterious murderer dubbed 'Rasputin' by Neal. Every scene involving him was almost always gruesome, horrifying and dark. Although he wasn't heavily featured in the story, he had presence and he was completely convincing as a sadistic, cold-blooded killer. The mystery behind Elise's murder was resolved with logical explanations. The ending could somewhat be seen a few chapters away; it was simultaneously cool and weird since (view spoiler)[Neal had died but he lived on in Marta's body, thanks to the bracelet. (hide spoiler)].Overall, 'Body Rides' was an incredibly riveting read that felt akin to taking a ride on a rollercoaster. It had everything you'd expect from a Laymon book - gore, sex (an avalanche of unnecessary sex scenes) and violence but with a touch of originality.

  • Chris
    2019-02-08 02:23

    Unbelievable trashy nonsense, but strangely readable