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When sisters Erna and Alfreda Anderson set sail for America to join their father in Chicago, they have no idea what the fate of the luxury liner Titanic will be....

Title : A Titanic Journey Across the Sea, 1912
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ISBN : 9780671027186
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A Titanic Journey Across the Sea, 1912 Reviews

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-19 12:20

    Erna and Alfreda Anderson were two real passengers that traveled third class on the Titanic, but nothing is known about them, except that Erna survived, and Alfreda did not. The author of this book has written a novel that imagines who Erna and Alfreda Anderson were, why they were on the Titanic, and how Erna made it out of the tragedy alive when Alfreda, her relative, did not. The Erna of this book is a ten-year-old dreamer living in the Swedish countryside, often at odds with her realistic, sixteen-year-old sister Alfreda. Their father has been in America for several years, and sends tickets for the family to join them. But their mother must remain behind, so the sisters set off without her, arguing along the way. They board the Titanic in England, and they're on their way. Along the way, they finally manage to become friends. The author imagines a very sad reason for why Erna lives and her sister dies. A good middle grade historical novel about the Titanic's doomed journey and the relationship between two sisters.

  • Tarissa
    2019-03-11 07:51

    When I requested this book from my local library, I was looking forward to it immensely: a story of Swedish sisters traveling on the Titanic in steerage. I thought it would shed new light on the subject. However, upon reading the first chapter, I already disapproved of young Alfreada's domineering spirit over her sister and mother. As if a girl of her age should boss her family around and jeer at her younger sibling. This displeasing attitude lingered through the entirety of the book, sadly.I also didn't enjoy the story as well as I could have because of a few wrong facts and historical inconsistencies concerning the RMS Titanic. Perhaps it is just my preference, but the sinking of the ship (as told in the book) happened alarmingly fast -- I would have hoped to savor a bit more suspense in that part of the story just to bring forth more emotion in the tragic scene.Although not a bad thing, the book references to a "tomte" a mythical creature in Swedish culture.All in all, this is an "okay" book for children, but I regrettably don't recommend it.

  • Sarah Kinert
    2019-03-18 07:16

    A Titanic Journey Across the Sea is an incredible book. It is so descriptigve and paints and incredible picture in your head. This book is filled withe action, cliff hangers, and many more scary and sweet emotions. The main idea of this entire book is about how a family is traveling to America and has to take the Titanic. One of the daughters didn't like the idea of the first voyage but they went anyways. The two sisters also had to go without their mom because she was confined. This trip turned into nothing good though just like the daughter thought. This book is for anybody who is interested in a Historical Fiction kind of book. I think that people the ages nine and up would be more suited for this book because the crash is a tiny bit violent. Also if you love action and cliff hangers you would love this book because you never want the book down.

  • Nat
    2019-02-22 09:02

    I am very mad that Alfreda died and Erma survived, when it was Erma who wanted to stay on Scotland and Alfreda who wanted to go to America.

  • Wendy Poole
    2019-03-18 13:58

    Entertaining enough, but I didn't really connect with the characters.