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Defence lawyer Mickey Haller has had some problems but now he's put all that behind him and is ready to resume his career. Then another lawyer dies, leaving Mickey his entire practice - including a very high-profile and potentially lucrative murder case. Mickey is back in business. Except that according to Detective Harry Bosch, the other lawyer was murdered. Odds-on by onDefence lawyer Mickey Haller has had some problems but now he's put all that behind him and is ready to resume his career. Then another lawyer dies, leaving Mickey his entire practice - including a very high-profile and potentially lucrative murder case. Mickey is back in business. Except that according to Detective Harry Bosch, the other lawyer was murdered. Odds-on by one of his own clients. And now it's Mickey's job to defend him. Suddenly it's not just about winning. It's about staying alive....

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The Brass Verdict Reviews

  • Lyn
    2019-04-03 00:07

    Michael Connelly has in his 2008 novel The Brass Verdict the opportunity to bring two of his most compelling characters together into one plot – and he rises to the occasion, delivering a solid and very entertaining crime mystery.Connelly’s benchmark detective Harry Bosch is joined by his motion picture legal thriller protagonist Mickey Haller in a suspenseful thriller sure to please fans.Everybody lies.This is the universal truth that Haller sets out as the book begins and this theme of deception and human frailty is returned to again and again.Mickey Haller has been away from law for a year. But this was not just time off, he struggled through addiction and made decisions that have negatively impacted his closest relationships. Though the drugs were off stage and in the past, Connelly vividly depicts the results in Haller’s actions and priorities.When another LA lawyer is killed, Haller takes over his cases, including a high profile and deep pockets “franchise” case set for trial. The dead attorney’s murder is investigated by none other than Connelly headliner Harry Bosch, and the two will need to work together to solve one murder while Haller tries the other.As good as The Lincoln Lawyer and as impressive as the Harry Bosch series, this is a must read for Connelly fans and a damn fine book for any reader.

  • Phrynne
    2019-04-18 22:09

    I am reading my way steadily through the Harry Bosch series and decided I would include this book which crosses over with the Mickey Haller series.I am not usually a fan of court cases but this one was pretty good and, of course, it helped that Harry Bosch was around to provide extra interest! Mickey Haller is an okay character but not quite up to Harry's standard. Having said that however Haller does very well in the court room. He is cunning and very smart and knows all the psychological aspects of playing a jury along. He is not necessarily a good person but he is certainly an interesting one.The ending presented an intriguing twist which I did not see coming, although a certain character was so unlikable I was happy he/she (no spoilers!) came to a sticky end.Now on to the next Harry Bosch:)

  • BillKerwin
    2019-04-22 20:45

    A very entertaining read. The breezy, cynical voice of Michael Connelly's lawyer Mickey Haller produces something much different--and much lighter in tone--than the Harry Bosch books, but it is something just as exciting and engrossing. There's a bonus here as well: Bosh appears as a minor, but important character.

  • Jim
    2019-04-20 18:53

    Connelly does it again. I love it when he brings his characters together & this one has a bunch of them. Primarily, this is a Mickey Haller story (#14 - The Lincoln Lawyer) & is told by him, but Harry Bosch is a major character. Jack McEvoy (#05 - The Poet) makes several appearances. There is a reference to Cassie Black (#09 - Void Moon) & Mickey Haller's father that was fantastic. The interplay between Haller & Bosch was great since they're a bit at odds & it had my sympathies volleying between them like an Olympic ping pong ball.As usual, it's a twisty tale of murder. There are a lot of loose plot threads floating around, but they'll be woven in eventually. It's a police procedural told from the defense bench as Mickey tries to keep his client out of jail. The magic bullet of the defense was obvious early on, but it still unfolded well & the court scenes were far more interesting here than they would have been in real life. The end: When you get to about the 90% mark, make sure you don't have anything else on the schedule. Once I hit that point, I couldn't stop. Didn't dare. Fantastic!Obviously, I'll be reading more in the series soon. You can find the full reading order in my review of the first bookThe Black Echo here: - The Overlook (Harry Bosch #13), 200717.4 - Father’s Day (2007) in Angle of Investigation (2011) (HB's first investigation?)17.6 - One Dollar Jackpot(2007) in Suicide Run, 201118 - The Brass Verdict (Harry Bosch #14, also Mickey Haller #2), 200819 - Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch #15), 200920 - The Scarecrow (Jack McEvoy #2), 200921 - The Reversal (Mickey Haller #3), 2010 (Harry Bosch #16,21.5 - The Perfect Triangle, 2010 Mickey Haller short story21.6 - Blue on Black - Harry Bosch Short Story 201022 - The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller #4)

  • Jonetta
    2019-04-17 20:56

    It's been two years since Mickey was injured and a lot has happened. After taking time off to get his life in order, he's suddenly handed a full practice load following the murder of another defense attorney whose clients he inherits. Included is a high profile murder case involving a Hollywood studio head who is accused of murdering his wife and her lover, and it comes with some pretty impressive fees. And for the first time, Mickey and Harry Bosch cross paths as he's the lead detective assigned to investigate the attorney's death.I really enjoyed this story as it had so many elements to sink your teeth into. There's Mickey and his personal issues, the process associated with assuming another attorney's clients, the studio head's trial and, finally, Bosch and Mickey. I got hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every minute of this story. While my initial suspicions of who was probably involved were borne out, I still didn't know the "whys and what fors" and was caught flatfooted in the end. The narration was excellent, done by Peter Giles who has a couple of past stories under his belt. I've looked forward to Mickey and Harry finally interacting and it didn't disappoint. This one was a psychological battle and I'm not sure who won.

  • Lewis Weinstein
    2019-04-21 15:57

    This is the 4th mystery/thriller I have started in the last several days. It is the only one I will finish. The others, all by authors well known who I will not name, were a mishmash of confusing scenes, unnecessary filler (the price of having to produce a book every year?), and reader-unfriendly prose. Connelly, who crafts just as complicated a plot, does so without confusion and without extra "stuff." He is a pleasure to read.The rest was as good as the beginning. It is interesting to see how Connelly brings his two series characters together in this book.

  • Obsidian
    2019-04-24 19:50

    Wow what a great follow-up to "The Lincoln Lawyer". This book does not have sequel disease thank goodness, it was gripping from beginning to end.It's been a couple years since the events in "The Lincoln Lawyer" and Mickey Haller has been retired from law for a year. After being shot in the last book his recovery caused him to become addicted to pain pills which led to him almost losing everything. When he's called into a judge's chambers and told that he has inherited a dead lawyer's practice, just like that Haller is back in the saddle again.So "The Brass Verdict" focuses on Mickey doing what he can for his new clients and finding out that he might have a huge franchise case involving a Hollywood movie producer whose standing accused of murdering his wife and her lover.Just like in "The Lincoln Lawyer" not all is as it appears and it takes a lot of twists and turns to find out who's truly innocent in this one.We also get an appearance by another one of Michael Connelly's characters Harry Bosch. Now as many of you know this year I've had a kind of grudging respect, than love, than just general annoyance with Harry Bosch. I really do think that he's an intriguing character and Connolly has allowed him to grow. But the last couple of Bosch books have not exactly thrilled me. When Haller appeared in the Bosch books I already knew about the twosomes connection so getting to read it backwards like this was actually pretty cool. I always thought that in the Bosch books Mickey wasn't that interesting and was kind of a jerk, but when you read it from his point of view, he's actually a pretty straightforward person.So Haller and Bosch are going head-to-head because the latter is trying to investigate the murder of the lawyer who left Haller the practice. We do get welcome appearances by other characters that we've rad about from the prior books, Lorna, Mickey's second wife, and we get to see him interact more with his young daughter, and his former wife Maggie McPherson. We also get an introduction to another investigator, Cisco, that I really liked as well.The writing was typical Connolly, you definitely know the man knows his way around a courtroom, knows how prosecutors and defense attorneys are supposed to prepare. And it was really cool to read about how juries are picked and to get to see people at trial.I thought the flow was quite good in this one and there was nothing that I could actually quibble about when it came to the writing or flow.I thought the setting of a different Los Angeles one that's kind of seedy and just not typical for people who aren't living as A list celebrities is always a nice and realistic read.The ending definitely leaves some secrets revealed and I definitely didn't see a couple coming at all.

  • HBalikov
    2019-04-21 17:05

    Do you remember the Lincoln Lawyer? Not Matthew McConaughey, but the original Mickey Haller created by Michael Connelly. He's back after some time off for bad behavior. Harry Bosch is around as well, but in this novel he is definitely second fiddle and it would severely challenge Titus Welliver to play him with nuance. Where is this all going?Haller is handed some cases when his friend is murdered. Has Mickey climbed back on the wagon sufficiently to represent a rich client in L.A.'s murder of the decade? Bosch hangs around and both scares and annoys Haller as the case marches ahead.This may really be a 3 star effort from Connelly but I loved both the audiobook narration and the meticulous description of courtroom tactics and backroom strategy for the criminal defense. If you stick around through some wooden dialogue, I think you will be surprised by the conclusion and some plot revelations.

  • Michael
    2019-03-27 19:45

    Lawyer Mickey Haller is back and this time he gets to share the spotlight with Connolly's L.A. Detective Harry Bosch.It's been over a year since the events of "The Lincoln Lawyer" and Haller is looking to get back into the world of lawyering. He gets to do so in a big way, when a fellow lawyer is killed and leaves his practice to Haller. At stake are 30 or so cases, including a big one where a Hollywood movie mogul is accused of killing his wife and her lover. Circumstantial evidence and a killer (no pun intended) pre-nuptual agreement put the husband firmly as the prime suspect, but Haller figures his old friend had a "magic bullet" that was the key to the case. The only problem is his old friend was killed by an unknown attacker and had his laptop stolen.As Haller begins to work on the case, he makes one alarming discovery after another. He crosses paths with Bosch, looking into the murder of the lawyer and Bosch drops hints that the FBI may be interested in both the murder and the big case. For a while, Haller can't figure out why but slowly begins to connect the pieces and find out the bigger picture.Connelly is no stranger to creating good mysteries with an element of suspense to keep the pages turning. In "The Brass Verdict," he raises his game to the next level, creating a lot of plot threads that come together in a satisfying way. As the various plots and conspiracies unfolded, I found myself more and more intrigued by what was happening and curious as to where Conelly would take me next. And when he delivers the final twists and turns of the novels last 100 pages, they are easily some of the most satisfying of any mystery novel I've read in a long while. (Probably second only to this year's "Careless in Red" by Elizabeth George).A lot of this can be credited to Connelly's decision to bring back Haller. Haller is an extremely flawed protagonist. He's not a perfect man and Connelly wisely doesn't portray him as such. He's haunted by demons from his past and driven by the desire to be a better man and laywer now. This comes into conflict each time he meets with his client, who is obviously hiding a lot of things from Haller, including just how far he'll go to retain his freedom. Haller's slow whittling away to the truth is compelling and fascinating. The only part I didn't like is that, at the end of the story, we get a force family connection between Haller and Bosch and the story strongly suggests this is the end of Haller's career. I know we sort of had that at the end of "The Lincoln Lawyer" and we saw Haller come back here. Hopefully Connelly will find another story worthy of Haller's return in the future.

  • Jeanette
    2019-03-27 20:03

    Another winner from Michael Connelly. I always have to ration myself when I get one of his new books so I don't go through it too fast and then have to wait forever for the next one. I think I managed to make this one last a whole five days. This one is fun because it brings Harry Bosch (our old fave) and Mickey Haller (from The Lincoln Lawyer) together in the same book. Mickey is the main character and narrator in the story, but Bosch appears at all the right moments with his cleverness and well-earned cynicism. This is mostly a lawyer story, not so much a police procedural.I think the basic storyline is covered well enough by other reviews, but I will mention that if you read this book, be sure to pay attention to little details and seemingly unimportant characters as you're reading. As things fall into place in the story's conclusion, some of these little things become important and it might be hard to follow if you've forgotten the details. As always, Connelly provides a satisfying conclusion full of unexpected curveballs and solutions.Michael Connelly is one of those authors who throws in little treats for his long-time readers. I call them "Easter eggs" because you never know where you'll find them. They're just little things related to previous novels that aren't essential to the story but give you the satisfied little smirk of an insider. There's an especially good Easter egg in this book. I figured it out at the beginning, but it was fun to have it confirmed at the end.

  • Bettie☯
    2019-04-14 22:01

    mp3 workaday.'The truth is short, a lie long.'Probably just me but after 2 hours I still have no interest at all - goes like that sometimes doesn't it!ETA - having trawled back through, it seems that I mark courtroom dramas rather low, so it's probably a genre I should steer clear of.

  • Kellie
    2019-03-29 19:59

    Connelly has some of the best quotes in his books."There is nothing you can do about the past except keep it there." A quote from Mickey Haller when discussing his prior addiction to OxyContin.This was a fantastic read! Mickey Haller is taking a break from the law. After being injured, and becoming addicted to pain pills, he is planning on getting back into his practice gradually. When one of his colleagues, Jerry Vincent, is murdered, Haller has suddenly found himself back in the game. With 31 clients. Jerry Vincent had Mickey appointed to take over his practice if anything was to happen to him. Now Haller has inherited one of the most high profile cases of the day. Walter Elliot is a prominent producer in Hollywood and is accused of killing his wife and her lover.Enter Harry Bosch. Harry is in charge of the Vincent murder and he thinks Haller knows more than he does.I thought Connelly was great at writing from the prospective of a LA homicide detective. He does an equally great job writing as a defence attorney.I can't wait to see what Connelly does next!

  • Robin
    2019-04-17 17:42

    Attorney Mickey Haller is just getting back to work when a judge calls him for a meeting. She informs him that his friend, Defense Attorney Jerry Vincent, was found murdered. Mickey has just inherited all of Vincent's active cases, including the high profile defense of Hollywood Producer Walter Elliot, who is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Mickey sees this murder case as a case that could make him a household name. Detective Harry Bosch contacts Mickey to talk about Vincent's cases. He believes there is something in one of those cases that could explain Vincent's murder. He is also worried that Mickey may be the next target.This book is a nice combination of two murder mysteries. Mickey is trying to get his client off of a murder wrap, even though the client keeps lying about exactly what happened the night of the murder. We also have Harry Bosch investigating the death of Jerry Vincent. Why was he killed? Did it have something to do with the Walter Elliot case? I thought this was a very entertaining story. I was very surprised by the end of the story. I really like having both of Connelly's popular characters in the same book. My rating: 4.5 Stars.

  • Salymar
    2019-04-24 16:05

    I was strolling around a book store looking for new books to read and I came across a table full of half-priced best-sellers. And guess what? From the original price of Php649.00, The Brass Verdict was only sold for Php100.00 only! I, of course, didn't let go of the chance. That moment was one of the precious moments of my life (and yes, I'm over-reacting. haha!)The Brass Verdict is the 19th novel by American author Michael Connelly. This is the first time I tried out a different Detective/ Crime fiction author actually. My routine was always, John Grisham to Sidney Sheldon and Sidney Sheldon to John Grisham (always). Michael Connelly is a good writer, he uses uncomplicated words and describes a crime scene & court room dramas effectively. I recently learned that his recent works have been translated into 36 languages and have garnered him a lot of awards too (including this novel which won the 2009 "Best Novel" award). Ooh, and interestingly, Connelly was once the President of the Mystery Writers of America back from 2003 to 2004 (Got this information from his official website).Okaaay, enough about Michael Connelly and his achievements. hoho.The story of The Brass Verdict spans around the detective works of an attorney named Mickey Haller and a LAPD detective, Harry Bosch. In the first few chapters, those two were immature enough to work together but they found out that they didn't have any choice if they want to save their asses immediately. Their team work was perfect in solving one of the intriguing cases of the century. :>I loved the characters supremely. I would love to try some of his books a lot more. :)

  • Quinn Barrett
    2019-03-29 19:05

    "The Brass Verdict" was released in 2008, but I only recently got around to reading The Lincoln Lawyer Series. This is the second book in the series and while I think it's a good read, the story didn't captivate me as much as the first book's action-packed plot.We come to find Mickey Haller acclimating back into his role as lawyer after a protracted struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, followed by a lengthy stay in rehab. As he tries to decide if he even wants to practice law anymore, a colleague is murdered, but has left instructions which appoints Mickey to take over his practice and the money that goes along with it.Mickey's back in business and getting the band back together to boot (his ex-wife and girl Friday, Lorna) because one of his newly inherited clients just happens to be the head of a major Hollywood studio. What a lucky break! Mickey has one chance to win over the tinsel town big wig and, what do you know, he pulls it off -- but not without two key restrictions. First, must be on the only attorney so he can't hire anyone else to assist him. Very suspicious. More important, Mickey must guarantee no trial delays, giving him only a couple weeks to get up to speed for a murder one case. Okay, that's just crazy.Good news, though; Mickey's no dummy and these incredible requests are major red flags to our protagonist who now has the dual task to defend his client while investigating the death of his friend and colleague, knowing he is probably in the line of fire. Mickey wonders if the two cases are linked so he proceeds with caution, not just for fear of his life, but also another addictive relapse.Michael Connelly is a great storyteller if legal/crime dramas are your cup of tea. I love picturing Matthew McConaughey, who was perfectly cast in the role of Mickey Haller, for the screen adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer. The novel starts a little slower than I would have liked, but Connelly is giving us the backstory to what happened after the first novel. The Brass Verdict reads more like a psychological thriller, but is back ended with a lot of turmoil for you action junkies. Michael Connelly might not be my favorite author, but he's pretty damn good.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-16 15:52

    Michael Connelly has done it again The Brass Verdict is a very good read by putting Harry Bosch with Mickey Haller creates a good mix was a real page turner & very exciting from start to finish as usual never picked the ending

  • William
    2019-04-22 23:55

    Not keen at all on Haller. He has so little integrity. Bosch, however, is a man on a mission of truth and justice, a super-man.

  • Kurt
    2019-04-17 21:08

    I have read all four Mickey Haller books, and while I think this is my least favorite, Michael Connelly is still my guilty pleasure author of choice, and even a disappointing Mickey Haller book is still one that I want to read.On its own, there's nothing all that special about this book. There's a mystery when someone murders one of Haller's former professional acquaintances ("friends" is a little too strong a word - these are lawyers, after all), and Haller inherits the dead man's caseload, including a high-pressure murder trial with a difficult client. The overarching mystery is not much of a whodunit, as the culprit is pretty obvious from the person's first few appearances, but there's a gritty satisfaction as the reader waits for Haller himself to catch up. The courtroom scenes are engaging and relatively plausible (and, really, the main reason I love the Mickey Haller books), with crazy jury antics and surprise strategic moves that I didn't see coming. The great characters from the first book return for this one, and we get the welcome new addition of Dr. Shami Arslanian, the kind of expert witness every defense attorney dreams of finding. This book, standing alone, is a perfectly good legal thriller, of the kind you can find in any airport bookstore.What intrigues me, though, is the way that Connelly works with this book in connection with his other novels. This was only my second Connelly novel (between reading it and writing this review, I've followed with five more, though), and I was utterly impressed by his ability to let his characters grow and mature (satisfying returning readers) without spoiling any of the best surprises of their earlier adventures (satisfying new readers). For example, Haller brings up injuries that he sustained in The Lincoln Lawyer because they have an effect (physically and psychologically) on how he pursues the mysteries in this book, but Connelly doesn't slip up and reveal who gave him the injuries, so a reader who tries this book and likes the characters can go back and enjoy the earlier story. Also, Connelly uses this book to connect his two most popular characters (Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch), and I didn't feel like I had missed out by my lack of familiarity with Bosch. I did feel like the last-minute revelation of a deep connection between the two men felt arbitrary and silly, but in context it was actually wonderful. See, I've now read all of the Mickey Haller novels, and I'm working my way chronologically through the Harry Bosch books, and it turns out that this surprise connection was actually established in The Harry Bosch Novels: The Black Echo / The Black Ice / The Concrete Blonde, roughly twenty years before this book was published. Now, instead of being irritated by a new twist, I'm responding with admiration for the way Connelly held back his information for nearly two Mickey Haller books before bringing new readers up to speed. This is a level of confidence and planning that I don't expect in a series of legal/crime thrillers, and it elevates the book for me.

  • Lori Anderson
    2019-04-17 20:41

    I love Harry Bosch, and I hated how he was portrayed in this book. He was a side character in this one, so I didn't expect to like it as well, but I kept getting bored. Kind of meh, but I love Connelly, so I'll give it a pass.Lori AndersonLori Anderson:The Store Lori Anderson:The Blog Twitter

  • Rob
    2019-04-19 16:42

    Number two in the Mike Haller series. In this book author Michael Connelly proves that he has more on his finger tips than just Harry Bosch. Whist Harry is an integral part in this book he does take a back seat to Mike.This is a tight courtroom drama with a diverse cast of characters. After the murder of a colleague Mike is handed the deceased's entire office case load. At first he can't believe his luck because one of the cases is a high profile case with lots of money attached. But this case proves to be a nightmare and Mike soon finds himself up to his neck in it. This is where Harry Bosch enters the plot.Whilst under prepared to take on this case Mike soon show that he is no idiot when it comes to courtroom smoke and mirror tactics.The book moves along at a fare pace and the end is a big surprise in more ways than one. The relevance of the title is made clear just before the end.I have yet to read a book by Michael Connelly that I haven't enjoyed and this is no exception.Highly recommended and well worth the 5 stars that I gave it

  • Dee
    2019-04-20 20:10

    Two-haiku review:Lawyer gets murderedMickey inherits casesIncluding big oneMickey's very realFaults, failings and doubts like usExcellent story

  • Donna
    2019-04-24 18:43

    Although I'm a great fan of Michael Connelly, The Brass Verdict sat on my "to read" shelf for over a year before I got around to reading it. Intrigued with the deep, ongoing characterization of Harry Bosch, I wasn't sure I wanted to get into a book in which he had to share the stage with Mickey Haller, another main character. (This despite the fact that I read and loved the original Mickey Haller book,Lincoln Lawyer. Call me a purist.)So finally, on a recent snowy evening, having rejected every other unread book in the house, I started it, got sucked into the plot (as usual), and wondered why it had taken me so long.Then, of course, I wanted more. And here's where my Christmas present comes in. Courtesy of my son, I am now the proud owner of a new Kindle. Having finished The Brass Verdict, I was able to do all of the following in less than two minutes: ascertain that a new Bosch/Haller book (The Reversal) was published in October, buy it for less than if I had waited a year for the paperback to come out, and download it to my reading device. I'm saving it for a later time, but I could have been reading it literally within minutes of finishing its predecessor.Now that's scary—in a wonderful sort of way.

  • Susie James
    2019-04-21 16:10

    Michael Connelly's one of the best writing detective fiction (west coast parley) these days. Someone donated a copy of his "The Brass Verdict" to the Carrollton, Miss., library recently, and I snapped it up to read. Very good job, with the expected MC twist -- good connecting the half-brothers, Bosch and Haller!!!

  • Ram
    2019-04-21 22:08

    Another legal thriller ,with Mickey Haller, the same main character as the Lincoln lawyer, facing similar etiquette questions: Could he compromise the client-lawyer protection to help find the killer of a fellow lawyer?Could he compromise it in order to prevent another murder?And what if the murder is his own?Another easy page turner , a dip into the world of the defense lawyers. A world where justice is not the question or the answer.A world where your biggest achievements may cause you the most moral questions.A world where you may find yourself in a situation where you have to make decisions between two evils:Go with your conscience and lose you license or/and your lifeOrGo against your conscience……and live with yourself the rest of your life.

  • Linda Munro
    2019-04-02 19:53

    This is a Michael Haller (Micky) book, the lawyer featured in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’ In this book Connelly brings Haller together with Homicide Inspector Bosch. Haller has spent the last year getting his life together, before that, his life; both personal and professional had gone down the tubes when his addiction to pain pills brought him to the brink of destruction. One year later, still unsure as to whether or not he is ready to get back into the law, Haller inherits the legal practice of a murdered lawyer, including a high profile murder case. Haller, his office manager and his investigator must now create a calendar and a list of clients from the missing information that was in the victim’s briefcase and laptap that were stolen during the murder. While Haller is trying to reach all of the client’s of the murdered lawyer, make it to court for hearings, and get up to speed on a murder trial due to start in one week, Bosch puts a bug in his ear that one of the murdered lawyer’s clients could be the murderer.As Haller goes from client to client, and his investigator looks into the backgrounds of clients and witnesses, Bosch tried to find the murderer, putting Haller into the murderer’s crosshairs.Connelly has a busy book, but unlike other busy books, this fits everything together in a neat little package; bringing the conclusion together in a neat, tidy package. I love these books, finding them only after viewing the movie “The Lincoln Lawyer,” I continuously find myself searching for another book that I have yet to read. Anyone who likes action, adventure or mystery would find books by Connelly easily fit the bill.I may be pre-prejudiced, but, here goes another 5 star rating for Connelly.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-25 15:41

    I have been listening to this in my car the last couple of weeks, and I think that perhaps the reader's presentation added to my dislike of Mickey Haller (he gave him the voice of a pedantic old gasbag), but there was still plenty to dislike about him without help. Mickey is a criminal defense attorny, seemingly a pretty talented one. He several times points out that the system only works when the opposing sides vigorously present their cases. I totally agree, but then Mickey does all sorts of things that are unethical and quite a few that are illegal, all in pursuit of an acquital. Add this to his incessant focus on money and he is not a real sympathetic character. We then add in Mickey's gasbag factor (which I think was partly the reader, but was also inherent in his personality, as crafted by Mr. Connelly) and his tendency to drone on endlessly explaining the most basic parts of a criminal investigation and trial (I mean, seriously, anyone who had ever watched a Law and Order episode would know most of this stuff), and we have a pretty unlikeable narrator.So, for me, Mickey Haller was a negative, but the book is quite well-plotted. A number of different plot twists (but not total red herrings) keep it interesting throughout. Harry Bosch makes a few brief appearances as well and that is good for a half a star, anyway. So, all in all, not bad, not great, but if you want to read this one, get a good old fashioned book and cut the reader of the audio version out of your experience.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-03-29 22:55

    Well, this was an interesting book, a good read and held my interest from the first. I must say I wasn't as taken with it as with the first, but it's still good and I've got the next waiting though I might try another Connelly character first as I have a Hatty Bosch novel waiting to.Here some time has passed since the last book and Connelly used what I'd call a "plot device" to reset Michael's character to a "bad place". He was injured as the last book ended. Here we find that he went back to work too soon, had another injury and ended up addicted to painkillers. This destroyed his relationship with ex-wife one...caused him to lose co-custudy of his daughter and have only visitation. He closed his practice and went to rehab.That's where we start here. Michael is still a good lawyer and he has another high profile case, and he's still somehow looking at his soul, his conscious and his "morals"...something really inconvenient for a lawyer to have.Recommended...good book...enjoy.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-04-24 21:08

    I didn't like this one as much as The Lincoln Lawyer. I think the main reason for that is the intrusion of Harry Bosch. I haven't read the Bosch books and I think Connelly rather assumes that you have. Plus, Mickey cuts Bosch a lot of slack in ways I found kind of out of character—or, at least, out of keeping with his normal relations with people on "the other side". Bosch is a real jerkwad with Mickey and I kept wanting him to just go away.That said, the story was interesting with lots of juicy twists and turns that kept me glued to the earphones right to the end. I still find Mickey a fascinating character. Someone who defends bad-guys who are often guilty is intriguing, to me, and that continues to be the case. Mickey seems to be losing his taste for that business, though, so I'm not sure how much farther I'll follow the series...

  • Ellen
    2019-03-29 22:59

    The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly.Hollywood lawyer and a colleague of Mickey Haller's is murdered. Mickey has been away from the courtroom for two years but now finds that he has inherited Jerry Vincent's biggest case load.Walter Elliot is a Hollywood director and big wig in his own mind. Walter is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Now it's up to Mickey to take over where Jerry left off.I have been a big Harry Bosch fan for quite some time and my review may have been influenced by that fact. I make no apologies for it. H.B. had only small write ins and nothing more in this story. For that matter H.B. should, in my opinion, been left out completely. He is too big of a character to have a minute walk in. I also felt as if this dialogue was written for either school age children or slow minded people it was that elementary and not on an adult level.

  • Connie
    2019-03-31 15:41

    This is #2 in the Mickey Haller Series. I was very surprised by this book from page 1 until the end. Things just were not what they seemed in any regard. I loved this about the book. I also like the fact that Mickey always takes the information and thinks on it before making any decisions. Sometimes he will need to get more insight and other times, he acts but it is always after thought and usually when he is by himself. There were several things I didn't see coming at the end and to me that makes this book even better.I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to read the next one.