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Can a sexy nightclub owner convince an all star basketball player to risk it all?Love of Sports Book 1Professional basketball player Kasey Johnson makes a point of keeping his sexual preference under guard and out of the public eye. Empty, off-season flings are all he can look forward to until he retires. He figures his secret is safe--until he meets Ingram Fletcher, a nigCan a sexy nightclub owner convince an all star basketball player to risk it all?Love of Sports Book 1Professional basketball player Kasey Johnson makes a point of keeping his sexual preference under guard and out of the public eye. Empty, off-season flings are all he can look forward to until he retires. He figures his secret is safe--until he meets Ingram Fletcher, a nightclub owner who ignites a passionate inferno in his body.Gram has lusted after Kasey ever since the long, tall basketball player was traded to Phoenix a year ago. But with Kasey's twin brother running interference, up until now Gram's been unsure if it's safe to make a play. Then some incidental contact in the crowded club leads to a kiss that starts Gram wondering if a relationship is possible--now, and beyond March Madness.A romantic weekend together answers that question. Now the only one remaining is if Kasey is ready make a fast break out of his comfort zone....

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Out of Bounds Reviews

  • Daisiemae
    2019-04-08 06:11

    Why do I keep putting off reading T.A. Chase’s books? There is definitely no rhyme or reason to my madness! Sitting her thinking about it, I believe it’s because I love his work so much! I want to save it and read it when I am particularly feeling down, or I am out of sorts for some reason.I am so glad I stopped putting Out of Bounds to read off. As usual T.A.’s characters are not only likeable, but humanly flawed as well. They are always people I can relate too. Their happiness or sadness that is going on in their lives makes me care about their wellbeing, and I always hope for their well deserved happy ending.Kasey Johnson has had to sacrifice much for his successful career as a professional basketball player. Even though his very famous twin has been able to get out of the closet successfully without much backlash, Kasey knows that it won’t be the same for him, so he lives a lonely life with no one to love and come home too.Ingram (Gram) Fletcher owns a very successful nightclub. He is Irish, successful and firmly out of the closet. He and Kasey have been friends for some time. Gram has hidden his desire to be with Kasey, because he doesn’t know if Kasey is gay or straight. One night, Gram throws caution to the wind and sets out to seduce the sweet and lonely Kasey. When both men discover that there is more to their feelings toward one another than a crush, Kasey must make a difficult decision that will affect the rest of their lives. I enjoyed reading about Kasey and Gram’s story. The sex was to hot it melted the ice cream I was eating while I was reading it. Plus, I will NEVER look at chocolate syrup again in the same way…whew! But, it just isn’t all about the sex. There was a connection between Kasey and Gram that was both loving and passionate. I really loved them. Although, I know that Kasey will have a hard road to tow, the end result and the happiness with Gram he will receive will make him believe he made the right decision. After all, happiness is worth fighting for.FYI: For those who love TA’s work, he also has an awesome blog. You can check it out here at:

  • Meghan
    2019-04-08 03:00

    Simply put: Not a fan of this bookThe beginning grabbed my attention, but about halfway through I became bored. In a short e-book, that really says something, too. The conflict was forced. There was no real tension or excitement, which could have been built up over the months before the story started. The author seemed to skip right over that part, which in this kind of story can be the best part, its the part that makes us happy when the couple finally gets together. Its too bad too, because I was looking forward to the sequel before I realized that I would probably be mad at myself for getting my hopes up and purchasing it.

  • Charly
    2019-04-23 06:13

    Good idea, but could have been executed much betterWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 4/10PROS: - The story is filled with glamorous surroundings and people who are fun to read about. Who’s not interested, on at least some level, in famous twin brothers who make People’s 50 Most Beautiful People list, frequent A-list clubs, and stay in the executive suites of fancy hotels?- I liked Kasey’s brother, Garrett, quite a bit. He’s flashy and flamboyant with a “devil take it” attitude, yet he also knows when to be serious and is very protective of his twin.- Gram has a pretty serious thing for Kasey from the start of the story, and I thought it was cute that although Gram thinks he has hidden his attraction so well, so many of his employees and friends know about it and encourage it.CONS:- I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at some of the melodramatic--and unrealistic--things the characters do. Kasey, who’s not out in public, wakes up on the couch of a night club and immediately twines his fingers with Gram’s…then lets Gram kiss him? Gram starts calling Kasey “baby” after their first sexual encounter? Kasey gives an impassioned coming out speech to a whole slew of reporters not 20 minutes after having said he wasn’t going tell anyone outright?- There’s practically no buildup, emotional or physical, to the first sex scene, and because there’s so little development between sex scenes, they left me cold. They’re lovingly described in rather minute detail, but I found them a little clinical. They have a removed, play-by-play feel to them.- Some of the dialogue is wooden-sounding and is used to awkwardly convey plot points that would have been better placed in the exposition. For example, Kasey says this while talking to Garrett at the beginning of the story: “Add to the fact your twin brother is a starting point guard on a pro basketball team and you’re a tabloid reporter’s wet dream.” There’s some important background information here, but it just doesn’t sound natural in dialogue.- There are numerous “duh” instances throughout the story where the writing needlessly repeats itself. Here’s one: “Kasey weighed in at around two hundred pounds. At one hundred and eighty pounds, Garrett was several pounds lighter.”Overall comments: I like the idea of this story: the setting is alluring, and there are several interesting minor characters with dramatic comings and goings that read rather like a soap opera. However, the story very much focuses on the sex scenes; and since I didn’t find them particularly titillating, the entire novella fell flat for me.

  • Ralph
    2019-03-25 01:59

    Professional basketball player Kasey Johnson makes a point of keeping his sexual preference under guard and out of the public eye. Empty, off-season flings are all he can look forward to until he retires. He figures his secret is safe-until he meets Ingram Fletcher, a nightclub owner who ignites a passionate inferno in his body.Gram has lusted after Kasey ever since the long, tall basketball player was traded to Phoenix a year ago. But with Kasey-s twin brother running interference, up until now Gram-s been unsure if it-s safe to make a play. Then some incidental contact in the crowded club leads to a kiss that starts Gram wondering if a relationship is possible-now, and beyond March Madness.A romantic weekend together answers that question. Now the only one remaining is if Kasey is ready make a fast break out of his comfort zone.The main reason I rated this book so low was the lack of plot. This was definitely more of a porn without plot book than a romance novel. There wasn't much romance, just a lot of sex and the characters magically falling in love. The sex started barely a couple pages into the story and continued for most of the book.The plot that was there was very thin. Most of the scenes that weren't sex, were about Kasey whining about what would happen if his team mates found out he was gay. Kasey worries over this for a while and doesn't really do anything about it. Through out the whole novella, I really wanted to smack Kasey and yell "GET OVER IT ALREADY." The characters were fairly one-dimensional. I don't really know anything about Kasey or Gram, I don't know any of their personality traits, their backgrounds, nothing. The relationships were really weak - the characters fell in love after doing nothing but have sex. Even the relationship between Kasey and his twin brother's relationship was week. You didn't feel the love between the two like you would between brothers. This isn't a book I'd recommend unless you're looking for a book that doesn't have much plot. If you like your books to have a good balance of plot and sex, I would pass on this book.** Warning ** This novel contains sex scenes and may not be appropriate for readers under than age of 18.You can read more of my reviews at The Dancing Dove

  • Candice
    2019-04-16 01:59

    3.5 starsThis story was a fun read and I like Kasey and Gram. It was nice that Gram didn't put a lot of pressure on Kasey knowing what it would do to his career. My biggest complaint was the ending with very abrupt and I would have liked to have seen what happened.

  • Roger - president of NBR United -
    2019-03-27 07:11

    Oh this so hot I like twins and I like it when a person overcomes the need to be in a closet for someone they love.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-15 04:04

    One thing you could say of T.A. Chase's books is that they are all very different. This one is a sexual romp (from Merriam Webster Online romp = a: high-spirited, carefree, and boisterous play b: something suggestive of such play: as (1): a light fast-paced narrative, dramatic, or musical work usually in a comic mood (2): an episode of lovemaking).Kasey is a 23 years old pro basketball player. He is only in his second year as professional player and he has no courage to openly admit that he is gay. He is out with his family and friends, but not with the public opinion. Plus his twin brother Garrett, a famous actor, has made coming out some years ago and now all media are only waiting for him to make the same claim.But Kasey till now has never had a boyfriend to care and he doesn't see the reason to suffer all the harrassment he will receive in the locker room if he makes that claim. That is, but now in Kasey's life enters Gram, a night club owner and an openly gay man who had bad experiences in the past with closeted lovers. Kasey must decide if he is willing to risk his career to keep his lover by his side.The story is not very long, less than 90 pages, but it's very erotic. From the first time Kasey and Gram have a very intense relationship and they are driven by lust most of the time. Since Kasey is a 23 years old guy that for sometime was deprived of a sexual partner, I think it's not strange that now that he can have someone near him, he is in frenzy to make up for the lost time. Plus it was a true discovery that Kasey is a totally bottom. I'm used to sports characters to be always very manly, even if gay, and usually they are totally top. Instead Kasey wants to be mastered, even if he is a pushy bottom.The main characters don't interact a lot with the supporting characters, but there are some interesting figures: Garrett, Kasey's brother, Paul, Kasey's teammate, but also Bo, Gram's employee and Colville, another pro basketball player. Since this is the first book in a series, I think we will have the chance to read something on one or plus of these characters.

  • Elizabetta
    2019-03-30 07:54

    1.5 starsOh man, this just didn’t work for me, either. The plot is pretty run-of-the-mill: up-and-coming young sports star (basketball this time), Kasey, is in the closet to protect career and endorsement deals. But when he meets the love of his life, Ingram (Gram). an out and proud nightclub owner, Kasey has some hard decisions to make.Any exposition of Kasey's actual sports career takes a back seat. There is a lot of sex, it’s mostly sex really. The guys hook up pretty immediately and other than physical attraction, we don’t know why they fall in love. And the sex isn’t really that inspired. The dialogue between the guys is pretty awkward and unrealistic, too. Like a bad porn script, it’s trying to be dirty-sexy, but seriously misses the mark and just sounds silly. There’s no chemistry.Fizzle.I did like Kasey and his twin bro, Garrett (rising film star). They don’t have a lot of together time though, so, again, skimpy plotting. Ho hum.

  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    2019-04-10 09:51

    The beginning was very good. I liked the fact that Gram didn't know if Kasey was gay and he had all the worries of a teenager who doesn't know if he has a chance with his love interest or not. Their first kiss on the couch of a nightclub, stealing a moment in a dark, was beautiful and hot and sweet at the same time. It was a promise that wasn't really fulfilled.After that there's a lot of sex and the plot (young sport star who has to decide whether to stay in the closet and keep his endorsements or to come out and face the consequences with his teammates and fans) is lost in the bedroom. We don't really know the two characters and especially Gram is rather flat.There are no real problems in the book and it is a fast and hot read, but it seems incomplete and rushed at the end, like a collection of little episodes, but nothing really tying them together.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-26 08:47

    Kasey is an in the closet pro basketball player.Gram an out and proud gay nightclub owner.One evening Kasey and his brother go out and end up in Gram's club. The 2 get it on. The book is pretty much sexual encounter after sexual encounter, with Kasey agonizing whether he should come out. In the end the decision is taken out of his hands.A quick read with rather an abrupt ending.

  • Unapologetic_Bookaholic
    2019-04-03 05:47

    3.5 of 5 reallyI was really liking this, the characters, their relationship struggles, deciding if it was worth it, what they really meant to each other, until the very end. It will be worth it, however, to read the next book in the series. As I am much more interested in a follow up. Be it with these characters or another sports themed m/m romance from T A Chase.

  • Heather
    2019-04-03 04:56

    Really 3 1/2 stars. Would have given this 4, however the ending was a little too abrupt. I was hoping for a little more insight into Kasey and Gram's relationship after the big announcement. Overall, story was a lot of fun and I really liked it... I just wish the book could have been longer, or the ending wrapped up a little differently. xo

  • Arthur
    2019-04-05 03:51

    I like this book a lot since it deals with coming out differently. Usually, when two men are involved with each other and one of them is in the closet, the other man would put pressure on him or downright threatening by giving him ultimatum: out or break up. Not here.

  • Shelby
    2019-04-22 07:10

    I’m not even sure I can really say why, but I really love this book. I’ve re-read it any number of times and I’m never disappointed. It’s a relatively short story but it touches all my feel good happy thoughts and always makes me smile. I just adore Kasey and Gram together, in fact I’ve enjoyed them so much that I never even notice how short of a time frame there is to their falling in love. Kasey Johnson career is on the rise. He’s in his second year in the NBA playing for the Phoenix Suns. It’s all he’s ever wanted in life and while it’s exhausting he loves what he does. Between himself and his out and proud twin Hollywood star Garrett Johnson his face is in the media maybe a tiny bit more than other young stars. Returning from a series of road games Kasey is exhausted, but when Garrett wants to go out after yet another break up with his long time boyfriend Kasey can’t deny his brother. At least they’re headed to Ingram Fletcher’s nightclub. It may be a gay club, but Gram will make sure no one bothers them and Kasey certainly isn’t going to object to the view.Gram immigrated from Ireland years before and hasn’t ever had a problem being open with his sexuality. He enjoys his job and is proud of the atmosphere he cultivates in his club. When his second in command comes to tell him that Garrett Johnson has arrived unexpectedly Gram’s attention is stirred. Garrett never causes a problem and always attracts attention, but more importantly he just might have his brother with him. Gram has been lusting after the tall basketball player for awhile now. Unsure whether or not Kasey is gay though has left Gram pursuing a friendship with the other man. Seeing him exhausted and sleeping on a couch in a dark corner of the VIP area though is more than Gram can resist.I love the chemistry between Kasey and Gram. I find it easy to except the friendship that exists between them before the book starts which helps me accept the speed within which they admit their feelings for each other. Besides the fact that I find Kasey absolutely adorable in his almost bumbling puppy dog youth. Probably helps that I find athletes totally hot and adore me a good sports coming out story. I like the care Gram takes with Kasey and yet he’s got such a dominant personality. So it’s a bit fantastical that Kasey’s going to be that awesome of a basketball star and also end up coming out as gay, but I don’t care, makes it more fun for me.I also really enjoy Garrett and Kasey’s relationship. They’re very caring for each other, but still had distinctive personalities. They may be twins, but they’re not the same guy. I enjoyed how concerned Garrett was for Kasey and the abrupt changes he’s making to his life. He wanted to make sure his brother was smart about the decision, to know that Gram was really want he wanted. If that was the case than Garrett was more than happy to support their relationship, but he didn’t want to see Kasey throw away his anonymity as a gay man if it meant he wasn’t really serious about it. Not everyone in the NBA was going to have a good reaction to Kasey coming out and it was going to make Kasey’s life more difficult if it ever came to light. Garrett would be there for his brother no matter what. I love that faith and support.Now this is a shorter story, and there are a LOT of sex scenes. This definitely fits in the erotica category and in my humble opinion Gram and Kasey are hot together while still managing to be very sweet. I love their first kiss and the surprise of their first time together. They’d both been lusting after each other for awhile and sleepy dazed Kasey is just too much to resist. So cute!I don’t know why this story makes me smile so much. It’s simple and sexy and that’s the sum total of it all. But it makes me happy and I’m more than happy to come back and re-read it again and again.

  • Kukko
    2019-03-30 09:14

    I am really surprised I am about to say this - but all the humping, grunting and one-word exclamations during sex ("gonna") got a bit tedious after a while. This is a short story and instead of all the repetitive sex (sometimes less is more), I would have loved to have learnt more about Gram and Kasey. Maybe then I would not have been so surprised when they announced to the world that they were in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together …it all felt a tad premature. I wish some of the other story lines had been explored - for example Bo and Paul both interesting characters whose stories could have taken up the space given to yet another sex scene. Also more on Garrett and Rich's story would have been nice…..although it seems that story is the subject of the next book

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-04-13 07:50

    3.5*Really nice 'coming out' story.Kasey is a pro Basketball player and even though his twin is an out Hollywood star he is still in the closet.He falls for Gram a gay nightclub owner and has a tough choice to make - come out or stay in the closet. I liked that Gram not only didn't pressure Kasey to come out, but was understanding and supportive of him and his reasons for staying in the closet. Likeable MC's and other characters, I just could have done with a bit more relationship building and a bit less sex.

  • Alina
    2019-04-21 04:06

    I liked this book!Both Kasey and Gram are very sympathetic characters and the main theme about homophobia in sports was very realistic, I think.At first I was wondering why there's so much Garrett in this book (not that I didn't like him - quite the opposite), but then I remembered about the sequel :)The ending was kinda abrupt, but then again there's more of Gram and Kasey's story in the second book, so I'm not complaining.

  • Tammy
    2019-03-26 02:47

    I did like that Gram wasn't a "gold digger" and had his own self worth. Kasey is in the closet because of his professional basketball career. And Gram makes no demands on him about that. Nice easy read.

  • Pia Veleno
    2019-04-01 08:13

    There is such thing as too much sex. I caught myself thinking, "Again?" several times while reading. The main conflict could've been stronger given the MC's position, and ended fairly abruptly avoiding the fallout that one would expect around a celebrity athlete.

  • Deanna Against Censorship
    2019-04-15 05:06

    I liked the main chapters but wanted to feel more of their emotions. I enjoyed their journey. Gram was patient with Kasey. Kasey was in the closet. Gram was not. This was a good read.

  • Marion
    2019-04-14 06:49


  • Jody
    2019-04-18 07:52

    Kasey Johnson is a star basketball player with a twin brother who's a popular openly gay actor. Kasey wishes he too could come out but knows that in the world of sports his teammates will abhor his lifestyle and endorsements will dry up. So for now he's keeping quiet. But his plans might have to change the night he goes to a popular gay bar with his brother and gives in to the long simmering attraction he's had for the bar's owner. Ingram Fletcher is out about his sexuality and wants to stay that way. He's broken up with men before for hiding who they are, but he's willing to make an exception for Kasey. As the two start a hot and heavy relationship, things get more complicated for Kasey as a fellow player comes out to him and another rival player stirs up questions in the media about his sexuality. Will he finally join his new love out in the open or will he bow to society's pressure and stay in hiding?This was a fast paced read with likable characters who had believable issues. I could understand Kasey's fears and felt bad for him and other players worried about their financial future for telling the truth about themselves. The romantic interludes between him and Ingram were steamy and very frequent. The interludes almost took over the story though and I would have preferred seeing them interact more in the outside world. I would have preferred seeing their relationship based on more than just sex. I enjoyed Ingram as well. He was comfortable with himself and had no qualms about coming out. I like that he was protective of his workers when they were manhandled at work and the subtle social messages that came out in his dialogue.The ending of this story was very abrupt and I really wanted to see the ramifications of Kasey's decision. I know it's the first book in a series so I'm eager to pick up the next installment to see where life goes for Kasey. My excitement also has to do with two supporting characters that I found enjoyable in this story. Kasey's brother Garett has had an on/off-again relationship with a man who was only with him to gain fame for himself. Now that he's single I truly hope he finds someone to appreciate his love of life and the open way he lives his life. Kasey's teammate Paul also intrigues me. He's had a girlfriend but realizes he's been living a lie. I look forward to what decisions he makes regarding how he wants to live his life and am hoping perhaps he and Garett might have a future together. All-in-all I enjoyed reading this and will look for the next book to see loose ends tied up.

  • Patti TheLoveJunkee
    2019-04-23 03:07

    Out of Bounds was a quick, fun read. Kasey Johnson is a professional basketball player, and his twin, Garrett, is a famous Hollywood actor. Both are gay, Garrett is out but Kasey isn't. As the story opens, Kasey is back from an out-of-town game, and Garrett wants him to go out to a local club with him – Garrett has just broken up with his long-term partner and wants to go have fun.Ingram (Gram) Fletcher owns the Liverpool, the club near Kasey’s home. Gram has had his eye on Kasey forever, but doesn’t know if Kasey is straight or gay so he hasn’t made a move. When Garrett and Kasey get to the club, one of their friends casually mentions to Gram that Kasey’s in the back of the club and hints that Kasey might not rebuff advances from Gram. Then Garrett hints at the same thing. Deciding to take a chance, he heads over to see Kasey, and makes his move…and is rewarded with an enthusiastic response from Kasey.Kasey and Gram decide to get together again, and begin dating. Since Kasey is “in” and Gram is “out”, it does make things a bit difficult. Kasey can’t afford a hint of of the truth getting out as the sports world is nowhere near as accepting as Hollywood is, and rumors already swirl about Kasey’s sexuality due to his twin being openly gay.When Kasey and Grant get together for a weekend in New Orleans, things don’t go as planned and Kasey has to take a stand…My thoughts: First of all, you know I'm a sucker for any book that takes place in part or whole in New Orleans :) I really did enjoy Out of Bounds though. Kasey was a sympathetic character (I seem to always sympathize with the ones in the closet, I guess, lol) and Gram was understanding of his situation. I find in a lot of the M/M stories the partner that is openly gay gets frustrated with the partner that is not; that Gram wasn't pushing Kasey was a refreshing change.I had a bit of trouble with the opening scene – Kasey is very closeted and when Gram approached him in the club they started making out in public. I found that hard to believe, even if they were in the back of the VIP area. Except for that scene, though, I thought TA Chase did a great job with describing the setting and characters, and I could picture the events unfolding in my mind as I read along. Kasey’s homophobic teammates were hateful and I was glad he also had supportive teammates in the locker room.I’m looking forward to reading his brother Garrett’s story next – High Line.

  • Nerine Petros
    2019-03-24 07:50

    Out of Bounds is a wonderful novella which takes us into the world of sports. T.A. builds a rich background of knowledge about both the fictional basketball team that Kasey is a member of, and the nightclub that out and proud Gram owns and runs. The men have been friends for years, and T.A. does a wonderful job of writing in such a way that you feel you know both characters from the start.Kasey plays basketball. It's what he does and he does it well, to the point of being 22 and asked to play in an all stars match, of which he is made Most Valuable Player. But Kasey has a secret, one buried so deep, only his almost identical-looking twin brother, Garrett, and his close family know about it. Because if anyone found out, it could ruin his career. Kasey understood going in that secrecy was the creed, and he thought he was okay with that. One fateful night changes his plans, making Kasey reassess all of his previously held notions.Gram left home at 15, searching for a different life to the one his parents had in mind. His nightclub, the Liverpool, is his baby, where he devotes the majority of his time and attention. Gram has admired and lusted after Kasey since first seeing him at the club. Gram befriends Kasey, and would rather know him as a friend than not know Kasey at all. Never in his wildest dreams did Gram think he had any sort of chance with Kasey, but when true desires are revealed, Gram falls hard. Although appreciating Kasey’s professional situation, now Gram is fighting to remain understanding of the secrecy and lies needed to play this particular game.Both will risk their hearts for a chance together, but will Kasey take the ultimate risk and lay it all on the line?This is a well written contemporary drama facing some of the prejudice and ignorance in the world of sports and tackling it head on. It is told from multiple points of view, which makes it more interesting. It includes some very steamy scenes between the main characters, all of which convey a sense of emotion to the reader. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good contemporary. NxNote: Reviewed for Queer Magazine Online

  • Leslie Lee Sanders
    2019-03-30 02:55

    Imagine being an all-star basketball player, the twin of an openly gay celebrity movie star and secretly gay yourself. Oh, what stress. In T. A. Chase’s erotic romance, Out of Bounds, Kasey Johnson is that person.All the action begins when Kasey’s movie star brother, Garrett, convinces him to go out with him to a nightclub. Once there, Ingram Fletcher, the nightclub owner, makes his move to seduce Kasey.Kasey is career minded and any move he makes is strategically placed in order to keep his sexuality hidden and his image untarnished, and he makes sure Ingram understands this. The entire story is an up and down rollercoaster ride for Kasey that hits highs of great lovemaking and lows of utter fear that the real Kasey might be exposed.It’s clear early on that Ingram will do anything to make sure he doesn’t hurt Kasey or his basketball career while he’s secretly dating him. This alone tells me what kind of man Ingram is and I like him instantly.My overall sense of Out of Bounds is that it’s a nice, quick love story. The problem with that is there’s no tension between Kasey and Ingram. They’re in bed pretty quickly in the story and there’s never any doubt that they won’t make it. So by the middle of the story, you may have the tendency to get bored.However, even though it ended abruptly when things were starting to really get interesting, I appreciate the ending for making me want more. I admit, I gasped each time Kasey just stopped thinking and let out his true emotions, those moments made me cringe as I thought, “Oh, my god. What are you doing? Don’t say that. Just ignore it. Just move on.” Those moments were out of character for Kasey which made the story more interesting. If a book makes me care about the characters enough to persuade me to yell at its pages and keep turning them at the same time, then it’s worth at least 4 stars.

  • AussieMum
    2019-03-25 01:59

    I thought this was ok but being that it was so short I do think that the book could have done with more story and less sex- and I NEVER say that. At first it was hard for me to get invested in Kasey and Gram's relationship because even though we are told they have known each other for a year, we only meet them the night they get together so we have no idea of the type of relationship they have. There is no buildup or tension and we are told that Kasey is firmly in the closet due to being a well known basketball player and yet he all of a sudden holds hands, kisses and dry humps Gram in a nightclub and then goes upstairs for 2 rounds of office couch sex and a nap. After we see the two spending time together I began to understand why they liked each other. Gram is an Irish sweetheart who doesn't want to push Kasey to come out and Kasey is realising that Gram could be worth risking it all for. It ends abruptly which left me annoyed but I believe their story is continued in the next book that focuses on Kasey's twin. This is perhaps a sneaky marketing tool designed to sell the next book but I did like Kasey's brother Garrett so I will give it a try. That book is a full length novel so I hope it ticks my boxes.

  • Laura Ward
    2019-04-11 07:06

    For the most part, I've enjoyed the majority of this authors books, this one though just fell flat. The concept of the story intrigued me, which is why I stated to read it in the first place, but the lack of visible build up between the two MC's made me unable to really click with them. The every 5 pages of sex became a chore and by the end I was just skipping them entirely hoping for some actual plot to pop up, and was then disappointed. I really wanted to like both Kasey and Gram and at first I did, but by the end I spent more time rolling my eyes and sighing in annoyance more then anything. Unforturnatley the lack of other activities and communication that didn't involve sex just made it unrealistic that they'd have a lasting relationship, regardless of what is said in a sequel. Good sex does not make a good/lasting relationship without other key components. Maybe I'll read the second book to this series, I'm kind of intrigued to read Garret's story, having come across him in another series, but it wont be in the near future, I'm thinking a break from this author is in need otherwise I'm going to go into book two expecting a subpar story and one dimentional characters and I'd rather give it an actual chance. So book 2 will just have to wait a while.

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2019-03-31 06:11

    Kasey is a star basketball player. He's gay but not openly out, due to fears related to his profession. His twin brother, Garrett, however is openly gay-- and is a highly sought-after Hollywood Star. When Garrett is in town, Kasey usually accommodates his desire to party, so even though he's weary, he follows Garrett to a popular nightclub. The owner, Gram, is a sexy Irishman who has a powerful crush on Kasey and when Garrett indicates that Gram stands a chance, he makes his move. Apparently they had become friends, or at least friendly, but now when he finds out that Kasey is also gay and not rejecting his advances, the heat and sex begin. And there's lots of heat and lots and lots of sex in this story. The two do develop a relationship and eventually Kasey is ready to come out, but that's not until the end of the story and most of the meat of this nice, fluffy piece is one sex encounter after another. It's cute and would be a nice beach read, but doesn't have a lot of substance to it. I'm hoping that the next book, which will tell Garrett's story, will be better. And yes, I'm going to read it. Garrett intrigued me.

  • Trish
    2019-04-01 03:13

    2.5 stars.i just did not get into this book or the characters. the writing was ok, didn't see any major flaws but for some reason i did not connect with the characters. every other page was sex.. love m/m smuttiness but need more to connect with the characters before they get it on 24/7 the one mc was supposed to be written as conflicted about coming out and jeopardizing his sports career but he just came off as whiny. even at one point he contradicted himself in one sentence..Spoiler: 2 mc's are planning a secret get away in a hotel under a fake name... very top secret planning etc.. but then the MC Gram says to the other "why are we meeting in a hotel, we may get caught" and Kase says "i'm tired of hiding" what?? if your tired of hiding why the covert meeting in a hotel under a fake name? made no sense and i almost didn't finish the book.

  • Bo
    2019-04-20 05:11

    This book starts off a bit hesitantly--it's the first of a couple dealing with Kasey Johnson and his twin brother Garrett, but it heats up incredibly fast and in such a way as your initial reaction might be, "um, whaaaaaaat?" Kasey is a second-year professional basketball player obviously playing for the Phoenix Suns--he's a 6'5" blond god who is gay and has not come out, though his equally impressive brother, Garrett, a rising movie star, is openly gay. There are so many "this is absurd" twists that this book takes which are dealt with brilliantly by author Chase that you actually believe that this stuff can happen, especially today. You will not forget these characters, including Kasey's devoted seducer and eventually lover, Gram, and you will run right out and get its sequel, High Line, featuring Garrett, as soon as you finish this full court press.