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In this heat wave, anything and everything goes.A Red-Hot Summer story - and - book #1 in the new Out of Uniform series!Shelby Harper has lusted over Navy SEAL John Garrett for over a year, but no matter how many sexy signals she sends out, the man shows a complete lack of interest in getting naked. Then she overhears Garrett talking to his SEAL teammate--a discussioIn this heat wave, anything and everything goes.A Red-Hot Summer story - and - book #1 in the new Out of Uniform series!Shelby Harper has lusted over Navy SEAL John Garrett for over a year, but no matter how many sexy signals she sends out, the man shows a complete lack of interest in getting naked. Then she overhears Garrett talking to his SEAL teammate--a discussion in which they conclude she's vanilla. Stung, Shelby sets out to show them exactly how un-vanilla she is. Garrett can't believe it when sweet, sexy Shelby suggests a wild and sweaty menage. He's been trying to figure out how to ask her out without coming off as a guy who only wants to get in her pants--her friendship is too valuable to him to risk it. But if a crazy, heat-wave three-way is what Shelby wants, then he's ready and willing to give it to her. Once she gets it out of her system, however...well, then he'll let her know he wants her all to himself.Warning: This title contains two dangerously hot Navy SEALS and a heroine determined to get it on with both of them. Be prepared to take a cold shower (or maybe two) after reading this heat-wave menage....

Title : heat of the moment out of uniform 1
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ISBN : 6124672
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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heat of the moment out of uniform 1 Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-03-26 01:34

    Heat of the Moment is book one in the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy. This is my very first Elle Kennedy book and what a perfect way to get acquainted than with this short and oh so sexy story.Shelby Harper owns her own bakery and is proud of what she has accomplished. But she hasn’t been so lucky with love. After a bad ending to a relationship with a military man who chose to add quite a few extra-curricular activities to his agenda whenever he was away, her love life has pretty much dried up. She has known John Garrett, a Navy Seal, for a year now. She has been attracted to him from the start and has thrown out hints to him every way she could think of but he never seemed to return any interest. It’s probably time to accept that he just wasn’t interested.Garrett as he likes to be called, has a reputation as being a bit wild. He met Shelby a year ago when he came in to the bakery and has been smitten ever since. But he doesn’t want her to think he just wants a fling. He really likes her and wants something more. He just hasn’t been able to figure out how to ask her out.On one hot and steamy night when Shelby kept the bakery open longer than normal to allow some of the locals guys to watch the game, she overhears Garret and his friend discussing her. It seems that since she is freckle faced and owns a bakery, that puts her in the sexually uptight, prudish, vanilla category. Well, she would show them. She can be wild. So she suggests to the two of them that they all three get together to fulfill a fantasy of hers, for a threesome. Garrett can’t believe Shelby is on board with this. But if this is the only way he can show her how he feels, he’ll take it. But this is one night only. After that, she’s his and his alone.This was short, 58 pages, but oh so sexy. These Navy Seals are definitely drool worthy. But what happens after their one night together? Will Shelby and Garrett finally admit to the feelings they have been hiding for the past year? This was the perfect book for a fun break in between longer books. It is quick, hot and just plain entertaining. Loved it! I can’t wait to read more by this author.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-07 23:40

    4 Sizzling StarsI'm not a fan of ménage plot lines, but I ended up liking this novella more than I thought I would. I will, however, admit to skimming the one ménage scene. Other than that, Heat of the Moment is a good, steamy, and sexy read. I can't wait to start the second book.

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-03-21 01:02

    ***3.5 Summer Scorcher Stars***My first Elle Kennedy book...and I must say, she's made me a fan! This was the perfect, quick read. A little cheesy in some spots, a lot dirty in others. Just the right combination of story and steam for a quick, down and dirty novella that hits the spot.

  • Exina
    2019-04-19 21:40

    Shelby and John Garrett have been longing for each other for a year now, both of them (wrongly) thinking that the other is not interested in them. The story takes place on a very hot day, the events take a turn because of an overheard comment, and a silly urge by Shelby to prove herself not to be vanilla, resulting in a very steamy threesome turning into an intimate, sweet téte-á-téte, all of that ruined by a thoughtless question, and ending with a promising reconcilement. At the moment, however, he was the furthest thing from invisible. Wearing a pair of olive green cargo pants that hugged his long, muscular legs and a white T-shirt that was pasted to his rock-hard abs thanks to the heat, he was really, really visible. He shot her a grin that was even sexier than that husky voice of his, adding, “I’m hot.” Oh yes you are...Heat of the Moment is a very sweet, very hot story of a trouble-free couple. I loved every line of it. Perfect!Originally posted on my blog on September 19, 2013.My favorite quotes.

  • Auntee
    2019-03-27 01:01

    In the mood for a very short (54 pages), but super hot menage story about a couple of Navy SEALs and a sweet, yet sexy girl-next-door- type cafe owner?"Heat of the Moment" is a smokin' hot little story about cafe/bakery owner Shelby Harper and rugged Navy SEAL John Garrett. Garrett (as he likes to be called) and Shelby have been friends for about a year, and even though Shelby would like it to be more, apparently Garrett sees her as only a 'friend', and nothing else. Even though she's flirted and even attempted to ask him out, Shelby is convinced that Garrett doesn't see her as anything more than a friend.Garrett thinks Shelby is just wonderful, but not the kind of girl he usually goes out with. He has a bit of a wild streak, and quite a reputation to live down. His past has been a revolving door of women, and he's even been involved in some threesomes with his fellow SEAL Carson Scott. But Shelby's a different kind of girl. She's a good girl, and even though he would love to get involved with her, he doesn't think she'd accept him because of his reputation. So he takes it slow, and unfortunately misses all the signals that Shelby is directing his way.One hot summer night while at her cafe, Shelby partly overhears Garrett and Carson discussing her, and why it would be a bad idea to get involved with her. She's too "vanilla", too "sweet" and "wholesome", and would probably be a prude in bed. So this is why Garrett has never responded to her flirting?Shelby decides to take the bull by the horns, and blatantly tries to seduce Garrett, and since she's always harbored a secret menage fantasy...Hot, hot, hot--you'll need some ice after reading the ultra hot menage scene between Shelby, Garrett, and Carson! But Carson is aware that Garrett and Shelby have real feelings for each other, so he wisely doesn't hang around, and that's when the sparks really start to fly. These two connected as friends, and now they've connected as lovers. But will Shelby's failed past with a military man doom her future with this hunky Navy SEAL?I loved these two together. Garrett was your typical hot alpha, but he had a real sweet vulnerable side too. And Shelby may have been the girl next door, but she wasn't shy about what she wanted. My only wish was that this book was longer. But for only 54 pages it sure packed a punch. Those of you who like a hot military romance will surely enjoy this one--4 1/2 stars! *Note: This story also appears in the anthology Red-Hot Summer.*

  • Mo
    2019-04-13 01:01

    Fairly quick, hot read. Garrett can't believe it when sweet, sexy Shelby suggests a wild and sweaty menage. He's been trying to figure out how to ask her out without coming off as a guy who only wants to get in her pants--her friendship is too valuable to him to risk it. But if a crazy, heat-wave three-way is what Shelby wants, then he's ready and willing to give it to her. ”Is that a promise?”“It’s a guarantee.”

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-03-31 20:46

    I took Auntee's advice and picked up "Heat of the Moment" by Elle Kennedy. WOW, like my hot flashes needed any ignition! But if you're somewhere cold, might I suggest this little nugget for under $3 will heat you up and keep you toasty any time you remember it.She's got the all-American golden California girl looks, including freckles, and she runs a bakery near the naval base. He's a SEAL with a history of loving and leaving. She's getting over a former relationship with a Marine who cheated. He's be happy to stay with one girl if she's the girl. But when she overhears he and his buddy discussing their theory of her 'vanilla' sex life, she decides to go for broke and suggests BOTH of them accompany her upstairs!Fun, quick, and sweaty. Can you really ask for more under three dollars?

  • Tami (synchro from BL)
    2019-03-26 04:02

    A short pornesque threesome leads to true love - in 50 pages...  So we have insta-love, as the "falling in love" part was already done, the MCs only weren't aware. The only deciding factor for that I could discern was physical beauty. It was silly - especially the end when[spoiler]the biggest man-ho ever is insulted when his girl asks him, if he will have sex with other girls while over seas. A justified question in my opinion, as they were not dating, had no exclusivity talk yet and haven't even been together for more than one night. But ok. Maybe you just have to have FAITH. Otherwise go and apologize to the big bad Navy SEAL. [/spoiler] So this was basically one short porno threesome evolving into endless love.But, relax: the guy she ends up with has the way bigger c*ck. So all good.

  • Snow
    2019-03-24 03:44

    So, Elle Kennedy won me over with her NA Off-Campus series and I love her writing and the ALPHA males she presents, so i thought, heck, I rarely read about them SEALs guys...and voila, sure, they are freakin hawt and heavy, and abundant *wink*BUTthis is a short story, so if you are content with a merely predictable and pretty shallow story (even for a novella), a steamy hawt sex scenes (especially a threesome) without the actual substance other than a steamy sex, then well, do not dwell further more, and enjoy the read but don't expect a brainstroming issues to be solved along the way...LOL

  • Alexandra
    2019-03-29 03:37

    This is actually a 3.5 star book. Mostly because it is pretty short. First of all,WTF IS THAT COVER? Earth to Elle Kennedy!! It’s the ugliest cover i have ever seen. Nope,nope,nope.Moving on…This is the third book I have read by Elle Kennedy, I really really enjoyedThe Deal (Off-Campus, #1)so i wanted to read the other books she had. I love how developed her stories are. And her writing style it's really complex. Her stories draw me in and leave me wanting more. I also love the way she effortlessly combines characters that compliment one another, and make you root for them. This is a fairly short novella so you can't expect a lot from it. I actually really liked Carson more than John,so i'm really excited for the next book because it's from his perspective point of view. “Jeez, what was wrong with her? How could she possibly be flattered by the fact that Garrett and his buddy thought she was vanilla?” “Is that a promise?” she called back.“Nope.” He grinned and repeated his earlier words. “It’s a guarantee.”

  • Courtnie
    2019-04-14 21:56

    Erotic short that I was expecting to have more substance. I was interested in this author after reading a couple of reviewers who really liked her writing style, this was one of the few works that my library had available to try her out. It was okay with a shoulder shrug. It didn't light me up. There was a weird argument in which John got irrationally angry and Shelby was forced to do a little unnecessary groveling, for added drama's sake obviously. Plus, it was very short so everything was rushed. This surprise was my fault however, I didn't look up page count initially and it wasn't until I noticed my progress ticking a long a little too quickly on my Kindle before I realized it was a short story. I wasn't suitably impressed to go searching for another book, short or otherwise, but if a book friend really liked a later book of hers, I'd probably give it a shot.

  • Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣
    2019-04-07 02:34

    What I really love in all the Elle Kennedy books I've read so far, is her characters' attitude towards sex. It's always nonjudgmental. Both men and women enjoy great, consensual sex.Now, this short story starts with a ménage à trois initiated by a young woman trying to prove a point to the man she's attracted to. It's good it ends in a relationship.*Read this for our May Short Story Month Marathon, a personal challenge during which Sandra and I will be going through our short story collection.

  • Mysza
    2019-04-16 19:51

    *** 3,5 stars ***

  • My Pink Fairytales
    2019-04-04 22:37

    Why can't I stay away from short novellas when it's clear as hell they're not my thing? Hm? Damn!68 pages of some hot sex, 3-4 characters and a non-existing plot. Here's how i see things:- there's a heat wave. Shelby, our heroine says heat waves always make her want to have sex.- Shelby owns a bakery/coffee house. She opened on a Sunday for Navy SEALs to watch a game in the only place in town that had power.- Then there's John Garrett. Shelby has been flirting with him for a year and he didn't seem interested. At all. - Shelby hears Garrett and another guy talk about her, saying she's all vanilla, not interested in Garrett, that she doesn't have a wild side, that wouldn't in a million years go for a threesome, blah blah blah. - Shelby says "oh, but wait. i'm not like that. I wanna have a threesome. It's been a fantasy of mine for so long." - or something like that. :rolling my eyes: So she invites the dudes up to her apartment to have sex. <(view spoiler)[Carson (Garrett's friend) is first, but then his phone rings and he needs to go, leaving her alone with his friend. Alone with Garrett, they do it, of course, confess their attraction to each other and spend the night. Next morning, he gets called to base. Because Shelby's ex was cheating on her - he was a Marine, btw- she asked Garrett before leaving if he was going to do the same. He gets angry and disappointed that thought has even crossed her mind, he says "screw you" and walk out the door. (hide spoiler)]- The story ends with (view spoiler)[Shelby catching Garrett at the last minute before boarding, apologizing to him for being an idiot and saying she's be waiting for him. (hide spoiler)]And that's it. Now tell me, how would you rate this? I think the most disappointing thing is that it's written by "5 ★ Off Campus Trilogy Elle Kennedy". In my humble opinion, if you wanna write an erotic novella, you should get inspired by Alexa Riley or something. I read her Trailer Park Virgin, which is off the charts hot, has no plot, just sex, taboo-ish sex if i might add and also 3 characters. But it's good enough for 60 pages of pure smut novella. Thank God it was free on Amazon....

  • Tamara
    2019-04-04 20:45

    Shelby overhears the guy she was lusting after for a year aka John Garrent telling her best friend Carson she probably isnt wild enough and only has ‘vanilla sex’. Determined to prove the guys wrong, she suggests they have a threesome. There you have it. That's the plot. The book is extremely short and extremely steamy, not deep enough but at least there is a good build-up to the hot stuff. The only things I didnt like were John's personality and menage stuff.Bear with me for a second.So, after they have sex Shelby asks him if he's ever going to sleep with other woman now as well and he freaks out and makes a big deal out of it. 'Ohh how can you not trust me. I've been lusting after you for a year, plus we are friends. Dont you know me' etc etc. He totally goes bananas on the heroine.THIS GUY. This guy is a playboy/man-whore or let's just say he used to be until he met the heroine but she doesnt know that, ok?! What the hell the Shelby was supposed to think? It's not like she has a magical vagina that stops man-whore men from sleeping with other woman. Plus, somebody explain to me what the hell is wrong with this guy? He basically said yes to the thresome so that he can fuck the girl of his dreams but it was obvious he didnt want to share her with her best buddy Carson. He tries to explain this by saying he was just 'respecting her fantasies' and just 'wanted to be with her even though she wanted a thresome'. WTF? I'm supposed to buy that shit? His buddy Carson seemed so much better than John...but he also insulted her in the beginning so... why the hell I even liked this...Ohhh, sexy times. It had sexy times. It's Elle Kennedy ok?P.S.: Read The Deal if you havent already!!

  • Angela
    2019-04-02 22:40

    19 August 2014: $0.00 FREE on Kindle - this is the start of an excellent series! Quick, sexy, and fun. They just get better and better after this one!Aug 26 2013 - Buddy read with SarahQuick sexy story. With only being around 70 pages (kindle version finishes around 78%) there's not a lot that can happen. Even though I didn't get a lot of time to know Garrett and Shelby, I liked them enough to be happy they got together.Ice and tequila always make for interesting times...Nice intro to Carson here, whose book is next I believe.Solid and enjoyable read. Strong writing and sexy times. 3 stars just because it wasn't long enough to really engage me with the characters more.10/10/2012: $1.00 on Kindle

  • Stephanie*
    2019-04-08 01:43

    Novellas are often times hard to review. A lot of times the book is too short and the couples' relationship always feels rushed or like insta-love. We don't get to see the build up of a relationship or sexual tension, which sucks...a lot. This one was quite steamy with a ménage, but not sure how I felt about it all. This was a very quick read, so there is that....overall this was a so-so read.

  • Paula
    2019-04-01 23:45

    3.5 starsRead this for a reading challenge. Super sexy novella.

  • Laci
    2019-03-24 02:44


  • Sarah
    2019-04-16 20:37

    Buddy read with AngeHeat of the Moment may be short but it certainly packs a punch and is a very hot introduction to Elle Kennedy's Out of Uniform series. Shelby has been crushing on Garrett for over a year but no matter how hard she tries to flirt with him he just doesn't seem to pick up on her signals. Then when she overhears him discussing her with a friend and talking about how tame she is she decides to prove him wrong by suggesting a ménage. What she doesn't realise is that Garrett has been fantasizing about her forever and that while he's happy to help her fulfil her fantasy he has every intention of claiming her afterwards.This is a fairly short novella so you can't expect a huge amount of characterisation but if you're looking for something fast to read staring two incredibly hot Navy SEALS then you can't go wrong. Garrett and Carson sure know how to show a girl a good time and I wouldn't have minded stepping into Shelby's shoes for the night! Although we don't get to know a great deal about the characters there was enough of a back story for me to believe that Shelby and Garrett would make a good couple. Garrett's actions did irritate me for a few minutes towards the end but I forgave him quite quickly and it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the story. I'm also very excited to spend more time with Carson who I believe he's the hero of the second book in the series.

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-04-06 22:52

    Quick, hot and enjoyable. I prefer full length novels, but I am reading these shorts one after the other so I don't mind the shortness quiet so much. They only take a really little time to read, so I am enjoying them enough to keep on going.

  • « Court (Take the Read) »
    2019-03-28 21:54

    Only complaint?That this is so damn short . Out of all the SEALs, I knew I'd love Garrett's story, after meeting him in Hotter Than Ever. Shelby was adorable, too. And their menage with Carson? HOT. After reading two books in this series, I'll probably just keep going and read the rest. My smutty little heart loves the stories so far.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-04-17 19:41

    I read …….the 9th book in this fun and sexy series at one of my GR friend’s recommendation….which I absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to read the entire series.What could be more exciting than going on a trip with some gorgeous, sexy, funny, totally alpha-male Navy Seals!!! This is the first book in the Out of Uniform series and it was a quick and short read, telling the story of sexy Navy Seal, John Garrett, who has had a crush for over a year on the local bakery owner, Shelby. Of course, she has a crush on him too…but neither knows this!!! Until on hot and steamy day, Shelby overhears John discussing her with his best pal, Carson – “Shelby’s not a wild chick, Garrett. Like you said, she’s nice, wholesome, you know, the kind of woman who’d probably freak out if you suggested, I don’t know, trying something other than the missionary position. Maybe it’s the freckles.” “I like the freckles.”Really….., John believes her to be innocent and probably only likes vanilla sex and no way could she ever be into threesomes (which is something these navy seal boys LUV……)!!! What else can a girl do to destroy that mundane image they have of her???? That’s right…she seduces both gorgeous guys and soon the three are in her bedroom, where she’s ravished by two hot guys..…but wait….(view spoiler)[just in case you think this is a ménage story…it’s not exactly that…. John and Carson do it ONCE with Shelby….because really, it was something she always wanted to experience ONCE…she is after all CRAZY about John only (hide spoiler)]….even though Carson…oh wow…he’s more than HOT…..(there is definitely a story of his own…)Short, sweet story that didn’t really have much time for character development.Also the ending happened really fast …in fact I was totally fazed when I turned the last page. I wanted a bit more. Having said that, I was really smiling as I kept turning the pages.Can’t wait for Carson’s story and more about these fabulous men in uniform!!!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Tara | Slow Readers Blog
    2019-04-06 02:01

    Meh. Short novella. Just okay.

  • Beate
    2019-03-21 20:00

    For a dirty menage, this one is surprisingly vanilla. Other than some alternate kissing, and one man going down on her while the other sucks on her boobs - that's about how dirty it gets. Girl has fantasies about being taken by two men at once, but only gets to have sex with one man at a time. And even her second round, one man leaves before anything happens. I was expecting M/F/M, hoping for M/M/F, but got M/F+M/F - yeah. Boring. I guess I shouldn't expect anything more from the rest of the books in the series...

  • ⚜️Trea
    2019-03-23 01:44

    This was a very short story...mostly just an erotic sex scene, and a small bit of lead in and resolution. Having tried the author's romantic suspense series and not enjoying it, I didn't hold much hope for this one. It wasn't bad, but it was too short to really connect to the characters. I did like what I saw of the characters, so I'm willing to give the other books in this series a chance. Hopefully, some of those will be a bit better!

  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    2019-03-22 03:46

    Have to be honest, did not expect much from this, given it was short and M/F/M (given the shortness of the book, I did not expect much in the way of story, thought it would be sex sex sex)But, it actually managed to make me care about our two main characters.It was a fun, hot, sexy short read!As my Nana used to say, "Dynamite comes in little bundles"! A nice introduction to the series for me, and I can't wait to read the rest!3.5 rounded up to 4 stars.

  • Cyn Mistress Kitty
    2019-04-02 00:38

    I really liked this way too short story. Actually, the only thing holding me back from giving it 5 stars is that it is too short. The one and only scene of a threesome was hot. I am starting Carson's story now. Are there any Navy SEAL's who are not smokin' hot? Gotta love a man in a uniform.Just did a re-read and love these SEALs.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-04-05 01:00

    Been a while since the last time I read menage story. Well, I kind of miss it. :)This book is pretty short so the story is fast-paced. I liked it though in a way, I wish it could be more detailed and slow. But overall I liked this book. Not exactly my favorite, but I'll definitely read the series.

  • Jae
    2019-04-21 00:35

    A hot quick read. I've always liked a story about love from afar. And Shelby lusting secretly after Garrett for over a year has taken its toll on her and made her quite the wanton. Wanton enough to invite Garrett plus his best friend into her bed. I have to emphasize that I am not too stoke about the threesome bit.