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summer is a time to grow seeds Polly has an idea that she can't stop thinking about, one that involves changing a few things about herself. She's setting her sights on a more glamorous life, but it's going to take all of her focus. At least that way she won't have to watch her friends moving so far ahead. roots Jo is spending the summer at her family's beach house, workingsummer is a time to grow seeds Polly has an idea that she can't stop thinking about, one that involves changing a few things about herself. She's setting her sights on a more glamorous life, but it's going to take all of her focus. At least that way she won't have to watch her friends moving so far ahead. roots Jo is spending the summer at her family's beach house, working as a busgirl and bonding with the older, cooler girls she'll see at high school come September. She didn't count on a brief fling with a cute boy changing her entire summer. Or feeling embarrassed by her middle school friends. And she didn't count on her family at all. . . leavesAma is not an outdoorsy girl. She wanted to be at an academic camp, doing research in an air-conditioned library, earning A's. Instead her summer scholarship lands her on a wilderness trip full of flirting teenagers, blisters, impossible hiking trails, and a sad lack of hair products. It is a new summer. And a new sisterhood. Come grow with them....

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3 willows a new sisterhood grows Reviews

  • Kit
    2019-02-24 09:25

    I always thought the idea of magical jeans that mysteriously grew or shrunk was an unnecessary element in the awesome Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, maybe left over from the original sell of the series idea to an editor, kind of like Gene Rodenberry had to describe Star Trek as "Wagon Train in space" to get the network to sign off on it. In 3 Willows, Brashares proves that she doesn't need a gimmick. And in a very cool move, she actually addresses the question that lots of real-life girls could have asked after reading the sisterhood books: What if you're struggling to maintain your friendships and you don't have magical jeans to help you?That's the case for friends Ama, Jo, and Polly as they end their 8th-grade year. They live in the same town as the Sisterhood, have heard rumors about the legendary pants, and feel their own friendship is doomed not to survive into high school with nothing magical to shore it up. The three girls are definitely brand-new characters, not reworkings of Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bee, and I cared about them just as much as I did about the originals. With their friendship more tenuous than in the other books, the stories feel darker, especially Polly's. But the endings (and, I imagine, the continuation into the next book) are triumphant as each girl manages to get back to being true to herself.I can't wait for the next book!

  • Sara
    2019-03-16 13:25

    3.5 stars. While I wouldn't call this part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, this book is sort of a spin-off from the original series in that it revolves around three girls the summer before starting 9th grade who known of the Sisterhood girls and are in awe of their traveling pants. They don't get a pair of pants to share between them, however; the story just revolves around their friendship.The girls were fairly likable, even though I grew frustrated at times because they acted, well, like 14 year olds act. Ama is off on a wilderness adventure and trying to enjoy the great outdoors while she'd rather be doing academic stuff inside; Jo is working as a bus-girl at a beach diner and trying to impress older girls; Polly decides she wants to be a model because she doesn't know what else to do with herself. The three aren't quite as close as they were years ago, but somehow everything keeps going back to their friendships. A little contrived, but whatever. This book is well-written and fun to read, but it wasn't nearly as entertaining as the original 4 books, and I didn't like the new girls as much; their problems seemed a little less genuine as some of the Pants girls' problems (though, of course, there were weak moments in those books too). I liked Ama's and Jo's stories a lot more than Polly's - hers seemed the most forced, as if there wasn't another, better plot that could be thought up - and I think this book would definitely appeal to fans of the series, and to tweens and teens in general.

  • Lauren
    2019-03-15 11:29

    Once again, Ann Brashares has written a breathtaking story that will blow readers away and have them begging for more of Ama, Jo, and Polly.The main focus of 3 Willows is how three best friends have grown apart after four years of friendship and have fallen into different groups that don't involve the other two. Leaving them to wonder that even though they have been through so much together, do they really need each other again? As you can see, this is a big departure from Brashares The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which focused on four girls who have been best friends since the womb. I really liked how 3 Willows was different in this aspect from the original Sisterhood because it was a interesting and cute storyline. Also, I felt that if it had been about a couple of best friends who have been with one another for forever I would have thought Ann was just trying to cash out the whole Sisterhood franchise and couldn't write anything else. One of my favorites parts on 3 Willows were Ama, Jo, and Polly. Ann proved that she can write likable and three-dimensional characters that I personally think most girls can relate to in many ways. Also, they were fun to read about and kept the pages turning.The only problem I had with 3 Willows was in the first 30 or so pages, the original Sisterhood was mentioned. It felt that Ann had kind of wanted to remind us that " I am still the author of the #1 bestselling Sisterhood series." Though, it was still kind of cool to hear how Lena, Bridget, Carmon, and Tibby were doing which overruled the annoying factor. Overall, 3 Willows was an excellent book that I suggest to people who loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series or anyone looking for a great read.Grade: a definite A+

  • Caroline
    2019-03-16 13:28

    This was a sort-of companion to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, but you didn't have to read them to get what was going on in this.This was very different, though, because the girls' friendship is different. That is what I like about this book, that it proves that not all friendships are like that of Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bridget, even if the girls are very similar. Jo is a bit like Bridget: she's daring and reckless, and a significant family member of her's is dead; she must reconnect with her father. Polly would be like Tibby, because she wants to be something but it's not within her grasp (but Jo could be like Tibby in the second book, because she's posing for her summer friends) and she has to stumble around to get to it. Ama would be like Lena because she's beautiful and gets herself into idiotic situations, especially in love. And her parents are immigrants.Et cetera, et cetera. So it's actually better if you didn't read the Sisterhood books, because you won't see how it's the same characters in an AU fanfic.I did read the entire thing, though, and that's saying something.

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2019-03-06 10:24

    Not a fan. IF I would've been writing reviews this would've been an epic rant. I still might do it one of these days if I ever dig this one out of storage.

  • Leah
    2019-03-02 09:30

    I liked this story but not as much as the Sisterhood series. The characters were interesting and mostly likeable. Their problems and the outcomes were realistic, and I enjoyed the watching each character grow. It was nice that the MCs of the Sisterhood were mentioned, and one made a brief appearance.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-02-28 09:44

    Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadToo.comThe Sisterhood may be grown up, but their legend lives on. Meet Polly, Jo, and Ama, three girls who are now entering the very same high school the legendary Sisterhood attended. The three have been friends since third grade, but now with high school approaching, they find themselves being drawn in separate ways and spending the summer apart. Ama is all about academics, extra credit, and schoolwork. She's signed up to spend the summer at a camp that will give her school credit. She's hoping to be in the library all day, but instead finds herself signed up for the outdoor wilderness hike. Ama is not an outdoorsy girl and can't imagine herself spending the summer hiking and sleeping in a tent. Jo is spending the summer at her family beach house and working as a bus girl at a local restaurant. She's hoping to make friends with the older girls from the "in" crowd so she can start high school in the right group. But a fling with a mysterious boy threatens to change all of Jo's plans. Polly is stuck at home babysitting until she gets the idea that she could be a model. She throws herself into the world of modeling camp and starts to lose herself - and only her friends can help bring her back. One of Ann Brashares strengths is that she puts so much into her characters that readers can always find someone like them. The experiences the girls have never seem over the top or unrealistic, and their friendship will resonate with readers making the transition from middle school to high school. Although reminiscent of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS series, Polly, Ama, and Jo each bring something new to the story - and their stories are original. Fans will enjoy the appearances made by characters from the previous series, as well. 3 WILLOWS is a great pick for readers looking for a wonderful, charming book about the challenges of friendship and growing up.

  • Adzua
    2019-02-23 15:16

    The book 3 Willows by Ann Brashares about three girls named, Jo, Polly, and Ama. In the book the girls go their own separate ways for the summer. Polly is questioning herself and her looks and decides to try out for modeling. Jo, is at her family beach house for the summer and works as bus girl, and meets cute boy that changes her. Meanwhile Ama is an a outdoor sleep away camp, and is miserable and in tears. The internal conflict for Polly is that she worries that friends are growing up to fast for her. Her external conflict is that she is insecure about the way she looks. Jo doesn’t have an internal conflict but a external conflict. She is pretends to be someone she’s not in front of her other friends. Ama external conflict is about what her roommate thinks about her.I would connect this book to myself. The reason is because just like Polly sometimes I feel like my friends sometimes move to fast for me. Just like Polly in the book she feels that her friends are maturing faster than she is.I would give this book 5 stars. That is because the book was enjoyable and very touching. I would recommend this to readers who love heart felt and friend bonding stories.

  • Erin
    2019-02-27 14:27

    Review: 3 Willows by Ann BrasharesHere is a summary of what the book is about. summer is a time to grow seedsPolly has an idea that she can't stop thinking about, one that involves changing a few things about herself. She's setting her sights on a more glamorous life, but it's going to take all of her focus. At least that way she won't have to watch her friends moving so far ahead.rootsJo is spending the summer at her family's beach house, working as a busgirl and bonding with the older, cooler girls she'll see at high school come September. She didn't count on a brief fling with a cute boy changing her entire summer. Or feeling embarrassed by her middle school friends. And she didn't count on her family at all. . . leavesAma is not an outdoorsy girl. She wanted to be at an academic camp, doing research in an air-conditioned library, earning A's. Instead her summer scholarship lands her on a wilderness trip full of flirting teenagers, blisters, impossible hiking trails, and a sad lack of hair products. It is a new summer. And a new sisterhood. Come grow with them.I found this book very interesting. I thought it was apart of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series but it's not. It's a new sisterhood and new friendships. What I got out of the storyline is that no matter what your friends are always there for you. I only hope to have friendships as close as the characters did in this book.I do plan on reading more books from this author.Happy Reading Everyone!

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-06 07:36

    I loved this book. I wasn't sure when I started it and realized the girls were just finishing up middle school but I'm really glad I pushed through my initial doubts. This was my book club book for September and I'm really excited to talk about it with my girls.I found myself getting unexplainable chills while reading this book and the only way I can explain it is that I felt really connected to the story and the characters.

  • Floor Flawless
    2019-03-10 13:15

    Wel een aardig boek om te lezen. Grappig ook dat er verwijzingen zitten naar 4 vriendinnen 1 spijkerbroek. Ann Brashares schrijft op een erg herkenbare manier voor meiden in de puberteit.

  • Preet
    2019-02-24 08:21

    When I saw the novel, 3 Willows: A Sisterhood Grows, on a shelf at the library I noticed that the author of this novel had written several other realistic fiction books that I had enjoyed. Ann Brashares, the amazing author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, introduced her latest novel on January 2009. Because I had enjoyed her other novels so much, I was naturally curious to see how this new one would compare.Ama, Polly, and Jo, the three main characters of this novel, are best friends trying to enjoy the freedom of summer before their first year of high school. This summer, however, wasn’t pure enjoyment; it actually turned out to be a critical period of time for the girls due their experiences that led them to great growth and development. Ama’s conflict of man vs nature challenged her to open her mind to concepts that didn’t involve school or grades .When she was only allowed entrance into the outdoors group instead of the one that involved school and homework , Ama was forced accept it, but in the end, her experience in the group proved beneficial in several aspects. Polly, on the other hand, is experiencing a man vs. himself conflict. She forces upon herself a crisis in which she becomes “unsure of her body,” and her entire summer becomes characterized by her extreme efforts to lose weight in order to look like the models in magazines. Lastly, Jo is amidst a man vs. man conflict. A boy she believed had become her boyfriend due to their various encounters begins to act completely different due to the pretty new girl who caught his eye. Her parents are going to separate and expect her to handle it on her own since neither of them is around too often. Her old friends aren’t mixing with her new friends, and whichever way she walks feels like a dead end. The diverse conflicts occurring in the lives of these teens not only connect several aspects of the novel but propel the story forward as well. The theme demonstrated throughout this novel is shown by the teens’ journey from innocence to awareness. It is proven that everyone treads this passage along different paths. Ama is now expected to be more responsible and open minded due to her new surroundings and circumstances. However, sometimes the wrong path is taken on this journey, so people like Polly no longer feel comfortable with themselves. Jo is forced to open her eyes to reality and realize that not everyone she once counted on was dependable. The path to awareness is a tedious journey that will either leave one with a greater sense of confidence or a lack of one. Ann Brashare’s writing style is rather unique for she takes the stories of three girls who are connected by friendship but are involved in completely different circumstances. She effectively narrates the stories of each individual by focusing an entire chapter on each character. This allows for a deeper connection with each character. It is often quite difficult for authors to effectively entwine the separate stories of characters in different situations to form a single complete novel, but she accomplished the task well. Her writing is also characterized by her simplistic voice and lack of excessive symbols and motifs. The only complaint I have about this book is that it was too similar to her previous novels. I don’t recommend this novel to anyone who has read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, because it seems very repetitive. Anyone who hasn’t read that series should definitely pick up this book.

  • Makayla M.
    2019-03-04 14:38

    3 Willows is a book about three girls who have been friends since they were young. But ever since middle school they have drifted apart. I think that the author compared their friendship to a willow tree. One of the girls, Jo has begun to realize who her real friends are, and that you don't have to change to feel accepted. Ama thought that there was nothing worse than going to an outdoor camp and having no hair products. Yet she was wrong. Polly, thought she could change herself to fit a more glamorous life. But then again, why change to fit in when so long ago you were used to being accepted by your true friends. All of these girls learned that summer wasn't a time to grow apart but to grow together. Just like a quote from the back of the book says, "No matter how far back you cut a willow tree, it will never really die." I recommend this book because it makes you realize just how valuable real friends are and that you shouldn't take them for granted. I also recommend this book because its entertaining and you don't want to put the book down because you want to see what happens next to the girls as they try out their separate ways but in the end, end up together again. Its action-packed and realistic in all the right ways. It is definitely a good book for adolescent girls who are learning who their true friends and who isn't. Me: So, Jo where do you think you'll be if you went back at the beach house and stayed with Brynn and Zach?Jo: Well, I would more then likely be more miserable than I have ever been. All Brynn has ever done was drag me down and change me for the worst. Im glad that I stayed at my dads in DC and have been with Ama and Polly. They are the best friends I have ever had. I can be myself and i'm happy with that.Me: Ama, what would you do if you went home when you got lost from your group at camp? What made you stay?Ama: Polly did. Once I got off the phone with my dad that day I wondered what Jo and Polly would say if I went home. What my sister Esi would say. Thats why I called Polly I guess. I knew she would listen to me. Jo would too. I blew Polly off thinking that Polly was no help to me if she was saying that it would be a beautiful once in a lifetime chance. I ended up listening, and Polly was right. The view was lifechanging. But you know what else is lifechanging? A friendship that will last a lifetime. Me: Polly, why did you go out of your way to help out Jo and Ama this past summer when you could have gone your own way also?Polly: I believed. I believed that what we had was worth fighting for. Even if they didn't need me or want me I was there for them and in the end they were there for me too. Thats what I like about them. Its not a balanced friendship. We all have each others back. Even if we can't pay them back they're there.

  • Alex Bennett
    2019-03-12 10:34

    Please check out Electrifying Reviews for more reviews like this, plus giveaways, interviews, and more!If you know anything about my reading history, you'll know that I love Ann Brashares's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. Although 3 Willows is not exactly a continuation of Brashares's previous series, I was eager to read the book and be reminded of why I fell in love with the Sisterhood in the first place. Thankfully all of the magic of the original series was retained in this novel and I soon fell in love with Brashares's writing all over again.3 Willows most directly follows the path of the original Sisterhood novel, in that readers are introduced to the characters as they are going their separate ways. It is unlike the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, however, because initially the characters in 3 Willows are not close. It's their summer apart, in fact, that brings them together.It's always interesting to me how Ann Brashares is able to include so many social issues into her stories and yet avoid exaggeration. Everything seems to fit very naturally. In 3 Willows the issues of race, eating disorders, and other dramas are explored. The fact that these characters are experiencing such things allows readers to connect to them on a deep level, which is something I've always appreciated in Brashares's books.Something I've never been able to do while reading a Sisterhood book is choose a favorite character. Fortunately this was the case with 3 Willows as well. I say "fortunately" because each of the characters is written so well that I cannot choose one whose story allows me to connect with her more than the others. Ama's story appealed to me because I am somebody who loves the outdoors and was interested to learn about somebody who initially didn't. I've always been fascinated with the modeling and fashion industries, so Polly's tale piqued my interest. Living in a resort town my whole life, I have met a lot of summer kids like Jo, and could understand a lot of what she was going through. The three stories, though seemingly unrelated, all connect in very important ways.If you've yet to read an Ann Brashares novel, read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books first. They'll give you a more profound appreciation for 3 Willows when the time comes for you to read it. However, don't assume that I'm writing 3 Willows off as second-best because, in my opinion, it holds its own against the original series.

  • M.
    2019-02-28 15:28

    Friends grow apart but are always there. Get ready for a whole new sisterhood of friends and a great story about another interesting summer and the strength of friendship in Ann Brashare's new series. Jo starts to feel embaressed by her middle school friends and while at her beach house starts to try harder to blend in with the older cooler girls that she will be going to high school with the next year. Little does she know that the unexpected fling she has with a boy on a bus after some bad news will help her rocket to the top of the social status ladder. When she gets to the top her attitude takes a turn for the worse, and she finds out that sometimes parents are not the best example of how to solve a fight. Polly learns some interesting facts about her grandmother and decides that maybe not following her mom in being a feminist could be fun. So while her friends are away she stays home in DC and breaks away from her usally shy self and goes to a modeling camp. Soon she becomes obsessed with how she looks and trying to change herself to fit in and become a model. Polly's little obsesion quickly becomes a big problem and her mom isn't in good condition too help her. Will her new dream of becoming a supermodel come true or will some other girl snatch it away from her very skinny arms? Ama is looking forward to her summer because she has got a summer scholarship to go to a very prestigious summer camp for kids that are really smart and work hard in school. She and her proud parents are really excited when she gets the envelope in the mail, but when she opens the envelope she gets a very unpleasent surprise. She won't be studying in a air-conditined science lab like the non outdoorsy girl hoped. She is going to Wilderness Camp. Ama goes into the camp with a bad attitude right from the start when one of the counselors take her hair products away. It gets even worse when she has to endure the terrifing hiking trails, terrible blisters, and flirting teenagers. She just hopes she can make it out alive, let alone get an A.Ann Brashers new Sisterhood is a great book and definitely worth reading. If you like realistic fiction books and you read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and enjoyed it you will fall in love with 3 Willows! Brashares does a great job of showing that somtimes a unexpected friend gives the best advice when you're in a jam. Watch the friends grow in 3Willows.

  • Sophie
    2019-03-01 09:37

    The Summer That Changed Everything is a beautiful summer tale of friendship, love and loss.The four girls from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants were mentioned throughout the novel and one even had a cameo. In the eyes of Ama, Polly and Jo, those girls and their story are legendary. But I haven’t read the books about the Sisterhood. I know, I know, I’m very ashamed of myself. It seems like the stories of the Sisterhood are teenage rites of passage and The Summer That Changed Everything seemed to bring this to a younger generation, like passing those beloved teen classics down to your little sister.It’s been a while since I’ve read a book like this; it was completely refreshing. I tend to read a lot of intense paranormal romances so it was nice to return to the kind of book that I would have read before I started blogging. The Summer That Changed Everything is full of a different kind of life and energy to my usual reads. It reads like the soft, warm fulfilment of a day spent out in the sun enjoying life. And while The Summer That Changed Everything is a subtle, summer read, it also deals with bigger issues that you face growing up, such as, divorce, alcoholism, kissing another girl’s boyfriend and drifting away from your friends. But they weren’t forced down your throat at all, they sat in the background having a silent effect on the lives of the girls just as they really would. One of my favourite things about The Summer That Changed Everything is it’s format. If you’re a regular reader of my reviews you’ll know that I love split narration as I love to hear all sides of a story! Polly, Jo and Ama are three very different girls that live very different summers and their story probably would have been impossible to tell in any other way. I also really loved the facts about willow trees that were scattered between the chapters. They held the novel on an underlying string that really pulled everything together. I love them!I really enjoyed The Summer That Changed Everything and I definitely hope to read more of Ann Brashares’ books in the future. Especially The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series!

  • Linna
    2019-02-23 07:41

    If there’s one thing that bothered me about the sisterhood of the traveling pants, Its this- their friendship is too perfect. I love those books, but things come so easily to them when they’ve been besties since birth.Three Willows explores the foundations of friendship- and our girls don’t share a bond at all. They have fascinating personalities that are nothing like Tibby, Carmen, Lena and Bee. Most of the book follows the girls’ individual summers and their trials. It isn’t picture perfect- it’s realistic. I was actually gratified to read some scenes. They were perfectly plausible. Authors don’t tend to delve in the ugly truths of relationships.Jo is trying to please the popular crowd, Anna has to reluctantly spend time at a wilderness camp and Polly enters the modeling business.In tight spots, the dialogue and actions weren’t meant to be completely hurtful. Jo’s treatment of Polly was particularly jarring. It was almost cruel, but it was it’s realistic nature that made me feel empathy.It begs the question: deep down, wouldn’t we all act the same way?The old crew make some cameos- there are some references to them and what they’re up to. These were nice to see but never got in the way of the main story!Friendships are unstable. I know best friends seem close as sisters. Nothing seems to be able to separate them. But in real life, people change, grow, adapt. It’s so gradual that you don’t realize how far apart you are until you really need each other.In Three Willows, Brashares’ writing has undergone change for the better. The ending was touching- (okay, so maybe I cried a little xD). It left hope for the future, for new beginnings. I hope this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Polly, Anna and Jo. They’ve still got a lot of growing to do!

  • Victoria
    2019-02-20 08:31

    A nice, well-written friendship story that still bears a style recognizable as Brashares', but with not quite the same level of power, bittersweetness, and warm truth that the original Sisterhood series gave us.First, don't pick up this book expecting it to be any sort of continuation of Sisterhood; while there are a few very brief cameos of those characters (Lena is seen for a couple sentences, Bridget is mentioned in passing, and there's a short but sweet appearance by Brian and his relationship with Tibby), but otherwise this is a whole new story. Ama, Polly, and Jo have some of the same problems the Sisterhood they enter high school, they are drifting apart, their interests and summers taking different routes. In grade school they were inseperable, planting three willow trees together in a local park, but now things are changing. Ama is given a scholarship for a wilderness camp, even though she can't imagine she'll ever enjoy it. Jo spends a roller coaster summer on the beach, entangled in a web of older friends, a gorgeous guy, and her parents' seperation. And Polly decides to take a shot at being a model...with no idea of what it will come to entail. Growing up along the way, the friends struggle through their obstacles and inevitably reunite.I didn't get the same feel and attachment for the characters I did in Sisterhood. They all seemed a bit flat and sometimes acted a little ridiculous, making it harder to feel for them. Still, there were some genuinely moving moments, and warm stories like this are always appreciated as pass-the-time books.

  • Teen
    2019-02-16 14:28

    Polly, Ama and Jo make up the new sisterhood from Anne Brashares. Readers who loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series will enjoy this book. There are quite a few ties to the original series. The characters in this book live in the same town and attend the same school as the original sisterhood. The sisterhood is a legend in their town and the three girls have even tried their own version of the pants (impossible with their different shapes & sizes) and later tried a scarf which only ended up lost. Polly babysit’s for Tibby’s siblings and even a cameo appearance of one of the sisterhood but I’m not saying who!3 Willows opens with Polly, Ama and Jo ending their last day of 8th grade. The summer before their freshman year stretches out before them.Ama,(who was born in Ghana) has signed up to do a summer project to earn school credit that will involved air conditioning and quiet academia but instead gets sent on a wilderness adventure. Polly is stuck at home with her eccentric artistic mother, Dia. When Polly’s great-uncle tells her that the grandmother she never knew but he says she resembles was a model, Polly decides to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps but what will she risk will to get there?Jo spends the summer at their family’s beach house. She gets a job as a busgirl and befriends the older (and cooler) girls. Her family surprises her with a major announcement and a relationship with a cute boy may change her irrevocably.A good book; somewhat formulaic and while it is well written it somehow lacks the spark the original series had.

  • Cathy
    2019-03-01 12:37

    uggh, where to start...Ok, is it fair to judge adolescent fiction the same way I would judge adult fiction? I think so, because I honestly found the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants enjoyable. As the original series progressed I found, as with most series, in an effort to maintain continuity (and sales, I'm sure), the books were published in such rapid succession that they were neither as well-edited or as original as the first(anybody who read the Twilight series should also know where I'm coming from).3 Willows is a "continuation" of the Sisterhood series, which means some of the peripheral characters show up in passing. Polly babysits the little siblings of Tibby. Jo had previously gone to soccer camp coached by Bridget. It isn't until about 3/4 through when Lena's sister Effie makes an appearance, but I think the author only added her character to appease young readers who are still ticked off at her for losing the magical pants.I was going to say the three main characters are different from the original foursome because they are selfish, petty, and sometimes even cruel to each other, but then I realized there was a lot of bickering between the sisterhood. However, the 3 girls in this novel lack charm, and their friendship is such a loose thread that if this were real life, their connection would never be maintained at their age. Bottom line, I don't like reading books about 3 people I wouldn't even want to be friends with if they really existed.

  • Jess
    2019-03-10 12:15

    Polly, Ama, & Jo have drifted apart in junior high, thus it only feels natural to spend the summer without each other. But, as they find out, true honest-to-goodness friendship is rare.Couldn't tell you if it was the book or my general mood prior to reading, but this one seemed sadder than other books by Brashares. I like it and the characters, but things just seemed rough. Has it been so long since I read the Pants books that I misremember them being upbeat?This isn't to say the book's a downer, even if the girls are navigating things like death, absent & neglecting parents, body image, older boy issues, pressure to succeed, etc. Perhaps the difference is that the Sisterhood had each other's back and we're doing everything they could to stay together whereas these three were mostly on board for the drift.Still enjoyed it. I cared about the girls, the rotating narrator was successful, and I didn't find myself bored. Loved the bit about how the Sisterhood friendship and jeans became so myth worthy at their high school that everyone was unsuccessfully trying to share pants.The willow facts between chapters made me miss the ones on my grandparent's farm. My fondness for willows overrides my knowledge that they are a pain to mow around and pick up after.Between 3 & 4 stars. Yes, recommend to Pants fans, even if the first three (the fourth was just OK) in that series are better.

  • Adele
    2019-02-24 10:24

    I have come to the conclusion that I don't gel with Ann Brashares writing. I can recognise that she's good but I can never find my way into one of her novels (with the exception of Tibby). I could argue that the Traveling Pants series were easier for me to relate to as the characters were older and slightly more mature but then I should have enjoyed The Last Summer (of You and Me). I just didn't care enough about Ama, Jo or Polly and I should have.The immaturity of the characters bothered me. The complete lack of awareness bothered me more. I think this shows that Ann was probably doing a very good job of showing how far I have come since I was fourteen. That being said, how many fourteen year olds do you know that will kiss a stranger on a bus? Even if he is cute. This rankled me.I like books with alternating perspectives but I didn't find one interesting here. The only time I perked up was during the glimpses of the Sisterhood, particularly the scene with Polly observing Brian missing Tibby. This is a well written, plotted and executed novel. I particularly liked the depiction of growing apart as friends, something everyone experiences in life. That being said, I think the characterisation was a little lacking for me as none of them really sparked off the page. I do see that many people will enjoy this novel and the numerous sequels that are bound to follow.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-08 10:15

    I wish Brashares had gone a different route, rather than try to create another "sisterhood" in this bland book. 3 Willows is set in the same town/universe as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. However, both it's characters and plot are contrived. Brashares makes tenuous links between her new character's lives and those of the original sisterhood. For example Polly babysits for Tibby's little brother and sister, but there isn't any real connection made between these girls and the old girls, so why include them. Their inclusion only serves as a reminder of the original series' superiority to this one. The Willows are all very bland and their stories are rehashed versions of the stories of the original sisterhood with a few twists here and there, but basically Ama is the new Lena, Jo is the new Bridget, and Polly is the new Tibby with pieces of Carmen being divided between the three (Ama is black, Jo's parents are the ones getting divorced and Polly is the curvaceous girl). The girls in this book are a bit younger (13) than the girls in the original series, therefore this book might serve well as an introduction to Brashares' work for those who feel they are not ready to take on the feisty girl of the Pants series yet.

  • Mary
    2019-03-03 10:25

    Three girls from the same town as the Sisterhood graduate from 8th grade and have different experiences during the summer before high school that cause them to remember the value of true friends. Polly decides to explore modeling and goes to modeling camp. She learns that her mother Dia's unreliablility may not always have been because she was working on her art. Jo spends the summer at Rehoboth Beach with her mother. She works as a bus-person at a restaurant, gets involved with a very good-looking boy who also works there - much to the annoyance of his "girlfriend." Jo is coping with her parents' separation; their marriage hasn't been the same since their son Finn died. Ama gets a summer scholarship program, but instead of working in a library doing research or a lab doing something academic, she's sent out west to go hiking and mountain climbing in some national parks. It doesn't fit her lifestyle, and she's sure she is the Black girl they need for their brochure photos. The writing is at times annoying, especially early on. There are a number of expository lumps. However, the story becomes more interesting and readers will want to know what happens to the girls. Sisterhood fans will enjoy the connections.

  • Claudia
    2019-03-13 07:32

    So, this is the new Sisterhood. I love the way Brashares connects all the girls...with the Sisterhood being a legend at their high school, and the funny stories of how other groups of friends tried to emulate them. Couldn't be done. But Ama, Jo, and Polly DO create a bond just as strong, just as supportive in their own way. As elementary students, they plant willow tree seedlings by the bank of a stream in a park. They move on, and apart and forget about the willows who do what willows do best, grow, root, survive.The formula is the same: the girls spend their summer (this time the summer before high school) apart, each learning lessons about who she is and what she needs to do in order to continue to grow, like the willows.I laughed through Ama's misery on her outdoors adventure. Bugs, tents, hiking books -- I feel your pain! Jo is still dealing with the death of her beloved brother, watching her parents' relationship fall apart. And Polly finally has to face the truth about her mother, but in the process nearly loses herself.The metaphor of the willow is perfect! tenacious, sheltering, healing...I'm looking forward to these Willows growing up!

  • Presley
    2019-03-09 10:21

    This book is by Ann Brashares, who is also the author of the bestselling Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. 3 Willows is a branch off of the series. The main characters are three girls who live in the same neighborhood of the girls of the original sisterhood, and two have even made their acquaintance with them. Basically, the main characters are three girls who used to be best friends, but have found that their changing personalities have made them go separate ways. When they were best friends, however, like many girls in the neighborhood who found out about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, attempted to do something similar by sharing some article of clothing. Their attempted sisterhood did not work out. The girls had planted their school project willow trees in the woods when they were younger. Although they had stopped caring for them, they remained in the woods. After embarking on separate summer adventures (similar to the original sisterhood) they learn that their friendship, like that of a willow tree, is deeply rooted and something that they could not forget.

  • Liralen
    2019-03-11 11:24

    So... I'm confused.The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was wildly popular, right? I seem to remember everyone but me having read it, anyway. And the author must have done something good to be so popular.(Well. Maybe. On the other hand, look at Twilight.)Which leaves me wondering why this book felt so half-hearted.I read a digital version. Maybe the print version is better, but I was pretty much reeling in horror from the lack of proofreading/formatting the whole way through. I'd say that maybe it's just my computer (I couldn't for the life of me figure out where those hyphens were coming from), but... I've read clean ebooks with the same program. I think somebody was just lazy.Anyway. Lousy proofreading isn't enough to merit a two-star review, although it makes me grind my teeth. It's just that the book was so...predictable. And flat. I am most definitely beyond the target audience here, but that doesn't mean that books for young teens have to be boring, you know?Sigh.Maybe the Sisterhood books are better?

  • $hanel
    2019-03-16 14:16

    3 Willows is a novel by Ann Brashares bestselling author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. 3 Willows is about three life long best friends Ama, Jo, and Polly on summer break but are all in different places for summer break. Jo is spending her summer at her family`s beach house and gets a summer job as a bus girl and is bonding with the older and much cooler girls, she also meets a very cool guy over break! Polly has a major dream in her life that is going to take a lot of courage to do over summer break and it will leaver her best friends above her and Polly herself, questioning if she is on the right path. Ama is very outdoorsy girl that enjoys nature. Ama is joining a academic camp earning As and working in air conditioned library`s. Her summer is also about flirty girly teenagers, boys and a roommate who is hard to deal with. The three girls have stressful social lives and need to somehow find out who each of each other are.

  • Abby Johnson
    2019-02-28 13:24

    Jo, Ama, and Polly were best friends all through middle school, but now it's the last summer before high school and they've grown apart. Jo's chasing after the popular crowd. Ama's concentrating on her studies. And Polly's wondering what happened to their friendship. 3 Willows follows each of the girls as Ama goes on a dreaded wilderness retreat, Jo navigates the social hierarchy at her beachside restaurant job, and Polly pursues an ill-advised quest to become a model.It's no Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, although some of the Sisters make appearances in the book, but by the end of the book I appreciated it for its sweet story. It took me awhile to get into it because the characters don't have a strong bond at the beginning and I was left wondering why I was supposed to care about them. But by the end of the book I was interested in all of their stories and I'll be looking forward to hearing more from these characters.

  • Heather
    2019-03-07 12:22

    For whatever reason I wasn't that excited to read this title. I had heard that it wasn't as good as the Sisterhood books. exceeded my expectations! I found myself really caring about Ama, Jo and Polly.All three characters are well-developed and likable despite their shortcomings. At times you want to take all of them, and shake some sense into their heads, but being fictional characters the reader has to be content to let them make mistakes and learn from them. All of the girls are dealing with some pretty heavy issues; divorce, poor self-image, addiction, boys, unrealistic expectations...I was a little unimpressed with the mixing in of the original sisterhood characters/supporting characters. Maybe for avid fans it was a fun touch, but believe it or not--the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants girls were not worship-worthy and it just kind of annoyed me.