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The disappearance of Richey Edwards, troubled guitarist of the Manic Street Preachers, is one of rock and roll's great unsolved mysteries. His car was found abandoned near the Severn Bridge, a notorious suicide spot, two weeks after Edwards had last been seen. The car’s location, and the tape in the deck—Nirvana's In Utero—suggested one conclusion. However, it almost seemeThe disappearance of Richey Edwards, troubled guitarist of the Manic Street Preachers, is one of rock and roll's great unsolved mysteries. His car was found abandoned near the Severn Bridge, a notorious suicide spot, two weeks after Edwards had last been seen. The car’s location, and the tape in the deck—Nirvana's In Utero—suggested one conclusion. However, it almost seemed too obvious. In A Version of Reason, Rob Jovanovic unravels the complicated life and final days of Richey Edwards. Piecing together testimony from those close to Edwards, Jovanovic attempts to produce an authoritative account of what happened that day in 1995....

Title : A Version of Reason: In Search of Richey Edwards
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A Version of Reason: In Search of Richey Edwards Reviews

  • Rachel McNab
    2019-03-19 22:37

    This book doesn't exactly shed any new light on the enigmatic and ultimately tragic disappearance of failed rhythm guitarist and all-time cultural icon, Richey Edwards, but it's certainly interesting to look at how each piece of evidence fits together. Of course, we can dig too deeply into things and cause unnecessary complications that only make matters foggier, though this account discusses a number of possibilities whilst keeping everything simple and clear. No one will ever know what happened to Richey, I don't think he'll ever come back, but he shall forever be immortalised.

  • Heidi
    2019-02-23 21:30

    There are really no answers here - how could there be, I suppose - but nevertheless this book did paint a fuller picture of the Manics' history and a fuller picture of Richey than I had yet encountered. The approach is sensitive, but still maintains a sense objectivity.

  • Jess
    2019-03-04 02:29

    A Version of Reason gives the overview of the life and disappearance of Richey Edwards. It includes a lot of information about Richey's life, and unlike the fictional account of what happened to Richey after his disappearance (Richard by Ben Myers), it doesn't come off as cheesy or silly at all. Rob Jovanovic knows what he is doing and he did it very well. Although he (obviously) doesn't know what happens to Richey, he doesn't claim to; he simply offers explanations about what may have happened: did he just disappear, to start a new life in a monastery, other religious institution, whatever, under an assumed name? Did he just decide to be like Rimbaud and wander around for 20 years before returning (we have only a few more years to 'find out' if he will return, or at least crop up in some manner). He also compared the last known days of Richey to the last known days of other rock stars--he mentions that when Richey went to the train station to pick up the interviewer for his last given interview he was wearing Converse One Star shoes, which Kurt Cobain was apparently also wearing when he 'committed suicide'. He also draws comparisons to Ian Curtis and mentions that Curtis also was obsessive about cutting his hair before he, too, committed suicide. It's a sad thought to think that it this was the same thing that Richey did, but these comparisons become a bit worrying--especially if you do want to believe that Richey is indeed still alive somewhere. Overall, I was very impressed with this book. I found Jovanovic's writing not at all annoying or trying too hard to be something he's not, although I know nothing of him other than the little that he wrote about himself. His research seemed thorough enough and the only roadblocks are the things that he was not given access to was because of police confidentiality (I assume that was what it would be called). Unlike Richard, I believe that this book should be somewhat of a 'required reading' for Manics fans. Jovanovic did not jump to any conclusions but instead lets the reader make assumptions of their own based on what other more reliable sources, and not-so reliable sources have said.

  • Guy Mankowski
    2019-03-01 22:41

    Such a frustrating read- though it was good enough for me to devour it in about two days. The pursuit of Richey Edwards seems to me a treasure trove from an authors point of view, given the elusive and enigmatic subject matter. There are great swathes of his life which no one has been able to shed any light on- his rather strange university years for instance, and what his day-to-day life was like when he was living so far away from his fellow Manics. Jovanovic seems to embark on this venture with admirable determination, but when push comes to shove he shies away from getting to the heart of the subject matter. Cue half-hearted anecdotes about him and his agent hanging around the Embassy Hotel or Richey's school until they feel weird and run off. He calls and responds with some interesting and relevant reads but his hold on Richey always seems slight and rather limp. This is so maddening given the length of the book and the bold intentions he began with. At present there doesn't seem to be a book that nails the subject matter at all.

  • Pitchayapa Apithamsoontorn
    2019-03-11 20:32

    It is that one book that stabs you, makes you weep, but gives you a warm hug in the end.However, I would like to thank Rob really. It gives me comfort every time reading that the CCTV footage did not show anyone jumping off the bridge. Rich is still out there. He is entitled to living his Rimbaud-lifestyle if he wants to. Hope you keep well and stay safe whenever you are. X

  • Viva
    2019-03-11 20:31

    Obviously there won't be a surprise ending or anything but there were a lot of little details I hadn't been aware of previously. The author literally travels the same road Richey did, which translates well to the page. He also has conversations with people who knew Richey that raises new questions and brought to light a lot of information that hadn't been common knowledge before. I also got a kick out of the random appearance of a pre-Libertines Peter Doherty in the book Very quick read.. I enjoyed Ben Myer's fictional account of Richey in "Richard" and there's always the fantastic "Everything" by Simon Price but "A Version of Reason" struck me as much more objective than other books about Richey's life and disappearance, yet the author's sensitivity about the subject and genuine interest in Richey as a person (as opposed to a legend) shines through.

  • Derek Baldwin
    2019-03-19 21:22

    A lot better than no biography, but very glibly written, far too speculative, and just a bit creepy if I were honest. A shorter and less pretentious book would have been much better, better still if the author took out the "Richey could be alive and contented living in a monastery right now" bollocks. The finest and most honest tribute to Richard Edwards is the beautiful version of "Williams last words" on Journal Of A Plague Year. Even so, I'm glad the book exists, whatever it's faults, and an easy read is no bad thing.

  • Mica Soellner
    2019-03-11 03:46

    People who read this looking for "answers" won't find any. I thought Jovanovic did a really nice job capturing Richey's life and career. I especially liked reading about his school days. The book is written with sensitivity to the subject, accurate and clear facts, and seems to be well-researched. Personally, I thought it was pretty moving at times, and let me hold more respect for Richey - intellect, beauty, and poetry.

  • Embla
    2019-03-01 19:46

    Not a groundbreaking book, more of a collage of articles and theories that the author collected, pretty much like any other Manics fan. It's anyway good to read them all in sequence as a unique timeline focussed on Richey.We'll never know...

  • Samantha
    2019-03-02 02:30

    Not a lot here that I didn't already know..I suppose it isn't really for the hardcore fan Thanks to my friend Val for picking it up and sending it to me for my collection.. Huzzah for HMV bargain bin! ;)

  • Moth
    2019-03-21 01:42

  • Lauren
    2019-02-26 22:51

    Amazing in-depth account of what could have happened on the day Richey went missing, and decumenting the careers of the Manics and their childhoods. Info you could not fid anywhere else.

  • Nick
    2019-02-28 19:40

    This is great.

  • Christopher
    2019-02-25 00:34

    A few stories that a Richey Edwards fan may not of known contained within, but mostly just a fairly safe biography on the welsh boy genius (in my opinion of course).

  • AndreaGreene Myers
    2019-02-25 20:41

    I loved all the juicy details about Richey, but it was rather frustrating to finish the book and still be as clueless as I was when I began it as to what happened to him. =/