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HE MEETS HIS MATCH.SHE MEETS HER MASTER. Art gallery curator Joy Montgomery has never liked her body's generous curves. And she's always been too shy to explore her wild side. But tonight, everything is going to change . . . Desperate to save her job, Joy approaches bad-boy artist Ash Hunter and asks him to exhibit his erotic work at her gallery. Ash agrees on one conditioHE MEETS HIS MATCH.SHE MEETS HER MASTER. Art gallery curator Joy Montgomery has never liked her body's generous curves. And she's always been too shy to explore her wild side. But tonight, everything is going to change . . . Desperate to save her job, Joy approaches bad-boy artist Ash Hunter and asks him to exhibit his erotic work at her gallery. Ash agrees on one condition: Joy must pose as his model. But business soon turns to pleasure, as Joy experiences a passion beyond her wildest imaginings and Ash finds more than just inspiration in his voluptuous new muse....

Title : Dare to Surrender
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Format Type : Paperback
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Dare to Surrender Reviews

  • Anna
    2019-04-18 21:35

    Dare to Surrender has scenes with bondage, spanking, and dominance play. If that sort of thing bothers you, this is not the review for you. Turn around and leave now; do not pass go, do not collect 200$.Joy loves working for an art gallery, but her place of employment is currently struggling and if she doesn't pull in a hot new artist to display soon, she'll lose her job. The one she wants is Ash Hunter, whose controversial and sexy art is always in demand, but he says he's given up art entirely. He does, however, seem more than a little intrigued by Joy herself, who hopes she can use this draw between them to convince him to run a show at the gallery.They don't seem to do much talking, though. Ash can't resist putting his hands on Joy, and for the first time in her life, Joy feels beautiful. Even her friends are noticing the difference, although they're concerned that Joy, a woman notorious for always dating the wrong man, is just setting herself up to get hurt. And for the first time, Ash starts thinking he might like to stay here, with this woman, rather than continuously moving on with his life the way he always has. He's even inspired artistically, and tells Joy he'll do an exhibit at her gallery if she's willing to be his model.While the two of them are busy getting naughty and exploring boundaries, Joy's best friend Erica is frustrated with her preppy cooking partner, Blaine. As the rebel girl from a poor background, she's never had time for the wealthy and snooty, and from what she's seen, Blaine fits that category perfectly. He keeps pushing at her, though, and Erica can't figure out why he seems to be getting under her skin.One of my biggest issues with the book is a rant I've growled about more than once. The back cover talks about how "Joy Montgomery has never liked her body's generous curves..." and the first part of the book implies she's a bigger woman. She compares herself to her friend Ruby, who she describes as "slim" and "petite"... and then we find out in a later scene that Joy wears a size 8 or 10. A SIZE 8-10. She's not even supposed to be short, which means she has a slim-to-normal build. After all the buildup, I was expecting a plus-sized woman, which would be lovely, because we just don't see enough of those in fiction. I'm not sure why, because larger women can be just as beautiful as someone who starves themselves into fitting a size 00.Ahem. In all fairness, most of Joy's body image issues seem to stem from her grandmother's attitudes. Her grandmother does not seem to appreciate curves, and is constantly trying to convince Joy to lose weight so she'll look more "feminine." Considering Joy's grandmother doesn't seem to have anything nice to say about any aspect of her life, though, and Joy hasn't given up her career, her lifestyle, or choice in men, it seems a curious choice to believe what her grandmother tells her about her appearance, especially when she didn't come to live with her grandmother until she was 17, by which time her peers (who have always told her she's beautiful) would have more influence than an authority figure over her concept of her appearance.Joy is an impulsive sort of woman, and very early in the story, when she's still desperate to convince Ashe to let her use him as an artist, she steals one of his small sculptures, one that speaks to her. I spent the entire book puzzling over this. Impulsive is not the same as totally random acts, and for the most part her actions make sense. Stealing the statue, however, didn't make much sense. Sure, she loved it, but she knew she'd be seeing Ash again, and she didn't seem to have any plans about what to do with it. It felt like a forced bit of conflict, something in there to keep the plot going, even if the genesis didn't make much sense.I actually enjoyed the Erica/Blaine romance more than the main event of Joy/Ash, and I wished there was more time for the discovery between the two of them. It started off beautifully, but since they were the second string players, their story didn't have much time or attention paid to it, and I wanted more. Actually, I would have loved an entire book devoted to those two.In essence, this is the story of Joy's exploration of herself on a whole new level, and although I wanted to like it, the book left me cold most of the time. It was very readable, but my issues with the story kept me from connecting with it. If you're just looking for some hot bondage action, though, this might be a good place to turn.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-03-26 02:45

    I read my first Lilli Feisty book a few months ago, Bound to Please with Ruby and Mark St. Crow and fell in love. I enjoy the way she writes a great relationship, yet still includes lots of dirty smut. Dare to Surrender delivers, and even though Ash is not quite as dominant as Mark, he still has a heroine who submits and delivers lots of naughty spankings.Joy Montgomery needs an up and coming artist for the gallery she works for. She knows just the edgy one too – Ash Hunter. Ash’s specialty is bondage photographs and Joy needs him to keep her job. Problem is, he is not taking pictures anymore. She sees him at a fundraiser held at the San Francisco Art Museum and they strike up a conversation. He eventually takes her to a back room to show her his private collection of sculptures. Joy is amazed at his work. It is not only provocative and beautiful, but it is just what her gallery needs for a boost but Ash doesn’t want it shown. Ash leaves, and Joy has a spontaneous idea. She steals one small sculpture, not really having a plan as to what she is going to do with it. After taking it, she realizes she made a big mistake, but it is not so easy to just return it – especially as Ash and Joy become more intimate, she doesn’t want her theft to ruin what they have.Joy is disheveled, loses things all the time and never seems to pick the right outfit out of her closet. She has not had a good track record with men, and her last boyfriend pretty much used and discarded her.Ash likes everything neat and tidy. Although he is a very talented artist, Ash has a lot of responsibilities, including a paraplegic sister. He feels responsible for her care and although he feels his life needs to be constantly on the move, he takes a security detail side job offered by his former army buddies. He feels the need to be more mature, so he decides to give up his art. That is until he meets Joy. He is attracted to this woman, and when he sees her become very turned on by a bondage sculpture he created, he can’t help but feel the lust between them and the urge to start taking pictures again.Dare to Surrender makes my smutty heart melt a bit. Joy really steals the show for me. She is mature and good natured, yet so loopy and disorganized. She curses all the time and belly dances in secret. She is also a “curvy” heroine and I love about her. We do not get enough of that type of woman in books and it works so well in this story. She has been told all her life she is overweight and she wears frumpy clothes as a result. But Ash knows how to turn those insecurities around. She learns that she has a beautiful body and when she looks at the photographs Ash takes of her, she can’t believe that is the real Joy.Ash is quite the opposite with his rigid rules, but that makes their relationship that much more fun. Joy’s messy life endears her to Ash and he never once tries to change who she is. The sex in this book is smokin’ as only Lilli Feisty can write. Ash likes to tie up his women, but the bondage scenes are very light in this book. Joy gets a good spanking when she is naughty – and she is naughty more than once. There are two particular scenes in this book that have already made it onto my favorite sex list for 2010. For those that have read it – chapter eight and thirteen. So naughty, and so sensual.The only thing that nagged me in the story is after she steals his sculpture she has about a zillion different opportunities to come clean and tell him and she never does. She keeps telling herself she will, yet they end up having sex or something else comes up and after awhile it gets a little old.Dare to Surrender is an erotic, smutty yet very romantic love story. Lilli Feisty writes great characters that stick with you and stories that are so much fun to read you have to call your girlfriends to chat about it. I’m ready for more.

  • Amy
    2019-04-11 19:53

    Well once again Lilli Feisty served up a fiery hot couple in Ash and Joy! Two completely opposite characters whose lives collide and well let's just say you can find pleasure with and in the most unique places! Once again Feisty brings some light BDSM to the plate but does not overpower the story with it or in any way make it uncomfortable for the reader. It is an intricate part of Ash and his artwork. Joy has a lot of insecurities about who she is and what she wants. Ash is the man who truly shows her how beautiful she is and how to overcome her negative self image both physically and emotionally. She begins as his muse to be used in his art and in the end she takes hold of his heart. Throughout their forming relationship, Joy begins to see how she is perceived on the surface by friends, family, co-workers and has a great transformation towards the end with all aspects of her life. Ash gives her the internal courage to do this even though he doesn't know it and in the end she completely submits to Ash not only her trust but her love for him. Mark and Ruby(Bound to Please)make appearances throughout the book which was a nice addition as well as the new couple we are introduced to, Blaine and Erica. While there wasn't a "strawberry scene" in Dare to Surrender there was NO lack of steamy hot moments and I will say I had a serious craving for In-N-Out burgers and was ready to hop a plane to CA to hopefully find me a man that would tie my wrists and feed me In-N-Out in the back of a flatbed truck overlooking the city skyline. A prelude to dessert! (You will just have to read the book for details!)I'm so impressed with Lilli Feisty's style of writing and look forward to more stories like Bound to Please and Dare to Surrender from her in the hopefully near future!

  •  Pleasures Chest
    2019-04-12 22:00

    SYNOPSIS: Joy Montgomery loves her job as an art curator, but her job is on the line. Burdened by her boss with a task that seems unattainable, Joy approaches Ash Hunter for help. Ash is an erotic photographer with a penchant for bondage. Joy’s hopes-that Ash will showcase his work at the gallery, which will save her job and bring in clients. However, things are never as easy as they seem. Ash has a condition…he wants Joy to be his muse. Joy agrees, but soon learns that business can easily turn to pleasure. Review:This is the first Lilli Feisty book I’ve read. The characters are well written, the sex scenes really hot and realistic. There is some light bondage which is described nicely, nothing heavy. I thoroughly enjoyed this juicy novel. Lilli Feisty has me hooked. If you haven't read any of her books, do yourself a favor and pick one up, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Laz the Sailor
    2019-03-26 21:32

    What if TSTL was actually cute and endearing? I usually DNF books with "heroines" that do stupid things, but often they are smart girls who make dumb choices. Here, Joy is habitually clumsy, disorganized, and a poor decision maker. Oh, and she gets turned on when she's tied up and spanked. Which is our hero Ash's preferred method for smartening her up. The plot mashes together several threads including horny bosses, clever BFFs with their own issues, a fussy grandmother, and an ex-SEAL with some buddies. But for me, it all rang true. Joy doesn't cause trouble, she just attracts it like a super-magnet. The ending was wrapped up nicely, without being overly contrived.The sex is hot, especially if you like spankings.

  • Holly
    2019-03-29 00:59

    I absolutely loved this book, I dare say I even loved it more than Bound to Please!! I really enjoyed Ash & Joy, I loved both characters and the Hot Sex was incredible!! But I especially enjoyed the side story of Erica and Blaine, I wish we knew a little more about both of them but there story was sweet non the less. I have to say I have found a new fave author in Lilli Feisty!!

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-01 00:38

    http://underthecoversbookblog.blogspo...DARE TO SURRENDER wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. Ash Hunter is an artist with a distinct eye for erotic bondage and Joy is an Art Gallery curator who wishes to show Ash’s work. Now it’s time for Joy to persuade the bad boy artist into showing his artwork to the world while Ash shows Joy the sensual side to his work.I was disappointed in how the romance between Ash and Joy was played out. I really liked BOUND TO PLEASE. But there was one thing that irked me about the story and it was Ruby’s tendency to be distant right after the hot sex. I thought it was just her personality showing through because of her reluctance with BDSM and the fact that Mark would be leaving soon, but no happens with Joy also. And that bugged me.The fact that Joy makes up excuses about seeing her grandmother after spending the night with Ash makes me raise an eyebrow. More so, it makes me feel that all the work that Ms. Fiesty has done to establish a connection between Ash and Joy has gone to waste because once Joy pushes him away, we are back at square one. And the previous chemistry that the hero and heroine shared loses its credibility. It just didn’t work for me.While I loved Ash and his ability to make Joy go weak in the knees, I had a really tough time liking Joy. I was annoyed by the multiple chances Joy had to reveal her secret about stealing Ash’s sculpture. instead, she ended up having sex with him. Not that I blame her! But can only use certain excuses so many times. After awhile, it became unbelievable within the storyline. Things just didn’t spark for me in this book. Also, none of the sex scenes were particularly memorable or panty-melting. But this is just my opinion on it. I just wasn’t overly engaged in this book.I did like the banter between Erica and Blaine initially. It was cute and offered a little bit of humor. But then it got to a point where it felt stagnant. I just wanted...more. For me, it didn’t bring an added sense of romance that most of this book lacked.

  • Brande Waldron
    2019-04-15 19:44

    Lilli Feisty's latest release of Dare to Surrender is a highly erotic tale of love, trust and acceptance and one enticing read! Joy not so keen on all her curves doesn't know what to think or do when she finally meets Ash. There is serious sexual chemistry between the two, but Joy is more worried about her job. If she doesn't land this next show with Ash for her gallery, she will be fired. Desperate, she approaches him another showing, but he turns things around on her immediately. Which is pretty much how their relationship works from the beginning. Ash keeping Joy on edge, sexually and emotionally. Too important for her carrier Ash makes a deal with her, one that she can't refuse, and if she really looked deep down she knows she doesn't want to. Funny thing is, unbeknownst to Ash, Joy stole one of his sculptures, not able to resists the beautifully bound woman called to Joy's submissive side. I enjoyed Joy and Ash very much, but had a hard time connecting to either character too much, always feeling like I was on the outside looking in. The supporting characters were great I though in Joy's best girlfriend and opening up on her love life and struggles. Overall a steaming read and entertaining but a little spark was missing for me.

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-09 03:42

    Joy Montgomery works as an art gallery curator. She needs to bring in a really hot up and coming artist or she can kiss her job goodbye. Joy has just the artist in mind. His name is Ash Hunter. Ash does not paint pictures of fruit, but more like pictures and sculptures of bondage and erotic poses. There is just one problem…Ash has quit painting. That is until he meets Joy. Ash tells Joy that he will think about allowing her to show his art if she agrees to pose for him. Joy’s friend, Erica has found the perfect man. His name is Blaine. Now if only he wasn’t a preppy.Dare to Surrender is the second book I have read by this author. Just like Bound to Please, I savored every moment of this book with pure delight. Joy and Ash just ooze sex appeal. They could melt chocolate without even trying. I was happy to see Ruby Scott from Bound to Please makes a brief appearance in this book. The way this book ended leads me to believe that we will be seeing more of Erica and Blaine in the next book. This makes me excited as they bring the sexy back in the kitchen. I promise to surrender for more Lilli Feisty!

  • Amanda Westmont
    2019-04-19 23:57

    I really enjoyed Feisty's first contemporary erotic romance, but I was a little disappointed by this one. It did have some good parts (an In & Out Burger-themed love scene! Set in the Bay Area! Highway 280 off-ramp sex!) but it felt a bit too much like a Harlequin for me. Some of that is the author's fault (not enough of a plot!) but a lot of it is my own personal bias against any plot that involves A Big Secret (and/or misunderstanding) that the reader knows about, but the hero doesn't. It kills the build-up for me.Also? I really wanted to slap the heroine for talking during all the sex scenes. Not that I'm an expert, but I'm pretty sure the first rule of submission is: do not speak unless spoken to. This heroine would not shut up and for me it made the hero less believable as a Dom.Yes. This is me critiquing erotica. I am now shutting myself up.

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-04-11 19:34

    How do you feel about a little bondage? Do you like to be tied up? Do you think spanking is a good thing? Do you like to read about it? Depending on how you answer these questions would largely determine how you feel about Dare to Surrender. Ash and Joy enjoy a good relationship through the book. It's bondage without the need for humiliation or cruelty.I liked the book and I liked the supporting characters of Erica and Blaine.On the downside, if you don't like your heroines to be TSTL and whiny you may wish to steer clear.

  • Cindi
    2019-04-06 21:38

    I hope Lilli Feisty (obviously a pen name!)continues to write, and write fast! I have read 2 novels of hers and enjoyed both now.Her books have erotic themes (BDSM, including pain)that I would never in a million years be interested in myself BUT the sex scenes are so lovingly written that they are mostly pure, hot romance! The women in her stories are neat people who I'd like to be friends with, and her men are real concerned with their partner's pleasure (can I have some of that too, please?). And most importantly, there is a great story here!

  • Mitzi
    2019-04-03 01:49

    Won a copy

  • Leah
    2019-04-11 01:53


  • Marie
    2019-04-24 02:56

    This book included a few of my favorite things; it's based in San Francisco, Joy's best friend Erica goes to the culinary academy (the same one I went to in 2005) and Ash is a former military man.I'm a fan of erotica (surprise to the people who know me in real life!), in fact I've been reading the same erotica website since 1999. But I've never read a novel like this before.Joy works in an art gallery selling art, she's a mess. She's always late, her house looks like a tornado hit, she misplaces everything, she's a bit irresponsible and she picks the wrong men. All the time. She's also insecure about body and her looks, she was raised by her grandmother who thinks Joy is always doing something wrong (especially since she majored in art and didn't end up being a doctor or a lawyer like her brothers, who don't seem to have time for her or her family). Her boss assigns her to get Ash Hunter to agree to a showing at their gallery and if she comes back with the wrong answer... she'll lose her job.Ash Hunter is a former Navy SEAL, he was discharged and turned to art. His specialty? Bondage photos. And bondage marble sculptures. However, he's decided to give that up and focus on his obsession with security and taking care of his mother and sister. Ash has a hard time letting people in, trusting people and being seriously attracted to people.The chemistry between Ash and Joy is exciting, electrifying and has you craving to see them again. Their relationship begins with sex, Joy is surprised at how much she can let go around Ash, how he doesn't make her feel as self conscious when she's stuck in the moment. As they continue to see each other more and more, you can see their relationship build which, in my opinion is rare in the books I've read. Like really build. You witness the change in both Joy and Ash. I loved how bit by bit Joy was starting to realize she was pretty, and that she did have a nice body despite what her grandmother always told her. And I loved how much Ash cared about Joy. How he had this bad boy vibe about him but he really cared about Joy and was protective over her. I loved how he never stopped trying to get her to see herself how he saw her. It was sweet. Oh and of course, the steamy sex scenes. Though there were plenty of them, they fit into the story perfect. However, joy is hiding a secret from Ash, a secret she's tried to tell him about and every time has been... distracted. When the secret is revealed in possibly the most horrible day of her life, how will Ash react? Will he forgive her? Or will he move on and leave everything behind like he knew he had to?I enjoyed reading this book. I read through it a little faster than I thought I would. I enjoyed it because it made you feel like you were right there with them, like you were the silent friend in the corner witnessing the relationship between Ash and Joy and you wanted to urge them to just fess up and tell each other how they really feel about each other because its just so obvious! You feel for Joy and her insecurities, her life. You feel for Ash and his desire to always escape. You feel for Erica and her tough shell. Couldn't really say I felt for Blaine since he didn't have much of a back story. This was a wonderful and unexpected read!

  • Arec Rain
    2019-04-18 00:39

    I had no idea what I was expecting when I was picked up this book. I was fascinated by it from the very beginning. The description states that the plotline consists of Joy, an art curator who becomes sexually infatuated with erotic photographer Ash Hunter. From the beginning, the two have such sexual frustration between each other, that you can chew it. It’s so convenient that Joy needs Ash’s work for her gallery, which constantly throws the two together. The novel also follows Joy’s best friend Erica, who is a culinary student, and her evolving relationship with a fellow student named Blaine. I loved everything to do with this novel. It was the first erotic novel that I ever felt connected to. There were so many parallels between it in my own life that I found myself more emtionally involved with it than I should have been. First, Joy is an art curator while I am an art student trying to earn a degree to be an art curator. Erica, Joy’s best friend, is an culinary student, and my best friend is months from graduating from culinary school. One of the main themes of the novel is Joy’s lack of confidence in her appearance. Joy is one of those woman who can’t stand her extra pounds. She sees herself as unattractive just because she is not as skinny as her grandmother tells her she should be. In fact, I wanted to strangle Joy’s obnoxious grandmother who downed Joy in every way possible. Even if I hadn’t connected with this book, I still would have loved it. The erotic scenes were hot and tastefully done. I could have done without the dirty dialogue, however. Dirty talk and foul language always sound awkward when read. It may be attractive in the bedroom, but not in my literature. Other than that, they were phenomenal. Especially the ones between Erica and Blaine. Besides that, I felt the characters had real depth to them and were actually interesting.The only disappointment I had with this book was the lack of Erica and Blaine. I wish there had been more scenes with them or that they had their own story. It would have definitely been worth it.

  • Pauline Allan
    2019-03-28 02:55

    I picked up this book for one reason only. It wasn't the sultry cover that caught my eye, it was the first twelve words on the back cover. "Art gallery curator Joy Montgomery has never liked her body's generous curves." Anyone who knows me can tell you I love a story with a curvy heroine. This book left me hot and cold throughout. As I read I either loved the feeling it gave me or was annoyed and distracted by sentence structure and word choice. The word "incredulously" was used in such abundance that it took away from the flow of the scenes. The author tagged the dialogue with the speakers name in an intrusive way and over-explained emotions. I know why Joy was wet in her underwear. I don't need the author telling me each time it was because the character was panting for the hero's, assest. My favorite character was a secondary one. Blaine was a guy who intrigued me and made me want to skip forward to read scenes including his character. The fact that there was more to his preppy facade was refreshing and sexy. With those things said, I must say there were some very cute concepts in this book. The fact that Joy had a huge purse was so damn sweet. She was disorganized and quirky. I loved these traits. It was endearing how Ash found her delightful, fun and still sexy. The photograph thing is always erotic in any story. The writer really touched base on all the insecurities that go along with being a full-figured woman who's searching for her inner sex-kitten. I loved the end of this book. The way Joy gathers her courage to fight for her man is priceless. Sometimes just being vulnerable is the most attractive trait of all. I recommend this read for anyone wanting to enjoy a light story full of hot sex and heart-warming dialogue. P.S. Ash can whisper in my ear anyday. He's got one dirty mouth on him!

  • Schultzies
    2019-04-12 19:59

    SYNOPSIS: Joy Montgomery loves her job as an art curator, but her job is on the line. Burdened by her boss with a task that seems unattainable, Joy approaches Ash Hunter for help. Ash is an erotic photographer with a penchant for bondage. Joy’s hopes-that Ash will showcase his work at the gallery, which will save her job and bring in clients. However, things are never as easy as they seem. Ash has a condition…he wants Joy to be his muse. Joy agrees, but soon learns that business can easily turn to pleasure.REVIEW: When Joy meets with Ash Hunter, she finds his hidden marble sculptures. He has no desire to showcase those, but she’s so mesmerized by the beauty of them; she takes one in the hopes of convincing him they should be displayed. Joy knows she needs to return the sculpture, but is sidetracked by her building feelings for Ash Hunter. This story is about Joy’s travel down the road of pleasure with a hunk of an Alpha male. They both realize their journey is becoming more than inspiration, business or a simple tryst. Its passion, sensuality, lust, and love all rolled into one steamy read.This is the first Lilli Feisty book I’ve ever read; it was an ARC sent to me by the Publisher. Her ability to capture an erotic moment and describe it in detail without being crass is brilliant. So many erotica novels are sometimes a bit over the top, but I thoroughly enjoyed this tasty treat. The characters in this novel are well written, the sex scenes scorching yet realistic, and the storyline believable. This was a page-turner; I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I would highly suggest this smoking hot morsel to all erotica fans! I have become a fan of Lilli Feisty, and plan to grab her other novel, Bound to Please. Check out Lillian Feisty today, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Judy (Geeky Reading)
    2019-04-10 03:55

    ~4.5/5[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!]"'Maybe it’s true. Maybe opposites attract… and then you have to look at the core to see what matches up.’” (Mass Market Paperback, pg. 247)I absolutely love this book. It is definitely my favorite of Feisty’s so far (and I’ve really enjoyed her other ones).I liked both of the characters. Joy makes a dumb decision in this book, and she tries to avoid it, but she deals with so much other stuff throughout the book. Her (mostly) horrible grandmother, her job, everyone telling her what a mess she is. I feel like I understood her a little, and I liked her a lot. Ash is going through some stuff as well, but he grows up in this book, finally gets to stand on his own, see what he wants.Ash was good for Joy, and Joy fit with Ash perfectly. They can be really good for each other. And the D/s elements, oh my… They were fantastic. Perfectly done. Ash already knows what he wants in that area, and Joy is interested but a little new to it. But Joy easily, happily gives into it, and I loved that. There were quite a few very nice, sexy scenes in this book, and I loved all of them. They were really good.The romance in this book is definitely one of my favorites, but I also really liked the character development. Joy and Ash went through quite a bit in this book, and they came out of it even better. And the ending was perfect.I loved this book. It’s definitely a favorite at this point. And I really want Feisty to release another full-length novel, because I don’t think she has, and I really, really want to read more.

  • Sally
    2019-04-24 03:46

    I had strong hopes for Dare to Surrender after really loving Bound to Please but it didn't live up to my expectations.Unforturnatly Dare to surrender descended into cliches and purple prose and featured a couple of protagonists who I found irritating. One of them had ribs showing and still thought of herself as fat. This was one of those books where I found myself relating to the men and that never works as well for me. The protagonist in Bound to Please was very together and I related well to her; but these two descended into the angst bound state and extreme snarkiness that is currently very popular. There was also a secondary character, who was a paraplegic, who I thought was treated condescendingly in the story.There seemed to be much more sex than in the first book and much less storyline. The sex was explicit but not particularly titilating - and I got the feeling one of the women was built like a bonobo from the repetitive descriptions of her having her clitoris pulled.I can't recommend Dare to Surrender unless you particularly like endless descriptions of gratuitous sex and I'm not sure I'll bother if a third is released. I am disappointed as the first book was well written and I thought it showed a lot of promise for a good series to come - but sadly it wasn't followed up nearly as well with this.

  • Erinaceina
    2019-03-29 01:42

    While not a bad book, I wish I'd realised before buying this that Joy's 'fuller figure' is entirely in her own mind. I was really in the mood to read an erotic romance with a heroine of this type and a hero who loves and wants her as she is, but now my disappointment is overwhelming my desire to finish the book (especially as I have Hot in Here waiting for me).Sure, Joy does have boobs and hips, so she doesn't fit into the no-more-curves-than-an-ironing board model-shape which is fashionable, but she's essentially a slim woman with Issues. She's described as being able to count her ribs in the mirror, and, while she buys herself US size 10 clothes (not exactly fat in itself, although certainly unfashionable), her friend recommends size 6 to 8. If I'd realised this at the outset, I'd have enjoyed this book much more than I have. As it is, I found myself reading a different book from that which I'd thought I would be reading. And, on a completely different note, the thing with the statue has been driving me nuts.

  • Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-08 01:58

    This was a hard book to rate. After reading the first book, Bound to Please, I had to read this book but had great expectations. Unfortunately it wasn't as great.Let me first say that there were seveal scenes that was pretty hawt.but the first half was a bit frustrating for me. Some of the convos seem repetitive, like...calling each others names over and over with every sentence *over exaggurating* and It felt like the convos were too scripted. I dunno. The plot wasn't too bad though, after I passed 50% it actually became less irritating. I thought the ending was sweet. The fact that this book was set in my neck of the woods was kinda cool. The places mentioned, I've been to and hung out at before. Over all I enjoyed it and recommend it for someone who enjoyed Bound to Please. But be forewarned that its not as great. *shrugs*.Note: thanks for the Buddy read Elena and Annie. Always a pleasure discussing books with you. Rhonda thanks for the rec but you owe me a buddy read!!!

  • Cynthia
    2019-04-22 20:41

    I received this book free from Goodread's giveaway program. Thanks for choosing me!This is my first romance novel, and thus, I can't possibly "compare" it with others of the like. Yet it was not what I expected from a romance. The first third caught my attention, making me wonder if I might be a romance fan after all *cringe*. The main character was well-developed. I felt helpless in her helplessness, wanting to rescue her out of jams. But as pages turned, the full descriptions of the sex acts became more frequent, and finally actually boring!This story seemed to have so much potential, but it was almost as if the author became bored with trying to get across her idea, and went for the easy stuff. I finished the book wishing there had been more discussion about her feelings of submission, how that process conflicted with her past, how it perhaps confused much could have been done with that.What is confusing me right now is why I have a desire to read the author's other book. But I do.

  • RangerGirl
    2019-03-29 02:44

    I'm not a big fan of books where the H/h meet and two pages later they having sex. That's kind of how this book started out. The actual story was great but good. I took umbrage with Joy (the heroine) saying she was a big curvy girl then finding out she thought she was a size 10 and was actually a size 6. Big curvy girls are just that...big and curvy. With the average size of American women at 12, a "big curvy" woman should be larger than that size. (IMHO) There was so much emphasis put on her disorganization, her carelessness, her weight...she was a mess. She's working in a gallery paycheck to paycheck and finds out on her 30th b-day she's got millions in a trust and, all of a sudden, she changes. Poof! Overnight. She has a fight with her lover, gets her money and decides to get her crap together. Really? Again, the story was good but there were so many things that irritated me, I couldn't give this a 4 star review.

  • Deanna Drake
    2019-04-02 20:48

    Okay, so...really liked this book. Really liked it. There is a pattern forming here. I am more in love with the secondary characters in this one! I will take one Blaine please! PLEASE!!?? Oh, there was so much I liked about his character.....gotta stop right there!Now, to critique the main characters! Joy and Ash...bold, steamy, titillating....hmmmmm. I DO have to say that one reason a star was taken away from this book was the redundancy of Joy's low self image issues. OMG....we get that she does not think highly of her looks, we SO get it. We don't need to be beat over the head about it. Egads. Other than that annoyance creeping up on us throughout the book, I LOVED it! If bondage freaks you out and a VERY dominant male taking charge, don't read it but, if you like that sort of thing....I say yes.

  • Dawn
    2019-04-18 01:32

    I wanted to like this book but unfortunately the heroine made that impossible. What a weak woman. I get it...submission. But, can't a woman have a backbone and brain too while she enjoys a little kink? I'm all for the kinky reads but I like the lead to be of stronger character. She truly ruined this book for me. I was invested and interested in her friends budding relationship with her cooking partner more. The story wasn't all bad, if her parts were rewritten with a woman who has brain one I would have really enjoyed this! There were too many things left unsaid, unanswered and unaddressed that turned me off. I couldn't even stand her role in the sex scenes...just annoying. I suppose at the end she sort of got it together and gathered some fortitude just not enough.

  • Monica
    2019-04-15 03:51

    This is definitely one of those book where you are yelling at the character to "just do it" or "don't go in there", most definitely. I love Joy's character a lot but I just kept yelling at her because she was being stupid quite often in this book. I love love love Ash as well, he is completely and utterly delicious, and I think I would be fine if he tied me up any which way.The book is strong in characters, a bit short in plot because I found that it was a bit predictable, but not to bad over all. I enjoyed this book a lot, and learned some interesting things. It is definitely borderline erotica/romance though.

  • Marianna
    2019-04-21 02:54

    Not a huge fan of BDSM, whenever dialogue strays to people demanding to be spanked I inwardly cringe. The book was easy enough to get through I guess. I tended to skim past the s3x scenes after a bit, way too many of them. The whole theft plot line was horrible and pointless. Anyway, belly dance is a hobby of the heroine's. Being that it is a hobby of mine too I figured that know. Belly dance is oftentimes misrepresented and the book doesn't help matters. Belly dance is not a dance of sexual titillation, sure it is a fertility associated dance...but it is more celebration than erection inducing (not intentionally erection inducing anyway).

  • Bea
    2019-03-27 03:45

    I liked the writing style and I liked the characters. I even liked them together. However, the story was LAME-O! I feel like I read this story so many times. He has trust issues, he feels he can trust her, she does one untrustworthy thing at the beginning of the story and then it looms over them until the end, when he finds out and dumps her, but then ends up forgiving her. blah blah blah... And the whole thing was so predictable and repetitive. How many different ways could we be told that he had trust issues? It's a short book. I can remember what happened 10 pages ago! I actually liked the side story of the best chefs MUCH better, and wish it was a little more developed!

  • Clare
    2019-04-04 23:57

    Dare to surrender I wanted to love this book. I really really did. It had so much promise, but the addition of Erica and Blaine... it wasn't their story and frankly it was so annoying I skipped through almost all of it. If I wanted to read their story I would have bought it. And the big climax, when he finds out about the sculpture, it was such a freaking let down. It was skimmed over. You can't make that be the focus of the book to just have it be skimmed over at the end.... and where are the unanswered question what happened to his mission? I wanted to love this book I really really did. But what I found was annoyance and a waist of time.