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Wrong bed right man?Between her waitressing job, volunteer work, and college classes, there are never enough hours in the day for Maggie Reilly. Especially not for a relationship. She s got the perfect arrangment, though a lover she meets three or four times a year. This weekend is one of those rare times, and she s more than ready for a few nights of stress-busting sex.BuWrong bed right man?Between her waitressing job, volunteer work, and college classes, there are never enough hours in the day for Maggie Reilly. Especially not for a relationship. She s got the perfect arrangment, though a lover she meets three or four times a year. This weekend is one of those rare times, and she s more than ready for a few nights of stress-busting sex.But when she shows up at the hotel expecting to hop into bed with one man, she accidentally ends up with quite another: Ben Barrett, Hollywood s most notorious bad boy.Ben, determined to lay low after another scandal, has checked into the hotel for some much-needed sleep. What he gets is a scorching-hot makeout session with a gorgeous, naked redhead. He won t accept her apology, but what he will accept is a place to hide out in her arms. In exchange, he ll give her what she wants. A full week of no-strings sex.Ben soon finds out that one week with the fiery redhead is definitely not enough. He finds himself wanting more. A lot more. Now if only he can convince Maggie that a bad boy might just be good for her and the best thing that s ever happened to both of them."...

Title : Midnight Encounters
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Midnight Encounters Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-03-20 13:17

    I really, really enjoyed this hot little romance between a bad boy Hollywood movie star and the sassy, work-a-holic New York waitress/ social worker-in-training who rocks his world. I'll admit a Hollywood movie star wouldn't be my first choice for a romance hero, but this guy, Ben Barrett, was just so deep-down sweet and charming, despite his bad-boy image and sometimes arrogant ways, that I totally fell for him. And I love when that happens. It makes the story so much easier to read when you have a rapport with the characters, and I grew to love the heroine, Maggie Reilly too, even though at times she was a little stubborn and inflexible and I just wanted to give her a little push towards Ben.Maggie Reilly's working as a waitress while trying to balance her college classes in social work and volunteering her time at her local community center. Every minute of her busy day is accounted for, leaving her no time for TV, movies, or even sex. She makes the time for sex with an equally busy man two or three times a year. Tony's a travel writer on the go constantly, but whenever he's in New York he hooks up with Maggie so they each can scratch their itch. This works for Maggie because she has no time for a relationship, nor does she want one. She doesn't want a special someone in her life (that would be a distraction), and because of her tragic and lonely past in foster care, figures the only one she needs and can count on is herself. Her whole life is geared towards getting her college degree and starting her career, and that's about as far into the future she's willing to look. But when Ben Barrett enters her life and won't go quietly away, all her plans go up in smoke.Ben Barrett's a hot movie star with a bad boy reputation, living large and fast but not enjoying it as much as he once did. He's tired of being pigeon-holed as an action star, getting tired of the easy women who he never has to chase, and is ready for something a little more challenging. When a beautiful redhead mistakenly comes to his hotel room while he's sleeping thinking she was meeting someone else, gets embarrassed after having her hands all over him and realizing he's not the man she was supposed to meet, and practically runs away without even recognizing him, he's intrigued. He tracks her down to her work at a bar, major sparks fly, and he's impressed that she's not impressed with his movie star career. She lays it on the line for him and lets him know that she has no room in her life for a distraction, and Ben Barrett is one big hunk of distraction. Ben weasels his way into getting Maggie to let him stay with her (he's hiding from paparazzi and a big scandal) by convincing her that he will be her "boy toy" for a whole week. Maggie finds this offer hard to resist, but insists that Ben not mess with her work or her career. But he can mess with her (and she with him) all he wants! But what starts out as a sex-only fling soon becomes much, much more, as Ben pulls out all the stops to woo Maggie. As Maggie feels all her emotional walls come tumbling down, she starts to regret ever getting involved with Ben, because he's coming between all her plans. Soon it comes down to what is more important to her, her job or the man she loves? Is it even possible for her to have both?This was such a fast read, it was over in no time, yet I wanted more! I loved Ben, and didn't care that he was a little cocky, because Maggie always put him in his place. And boy did he have to work for her! I loved the way he tried to take care of her, breaking down Maggie's emotional walls bit by bit. I loved how he pushed her to have a life outside of work and school, and loved how he made her feel special when he whisked her off to the Bahamas for some much needed R&R. I loved how they were able to move beyond just being bedmates, and really start to reveal things about their pasts and connect emotionally. And yes, their sex scenes were white hot and happened everywhere imaginable (the shower, the kitchen floor, a private jet), but what got to me the most was when they were in bed and started to connect emotionally--these were the scenes that brought tears to my eyes. I was just hoping and praying that Maggie had the guts to grab onto the best thing that could possibly happen to her and realize that her life didn't have to be one thing or the other. She could have it all if she was willing to work at it.The story built to a sweet conclusion, with a short HEA epilogue, but darn if I didn't want just a little more! I guess that's a good sign, and I truly enjoyed Maggie and Ben's love story of two opposites who turned out to have a lot in common after all. Elle Kennedy's beginning to be one of my new favorites, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with. If you're looking for a steamy hot, sometimes funny, sometimes very romantic read with two very charming and likable characters, look no further than 'Midnight Encounters'. 4 1/2 stars

  • Shawna
    2019-03-25 17:20

    4 stars – Contemporary Romance/EroticaWhat do you get when you take a sassy redhead New York waitress, a sexy-as-sin bad boy, playboy Hollywood movie star, and throw in a hotel room mishap? This fun, hot little number!Maggie Reilly defines workaholic...She waitresses at a posh Manhattan club called The Olive, volunteers at a center for abused kids, and attends college classes with the intention of becoming a social worker, so the last thing she wants or needs is a messy distraction like a relationship. Maggie thinks she has the ideal arrangement for sexual gratification with her sometimes lover Tony, who’s a travel writer that she meets at a hotel a couple of times a year for some hot between the sheets action. Ben Barrett is Hollywood’s current top action movie star and most infamous bad boy, playboy caught up in a big scandal. He’s trying to lay low in New York to escape the crazy media and paparazzi blitz and checks into a hotel to hide out and catch up on some much needed rest. When a hotel mistake results in a steamy in the dark make-out session between half-asleep Ben and a very naked, eager Maggie, sparks and sheets ignite! Too bad she thought he was Tony and is mortified when she learns the truth. Instead of accepting her apology, Ben tracks Maggie down and insists on staying with her for a week and being her personal boy toy. Ben sees the situation with Maggie as a perfect opportunity to hide out from the press, while engaging in some hot bedroom action with a beautiful, fiery redhead who’s clueless about and unimpressed by his movie star career. After much cajoling and persuasion from Ben, Maggie agrees to let him stay in her apartment and be her lover for a week, as long as he agrees that it’s a no-strings, casual fling and not to be a distraction or disrupt her life. Of course, an arrogant hunk like Ben who’s used to calling the shots, being adored, and getting his way won’t be cast aside for long, especially once he realizes that Maggie is exactly what he wants...forever. But can Ben get Maggie to let go of her fear, fierce control, and rigid plans to enjoy life and take a chance with her heart? This is a quick, fun, spicy read, and I enjoyed it. I liked Ben a whole heck of a lot, but I found Maggie’s stubbornness and outright b*tchiness seriously frustrating. I don’t know many (any) women who would resist a hunky, sweet, doting movie star as a short-term fling and boy toy extraordinaire or for the long-term for that matter...just ain’t happenin’. Still, it’s an entertaining, steamy, romantic story worth reading! 4 stars!

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-03-21 17:08

    An adult fairy tale translated into modern lingo...with hot sex to boot. "Midnight Encounters" is my first full-length (220 pages in trade paperback) read by author Elle Kennedy and it hit just the right mix between fantasy vs reality and serious vs light. In addition, there's no bondage, menage, or anal sex for those who enjoy their romances on the more 'vanilla' side ;) but there IS plenty of hot one man/one woman sex.Maggie grew up an orphan and has filled her life with work, school, and volunteering. She really doesn't have 'time' for a relationship so she's perfectly happy with her current arrangement with Tony. He's a traveling writer who blows into town two or three times a year and during his short visits they meet at a local hotel to have sex. Then he's gone again and Maggie can return to her life of work, school, and volunteering. But combine a dead phone, a missed phone call, and no lights and Maggie's in for quite a surprise!She's a workaholic with abandonment issues and he's trying to hide from the paparazzi. Yet this oil-and-water pair can't deny the heat of their attraction. And their proximity quickly leads them to deeper emotions than either is ready, or willing, to admit.Cinderella and the Prince, writ modern style--that's what this story reminded me of...with lots of hot sex too. There's a bit of depth provided by her childhood as an orphan and status as a volunteer at a women/children's shelter but the author doesn't try to preach...I like that. There's no doubt about how the story will turn out, but then again isn't that part of the beauty of the Cinderella story? We all know she WILL get her prince and they WILL be happy. A fun way to spend a few hours with a book and a fan :)

  • Desperado
    2019-02-24 14:26

    3.5 StarsMy Thoughts:I thought this was a pretty good ER. I liked the idea of a movie star falling for a struggling waitress. I would even compare it to a ER Cinderella story if the heroine Maggie wasn't so damn resistant. I loved our hero Ben. He was everything you could want in a man: sexy, generous, kind, ambitious, funny, smart. I did have a problem with Maggie. She annoyed the hell of me. I realize she had a bad childhood & it's wise to play hard-to-get sometimes, but she toke that crap way too far. Get the hell over it already! My cat hates me but I still say the word kitty in bed. Maggie's life was completely unfulfilling & boring but she'd seriously rather have that over a man who cares & adores her? Also, while it was a minor annoyance, I thought the sex scenes were hot but kind of generic. Like the author had a checklist of places to do it. In a jacuzzi? CHECK! On a plane? CHECK! While sitting on the toilet taking a shit? CHECK CHECK CHECK! Just kidding, they didn't do it on the john but it might've spiced things up more if they did. Overall, this was an exceptional addition to my ER shelf but Ben clearly stole the show & saved this novel from mediocrity.

  • Nisha
    2019-03-20 17:27

    Absolutely loved it. Its basically my favorite fanfiction with steamy sex scenes. Of course, the writing was better than fanfiction, but the whole fantasy was within that region. Ben, the sexy as hell hero, was wonderful and thoughtful, yet still quite a man. Maggie was slightly neurotic with her obsession with work and staying away from relationship, but she was still 'real' as Ben had said. I love her reactions, though sometimes she was angry for reasons that I probably have brushed off thinking it was cute. The pacing was well-done and writing did not exploit the sex scenes. The actual plot and the writing made this fun to read.

  • Ritianne Bondin
    2019-03-25 19:01

    Such a pleasant read. This romance is filled with humour, silly banter, chemistry, flirting and lots and lots of hot, steamy scenes. Basically it started by coincidence and ended in a happily ever after Cinderella-esque story. A good 4.5 stars.May casting for Ben and Maggie Her eyes strayed to his biceps, where that tribal tattoo seemed to vibrate each time he flexed. Feeling unusually bold, she looped her arms around his neck, pulled him closer and ran her tongue over the black design ink on his arm.His eyes narrowed into slits. "That's seriously hot, you know.""That I'm licking your tattoo?" she murmured, continuing to trace the intricate pattern with the tip of her tongue.He stood there, barefoot and bare-chested, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans that rode low on his lean hips. His dark hair demonstrated a serious case of bedhead, and the stubble on his chin was thicker, giving him a masculine sexiness that caused arousal to simmer in her belly. Her gaze drifted to his tattoo, the tribal design that turned her heartbeat into a thumping tribal drum. Her pulse quickened as she glanced south again and noticed the absence of a second waistband. Was he not wearing any boxers? That realization alone was enough to soak her cotton panties."Take off your clothes already. I feel at a disadvantage.""Take them off for me. You're the boy toy, remember? Besides, if you want to stay here, you need to earn the room and board. C'mon Mr. Movie Star. Let's see what you've got.""Is that a challenge?""Yep. And at the moment you're definitely not meeting it.""You realize you won't be this smug when I'm through with you?"

  • I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
    2019-03-11 15:23

    Don't judge this book by its cover! The cover led me to believe that MIDNIGHT ENCOUNTERS would be just another hot and steamy erotic romance with a little plot thrown in for good measure, but I got more than I bargained for!MAGGIE is a good person. She fills her time with volunteer work at the local women's and children's shelter, she goes to school and holds down a job as a waitress. Her social life is quiet and leaves a lot to be desired...she has a few friends and a friend with benefits that she hooks up with on occasion when he comes into town, but it's nothing serious. Imagine the shock and horror that good girl, Maggie experiences when she mistakenly slips into bed with the bad boy of Hollywood - inadvertently rocking her world in more ways than one! How does that even happen? You'll just have to see for yourself.MIDNIGHT ENCOUNTERS was a very romantic, fun and exciting read. I loved it! Ben, the hero is used to getting his way - especially when it comes to women and Maggie is a strong heroine used to taking care of herself. I LOVE IT when the tables turn on the Hollywood Heartthrob and he has to do the chasing for once in his life! If you are looking for a modern-day fairy tale that makes you feel good, then you have to check this out.✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups. Check us out!Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

  • S.D. Mary
    2019-03-23 18:24

    This book was an excellent read for a Sunday afternoon. It was nice and steamy and had really nice characters. He is a movie starShe is a waitressI know what you'll say, cliche. Well, not really. She's not dumb or star struck, she is feisty, sometimes too feisty :) and she's down to earth.He is not all alpha, but he gets what he wants almost every time.And together they are funny and hot.Throw in the interesting beginning and you get yourself an interesting book.For me: almost 4 stars

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-03-04 14:22

    3.5 stars, good but missing the bang that Elle Kennedy usually got. I guess it's because this book is one of the early books of her but I actually enjoyed this book. Though the plot is pretty much classic and predictable, also the romance a wee bit cliche, but overall I liked it! Elle Kennedy's writing is already good in this, just missing the spark, that's all. Look forward to read more from Kennedy! ><

  • MsRomanticReads
    2019-02-24 13:08

    Maggie Reilly is a workaholic. She probably puts other workaholics to shame. Her life consists of studying for her college finals, bartending and volunteering at a center for foster care children. She has no clue about current events or pop culture, she doesn't live outside of her bubble, and she's completely focused on achieving her goals without distractions. Even her love life is so pitiful that she has an arrangement with a photojournalist, who shows up about twice a year in New York, and they meet up in a hotel for no strings attached sex. It's that time again and she's on her way to their hotel to meet up with Tony. When she gets there, he's already fast asleep in the dark. Determined not to let this opportunity go wasted, she climbs into bed and seduces him. Only some things are a bit off – first, he's more muscular than she remembers and now he's got tribal tattoos? Uh oh … something tells her this isn't Tony. If it isn't, who in the heck has his hands in intimate places?!Ben Barrett is Hollywood's latest bad boy and heartthrob. A nasty rumor about him possibly having had an affair with a married woman, who recently passed away and left him ten million dollars in her will has him trying to lay low and escape the paparazzi. He ducks into the nearest hotel he comes across, just wanting to get some much needed rest. He wakes up to a warm body all over him. He thinks it's a dream until the body squeals. Thinking some reporter managed to track him down and sneak in to get a juicy story, he's wary of the gorgeous redhead, naked, in his room. He's thrown when it appears she doesn't recognize him. He's intrigued. He doesn't want her apologies, but he makes her a deal – all the sex she wants, anytime, anywhere in exchange for letting him hide out in her apartment for the next eight days. The offer is too tempting to pass up, so she agrees. In eight days, they both discover something about themselves, and something in each other they didn't know they wanted or needed. I LOVED this story! Was it predictable? Yes, but it was just what I wanted on this frigidly cold day. Ben is arrogant, presumptuous, obnoxious, but so darn delicious. He may come across as a bit of a jerk in the beginning, but his disarming charm and good intentions made him very likeable. I even felt sorry for him and his attempts to impress Maggie. But it's the thought that counts.Maggie was so innocent and sweet. She's so self driven because of her childhood, which was actually quite sad. Seeing her blossom under Ben's attentions was very cute. They're polar opposites in just about every way, but she took a leap and I admired her for it. The humor was great, and I felt these two had excellent chemistry. This will remain one of my top favorites if I ever need a pick-me-up or if I want to curl up in front of the fireplace with some hot chocolate and a sweet romance.

  • Iva
    2019-02-26 18:06

    Why do I keep reading this?This book was great... for a 15-year-old who dreams about famous people and having a romance of the century with them. Well, first you need to take away the erotic parts (which were pretty hot, I must admit) and you get yourself a standard Hollywood drama chick flick!Ben is the movie star and Maggie our hardworking waitress who lived in foster homes and now volunteers and goes to college. Ben tries to escape the press and he accidentally meets Maggie and she (of course) doesn't recognize him - the worlds hottest actor. (view spoiler)[And he's intrigued and follows her a makes a proposition of giving her the best sex of her life in exchange for a place to stay. Now this really bothered me - that pompous stupid-ass. I would be so damn offended for that. But hell, who can refuse an eight day sex fest with a hot bod when you are a big workaholic and in need for some damn sex, and he gets to stay at your place for that? Yes, I would go that low. So sue me.Next, Maggie still works all the time and mostly ignores Ben who can't believe how she doesn't jump him every time she sees him bla bla bla. He then takes her to Bahamas and pampers her but their little sex bubble popped the press and Maggie then losses her job, her place for volunteering jadda jadda jadda. She asks Ben to leave her because he so complicated her life even though they have fallen in love with each other. Drama, drama, drama!! Ben's mother convinces him to go for his girl and she welcomes him back and everything is PERFECT!!! The End!(hide spoiler)]Again, why do I keep reading this?

  • Tabatha
    2019-03-06 20:05

    This one was a sweet romantic read with just a tiny bit of heat. It follows a pretty typical pattern of bad boy movie star falling in love with girl who is trying to overcome her past. He sweeps in and creates chaos in her perfectly ordered world, and then comes in to save the day. Although this story had a predictable storyline, I really did enjoy the two characters and watching them fall in love. This was a 3 1/2 star for me, so overall it was a decent read.

  • Moira
    2019-03-21 17:06

    30.11.2015 - 3,5*Solidní zaláskovanost, NA. Charaktery upoutaly a vžila jsem se do nich. Fungovaly spolu skvěle, nakolik to hrdinka dovolila. Nebylo tam nic převratného, ale četlo se to dobře a byl to lehčí nadprůměr. A Ben byl broučínek s nekonečnou trpělivostí. Kdyby se mi hrdinka líbila více, nejspíše dám i vyšší hodnocení.

  • Shay_yahS
    2019-03-19 21:02

    I liked this book.... cute simple read... but just enough of everything...

  • Nathi *Shut it and let me read*
    2019-02-27 17:05

    Loved it, loved it and loved! Now this was a surprising book! When I began to read and looked at the reviews I had a feeling this book would be of an erotic one (and make no mistakes, it's a hot book), but thing is that actually has a story to it! And a very interesting one! I got totally caught up in the story and the characters. The Plot:This book is about Maggie that lives a hard life and was taught from a very young age that you only can count on yourself. She works hard as a waitress to pay for h college and does voluntary work as a social helper and intends to work there when she finishes college. She has no time for relationships and the close thing to it a guy, Tony, that comes for the city twice a year and hooks up with her, no strings attached. On the other hand we have Ben Barrett, an successful actor of blockbusters that is tired of the spotlight life that he lives or, as he call, the plastic life and is taking a time-off from the latest make-up-paparazzi-rumor surrounding his life and decides to sleep in a average hotel were the papz would never find him out. Here things gets interesting when Mags goes to the hotel where she's supposedly to encounter Tony and end up making out with a stranger in a row that was suppose to be her room. Things get really hot and also really awkward as she notes her mistake and apologizing saying she owns the guy a drink for sexually molesting him. The guy is Ben Barrett and he get's really curious about the beautiful and hot red headed that apparently has no idea about who he is and decides to pay her a visit on the place she says she works. How much things can get complicated between those two completely polar opposites or maybe not so much...The Verdict:I absolutely RECOMMEND this book! The characters were great. You could totally sympathize with both characters, they were so different, but also they were so alone within themselves. Though the story plays out in about 15 days or less you actually feel like it takes much longer to develop instead of mere 10 days. There are so much growth there that you just totally believe it. During a part of the book you actually get your heart pretty torn up for the characters and I was very surprised about how easy I got so invested in those characters. So here's a sexy, romantic and great story book.

  • Paige
    2019-02-25 21:11

    Maggie Reilly has three focuses in her life. Go to school, volunteer, and go to work. After being abandoned at age 5 and growing up in foster care, she's learned nothing is permanent or worth the complication. Which has lead her to her set up with writer Tony Burke. Only in town about twice a year, he'll give her a call with a place to meet and she gets her sexual satisfaction out of the way. Then it's back to her straight, no nonsense lifestyle. Thinking she was meeting Tony, she reached the hotel and jumped in bed with the sleeping form. Only to discover a very hot guy she's never met. Jumping back out, making mumbled apologies and offering free drinks where she works she rushes out. Ben Barrett has never been walked in on and made out with by a woman like Maggie. Impressed by her obvious lack of knowledge of who he is, the famous Hollywood bad boy sets out to find her again.Becoming a part of her life is difficult work, but eventually he gets her to agree to hide him out from the press. In return he'll supply her in a way her two-time Tony can't do. Yet, Ben can see Maggie working herself to death and not listening to his words of concerns, he goes behind her back to clear her schedule and jets her off to a well needed vacation.A vacation that only brings them closer, but still makes Maggie why he's even still with her when he's famous and she's a struggling student and waitress from NY. Her fears are called out when they met with an ex of Ben's who isn't too kind with her name calling. What's worse, after a bad night at work, she loses her job and the paparazzi, who's found out her name and relationship with Tony, causes her volunteer center to cut her hours indefinitely.Feeling everything has crashed around her, she cuts Ben out of her life. Needing his mother's advice, Ben receives the advice only a mother could give on the way to win back the woman he loves.Surprising to Maggie, she can't get back into her swing of life. Now the aspect of a successful career with no one to com home to, isn't a life she wants, but has she drove away her one chance?Making the necessary press release and clearing his name, brings Ben back to the Center where he isn't letting Maggie go ever again. On their one year anniversary, Maggie gets a duplicate tattoo like her husbands.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-07 16:20

    My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: college, working, and volunteering, Maggie Reilly doesn’t have enough time to sit down, let alone have a relationship. What Maggie has is a lover she meets a few times a year for some hot, stress-releasing sex. But when Maggie shows up to meet her lover, she accidentally winds up in the bed of Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy.Superstar Ben Barrett just wants a break from the constant scandals surrounding him and the paparazzi hounding his every step. Checking into a low-key hotel for some much-needed sleep seems ideal, but his plans are interrupted when a mysterious woman slides into bed with him. Intrigued by the fact that Maggie doesn’t know who he is, Ben decides he isn’t about to let the tempting redhead get away.A delicious deal is struck – for one week Ben can hide out in Maggie’s apartment and in exchange, she can have a week of sizzling-hot, no-strings-attached sex. But Ben soon finds out that a week with Maggie might not be enough. Can he convince Maggie that two people who couldn’t be more different might actually be perfect for one another?“Opposites attract” might be an old adage, but Elle Kennedy delivers a fresh, sexy tale with Midnight Encounters. From the start, the sparks fly between Maggie and Ben, and as the two learn more about one another, the heat from those sparks never fades. I was drawn into the story from the start and Ms. Kennedy kept me utterly enthralled; I couldn’t put it down.One of the things I liked best about Midnight Encounters was the character development. Ben started out as slightly self-absorbed, but is redeemed and grows as a person because of his love for Maggie. Maggie, in turn, was a workaholic who has never truly lived until Ben teaches her to take time to enjoy her life. In watching Maggie and Ben develop as people and as a couple, I grew incredibly attached to them. The story was made complete by the fact that Maggie and Ben’s differing personalities complimented each other. Their struggle, like many couples, was to figure out how to make their conflicting lives meld and Ms. Kennedy made me care enough to cheer them on. Sizzling and satisfying!

  • Has
    2019-03-13 20:23

    This was a cute contemporary where the hero really chases the heroine which is a trope I really like. Maggie is focused on becoming a social worker and has no time for relationships although she has a casual thing with a photographer who comes to the city a couple of a times in the year where she lets loose some tension and some steam. But a mishap over an arrangement happens and she ends up getting in bed with a Hollywood's action star, Ben who is hiding in a hotel room to escape a scandal and the paps. Ben and Maggie both had steamy chemistry and the romance was very cute even though I felt Maggie was a bit dense and stubborn at times, it never got frustrating. Sexy and fun, I really enjoyed it although I felt the ending was a bit rushed.

  • Katrin
    2019-03-09 17:02

    "It wasn’t the fact that she was oblivious to his career, or the way her curvy body had felt pressed against his. It wasn’t the appealing blushing, or the killer legs, or how great her ass looked in that short skirt. He liked her because she treated him like a…human being."this one was a sweet story with just a tiny bit of heat.its follows a pretty typical pattern a bad boy movie star falling inlove with girl who is immune to his fame.he sweeps in and creates chaos in her perdectly ordered world. i really did enjoy the two characters and watching them fall in love.

  • Tasha
    2019-03-20 19:20

    I have read other books by Elle that on the first page it made me not want to put the book down... this one just didn't have that same spark... I don't know maybe it is me... maybe since the last time I read one of Elle books my choice in books has altered a little... I like Elle as an author but I just couldn't stay focused on this book for an entire page.. Sorry Elle I truly enjoyed the other books I have read by you.

  • Kati Shook
    2019-03-15 18:07

    I have to say I loved the story line, it was fantastic, hilarious and so great. The reason for my 3 stars is more towards the way it was written, I felt like the story would have been better if it had been written from inside their head. I don't know how many times I read "She" or "he" after a while it became redundant. The story is great, but I wasn't favored on her type of writing.

  • Bougenville Puspa
    2019-03-07 15:27

    Bagus banget ceritanya .... tema nya klise, kind of cinderella story in modern day, kisah sang bintang film Ben Barret yg jatuh cinta ama pelayan bar Maggie Reilly. awalnya kukira akan membosankan, tapi begitu baca langsung nempel sampai the end. sempet mbrebes mili saat ben ngucapin goodbye ke maggie, huhuhu... eniwei ... it's good. aq terhibur so 5* for ben and maggie :)

  • JJH--Judy
    2019-02-22 20:20

    4 1/2 stars. Good romantic read. Super-famous gorgeous actor, hiding from his fame, meets ridiculously beautiful woman who of course is oblivious to who he his. Tension occurs while they are dealing with his fame, and how it directly affect her life. Well written and spicy, everything I expect from this author.

  • MsChris1161
    2019-02-22 21:19

    I LOVE this story. LOVE Ben, LOVE Maggie, LOVE how this very unlikely couple found each other and then completed each other. But most of all I love the totally tender, enchanting, mesmerizing way Elle Kennedy tells their story. I keep it active in my kindle instead of archiving it just so I can read it again whenever I want. This is one of the best romances I've ever read.

  • ...
    2019-03-04 14:24

    3.5 starsA good, quick read. I really liked both characters here. Ben was a little (a lot) cocky, but I found him endearing most of the time. I really loved their banter, and loved that Maggie didn't take any shit from him, and didn't fall at his feet immediately.Pretty much an erotic fairytale, with an unrealistic ending, but this was still great for a quick, hot, funny read. :)

  • Isabel Roa
    2019-03-25 13:22

    I'm annoyed with Maggie , better yet with the way her character was written ( not sure if that makes sense but ya ) .She has sex with a guy she sees 2 or 3 times a year , her fuck friend leaves as soon as he's finished with her and this is perfectly ok with her but she's scared to have sex with Ben. I don't get this

  • PepsiGirl
    2019-02-23 21:16

    Quick read, but good. Cute beginning when they met, how do you recover from that? I liked her sassy style, she was driven to make something of herself. He was used to having his way, and didn't quite know how to handle someone he had to pursue. Their chemistry together was powerful.

  • Tracie Redmond
    2019-02-24 17:04

    I would have to give this 3 1/2stars. I did enjoy the story and the characters but it just fell short for me. I love that Ben found his hea with Maggie an she lived him for who he really was yet I can't really explain why it fell short but it was entertaining. Loved that there was an epilogue.

  • Netanella
    2019-03-19 16:02

    Great little contemporary about an overworked Manhattan waitress and a movie star hiding out from the paparazzi who accidently meet up in a hotel room one night. Ben and Maggie are a great couple, and the fairy tale feel to the story is heartwarming and friendly.

  • Jaime Scarfuto
    2019-03-12 14:12

    really cute short read!