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Kit meets a young hobo who shares his exciting life on the road. When Kit decides to pursue some adventures of her own, her curiosity gets her into trouble!...

Title : Kit Saves the Day: A Summer Story
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Kit Saves the Day: A Summer Story Reviews

  • Ciara
    2019-03-15 21:46

    it's summertime, which means that the kittredges & their boarders have a lot of work to do harvesting their garden & making preserves. plus all the usual housecleaning chores, which are many, with eleven people living in the house. kit & stirling are out in the garden picking tomatoes one morning when a young hobo comes strolling up. he asks if he can pitch in with the harvest in exchange for a meal & aunt millie agrees. he's a hard worker & the kittredges are all too happy to give him generous portions. he makes to leave, but they offer to let him stay the night & work for food the next day too if he'll tell them about his hobo adventures.his name is texas will & he's 15 years old. he ran away from home & started riding the rails looking for work after his family became destitute. they had had a farm, but it was destroyed in the dust storms or something. he could have stayed put, but he thought it was better to leave & fend for himself than be another mouth to feed & back to clothe. mr. kittredge gets out an atlas & will shows him all the different areas of the country he's visited, following the seasonal agricultural work. kit feels a little envious. will's hobo life sounds like one of non-stop freedom & adventure, while she's cooped up in her crowded house with neverending chores. will tells kit that all kinds of people are hoboes--even young girls like her. he also tells the family that sometimes hoboes take food back to their camps & everyone contributes what they have to make a big stew to feed all the hoboes in the jungle.the next evening after will leaves, kit realizes that the family didn't give him anything to take back for hobo stew. she & stirling convince mrs. kittredge & aunt millie to give them some extra tomatoes & canned milk & they get permission to go to the hobo jungle to give the food to will. the jungle isn't far from the kittredges house. the adults are nervous, but they let kit & stirling go.will is grateful for the food, but kit is blown away by the scene in the jungle. she sees a woman with three little children, including a baby. rather than a bunch of free spirits choosing a life of adventure, she realizes that some hoboes are riding trains because they have no other options, & that it's a difficult life. still, when another hobo named lex starts bragging & offers to teach kit & stirling how to hop a boxcar, kit wants to try it. will insists on tagging along to make sure stirling & kit stay safe. lex tells them he's going to have them hop a train going north back toward kit's house, so they'll be able to hop off at the next stop & walk home. but instead the train they catch is going south, across the river & into kentucky. they start to panic, but once the train clears the bridge, it stops. lex jumps off & runs away into the woods. will makes kit hide her hair under his hat & tries to shield kit & stirling from view, but the railroad bulls make them all get off the train & marches them off to jail. will makes kit wear the hat so they won't realize she's a girl & separate her from him & stirling in jail.kit gets all mouthy & tells the cops she's not a bum. she asks for permission to call her uncle hendrick in cincinnati, who can pass word of her arrest along to her parents, who will come get her. the cop scoffs at her & refuses to loan her the coin to make the call. then the cop realizes she's a girl & starts to march her off to the women's cell. stirling holds up a piece of paper with the hobo symbol meaning "pretend to be sick". kit fakes a stomachache & asks to go to the bathroom. once she's in the bathroom, she shimmies out the window & runs away.she retraces the route taken by the train, but when she gets to the bridge, she realizes it's just railroad ties set over the river. there's a small catwalk on either side of the railroad & she can walk on that, but there's no railing & the catwalk is covered in train oil, so it's slick. but she has no other choice. she has to get back to cincinnati & alert her parents to spring will & stirling from the pokey. she makes it halfway across the trestle bridge before a train comes. she lays down flat on the catwalk & hangs on for dear life. once the train has gone, she stands up & finishes the trek across the bridge, back into the city, to her kittredge borrows a car belonging to some of the borders & books it back to kentucky jail. the cops release will & stirling into his custody. kit did indeed save the day...& realized in the process that being a hobo is no joke. mr. kittredge offers to bring will back to cincinnati for a good night's sleep, but will refuses. he has to get weat for the apple harvests. kit realizes she has it pretty good, with a bed to sleep in & food to eat, even if she does have a lot of chores.basically, this book was awesome. a ten-year-old girl hops a train, gets thrown in jail, breaks out of jail, & frees her fellow hoboes. holy crap. i never did anything remotely that badass when i was ten years old.

  • Carolynne
    2019-02-21 21:06

    During the Depression the number of homeless people increased and some of them became hoboes, who traveled around looking for work to get by. One such, a young boy named Will, comes by Kit's house and does some chores in exchange for a meal and a chance to wash. Kit finds the hobo life exciting and when she and her friend Stirling take some canned goods to the "jungle" where hoboes camp, they are persuaded to hop a train with an older hobo. I found this the least compelling of the Kit series. I didn't like that it was Kit's own impulsive act which provides the opportunity for her to "save the day." The best part of the book is the historical note at the end, which gives details about hobo life and the CCC which was created by FDR during the Depression. But generally the Kit books are among the more interesting American Girl stories. In most of the series the problems she faces are real, and may seem close to home because many children may have older relatives who remember the Depression, and can remember such things as bread lines and wearing clothes made from flour sacks. When I learned about the Depression in elementary history classes, the lessons were filled with economics and political information: I would have welcomed this series which show how the Depression affected families and children. The lexile measure is 640.

  • Angela
    2019-02-23 23:10

    Kit meets a hobo, and thinks that a life on the rails would be great fun and full of adventure. But she soon realizes that that life isn't exactly as fun as she had thought.

  • Pam
    2019-02-19 23:58

    Now I need to read all of these books! =0)

  • Meagan
    2019-03-08 21:40

    good book

  • Jessa
    2019-02-27 00:55

    This book was bonkers.

  • Joey
    2019-02-21 22:00

    Kit is bored of her life, doing chores everyday isn’t fun and she feels like she’s stuck in the rut of her life. Longing for adventure that she fears will never come... until a hobo shows up at her house willing to help with the work in exchange for a meal. She is thrilled to learn all about his life and how he lives yearning to grasp her adventure she knows is now just around the corner. Her adventure though not what she expected was a rush and caused trouble but she finally got what she’d dreamt of. This was really good, probably my favourite Kit book so far. It was interesting reading her adventure and learning the life that poor homeless people lived back in the 30’s.

  • Lillian
    2019-03-12 04:03

    I thought this book didn't have as much diversity as I wanted it to but I mean like it's an American girl thing so I kind of expected it to be bad.but I really think that they betrayed how have I was really lived in that time well. But I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Emily
    2019-03-02 01:54

    Very different type of story which I liked. But not my favorite AG book.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-28 21:47

    Solid American girl book. Takes place during the Great Depression

  • Martin
    2019-02-21 23:43

    Title: Kit Saves The DayAuthor: Valerie TrippIllustrator: Walter Rane, Susan McAlileyGenre: Transistional Chapter BookTheme(s): Depression, hobos, adventure, friendshipOpening line/sentence: “Ya-hoo!” Kit Kitterdge whooped with joy.Brief Book Summary: When Kit meets a hobo she thinks his lifestyle sounds like a great adventure she decides to embark on her own adventures. While on her adventure, she sees how hard life for hobos during the Great Depression can really be like.Professional Recommendation/Review #1:Carolyn Phelan (Booklist, Aug. 1, 2001 (Vol. 97, No. 22)) Reviewed with Valerie Tripp's Happy Birthday, Kit. Children reading the Depression-era series about Kit from the American Girls collection will welcome books 4 and 5. In Saves the Day, readers get a glimpse of the darker side of Depression life. When a young hobo befriends Kit's family, she forms a romanticized view of life in a hobo camp. Kit revises her opinion when she visits the camp, hops a freight train on a dare, and ends up in jail. In Happy Birthday, Kit has mixed feelings when Aunt Millie comes to live with her family. On the one hand, she enjoys Aunt Millie's affectionate, cheerful manner and thrifty ideas. On the other hand, Kit is sometimes embarrassed by her elder's lack of concern for appearances.Appealing color illustrations help establish the period, which is considered in greater detail in the appended "Looking Back" section of social history. Two entertaining entries in a popular series.Professional Recommendation/Review #2:Valerie O. Patterson (Children's Literature) Bored by all the summer chores she and her family undertake during the Great Depression of the 1930s, Kit Kittredge longs for adventure like her brother Charlie, who is working for the Civilian Conservation Corps in Glacier National Park, Montana. Kit and her friend, Stirling, befriend a young hobo named Will who helps the family with their gardening in return for meals and a place to sleep. When Will leaves the next day without a food basket, Kit and Stirling volunteer to take it to him, only to find themselves caught up in a dangerous adventure hopping a train. Discovered by the authorities and detained, Kit has to devise a plan to help herself and her friends. Fifth in the series about Kit's growing up in the Great Depression from the "American Girls Collection," the book contains a short factual lesson about the everyday life of Americans during the 1930s and would be useful in bringing to life that difficult time for today's readers.Response to Two Professional Reviews:The second review digs a little deeper into the story and reaches it out to adults. The concept of being content with simplicity can be understood by parents as they read to their children. The first review commends the contrast between the dull colors of Al’s mundane life and the bright vibrant colors of the island. Similarly, the second review feels that while the story can reach adults, the vibrant illustrations reach children easily.Evaluation of Literary Elements:Kit Saves the Day is a higher level transitional chapter book and more on the verge of a regular chapter book because it has longer chapters with more words on a page and more complex dialogue. However, the colorful illustrations and vignettes throughout makes for an easier and more visual read that attract the younger readers. The plot invites adventure-seekers and contains suspense especially at the climax when Kit must escape jail. The factual “Look Back” section at the end of the book gives a reinforcing lesson of life during that time period.Consideration of Instructional Application:I would use this book for small group instruction such as during reading groups in third to fifth grade depending upon the level of my students. I would use this book in conjunction with a lesson on the Great Depression in the social studies or history class. Even though it is fictional, I like how it gives a personal account of life in the depression, which helps to reinforce the history lesson in a different way. Also, the book has pictures and facts about life during 1934 to help give a strong background for the students. The book is filled with adventure and suspense that it would lend well to thought provoking questions to use during reading groups.

  • Sara Cranford
    2019-03-09 01:46

    Growing up, I always loved the American Girl dolls. I spent hours in my room playing with them, and Kit was always my favorite. Kit Kittredge is a young, clever, spunky girl growing up during the years of the great depression. During Kit Saves the Day (the fifth book in the Kit series), Kit's older brother Charlie, is away from home working for the Civilian Conservation Corps. Kit, however, is stuck at home, bored with her chores, just waiting for an adventure. While out in the garden one day, a hobo named Will stumbles upon Kit's home. Her family offers him a place to stay for the night in exchange for some work. Kit quickly becomes intrigued by Will and his southern accent. After drilling him with questions and following him around, Kit learns the way of the hobo life and grows very fond of Will. She and her family agree they haven't had this much fun visiting with someone since her brother Charlie was home. As Will said his thank you's and goodbye's to the family, Kit decides she doesn't want to see him go. She and Sterling, a family friend staying with the Kittredge family, venture off attempting to find "the jungle" - where the hobos live. Despite their parents advice, the two set off taking food for "hobo stew" to Will and his hobo friends. When they arrived, Kit was shocked by what she saw. Hobos weren't just adults, but children too. Kit finds herself talking to one of the hobos, Lex, and soon enough, she decided to jump freight trains with them. When the train is stopped by the "railroad bulls", Kit realizes she's facing a bigger problem than she ever imagined - a night in jail. With the help of Will, and her newly learned "hobo sign language", Kit outsmarts the sheriff and escaped. She took off running for home to find help for Sterling and Will. After facing a close call with a train crossing over the bridge, Kit finally reaches home. She confesses the truth to her parents and Sterling's mother, and together they head off to save the boys. When they arrive at the jail and the sheriff realizes it's Kit who's come back to save the boys, he's shocked. He tells her she should be ashamed of herself, but leave it to quick, witty, Kit to tell the sheriff that he should be the one ashamed. The hobos are just like us, Kit tells him, only they don't have people to take care of them and a place to live. This story is an awesome historical fiction book that serves as a way for children to experience what life was like during the Great Depression. Learning about Will and his life style shows kids what people went through during that time. Its a great take home chapter book for children in third grade and older (ages 8 and older). It could also be a fun read aloud story for younger grades like first and second. Its simple yet detailed vocabulary is easy for children to read or listen along to. The story is short, yet full of wonderful information about life during the Great Depression. It also serves as a valuable lesson about how we can learn from all kinds of people, and that we should never judge someone by their cover. People go through all kinds of different experiences and changes that make them who they are. We should take the time to learn from each other, just as Kit learned from Will. You never know when that information might just save the day!

  • Evelyn
    2019-02-18 22:02

    "I like this one a lot! It was awesome. She visited a hobo camp, was able to help the innocent people that were in jail get freed because she was traveling with them and explained to the officer what happened. (Remember Sterling and his parents were boarding at their house at this point.)"

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-03-07 03:04

    In this book Kit has been working on tending the family garden and gathering ripe tomatoes so they can be canned. A young boy named Will arrives and it turns out he's a hobo who is willing to work for food.After he leaves Kit and Stirling decide to take some food to the hobo camp where he currently lives but once there they are goaded into jumping a train by one of the other hobos. The train ends up going the opposite direction the guy told them it would and crosses the Ohio River but stops almost immediately.Various men appear and pull the hobos off the train and take them to jail, including Kit and Stirling. Kit manages to escape and heads to her home, hoping her parents will be able to got to the jail and free Stirling. Along the way she is nearly killed by a train and various other dangers that she has to face alone.Much of the book deals with the hobo life including why they travel, their "secret sign language," and just who were hobos, along with how they were treated and regarded by other people, and the historical section adds information on that.It's definitely a scarier and rougher book than most others in the series, especially in relationship to the physical dangers Kit faces.

  • Sarah Landwehr
    2019-03-20 02:03

    “Kit Saves the Day: A Summer Story” by Valerie Tripp is a book in the popular American Girls Collection. Kit, a girl living in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the Great Depression tells how Kit, bored with all her chores, longs for adventure. When her family offers a night’s lodging to a hobo, Will, Kit’s curiosity is piqued. She and Sterling, a border in Kit’s household, travel to the “jungle” where the hoboes camp. Ready for adventure, Kit and Sterling jump a train, but run into trouble when the train is stopped by the police. The children are taken to jail, but Kit uses her wits to escape and tell her parents what happened so that they can save Sterling from jail too. Walter Rane’s color illustrations make this chapter book less intimidating for younger readers, and I would recommend this title for third through fifth grade girls. Even though it is pumped full of historical information about the Great Depression and even includes a “Looking Back” section that details the historical context, I would not use this book in my history lessons because the association with American Girl dolls doesn’t encourage male readers.

  • Sam T
    2019-02-23 01:08

    Kit is a young girl who lives during the Great Depression. After Kit's dad lose his job in the first book they have people rent some of the extra rooms in their house to get money.As well, they grow a garden so they can put the food in jars down in the basement for winter. By doing this they will save money in the winter. While Will and Kit are picking tomatoes a young hobo came bye. The hobo helps them pick tomatoes. as well, Kit's family gives him lunch. The hobo also tells them stories and a few symbols. Once the hobo leaves Will and Kit realize that they forgot to give the hobo some food for the stew. They go down to a hobo camp and give him the food. Than another hobo, Lex comes by. Lex convinces them to go on Freight trains so the good one comes with. Than the railroad bulls catch them and they go to jail. Kit escapes and gets her parents to come get the other two. I would recommend this book to any body. Most kids should not have trouble with the book. As well, you can learn a little something you did not already know about the Great Depression.

  • Liesel
    2019-03-06 00:41

    In Kit saves the day, Kit meets a boy who is a hobo. He lives in a jungle where they call it the hobo jungle. His name is Will. Sterling lives with Kit. He is not her brother. He came to live with her when his dad lost his job and they were going to loose there home. Kit and Sterling went to the hobo jungle to visit Will. Kit thought the hobo jungle was only for big boys about Will's age. Will was about a teenager. When Kit went to the hobo jungle she saw little kids too. She felt very sorry for the kids. Then, one of Will's not friends came to the hobo jungle. He told Kit "do you want to jump the rails?" Kit thought for a moment. She knew she shouldn't jump the rails, but she liked adventures. She said, "okay." So they jumped the rails and Will came along too. Sterling came too. They got in trouble and had to go to jail. That is what happened to hobos when they got caught. The next morning they would have been driven to another place. Kit got out of jail somehow and she got to her house and she had Sterling and Will free.

  • Shelli
    2019-03-12 00:53

    Another wonderful addition by Valerie Tripp to the American Girls Kit series. Kit's family, as many others, is still struggling with the depression. One morning a young hobo named Will Shepherd crosses paths with the Kittredge family as he makes his way across country in search of work. I loved how this book showed that "hobos and tramps" were not necessarily bad evil people to be feared. Most were men women or families down on their luck trying to get by. Also, that no matter how bad your struggles maybe in life you can have compassion for others.

  • Felicity The Magnificent
    2019-03-01 22:07

    I liked this book because Kit's brother Charlie was in Montana and Kit was at their house in Cincinnati. One day when she was working in the garden, a young hobo named Will Shepherd came. Will stayed at their house for a few days, and then he went. After Will went, Kit forgot to hive him something. She went to give her gift to Will, and then they both got caught in jail. Kit found a way to get out, and she ran all the way home to get help for Will. -by Felicity

  • Mary
    2019-03-10 00:48

    this one is about kit and she is harvesting the tomato plant and a hobo comes by. Will is his name. Later, when Will leaves the next day, kit forgets to give him food for their hobo stew. Kit and Stirling go to the hobo jungle and give will the food. A boy named lex tells them how to jump the rails. Kit is tempted and does it. They went to jail; Lex didnt tell them it was against the law. Kit escaped and ran home, they got out of jail. It was very interesting.

  • Cailey Kiekintveld
    2019-03-03 22:47

    I liked the action in this book and it still show how hard the Great Depression is and how they struggle to keep going and in this book it show how the hobo's lived. Kit wanted to go on a adventure so one of the hobos ask's her if she wants to jump freight trains with him and she says...........and then some thing big happened and she has to go on a big adventure and you will have to find out the rest.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-08 22:43

    So in this book Kit finally meets a hobo. She even goes to the local hobo jungle, hops a freight train, and gets arrested. A bit dramatic, but Abby thought it was exciting. The movie obviously picked up a lot of its storyline from this book--we used to laugh at the movie because whenever something went wrong, the hoboes were blamed. Abby still says, "The hoboes did it!"

  • Miri
    2019-03-10 00:04

    Kit is longing for an adventure, it seems like all she ever does is chores, when a young hobo named will arrives looking for work Kit gets her chance for adventure after all. Kit and Stirling visit the hobo jungle and learn about their difficult lives, when Kit is lured into riding the rails by a hobo boy, Kit, Stirling and Will end up in jail! Can Kit save the day?

  • Bree
    2019-02-22 03:48

    While the writing style continues to be engaging, as a parent, I have to say that the ludicrousness of the plot, combined with the fact that Kit doesn't get punished for endangering herself, her friends, lying to her parents and coming home late without any parental lecture or punishment is highly annoying and not true to period, either.

  • LeonaCarstairs
    2019-02-22 19:42

    All of these American Girls series follow a basic outline. #1 is an introduction, #3 is a birthday book, #5 is adventure etc. I always liked the fifth ones the best. They were the most exciting to Little Leo. I don't hate these books but I definitely do not like them as much as I used to.

  • James Bowling
    2019-02-18 02:46

    My sister helen got me to read this. I dont realy like non-fiction,but this book is accualy very is about a girl named kit that meets a young hobo and shegets into a lot of trouble! read to find out what she did!

  • Kristine Hansen
    2019-03-16 01:06

    Kit doesn't always make the best decisions and this time around makes a really awful one as they and Stirling hop a freight train and come into contact with the railroad bulls - and jail. Exciting and dangerous this story moves swiftly!

  • Janice
    2019-03-04 02:57

    Such wonderful books for young people. The elderly enjoy them as much as I and my grandchildren.

  • Marya
    2019-02-23 02:50

    I gotta admit this series is growing on me...

  • Tremayne
    2019-02-22 20:06

    i think that kit was very brave when she got caught by the police and was taken to jail. Also that she was brave enough to walk across the train tracks over a stream while a train came through.