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The son of illegal Mexican immigrants Henry Cejudo surprised the world by winning an Olympic gold medal in wrestling for the U.S.A. in Beijing. This is his remarkable, inspiring story. Henry Cejudo's remarkable journey follows an unlikely hero from the mean streets of South Central L.A. to the glory of the Beijing Olympics. The first American in sixteen years and the you The son of illegal Mexican immigrants Henry Cejudo surprised the world by winning an Olympic gold medal in wrestling for the U.S.A. in Beijing. This is his remarkable, inspiring story. Henry Cejudo's remarkable journey follows an unlikely hero from the mean streets of South Central L.A. to the glory of the Beijing Olympics. The first American in sixteen years and the youngest American ever to win the gold medal in this event, Henry's grit, passion, and resolve on display in China was a culmination of a life spent fighting- both on and off the mat. Henry was born into a world devoid of stability, a world of tiny apartments and empty refrigerators, his mother on the run from immigration; the youngest of six kids, he had to fight for everything. Until he joined the U.S. Olympic team, he had never had his own bed, never even had a pillow. American Victory is Henry's poignant and powerful memoir of growing up in a segment of the American population that is too often overlooked and underestimated, and how he rose above the statistics and the dangers to become a winner-a hero who embodies all that's best and most hopeful in the American dream. ...

Title : American Victory: Wrestling, Dreams, and a Journey Toward Home
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American Victory: Wrestling, Dreams, and a Journey Toward Home Reviews

  • Joey
    2019-02-04 14:13

    The book American Victory Wrestling, Dreams, and a Journey Towards Home was a book that takes you through Henry's level of commitment regardless of the environment he was in. The book talks to you about Henry's life at a very young age. He tells you about how life was in Mexico and how he was fighting for food, I mean literally fighting fighting and moving to America to pursue his passion for wrestling. I really enjoyed reading this book because not only did I read about his upbringing at home, but I also know Henry in real life, so hearing this story twice really hits you and makes you appreciate the freedom of living in America and having a family. Not only does it tell you about his rough neighborhood, but he tells you how he got out. The book American Victory Wrestling, Dreams, and a Journey Towards home is about how wrestling actually saved his life and how he continued to stay motivated even in the most desperate of times. There is a quote he told me in person that I have remembered since I met Henry back in 2008." It was rough growing up, but I knew somehow I was going to make it , whatever it is, happen". The reason I keep this quote printed in my brain is because it makes so much sense to me and is so simple. I recommend this book to anyone going through a hard time or anyone who is running low on motivation. This story can truly change the way people go about life and make people appreciate the little things in life

  • Tom Herring
    2019-02-08 09:09

    An amazing life story. Great read.

  • Matthew Quinones
    2019-02-12 07:05

    The Illegal Olympian: A Book Review of American VictoryBy Henry Cejudo Henry Cejudo, the youngest of eight children accompanied by their mother, will have to face the struggle of being illegal immigrants. Henry Cejudo must overcome many obstacles throughout his rough childhood, but little did he know that his childhood experience will lead him to a greatness known worldwide! American Victory by Henry Cejudo is an autobiography about an illegal immigrant who is extremely poor and down on his luck, but he goes on to become a wrestler. Henry and his family are forced to constantly move from small apartment to small apartment to keep immigration off their trail and to escape the horrible emotional and physical abuse of their convict father, but he always seems to find them pretty well. Henry must face ridicule from the kids from the schools he goes for being poor and he also must face that his father is a bad influence on him at a young age and Henry doesn’t seem to get it right away. In the book it talks about how if he had not wrestled that he would not have survived out in the world and how it gave him a new lease on life. On the other side of the coin he talks about all the bad things he had faced, especially his father. When I was reading the book it made me feel like I was actually watching Henry’s life flash before my eyes, the book was described in great detail and pulls you in making you want to read more. I would recommend this book to any teenager and adult athlete who could use some inspiration to become better and to teach them to never give up. The book can get hard to follow with all the flashbacks in the book and you can lose track on which story is the main one. Overall the book is of a boy who has a dream that is hard for him to accomplish because of his social status and home life, but no matter what he keeps going for it and never gives up.

  • Pamela
    2019-01-25 13:22

    If I could rate this book higher than the 5 stars I would.WONDERFUL, honest, compelling and at times gut-wrenching and tragic, Henry Cejudo's story will plant you in your seat as you are reading and keep you there. I couldn't put this one down until I turned the last page. I felt like I was taking a light-speed trip along side of him on his journey to the Beijing Olympics. Emotional? Yes....I found myself crying on 3 occasions. You don't have to be a wrestler or a fan of wrestling to appreciate this story of the victorious underdog. In a world where male role models are disappointing us, Henry is the real deal. Every 4 years, we have the Summer Olympics...and we as Americans love to watch. Americans love to be spectators. Rarely do we get a glimpse into the complex inner workings of the machine that makes The Athlete. The TIME. The SACRIFICE. The PAIN. The MENTAL HIGHS AND LOWS. American Victory is just that....a visceral inside look at what it takes to be a wrestler. American Victory should be required reading for athletes. Required reading for schools in a class discussing Immigration. Required reading for mothers with sons and daughters who are athletes......but especially, required reading for fathers with sons who are athletes and the tremendous impact their presence or absence can be to the son or daughter competing. I loved this book. I'll read it again. I'll share it with my son...and I thank God that we have such a wonderful role model in Henry to show young people today that with perseverance and tenacity, ANYTHING is possible.

  • Jose
    2019-01-22 14:02

    American victory by Henry Cejudo. The book to me is really well written I like the settings and I also like the whole life story thing because I can somewhat relate to it. The book is mostly about the life of a young Mexican American who fought through the roughest times and went through a tough childhood. Than a sport that changed his life came into his life and completely changed it. That sport is wrestling a hard one on one though sport that is hated by many but only the real men get to try it. The type of book that it is in genre is a memoir. Like I was saying is about a Mexican American who made history in America. Henry Cejudo is the youngest ever Mexican American to win an Olympic gold medalist at the age of 23. The book really just talks about his life and the obstacles he had to accomplishing that goal he wanted. At the end he did it. What I learned from this guy is that no matter what life puts you through or no matter how messed up you life is, everyone can be successful. The book affected me in a way that I can compare myself to Henry, because I somehow have his life style at some points. I recommend this book to everyone that likes to read books about people who need inspiration in life. Kids adults and old people. One thing I did see wrong about the book is the attitude of the author sounds too arrogant and he really just have a nasty personality. But other than that the book is amazing.

  • Paul Schoenberg
    2019-02-09 07:07

    A man who has done the unthinkable for an American to win an olympic gold medal in wrestling. The United States is particular weak in the sport of wrestling on an international level however we do have spurts of glory. Henry Cejudo happens to be one of the few that have achieved international greatness and gave the United States wrestling world international acclaim. Cejudo is the son of an immigrant who took a risk by bringing her family to the United States for a better life. The risk was worthwhile for her son was able to live the American dream and find a great deal of success through wrestling. if you like a story about living the American dream and overcoming the odds than this is the biography for you. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good and heartfelt story.

  • Jessica
    2019-01-20 07:11

    I had nothing better to read in Hawaii so I picked this up after my mom told me how much she cried in it. I loved it! His story was so inspiring. I want to meet him so badly! I was mostly touched by his story in Colorado Springs. He was a year older than me, going to Cornado. And he had no friends. I feel like I was partially responsible. I wish I could have somehow been his friend. I wish I could have been there to offer him the hugs he needed. I would love to invite him to a devotional at BYU. I would love to be friends with him. I thought his aspect of the olypmics was interesting. I loved his love for America, although he had some reasons not to love America. Highly recommend, especially to wrestlers like my brother, although it has some harsh language.

  • Cole Kelley
    2019-01-21 15:06

    Every fan of the Olympics and fan of sports should read this great autobiography of the youngest American Wrestler to win an Olympic Gold medal. The stories of growing up and facing adversity to get to the gold are a great inspiration.

  • Tj
    2019-02-11 14:16

    This was an interesting read about the only olympic wrestling champion from the USA and his struggle growing up poor and making through life.

  • Megan
    2019-02-07 08:09

    I enjoyed the book. Henry has an amazing story. Was lucky to meet him in person at a Company event. Very nice man.