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Anita Blake is a vampire hunter. But when someone else sets his sights on her prey, she must save them both from the inferno....

Title : burnt offerings
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  • Bark
    2019-01-27 15:41

    Hmmm, I noticed most of the reviews here don’t go into any sort of plot here. I couldn’t figure it out at first but now that I’m almost finished with this reread I get it. There isn’t one. Well, that’s not quite true. There were threads of plot, the vampire council has come to town to rape and pillage the beasties, but really this book is all about Anita gaining power, dealing with her two lover boys and gaining new puppy doggies and kitties who follow her every command. It’s bloody, it’s sexual but mostly in a vile, violent way and it’s so not my favorite of the series. I think I need a break from these books now. I found myself getting grouchy and bored with the oh-so-perfect and all-powerful Anita. I want tomboy Anita The Vampire Executioner back and as much as I complained about the Nike swish descriptions I'd give anything to have them back. If I have to hear another description of a whored up Anita outfit I'm going to gag.

  • Jilly
    2019-01-31 19:44

    These books are getting grittier. The Vampire Council comes to town and they are some sadistic motherf*ckers! Torture, rape, and murder are their nice qualities, and Jean Claude and Anita have giant bulls-eyes on their backs. The good news is that Anita keeps getting more and more bloodthirsty herself. Some days I thought I was becoming a sociopath. Some days I thought I was already there.sociopaths have the best senses of humor...In this book we get to meet some awesome new characters: Nathaniel the leopard, and Asher the vampire. I'm excited that it looks like they will be around for a while. But, we also get a lot of Richard. Richard really should have the nickname Dick because it fits him so well. He was always a whiny baby, and now he's a whiny baby who is bitter and angry. It doesn't help improve his sparkling personality.Calling for the party of one... pity party of one....Richard? Your table is ready at the Get-Over-It Cafe.The only thing that annoys me more than Richard's jealous baby tantrums is the fact that Anita still finds him so "irresistible". yeah, bitter assholes are so sexy!On the other end of the spectrum is Jean Claude who is sweet, smart, and totally mature and confident. He even encourages Anita to try and make peace with Richard. He may dress-up everyone around him like gay pirate romance novel covers, but he also showers Anita with gifts and romantic notes. I can handle that! I'll dress like a dominatrix pirate for him any day.okay, Jean Claude, what do YOU want me to wear?

  • Tilly Slaton
    2019-02-09 19:40

    Out of the entire series, one of my favorite characters is Nathaniel. So when I realized that this is the book he would be introduced into .. I was like woo hoo!Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I can move forward with the tid bits of this and that’s I have for this book.Another brilliant piece of work by Laurell Hamilton! The twists in this book are amazing, and they end up playing through to the end of the series. It’s neat to be able to reread a series and pick up on all the little things you missed.Blake:Mercy will get you killed, but sometimes it’s all that makes us human.Love triangle, Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard. It really eats at you and I’ve discussed this book with many others and we all end up disagreeing .. wholeheartedly lol .. about whom she should be with. Go figure.Lupa was the word the werewolves used for their leader’s mate. I was the first human so honored. I wasn’t even dating their Ulfric anymore. We’d broken up after I saw him eat somebody. Hey, a girl’s got to have some standards.Thus far, the books in this series hop back and forth within basically the same theme. Find the bad guys. Get hurt. Seek revenge. Kill the bad guys. Make love to a hottie.In Burnt Offerings, the ultimate law, a vampire council visits Jean-Claude’s city. There have been many deeply disturbing scenes in a few of the books so far, and this book definitely does not disappoint.You have the Traveler. A super-duper vampire that finds a suitably sexy male host and takes over the controls for a while. The Traveler and his sexy homosexual lover use and abuse the borrowed bodies as they deem fit. A little whoaness factor there but I thought it very interesting as I read about some of Blake’s friends’ bodies being abused by the traveler and his lover.You have the Master of Beasts, Padma and his sidekick rapist son Fernando. Being the Master of Beasts, Padma is able to put forth a call to the shapeshifter leaders of the city and they apparently are unable to refuse. The leopards, the werewolves and the rats. Between being skinned alive for wall decoration, repeatedly raped or forced into an eternity of furriness, Padma is one of my least favorite characters in this book. It is not to say he isn’t an amazing character! He is. I just dislike him And his bastard of a son.After finding out that Fernando is one of a gang that raped Sylvie, Blake promises Sylvie that they will all die. Hell YES! “Is he your only son?” I asked.“My only child,” Padma said.“My condolences,” I said.Then you have Yvette! A vampire whom can rot her body at will and punish others by forcing a similar state, she’s just gross. It’s one thing to be furry. It’s one thing to be raped. It’s one thing to be skinned. Now, can you imagine being intimate with a woman who all of a sudden starts rotting and oozing bodily fluids all over the place? Gross.Asher is introduced in this book. A lost lover betrayed by no other than Jean-Claude himself, threatens Anita’s life. The choking bitterness of hate engulfs him, and he wants to see Jean-Claude suffer as he has for the past two centuries. The progression with Asher, Anita and Jean-Claude is fun. Enjoy!Filled with a pyrokinetic psycho that is burning down empty buildings, sexually sadistic members of the vampire counsel, and Anita slipping into the spot of protector for the leopards, Burnt Offerings is totally rockin’ awesome!I recommend this book to adults ONLY. This book contains moderate to extreme deviant sexual scenes. The violence is astounding with a two thumbs up from me.~Happy reading!

  • Amanda
    2019-01-25 15:24

    Seriously, Laurell K. Hamilton used to write good vampire-slayer novels. Now she writes erotica. Don't get me wrong, I like erotica as much as the next guy (or gal), but when I want to read a vampire slayer novel, I want to read a vampire slayer novel!!! Damn you, Anita Blake.

  • Crystal Starr Light
    2019-01-26 12:36

    "Why does everything with you have to be so [darned] serious?"A fire chief approaches Anita Blake to let her know about vampires going up in flames. She notes that then heads off on a date with boyfriend and Undead Master of the City, Jean-Claude. But Anita never can have a date without a million things going off at once. Richard is off his rocker and creating a vacuum in his pack, one that Anita as his lucoi must fix. Jean-Claude is being pressured to join the Council--or face being destroyed. People are getting raped right and left. Can Anita save the day once again?This is probably one of my more favorite of the Anita Blake books. That said, pretty much every single problem I've had with the previous books in the series remains.One of the things I liked about this book was the interesting story elements. The combustible vampires. The appearance of the Council. Anita having to keep her pack together. The new, highly fascinating character, Asher. Even the tendrils of reconciling between Anita and Richard (whom I think have amazing chemistry and actually FEEL like lovers, not just people in lust) were fascinating. There are some really great ideas in this book, ones that most definitely kept my interest.Which is why it is so frustrating when LKH gets in the way of her story with the usual suspects:1) Anita Blake. What a misogynistic, hypocritical b!tchy woman! I swear to God, there is no pleasing her! If people ignore her, she is upset at how she isn't the center of attention. But when Tammy tries to befriend Anita, Anita brushes Tammy off as a shallow person only interested in the zombie raising aspect of Anita's life.As for Anita's rampant misogyny, I'll let her speak for herself:"Women are just not designed to look tough." "No, I was not in tune with my feminine side.""It made me feel girlish in the worse way."And then some random character makes the absolute stupidest remark I've ever heard:"'What a man you would have made!' I'd spent enough time around macho guys to know it was a compliment, a sincerely meant one. They never understood the implied insult."I work in a male-dominated field. Before that, most of my classmates in college were men. NEVER have I heard ANYTHING so sexist.The other thing I can't stand about Anita is her raging hypocrisy. She tries continually to sell us that she is "in love" with Jean-Claude, but then she makes statements like this:"I had to trust him. Trust him not to hurt me. Trust him not to do something awful or embarrassing. I realized that I didn't trust him. That no matter how much I loved his body, I knew he was other. I knew that what he thought of as okay, was not necessarily okay at all." What does Anita love about Jean-Claude other than his body or his seduction techniques? Does she love how he makes breakfast? How he calls her up at work to check on how she is? How he makes coffee in the morning? Does she like spending time with him mountain climbing or watching musicals (two things she enjoys doing with Richard)? The only things Anita appears to like about Jean-Claude are A) his incredibly, breath-taking body and B) the sex. Last I checked, both those things were lust. But when Ronnie attempts to call Anita out on her dating Jean-Claude, Anita becomes snippy.What's even worse is that when either Ronnie and Louis or Larry and Tammy act like a couple, Anita immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are in lust with each other and probably not in love. Honestly, I see more examples of love in Ronnie and Louis' relationship than I ever had in Anita and Jean-Claude's.2) Clothes, clothes and more clothes! LKH can't go a few pages without detailing everything that a person is wearing--or not. Which means Anita talking about the evening gown she's wearing, and, of course, griping about not wearing her black Nikes, which hide all the blood she steps in.And because LKH's entire male cast pretty much goes commando in the entire series:"The pants were black linen, clinging smooth and perfect to his body, so form-fitting that I knew there was nothing under the pants but him."LKH makes it even worse by having Anita stop in the middle of a scene where people are seriously injured to detail all the flowers she planted in her yard. Yes, people, flowers.3) Too much in too little time. LKH has no sense of pacing. Instead of giving her characters breaks or time to process events (and her audience as well), she pretty much has them facing one crisis after another. Which is why for most of this book, Anita is wearing some stupid dress that would flash her @$$ if she attempted to reach her gun hidden in a belly band (if she felt the need to bring a gun, why make it so unreachable?) and ridiculous 3" heels (that she b!tches about endlessly--honestly, Anita, if you hate them so much, wear something else!). Anita goes from the office to a date, to several posturing events with vampires, to rescuing some of her weres, to a shootout at her house, to Dolph calling her to a crime scene--it's TOO BUSY. It's like eating an entire package of Double-Stuf Oreos in one sitting: SICK and BLOATED!4) Constant arguing. As usual, most of the "investigating" occurs in long dialogue sessions. And during these sessions, people of course have to argue with Anita for half a lifetime. It's so bad, that when someone DOESN'T put up a fight with Anita, she has to mention it:"Truthfully, it was a damn relief not to have to argue with anyone. No debate--what a relief!"You gotta wonder, doesn't Anita ever perhaps notice how SHE'S the one involved with all these super-long, drawn-out, excessive talky scenes?5) Rape, rape and more rape. My God Almighty, is there rape in this book. I swear, everyone gets raped or sexually assaulted. Nathaniel, Sylvie, Jason, even Anita (though Jean-Claude "helpfully" tells her to turn it into "enjoyment" to make it "more tolerable"--instead of, I don't know, KILLING THE GUY WHO IS SEXUALLY ASSAULTING HIS [email protected]#$ING GIRLFRIEND!!). It's just...disturbing. Rape is a serious subject; it shouldn't be tossed around helter-skelter and not treated appropriately (no one really needs any therapy).6) Good Old Fashioned Misogyny. There is no other woman in this book whose name isn't "Anita Blake" that A) can rescue herself, B) isn't a victim, C) isn't an evil biotch, or D)isn't hated by Anita. Ronnie resolves into a puddle of tears after shooting a guy (Anita also does not respect her opinion); Sylvie is raped and must have Anita enact revenge on her killer (although Sylvie is a shapeshifter). Vicky is a horrible woman who tried to kill a vampire and lied about sexual assault. Liv participated in Sylvie's rape. Yvette abuses Jason and makes him rot while taking Pleasure from him. Anita views Tammy as a slut who sleeps with Larry to learn more about Necromancy and questions Tammy's shooting abilities, even though Tammy is a cop. The female fire officer is killed. Other than Anita herself, there are no strong, capable women in this series that aren't psycho or evil and who are at least respected by Anita. It's sick. It's disturbing.7) Sex. Already, I can see how sex is beginning to be a more dominant force in the book. I have no problem with it cropping up in Anita's romantic life. My problem with it is this: LKH is starting to use it to solve problems. To heal people. To feed vampires. Anita basically gives Nathaniel a lap-dance, but she is in a dating relationship with Jean-Claude that seems pretty steady. She does something similar with Asher when he demands to be fed (after a billion years of arguing about it, of course). In the previous books, Anita would have rolled up a sleep and slit her palm, and the vampire would have fed off her blood. Slowly, that is going away. And it seems a bit odd, since it hasn't been established in the past.If you are a fan, you'll probably enjoy this one just as much as the others, maybe a bit less because of the Jean-Claude vs Richard or because of the increasing sex. If you are brand new and wonder if this is indicative of the previous ones: yes and no. Yes, Anita pretty much acts like this in the previous books; no, the previous books had less sex.My personal opinion: there are probably better vampire hunter books out there, with better action, better plots, better romantic interests, and better heroines. You could do worse, of course, but there is better. I'll be hanging on to the ride, because there are bits I'd like to see how they are addressed in later books.

  • Faye
    2019-02-07 14:40

    First read: April 2006Re-read: May-June 2017The plot: Anita is asked to help out on a Firebug case while also figuring out how to balance her responsibilities to Richard's pack and her private life as the girlfriend of Jean-Claude now that the European vampire council have come to town.What I liked:- The mythos behind the Firebugs. The idea of these supernatural humans who control fire was fascinating and I liked the casual way in which Anita imparts information about them to the reader. The idea that the majority of them die through spontaneous combustion as they get older and lose control is so clever and sounds realistic for that type of power.- Anita's protective instinct towards Nathaniel and the other wereleopards and werewolves.- The details concerning the vampire council in Europe and the political manoeuvrings were very interesting, particularly the inclusion of the Traveller and his abilities.- The underground/underwater scene at the Church of Eternal Life was especially creepy and horrifying.- Anita's powers and influence in the supernatural world are starting to grow and make her a force to be reckoned with.- The inclusion of Dolph and the growing distance between him and Anita is sad but realistic.- Raina's continued influence on the pack.What I didn't like:- Richard. He's moody, angry, blames everyone else for his issues but especially Anita, and worse he strikes one of the female members of his pack across the face hard enough to leave a bruise because she was reluctant to go back and confront a group who until recently had held her captive. I don't understand why Anita has this blind spot where he's concerned; she seems to still believe he's a good guy and he really, truly, isn't. He's a manipulative, abusive, waste of space.Rating: 5/5 stars

  • İlkim
    2019-02-06 19:47

    Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasında bulabilirsiniz.2.5/5Bu kitap serideki rahatsızlığımı en üst düzeye çıkartıp seriye ara vermeme neden olan ögeler barındırıyordu. Ne mi mesela? Mesela Anita’nın süper güç gibi bir şeye dönüşmesi ve vampir konseyini bile dize getirmesi. Şimdi bu vatandaş ilk kitaplarda sadece bir animatördü, sonra nekromensır olduğunu öğrendik (buraya kadar bir sorun yok), sonlara doğru kurt sürüsünün lupa’sı oldu, yani alfadan sonra kararlardaki en etkili işi, sonra da leoparlarrın garip isimli bir şeyi oldu; hatırlayamadım adını ama leoparlar ona bağlandı diyebilirim. Anita onlara gidin kendinizi camdan atın derse atarlar hani o derece. Ayrıca üç tane vampir izi de var, bir nevi JC’nin “özgür iradeli” insan hizmetkarı ve de sevgilisi ve bu sayedehızlı iyileşiyor, etki altına alınamıyor felan… Kız resmen dişi terminatör olmak üzere, çünkü öldürmek de onu etkilemiyor. Peki bu kitapta ne yaptı spesifik olarak onu anlatayım. Vampir konseyi şehre gelip JC’nin bir şeyler karıştırmadığından emin olmak istedi. Ama bu sırada da şehirdeki diğer vampirlerin güçlerini emdiklerinden gün içinde uyanan vampirler bir anda arttı. Bir de pirokinetik bir vampir olasılığı ile ilgilendi. Bu vampiri kitabın sonlarında öğreniyoruz tabi ve şahsım adına söylemek gerekirse bu vampiri sevdim de ben. Bu kitapta da yine göründüğü gibi olmayıp gizliden gizliye planlar yapan karakterler var. Ayrıca konseyin de arızalı üyeleri var, kim o? Tabi ki de Hayvanların Efendisi. Bu vampirin özel zevki çevresindekilere eziyet etmek, bir de tecavüze düşkün olan oğlu var ki beni de, Anita’yı da çileden çıkarıyor. Anita ona cezasını elbette ki veriyor ama nasıl, işte burası beni gerdi. Hayvanların Efendisi adlı bu güçlü vampiri kontrol ederek. Söylemeyi unuttum, kurt sürüsünün geçen kitapta öldürülen sadist dişisi Raina’nın bir şekilde içinde yaşadığını da fark ediyor ve onun güçlerini de kullanabiliyor. Eh yuh yani değil mi şimdi? Bu küçük dipnottan sonra devam ediyorum: İşte bu Raina’daki güçle deyim yerindeyse Hayvanların Efendisi’nin kalbini parmakları arasında tutuyor ve vampir ondan o kadar korkuyor ki oğlunu hemen Anita’ya verip toparlanıp kaçıyor. Sanki biraz da Anita’nın yenilmesini ister gibiyim, ya da en azından birkaç kitap boyunca zorlansın.

  • Diane Ehrlich
    2019-01-28 13:49

    The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great. Funny, scary, a touch gory and a touch sexy. As you read each book, you can really see the character development as Anita becomes more sure of herself and more comfortable with the "monsters". However, some the later books have deteriorated into little more than soft porn for women. Not that there's anything wrong with that. However, I feel it cheapens the series, which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted that her life works the way it is and makes her happy, even it is not what the rest of the world thinks is normal. She is strong, independent, and accepting of her sexuality.

  • A.M.
    2019-02-04 15:20

    I have to admit, Hamilton manages to introduce a new, interesting and intriguing supernatural creature in each book.Thus it's a shame her main character is so utterly predictable. I now skim through any paragraphs which contain descriptions of Anita's scars, guns, clothes, and hair.Would it be interesting to extract all these passages from the Anita Blake series and see how much copy-pasting Hamilton has done? Naw.(Is anyone else sick of reading 'naw'? Naw!)

  • Denisa
    2019-02-07 14:19

    4.5I really like this series. Normally I'd get bored by now but these books are just that good. Everything is so well written that I can't put them down.

  • Spider the Doof Warrior
    2019-02-13 19:41

    I'm too generous with stars.She just has too much going on. It's like one moment Anita is talking to some firedude and suddenly all kind of shit hits the fan. LKH CRAMS tons of stuff into her books. It's not totally a good thing because there's too much going on and the story could be tighter. Things like clothing descriptions can be reduced. Better yet, no clothing descriptions. No one cares if their pants are too tight or if Anita doesn't want to flash her underwear. And why is she running around in high heel shoes if she hates them so much? If I walk in high heel shoes it would be stumble stagger fall slip trip crash AUGH!!!!! Yet Anita's all like Rambo in heels chasing people with her Uzi all ready to shoot everyone.Also, why are these weres so wussy? I'm sorry, but if you can bench press cars, you have no business allowing an almost ordinary human to boss you around. It's as bad as in the Merry series were all of these men have special hands of power and allow that bitch Andais to dominate them and tell them what they can and can't do with their penises.Also, do you really need so many scenes with out of town vampires tormenting people and raping them? Why do her books have to have so much dang rape in them? Even if you're at the bottom of the pack, you should not put up with that crap. And why does Ronnie puke all over the place when she is a Private Eye and has shot people? Do not weaken strong characters to make Anita look badass.Why do I keep reading these books? They are entertaining until you get after Either Obsidian Butterfly or Cerulean Sins. Once you get to those books, stop. Don't read any more for your own sanity.I do like the penguins. It's cute how they were all on the desks and Anita thought, should I take them all? Ignore them? That was adorable. But at some point, you have to jump off of this train of insanity and I can't really find blue Moon anyway.

  • Amy
    2019-02-20 18:45

    Where is all the sex reviewers keep talking about. There are some sexually charged scenes but everything is really tame thus far. This is however my favorite so far. I absolutely loved the fact that Jean-Claude was in almost every scene. I think that he is sometimes portrayed as too weak but I still love me some JC! I am glad that Anita realized it wasn't that Richard is a monster but that she was afraid of wanting to join the pack feasting on Marcus. Now, she just needs to explain that to Richard. I still prefer Jean-Claude to Richard though. If Richard would just claim his beast I would like him much more. I am not sure what I think about Nathaniel yet. I know he is a big character but he seems more like a pet than a lover for Anita. I am not sure how I am going to feel about that storyline. I do think I will like Asher though. Jean-Claude needs a friend and it doesn't bother me that Asher might be in love with Jean-Claude. There are many different relationships in these books. It can get overwhelming but they also keep me very interested.

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-02-12 17:46

    Loving this one! It had a lot of Jean-Claude, who i LOVE, and im pretty sure that's why i gave this one four stars.. Or perhaps because a lot happen, nothing was boring, and i actually love the new characters we got to meet! Like Asher, and The Traveler! i do hope we get to see more of those two :)! Anita keeps being hardcore, independent, snarky and a kickass heroine, though if she doesn't really let Jean-Claude all the way in, -not just trough the marks, but in to her heart,- im seriously gonna strangle her... Because, im pretty sure you get that im #TeamJean-Claude! I took me a while to get really started on this book, probably cause i'd read 6 Anita Blake books in 6 days, which probably made it to... much? So i took a break from Anita, and thank god i did, cause then the book because so much more good and exiting :)! Can't wait to read the next book.Rate: 4 stars.

  • Marianne
    2019-01-28 17:38

    Except for Yvette and her constant "I'm going to rot on you" threats, this was as enjoyable as the rest. You can certainly sense that this series is taking a turn for sex fest town.

  • Cindy
    2019-01-29 15:44

    Although some readers didn't like this book as much as the earlier ones (due to the increased sexual violence) I found I liked it quite a lot (not the violence, the story around it). There is an increased need to suspend my disbelief, though, and that is not a good sign. I was scared in that wet, dangerous basement . . . and I wish Hamilton would spare a little more backstory for some of the police/fireman characters. I'd like to know more about Dolph, and Wren, the fireman new to this book, seems like he is interesting too. I'd like to see Larry (and Officer Tammy, for that matter) a bit more, too.The council members who have, for lack of a better term, invaded St. Louis are a scary, creepy bunch. I liked the Traveler . . . well, like might not be the right word, but y'all know what I mean, right? I found the Master of Beasts, Padma, more than creepy . . . and his interactions with his son did nothing to endear him. Pretty sure he will return at some future point to seek revenge from Jean-Claude, Anita and Richard.The emotional links among the triumverate have only gotten stronger, and Anita is coming to appreciate her increased strength and healing abilities. She is also quite a lot more comfy with the monsters than say, Dolph would like. Even should Richard succeed in finding a new lupa, the pack already loves Anita, and transitioning to another lupa will not be easy. Then there are the leopards . . . Nimir-ra, leopard queen, they call her.

  • Büşra Öztürk
    2019-01-22 16:47

    Bu seride artık Jean Claude dışında hiçbir şey dikkatimi çekmiyor yorum yazmak için kitabı elime aldığımda bunu anladım. Normalde bu ay sekizinci kitabı okuyup bir süre ara verecektim ama onu bile elime alasım yok. Çok güzel başladı ama yedinci kitaba kadar zor dayanabildim. Bir önceki kitapta şikayet ettiğim binbir türlü olay Yanmış Kurban da daha beter hale geldi. Bunlardan birisi de Anıta karakterinin mükemmelleştirilmesi. Halk kahramanı, olağanüstü canavarların süper kadını haline getirildi kadın.Bir yerden sonra da ne gerek vardı canım buna diye söyleniveriyor okuyucu haliyle. Bir de şu gereksiz Anıta erkekleri sorunu var. Kadına herkes aşık herkes hayran adeta bir kusursuz erkek çekicisi. Tamam bunu da kabul ettik bir yerde ama herkesle aynı anda nasıl flörtleşiyor bunu anlamıyorum.Sinir olmaktan başka hiçbir şey hissetmiyorum artık seriye karşı. Bütün heyecanımı ,aldigim zevki Anita'nın gereksiz dramaları ile mahvetti.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-10 12:43

    Vampire Hunter? Vampire humper more like...and feel free to replace the vampire with whatever creature takes your fancy as, since breaking her vow of chastity in the last book, it seems that now everyone is invited as Anita stops using her guns to solve every situation and relies on groping instead. It's a wonder what it seems a good snog can do!Anita's powers also continue to inexplicably grow - now she's not only 'The Executioner', liaison to the Regional Preternatural Investigation squad, and necromancer, but also Jean-Claude's human servant (and part of a power triumvirate with he and Richard), lupa to Richard's werewolf pack and leopard lionne/munin/Nimir-Ra (and the kitchen sink) to the wereleopards and easily more powerful that anybody that she comes across. In short, a Mary Sue, and hopefully something shall come along shortly to limit her powers otherwise it's going to become incredibly dull reading, no matter how many sex scenes Hamilton throws in. And while we're on that subject, I love a good sex scene as much (if not more so!) as the next person, but there has to be a reason for including it before it becomes nothing other than titillation for titillation's sake. If I'm not invested in the characters or their stories, they could hump the world without my pulse quickening in the slightest.So, whilst I'm still enjoying reading these the pleasure is tinged with annoyance - see also the douche-ing up of Richard to make Anita's preferences more palatable, the over-reliance on rape or the threat of rape and one last niggle - how in hell is Anita keeping her job at Animators Inc? I can't remember the last time she did any work for them and if I were Bert I'd have told her to sling her hook by now.

  • Amyiw
    2019-02-01 13:33

    I kept on thinking I would come back and finish this one but....I rarely do a DNF but this I'll have to call it as it is. Why? Because when you put a book down at over 60% read and just don't want to come back to it and when you do, you rehash then don't get much further, you realize that it is just not a book (series) for you. Anita was always throwing herself into situations over her head, then things would get really dark, then she would happen upon solving the situation. Her love life was a triangle and in this it becomes a "triad" yet one, Richard, who I loved from previous books, is a total dick. So I put it in the "I'll come back to it" category but I don't think I will. The books are too dark and I don't like the characters much. Usually the stories end up being pretty good but that is just not enough for me.I don't rate that which I don't finish. The story was pretty interesting but the characters and conflict off putting. It might have been good in the end but the struggle, I just could not do it.

  • Laura
    2019-02-01 15:35

    I've always enjoyed reading the Anita Blake series so far: there are all kinds of supernatural creatures with their own rules,abilities and powers ; there is action, humor, also my need of love and sexiness is satisfied. I'll be honest and say that I prefer strong,dangerous,gorgeous alpha males but I like Anita: she's tough, focused, honest, be her friend and she'll watch your back and be there for you no matter what, be her enemy and you'll be royally screwed! ! This book is not one of my favorites, but still worth a read!!

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-02-20 17:45

    The Vampire Council, the supreme authority over all things vampire, is in town and they are not happy with Jean-Claude. It seems that Mr. Oliver was the Councillor known as the Earthmover. Traditionally the vampire that kills a Councillor takes his place on the Council.But Jean-Claude doesn’t want the job and is doubtful of his own ability to survive at such a high level against such ancient and powerful vampires. Unfortunately, that’s not a view shared by all the Councillors, some of whom fear his rise to power and are looking for an excuse to kill him.And that excuse is the suspicion that he’s trying to set up a new council in the US – if Jean-Claude can’t prove that false, then they have grounds for his execution. It’s even shakier when they realise that several of the Council representatives have no reason to like Jean-Claude, including Asher, his long ago friend who still blames him for the death of Julianna and the horrific scars he received at the hands of the church.The Councillors themselves have some awful habits that strain Anita’s tolerance, and her ability to keep all of her people safe from their abuses. And all along, some of them have a different agenda entirely.I loved to learn about the Council, it was nice to see some of the world outside of St. Louis, some of the history and authority of vampires and what they mean. It was also a first real introduction to the heads of some of the vampire lines, even though we’ve been introduced to the different lines in the past.I also like very much the continuation of the issues that happened in the past. Like she can’t kill the head of a major shapeshifter group and not have that alter the balance of the city and not have consequences. As well as the ongoing tension with Richard and Dolph – as the death count Anita has racked up just becomes too much to ignore. These foundations of conflict and sustained meta are interesting and add a lot of depth to the world.

  • Pete
    2019-02-12 16:28

    Burnt Offerings from LKH is the seventh in Anita’s ongoing saga. In this installment, we are introduced to the devious plots of the Vampire Council. Jean-Claude’s Master of the City status has come to their notice and some members envy his position and want to replace him.Anita is not only a vampire hunter and necromancer, she is a strong willed, argumentative person with great loyalty to both members of the vampire community but also to the lycanthropes of wolf and leopards taking on a role of lupa as an alpha figure in both groups. She becomes protective of them especially when they are being taken advantage of, sexually abused, physically and mentally, or otherwise mistreated. She will take on dangerous personal risk single handedly resolving hazard in these harrowing engagements. Of course the ongoing Jean-Claude and Richard relationship drives the story through angst between the three and scorn from other characters in this drama.I especially like the side stories where she is finding herself functioning as a healer sharing her magical powers unknown even to her in helping those she feels responsible for return to better health.Without going into detail, the disruptive Council individuals and activities created a new and unique mixture of danger and resolutions creatively enhancing this series.This book has some very graphic descriptions that push this into more adult territory disturbing to younger readers.I truly liked how the preceding series books were leveraged to make the characters and world building faster to understand and follow.I’m definitely addicted to this series so far.

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-27 14:23

    Sigh....A big disappointment. I returned this to the library after only 150 pages. This is book 7 in the Anita Blake series and I loved books 1-3, liked books 4-6 and then this one just blew.The objections: No real plot to speak of, an officially loathsome unlikeable Anita who is becoming increasingly worshipped by the other characters who have become ridiculous, and uninteresting. Scenarios only seem to be set-up for their sex appeal - At one point Anita's erstwhile werewolf ex-boyfriend is installing some equipment in the house. Said installation obviously requires he take his shirt off (though not pull back his sexy,wavy golden brown locks which fall alluringly in his eyes) and parade around the house in only his jeans and a layer of drywall. It makes no sense and screams porn flick. After this the novel devolves into a series of increasingly personal conversations and actions which take place in front of an audience of anywhere from 3-20 people. I was pretty crushed that the series that started off great became this dull, uncreative and annoying. I don't recommend straying past book 6 in this series though who knows, maybe it improves again?

  • Gardavson
    2019-02-03 11:20

    Wowa. It's hard to believe this is the same author. She has really stepped things up! The plot is fast moving and exciting. I was getting a bit of Anita burn out at book 5. Not so after book 6 and now 7! The books were good before but were just a bit luekwarm. They lacked the umph to put them up with the big boys. Well, she's off the porch now! I don't know if it was my version or what but the back of the book only just barely coincided with the story. It had a touch of it in the beginning and end but the middle was the meat of the book and not even mentioned on the back. I didn't care. The middle was fantastic. The vampire council has taken interest in Jean-Claude and Anita because (they) killed a council member (Oliver) and yet didn't want to take his seat on the council. J-C doesn't want the spot because he feels he wouldn't be powerful enough to defend against all comers. Richard and Anita struggle with being in each other's company, and working together after their uncomfortable break up. Richard is pretty ticked off and bitter about her "choosing" J-C. Good book. Heading to the next.

  • Daniela
    2019-02-17 14:34

    Very hot!Great book. I am still struggling with so many characters but this book was awesome. The council is in town and Jean claude's life is once again in jeopardy but as always Anita saves the day.It is nice to see Larry becoming a good animator, I was happy to read about the rat king who seems to be a pretty cool guy.I was upset about Richard. In this book I wondered many times why Anita picked Jean Claude if Richard is so perfect. And I hate to see him suffer.In this book Nathaniel is introduced, grr nathaniel is super hot. I'm not sure what the deal with him is but he is pretty charming.Also, pretty hot with Anita and her males. Kissing Richard kissing Jean claude kissing Nathaniel, kissing Jason, kissing even padma the bad guy for Christ sake.I agree with Ronnie, Anita's gotta embrace the monster that she truly is and give in to her hunger. I just don't like every time she does something and then regrets it.Anita Blake started as animator then necromancer then lupa then triumvirate now she can call rainas power, the packs power and she is also the leopards leader. Wow

  • Jen
    2019-01-24 17:40

    I think this book may very well be my favorite in the series. At the very least, it's my favorite every time I read it. ;-) I just love it so, so much! It has funny moments, sad moments, moments that give me chills. I really enjoy everything in this book. (I feel I should say, though, that this edition has some errors in it that I find disappointing and distracting, but they were scattered far enough apart that they don't detract from my love for this story. The story was amazing; the editing was not: (view spoiler)[On page 346: "The high-scuplted [sic] cheekbones..." is an especially "favorite" error. Wasn't spell-check run on this book??? Also, on page 243, we have, "I'd never meant [sic] anyone, monster or not, who seemed so divided." (hide spoiler)] There were others, but these are the two that stand out the most. I really don't understand why the editor didn't catch them.)In this book, the vampire council comes to town unannounced and a firebug is burning down empty buildings. Anita is asked to help on the latter before anyone is killed. We meet a few new series characters, including (view spoiler)[Nathaniel, Zane, Cherry, and Vivian. :-) Officer Smith is also introduced in this book. And almost more importantly, we meet Asher. Though knowing what's coming in later books makes it hard for me to be happy about this. (hide spoiler)]I think of this book as being my favorite partly because in it, Anita is (view spoiler)[happy with Jean-Claude and her conflict over the sex hasn't yet risen to annoying proportions. Also, Dolph hasn't yet let his hatred for all things vampire completely overwhelm him; and Richard's self-loathing isn't quite as destructive as it will become in later books. On this note, Asher is also bearable in this story. (hide spoiler)] It's my favorite for this reason because I know what's coming in later books, so it's nice to see the characters before they become truly, and fully, unlikable. (view spoiler)[Though in Richard's case, it's hard for me to like him even a little bit in this book. And I at least know that, though Anita's inner monologue will become tiresome, she eventually matures and accepts her life enough to stop the whining. (hide spoiler)]Another reason why I think of this book as a favorite? See quote # 4 and my reason for loving it. :-)I didn't make very many status updates this time through. I just find this book to be so very good that it's hard to find quotes that are short enough to share. And it was very hard to pause my reading to make the few updates I did pause to make. Here are a few quotes, though. The underlined parts are those that I enjoyed most when more of a quote is shared for context; anything in italics is as written in the text:1. From Chapter 7, lines leading into the second to last paragraph (my edition: page 52):(view spoiler)[...We both wanted the steak."The petite cut," I told the waiter."How would you like that prepared?""Half well-done, half rare."The waiter blinked at me. "Excuse me, madam?""It's an eight-ounce cut, right?"He nodded."Cut it in half, and cook four ounces of it well-done, and four ounces of it rare."He frowned at me. "I don't think we can do that.""At these prices you should bring the cow out and have a ritual sacrifice at the table. Just do it." I handed him the menu. He took it.Still frowning, he turned to Jean-Claude. "And you, sir?"Jean-Claude gave a small smile. "I will not be ordering food tonight.""Would you like wine with dinner, then, sir?"He never missed a beat. "I do not drink--wine."I coughed Coke all over the tablecloth. The waiter did everything but give me the Heimlich. Jean-Claude laughed until tears trailed from the corners of his eyes... (hide spoiler)]2. From Chapter 16, closer to the beginning than the middle (my edition: pages 114-115):(view spoiler)["Does the Beast Master have to sink fang to jump-start his heart?""Oui, ma petite.""How ... vulgar," I said. It was one of the most civilized insults I'd ever come up with. It worked, too. (hide spoiler)]3. From Chapter 40, closer to the beginning than the middle (my edition: page 291):(view spoiler)[[Larry:] "You said it would hurt worse the second day. Why are you always right?""Hard to be perfect," I said, "but it's a burden I've learned to cope with." I gave him my best bland face. (hide spoiler)]4. From Chapter 51, nearer the end than the middle (my edition: pages 381-382):(view spoiler)[Padma collapsed backwards onto the floor with me riding his body.I rose up, hands flat over his chest, legs straddling his body. "We are the Thronos Rokke, the Throne Rock people, and we are no one's pawns." (hide spoiler)]My reasons for highlighting these four quotes are as follows:# 1: This bit of dialogue quite literally makes me LOL every time I read it. :-)#s 2 and 3: These always make me smile. :-)# 4: The whole chapter, but especially these lines, never fails to give me chills. :-)Most recent (penultimate?) reread of Burnt Offerings was on February 13, 2014.This current reread took place from July 10 to 11, 2015. :-)The following spoiler is a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of what happens in the book. I wrote it for myself and I'm going to try to keep spoilers out of it, but I'm going to hide it just in case...(view spoiler)[Chapter 1: Fire Captain Pete McKinnon wants Anita's help to catch a firebug. Larry calls from the hospital.Chapter 2: Larry tells Anita how he got hurt. Anita is paged.Chapter 3: Stephen paged her. He asks for her help at St. Louis University Hospital. Zane is threatening over the phone.Chapter 4: Zane is trying to take Nathaniel out of the hospital. Anita stops him.Chapter 5: Anita's at the hospital with Stephen and Nathaniel. Irving visits; shares alarming news. Anita calls pack member Kevin and two others.Chapter 6: Kevin, Lorraine, and Teddy arrive. Anita finds the words to reassure them thanks to marks/bond with Richard. (But he cuts her off abruptly. I really don't like him.)Chapter 7: Anita goes on a date to "Demiche's, a very nice restaurant," with Jean-Claude. :-)Chapter 8: When they have finished their meal, Yvette and Balthasar pay them a visit. After they leave, Jean-Claude explains who they are and what it means that they are here.Chapter 9: Anita and Jean-Claude are met by Asher in the parking lot.Chapter 10: Anita and Jean-Claude learn that two council members are in St. Louis and that the Circus has been taken over.Chapter 11: At the Circus, Jean-Claude and Anita talk with Asher in the Jeep, in the parking lot. He becomes rage-filled and flies off.Chapter 12: Liv shows up at the car and boasts. Anita is careless, but saves herself. She weapons up. Jean-Claude punishes Liv.Chapter 13: There's something on the door to the downstairs. When Anita realizes what it is, Jean-Claude cautions restraint.Chapter 14: Anita meets the Traveler; he's in Willie. He is joined by Balthasar and talks with Anita and Jean-Claude.Chapter 15: Fernando joins them in the living room. He has Hannah, Willie's love. Padma, Master of Beasts, joins them, too. The gloves come off.Chapter 16: Jean-Claude saved Anita; she shares her warmth to bring him back to power.Chapter 17: In the hallway, Anita saves Damian with Jean-Claude's help.Chapter 18: Yvette joins them in the hallway. She has Jason. Warrick is punished. Jean-Claude rescues Jason.Chapter 19: The Traveler offers help, but it's a trap. Anita breaks free.Chapter 20: Anita sees Rafael and Sylvie, swears vengeance. She gains their release.Chapter 21: Anita talks with Rafael, reassures him; with Sylvie, learns that there were others who expected to be saved.Chapter 22: Anita calls home, where Jean-Claude and the others went, to talk with Jean-Claude. Dolph pages.Chapter 23: Anita talks with Detective Perry at the Burnt Offerings crime scene. Something's off.Chapter 24: Anita talks with the "victim." Dolph knew something was off but not what.Chapter 25: Zane and Cherry arrive at the shapeshifter hospital just after Anita.Chapter 26: Richard's arrival wakes Anita up. He'll be backup to retrieve those left behind at the Circus.Chapter 27: Richard and Anita argue on the way to the Circus.Chapter 28: Jamil is waiting when they arrive at the Circus. Anita, Richard and Zane talk with him.Chapter 29: Anita calms Richard. Gregory and Vivian are released. Everyone lives, for now.Chapter 30: At Anita's house, she catches Vivian, falls. Zane is sent to get Cherry. Alone again, Warrick pays her a visit.Chapter 31: Ronnie and Louie arrive at Anita's house. Richard joins them in the kitchen. He's such a dick.Chapter 32: A guy who says he's delivering flowers comes to the house. Zane gets hurt, badly.Chapter 33: Anita talks with Richard, Jamil, Ronnie.Chapter 34: Dolph and Pete McKinnon call. Vampire businesses have been hit in a mass attack. Anita is needed to help, first at the hospital where Stephen is, second at the Church of Eternal Life.Chapter 35: Anita has rather emotional conversations with both Richard and Ronnie.Chapter 36: At the hospital, Anita calms the cops and helps the wolves. Nathaniel is awake; Anita learns how she may be able to help him heal.Chapter 37: Anita heals Nathaniel.Chapter 38: Anita talks with Stephen, Nathaniel, Teddy, Kevin and Lorraine. She sends them to her house.Chapter 39: Anita responds to two pages: Dolph needs her at a new location; Larry needs to be picked up.Chapter 40: Anita gets Larry into her Jeep; they talk on the way to the new location.Chapter 41: Anita talks with the Incident Commander and others on the scene of the fire.Chapter 42: Anita talks with the human liaison for the burned halfway house for vampires of the Church.Chapter 43: Anita calls Jean-Claude. He's stunned speechless by what she proposes to do.Chapter 44: Anita calls the Circus to speak with the Traveler.Chapter 45: Anita talks logistics and goes into the building with two paramedic firemen and Detective Reynolds (as her armed backup).Chapter 46: The rescue of the vampires in the halfway house does not go well.Chapter 47: Anita wakes up in hospital. It's been 24 hours. Larry catches her up and Dolph finishes the news.Chapter 48: Anita and Jean-Claude get ready for the night's entertainment at the Circus.Chapter 49: At the Circus, Anita practices restraint; Jean-Claude is appreciative, Richard's an ass.Chapter 50: Anita gives Asher something more precious than blood and then helps Jason feed Yvette.Chapter 51: Anita saves Richard and takes on the Master of Beasts. :-)Chapter 52: Yvette has a plan that the other council members and representatives do not agree with, and neither does Warrick.Chapter 53: Denouement. ...Jean-Claude certainly has the keys to my libido, but my heart ... Can a walking corpse hold the keys to my heart? No. Yes. Maybe. How the hell should I know? [fin] (hide spoiler)]

  • Jenn
    2019-01-21 15:37

    Despite what Goodreads says, this is probably the bazillionth time I've read this book. I used to do this thing where when a new book in the series was released, I would go back and reread all the prior books. I have since stopped this with this series. But I've also lost where I stopped reading them. So I decided to just reread from the beginning with the intentions of getting caught up. Burnt Offerings is number 7 in the life of Anita Blake and by now we mostly know her and the main players (Jean-Claude, Richard, Dolph, Ronnie, etc...). The book jumps right in with Anita being asked to help find a firebug loose in the city. While committing to this, she hasn't yet realized that the Council has arrived and they aren't happy with whatever her and Jean-Claude are setting up in St Louis. The shit hits the fan, needless to say, and our triumvirate are forever changed. I've seen some of the other reviews on this one and there is one part I have to agree on. This book was really busy. Had Hamilton chosen to just focus on the fires or just the Council, I think the book may have flowed better and not been so compacted. Like I don't think Anita slept once, unless she was knocked out. Another thing I'm noticing now that I'm rereading these at an older age than when I started is just how much Anita kind of annoys me. Her whole view of how she can't possibly be good because of all the bad things and good girls don't have premarital sex with vampires and blah blah blah. Girl, own your shit. You're a sexual being and there's nothing wrong with that. Also, the way she treats other females is really lacking. She's often like, yay another female around and then promptly finds a way to dehumanize them. There's a way to write a strong female character without putting all of the others down. So why did I rate this four stars? All the other characters who aren't Anita, for one. Even when I read this years ago, I remember Anita not being my favorite. What held my interest was Jason, Richard, Jean-Claude, Jason, Stephan, oh, did I mention Jason? The background/side characters are so rich and witty and just fun. I love getting to know all of them again. And then there is the cunning of the plots. Yes, they are busy and sometimes convoluted. But more often than not, I have an 'oh shit!' moment where either I figure something major out or I had just been fooled and I love it. So while it may not be the best vampire hunter series out there, it fits for me.

  • Blagica
    2019-01-22 12:35

    Great book. I am still struggling with so many characters but this book was awesome. The council is in town and Jean claude's life is once again in jeopardy but as always Anita saves the day.It is nice to see Larry becoming a good animator, I was happy to read about the rat king who seems to be a pretty cool guy.I was upset about Richard. In this book I wondered many times why Anita picked Jean Claude if Richard is so perfect. And I hate to see him suffer.In this book Nathaniel is introduced, grr nathaniel is super hot. I'm not sure what the deal with him is but he is pretty charming.Also, pretty hot with Anita and her males. Kissing Richard kissing Jean claude kissing Nathaniel, kissing Jason, kissing even padma the bad guy for Christ sake.I agree with Ronnie, Anita's gotta embrace the monster that she truly is and give in to her hunger. I just don't like every time she does something and then regrets it.Anita Blake started as animator then necromancer then lupa then triumvirate now she can call Rainas power, the packs power and she is also the leopards leader. WowI have already started book eight my best friend is on 13 so I am playing catch up! I love it though

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-22 19:39

    The super scary vampires were great but did Anita go through a total personality change or was it just me? All of a sudden sex is no big deal to her, she's wearing fancy dresses, and the monsters she used to hate are her best friends. It would be fine if that's how she always was but it's the complete opposite of how she was in the first books. Also the time frame seemed a little weird. It felt like she's been dating for a couple months yet other characters injuries have only been there for days? It seemed weird. I'm glad she picked the guy I wanted her to pick but she doesn't even seem sure about that decision. I'm nervous for what's going to happen. Basically this whole book felt like it was written by a different person. There was way more sex and violence than usual and even the characters all changed. I'm feeling this series less and less.

  • Rita
    2019-02-12 13:35

    Great Read.

  • Beth The Vampire
    2019-02-06 11:29

    The fact that the punishment worried me more than the crime said something about my moral state. Some days I thought I was becoming a sociopath. Some days I thought I was already there.Oh Anita Blake, not only are you already there, you’ve jumped head first into the sociopathic pit of doom. Sometimes Anita seems like two people; one who admits she is a giant hypocrite, and another who gets angry at everyone who tells her what a hypocrite she is. She broke Richard’s heart because he couldn’t deal with him being a werewolf, but yet she falls into bed with the a master vampire who is just as much as a monster as who she is running from. She can accept killing for survival, but can’t accept anyone else following the same path. She talks about being raised Catholic, and while she preaches holier than thou values, does not follow them herself. I think I start every review in this series with how much Anita Blake irks me, and every time I think she may change, I am bitterly disappointed.Lupa was the word the werewolves used for their leader’s mate. I was the first human so honoured. I wasn’t even dating their Ulfric anymore. We’d broken up after I saw him eat somebody. Hey, a girl’s got to have standards.In the previous book there was a lot to happen, with Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude forming the trivariate, and Anita making her choice between the two men who own different parts of her heart and soul. While I didn’t agree with her choice, or the reasons for this, I respected that she made her decision and now we were going to see whether Anita could live with herself. But I found I was quite disappointed by this book, because while a fragile peace was reached between the three, they really didn’t make any progress. Of course something like this will take a while to figure out, especially given their tremulous relationship, with Anita only just realising the power she can harness, but I didn’t feel that this part of the story actually progressed that much.A lot of this book actually takes place over one night, with Anita having to be knocked unconscious to actually have time jump forward. The level of detail was very deep, but at the same time, this is what made it drag. It kind of reads like torture scene after torture scene, instead of having a complete story. The whole premise is that the Vampire Council arrives in Jean-Claude’s territory to respond to Anita killing one of their oldest members and whether the master vampire is going to take the vacant spot. Everyone becomes involved; the werewolves, were rats, vampires, shapeshifters. And that means that there is more than enough suffering to go around. I fell that everyone just spends a lot of their time just standing around watching other people get tortured, or trying to make deals so they don’t get tortured.There was a lot of repetition in the setting, the actions, and hell, even the clothing. Every time a character comes into a room what they are wearing has to be explained in exquisite detail. I have to wonder why Anita pays this much attention to what everyone is wearing on a daily basis, especially seeing as she doesn’t care much about her looks herself and allows Jean-Claude to pick out her outfits most of the time. After a while it just become frustrating to read for the fourth or fifth time in 400 pages what Anita was wearing, down to her underwear, and how she will hide her guns and knives….it just becomes tiring after a while.I’m hoping that this was simply a lull in the series, and maybe something happened here that will have greater repercussions that I just can’t see yet. All this book made me feel was more frustration towards Anita and pity for those around her who have to put up with her.