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Title : precious based on the novel push by sapphire screenplay
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ISBN : 7810126
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 126 Pages
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precious based on the novel push by sapphire screenplay Reviews

  • Daomi Strickland
    2019-04-18 09:25

    Honest and courageous.

  • Erin
    2019-04-16 06:21

    Heartbreaking and raw. I found myself with tears in my eyes many times. Powerful on so many levels. You witness a transformation!

  • Paige
    2019-04-02 09:02

    Paige PresleyThe story is about a 16 year old African American female. Her name is Claireece Precious Jones. She likes to go by her middle name Precious. Precious experiences abuse at hands by both of her parents mother and father. After her dad abandons the family Precious becomes the object of her mother frustrations. She had a child for her father at the age of 12, the baby was a girl and named her Montage. Than pregnant again with her father’s child. That messed her whole life up. She has been kicked out of school because of her being pregnant and the school sends her to an alternative school called “Each one Teach one.” Before she could go there she had to take a placement test to see what class room she would need to join. She ends up in Mrs. Rain’s pre-GED class. In this class there are a few more girls that have been going through problems also. The girls name are Rita, Rhonda, and Jermaine and all three girls had a troubled background. The teacher Mrs. Rain have the girls keep a journal that they will right in every day. During the school year she gives birth to her second child in the hospital, a boy and names him Abdul Jamal Louis Jones. Precious finds out that she is HIV positive. She didn’t let that get in her way because she had an object to rely on and that was to get her education. Her mom try’s to get her to move back with her but precious had enough of being mistreated. Her mom only wanted her back home so she can continue to get welfare but tried to sneak her way and say she miss her daughter. What I like about the book was how it relates to everyday living, and the pressure of a young having to deal with her mother or fathers stresses. In this book the mother uses Precious for a welfare check. She makes Precious cook, clean, and even eat when Precious don’t feel like eating. I like that because that is just like real life how mother really treat their kids. I would give this book five starts because on the content of the book. I like to read all types on genres but this is the best one. This is a summary about the book Precious. Also the things she had been through at a very young age. This is one of the best books I have read. I would recommend this book to ages 14 and up because of the content that is in this book. Overall this is a wonderful book to read. I strongly would want other to read this book. I’m sure most saw the movie so why not try and read the book. This is an great book and I love it.

  • Kendall Concini
    2019-04-02 04:19

    #readingchallenge2016 (my book where I've seen the movie but never read the book)The development of Precious is interesting. She's so negatively written in the beginning. Portrayed as vile and graphic, it made me feel a sense of disgust with her. However, after starting the alternative school, she develops drastically. As you learn more about the abuse and neglect, you see how she wants to stand-up for herself. The horrible circumstances, have this light shown on them, and depict heartbreak. Overall it was hard to read because the language was so choppy it gave way to skimming. But the beauty was in the moments where Precious learned she was not alone, both in the realm of abuse, but also in the realm of friends and love.

  • Bonny
    2019-03-27 07:07

    A horribly-detailed account of child abuse, neglect and indifference that was the life of one particular girl. The language and theme is vile and graphic, very disturbing, but true to what she experienced. I can't say I "liked" this book, it was too horrible and I felt some sense of shame sitting there comfortably while reading about her horrific experiences, but I read it through all the same. This is not for young readers at all, or those looking for a good book to read. Prepare yourself.

  • Jule
    2019-03-21 10:15

    I liked this book way more than I expected to like it. The language takes a while to get used to, but is very realistic. What an honest novel, depicting the life of a girl who barely had anything good happening to her.

  • Jen
    2019-04-17 06:21

    This book can be very hard to read. The language is chopped up into semi-incoherent English, which can take time to read. The subject matter is persistent through every fibre of the novel, gaining in strength while Precious transistions. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Jenifer
    2019-04-06 12:24

    i liked the real-to-life storyline that is seldom talked about. i also the stule in which it is written. the swearing was off charts with more vulgarity than i would prefer....this would be the only thing I would change.

  • Pam Bergeson
    2019-04-04 06:24

    This was difficult to read because no child should have to go thru what Precious did. The abuse was horrific. However, her strength getting thru her difficult life gave one hope. Not everyone is raised in a loving functional home. WOW

  • Regina River
    2019-04-01 12:10


  • Natasha Jennings
    2019-04-01 09:22

    loved this book and I loved Precious ... her story broke my heart.

  • Jill
    2019-03-24 09:20

    This was powerful and unforgettable. I listened to the audio version, and it was so well voiced. On my list of best ever!

  • Sue
    2019-04-11 05:21

    I read this in one sitting on the plane from NY to CA. Disturbing but uplifting in all the right places. Wonderful writing and Precious's pain was captured with grace.

  • Lisa Filipczak
    2019-03-24 12:18

    It's hard to say I enjoyed this book because of the subject matter. Precious Jones was born into pretty much the worst circumstances possible. But the book was creative in its format and delivery.

  • karly
    2019-04-03 05:24

    i hope to read this book i heard about it and i thought once i start to read it it will be sad :( but im :) to be reading it someday .

  • Madisonw
    2019-03-20 07:07

    It was a bit depressing at times and the way it was written is sometimes frustrating...

  • Kenya
    2019-04-19 09:16

    a very good book but disturbing nonetheless

  • Jennifer Madrid
    2019-04-12 09:02

    This is the book Wichita I've never read befor nor seen the movie so I just can't wait!!!!