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When a random act of kindness involves Katrina with Malcolm, a handsome teenage guardian angel intent on fulfilling her greatest wish, fame and fortune seem like the most obvious requests. But after two botched wishes, Malcolm knows Katrina is hiding something from him. How can she tell him the truth, when her heart's desire has become Malcolm himself?...

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Coffeehouse Angel Reviews

  • Kristi
    2019-04-16 02:44

    Coffeehouse Angel is a light hearted, coffee induced, heavenly tale of love, friendship and family. Suzanne Selfors masterfully captures the essence of a small town and it’s often time quirky inhabitants. Those coffeehouse frequenters were a riot!Something about Kartina didn’t sit well with me. For all her genuine concern, and caring personality, there was something perfectly annoying about her. The secondary characters, however, were enjoyable.The thing that really made the book a pleasurable read for me was the overall story. It’s a great dose of realism. Trying to figure out what you’re good at, possibly good enough to do for the rest of your life, maintaining friendships, pressures of building a college applications... trying to succeed in being a “well rounded person.” Not to mention, a dreamy angel and a dose of magic.Overall, a fun, entertaining, well written novel. Looking forward to reading more of Selfor’s novels!

  • Cara
    2019-04-05 04:55

    What would you do if you saw someone out in the cold? Forget about them and assume they are a bum, or reach out for him in your own little way? Well Katrina chooses the later and has no idea how that decision will change the week to come...Looking back after a couple of days I hadn't realized that most of the events occur in one week. So much happens in this week that changes Katrina's life. She goes through so much; not only with the business, grandma, and friends but within herself. It's most likely because Katrina was extremely relatable that I got hooked on the story. I still feel like her to tell you the truth. Everyone around you has that "thing" they are good at, while you....well you don't know and think you'll probably aren't talented at anything. You think you might as well accept it, but Katrina learns that you shouldn't just put up that white flag quite yet. So take heart all the "I don't know's"!The concept of this book is fairly originally and totally has it's moments that makes you twitch a little smile. Malcolm is so authentic and I wish we could have seen more of him. I laughed plenty of times and I thought that it was interesting to see the whole dynamic about how everyone was connected in the whole thread of the story. When it seems things are done and out is when of course things turn around.The only thing that it felt like it lacked was a strong basis for all the relationships. Katrina's relationship with Vincent was supposed to come through as comfortable and it didn't really come through that way, but it may have to do with what happens in the story. Katrina at first is kind of annoying, which is a major peeve I have with main characters, but I can see where she is coming from. It made me smile though so I can't justifiably put the book down. The title and cover do it an injustice. Favorite thing was the whole idea of what an angel promotion is:)

  • Athira
    2019-03-28 08:06

    "Do you believe in signs?Lightning striking a car you just stepped out of, ablack cat crossing your path, a piece of frozen toiletwaste falling from an airplane and crashing throughyour living room ceiling--that kind of thing? Happenstance,maybe. Or maybe something bigger thanyou is well aware of your existence and trying totell you something. I never used to believe that kindof stuff.But then I met him...Simple as that I started loving this novel. Its like a sign, me getting this book. I got this book by accident - started reading unexpectedly and started loving it wholeheartedly! It simply makes you feel better. I love these kind of books; simply elegant and smooth going. I'll never forget reading this book:-)

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-04-23 23:49

    Reviewed by Dianna Geers for TeensReadToo.comKatrina works daily in her grandmother's traditional Scandinavian coffeehouse, has two best friends, and knows her place in the social pyramid at her high school. Of course, whenever someone thinks they understand life, things are always bound to change. So is the case when the new-fangled Java Heaven, with its fancy lattes and organic coffee beans, begins putting her grandmother's coffeehouse out of business. When Katrina finds a stranger sleeping in the alley outside of the coffeehouse one morning, she is scared. But she also feels badly for the man. Katrina quietly leaves a cup of coffee and some chocolate-covered coffee beans next to him and hurriedly runs back into the coffee shop. Little did Katrina know that this one moment would change her life. The fact that the mystery man was an angel who wants to repay her by fulfilling her deepest desire would make one think that Katrina's life would become a whirlwind of perfection. No problems, right? End of story. That's what one would think. But Katrina doesn't know what she wants. You can't just throw out random wishes just because they're what everyone else would wish for. And there's bound to be problems if the wish doesn't go as planned. Or is somehow intercepted by someone else. Can life really ever go back to being what it used to be? Can you make life not change? And if you could, what new experiences and people would you never know? And if you are always living life wanting something else, are you really living? Take a sip of COFFEEHOUSE ANGEL to find out what Katrina wishes for. It's a light, heavenly read.

  • Valerie
    2019-04-10 04:56

    Read this because I knew it was relatively safe. It won't blow your mind, it won't make you see the world in a different way, and it won't make you cry (at least I don't think so). However, I liked it immensely. It was funny, I liked Katrina (not a lot of angst), and I loved the secondary characters. They are very realistic for a book like this. The book does have its depth. The plot was interesting and you get some nice moments. Katrina and her Grandmother own a coffeehouse that is being crushed by competition. One day she does a good deed to a homeless guy outside their coffeehouse. Turns out the guy is an angel (or messenger) and wants to give her what she desires most in payment for her good deed. Thinking this guy is weird Katrina doesn't tell him what she most desires is to know what she is good at, so instead lies about what she most desires. One thing leads to another and things go into disarray. Katrina as a character I could like because she is so lost. She isn't a geek, a jock, an outcast, or a social butterfly. She's just a normal girl. I thought Katrina's relationship with Vincent, her oldest friend, was not unrealistic but…unlikely. Sure it could happen that a jock still hangs out with his friend from childhood but friends sometimes part way around adolescents, especially if they are of the opposite sex. Malcolm, the messenger, brings a lot of humor to the book with his strange ways and I always looked forward to when he showed up. Katrina's other friend I like a lot because she is so honest. The rest of the characters are lovable too, from the Grandmother to the Boys. The ending was surprisingly satisfying for me. But I won't say more about that. In any case, I will be looking out for more from Selfors.

  • Ale Rivero
    2019-04-05 05:49

    Es una buena historia, pero la traducción que tengo es un desastre. Dejando esto de lado, Coffeehouse Angel es una historia realista juvenil con toques paranormales por la aparición de un ángel de lo más inocente y divertido. Katrina me gustó como protagonista, aunque en ciertos momentos me pareció demasiado cabeza dura para su propio bien, y aunque al final las cosas mejoran a partir de momentos que no me esperaba, creo que los laureles por el cambio de la protagonista se lo llevan en parte algunos de los otros personajes. Malcolm, como ángel, no aparece mucho, pero cada vez que sale es para hacer alguna bobada que trae consecuencias dramáticas y divertidas a la vez. Me gustó particularmente la imagen de familia que se muestra a lo largo de las páginas. En definitiva, esta es una historia entretenida para pasar el rato y con sus grandes escenas. Recomendable.

  • Kristy
    2019-04-22 07:00

    Books that you don't hate, but don't love are the hardest to review! Why? There is no passion. I can't bash this one, I can't give it over the top praise; All I can do is shrug my shoulders and say "eh".Katrina finds a boy sleeping near the dumpsters behind her Grandmother's Coffee shop, she is somewhat scared, but she allows her heart to do the thinking. She gives him some coffee and food. What started as an act of kindness turns out to be a wish granting spree from a Hot Angel. Only Katrina doesn't buy into it. With her first desire, she just lets the Angel (Malcolm) assume she wants fortune. She doesn't eat the magic bean he supplies, instead her guy friend Vincent takes it (unknowingly). He saves a man's life. He life sprials into scholarships and coffee drinks named after him followed by the most popular girl in school trying to date him. When Malcolm comes back he knows our girl didn't use the bean, so he insits on giving her another one... this time she agrees to her deepest desire being fame. Only this time her CAT eats at. That's right folks, her cat. The kitty kills the worlds largest rat and hence becomes famous. Katrina decides to use the Ratcatcher as a means to save her Grandmother's cofee shop. I do like that we have a story of good winning out over evil. I had fun reading this. It was super fast and easy to read. There was a decent storyline... but, for me it was just too cutesy and predictable. I would reccommend this one for a gloomy, rainy day. It might brighten your mood!2.5 starsSidenote: Any story including the worlds largest rat is probably not going to be my bag!!Additional sidenote: my son thought the girl on the cover was me!!! Everytime he saw it I had to repeatedly tell him it wasn't... I still think he thinks it's me on a book!! ;)Not good for business

  • Aldana
    2019-04-09 01:53

    Leí hasta la página 7 y no pude más.Este es mi mensaje para las/los traductores de foros literarios, en este caso Purple Rose, si van a traducir los libros aprovechando que ""saben ingles""" estaría bueno que también SEPAN CASTELLANO. Siempre dejan todo mal redactado y con faltas de ortografía. No nos están haciendo un favor, nos están quemando la vista.Ahora tengo abandonado un libro que me sonaba interesante. ¿Por qué? Porque no manejan su lengua materna.Yo no se redactar y a veces se me escapan algunos errores ortográficos. Jamás se me ocurriría meterme así de traductora, por mucho que me interese.

  • Mei
    2019-04-10 06:05

    Live. How many of us need to be reminded that living has nothing to do with trying to be as good as someone else, or trying to fit into some category, or filling in the blanks on some stupid checklist. That it has nothing to do with punishing yourself for past mistakes.Coffeehouse Angel is about Katrina—in the midst of not knowing what she's good at, struggling for their coffee business to bloom because of its neighbor competition, worrying about overdue bills, and misunderstanding with his guy bestfriend—crosses paths with Malcolm, a messenger angel who she's done a good deed for and now wants to reward her for it. Only, she doesn't know what she mosts desire. Fortune, fame, love? None of it was what she wanted, but she's about to find out for real.This book would have been rated 1 star if it weren't for the last 20% of this book which I enjoyed and the ending which was nice enough to leave me satisfied, and even hungry for more Malcolm. The real problem of this book was the main character. While it's fine for me for MCs to be extremely unlikable, the character development has to make up for it, but that only happened at the 80% mark, and by that time I was so annoyed that I'm not sold on liking her anymore. To me, no matter how engaging the plot is, how beautiful the writing and narration is, how the story is packed with underlying themes and metaphorical lessons or how great secondary characters are, the book would still suck if the MC is annoying.Some more backstory: Katrina is working at her grandma Anna's coffeehouse, and their neighbor, Java Heaven, is bursting with more customers than they do, even though they were the first one who established a coffee business than it. Java Heaven's owner's daughter, Heidi, is spending more time with Vincent, Katrina's guy best friend, and she's so jealous because Vincent helps Java Heaven to earn more than Anna's, and she feels like he has to choose between her and Heidi.Katrina in the entire book was immature, selfish, overreacting, and takes too much pity on herself that it became tedious to read about. The guidance counselor wants her to participate actively in extracurricular for college and know what she's really interested in, but she can't figure it out. Over and over she kept saying that there isn't anything she's good at, and I just didn't empathize anymore. He wants Vincent to choose between her or her Heidi, which is something you should never do to a guy best friend. Granted, Vincent was a kind of a jerk, too, but Katrina is exaggerating things. Her character development didn't become spot on to me because I've been far too annoyed.The secondary characters are far better than her. I love how her grandma didn't like Mr. Darling yet wouldn't stoop down to a level where she will do anything to destroy his business. I love how Elizabeth, Katrina's girl best friend, was honest, direct and open to her, even telling her what she does wrong. Yep! Don't tolerate wrong attitude! But what I really liked the most was Malcolm. He was the only one that seemed more human than the others, and he's an angel. He had such depth and honesty to his emotions that his character became likable. I found myself wanting more because of him.There was a plot twist in this story, and everything was predictable, but not in an irritating way, just in an okay, I know keep going way. The romance felt insta-love, because Katrina was eventually attracted to him, and after a few chapters she finds she's falling for him. Eh?!The ending was great, I loved the Solstice, and everything that happened. It was a happy ending. I think one part that could've gone better was (view spoiler)[if Mr. Darling remained in Nordby. Maybe he could lose Java Heaven, but he would still have a redeeming moment. He was mean but he's still worth the spotlight.(hide spoiler)] But overall, it's not that I don't recommend this book, it's the kind of book that wasn't worth the try, but can still warrant a consideration. It's one of those that you somehow want to read, but is in the bottom of your pile. I know you get me, readers.

  • Tina
    2019-04-18 04:51

    Original post at One More PageKatrina lived most of her life in her grandmother's coffee shop, helping her maintain the place with another friend Irmgaard, who has been helping them out without a word because of her vow of silence. Business for their coffee shop was dying because of the next door coffee shop Java Heaven, which is more modern than theirs, and naturally attracts more customers. Katrina generally keeps to herself, happy with her two best friends Vincent and Elizabeth, but deep inside, she's sad because she doesn't know what she's good at, unlike them.One day, Katrina chances upon a homeless guy sleeping in the alley, and despite her fears about him, she leaves him some food to tide his hunger over. Little did she know that this little act will change her life.In this time of teen girls falling in love with boys who have supernatural roots, it's easy to get jaded over the entire concept already. That's because everything pretty much has the same storyline: girl meets mysterious guy, tries to stay away but is very attracted, ends up spending time with him, learning his dangerous secret, but still falling in love regardless of the possible consequences. It gets tiring, really, and one can only use so many creatures to fall in love with.Coffeehouse Angel was a fresh twist on that storyline. In a way, it may not even be the same storyline because the romance part wasn't the sole focus of this novel, but mainly Katrina, and finding out what she is passionate about. Malcolm, the angel, was more of a catalyst than a main character or a love interest, for that matter. I had fun reading this because all the characters were well developed, from the old men who hang out at Katrina's coffee shop to Ratcatcher the cat. The conflict felt real, and I felt especially sympathetic to Katrina when she started to lose Vincent when he started dating someone.The story wasn't shallow either -- a lot of things were revealed as the story progressed, and I would never have guessed why Irmgaard was quiet all the time, or why Heidi, Katrina's "rival" was doing what she was doing. Important lessons were imparted in the book as well, such as being the better person by not blackmailing your enemy, living life, finding your passion and forgiveness.The only thing that didn't really sit well on me was, surprisingly, the love angle. I didn't really feel that much chemistry between Katrina and Malcolm, except that she was annoyed at him first, but as they got to know each other, he just had this "warm" aura that everybody loves. It was clear that they liked each other, but it was kind of hard for me to really believe it. I probably would have believed it more if Katrina fell for Vincent or something like that. Nevertheless, the ending was quite good, too, and it didn't mean losing one's mortality, or going totally crazy over each other that they lose their identity.It's a good story, one of substance, and one that I would definitely recommend over the other YA supernatural romance novels out there. :)I end this review with this quote from the book.:Was I really going to the Solstice Festival with an angel? How do you wrap your head around something like that? There are so many stories about girls dating vampires and fairy kings but those are dark stories, dangerous where the simple act of falling puts the girl's life at risk. Malcolm didn't seem one bit dangerous. Angels are supposed to be pure and sinless, so it would be a pure and sinless date. I didn't have a problem with that. It was kind of a relief that I wouldn't have to fend off blood-sucking or an enchantment on our first date.Hm. Could this be pointing to what I think it's pointing? ;)

  • Amy
    2019-04-19 01:03

    Katrina has spent her entire life in Nordby, a cute and cozy Norwegian-founded town located in the Pacific Northwest. She helps her Grandma Anna run their family business, Anna's Old World Scandinavian Coffeehouse. Business at the coffeehouse isn't so hot because the only customers they really have are the old folks in town who prefer Anna's coffee and Norwegian snacks while the rest of the town frequents trendy, always-bustling Java Heaven. . .which is right next door to Anna's!When the story begins, Katrina is getting ready to open shop one morning when she discovers a homeless guy sleeping in the alley behind the coffeehouse. She's a little bit scared and calls her best guy friend Vincent to come over and keep watch. Before Vincent shows up, Katrina decides to slip a bag of pastries, some chocolate-covered coffee beans, and a steaming cup of coffee just outside the door to the alleyway. The guy might seem a little scary, but he almost might be hungry.From there we get a very sweet and sometimes funny story about wishes, dreams, and, ultimately, forgiveness. It turns out that the homeless guy might not exactly be homeless after all. He just might be an angelic messenger who, because of her kind deed, must now give Katrina whatever she desires most. If only Katrina knew what her deepest desire is! She's not really good at anything. She's not a fantastic, medal-winning swimmer like her best guy friend, Vincent. And she's not a talented, outspoken artist like her best girl friend, Elizabeth. Does she desire money to keep the coffeehouse afloat? Or does she desire fame so that she's noticed for actually being good at something?I read this book in one sitting (really!) and really enjoyed it. This was a really nice change of pace from the very dark, angsty teen fiction I often read. I loved the setting, which was almost a character itself, and the entire time I read the book I swear I could smell coffee brewing! Katrina is a very likable character. She's loyal and hard-working and kind, but she does screw up and make mistakes. There is obviously a little bit of supernatural stuff going on in this book, but that's not really what the book is about.If you need something light and sweet to read, I highly recommend reading Coffeehouse Angel. . .preferably with a mug of coffee and maybe a delicious krumkake. Visit Suzanne Selfors' website to learn more about the town for which Nordby is based.Want another sweet read? Try one of these!Getting The Girl Donut Days Hope Was Here

  • Alex
    2019-04-14 08:04

    Coffeehouse Angel did not disappoint. It's every bit as cute and just as easy to relate to as I thought. For a light novel, it also provides quite bit of insight and sensible passages. For example,"Our main focus as teenagers, according to just about everyone, is to jam-pack our lives with activities so that we can get into an Ivy League college and therefore succeed in life. Because that's the way it works. Weak application = crappy college. Crappy college = crappy job. Crappy job = crappy life. In other words, poverty, alcoholism, obesity, and depression. It's enough stress to make your hair fall out." - p. 14-15The book just lightly taps into some of the deeper wonderings of a teenage girl.The main character, Katrina, is someone all girls probably feel like at one point, or relate to in at least some small way. She's the average nice girl-next-door. She doesn't have any special 'thing' like her two best friends, and no matter how hard she tries, she doesn't seem to excel in anything. Katrina can be a little meek and annoying, but I think her overall goodness makes her a wonderful character.I was actually surprised that the focus wasn't always on the guardian angel and wishes plot. Sure, there is that, and Katrina is given wishes (who go to others by mistake) like fortune and fame. But the novel's more about growing up and discovering who you are on your own, not by some magic. I didn't feel as if I was ever really able to understand Malcolm, the guardian angel, nor some of the secondary characters, as much as I wished. Katrina is well formed, but some of the other characters remained a bit of a mystery. The novel's relatively short, however, so it makes sense that not everything could be perfect.While Coffeehouse Angel doesn't have an oustanding and original plot- and angel coming and giving someone whatever she desires (actually, pretty sure I read a series of books as a child with that exact theme)-it's the details that make it wonderful. That the novel takes place in a little town called Nordby, a Scandinavian town in the middle of the US. That Katrina's an orphan, the fact that she works at her grandmother's coffeehouse. That she really is just friends with a boy. All the little details add up and make Coffeehouse Angel a delightful novel to read.Final Impressions: A wonderfully amazing pick-me book. Coffeehouse Angel is filled with kindness and heart, perfect for a quick read. If you love cute contemporary books like this, definitely pick this one up. Even if you don't generally like these types of books, Cofeehouse Angel may change your mind.

  • Joy (joyous reads)
    2019-03-28 04:55

    With a combination of contemporary romance and a pinch of paranormal, Coffehouse Angel managed to surprise me. This light-hearted, heavy on the caffeine novel tells a tale of rewarding a good deed gone wrong. It was a comedy of heavenly errors crafted in such a way that made everything happened for a reason and explicable.Katrina and her grandmother are struggling to keep Anna’s Scandinavian Coffeehouse afloat. With Java Heaven’s fancy espressos and cappuccinos, their sardine sandwiches and thick coffee couldn’t compete. When she inadvertently rescues a messenger of the heavenly kind, angel Malcolm was set on rewarding her for her good deeds. You’d think that Katrina’s first wish would be the solution to their problem…and she did but she somehow ended up giving that wish to her best friend, Vincent. Fame would’ve been the next logical wish…and she did but ended up with the most famous, fat house cat in the world. Life spirals down fast as she struggles to keep everything together but with a stalkerish angel hot on her heels and the betrayal of a best friend on her mind, giving up and giving in looks mighty good from where she sits in the mundane middle. Interestingly enough, I was looking for something to clean my palate after another novel left an awful taste in my mouth. This book just did the trick. Aside from Katrina’s off putting self deprecations, I enjoyed reading this for the most part. It had funny, quirky characters and a plot that didn’t evoke extreme emotions. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Not every read has to take you to extreme highs or lows. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the moment.The dynamics in the relationships between characters were a bit muddled and the eventual owner of Katrina’s heart even more so. For the first time, I am pretty much okay with this even though I struggled with Katrina’s inability to accept that she was somewhat in love with Vincent.This was a feel-good story about a person’s fight to find purchase in the world. Who she is and what she’s good at. Frankly, it was painfully obvious to everyone but Katrina. But I still enjoyed reading the light bulb go off in her head.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-16 03:49

    My Cover Opinion:Another one of these colorful covers; crazy blue. But I don't like it very much, the coffee cup idea is cute, but its not that interesting:/My Character Opinion:My Favorite; was either Malcolm or Vincent. Their both great guys! Vincent is Katrina's best friend, while Malcolm is the angel she found laying in the back alley of the coffee shop one morning. Sadly Malcolm isn't in the story as much as I'd hoped he'd be, but we do see more of Vincent and the way he keeps his promise to Katrina (to never drink Java Heaven coffee).My Least Favorite; has to be Katrina's other best friend, Elizabeth. She has this huge crush on a guy throughout the story, never really making a move. But when she does, she just ends up feeling bad about herself and giving up. Keep your head up girl! He didn't deserve you anyways!:DMy Storyline Opinion:The story overall was awesome, Katrina did something good for someone (giving Malcolm old pastries and a cup of coffee, when she found him), and that Malcolm was angel trying to reward her for this.I really enjoyed Katrina's friendship with Vincent (enjoys swimming, and striving for a swimming scholarship). They've been friends ever since, but Katrina swears that she doesn't have more feelings for him. When Vincent begins to hangout with the daughter of the rival coffee house owner, she does feels a ting of jealousy. Possibly she has secret feelings for him, or she feels left out and misses her friend. But sadly Katrina always just blames it on him making it a promise to her, that he would never set foot next door, in Java Heaven.Ending Opinion:Very action filled;I loved the ending. First your sad, because Malcolm has to leave (since he accomplished his job(giving Katrina a reward for doing a good deed)). But then he comes back to the girl he truly loves, and gets to become human to stay with her.Overall Opinion:Another short and cute book! Takes a different spin on supernatural; not being scary or dark!:D I really liked it and I plan on purchasing Selfors Saving Juliet!(:

  • Krystle
    2019-03-26 04:04

    I’m here to confess a secret; I have a soft spot for stories that revolve around coffeehouses, coffee, or tea. I don’t know why but I just do. Maybe it’s because I drink tea on a near daily routine.I wasn’t really hoping for much from this book and I have to say it met my expectations. It’s a cute, fluffy, and light book with a sweet romance added in to make that much more delectable. If you’re looking for some angsty, deep insight to the human soul and what not, you won’t find that here. It’s instead something to brighten up your spirits when you’re stressed, tired, or just not in the mood for something hard hitting.There is a great need to withhold your cackles or snark when you read this book because some of the plot elements are, quite frankly, way out there to be believable. I don’t understand how a normal commonplace boy (granted he is a recognized swimmer for his school) can gain such fame for saving a millionaire. Or that by finding a large rat in their store will somehow make them into a hit tourist destination. Can you say what? I’d be going, “EEW!” if anything.But I loved how the little bits are tied in with the chocolate flavored cocoa beans and how it’s sort of a genie wish thing. And the angel part I wasn’t expecting. Totally not. He’s not one of those smoldering, I’ve fallen from heaven, type of guys who like to boss around the female. He’s a sweet guy conflicted by his feelings of duty and love. The romance was a lot more gradual than what’s seen nowadays so it’s quite a refreshing change.Excellent lazy reading material.

  • Fred
    2019-04-09 04:56

    This is a lovely, subtle book. The word heartwarming seems to have acquired some unfortunately schmaltzy connotations, which is too bad, because it really describes the feeling I got reading Katrina's story. Katrina is a self-described ordinary girl (yeah, she's a bit hard on herself), but when she shares some leftover pastries and coffee with a handsome homeless guy asleep in the alley behind her grandmother's coffeeshop, her hitherto mundane life becomes a series of unexpected experiences and emotions. For a fantasy story this is surprisingly emotionally realistic with thoughtfully drawn characters, and many a plot twist before the snow flakes fall softly on this year's Norwegian Festival. It's a story about finding your place and passion in this world, and about what family and friendship really mean. I especially loved how the author worked in a variety of relevant myths and fables (Androcles and the Lion, the "Damsel in Distress," It's A Wonderful Life) to illustrate, illuminate and foreshadow developments. Your expectations of what's coming are subtly tweaked as the story progresses, and the resolution of various elements is sweet and satisfying. It's also infused with a sense of place that made the little town of Nordsby seem very charming, and made me want to visit its real life counterpart, as thoughtfully discussed in an author's afterword.

  • Tabatha
    2019-04-24 01:59

    I liked Coffeehouse Angel, even though I have to admit I got frustrated at times.. But at all the right times! Does that make sense? No? Hmph, I didn't think so :| Let me clarify: it wasn't the story itself that frustrated me, it was certain events that occurred in the story that gave me the urge to scream into my pillow.. (OK, so I'll admit it.. I screamed into my pillow..) and that only made me appreciate the story more!Also, I would like to point out right about now that I would really really like a cute Ratcacher mug! Yes people who have not read Coffeehouse Angel yet, the main character, Katrina --but moat people call her: 'The Coffeehouse Girl-- called her cat Ratcatcher, yeah.. Ratcatcher! (I'm seriously hoping I spelt Ratcatcher right.. ;) ) Which, I personally thin k is quite a cute name for kitty. More accurately, it looks cute on paper but I'm not 100% about how cute it sounds out loud :| Over & Out, T xx

  • Scarlet Cameo
    2019-04-03 02:46

    ¿Les ha pasado que se encuentran una historia bonita pero completamente olvidable? Bueno, pues este libro es exactamente eso, una historia tierna pero olvidable.Katrina es una chica linda que por su bondad termina teniendo a un ángel queriendo recompenzarla...Bueno sólo esto puedes saber que los personajes eran adorables. Entre las cosas que me gustaron es que Malcom (el angel) busca crecer, alcanzar algo más de lo que tiene en la actualidad, y por otro lado Katrina no esta dispuesta a abandonar todo por un romance, su prioridad es su abuela y la cafetería.El gusto, no fue un insta-love pero si fue cliche en el sentido de "primero no te aguante y ahora te amo"....pero el final, lo que sucedio con el Malcom me dejo de ¿En serio?,lo que sucedió con el café fue algo realista y que me gusto.

  • Galleane
    2019-04-19 04:05

    Cette histoire m'a beaucoup plu. Si au début elle ne paie pas de mine, elle est agréable mais pas extraordinaire, les choses se complexifient de plus en plus qu'on avance dans notre lecture. On reste ancré dans des problèmes du quotidien tout ce qu'il y a de plus banal et même la touche de fantastique n'enlève pas la simplicité des événements. Mais la dynamique des événements, aussi simples soient-ils, m'a plu et j'appréciais ce que je lisais, autant pour l'histoire que pour les personnages qui sont très plaisants. Très peu d'éléments sont attendus, la plupart, même si pas surprenants à proprement parler, ont ce petit côté étonnant qui va bien. L’émotion est au rendez-vous et le dernier quart de l'histoire est vraiment réussi. J'ai refermé le livre, absolument ravie.Ma chronique complète :

  • Emma
    2019-04-10 00:43

    The coffeehouse angel is about two coffeehouses competing on the same street; one's more appealing to teens, one's more appealing to seniors. You can guess which one's doing better. When Katrina spots a homeless guy sitting in their declining shop's alley, she decides to give him some pastries and a coffee. Little did she know, he'll stop at nothing to reward her.

  • Caitlin Henderson
    2019-04-19 02:52

    I don’t really know why I read this

  • Audrey
    2019-04-05 07:04

    I had some high hopes for this. I thought I would love a fun, light read with a feel-good story, it was just what I wanted during a hectic school week. Was I disappointed? Yeah, I was. Like I’ve said, this book has been on my wishlist for so long, it just didn’t really measure up.I’m trying to make my reviews more thoughtful and less “the characters this, the plot this, the writing this.” But that doesn’t mean I won’t touch on these subjects.Everything in this novel just feels a bit lukewarm. I did really like Katrina; I thought she was portrayed quite realistically, being jealous over her best friend hanging out with other people and worrying about the coffeehouse. Secondary characters had their quirks, but I never felt they were as fleshed out as they could have been. I felt the connection between Katrina and Irmgaard could have been better, and again, could have been fleshed out more. It was like “hallelujah, revelation! Let’s move on!”Malcolm had potential to be swoon worthy, but fell short because the story wasn’t as focused on romance. I’m not sure if I liked this more or less, but I did wish there could have been a bit more Malcolm.Katrina’s personal growth was a pretty obvious, but I won’t say it was written perfectly. When reading it, it just seemed more like telling than showing, despite some strong and positive ‘messages’. Some scenes or places felt awkward and forced.The plot was enjoyable, but not perfect. It focused a lot on Katrina’s rivalry with the neighbour coffeehouse, which is completely understandable. I wish there could have been a bit more drama though, either with Mr. Darling, or even with Heidi. Drama with Vincent (her friend who she’s fighting with) was interesting and I thought her feelings about it were realistic.I disliked the whole Ratcatcher phenomenom. Seemed just a bit too out there for me, and I wish the story could have stayed a bit more grounded.The ending was a bit perfect, a bit unlikely, and predictable.I am glad, however, that she didn’t end up with Vincent, because if she did I would of complained about how out of the blue it seemed, especially at the beginning with the “this isn’t a story about me falling in love with a best friend” bit. Horribly quoted by the way. It would have been clichéd and corny and just predictable.2.5/5 – because I felt let down by the book, I really wanted it to be the kind of book I thought was fun, fluffy and fantastic. Unfortunately, it was just average for me, with a fun plot with a dash of drama. Writing was choppy at places, but the plot was pretty solid and the characters were likable. Katrina’s indecisiveness with her future and her life kind of reflects mine, and I was definitely rooting for her to pull through.Recommended for readers who would like a light read about a courageous, sympathetic heroine. And a pretty cute angel

  • Yin Chien 인첸
    2019-04-07 02:11

    I absolutely adored this book! It holds my attention until the last page! Coffeehouse Angel is narrated by Katrina, the shy and self-conscious girl who lives with her grandmother, Anna, who owns an old-fashioned coffeehouse. Katrina thinks herself as plain and ordinary, being not aware of her talents. When her grandmother falls sick and her business is threatened by their next-door-neighbor, Java Heaven, Katrina's worries starts to double.Although Malcolm is an angel, his appearance is quite quirky - he wears kilt. This has aroused some small talks among Katrina's friends and family. Suzanne instilled a flash of humor in some of the pages, which makes me laugh. Malcolm wants to grant Katrina's biggest wish/deepest desire. But the problem is, Katrina doesn't even know what is her deepest desire.Suzanne's writing is really good! I love all the characters, and the flow of the story is excellent! Although the words used are simple, the meaning behind them is huge. Forgiveness is one of the main themes of this story. Katrina learns to forgive the nefarious owner of Java Heaven, Mr. Darling after a conversation with her grandmother in the hospital.Always remember that to forgive is to set someone free. (pg 217)I love the ending of the story and wouldn't prefer it another way! If you want to know what happened, please be sure to get yourself a copy of Coffeehouse Angel. Cute, romantic and heart-warming, Coffeehouse Angel is guaranteed to be delicious and entertaining to the last drop!

  • ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥
    2019-04-21 08:04

    Coffeehouse Angel is an okay story. Don't have too much expectations like I did because it is not that WOW!What I liked about this was the mental mindset of Katrina, the MC and her inability to engage in the normal life other girls like her are engaging in. She is completely happy in that little perfect and safe world she had in her grandmother's house running her grandma's café. Even her grandma seemed to have the same mindset, or so I felt. Katina then is forced to get out of her comfort zone by incidents after (view spoiler)[Malcolm the angel came down to grant her rewards for her good deed of giving him coffee (hide spoiler)] but she did not know what she wanted and I am very glad she did not end up with any of those rewards he gave her. That forced her to ask herself more questions and the internal conflict to grow as well as her personality.However, the fantasy part of this is a really silly one. Still, Malcolm was like the cutest thing about this story. (view spoiler)[Him becoming an immortal was a bit far-fetched but I am willing to let that slide (hide spoiler)]The moral lesson of this novel was there and it's a great issue to touch upon and I'm certain it would appeal to a specific audience who share similar traits as Katrina.

  • Angélica
    2019-04-16 07:52

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The story is told in first-person, which can easily rile me up. There were times when I got frustrated with the protagonist, Katrina, but in general it was okay. At least she didn't bombard me with descriptions and purple prose. I'm glad that Katrina developed into a more mature person by the end. I especially liked her relationship with her grandma, and the mystery surrounding one of the characters really piqued my curiosity. I confess that I wasn't really expecting much, so although this book is a quick and light read, I enjoyed it. I was a bit put out that the author didn't add more dimensions to the interesting fellows around Katrina like Elizabeth and The Boys. I also would've wanted more information about the lore about angels. And although this book has been categorized clearly as a romance, I actually hoped that Katrina wouldn't end up with anyone. I guess I was just really very sick of poorly-written female protagonists in YA romance who become empty shells when they meet their "true love" and I was cautious. That, and I found that the connection between Katrina and Malcolm lacked something.

  • Joy
    2019-03-31 04:56

    I liked that this book was different from the average supernatural teen romance book. The way that the characters interacted was interesting. I especially liked learning about and watching how the feelings and actions between Vincent and the main character changed as the story went on. Malcolm, too, was likeable enough and I found that the romance was neither smothering nor cheesy as there were other things going on in the plot to keep the reader interested. It was refreshing to read a book like this where the main love interest was a harmless creature with faults as opposed to something dangerous and intoxicating. Overall I found Coffeehouse Angel to be a fun read, something light and fluffy that could be picked up, read, and then put back down without much thought. I did find the story and writing to be rather dull though. I felt as though the author was aiming to write a book for teenagers but was making the mistake of writing about bad teenage stereotypes. (I found it to be similar to the feeling I get when a parent or older teacher attempts to use slang, or when watching the Bratz movies.)

  • Diane ϟ [ Lestrange ]
    2019-04-04 23:42

    "Heavenly novel you'll never forget!"This is one of my gonna be fav novel. Its really really nice,its kinda slow read because I'm super eager what will gonna happen next. At first I just know that this book is like any other angel novel book- typical! but its not. Its kind of boring in the first pages until I'm getting to know Malcolm and what really is happening. And I thought that its Vincent that Katrina will end of.Its really give a happy filling in its last pages. All the characters ended up with someone or something they want.Even if its have super less romance scenes its give me a super giggle. Katrina is super kind that i want to be friends with her and Malcolm is really fun guy and made me want to say to him:Could you give me some of that beans? I really need it. hahaWell describe. Love the characters. Great Plot. Nice Book Cover. and most of all love the ending.I love happy ending stories(how many times I said that? haha)

  • Jannat Bhat
    2019-03-26 07:04

    With a combination of contemporary romance and a pinch of paranormal, Coffehouse Angel managed to surprise me. This light-hearted, heavy on the caffeine novel tells a tale of rewarding a good deed gone wrong. It was a comedy of heavenly errors crafted in such a way that made everything happened for a reason and explicable.It had funny, quirky characters and a plot that didn't evoke extreme emotions. And there's nothing wrong with that. Not every read has to take you to extreme highs or lows. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the moment. Overall, the book has a wonderful meaning. It shows that in times of need, anyone can stand up and try! And that being kind gets you far! Coffeehouse Angel is an adorable tale about forgiveness, finding yourself and loving the ones around you.

  • Brenda
    2019-03-31 04:57

    3.5 AwwwwwwwwwwwwAt the beginning I was like "oh damn ¬¬" but then it was cute.I'm picky, I know but when it's about a Young Adult, I'm worse.I don't like YA written in 1st person, it's kind of annoying. I was a teenager, I know how annoying the thoughts are hahaha.Vincent, I don't like you, even though the ending. Heidi, you did nothing but I don't like you, whatever.The ending of the chapter thirty-three was one of the best I've ever read.I think, I read it at the right time. Katrina, the main character was in a crisis. She doesn't know if she belongs anywhere, The purpose of her life, If she's good at something. And I can easily relate to her rn.

  • Trisha
    2019-03-31 04:56

    this was a very cute book. Katrina is your average teen - okay, maybe close but not quite to your average teen. And Vincent is your average male teen best friend of a girl.So, Katrina has a chance encounter - she can ignore the possible homeless guy sleeping out back in the ally or she can leave him a nice warm coffee and day old pastries.From here on, the book is cute, light, fluffy & predictable. And that's probably why I didn't like it. It felt like such an "after-school" special show. Katrina made almost all the right choices, Vincent made all the obvious mistakes - they both made assumptions...yadda yadda yadda.cute light, but not fun.