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On the night of the werewolf mating holiday, Peraphay, Teigan arrives to escort Sid to his unwanted bride. Teigan and Sid are both gay, and they believe what their pack insists on: they will never have mates, much less each other. But the fates step in, and a small spirit in the form of a cat shows up to convince them that wishes can come true....

Title : Wishes
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ISBN : 9781615815074
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 41 Pages
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Wishes Reviews

  • Betryal
    2019-02-21 03:10

    I read in the short little bio about the author, Moria that she's had stories cooped up in her head most of her life and after reading this short little teaser that she should get them out of said head and into a book and get one published more often.Now aside from one of the characters being named Sid I was amused by that, but this Sid in the book is a bottom and... no comment at this time. On to Teigan and Sid. I couldn't help laughing throughout the story. Not the mating story I had expected initially and it's what you'd call a fun read. No angst, no intensity in this book to be had. Light comedy is where I'd classify it and it's a shame it wasn't longer than it was. These two dudes, wolfs, had to have their heads practically slammed together to make them come to the conclusion that DUH you are the mates meant for each other you duffs and by a cat to boot. Kitty is quite the furball and if it wasn't for her... part that made me laugh the most was this one (sorry for the spoiler): “Then stop calling me cat, I have a name too. Call me Kitty.”“Guess that’s better than pussy.” Moria brought a freshness to reading about weres and there's more laughs where that one phrase came from in this story. I really liked this story.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-02-27 09:03

    I really liked this (much too short) story about two gay wolfshifters who both think they can't have a mate. It just isn't possible, or so they believe. Even when a spirit tells them that they're mistaken, they try to fight it, putting duty to the pack above their own wishes. Luckily, the spirit is on their side...

  • Michael
    2019-02-20 11:03

    3.5 on a short story level.The story was enjoyable. In typical short story fashion there is really no character development, there just isn't enough space to get into too many details. Instead this story is a snap shot of a moment in two character's lives.Teigan and Sid are gay werewolves who both wish they would one day be mated with a partner. Mating between same sex shifters just isn't done. Sid is set to marry the daughter of the Alpha from a much larger pack than the one he is currently in. He's doing so at the request of his Alpha, taking one for the team. Teigan works with the pack matchmaker. His task is to escort mates to the mating event where they will be joined.On a cold winter's night, on the leading edge of a blizzard, Teigan is sent to collect Sid for his mating ceremony. But the spirits have other plans for these two.Wishes was fun to read but very predictable...but the predictability didn't kill the story because the writing was clever and amusing.

  • Ami
    2019-03-18 03:18

    Two gay werewolves who wishes to have mates: Sid is a pack liason who is about to marry the daughter of another pack (it's a marriage of inconvenience though. Teigan works with the pack's matchmaker. Since gay werewolves don't have mates, even if they're attracted to one another, it is not supposed to be, right? Except what if the spirits intervene?Others seem to enjoy this story but I don't. I think the story starts nicely ... my first problem is the spirit in form of cat and named Kitty? Totally doesn't work well in my head. What's with the name calling of Kitty and puppy, thing? Then the way the spirit convinces the men to go at it doggy style? NOT funny for me. Plus how Sid quickly realizes that he prefers to have mate rather than duty, with a blink of an eye (after he rejects Teigan that way)? Yeah, sorry, don't work with me

  • Lucy
    2019-03-07 08:09

    While it did have a lot going on for such a short story, I really liked what was there. The cat was funny, but more importantly, even with the whole "mating bond", it portrayed how difficult it can be to reach out for what you want and need, in the face of what others want you to do. A little more in depth wpuld have been better, but a sweet story nonetheless.

  • Chris
    2019-02-19 11:31

    Short paranormal m/m romance about werewolves living in a society that don't believe there can be mating bonds other than male-female. This started out strong, but too much story was crammed into far too few words and the ending felt rushed.