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Srikkanth Bhattacharya is a quintessential gay bachelor and perfectly happy about it-until he gets a call from the local hospital telling him his best friend died in childbirth. Sri had agreed to provide the sperm to make Jill's dream of motherhood come true, but he'd never expected to have to make decisions for a baby girl. He intends to place her with an adoptive family,Srikkanth Bhattacharya is a quintessential gay bachelor and perfectly happy about it-until he gets a call from the local hospital telling him his best friend died in childbirth. Sri had agreed to provide the sperm to make Jill's dream of motherhood come true, but he'd never expected to have to make decisions for a baby girl. He intends to place her with an adoptive family, but once he sees her, Sri can't bring himself to do it, so now he's struggling to learn how to deal with a newborn. His housemate and friend, Jaime Frias, volunteers to help, never guessing he'll fall in love with both the baby and Sri. Everything seems perfect until a visit from Social Services sends Sri into a tailspin, feeling like he has to choose between his daughter and a relationship with the man he's coming to love....

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Her Two Dads Reviews

  • Rossy
    2019-03-08 21:10

    This is the perfect story when in the mood for a very sweet story. It's not perfect, in fact most of the details of the kind of relationship one of the heroes had with his "best friend" i kind of read in between the lines. Yet, it is so good for when you just want to read about a couple who REALLY get to know each other before getting physical. I loved the way the relationship evolved from friendship to more without the characters even noticing. I could see it, thanks to the author but they were totally unaware and just went on with their friendship. The baby added another fantastic dimension to this plot and though it may not be for everyone, i would recommend it 100%.

  • Lily
    2019-03-12 18:47

    Srikkanth Bhattacharya had thought when he served as a sperm donor to his best friend that he'd be nothing more than a friend to the child. Unfortunately his BF dies in childbirth and Sri finds himself faced with making difficult choices for the baby's future. When he goes to sign the paperwork to set her on the road to adoption he finds himself unable to give her up. But with no experience with babies and no family to turn to Sri is feeling overwhelmed.Lucky for him one of his housemates, Jaime, comes from a large family and happily offers to help him out. From getting the house ready to bring baby Sophie home to feedings, colic and walks in the park the two men slowly find their friendship deepening over time. Things are going great for them until Sri is faced with unwelcome visitors and a threat to his happy family life.Her Two Dads is a very sweet, uncomplicated story reminiscent of a category romance. The minor bump in the road to Sri and Jaime's HEA is solved quickly and before long there are wedding bells ringing. I liked that it's a slow building relationship, no jumping into bed for these guys, and it's definitely got a sweet ending. No tissues required although it may be too sugary for some.However at the same time I was a bit disappointed with it. Although I liked the characters I didn't get a sense of great chemistry between them. At times their relationship seemed to be based primarily on Sophie and I found parts of the book dragged. Also, if you need any info on getting ready for a baby and taking care of one, this could be used as a reference tool. Especially during the first part the constant use of brand names felt off putting to me.Overall this was a nice story by an author who's books I've enjoyed in the past. I did like it but still felt let down in some parts.This story was reviewed for Rainbow Reviews

  • Danielle Desantis
    2019-03-02 19:13

    I really didn't enjoy this. There were weird inconsistencies (if she's his 'best friend', why doesn't he seem upset about her death, and if she's not, why did he contribute to her pregnancy?) and it read more like a baby-care manual than a novel. It's great that the author knows how to take care of a baby, but there's such a thing as too much information. Overall, I just didn't really care about the characters. It's nice that some of the money from this is going to charity, so at least it wasn't a TOTAL waste of my time and money.

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2019-03-05 17:56

    I was so disappointed by this story. I plugged along faithfully because the premise was so appealing to me I was determined to ignore its faults and let my imagination fill in the rest. But I couldn't finish it.The dialogue was stilted and the relationships between the characters, including the baby, never came alive. There was way too much time spent on detailing the supplies (including brand names) that they had to buy at the store. There was just no soul here and I got bored.

  • Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    2019-03-02 22:13

    Okay, I don't do babies or children in my books but I was so curious about Ariel Tachna's Her Two Dads I gave it a try. I mean I already know there are going to be kids in it so ... go!The beginning was well written and sucked me in right away. We meet Srikkanth a kind of cold, Indian wed designer when he gets a phone call about the birth of Sophie. Jamie his Latin roommate is the catalyst that pushes Sri in the right direction to the baby. Together they swim upstream taking care of and raising the baby. Tachna used a starker, more clinical writing style then with her other works. Time was taken to flush out the story. Sensual interactions were there not used as filler therefore feeling more romantic and real. I love the feeling of wanting to keep watching their day-to-day lives for years to come. First, yahoo at the use on characters that are Men of Color. There isn't enough of that in m/m books today. I did have a question: Why didn't they go to Sophie's Mother's home a get all the stuff she had to have had everything for the baby? Or was there a funeral or what happened if she had no family. It just stuck in my mind. I'm glad I read this one.

  • Suong Doan
    2019-02-22 19:50

    I was very much looking forward to reading this story due to the many rave reviews here, unfortunately I turned out to be very disappointed. From the very first page I already found elements that I didn't like, from the way we were abruptly introduced into the story, to the the way situations were explained. I found no real depth in our characters, no real development other than the fact that they gradually adapted to having an infant. But I think what I disliked the most was the main character Srikkanth, there were so many times I wish he would just man up. I can understand the situation he was suddenly dealt with but seriously can't be a man about it? So yeah, I was very dissatisfied.

  • Mary
    2019-03-04 17:48

    This story is full of romance and love and has a beautiful pace where it builds nad builds to the outcome you are so rooting for. The love between the two men, Sri and Jaime, is romantic and the movie kind where you sit and smile. The way they both love Sophie is heartfelt and realistic and when you see her grwon at the end, you kow they've done a good job. But you just knew her two Dads were going to do it right. This book left me with a warm fuzzy feeling that I love.

  • Gigi
    2019-03-10 18:50

    Poor friend reviews.

  • IC
    2019-03-20 19:02

    Si esperas un hijo, este es tu libro porque es como un manual sobre cómo cuidar a un bebé. Hasta el 50% del libo no pasa nada de nada, solo compran lo que necesita un bebé y te lo relatan, pero ojo, no es que lo hagan por encima, es que son páginas y páginas de productos incluidas las marcas. Desesperante. Y luego lo mismo con una infección de oído y suma y sigue. La traducción, como en la mayoría de libros M/M, mediocre y con faltas (en este caso no tantas, pero alguna cae) y con redacción forzada. Esto no es spolier, la propia sinopsis te lo adelanta.Y la historia inconsistente. La madre de la criatura es una conocida y 4 páginas más tarde era la amiga de la juventud, compañera de piso de la universidad...como una hermana, eso sí, es tan amiga que pasa de acompañarla cuando va a dar a luz y ni se nombra el entierro.

  • Tracy
    2019-02-25 22:55

    This was a sweet story; I really enjoyed it. I loved that Sri went through the "new parent panic" stage (we -- parents -- have all been there, but with a bit more preparation than he had) but that he had his friend Jaime by his side supporting his choices throughout. (*Note: Jaime is the son of Mexican immigrants to the US; I vaguely recall the correct pronunciation of his name from HS Spanish classes but couldn't get it to gel in my mind. Purely my own fault.) Sri's friend Jill used Sri's sperm to get pregnant when she could feel her biological clock ticking with no husband on the cards. Sadly, she dies in childbirth, leaving her daughter alone in the world. Unexpectedly (they had agreed that his name would not be a part of the proceedings), she has named Sri as the father to the hospital. He originally plans to give her up for adoption, but is unable to do so once he's seen and held her. (I'm just glad there was no family waiting in the wings to adopt whose hearts were broken.) Sri is a gay man who shares his condo with two other men: Jaime, who has been living there for three years or so, and Nathaniel, who hasn't been there as long and is in med school. Jaime comes from a large, tightly-knit family and has admitted to having kind of a crush on Sri, although neither of them has acted on their feelings of attraction in deference to preserving a good homeowner-tenant relationship. With the addition of little Sophie, Nathaniel leaves, and they decide not to acquire a third roommate so as to free up a bedroom for the baby; but splitting child-care causes them to grow closer emotionally.Eventually, they acknowledge their feelings for each other and set about developing a relationship deeper and more lasting than friends and roommates. This is derailed when Child Protective Services is called on an (unfounded) abuse charge -- based, apparently, on the fact that Sri and Jaime are gay. Sri panics, Jaime withdraws; they are forced to communicate to fix things (but ultimately do. C'mon, you knew there'd be a happily ever after.)There's a wedding, a family dinner, a date or two...definitely a feel-good story, and Sophie's a little charmer (I just wish my kids had been more like her -- I love them, but...even-tempered they were NOT.)Things I wasn't so crazy about: -- Several times, Sri mentions Jill as having been his best friend, and yet aside from mentioning her as Sophie's biological mother, he seems to have no contact with the end of her life (he doesn't go to the funeral, nothing.)-- Even though Sri had not planned to be a significant part of Sophie's life, Jill seemed to have nothing set in place to care for her daughter in the case of her (Jill's) death or injury. It would have seemed logical for her to name him as the guardian, but he would, presumably, have been informed of that at some point. -- Frankly, the guys had it really easy. I don't know anyone whose babies were as calm and stress-free and illness-free as Sophie. I get that they had a lot to deal with, between CPS, work, estrangement from family, and whatnot...but still.

  • Candice
    2019-02-26 21:15

    Once again, I needed something sugary sweet and this did the trick.Sri gets a phone call that changes his life. His best friend dies while giving HIS daughter. Oh, he knew he was the father, but he was just supposed to be the sperm donor. Now, that's all fine and dandy, but (view spoiler)[if it's your best friend, where's the grief? Why didn't you have a funeral for her since she has no family? What happened with her belongings? Couldn't he have just gone to her house to get all of the baby stuff for Sophie? His supposed best friend dies and he's in shock for a bit, but that's it? If my best friend died I would be a hot mess--for who knows how long. I just didn't buy their relationship.(hide spoiler)]I am not knocking BRU or anything, but I NEVER got that kind of help while I was there. If I asked a question they answered it and then couldn't leave fast enough. I really didn't need TWO shopping trips there and have everything explained. I could have used less shopping trips and more family problems. I mean, Jaime's family really didn't talk to him much (or vice versa--I am still kind of confused on that part) and Sri's family is in India and they don't seem to have much of a relationship. (view spoiler)[ I would have liked more interaction with them at the end. I would have liked to have more dinners with Jaime's family :)(hide spoiler)] I also would have liked to have eventually found out (view spoiler)[who called CPS.(hide spoiler)]To be honest, while reading I kept thinking--2 Stars. But, then I started to think I REALLY liked the relationship between Sri and Jaime. I LOVED how Jaime took things slow. I loved how he just wanted to hold Sri instead of getting into his pants. I liked the intimate moments like that rather than just another romp in the sack. So for that reason, I bumped it up to 3 Stars :)The Epi was cute :)

  • Holly
    2019-03-17 23:12

    Potentially had fantastic themes. I work with a lot of people from Mumbai who are all avid proponents of arranged marriage and who profess such a different approach to sexuality (I've never been brave enough to ask about GLBT) that I was really excited to find an Indian MC. But none of these issues were explored. And I hated it when Sri's parent were going to miss their marriage because could get a flight from India and then turned up at the last minute second anyway. To me the author is cheating.Also, I wasn't convinced that a relationship between Sri and Jaime could suddenly blossom in those difficult weeks after the birth of a baby when it hadn't in the years they had been house sharing. In my experience this isn't a romantic time in your life. It wasn't Jaime's baby and I found his reaction a bit hard to believe.Enjoyable enough but shallow and ultimately disappointing.

  • Ozlem
    2019-02-25 14:47

    3.5 stars. The shopping for the baby part was too long (and they did it twice). I would like to read more about their inner conflicts (like to marry or not, the progress of their relationship etc.). Falling in love with your roommate of 3 years did not seem very realistic or exciting. I'm more of a "love at first sight" person.

  • Maya
    2019-02-22 21:09

    1.5 This just brought back how fricking tired I was when my son was an infant. I don't want to read about baby vomit and dirty diapers and, while the writing is good, it couldn't make the story better for me.

  • Gina
    2019-02-26 16:58

    DNFWay too much baby stuffs and too little romance. (almost non-exist up until 48% where I've given up)

  • BlackSoil
    2019-03-07 23:08

    Sinceramente mi aspettavo molto, ma molto di meglio, a mio avviso è un libro troppo superficiale, la bambina viene vista come un giocattolo dal protagonista, qualcosa di cui prendersi sì cura, ma boh, mi ha lasciato stranita.Innanzitutto la povera ragazza che muore mettendo sua figlia alla luce, un po' di lutto? Un funerale? Non viene raccontato niente di niente e se veramente era la migliore amica del protagonista tutto questo è assai strano.Seconda cosa, questo amore improvviso che nasce fra i due tutto per merito di una bambina che nella vita vera non avrebbe fatto altro che dividerl.In questi libri sono tutti alla ricerca dell'anima gemella, anima gemella che conoscono da anni ma non l'avevano mai vista sotto quel pnto di vista e blabla... troppo superficiale per i miei gusti.Niente viene spiegato è solo una bozza di un romanzo che se affrontato con maggior impegno sarebbe stato assai più piacevole.Il prendersi cura della bambina, i dubbi e le incertezze, tutto viene presentato ma mai spiegato o approfondito, sembra una lista della spesa.Per non parlare del finale, scontatissimo, io amo i lieti fine, ma questo è tremendo... tutti accettano l'omosessualità di tutti, tutti accettano che sta figlioletta sia apparsa dal nulla, tutti continuano a dimenticarsi della povera donna morta, espediente assai discutibile per far apaprire la bambina.Ci sono rimasta veramente male -.-Come prima lettura dell'autrice direi che non mi invoglia per niente a continuare con le prossime opere.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-03-08 22:53

    The book goes against a lot of the taboo supposedly M/M romances have to respect to not fall under the label of being unrealistic, but I think the author passed with flying colours: her characters are men who find themselves in a unmanly situation, but they didn’t lose their masculinity or turned into women. Srikkanth, a web-designer of Indian heritage acted as sperm donor for his girl best friend; the agreement was that Jill would have been a single mother, Sri would have not been called as “responsible” and if he wanted he would have had the chance to meet the baby. The perfect agreement. Only that Jill died in childbirth and now Sri is the unwilling happy father of a little girl. Of course the first idea was to give her up into adoption, but many factors prevented him to do so, not last the fact that Sophie is Sri only chance to be a father, with him being gay and all. To Sri’s help comes Jaime, Sri’s tenant and friend: he is not interested in Sri as lover, or at least he didn’t give it any serious thinking, but as Sri himself, Jaime sees in Sophie the only chance he has to be a father, even if a supporting one. Yes, indeed Sophie is the glue between Sri and Jaime, and I can understand Jaime’s reluctance to move their relationship to a physical level until they don’t understand if they have something more serious between them than a desire of parenthood. So no, this romance is not really sexy, and with a baby and all, it very much borders on “baby cuties” moments, and if you are not the maternal/paternal type, sometime you will wonder why everyone seems to be so fascinated by someone who basically sleep, eat and cry ;-) (yes, this is my Erode side speaking!). But as I said the author managed to not turning her characters into women: true, they have to learn how to raise a kid, and of course the best advices will come from other women, but there will be one father or two along the path as well. Plus, even if of course the author chose a “girl” as a baby instead of a boy to heighten the contrast, the wanna-be fathers tried very much to not opting for “girly” things, so much that I wondered if the poor Sophie indeed will come out as a girly girl, what will she have to do to be free to express herself? Basically the story was all about good feelings and pink glasses perspective, both Sri than Jaime came from very conservative families, both heritage not famous for being gay friendly, but more or less they didn’t have any trouble, or at least nothing they couldn’t manage. Maybe how Sri dealt with his parents is a bit unrealistic, above all since he told them he was gay not exactly in a smooth way, I can only think his parents already suspected, even if his son was not aware. In the end my only complain is something really minor: if it’s true that Jill was Sri’s friend, so much that he decided to be a sperm donor, and Jill was savvy enough to name him as Sophie’s father, than it seemed strange to me that he wasn’t in Jill’s will; and even if he wasn’t, when Jill died she was at the end of her pregnancy… is it really possible that she hadn’t prepared anything for Sophie? Not even some pjs, or a crib? She was a single mother, she hadn’t no one to help her once she was back home from the hospital. And last, even if it is a bit macabre, what happened to Jill’s, well, body? She had no parents or near relative, is it possible that Sri didn’t think to her resting place or at least attend to her funeral? She was after all, his friend and the mother of his daughter.

  • Shana
    2019-03-14 22:10

    Srikkanth is shocked by the news that his friend Jill has died in childbirth, delivering the baby for which he donated sperm. Unable to give the baby up for adoption, he brings her home to the bachelor's apartment he shares with two other gay men. Along the way, he has to deal with ignorance, a complaining roommate, and Child Services, just for a start. Will discovering love amidst the chaos make everything worth it, or is he in over his head?Srikkanth is a likeable enough protagonist, if a bit of a woman. (Seriously. His reactions to a lot of things remind me of my mother, which is an... interesting association to have.) He's also a bit bland; I never got a good impression of him as a person.Jaime is more of the same--likeable but still rather bland. I grasped him even less than I did Srikkanth, as he never left a strong impression beyond being a necessary half for a romance.The supporting cast was fairly generic, seeming to exist more to provide quantity than quality. None of them left a particularly strong impression, but none of them were overly annoying, either. Likeable but bland.The chemistry between Srikkanth and Jaime was sweet rather than hot. It also wasn't overwhelming in the acting upon of said chemistry; what sex there was was well-done and not particularly frequent, which is a bonus for me.The story itself was surprisingly without conflict. The stress of Jaime's and Srikkanth's coming out was dealt with long before the book began, so it was residual "Oh, my parents don't approve!" throughout much of the book, and even that was fairly low-key. The difficulty with the roommate, with Child Services, with the other issues that arose was fleeting and resolved quickly and easily, with the effects of it usually lingering a chapter at most.The writing overall was good, though not what I expected after Once in a Lifetime. It was a bit of a shock to find my hated third-person omniscient point-of-view, although it was at least limited to the two leads. I think it was this disappointment more than anything that soured me a bit on the book, which I recognize is rather unfair but which I can't shake.There was a bit too much information in dialogue sometimes. The early portion of the book read like a discourse on taking care of babies, which got to be a bit annoying in the midst of the information dump. Too much telling, not enough showing.I have to confess being a bit startled by some of the terminology used, too; I've never before read of testicles being referred to as nodules, for starters. Referring to the anus as the guardian muscle also threw me; I kept envisioning it bristling with spikes or some such, which made the whole thing rather silly.Overall, it wasn't a bad book. It was an easy, almost soothing read, a decent way to pass an afternoon--likeable but bland.

  • Jess
    2019-02-23 20:01

    I got this book on sale in a set of Ariel Tachna's books from Dreamspinner. For the amount I paid for all the books, I'd say it was worth it, even though this wasn't one of my favorite romances of all time.I normally stray from baby books--they're just not my style. I'm not the domestic type. But I was automatically intrigued by the fact that this gay romance, unlike most popular gay romances, features two diverse characters in love--Srikkanth, who is Indian-American, and Jaime, who is a Chicano. It's sad that that's all it takes for me to read a book, but we need more diversity in our queer literature.The plot of the story begins when Srikkanth's best friend Jill passes away after childbirth, leaving Sri, the sperm donor, in charge of her newborn baby Sophie. At first, Sri is unwilling to care for the child since he lives with two other gay bachelors in a town home and works a steady job. But he soon falls in love with Sophie and takes her home, despite his total lack of childcare knowledge. One of his roommates, Jaime, proves to be his biggest support system, and as Jaime falls for Sophie, the two men also fall for each other.My favorite parts of this book involved little Sophie herself. She doesn't have much of a personality beyond 'cute,' but hey, she's a baby--and watching Sri and Jaime struggle and learn was cozy and fun. But I felt that this story just never took off. Everything was a little too perfect. They have money and a good job situation, Sophie is a healthy baby, and they're totally in love. Whenever a conflict comes, such as Sri coming out to his traditional parents or someone calling Child Services on them for no reason, it is swept away in a matter of a couple paragraphs, never to be discussed again. And there are some odd choices by the author, such as the third roommate Nathaniel, who ended up being totally unnecessary to the plot, and the way Jaime's favorite band is apparently Beecake, which I feel like is an in-reference only big Lord of the Rings fans would appreciate.The biggest flaws in this story are pacing and dialog. The pacing is just odd since most of the story is telling rather than showing. I feel like I read a very long summary to a book rather than a book itself. The dialog was also completely stiff and showcased nothing about the characters, especially in Jaime's case. They just sounded totally robotic.Since I was invested enough in these characters and the situation to keep reading, I'm eager to read more of Tachna's work. But I hope the writing is a little less mechanic.

  • ReginLaRadiosa
    2019-03-02 22:07

    “Non so cosa ho fatto per meritarti,” disse Srikkanth, “ma sono felice che tu sia qui. Non riesco a ringraziarti abbastanza.”Jaime concluse la conversazione con un bacio. Non era interessato alla gratitudine di Srikkanth, ma solo al suo cuore. Srikkanth teneva Sophie, rendendo impossibile un bacio più profondo, ma scoprì che la cosa non gli interessava poi molto.Lei era parte di questo rapporto, proprio come loro.Srikkanth vive nel suo appartamento con due coinquilini, Jamie e Nathaniel. Un giorno riceve una bruttissima notizia: la sua migliore amica, a cui ha donato lo sperma, è morta durante il parto. La bambina, Sophie, è sopravvissuta e Sri deve decidere se tenerla con sé e affrontare il ruolo di padre gay o darla in adozione.Molti sono i dubbi che lo attanagliano, ma quando la prende in braccio non riesce a lasciarla andare e, con l’aiuto di Jamie, si prepara in fretta ad avere una neonata in casa. Nathaniel, studioso di medicina, se ne va presto perché disturbato dalla presenza della piccola e Sri coglie l'occasione per trasformare la stanza nella narsery.La vita da nuovo padre non è affatto facile ma Sri è contento di crescere la sua bambina, la ama sin da subito, non si sente privato ma arricchito. E’ affascinante come l’autrice abbia affrontato i dubbi di un giovane padre gay: cosa comprare, come cullarla, cosa fare quando piange, ad esempio. In tutto questo, è fondamentale la presenza di Jamie che lo aiuta e lo supporta in ogni decisione.Tra i due sin da subito era nata una forte attrazione ma l’avevano soffocata per una regola da “coinquilini”. Ora, però, con Sophie a unirli l’attrazione diventa sempre più forte e con le difficoltà di ogni giorno capiranno di essere un'unica famiglia.La narrazione è in terza persona, la scrittura è scorrevole e semplice.L’autrice si concentra molto sui rapporti e sulle problematiche di Sri come neo padre, più che sulla sensualità del rapporto tra i due protagonisti ma questo non risulta essere una pecca. Mi è piaciuto come ha caratterizzato i due personaggi, come abbia trasmesso al lettore l'amore che due uomini gay possono trasmettere a una figlia.Un romanzo molto dolce, lo consiglio assolutamente!

  • Eyre
    2019-03-05 21:12

    Sri is shocked to learn that his best friend has died in childbirth. Since he was the sperm donor, he is forced to make a decision--keep baby Sophie or give her up for adoption. After holding the infant, he just can't bring himself to give her up. He takes her home and doesn't really have a clue what he needs to do for her, but he loves her. With the help of his Jaime, his housemate, he learns to care for his daughter. Along the way, he and Jaime realize that they have feelings for each other.Ariel Tachna's story hit all the right notes for me. The main focus of the book is Sri and Jaime's endeavor to create a family for Sophie. I was impressed with the way that the author allowed their relationship to build before having them become intimate with each other. That is something that I think a single parent who is really concerned about how his relationship would affect his child would do. The most important aspect of the story wasn't sex; it was creating a family.Also, the two men aren't perfect. They have their disagreements and their worries. This book could have made everything about being a first-time father and building a relationship look easy, but it didn't. By the end of the book, though, the reader knows that this is one family that will be together no matter what.

  • Octobercountry
    2019-03-12 19:03

    I suppose this would be classified as a “sweet” romance, as compared to a “hot” one. There are two or three passages that contain some explicit content, but even those are fairly mild according to the general standards of the genre. The story overall deals just as much with the topic of fatherhood as it does with the growing relationship between the two protagonists.It’s a pleasant, gentle story; really, there’s very little conflict at all. Perhaps it’s a bit too laid back; could have used a little more drama to spice things up a bit. Sri doesn’t exactly seem too upset about the death of his friend (does he speak to any of her other friends afterwards? Or even go to her funeral?) And there is pretty much zero opposition to the formation of this little family unit from the families of both protagonists, despite the fact that their two cultures (Indian and Hispanic) generally aren’t quite as accepting of gay relationships as are some other groups. Still, I have no real complaints about the text---if you’re only looking for a pleasant diversion, this book will fill the need nicely.The cover, though, seems rather white-washed to me. As noted above, one of the men is Indian, the other Hispanic, and baby Sophie is half-Indian. I think the skin tones of all three characters should have been darker than they appear in this photograph.

  • Tam
    2019-03-14 16:16

    Sri agreed to donate his sperm to his friend. When she dies in childbirth, he’s faced with giving the baby up for adoption or keeping her. His one roommate Jamie agrees to help him out when Sri keeps her as Jamie had experience with younger siblings. Eventually Jamie gets totally hooked on little Sophie and her Dad and FINALLY the two guys hook up and try to make it work with some bumps in the road. Jamie is Mexican and Sri is Indian and there’s lots of description of food as well. If you know anyone who is considering having a baby, this is like a how-to manual. I did enjoy that Jamie and Sri took time to get to know each other better (roommates for 3 years so it’s not like they were strangers) although after awhile I was like “come on, just sleep together already” but Jamie kept saying wait wait wait. I also got a bit bored with the level of detail about baby stuff. I guess because I’ve BTDT, and have no interest in doing it again. I don’t really care about car seat options and swings vs bouncy seats. So I found myself a bit impatient at times as well get on with the story of the two guys and not how much stuff they had to buy at Babies R Us. There’s not a huge amount of conflict and their interactions with the baby were sweet, but I kind of lost a bit of interest and just kind of wanted to cut to the chase at time.

  • Table4Five
    2019-02-22 23:08

    This was a good book. I think the concept was a nice idea. But I think there were a few things that were forgotten that were really important. I get the concept of of gay friend giving sperm to single female friend so that she can have a baby, but was she not that good of a friend that you didn't have a funeral for her? I was thrown off by the buying stuff for the baby. Obviously Jill (the mother) had all the stuff at her place to bring the baby home to, wouldn't it have been simplier to go to her place and take all the stuff for the baby? It seemed like all of that stuff got abandoned with her body and no thought again to Jill. The relationship between Sri and Jaime was sweet and definatly not rushed. I liked that there were other things that went into the story that made the characters more human, like Jaime reestablishing a relationship his mother and family. I didn't like the whole thing with Child Protective Services. In the decription of the book (I felt) like it made that out to be the main plot of the story. How he was going keep his baby and his new relationship. It was hardly anything at all. I was happy with how the book ended, it was really cute. I think if you are looking for a book with a gay couple and a baby than this might be up you alley. Just go into it knowing that there are a few flaws. Happy Reading!

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-02-28 19:04

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsThere were so many things about Her Two Dads that were unique to me, such as main characters who were either of Indian or Mexican descent, a rarity from my perspective but refreshing and long overdue in a genre that focuses primarily on caucasian or African American characters. The story truly revolved around Sri and Jamie and so the few secondary characters that we encountered were not as critical as they may have been in other stories. Tachna did a good job creating and developing both Sri and Jamie and their daily struggles as two dads to a newborn child.Sri’s reaction to the visit from Social Services did seem exaggerated to me, and for a time, I was annoyed with Sri. Jamie was a rock from day one, unfailing in his dedication to Sri and Sophie, which reflected his strong desire for a family since he rarely saw his own after he came out. I can’t forget to mention Sophie either, the magnet that brought Sri and Jamie together, the rebuilder of bridges between Sri and his family, as well as Jamie and the Frias clan. Sophie is proof that a key character does not need to speak to have an impact one those around her.Read Jason’s review in its entirety here.

  • Riva
    2019-03-10 22:17

    I listened to the audio version of this book. It is really a shame this books fails on so many levels. The writing is not great, the narrator is wooden and the story is just so contrived to be laughable. I love gay dad stories because I love the "family" aspect of it. The fact the families with same sex couples are no different in every way that counts than any other family. I can't even name all the ways this story went awry, but I will try. First, the story reads like a technical manual for first time parents, complete with the naming of popular name brand of baby supplies. For a while I thought I was listening to a commercial. And the narrator reads it like it is a public service announcement very wooden and no emotional depth at all. Then the romance btwn friends starts out good, but then the author contrives this completely unrealistic "fear of child protective services" as a plot device. It fails miserably b/c it is just too stupid and the MCs reactions to it are way out of proportion. Then there is some pseudo family drama that turns into nothing. The bottom line is this is a very boring read and the narrator is horrible.

  • Belinda
    2019-02-23 14:53

    I suspect adding Ariel Tachna's Her Two Dads to the list of books I've read is cheating somewhat, as I in fact listened to it as an audiobook on my long drives home after work, but I choose to include it, as it is a book that is lodged in my brain all the same. Her Two Dads is one of those books where you read the summary and know instantly what you are going to get. As light and transparent as a Harlequin novel, it is hardly surprising, the publisher works entirely with ebooks, and I do not think the quality checks are entirely high. Also unsurprising that Tachna has written fanfiction in the past. The slow, moment upon moment, minutiae obsessed style of storytelling coupled with the gay romance has all the hallmarks of the fanfiction community, including segues into explicit sex that otherwise stand out in the plot and a bizarre cameo by Billy Boyd that seemed at best unnecessary and out of place. As a purely light, silly and mindless story to involve yourself in, Tachna's Her Two Dads serves its purpose dutifully. I can't say that I'll be going out of my way to listen to it again, but it was for the most part an enjoyable story.

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-03-04 19:56

    I can’t believe what I’m about to say. This has never happened to me before. I’m shocked. I’m completely flabbergasted. This is hard for me to get out but…This was too sweet. I know! Can you believe it?!?! Who would have thought that I, Jenni Lea, lover of all things sugar-infused would ever utter those words?I think it was because there was no humor in this book. No snark to counter-balance the sweetness. The book took itself way too seriously. It was kind of depressing in a candy coated sort of way.Also, there are too many details in this book. Who needs an entire chapter on the conversation between the MC’s and the store clerk at Babies R’ US? Not me, that’s who. It almost read like a manual for How To Take Care of a Newborn for Dummies. It just wasn’t interesting.On the plus side, it was edited very well. There were no misspelled or misused words. The sentence structure was sound. It was just… well… boring. And too sweet. Way too sweet. Beyond dentist bill sweet. Too freaking sweet for me.

  • Sabrina (Soter) Sally
    2019-02-25 16:53

    Per vivere insieme e ridere insieme, per lavorare al tuo fianco e sognare tra le tue braccia, per riempire il tuo cuore e sfamare la tua anima, per cercare sempre il meglio in te,per giocare con te ogni volta che posso e crescere con te, amandoti sempre"Non è la prima volta che leggo m/m in cui due amici gay si ritrovano a dover allevare insieme un'adorabile neonata ma questa trama su di me fa sempre colpo! *__* sarà la dolcezza della bimba, sarà la tenerezza di un rapporto che dall'amicizia attraverso la condivisione di esperienze da genitori cresce naturalmente in amore, ma mi sciolgo davvero! XD Mi è piaciuta molto la decisione dell'autrice di unire due uomini con origini così diverse e originali, Sri è indiano e Jamie messicano e tutti i piccoli dettagli delle loro culture si amalgamano tra loro e con la piccola Sophie! L'epilogo con la cerimonia e un'orgogliosa Sophie che presenta i suoi due papà è dolcissimo e promuove definitivamente quest'autrice di cui penso ora leggerò tutto quello che riesco a trovare! XD

  • Reese
    2019-02-19 18:56

    I gave up on this book during the interminable baby store visit in which the author went on for pages and pages and pages about baby supplies and the best brands to use. If I wanted that kind of info dump, I'd buy a non-fiction book about how to care for a newborn.It also really bothered me, at least to the point where I stopped reading, that there was absolutely no mention of possibly going to Jill's home to see what supplies for Sophie she had already bought, if she had papers about how she wanted Sophie to be cared for in the event of her death, etc. There was at least one mention of her friends but nothing suggesting that they might want to know what happened to her daugher. And as far as I know, Sri didn't even bother to go to her funeral.I'm beginning to think The Inventor's Companion, which I loved, was an aberration, because everything else I've read by Tachna has been so disappointing.