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Beloved designer Lotta Jansdotter's smart, organic design has earned her international acclaim. Now she shares her recipe for a stylish home: take a whole lot of Scandinavian influence, mix in a dash of flea-market finds, and then top it all off with expressive handmade touches. The result? An entirely fresh approach to home dcor and contemporary living. In this lavishly iBeloved designer Lotta Jansdotter's smart, organic design has earned her international acclaim. Now she shares her recipe for a stylish home: take a whole lot of Scandinavian influence, mix in a dash of flea-market finds, and then top it all off with expressive handmade touches. The result? An entirely fresh approach to home dcor and contemporary living. In this lavishly illustrated book, Lotta shares her decorating secrets, design resources, entertaining tips, and family traditions. Tucked away at the back shes included stencil pages and perforated recipe cards featuring classic Swedish dishes. Equal parts inspiration and how-to, this charming book shows readers how to create a warm home with elements of simple Scandinavian-influenced style....

Title : Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandinavian Style
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ISBN : 9780811865470
Format Type : Hardcover
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Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandinavian Style Reviews

  • Meg
    2019-03-26 18:30

    A beautiful and inspiring book that makes me want to make more (with textiles--sewing, etc), have a more organized home, and take a fresh look at my own home. It can be inspiring to see the homes and work spaces of designers, and Jansdotter's book does all of this with lovely photographs and little tips and ideas. I also want to try some of the recipes she shares, from Swedish meatballs to cinnamon rolls.

  • Erinn Batykefer
    2019-03-23 20:32

    I was really disappointed in this book. I've loved Lotta Jansdotter's textile designs since I worked in a boutique in college and first discovered them on a line of her handbags, and I was hoping this book would have some insight into her influences and (self-taught) design principles. It really doesn't. It's basically just a photo shoot of her wandering around her Brooklyn home and studio (which are nice, don't get me wrong), with inane passages about how she chooses to decorate. I almost put the book down when I came across a paragraph in which she describes how she stores trays and baskets and such on top of her fridge, since she has so little room in her kitchen. Seriously? How does that qualify as 'Scandinavian style'? If you're looking for simple, clean design inspiration, you're better off picking up the latest IKEA catalog.

  • Jess
    2019-04-09 16:37

    While I haven't heard of Lotta Jansdotter, she seems like a pretty together woman, or, at least, her house is. The book was fun to flip through. I especially liked the bit about coffee time (Fika) and her wall cutting board hanger. Haven't tried the recipes, but yes, there's herring (she's Swedish) and cinnamon rolls. The photos are fun to look at, the text is OK. My main quibble is that she says she didn't feel that she needed to include instructions for some of her projects because they're so straightforward. Cop out. Many of you readers aren't fabric designers with mad improv sewing skills. Apart from the recipes, the instructions include are less than detailed.All in all, fun to flip through and worth checking out from the library, if interested.

  • jess
    2019-04-05 21:30

    This book is not great for DIY advice and the recipes seem a little gnarly (because I don't have a well-developed appreciation for Scandinavian cuisine?), but it is a nice meander for people interested in Scandinavian-inspired life and style. Lotta Jansdotter is designer who has a gift for big, white walls, simple stencils and repeating designs. She offers advice on personalizing your space and using small spaces wisely. The photos are nice and Lotta is adorable in her totally Swedish-born New Yorker kind of way.

  • Blair
    2019-04-06 19:38

    I was expecting a lot more from this, as I love Lotta Jansdotter. The layout was beautiful and it was a nice book to flip while watching tv. I didn't feel like I learned anything new about her style though - this is all apparent through her design and sale items. I felt like it was very superficial in a way. It wasn't a deep conversation with her, more of a flit through her home. If you admire her design work, read it, but otherwise, not a whole lt of substance.

  • Abby
    2019-04-18 22:35

    Everything she does is cute. I love the simplicity and minimalism of her apartment. I don't think I want so many twee prints and fabrics in my home, but I like her interior aspirations of peace and minimalism. Japanese + Scandinavian influences = my favorite.

  • Ligaya
    2019-04-08 18:37

    This book was as if a humble Scandinavian Martha Stewart had written it, drab color palette and all. Photography was nice, writing was often chatty, but encouraging. Not a DIY book, but a peek into how Lotta Jansdotter's personal life and work life LOOKS. Good for a quick flipping through, but not much substance.

  • Chelsey McNeil
    2019-04-02 21:33

    Low on content. Mostly it's cute full-page photos and chatty text.Some of the Scandinavian recipes sounded good!

  • Lexi Wright
    2019-04-15 18:40

    Gorgeous books like this reinforce that I spend way too much time consuming and not enough time creating.

  • sleeps9hours
    2019-04-04 23:30

    Love her style, casual, fresh, and simple.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-14 23:21

    The author, who grew up in Sweden and now lives in an apartment in Brooklyn with her husband and young son, shows us both her home and office and also shares some of her Scandinavian recipes. Her style differs from mine--I'm not a fan of stencils or homemade mobiles made from felt! although as a lover of paper I do like her recipe notebook with clippings and pictures and handwritten recipes. However, the simplicity and peacefulness of her apartment appeals to me; the rooms are attractive but also places in which to relax and really live--not showpieces. In the bedroom, for example, the walls are quite bare and the bed contains only enough pillows for sleeping plus a couple of big ones for support when reading. I dislike beds with mountains of pillows that have to be dismantled in order to get into bed and then reassembled the next morning.I copied out the author's recipe for Jansson's Temptation (scalloped potatoes with anchovies) and plan to make it this weekend. The author provides pull-out recipe cards at the back of the book--a nice touch--but mine is a library copy so I had to leave them intact.The author's cat Webster appears in a number of the photographs and adds a decorative note. He's a beauty!

  • Lana.
    2019-03-26 22:19

    As a DIY book, Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandinavian Style doesn't quite make the mark. But in other ways it is so much more. As the title indicates, this is a style book and Lifestyle book more than anything else. Recipes, personal annecdotes, and the occasional craft and design pattern, along side large and lovely photographs by Jenny Hallengren, make this an inspiring "biographicaphical scrapbook". Or as she calls it "a visit" into her home and work space. From "At Home", "Entertaining", and "At Work", you too can decide what areas to infuse / transform with the designer's suggestions in decor (storage, and making use of small spaces), crafts, and recipes. If like me your knowledge of Scandanavian style didn't go beyond Ikea catalogues - take a look and see just how bohemian, folk, and whismical can fit right along clean lines and bright colours. Even if I can't say for sure if this lifestyle is for me, I certainly feel there is something very beautiful here.

  • Juli Anna
    2019-04-20 16:18

    This book is really useless. The same way that Martha Stewart Living magazine is basically just a personality cult disguised as " lifestyle inspiration," this book is just unapologetic Lotta Jansdotter porn. There is nothing useful in this book, outside a handful of uninspired recipes and instructions for how to make a stencil (because no one knows how to do that!). Even the photography is boring. I suspect die-hard fans would enjoy this (look at Lotta eating breakfast! look at her pajamas!), but it is otherwise a waste of time.

  • Eling
    2019-04-22 17:35

    lovely book for the coffee table-- lots of gorgeous photos & inspiration. though it's beautiful to look at, it's a little light on content to me, so I probably won't add it to my personal library. the tear-out recipes in the back are a nice touch though!

  • Angela Chard
    2019-04-07 22:36

    Love everything about Lotta Jansdotter and her aesthetic. It's a lovely book and I probably win the prize for number of times this book is borrowed from my local library. It's usually at my house, not on library shelf.

  • Phoebe
    2019-03-28 17:26

    A large-format, cleanly-designed visit to the household of Swedish artist/designer Lotta Jansdotter. I enjoyed Ms. Jansdotter's conversational tone and the recipe cards at the back. Great find for $1 at my local library booksale.

  • Annie
    2019-04-09 16:38

    Fun but a little dated already. Scandinavian-style minimalism meets Pinterest. Gloriously feminine and probably wouldn't look as nice in real life for very long periods of time. I can't imagine white felt flowers would look pretty the day after a party.

  • Amy
    2019-04-16 21:26

    Mostly home decor with some recipes. Beautiful textiles and photos but not much "meat" in the book.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-24 20:27

    This is a decor/lifestyle/crafty book. While I love, love, love Lotta, I felt like this book lacked alot of meat. It needed more pictures, less food.

  • Emily
    2019-03-31 18:41

    Explores simple Scandinavian style for the home. Resource list. Recipes. Tour of studio space. Organizing. Entertaining. Friendship. FOOD.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-13 19:25

    A great book if you want to see how Lotta Jansdotter decorates her own home, but not so great as a do-it-yourself or how-to book. It was too "look at me and how great my home is" for my liking.

  • Anna Kristina
    2019-03-25 16:27

    Great inspiration for home decorating, and I love her style (the tasty Swedish recipes are a great bonus).

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-15 18:26

    Some very pretty stuff in here. A couple of things that I will actually try.

  • Deanna
    2019-04-01 21:18

    Beautiful photographs and lots of inspiration.

  • Kelley
    2019-03-24 23:25

    I love Lotta! A whole lotta! Couldn't resist. This is one sweet, beautiful book. A few good recipes, a few good projects and a lot of inspiration.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-03 19:36

    I have to agree with other reviewers, this is not really a DIY book. It is a style book though with a lot of great pictures.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-09 20:32

    I love her aesthetic and I look through this one again and again.

  • Amy
    2019-04-11 00:39

    Inspired me to change things around in the house! Took down some paintings, put up new photographs, cleaned up a bit, moved stuffed around! feels good and the photos in this book are easy to look at.

  • DMD
    2019-04-13 00:42

    I was hoping for something with a little more DIY advice but this seemed to focus on Jansdotter's life. It was a neat book though.