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Title : The Demographic Siege
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ISBN : 9788185990507
Format Type : Audio Book
Number of Pages : 55 Pages
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The Demographic Siege Reviews

  • Narendraditya
    2019-01-26 06:27

    The author expounds the demographic doomsday scenario due for Hindus. He argues that the only civlized solution to stop an absolute Muslim takeover of India and the resultant persecution and subjugation of Hindus and an eventual wipe-out of Hindus from this planet, is re-conversion (or de-conversion) of Indian Muslims. This should begin by de-converting the less Islamized sections of Muslim society, he says. The demographic threat that Muslims pose upon Hindus is indeed very serious. I came to this small book after reading statements from Swami Shraddhananda and Colonel Mukherjee who dub Hindus as a dying race. The book does a decent job of refuting and exposing Islamists and their apologetics who hope to disarm Hindus by assuring them that Hindus will retain their majority in India whatsoever. If you are looking for viable alternatives to stop this slow and distant death of Hindudom, the book may be disappointing. The civilized solution that Mr Elst proposes can be contrasted with the more practical advice that Sri Aurobindo had for Hindus - "prepare for The War".Hindus would not die, nay, we Hindus are actually going to regain our lost glory. We have survived even more terrible periods of history, so the concern is to ensure the safety of Hindus and India.