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A novel based on the motion picture screenplay of Little Women...

Title : Little Women
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ISBN : 9780067151907
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 133 Pages
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Little Women Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-03-19 11:26

    If you can read this book without crying, then you are made of stronger stuff than I. This book is so delightful and so rich, that I think that all lovers of books, man, woman, boy, and girl, should read it. The March family will steal their way into your heart, and take it away from you before you know it. Jo, Amy, Meg, and Beth are all uniquely crafted and wonderfully written. Then there's Laurie and Mr. Behr. This book is definitely a classic and without a doubt one of the best books I've ever read.

  • Callie Stillion
    2019-03-06 13:27

    Definitely a five out of five star book! If your confused, it was one hundred and thirty three pages long, apparently the site doesn`t have a record of how many pages the book is. It took place the year before the American Girl Doll Addy`s time. But sadly one of the sisters, Beth died, and then Aunt March dies not to long after that. But also Meg gets married, and Jo gets a book published, says goodbye to her professor, and get married to Laurie.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-24 11:32

    This really is a timeless classic. Although, I didn't read the original, which I hope to soon, along with Little Men, I still love the story line. Jo is by far my favorite character. She is strong and caring. The thing I love most about her is that she is daring and doesn't care to be different. She is definitely a fictional character that is worth looking up to.

  • Tashawna
    2019-03-17 12:13

    I'm pretty sure this is the right book, because its the right author... but I wish they'd give more information. Anyhow, I enjoyed this movie adaption of Little Women (I may have skimmed a little). I just picked it up to read on Sunday. :) Its a charming story. Maybe I should read the original version now! :)

  • Maryjo
    2019-03-04 12:36

    I've read this about a dozen times and cry every time when Beth dies and Jo & Professor Baer get together

  • sharla
    2019-03-05 13:34

    How did I grow up and never read this classic? Maybe I did read it because it all seems very familiar, but I don't remember so here we go. I am determined to read some of the classics.

  • Fergie
    2019-03-10 12:09

    A charming read. It is an all-time classic worthy of everyone's library.

  • Jan Sydnam
    2019-02-20 14:37

    A great classic for your bookshelf!

  • Carolyn
    2019-02-27 10:31

    This was the first time that I read this book. It is definitely a classic with lots of good lessons and family warmth.

  • Jen
    2019-03-01 10:14

    i don't know that i would like this book now, but as a kid i read it during xmas holiday several years in a row

  • Anna
    2019-03-20 14:16

    Everyone should read it! Its a great classic!

  • Marci Fredricks
    2019-02-27 12:26

    How can a girl not love this book?

  • Tara
    2019-02-28 09:20

    This is a story of survival. The girls survived a lot of heartache.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-02 11:22

    I think I probably read this when I was younger, but I didn't remember much of it. It was enjoyable.

  • Paola
    2019-03-09 14:22

    I liked this book becuase it shows how different everyone can be even if you are related.