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Corgan, hero of the Virtual War, has been living a blissful, if placid, life on the Isles of Hiva, his reward for winning the War with Sharla and Brig. But what he doesn't know is that Brig died soon after the War, and yet is not truly gone. Sharla had saved some of Brig's DNA and has created clone-twins with it. Corgan's world is disrupted when Sharla brings one of the clCorgan, hero of the Virtual War, has been living a blissful, if placid, life on the Isles of Hiva, his reward for winning the War with Sharla and Brig. But what he doesn't know is that Brig died soon after the War, and yet is not truly gone. Sharla had saved some of Brig's DNA and has created clone-twins with it. Corgan's world is disrupted when Sharla brings one of the clone-twins, Seabrig, to him to raise on the island, while she keeps the other, Brigand, with her in the Domed City.However, when circumstances force Sharla to bring Brigand to the island, they find that while the boys might "look" identical, their temperaments are not. And, as a result of the cloning process, both boys are growing at an astonishing rate. This leaves Corgan alone with an increasingly dangerous and unstable Brigand -- who is looking to get rid of Corgan once and for all!...

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The Clones Reviews

  • Callie Rose Tyler
    2019-04-09 17:27

    3 1/2 StarsI read Virtual War around 5th or 6th grade and it's what really got me into science fiction, I absolutely devoured it and the story was branded on my brain. Fast forward about 18 years and I discover that this is a series. WHAT!? I jumped at the chance to re-enter the world created by Gloria Skurzynski and picked up this second instalment.It is always strange to pick up a book that you read as a child, there is a certain amount of nostalgia and there can really be only two results. Either 1) the book is as great as you remember or 2) it's not, and you walk away a little disappointed, the memory tainted. This was slightly different since I read the sequel and not the original, but I must say I was slightly disappointed despite still enjoying the book.At 10 years old Virtual War was mind boggling amazing, at 28 years old its sequel was a little drab. After 18 years of reading science fiction I've been around the block a few times and am rarely boggled. Still this sequel maintained a certain uniqueness, with a jungle set up and a "Good Son" vibe.The writing style is sparse, which I actually don't mind, plus it is appropriate for the target audience. The pacing is a little off, at times it feels like nothing is happening for pages and then someone will die within the length of a sentence. The world building is a little generic and the dialogue can be stiff at times. This was a simple quick read that made me feel like a kid again, and that's worth something, at least to me. Part of my 2015 Special 50 Book challenge- A Book from your childhood

  • Jack Khounvongsa
    2019-04-04 20:32

    “The Clones” by Gloria Skurzynski is about a guy named Corgan, who was participating in a virtual war where he and his team had to compete against other teams. Over the adventure to win the war the team's strategist, Brig, died. As Brig was dying, before his body pixelized and disappeared, Sharla, got some of Brig’s braincells to try cloning him later. After the game was over Corgan was named the champion and because of his choosing, lives on an island basically by himself. I like this book because there is action, mystery, it’s set in the future so anything could happen, and a little romance to, what I like to say, spice things up. So if you’re into that type of stuff, you should think about reading it. I think the characters are all really different and strange but I do find myself being about to relate with a lot of them and comparing them to people I know. It’s fun just reading and imagining my friends and I doing what is happening in the story. This book it a pretty easy read. It is understanding and really gets you thinking about a lot of “what if” questions. I recommend reading this book if you’re looking for a easy, entertaining book for you to read in your free time.

  • Sean
    2019-04-14 00:32

    This book was nearly as good as the last one, but not quite. Overall, never fully got into the plot of this book and was for sure a filler-read and a set up for the third novel. I love Corgan and Sharla as a couple and I will probably continue the series just because of them. All in all, I enjoyed but didn't love this one;)

  • Juan
    2019-04-09 18:27

    Published in 2002 with 181 pages, The Clones, by Gloria Skurzynski is a book about Corgan, a hero who had served for the virtual war and won. As a reward for winning the war is sent to live at Isles of Hiva, a very relaxing, and peaceful place to rest up. Fighting the war with Sharla and Brig the three of them were separated. Later on Brig died but Corgan didn’t know, but Sharla shortly before Brig’s death saved some of his DNA. Which later decided to create a clone n her genetic engineering lab. Sherla returned to Nuku Hiva for two days, explaining Braig’s death to Corgan, then secretly explains she had made clones. Many clones were made, but only two survived.One of the surviving clones was hidden in Sherlas flight bag. Until she arrived to Nuku Hiva. Sherla named the clone Seabrig, and asked Corgan to raise it on the Isles of Hiva, while Sharla raised the other clone ( Brigand ) in the city. The babies were engineered to grow fast. For every month the clones lived, they will turn two years old. When the clones were 8 years old, Sherla headed back to Nuku HIva. In an accident Seabrig loses his hand. -- or is it an accident? When the clones turned 16 a new war of competition, jealousy broke out. Sherla joined Birgand’s side, Corgan runs for hi life.“ The Clones is a Fiction story. The book is interesting. I liked the book, the fact that it had so many mysteries and you just don’t expect what will happened next. The book is really easy to follow along, and it will get the reader thinking. The thing i disliked about the book was, they leave so many mysteries unsolved. I recommend this book to people who like Mystorie books, and its also a sequel book. Juan HernandezWC = 311

  • P.M.
    2019-04-04 22:29

    Corgan lives on the Isle of Hiva where he babysits genetically engineered cows. It is a few months after he was the hero who won the Virtual War. When he hears that Sharla, his code breaker, is coming to visit, he is thrilled. But he is shocked by what she has brought him in a tote bag. The gift is Seabrig, an unathorizes clone of his Strategist Brig who has died. Sharla asks Corgan to raise Seabrig who has been cloned with the genes of a pig to enable him to age faster. Corgan and Seabrig develop a healthy relationship which is menaced when Sharla returned with the clone twin Brigand. When Seabrig has an accident and is trapped underwater, Brigand cuts off the trapped hand. Seabrig must pretend to be Brigand to return to the city to receive a mechanical hand. Meanwhile, Corgan is left to raise Brigand whom he does not trust at all. Brigand discovers the tomb of a cannibal chief and says that the magic powers have been transferred to him. When Corgan returns to the domed city, he becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Council - a plot hatched by Brigand. After I finished this book, I realized that there are more books in the series. I still think Sharla is a conniver. Seabrig is more likable.

  • Michelle Toolson
    2019-04-03 16:05

    I loved this book so much! It was even better than the first one. While the first one introduced the characters, this one was thick with conflict. I especially loved that each character was driven by a purpose and yet all the purposes conflicted with each other. I could feel Corgan’s frustration at being driven away by everyone he loved and the isolation Brigand was trying to inflict on him. I loved that even though they were clones, because they grew up in different areas, they were influenced by different environments and had two distinct personalities. Gloria gets right into her stories and she doesn’t fiddle around, which, like the first one, made this a fast read and a well-written read. She had the same huge chunks of explanation. She also had great dialogue between the characters-the suspicion Corgan has of Sharla or the natural anger Brigand feels for Corgan-all of it was still explained through dialogue or short clips making it easier to understand. What I also noticed was that she did her research-she knows a lot about the clone making process-why cows and pigs are used for certain things.

  • Adam
    2019-04-04 20:18

    I really didnt know what to give Clones. At times I felt it should be three stars, others four and some five. At first its not at all like Virtual War, and not nearly as good. But it starts to get a TON better. OMG!!! The CLIFFHANGER ENDING!!! AGHH!!! I know that book 3 is already out, but it took me five months after I read Virtual War to finally get my hands on Clones, so it will be like foreva to get Revolt!!! This book had one of the best endings I have ever read in a book, with tons of twists- I couldnt put it down!

  • Cassidy Lynch
    2019-04-17 00:04

    This book creates a futuristic world where the reader can imagine an amazing cyber world.

  • Angel
    2019-04-14 22:18

    I read this about two years ago and i loved it it was funny, sweet, action packed book and i just loved i havent read the first one but i will soon now that i remeber the name of the series :]

  • Kirsten Odom
    2019-04-16 16:06

    i know just the title sounds lamo but the saying don't judge a book by its cover comes to mind

  • Lauren F.
    2019-04-08 22:31

    This is a amazing book. I think that people should read this book.