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In this sequel to Deviations: Submission, Dom Tobias and Sub Noah are back, learning more about each other and their relationship, testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot handle, both together and apart. Tobias works at becoming more comfortable and finding his balance as a full-time Master again. Meanwhile, his work brings out the true submissive in Noah, who fIn this sequel to Deviations: Submission, Dom Tobias and Sub Noah are back, learning more about each other and their relationship, testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot handle, both together and apart. Tobias works at becoming more comfortable and finding his balance as a full-time Master again. Meanwhile, his work brings out the true submissive in Noah, who faces some of his greatest fears, and his greatest secrets, confessing to Tobias about a terrible time in his past. He's not the only one who has a rough time. Tobias breaks down and shows Noah he's not all dominance, too, which sends shockwaves through their romance, leaving them to wonder if they can keep it together. With a deep exploration of the BDSM scene, secondary characters who shine, and a romance that has the reader rooting for these men from the start, Deviations: Domination is one book you can't miss....

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Domination Reviews

  • Macky
    2019-04-12 00:17

    4.25* Book two of the Deviations series and Tobias and Noah's relationship has evolved into something much more than just Dom and sub although they're still working to get it exactly as they want it to be and as before the sex is scorching sssssss!!The BDSM scenes and play still offer enough kink to satisfy and the D/s elements are still strong and just as enlightening. There's a touch of conflict, this time with Tobias second guessing his and Noah's connection at one point and we see Phan work through some issues with the help of Bradford and Tobias...although Iwashoping to get a bit more info into what was pushing his buttons. I'm still not totally clear about his past so perhaps more will come out as the series goes on?I really love Phan.. I know some readers aren't over keen but I can't help leaning towards him, and his involvement with Tobias and Noah actually spices it up for me.. OMG! The three of them playing together in this one was HOT! HOT! HOT! I'm quite happy with the direction this book hints its moving towards so now its on to book three for more naughty Deviations! I'm liking this series a lot.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2019-04-06 05:28

    When I first lay eye on this series, I was sure that I would really enjoy the story of Tobias and Noah and while the first book was an okay read with an interesting setting and characters, I didn't get completely invested in their story. I wasn't able to connect with them and I was hoping that Domination, the second part of the series would paint a clearer picture of the two main characters. Unfortunately, I still feel like a silent observer of their lifes - standing outside in the dark trying to get a look inside of the windows, but somehow the curtains keep me from seeing all I want to see. Noah and Tobias still feel distant, I didn't see much character development. Okay, some aspects of their past having an influence on their behaviour has been revealed, but somehow it didn't make the characters more interesting. The main problem of this book might be that too much of the interaction between Tobias and Noah is happening "inside of the bedroom" - which nearly never is the bedroom, but you get what I mean. The many scenes they have are kind of repetitive and I saw myself looking forward to moments where other characters were present in order to make their interaction more catching. Because I devinitly enjoyed the scenes in the club and I love reading about Phan. Compared to the main characters of the story, he is a really intriguing character and I was absobing every information about him I was able to get. I kept looking forward to see him in interaction with the main characters and I really hope that he will get closer to them. Getting to now Phan better might be the strongest reason for me to continue this series. 3 stars!

  • Katerina
    2019-03-25 07:30

    Never lose its charm. Timeless.Oh, and I'm a special admirer of Phantom ;)

  • Gina
    2019-03-27 07:10

    This is book 2 of the Deviations series and a good follow up story to book one . Here Tobias and Noah’s relationship begins to grow and each is adjusting to their new relationship. And to say the sex scenes and fantasy scenes are hot is putting it mildly! OMG, they almost burned my fingers as I turned the pages on my kindle!! There is a lot of sex in this book as in the last one, and I suspect the entire series will be this way. Such a hardship I know! LOL. And again, I will say the difference in this series for me so far is the need and reasoning these men choose this lifestyle. while it’s nothing that appeals to me, i can understand more the need it fulfills. This is not a lifestyle I want at all, but this does feel like I have a front row seat to the life, and like i said in my review of book one, titillating! We do get to hear about Noah’s past and Tobias definitely wants to help him get past his issues. This is what i love about the D/s relationship I have read in these types of books is the caring and need to help healing (physically and emotionally) the Dom in the relationships have. While i understand this is a story not real life, I hope it truly is this way. And I will say while i no longer dislike Phan the way I did in book 1, i am not ready to join his fan club. And again this ending was abrupt for me, it doesn’t make a difference in my rating of this book, but enough for me to mention it here. I don’t want to get anymore into what happens in the story or give anything away. There is a whole lot of sex in this book, but definitely story as well. I will say the sex definitely takes front and center in this book, but there is enough story to keep me glued to my kindle. And there is enough story to make me emotional invested in Tobias and Noah. And i have to admit I am developing some real emotional attached to Phan. This is not a story i was able to put down.Overall a good addition to this series and onto the next one….I am so loving it!! YAY!

  • Brittany
    2019-04-15 04:05

    Domination is the last book I'll be reading in the Deviations series. For a BDSM series it is far too mushy for me. I can't take Tobias seriously as a master. Tobias spoils his sub. He doesn't push or challenge Noah or himself. He gives in to Noah way too often. I've never seen a sub allowed so many orgasms in a BDSM novel. Tobias knows this and he acknowledges it at the beginning of the book. He says he slipped up a little and he wasn't getting what he wanted out of their relationship. The line between dom/sub and lovers became too fuzzy. He said all that in the beginning of the book and yet he fell back to his old ways at the end of it. I don't need Tobias to beat Noah or do anything drastic, but I do need the character to stay consistent. If Tobias says in the beginning of the session he won't allow Noah to come, he shouldn't change his mind in the middle of it. How am I suppose to respect Tobias when he lets his libido and his feelings overrule him so easily? I need the character to be firmer in his decisions in the bedroom.

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-03-26 01:03

    Every book in this series has been a one sitting read for me. I can't believe how much I am enjoying these books. In two days I read three of them. No doubt by the end of the week I will have finished the series and be suffering withdrawals.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-23 02:26

    A complimentary copy of the audio was provided via AudioBook Boom in exchange for an honest review.This will be my second time "reading" this story, and I have to say the audio really enhanced this story. I thoroughly enjoyed the story the first time and now with Maxx Power's narration, I am in love with these characters and their story for the second time! I loved the relationship between Noah and Tobias. They are so well suited for each other and have grown closer since book 1. Phan of course was simply adorable and I loved seeing him and Noah interact. They are smoking hot together, and that scene at the club was perfection!What I particularly enjoyed was the ending where Noah gets collared and all the Doms and Subs are there in Tobias' barn. It was an emotional scene for both men and I liked seeing them finally come together after they had such a trying start. They didn't have an easy time to get to this ending, and when you think of all the issues Tobias has with his history and his perceived failure with Phan as his sub, I really think it was special to see them show everybody they made it. If you enjoy BDSM romance novels, and this is a romance, you will really enjoy this series, and if you like audiobooks, this one is not to miss. At first I wasn't sure about the narration but as the story went on and I became familiar with the characters again, I felt the narration was spot on and especially for Phan. ;) Narration: 4.5 starsStory 4 stars

  • Lisa ~ Books Are My Drugs ~
    2019-04-13 03:29

    Book #2 in the Deviations series - 4.5 Again with the abrupt ending*sigh* So in love with Noah & TobiasThe beginning sees Tobias knowing that he's not challenging Noah enough in his submission. So he has to work on defining the line between lover & D/s to that both their needs can be met in order to keep their relationship from blowing up like the one with Phan.There's a small speed bump when Tobias's reveals his vulnerability to Noah then tries to push it aside & goes all uber Dom on him during a scene. Noah is insightful enough to realize what's going on & stops the scene so they can talk about & move past it.A smoking hot scene to fulfill one of Noah's fantasies in the parking garage at a club. And another very smoking hot scene at Bradford's club with Tobias, Noah, & Phan.Bradford & Tobias stage an intervention for Phan & he finally breaks.ETA 1/22/14:(view spoiler)[Tobias grants Noah his collar with Bradford, Phan, & the crowd attending the ceremony. (hide spoiler)]January 2108:A copy of the audiobook was provided by the author and/or narrator in return for an honest review via Audiobook Boom.Everything I felt in the original review still stands. This series is the first time I've listened to anything performed by this narrator and I thought he did a good job. I did think in this installment there were times the different voices were mixed up however there were quite a few different voices to perform in this particular book.

  • F.
    2019-04-20 03:30

    A 4.5 star read. Unfortunately GR doesn't allow 1/2 stars but it didn't quite make the 5 so had to show it as a 4.In this book the relationship grows between Tobias and Noah and Phantom is prominent towards the end. I enjoyed the New Year party and wonder if it is a sign of where things are heading now that Phantom has revealed his background and receiving help. Have read the quick short and will carry on with this series after a short break.

  • Heather
    2019-04-19 02:08

    Even though these books end abruptly, I'm really liking them. I wish we would of gotten just a little bit more right after the ending. The MC's have a great connection. I like how they are not only pushing Noah's boundaries with his submission but Tobias as a Dom. I wasn't sure I liked Phantom in the story line, but now there are set expectations and a hot scene between Phantom and Noah, I'm liking it. I feel like these two are crossing real problems being in a D/s relationship that has crossed over into a lover partner realm. I will read more into this series.

  • Minerva
    2019-04-16 00:03

    This was so much better than the first book. Noah and Tobias really came alive for me. There was deep emotion that I could feel, I even became teary eyed a time or two. And Phantom was an absolute pleasure to read about. I hope the next book is as heartfelt and steamy.

  • Elci
    2019-03-25 05:08

    One word: unf!!

  • Leontine
    2019-03-24 02:11

    After reading SUBMISSION I decided to read another novel but I couldn’t let go of Tobias and Noah, a sign for me that the first novel definitely left its mark on me. I decided to throw my “genre variation prevents boredom” rule overboard and just go with my need for more about these men. And more I definitely got…With an established base line of trust Tobias and Noah head for an intensifying of their connection. Phantom, as Tobias former sub, stirs the deeper lying issues for both Tobias as well as for Noah. Tobias has a very intense and complex history with Phantom and has trouble pushing the envelope as a Dom with Noah. Noah on the other hand doesn’t feel a 100% secure in where he stands in his relationship with Tobias. In their D/s they both need to work harder to get what they need and a beginning of a romance relationship is formed throughout the weekends spent together.I’m used to getting a submissive’s perspective but in DOMINATION I also got a very good taste of what it takes for a Dom to be a Dom. It would’ve been so easy for Tobias to remain indulgent towards Noah, to keep them in a safe and in a comfortable zone. Instead he needs to push boundaries, it is what Noah needs of him as a Dom. The variety in D/s, from flogging, to sensory deprivation, to elaborate scene play worked incredibly well in giving me a comprehensive notion of that side in their relationship. Next to these scenes there is also time for play, for humor and intimate conversations.The magnetism between Tobias and Noah is tangible, it is vigorous, sensual, deviant and caring. The growing intimacy between me and the characters made me live it all with them. I was getting more and more in sync with not only Tobias and Noah but Phan kept pulling my strings, each time he entered the story my heart skipped a beat just because he was there. Phan also has to go soul deep to work through some of his issues and it becomes more evident that he isn’t just any secondary character. Then there’s the growing friendship between Phan and Noah that gave a humorous note that I cherished. The authors kept their focus on the interconnected relationship development and the eroticism which made it a very character driven and a powerful story. Tobias and Noah can converse an erotic scene to even greater heights which made is so easy for me to feel how well they fitted together and how they gave each other the kind of release they sought after. Every time their sexual desires were satiated my heart was in my very parched throat, the heat level definitely was a scorcher for me and while Tobias was very good in staging a scene, Noah turned out to be a natural in his passionate reactions and role playing. The emotional pinnacle in DOMINATION was the coloring scene between the two men. This is where Tobias told the whole world – well at least those who were invited to the occasion - that Noah was his, his to protect, his to cherish and his to love.DOMINATION gave me more romance, more of Noah and Tobias’ road to discovery in each other’s wants, needs and emotions. It gave me more of Phantom, more of the Dom/sub and an ending that made me grab for book three in a heartbeat. Chris Owen and Jodi Payne are an incredible author match who bring a small cast of characters to life whose journey is incredible to follow. Tobias and Noah are well on their way to become an unforgettable pair on my shelves!

  • Charly
    2019-04-07 05:13

    More romantic and less disturbing than the first bookWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 9/10PROS: - The serious, heavy BDSM actions continue in this volume, but I didn’t find them as disturbing/disquieting. (Maybe I’m just used to the ways in which Noah submits to Tobias after reading the first book.) There’s one scene in which Noah goes very deep into his headspace and Tobias has to coax him out of it that I found fascinating.- The relationship has evolved so that it’s no longer 100% D/s. There are some graphic D/s scenes, but far fewer than in Book 1. Other reviewers have said that they don’t like how the later books in this series have fewer BDSM scenes and more vanilla sex, but I enjoyed the vanilla sex scenes in this book just as much as the kinkier ones. I see them as proof that Tobias and Noah’s relationship is BASED ON domination and submission but isn’t entirely ABOUT those roles. And the idea that occasionally the two can make love while looking into each other’s eyes is romantic and wonderful and…sigh.- Hot sex scenes involving various kinks. There are some sweet, passionate vanilla scenes, some sweaty, thrilling BDSM scenes (one particularly sexy one involving voyeurism to an extreme degree), and even a ménage scene that gave me a bit of a hot flash.- I love how honest the characters are with each other and how much focus there is on conversation. Owen and Payne must either have experienced the lifestyle personally or have spoken in-depth with both Doms and subs, because the psychological needs and desires of both characters in these books are examined in detail.- The character of Phan makes me smile. He’s a wonderful friend to Tobias--and becoming one to Noah as well. (see cons below also)CONS:- Phan makes me want to cry too. He’s not just a friend to Tobias; I get the feeling that he’s still very much in love with his old master--and not just in the “we love each other but we aren’t IN love” way. I think he’s IN love with Tobias but is just so messed up that he can’t be right for Tobias anymore nor can he move on and fall in love with anyone else. Maybe Noah and Tobias could let him be a part of their relationship…threeways work sometimes, right?- There are two momentous, unrelated scenes at the end of the book that have been hinted at all through the story, and both of them feel rushed or a bit smoothed over. I was expecting something really explosive from at least one of them, and each one seemed to be over rather quickly.Overall comments: I really, really enjoyed this book because of the characters--all of them. Even the small, secondary characters make an impact. It’s got some BDSM elements that will make squeamish people squirm a bit, but if you made it through the first volume in the series, this one’s mostly a piece of cake. And if you’re interested in the characters’ relationships (rather than just the kinky sex scenes), I think you’ll like this one better than the first.

  • LauraZu
    2019-04-06 00:14

    4.5 STARSI can't help but love this series. I love to see how Tobias and Noah progress, they're always together every step of the way and support each other at all times. "You did well today, sweetheart," he said softly. Then he tipped Noah's head up by his chin and kissed him gently, sucking at his lower lip for a brief moment before pulling away. "Goodnight, Noah."This time we see the couple testing boundaries, both working in what they need together or separated, Tobias on finding his balance as a full-time Master again and Noah finally breaking down and confessing about his past."Aww. I love it when you let me off easy." Noah pulled his jeans on and walked over to Tobias. "You are the hottest man alive," he said, and kissed him soundly."I know." Tobias grinned and turned Noah around with a firm hand. "Now. Feed me, boy."We also have more involvement with the secondary characters, Noah isn't the only one who has had a rough time. We see Bradford and Tobias helping Phan too -I love him, I think he's genuine and gorgeous and lovely- so that's interesting too. And Bradford is a great Dom, there couldn't be a better owner for the club. Tobias considered the mark and nodded to himself. Bradford's yelp, he ignored."Jesus fucking ... fuck," Bradford swore, spitting the words out. "Ah, man. Why these boys like this shit, I'll never know.I loved to see Tobias and Noah grow as a couple and as Dom/sub, it was amazing and so heartbreaking at times, they got where they needed to, and even if they haven't surpassed all of the obstacles, every step of the way they are getting closer and closer. Tobias shifted his hips, let Noah have room to work. "I know you can," he agreed easily. "But just how good are you going to be?""Now? Or when your faithful sub comes back?" Noah answered, still grinning. "Now, I'm going to be very, very naughty. Later, I'll be very, very good."The Christmas mini-vacation was simply awesome, I loved to see that part of them and the struggle, also, New Years party... HOTTEST THING EVER! I almost fainted from the heat! "Hardly pitiful. Well fucked. Ridden hard and put away wet would best describe you, I think." Tobias grinned and tried to bite Noah's finger."I love it when you talk cowboy," Noah grinned, letting Tobias snare the finger between his front teeth. "Always sounds so dirty."I've come to adore Tobias, how he thinks, how he reacts, how even if he's this big kickass Dom he still has weaknesses and has his reservations and doubts, he was sweet too and sentimental and I just wanna eat him up! He crossed to the big window in his living room and looked out at the city lights, counting blocks until he found Noah's.

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2019-03-27 08:17

    What I like about these books is the simplicity of them. We all get overwhelmed periodically & get stuck. Problems often seem so daunting that we sometimes forget to break it down into smaller pieces & in so doing the problem becomes infinitely more manageable. It's seemingly such a simple concept that is all too often forgotten. These books take the mundane realities we all face infusing & brightening them up thereby making them both relatable & engaging. The progression of Tobias & Noah's relationship was quite enjoyable to read. I wish everyone were as open & honest as these two are with one another, an admirable quality indeed. Sure there are some growing pains but all in all they address issues as they arise rather than letting them fester & potentially poison everything. There is a scene involving a bullwhip & a strap that is one of the most organic, heartfelt, & genuine sequences I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Tobias' vulnerability I felt was handled admirably & believably. I have a hard time believing that anyone can maintain a role or persona 24/7-the breaks might be few & far between but there is always a situation/person/event/whatever that exposes a kink in the armor no matter how strong you are & this book conveys such a circumstance expertly. Bradford's character takes a larger, highly erotic & humorous role:"Jesus fucking... fuck," Bradford swore, spitting the words out. "Ah, man. Why these boys like this shit, I'll never know." *he & Tobias are practicing with a bullwhip* :D I perused the other reviews of this book & was prepared to be annoyed, minimum, by the Phan secondary storyline & while I certainly don't condone this behavior I was surprisingly less appalled than I had prepared myself to be. I will say that Bradford didn't take very good care of himself & when putting your own psyche at risk I would think a seasoned dominant would've seen the error long before they had progressed to blood & scarring. But… essentially it's an extreme version of an intervention, a dangerous & somewhat reckless intervention, but an intervention nonetheless-that's what you do for someone you care about & both he & Tobias knew professional help was needed.Main theme of the sex in this one is D/s & public scenes; 1 m/m/m menage that was sizzling!

  • Oceans
    2019-03-29 08:08

    Tobias and Noah are both growing. Noah as a sub and Tobias as a Dom. We finally get to know what happened to Noah in the past and now he has to face his fears to grow. I liked the interaction between them and the scenes were also good. I was surprised with (view spoiler)[ Tobias need to bottom, but I liked it anyway.(hide spoiler)] I still didn’t get the Phan past but he did spice up their relationship. Both main characters are good and we see how they are developing. Noah is almost too perfect in his submission but again so sweat. Tobias is going back to the basics to rebuild his Dominance. The line between lovers and Master/slave relationship is erased. There is lots of sex without real scenes. The best part for me was the whole group party that lead to the collaring of Noah.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-04-14 01:08

    ★★★★☆I waited too long to review this and I just finished Book 4 so I'll have to wing it.Very sexy public scene outside Bradford's club - that I remember, lol and (view spoiler)[Tobias collars Noah at the end (hide spoiler)]. Tobias works on expanding Noah's limits and they both work on the separation between lover and Dom/submissive. And lots of sex.

  • Seregil
    2019-03-31 00:13

    I like this series (and this book) because it shows the human side of the Doms. They are not god like and perfect. They suffer, make mistakes, get scared and need their Subs as much as their Subs need them.

  • James Cox
    2019-04-20 08:09

    Good story on the continuation of their relationship. I liked it.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-19 07:14

    The second in the series. Another fantastic read. You are still on the journey with Noah and Tobias and what a great journey it is.

  • Bibliophile
    2019-04-10 06:25

    This review applies to the entire series. My introduction to this book began innocently enough. Rebecca AWK recently reviewed a BSDM book that she found disappointing. In response, I left a comment on her review to check out a few BSDM books that I've read and liked in the past (For Real, Duck!, and Rough Canvas. I should have also added Axel's Pup). She wrote back and suggested I check out this book and if possible, read the entire series in a row. So I did!I should preface this review by stating that I'm not usually a *huge* fan of BSDM. I don't hate BSDM books--but they aren't the sort of m/m books I tend to seek out. Don't get me wrong--I like the idea of being dominated and/or being tied up and spanked more so than most! But there is often a theatrical aspect of BSDM scenes that I find a little ridiculous at times. Why does everyone have to wear so much leather? Why is it such a big deal for players to refer to each other as "sir" or "master" or "boy"? Why must so much bindings, rope, and toys be a precursor to sex and intimacy? Why much subs/doms adhere to such rigid rules? I don't know--it just strikes me a little too over-the-top for my tastes most days.As such, the BSDM books I tend to like are often more emotional. They tend to be stories that feature who MCs who connect romantically, but also happen to be into BSDM. In other words, the BSDM is present, but it doesn't necessarily take center stage in the story. Instead, the story is focused more on how two individuals work past their life situations and/or personal issues to connect and find a way to build a life together. That wasn't the case here, though. These books are 100% focused on BDSM. The lifestyle plays a front and center role in the story. I almost feel like this series is a "how to" guide to BSDM written by authors who practice it (is it? I haven't checked). In the process of telling a story about Tobias and Noah, the authors are seemingly teaching readers what the BSDM lifestyle is really like when you peek underneath all the leather and rope and theatrical trappings. More so than any other BSDM book I've read, I feel like this series has helped me *truly understand* what the appeal of this lifestyle is, what the difference is between punishment and discipline, and what it really means to live life as a dom or a sub. And as a result, I found myself not only liking this series, but having a newfound appreciation for the BSDM lifestyle in general. I actually learned something from reading these novels which I appreciated. In addition, many of the sex scenes were super hot (:::fans herself:::) and it was really interesting to see how Tobias helped Noah (and later, his former sub) past their issues. All in all, I had a lot of fun reading this series! If you decide to give this series a try, here a couple warnings/suggestions:1. These books shouldn't be read separately. They really work best when you read them all in a row. The first book for example doesn't have a traditional ending--it ends at the start of Tobias and Noah's relationship with each other. I didn't know that going in (or I might have stated these books during a less-busy week). You need to know that if you pick up the first book, you're likely going to need to invest in the entire series at once in order to capture the full story being told by these authors. 2. These books aren't perfect. While I liked them as a whole, there were places (especially in books 3 and 5) that lagged and a few plot points that I found to be a little too over-the-top. I also felt like Tobias and Noah got a little nauseating with the "I love you's!" towards the end of book 3, but that could be just me. 3. You will learn something about the BDSM lifestyle by reading these books and you likely will be surprised. Count on it. 4. This series, as a whole, is angsty (in a good way) and is full of kinky sex and comfort/healing. It also morphs from an m/m story to an m/m/m story by book 4 -- so be forewarned! All in all, I'm glad I read this series. The story was compelling and I walked away from this series having learned a few things as well. That's a win win in my book. :)

  • Erryn Barratt
    2019-04-07 07:16

    The Story Continues and the Love Deepens (an audio review)Book 2 in the series picks up where Book 1 left off. Fortunately I had both audiobooks and so was able to listen to this book immediately after the first. The transition was smooth as Maxx Power narrated this book as well, so the voices and narration style were the same. That was great because I enjoyed the first book, and in turn, this one as well.Tobias and Noah are adjusting to their new relationship. Tobias visits his friend Bradford, the owner of the BDSM Club. Bradford schools Tobias, reminding him of the role of a Dom, pointing out that if he’s not helping Noah, he’s running the risk of hurting him. He also points out that if Tobias lets Noah ‘coast’ through his submission, then neither man is getting his needs met. Finally, he tells Tobias to trust Noah. And this is the theme throughout the book. In the first book, it was revealed Tobias’ last slave, Phan, left him. Tobias fears Noah will do the same.Isn’t that a normal human reaction? Worrying the person we love will leave us? Even those who have absolute trust in their partners have moments of doubt.As Bradford is reminding Tobias of the responsibilities of being a Dom, he also admits he is having trouble with Phan. After the slave left Tobias, Bradford took the man under his wing and they scene every week. The sessions are intense, with Phan needing more and more pain. Even a hardcore Sadist Dom like Bradford has limits, so he plans an intervention of sorts. As the book progresses, the listener is given glimpses into the slave’s life, both before and now.Phan intrigued me in Book 1 and has piqued my curiosity. He is a hardcore masochist submissive, so the contrast with Noah (also a submissive but not masochistic) is stark.Tobias resets his relationship with Noah, going back to strict high protocols. He pushes Noah’s limits, within the confines of their contract, of course. Noah finally talks about the abusive relationship he was in prior to meeting Tobias. I am reminded of a profound moment in the first book when Noah admitted he saw ‘penetration as punishment’. It broke me then and hearing the details of the abuse turned my stomach. Finally, both the listener and Tobias understand why Noah finds trust – and submission – such a challenge.With Tobias’ persistent and gentle guidance, Noah sinks into submission, letting go, knowing someone will be there to catch him. In turn, Tobias is more open about his pain. Because Doms are people too, even they need support.There is a LOT of hot sex in this book, along with almost as many BDSM scenes. Those scenes are steamy, but not gratuitous. Tobias and Noah build their relationship through those interactions, but their conversations, moments of silence, and the gentlest of touches, show the men are bonding.As Noah sinks into submission, and by extension, subspace, he lets go. Now, it is unusual for someone to be in subspace for prolonged period of time like Noah, but the meditational quality of his time with Tobias does have clear benefits. I was a bit jealous of the relationship because they really are perfect together.Add in one of the hottest scenes at the New Year’s Eve party and the emotion-filled scene at the end, and I was content that Tobias and Noah have their happily ever after.But there are more books in the series and I’m hoping they will be released on audio soon.

  • LOLA
    2019-04-23 05:27

    When I got this audiobook I didn't realize that it was book #2of the Deviations series. So I had to read book #1 which is Submission.Super glad I did. The first book is about how Noah and Tobias meet. Which is in a BDSM club. That's how it all starts. This book I consider to be heavy BDSM. The first book was about how Noah and Tobias get along and establish their kink requirements with each other.This second book has way more BDSM play and scenes than the first. I found this second book way hotter than the first.Maybe because the audiobook was well done. Tobias and Noah have some role playing, spanking and flogging going on. Tobias has a whole barn full of kink.These two hot men have some very sexy times in the barn of kink. Toys galore. From flogger to hair brush. Throughout their play together their relationship becomes more personal and not just a contract between them. From just weekends at barn of kink to dinner at Noah's. There is plenty of hot sex. In this room, that room and the kitchen. A couple voyeur scenes that were made even better by them being narrated by Maxx.This audiobook was narrated by Maxx Power. Which was the first time I have heard him. He has a deep voice that seems to compliment both main characters. The only beef i had with the narration was sometimes it sounded like a run on sentence being read to fast. If there was more "acting" in this performance it would have made it just a touch better.If there is another audiobook in this series I would definitely be listening to it soon. Preferably book #3. If I must be satisfied with a regular book, oh well. I want to see what happens to Noah with his new......(can't tell, will ruin it for you!)...Bonus: there was no cheating. A big plus for me! HFN. Heavy BDSM. Kink. Romance. Series. Worthy Read.3+1/2 Stars. Only because I am sparse with the stars.This was a good audiobook. Well written and well narrated.(Only exceptional audiobooks get 5 stars from me.)Given a complimentary copy for an honest review.. (thanks).

  • Blue
    2019-04-10 08:17

    A review of Submission and Domination together because I read them back to back and it's all blurred now.3.5 stars. Good in parts, but sending out mixed messages. At times BDSM, but more often soppy romance. But then Tobias gets suddenly upset that it's all wrong because they're both enjoying themselves what with all the good sex and getting on with each other so well, oh and Noah spending lots of time naked and kneeling and Tobias flogging him. I just didn't get what the problem was. This series subscribes to BDSM of the healing/journey/therapy persuasion where they have to be pushing boundaries/progressing/working on issues or it's not working. Oh sometimes how I long for a simple tale of One Man Hitting Another and Them Both Getting Off On It The End kind of tale. In fact, Tobias does get a bit Up His Own Backside about the whole Dom thing at times (the thing at the stables that he springs on Noah at the end of Dominion, err, is it just me, or should he not have discussed it with Noah first?).However, I have just read both books back to back so clearly it ain't all bad, indeed, there are some good parts, and even the lengthy internal monologues aren't too angsty or repetitive. And then there's Phan. Who starts out brattish and irritating in Submission and I wanted to scream at Tobias for taking his side when he was being so horrible to Noah. But the scene he's in on New Year's Eve near the end of the Dominion was my favourite in the book, so as a character he's won me round, even if the plotwise Noah's quick turnaround acceptance of him is a little unbelievable. TBH, I will probably read more of this series because of the Phan Phactor.

  • Valorie
    2019-04-10 02:03

    Tobias works at becoming more comfortable and finding his balance as a full-time Master again. Meanwhile, his work brings out the true submissive in Noah, who faces some of his greatest fears, and his greatest secrets, confessing to Noah about a terrible time in his past. He's not the only one who has a rough time. Tobias breaks down and shows Noah he's not all dominance, too, which sends shockwaves through their romance, leaving them to wonder if they can keep it together. Boy was it good to be back reading about Tobias and Noah. I have to say, since the last book, I missed them. I actually craved to read this second book of the Deviations series because I HAD to know what happens with them. It didn't disappoint. There was a lot of hot action, a lot of hot scenes, and a lot of romance. This book was definitely more romantic than the first, and emotional in a different way. In this second book, Tobias and Noah have to find balance between having a regular romantic relationship and having a relationship based on the exchange of power. In this one, Tobias examines his weaknesses as Noah comes to terms with his. Their dynamic and struggles show that not even the best Dom in the world is infallible; no matter how strong we are, we break down, we screw up. We're not perfect. I can't wait to read number 3.

  • Xia Xia Lake
    2019-04-15 02:14

    Let me just tip my hat to Noah's inner slut. Except from a scene from book three where I almost dropped my tablet, this book might be the hottest one of the 5. If Submission opens the path to the world of BDSM and to Tobias and Noah's relationship, Domination soars like a proud galleon on a stormy sea, raising the stakes.Man, the Domino scene was just out of this world. I liked the new characters being introduced like Luca and his boy, even if we got a taste of them only briefly.Oh, and Bradford rules!Whenever I finished one of the Deviations books I just had to take a 24 hr break from reading to recover :) I thought I was kinky but these series are in such a far away league that I don't even see the league. Favorite BDSM series. Period.

  •  ♥ Rainy Day Reader ♥
    2019-03-24 04:24

    I liked this second book more than the first. Although, it's really a continuation of the first book. It starts up a day or two after the first ends. There's a big difference though. In the first the focus was on their D/s relationship. This one was much more centered on their relationship as lovers. It was what I've come to expect in books like this. It was very sweet and I loved the ending.

  • Julesmarie
    2019-04-05 06:03

    Absolutely beautiful. This book was amazing. I was a little saddened when I found out that all of the books in this series were about Tobias and Noah, because there were such interesting characters introduced in the first book, I'd hoped to be able to get their stories as well. However, one of the things that makes this book amazing is that we're still getting the stories of all of those fantastic side characters, but we also got to know both Tobias and Noah so much better.I LOVED how the relationship between the mc's developed in this one. I love that they both opened up and trusted the other with more of their past and of the things that have made them into the men they are. (view spoiler)[And I'm honestly shocked, after reading this book, that anyone could be surprised that they'd bring Phan into their relationship. I think that even if I hadn't accidentally found out that was going to happen a few books from now, I would be wishing for it--for all three of their sakes. That scene with the three of them together was AMAZING, and then getting to be in Noah's head for another chapter so he could tell us about the talk that he and Phan had was just so sweet and so beautiful. I do like that Noah and Tobias are getting time to be together just the two of them first, though. Tobias and Phan have such a history, that I think Noah needs the time alone with Tobias to be confident enough to accept Phan. But Noah and Phan together? WOW! Adorable and sweet and oh so very hot! (hide spoiler)]I think the most remarkable thing about this book--certainly my favorite thing about it--is the honesty and the communication between and among the characters. Nobody tries to hide anything or to avoid talking about anything. They're mature enough to recognize when they need help and they ask for it. They're brave enough to recognize when someone else needs help and they give it (whether that help is appreciated at the time or not). (view spoiler)[The scene where Noah uses the bell ball to stop Tobias because he can tell that Tobias is in his own head too much was amazing. In all of the BDSM books I've read so far (which, granted, isn't all that many) that was the first example of a sub truly taking care of their Dom that I've come across. Noah is amazing that he's got the presence of mind to see that in Tobias and then has the courage to stop what's happening and get him to talk about it. I think I've said this like 3 or 4 times just in this review, but these two are amazing! (hide spoiler)] I've been wondering if it's because they're all part of "the scene," they feel like they don't have anything else really to hide? Or the trust necessary to either submit to someone or to accept their submission necessitates absolute honesty? (Or that this is fantasy, and these authors are simply remarkably gifted at creating real, vivid, believable characters who treat each other with honesty and consideration? :P)Whatever the reason, I loved that their honesty, trust, and communication let Tobias and Noah fulfill each others' D/s needs while at other times letting them also be equal partners and lovers. The scene at the beginning where Noah eventually uses Tobias's name is one of the most amazingly sweet and beautiful and tender and romantic scenes I've come across. It was fascinating to me how they were able to let themselves be like that and then were able to do things like the parking lot scene that Tobias set up. These two are amazing! The secondary characters are also fabulously well-drawn and equally amazing. And the best thing is that this is only book 2 of 5, so I get to go spend more time with all of them!

  • Tori Thompson
    2019-04-15 08:06

    4 heart review for Love Bytes Reviews.A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. This review was originally posted at Love Bytes Reviews, please visit to see this and many more reviews, interviews, and giveaways!Deviations: Domination picks right up where Deviations: Submission left off. This continues the evolving relationship of Tobias the Dominant, and Noah the submissive. In the first book, we saw the two meet at a club, have a scene, form a bond, negotiate a contract, and begin a six month relationship. We know that Noah has issues from two past D/s relationships, and he’s struggling to submit fully to Tobias. But it turns out, it’s Tobias that has the trust issues in this book.This book is very much focused on emotions of the men, not just Tobias and Noah, but Phantom as well. Phantom had a relationship with Tobias that ended, although the two have remained friends. Phantom has issues that Tobias was not able to deal with, primarily his need for extreme pain. The two ended their relationship and Phantom has been unattached since. Lately he’s been seeing Bradford, the owner of the club, to get his pain needs met. Bradford decides to force the issue with Phan, and Tobias is needed to help. We also see a lovely scene between Noah and Phan, with the assistance of Tobias, of course.But back to Noah and Tobias. So Tobias has lost his family and has a breakdown at Christmas, that Noah handily deals with, further bonding the two emotionally. Noah works through some of his drama, and really tells Tobias what happens. There is some arguing between them, some really hot sex, with an audience and without! Basically it’s the story of the two of them drawing closer together and falling in love. What it doesn’t have, is as much BDSM as I expected. There is some D/s certainly, and a couple of BDSM scenes, but more emotional stuff is deal with, and lots of tears are shed. We see a more human side of Tobias, which I liked. The culmination is a sweet scene at the end that I loved. But overall not THAT much happened. Lot’s of internal drama coming out, but nothing that made me gasp.I liked this book a lot, I love these two characters, but I almost think it could have been cut down quite a bit and combined with one of the other books. I feel like I’m reading really long chapters of a much bigger story. There isn’t a beginning, middle, and end to the first two books. Things happen, but it all blends in together. The book starts, goes for a while, and stops. I’m not sure how I feel about that honestly! It’s interesting to read them again after so many years, I find I’m loving the characters and the emotion, but wishing there was just a little more action or something. As part of the ongoing, bigger story, it’s great, but it’s not a complete story on its own.